Mireya pay García
I love it sooo muchhhhhh
Owen McCafferty
Stopped listening to Lady A after I need you until someone recommended this song
Gong Rise
Is it right that the fear of not being able to get over someone stops you from leaving a toxic relationship? Its not a deadly relationship but its bad enough that you know youre not meant to be. But the fear of one day when I "close my eyes, and then I get lost in that last goodbye" and "time doesnt do what its supposed to do".
3 years and you still have not changed. Im tired of loving you and staying by your side only for you to continue to do what you know hurts me. I need love too.
Little Things
And the best line is "And what if time doesn't do what it's supposed to do?"
..we say time is the best healer! But does it always succeed in healing our wounds..? No it doesn't :)
katie collum
I feel this but not relationship way but losing someone
Manuel Padilla
I love it! Great song, music, lyrics, all amazing!
Cheryl Evans
Uh this song speaks to me , my current situation and it sux , great music
Brian Stenglein
Love the harmony!
Avnerr Lacardey
This is some sexxy ass band!! Hands fown
Addy Smith
I can sing this all day ❤️
Addy Smith
Stuck in my brain even at school I’m in second grade
Haley Buckner
This song to my ex aj
Brigitti Alexzandra Jara Lazo
Thank you ???????? YouTube for adding close captions to MV so Deaf ????viewers can enjoy music ???? too.
Addy Smith
Sorry I missed it when someone liked it I was at school
Christopher Leal
I don't think one ever gets over someone. I think it just get easier over time.
Brendaduhawmi Ralte
What if i never get over you????????
Just had my ex send me this after five years apart. I’m not over you either
This song makes me cry and I’m happily married.
Daiane Piva Machado Da Silva
Brasileira q gosta de uma boa música????????????????
Living Each Moment
Omg this hurt so much....
From the very first time i got to listen this song to till today only my first love comes in mind....it hurt.
Nazifa Anzum
what If I never get over you ... ...
Ashley Bare
I can’t express how much this song tells my feelings, I’m coming out of a very toxic relationship of two years, and I can’t understand how I can still love someone with everything in me after how awful they treated me...leaves me wondering if I’ll ever get over everything good and bad..
Afrayem Morgan
Just shared this with the love of my life. Who also happens to be my ex of 3 years. And is on very good terms with me. And is currently married, half a world away.
This song is so damn relatable... who else is with me? ;(
Angie C
Nope nope nope, promised myself I wasn't going to cry today
Luisa Fernanda Briones Márquez
It’s so beautiful and sad, listening over and over again, reminds me of someone that I still love and I’m so afraid that I cannot get over him....????
tbo love bittie
Ooooh so sweet. Forever. Love.
Erik Prano
Now i'm in tears again
Linda Schools
....what if I never get closure....
Harley Quinn
I still love you Johnnie I’m sorry
Texan Brooke512
That very last scene tho. So relatable ????
Tha Jazz
This song is Soo good I see awards
Marlenn Orozco
Ugh sooo relatable...
Marlenn Orozco
I was in a 6 year relationship... we knew we were toxic and not meant for each other ... and somehow I still can’t get over him...
Laura Ibedaca Perdomo
yo dándole a Lady Antebellum 10000 reproducciones *o*
the voices never get old..........i`ve been listening to them since i was 11
George Shank
I can't move on. I married Melissa five years ago but we split to soon afterwards. She's my everything and I don't know what to do.
Robert Mckenna
Seriously now, how many people out there have someone they were dating that was so incredible and so loving, for whatever reason it just didn't work out, nothing you did nothing she/he did but nonetheless you drifted apart? I have this exact same scenario happening to me right now. Even after 8 years of being apart and after countless failed relationships after I honesty cannot get over this particular woman... with that being said, April if you ever see this just know that I've come to realize that I can never get over you.
Jeffrey Hamilton
Hillary's harmonizing is fantastic!
James Mcdonald
God i love that song.... Cuts right through your soul....
Zoua Vang
What happens if time doesn't do what it's supposed to do? What if I never get over you? Oh Lord please help me....
Lovemagenta Pink
O:57 Sounds VERY familair.
It's straight from an other song. Help me out?
....thousand spoons...all you nee is a knive.
Keshav Ujoodha
Which one is harder, getting over a rejection or getting over a breakup?
The worst part about it is that you can not tell anyone because nobody understands
I bet they got the tune off Alanis' Ironic...
Michael Lewis
Lost in that last goodbye... that's when my eyes start to get a little watering lol...i think everyone out there can relate...it's a song that touches the deepest parts of your soul...not a whole lot of songs can do that...my ex and I broke up 2 yrs ago we were together for 5 yrs and have known each other for 10 yrs...I honestly feel he is my one and only but time will tell I guess
Felix Figueroa
Just got out of a 5 year thing... wish her the best!!
Savitrie Phromlikhit
It's been 4 years ????
Yellow ButterfLai
Their songs are so relaxing....????
John Sparkman
Don’t ever break up! It will kill your solo career, before it starts...
John Sparkman
A perfect song
Thomas Beleskey
This is Lady Antebellum ... that sound is amazing
Gutierrez Anthony
Whether you're a fan of pop country or not, they make some good hits
Raven Dixon
Love this song. My husband passed away and I still have never gotten over it.
Pursuing Gains
OH man the comment section here is breaking my heart over and over again. Shouldn't be reading it. I've lost my soulmate a month ago, 10-year relationship which ended due to a lack of happiness from his side (he is not happy with himself nor the complexity of the relationship). Yes we were complex, I admit to that. There is a lot that needs to be worked out on both sides, but by God I hope I get another shot with him. My soulmate, my partner in crime, my good times, my bad times, he was everything to me. We've seen the lowest lows after my dad died when I was 18, and we've seen the highest highs during road trips and adventures. I can't imagine never being in his arms again.
Ray Bernier
I've been married to the same woman for 47 years but she left me six years ago to heal from childhood issues. Still waiting for her to come back. She is a saint and I'll never get over her. "This story isn't over cuz I'm still writing pages." --- adapted from Taylor Swift's Death By a Thousand Cuts.
Travis Anderson
This song needs a trillion likes
Alexis Stoetzel
This is hitting me so hard tonight.
I won't type it wll out but I'm saying goodbye to my true love. He ships out in a month for two years. We are saying our final goodbye ????
Annisa Rizkiani
they bought me to the memories of my ex
Glenn Morris
I swear Hillary Scott gets more beautiful with each passing day.
Lady Devildog
This song is such a treat to the ears and mind. I love singing along, it's so smooth, yet poignant. Love Lady A!
Jojo T
Time does not do what it suppose to do.. Dam good song
Mary Grace Faulk
Hey fellow Lady Antebellum fans! Go check out my cover & little bit of emotionally vulnerable meaning behind what this song means to me & if you like it then give it a like & subscribe! The link is below! ????????✌????
Hope Carr
I can NEVER get enough of this song...of any Lady A song actually!!
Brian Smalt
Love this song..as a 90ish vibe. And there is no snap drum track loop..no hip hop country crap.
Colton Norman
Makes me think about my wife, her and I are about to go through divorce. Everytime I hear this it's her I see!! I doubt I will ever get over her no matter how hard I try
Joseph Thompson
This song is f'n amazing, that is all
Vince Williams
Me ex and I have been apart for 3 years and she sends this to me lord give me strength
Alex Mckay
This song is spectacular. Nailed it
laura ferguson
My lord these people sing like angels ????❤️
Kristi boom
This song came out right after a bad breakup I had. I balled after hearing it for the first time. I had a really hard time getting over him
Not many can do it. This song must have that mix of salty and sweet. When "I'm trying," hits the feeling is like a roller coaster. Tickles your ear.
Arguento Escarto
apreciate the original videos thanks for all.....
sue zaple
love this song
AstrÍd March
Bipa Sha
Really , Time is not doing what it's supposed to do.
Hit me so Hard
My Situation is like I can't even Share!!!!!!
Carrie Gray
This is my favorite band. Their music speaks to my soul. I have been listening to them since the beginning.
Xane Rima
Current favorite ❤
Heath Har
Sometimes it's just a roller coaster going in circles that never ends... You just have to know when to hop off and move on.
j j
2years and counting.. still hoping that I will get over you after you left me with no closure at all. You will always be my first love but hoping not the last.
Bella Weber
Yo amor esto canción
Josselyn alexandra Camones Pacheco
Me encantaa esta canción!
asian drama ꦌꦯꦼꦟ꧀ꦢꦿꦩ
Wanna cry, this song is amazing!
This song is tough to listen to because I never feel like I’ll get over her.
Maria Deltoro
My mom say u only fall in love one time in your life!! And mom always right!! I will never get over you !!
Linda Stewart
28 years later I still remember our last conversation a week later you were gone. You were found four years later in the land you loved but we loved you more. We are selfish and wish you here. Maybe months go.by maybe years from now. Oh buddy 28 years later the memories don"t fade.
Sara Almutairi
Been a year since we brokeup &i’m not over anything even If I’m trying so hard to move on; I can’t match with anyone but him. He’s the one& I’m not over him....
lasbon rodrigues
Lady Antebellum is one of the Greatest band in today's generation, still underrated????????????
alida pacheco
Bella cancion pero ojala signa incorporando el country a sus canciones
claudia sandoval
Hermosa canción. ????
It's not 100% the same thing
But I have an ex who's now turned into a friend w benefits
And he's made it clear he's so over us as an official item but I'm still really into him - I've tried to break it off multiple times only to find myself slipping into what feels like depression after a few months
At this point, I'm just there taking whatever he gives me bc I know I can't let go of him....and it feels like "at least he's giving you something" - it literally feels like a drug dependency
Kelly Dettore
Great song... sometimes you just can’t get over... and that’s ok
Maurizio Mancinetti
bravissimi, date la giusta carica
ben dicky
Quality song.. glad they made music this good again! Keeping this song on repeat!
가사가 참 좋으네... ....
Kaytlyn Skinner-LaParr
How do you stop loving someone you're still in love with? Even though we've been done 4 years I still go back to us in my mind... I still need you I dont know how not to. You are still all I want! If I could go back and stay when everything was against us and I was given the choice I would. The decision I made didnt have the outcome either of us expected. God I miss you. Maybe one day we'll find our way back to each other. I love you J.W.M.❤????
HaiPhong Yoshino
Verse 1]
It's supposed to hurt, it's a broken heart
But to movin' on is the hardest part
It comes in waves, the letting go
But the memory fades, everybody knows
Everybody knows
What if I'm tryin', but then I close my eyes
And then I'm right back, lost in the last goodbye?
What if time doesn't do what its supposed to do?
What if I never get over you?
[Verse 2]
Maybe months go by, maybe years from now
And I meet someone and it's workin' out
Every now and then, he can see right through
'Cause when I look at him
Yeah, all I can see is you
What if I'm tryin', but then I close my eyes
And then I'm right back, lost in the last goodbye?
What if time doesn't do what its supposed to do?
What if I never get over you?
Ooh yeah
What if I never get over?
What if I never get closure?
What if I never get back on the wasted words I told ya?
What if it never gets better?
What if this lasts forever and ever and ever?
I'm tryin', but then I close my eyes
And then I'm right back, lost in the last goodbye
What if time doesn't do what its supposed to do?
What if I never get over you?
What if I gave? (What if I gave?)
Everything I got
What if your love was my one and only shot?
What if i end up with nothing to compare it to
What if I never get over? (Oh, if I never get over)
What if I never get over you?
What if I never get over you?
Oh, what if I never get over?
Over you
Tara Rogers
Years from now and I’ve met someone and it’s working out but every now and then he sees right through.
It’s the hardest part of not getting over someone.
Cece D.
"Every now an then he can see right through" My current knows i still think of my ex fiance and he sees thru me all the time..
Shane Lang
Talk about pulling at the heart strings and bringing suppressed feelings back to the surface. This just might be the most poetic, deepest and raw song ever made about longing for that one lost true love. When Hillary sings her verse and the actress in the video smiles when she sees her current love transform into her ex, I’m not going to lie, it brought my rear end to tears. Lady Antebellum nailed it so perfectly and the video is so spot on, how can anyone not be touched by this creation. I’m 38 and I’ve only liked a handful of country songs in my lifetime, but since 2018, artists and bands like Lady Antebellum, Old Dominion, Thomas Rhett and many more have changed my feelings for country music forever.
I see you
I've watched this video like 500 times
Susie Smith
DC-Always, S-
Surbhi Pagaria
This song ♥️
matt kitzke
Gosh that "I'm tryin" held note. Musical genius
Vanessa H. Schneider
When Lady Antebellum writes a song about what you are going through right now.
One Rare Gemstone
I heard about 5 seconds of the chorus via Ellen’s Instagram and I was HOOKED! Downloaded and on repeat!
claudia Magana
???????????????? "What about if I don't get closure! That did it.????
Carlos Thomas
This song is about to take chance at love again...
Amara Stone
We meant when I was only 21.He is the father of my two children.It's been 5 yrs and never got over him,never moved on.Though he was quick to.
whats wrong with people? 1.8k dislikes.
Gee wiz watching this had my boots in a twist
Wey Wun Choo
What if I never get over you.........
Sugarbee Xxx
Their lyrics are so meaningful xxx
Crystal Melcher
This song is beautiful and so true
Leigh Keeton
“What if I end up with nothing to compare it to” ????????????
L Elliott
I love toward the middle when Charles turns to Hillary, like he's asking her specifically what if he never gets over her. Despite the fact that they aren't a thing, nor will they ever be, their musical chemistry is through the roof. When they write music I love how they can make it seem like they are whole heartedly writing it to one another even though we as fans know that's not the case.
No Cing
Year from now ????
What if I never get over him ???? but I’m trying
Renee Murray
Love this song..what if I never get over you?
Helen Cool
Currently in the middle of divorce that my husband wanted and now he’s not sure if it’s what he wants anymore and constantly going back and fourth. I love him and I’m so scared for what the future holds and losing him and moving forward with out him is so scary for me. I’m barely holding on some days. I just love this song and this is exactly how I feel.
Charlene Mwale
I can never get enough of it since the day my brother introduced me to this group. They have a way to my heart.
Blanca Marmor
OMG I love this song ????❤️
sakina williams
Lady Antebellum finds a way into our hearts and minds. They are "classic" and I will never stop blasting their songs, even in the Brooklyn hood where I am from.
j d
I will never get over u?
j d
Looking for MS right
j d
Oh yea
j d
U are all awesome
Joeli Bose
Keep replaying
Great band
Niyitegeka Jmv
I love this
Sarah Murabito
you say..
wrong song
Timothy Martin
Well, ending us wasn’t my choice, but that was the curse I put on you. ????
Candy Smith
I don't think you ever get over someone you truly love
yesser bendezu
me encanta
Philip Connolly
Imo the live version is better, tugs on your heart more
Allison Maria Frampton
This group is amazing. Keep up the great work.
Bob Ellis
awe jeeez...
Tawney Lehman
The solo parts sound just like the song "give into me" from the movie country strong! Lol Great song though!
Kelly Peggs
Yes! Awesomeness! We’ve all been there one way or another, the only thing worse then a break- up or a Divorce is a death of your significant other! It’s so hard getting through what you can’t get over! Ever! ☮️ within!
r s
Every time this comes on the radio i cant help but hearing some copyright issues .
Anders Lindell
I know the feeling.....
Luisa Fernanda Briones Márquez
still can get over this song, just describes everything I feel, that I don't know if im gonna get over him someday and thats the thing I want the most
Randall Cummings
Reminds me of my gf I broke up with 25 years ago. Biggest mistake of my life.
Nice advertising for Two Men and a Truck Moving Company..lol
I dedicate this song to myself ... because I got married and divorced like any divorce of our day ... but life has to go on and look forward..some time ????????. “Las personas casi nunca están satisfecho con lo que tiene ;hasta que estén en paz con lo que es “. Carlos Sarco
Yoongi Min
This song really needs more appreciation
Yoongi Min
Lady Antebellum though they are not too active but when they do they keep up with their authenticity. Not going with new EDM shits or adding rap in country.
Johnny Roadcrew
Yes but what if I'm trying but then I close my eyes .. .. ..
Stephanie Kratz
Carlos Moses Roja i still never got over you Sparta Illinois ...
Jody Y
This song cuts deep! I wonder this often.
Glori Reece
Today this song hits harder then ever before ????
Ama Undertaker
This girls is so beautiful!
Beautiful voice.
julie hall
Anthony Berrey, this is for you. I fell hard for you.
May Vwj
Does time really heal? I think not. We may have moved on but every so often we'll think of our ex and all those feelings come rushing in like a flood. It still hurts even after a year, you don't really get over someone..you just learn to live without them.
Carole Venthem
When you wake up with this song in your head for the third day running. ????
Katlyn Yanowsky
Lady A never fails to impress ????
graciela perez leal
amazing performance. Greetings from Argentina
tammy howery
What if we never get over someone? We say we do but close our eyes and there they are in our dreams and thoughts sometimes the heart just doesn’t like reality ????
Situ Hasan
Moving on is the hardest part...
Still trying...
hidden mask
Two Men And a Truck Breaks your shit, that's her problem. She hired a shitty company
I relate to this video so much
Danielle Ciccone
Was my one and only shot?? Oh dear this song dystroys me. My loves birthday just passed he would of been 43.
Dustin Wilhelm
My first real girlfriend, first true love. It’s been 5 years since we were together and I had a dream about her last night. I dreamt her current fiancé wasn’t good to her. I came over to her house, beat his ass, and saved her from him.
Although it was just a dream, and I have no idea what their relationship looks like, years later I still care about her safety and well being. As true as love gets.
This song speaks to me. I will always love her.
Nicole Paredes
This song is literally the story of my life right now.
robbie johnson
Damn!!!! When a song perfectly describes yourself! 12 years later! Awesome song
Lori Hilliard
Great music...I hear the message. Always u&I....
Katrin järvemae
I hate this song ..!!!
j d
Oh ya true
j d
It takes one kiss cause I will never get over u baby
Hillary scott kills this song
Kayla More
Love them. Such an amazing song. Explains heartbreak perfectly.
I AM Stela
What if I never get over you ????
Tyler Deaver
So glad that their music has come full circle back to this amazing stuff! Back where they started with catchy tunes and harmonies
im not a country gal but damn they got that good heartbreak shit
Karen Arnold
I never get over you ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????❤????????❤
al spencer
All the way from Lexington Kentucky I love you guys‼️????????????????Nov.2019
Mr Cocky
What's the guys name?!
4 ever
Oh MOVE ON people..This is just a song. There are more fish in the sea.
Haven't you ever heard that before?
There are so many people out there looking for a good, honest person to love. That is the key...Find one that won't tell you LIE after LIE after LIE.
They do exsist.... I found one. Prayers you all will find one too.
4 ever
Just cry and move on. It is all we can do.
And don't listen to any of these sappy love songs.
It will only prolong your heartache. Don't listen to any music
for 2 years and you will heal. Promise.
Jay Lynne
Still waiting ????
angelica heredia
24 years have gone by
fist bump
"What if I'm trying, but then I close my eyes
and then I'm right back, lost in the last goodbye
what if time doesn't do what it's supposed to do
what if I never get over you?"
Really feeling this right now
Olivia Chipman
Magic that's what they sound like
I love their music. Great song,but what if I never get over her
Angela Marques
It been almost 6 weeks since you left me. It hurts so much. I know your looking down from heaven, watching over me, but I want you here. I'll never get over you. I love you Chris, always.
Faded Blue Jeans
Beautiful song, and expertly performed, especially vocally. What I really like about this band is that whether its a live performance or a recording, those harmonies always just sparkle. The three of them work and sing really well together. It is most certainly not as easy to do, as they make it look. That is the mark of true talent. It seems effortless. You can tell they take the time, and put in the WORK. When people say there is no good music being created anymore, they just aren't listening. This band and their music are superbly crafted, and even though it's not my favorite genre, or my favorite band, I always enjoy listening to them, because of their dedication to their craft. Some of the live performances I have seen footage of are better than the recordings. Not many bands you can say that about.
Chris Taylor
I am no country fan but damn this song is good!!!!
Elizabeth Newberry
Manly woman weird. Use more attractive woman with a man.
Vern fern
what if I never get over you
Topher Quick
Send the text!!!!!
Craig Trigg
wow your the best singers ever
No Name
Perfect song.. Perfect band!!!
Vern fern
Ooh no
Jane Woods
I hope at least you never do forget.
C Rizzy
Damn, the harmonies this band has is just amazing.
Sturt Hinton
This song is still so underrated
hayley waite
I still miss you every single day and we haven't been together since the end of January. What if I feel like this forever ????????
Tiara Nunun
Lost in that last goodbye...
wspeng3 Engineer3
What a song ,what a band ,first heard them about 8 yrs ago and totally fell in love with them ,they get me all the time
Nicole Emrick
Best song they’ve made, hands down????
Brianna Pitts
Okay. So you’re trying to move on & your looking at other people. But your just comparing everybody to that one special person that stole your heart?!
Best song from Lady Antebellum. Genuine music straight from the heart! I love it so much!
Knight of the King
Nobody ever "gets over" someone. You assimilate the heartache in your life, you learn to live with it. There were many women I admired and even loved at the time. Often I was too shy and introverted to ask them on a date, when I did ask I usually got the same response (they always said they had a boyfriend, whether that was true or not). The more I think about it though, the more I realise I may have dodged a bullet. I loved many of those young women, I love them still. I just want them to be well and to be happy, even if that means I can't have a relationship with them. I also have a fear of getting too close to someone; I fear that if they really knew me that they wouldn't like me, and that they'll reject me like everyone else. I am 34 years old and I want to get married and have a family of my own. Pray for me ????????????
Sofía Acevedo
que bueno que haya vuelto Lady Antebellum, me encantan!!
Lisa Cornell
I don't wish this pain on my worst enemy. It sucks to miss someone so much.
Daniel Townsend
I saw this today. Hits too close to home.
Yes, I got it. ????
old soul
Moving on is soooo damn hard.
Dipshit: time never do what it's suppose to do.#5months.
Beverly Wood
This went straight to my heart. My husband passed nov 2017. I often wonder if I’ll ever be ok with it..great song
sayali Jadhav
I am in love with this song????
Tina Kizzia
26 1/2 years, 2 kids, 5 marriages, military service and still all I've wanted is unattainable. He loved me once & I would sell my soul to have him back.
Sandi Eržen
kaj če...
campbell webb
“when i look at him all i see is you” hitting a little too hard right now
Mary Catabay
the song shoot me
OF Fex
This song exactly reflect my current relationship. I'm in a good relationship and after months and years, I still think about my crush. The worse thing, my current girlfriend looks very similar to her, even their birthday are 4 days apart, they took the same pictures when they were in their teens. I still ask myself What if never get over her?.
You guys always make songs that hit hard in the feelz
Adrian Amezcua
Doesn't this song sound like "ironic" from Alanis morissette?
Jennifer Turek
Grief is love with nowhere to go.
Mark Mantle
I'm about to tell alanis morissette that you ripped of the " ironic" jingle
Ok, totally in love with this song! <3
진짜 이런 명곡들은 왜 안뜨는걸까..
William Lim
Mouse Kyun
What if i never get over you ????
The feeling I get with every breakup, but times does its job each time
#ryanhurd FTW again
Luis Bueno
This is the best way I can explain how I feel at the moment. I love you and I always will. This is a question I know we both find ourselves asking. Isn't that right chicken?
Such beautiful lyrics... I felt each and every word in it..
chris napolion
To lisa i love you
Andy Szwejda
Having to forget about someone special who gave you so much to remember forever is about as devastating as the Streak ending at WrestleMania 30.
Amber Day
The guy singer has a phenomenal voice. Perfect actually. <3
Stacey Kemp
"What if your love was my one and only shot? What if I end up with nothing to compare it to? What if I never get over you?"...Can totally relate...
henry garcia..never get over YOU ????????????☠????????
Alyse Davis
This is the most amazing song!
Stu Suchit
Isn't this ironic, don't you think?
Wilson Clark
Lady a you are one of the most bueatiful woman I have ever seen
Joseph Charrette
Sometimes when you think you found the right person, something just happens and they drift away, I can’t lose someone like that if I’ve built that relationship
Kayla Bear
I would like to see Nicki Minaj attempt to make a unfurnished living room have life and beauty with clothes on like these guys can. Lady Antebellum will always be top notch. ❤️
Jason Magnetti
My ex wife threw 17 years away. 13 years of marriage. Because she wanted to be with another guy, he left her after 1 year & she still regrets leaving me. I’m remarried & happier then I ever have been. It’s not always greener.
Ashley D'silva
abh c
I just uploaded new music video check it out and temme how it sounds :)
Derek Hoyt's Music
Yeah this helped me move on as in sitting in my new 3rd floor apartment with my little girl sleeping in my bed. Mommas out at the annual Christmas party which would have been our 8th together:(
We did what's best for everyone & our daughter especially.
It still hurts so bad & I still love her & miss her even though shit got toxic i know it takes 2, and I'm really blessed to have met her, she made me a better man & I just wish we never reached our final goodbye.
Sob here come the tears again
Zai CG
please i need to cry out loud your songs, please come to mexico!!!!!!
Absolute awesome track they can’t do no wrong in my eyes mega lyrics and beautiful haunting voices ????
Sarah Merritt
Man songs really be hitting different when you experience it????
Deb Dub
Mine was a narcissist... I'll never get over who I THOUGHT he was.
Machine.G Kelly
You're not the only Asian listening to this song????
Chris Pierdominici
Amazingly beautiful song by itself, but even more so if you've met your twin flame.
Erin P.
Keep making songs like this and I'll never be able to get over him!! ????????????
The Wild Life of Whit
I. Love. This
Marsela Fuentez
The letting go comes in waves . Someone bring me all my tissue paper plus some extra ????????????
Blasius Yoga Puspa Krisanta
Even though I have moved on for all these years, this song still hits me right in the feel. Now, that I have found my love of my live, I simply put this song as a reminder for all those memories I've had from my past.
Coleton McCall
Moving on is the hardest part
Joseph Rogers
Always had a little crush on her since American Honey...now even more. And I as as a singer/performer...her voice just keeps getting better and better. Love that girl!
Steve2 Me
I love how you want to be.
Dana Brown
BJ, this song was written for me.
Kristy Leah
I never comment, but why not vent to strangers right.
6 years ago. I met a guy, we moved in together, literally a fairytale relationship. We were together until 3 years ago because he messed up in a few ways. I left him because I couldn't forgive him, not because I didnt love him. We have both been in relationships since. Mine was a very abusive relationship in every way and has finally ended and I feel somewhat safe this time. The good ex and i made contact recently after 3 years of not being together. He is currently in a relationship (about 6 months in now) His girlfriend is pregnant. He loves me, I love him but hes having another baby with someone else. So now we are both miserable but I have to keep on this act that everything is okay and telling him to stay with her and care for his family. Lifes a b****
My new favorite song!
Yaoguo Li
It's okay, and not necessarily get over.
Dan Stewart
What if your love was my one and only shot????
Oh how I miss my beautiful Fabiana
Sean Caravaggio
Beautiful song and video. I hope everyone in this video is happily in love for life. :)
Jenniffer Rhodes
Is it true that the one we never get over is our soulmate? Ive loved a couple ppl, but this one guy I just cant get over...he doesnt feel the same way and our very short time together, he felt like the one, Id never loved like this before and 6 yrs later I cant bring myself to be with anyone else
marian webber
F it bc we u
Maroosha Gohar
I am so happy that I discovered this band ????????
"What" and "If" are two words as non-threatening as words can be. But put them together side-by-side and they have the power to haunt you for the rest of your life: What if? What if? What if?" Lise Friedman
Kassie Polasik
I feel this...
Misty Southard
Oh how it hurts
Taylor Bertrim
These guys are so awesome!
What if I never get over her. Even reading the comments below is tough.
Ann Marie
2019... This song.. the lyrics ... It's like they are singing about my feelings . Let's all hope for better days and love that doesn't give up on us. That's what life is about right... Love
Анна Липовая
It's OK to remember... Even better than just forget it all. Such people are parts of our heart. But not life anymore...
Be Happy
When it’s real love you feel, you pour out your deep feelings, no one else matters to you, when you’re with your real love, to know they’re gone saddens you, real love belongs to a few.
Crystal Marie
So glad Lady A is making some great music again!!!!
spain girl martinez twin fan
0:59 my favriote part
Valerie Murdock
I love this song! I totally feel what this song is all about! And I hope Lady Antebellum knows that this song is going to reach so many people who feel the same way! Excellent job guys!????
G mikha
What if i never get over this song??
Jorge Ruíz
What if I never get closure?...
What if your love was my one and only shot?...
That’s really hard, and it seems so real
It's so hard
Ashley Brown
This is about Thanos
Nicole Carter
If you never get over him, its meant to be and you just get back together, At least that's what I did.
Ashley Larson
Mine is a different scenario for how I feel this song. I was married 5 years to my soul mate. We endured a lot together over those short 5 years. He was a soldier so overseas duty station where our little family was a world away from our families, deployment, one miscarriage and one beautiful boy who is now six. But on January 17 2017 that changed when I got the dreaded knock at the door. Widowed with a three year old, it was suicide. It has been a hard almost three years now. I've been dating a high school friend and he moved in a month ago. Hes never been married jo kids and a bachelor for 10 years but I'm seeing such great things between my son and him so I'm hoping my internal struggles dont screw this up. I love him but it's hard to suppress the loss of the love of your life.
Shelly Saelee
Sad ballads are the best songs for LadyA.
Crystal Kirby
“What if time doesn’t do what it’s supposed to do...”
That right there got me and today I’m so grateful time didn’t because we wouldn’t be where were at. Still much in love as the day we said it! We were apart for 6 years and all I had to do is make one phone call and one visit and everything came flooding back.
I hope to not ever lose my beautiful WIFEY cause I know I'll never get over her nor would I want to
Bri Bri
What if your love was my one and only shot?
What if I end up with nothing to compare it to .. ????????????????????????????
M.D Juned
Love from ????????
Jeremy Sopher
Great Song lyrics are Heart & Soul love it!
Sailor White
Great song
This song hits to the depths of whatever lie you've been telling yourself ????
What if I gave everything I got?
It's taken me 15 years to just be "ok"... and she came back to town this week... and she wants to see me... I dont know if my heart can handle that. I don't know if I'll survive the next time.
Roxie young
"What if time doesn't do what it's supposed to do? What if I never get over you?" My husband was my best friend and my soul-mate and made me complete.. He died 1 year and 1 month ago. I still cry every single day, sometimes a lot, sometimes just a little. Life just sucks sometimes, and is so unfair.
Amelia Wynn
"What if your love was my one and only shot?
What if I end up with nothing to compare it to?"

Best lines.
Nurhidayatul Fitrah
u have done great magic here.. I already repeat it more than 100 times every day since first release. HAHHAHAHA
Kawhi's Plans
This song can end the Iran-US conflict once and for all. Highly recommend.
Katelyn Brown
Does anyone else think that the beginning of this sounds similar to "Ironic" by Alanis Morissette?
Brooklyn padgett
This makes me think about the sad and bad moments in my life in the past
emma mishler
I suck at signing this ????
Scruffy_ The_Scruff
It's supposed to hurt, it's a broken heart
But to movin' on is the hardest part
It comes in waves, the letting go
But the memory fades, everybody knows
Everybody knows
What if I'm tryin', but then I close my eyes
And then I'm right back, lost in that last goodbye?
And what if time doesn't do what it's supposed to do?
What if I never get over you?
Maybe months go by, maybe years from now
And I meet someone and it's workin' out
Every now and then, he can see right through
'Cause when I look at him
Yeah, all I see is you
What if I'm tryin', but then I close my eyes
And then I'm right back, lost in that last goodbye?
And what if time doesn't do what it's supposed to do?
What if I never get over you?
Ooh yeah
What if I never get over?
What if I never get closure?
What if I never get back all the wasted words I told ya?
What if it never gets better?
What if this lasts forever and ever and ever?
I'm tryin', but then I close my eyes
And then I'm right back, lost in that last goodbye
And what if time doesn't do what it's supposed to do?
What if I never get over you?
What if I gave you (what if I gave you) everything I got?
What if your love was my one and only shot?
What if I end up with nothing to compare it to
What if I never get over? Oh, if I never get over
What if I never get over you?
What if I never get over you?
Oh, what if I never get over?
Over you
Bridget Garcia
This song is amazing!! Hillary is so beautiful!! xoxoxo
Nancy Donato
Fuoco Fam
My friend played this song and I love it
melissa phillips
This song has me stuck....????‍♀️
So glad I’m single don’t want to ever go through this
Anthony P
I am lost and I dont think this will ever be settled and not something that leaves me with no closure, fear of men, letting people close, trust in myself but still missing my best friend. 15 years of marriage 2 years of living in a tweaker nightmare. I now get to lose it all, my house, my jobs, my credit score, my husband, best friend, my friends, and my start from 0 all over again. It's hard to do when your so scared to take a step forward because he always comes back to make sure that your fire is still burning you down to the ground. Did I mention I found out the dude was put on HIV meds in August behind my back and I didn't find out till looked in his trunk after he was arrested for domestic assault two weeks ago.
Amanda Constancio
My husband lift me for ex friend me in him on in off for from 2011 till 2018 we made it official in 2015 got engaged 2016 got married 2017 he up in lift me Oct 9 2018 and anniversaries June 30th 2017 . How he left me I never got over . But I am now in a new relationship only thing that goes through my mind is getting hurt again cuz how he lift in there was no good bye.
Jesse Danley
I love this song. Hillary Scott is so talented and beautiful.♥️
Nicole Delorme
They did it again❤️
Domingo Stna
This is music, my friend. Music that comes from the soul
My favorite song
no po
I don't want it to hurt. I don't want to love anyone else. How do I make it stop
Beauty Love
“What if your love was my one and only shot? Them feels :(
Love is a chemical reaction in your body. You'll be ok
Shane Frederick
Best song they have had in a long time. This is really really goos
Rafa Barajas
I love your music greetings????????????
Mandy H
SG I’ll never understand anything, I won’t ever know what’s true and what’s not BUT you will forever be the love of my life.
Alyssa Puente
“What if I never get back all the wasted words I told you”
I felt that DEEP in my skin
Beauty Love
To the guy that took my heart with him. The only one I have ever been in love with. C.A
Uke Queen
I feel what there saying in this song
It's been 5 years and I still miss him every day. I know we are not good for each other and we will never work out. It still doesn't stop me from wishing we could get back together again.
Been there. You'll get over it, thankfully. It's not easy, but it can be made.
Mandy H
I won’t ever be over you... my heart beats for you. I can’t even imagine life with someone that isn’t you.. your the half that makes me whole.
Kim Le
This song got stuck
In my head for days, because I am in the same situation..my boyfriend broke up with me after 10 years.. just out of the blue, left me and my daughter heartbroken, it was his choice to live alone without us..
[All About Guitar] 엠관 MKwan
I love this song~!!
and I played by Fingerstyle Guitar
Michelle Lee
Yep - this one hit home for me! ~JZP
Gulfcoaster 18
Congrats!!! #1 !!!
Jennifer Rinaldi
#1 song in America! Bravo!
nikki w
So surprised this does not have more views...
Amigo_ 562
I will sing this to my cursh
This song hits so hard. It’s even harder when you both can’t seem to let go and still talk everyday since you first met ????
allison isaacs
Love Lady Antebellum and Carrie Underwood and Keith Urban and Kelsea Ballerini
Shantle Hurst
If I never get over you it's home song well that how I feel since I found love and being away sucks
O-Remi Ishii
I'm starting to believe you were my one and only shot but I just wasn't good enough for you. I'll never forget you or stop wondering about you, but I've gotten used to being alone. What if I stay like this forever? ????
Marlyn Diaz
I don’t even have someone to “get over” and yet here I am totally crying ????
Why is this so catchy I don’t even like country
Historia AD ASTRA
I love you to the moon and back.
miguel vasquez
I'll never get over her.
Candy My life my dreams
Yeah so scared it’s true ????...
Kecia Mc Kie
I love this track it speaks the truth......
DestinyMia Malave
I love this song
I seriously need your dress! Love it!
Ssweetie kay
“¿Que pasa si nunca te supero?”.
Sólo le deseas lo más hermoso del mundo y te marchas de ahí. ♥️
April Gordon
After 15 years an anytime I hear this song I think about you Travis Smith. I wish that it could have been different. I can't love another living soul the way I did for you. I've only loved 3 people in my life as much as I love/loved you. My Opa, my first real bf and then there's you. It's not from a lack of trying. No matter what I hope that your happy, wherever you are. Xoxo
gloria simpher
this is so about blake an miranda lambert. no to people have sufferd like blake an miranda such a heart braking song. about blake an miranda . i no it was not wriien for them . but they are livng thissong how heart braking for them.poor blake an miranda lambert.
Shanice Carhee
Love this song so much!????❤
Nico B
Even though I have someone new, I still miss him ???? jeez man
Carrie Horvath
Love you song
ugh... i think this too
Claudio Rodrigues
This album in my humble opinion is perfect.
Please continue in this same style and with the same harmony of songs and vocals.
Don't fall into changing your style or going to other paths ... you don't change what's won.
A kiss for everyone
figgy 709
that tall guy in the middle is a hottie for sure.
Ladonna Sanders
The guy that sings makes the song .Love his voice.❤
Damn. This hot me harder than I anticipated.
andrea andrea
as early so you want more quickly ❤❤❤❤
Lost in that last goodbye!????
Blackjack Mania
I don’t think I’ll ever heal
Sean Smalls
please tell me I'm not the only one that hears "Ironic" by Alanis Morissette in the music
Maria Paz Tapia
Los amo ????
Angel Diaz
This is THE song
Sydney Swift
I broke up with my boyfriend last night and this is literally me fear. I didn’t want to end things but it just had to be done. Now what if I never get over him? :(
Maryann Mangus
Even after all the horrible things that my ex did and said I still to this day love her no matter how I look at it I'm never gonna get over you so if you see this I wish you well and I'm sorry for everything that happened 11 years is really hard throw away i just wish I knew one thing is why but I'll take that to my grave miss you more then you will ever know ????
The Total Package
This song fucking blows! All of there songs sound the same!
G Garcia
what if I never get over you..because I love you but I'm tired.
Flordeliza Gomez
Lost my husband 8 yrs ago...until now,I’m trying to moved on????it’s hard,, but I’m doing my best to be okay,. ????????making our children as my source of strength ????
jason Lucas
Was this video made in ontario?
Alex Harshman
Between 1:54 and 2:15 hits hard cause no matter what it is no matter how hard i try its never good enough, not just about loves lost but everything it seems
J b
New aspect with this group b/c of this song!!!
Peter Britten
guys, great song!, my question is why haven't you cut the song TRULY by lionel Ritchie on a CD yet????? long overdue I think!!!Grrrr
spain girl martinez twin fan
This is my favorite song to hear while im doing my homeowork (this comment is nothing related to the song or homework)
Alejandra Orozco
Can't believe I missed this song in 2019. New found treasure
Tshegofatso Mafetu
So many relatable stories in the comment section ????
Nick Garafolo
All using someone else to fill a void how selfish
Good song but it gets u thinking about your past relationships in my opinion
This reminds me of the 2000s music I like so much. I thought nobody made this stuff anymore. Kids growing up with this will have such good memories when they relisten to this song after many years.
Amazing. These guys have such a talent for capturing authentic emotion and experience in their music
Jackie Gaines
almost every minute of every day i love my life...but i still dream of you from time to time and it sucks the air out of my lungs for a minute
Anna Ross
Meanwhile the other person is living like YOU never really happened at all
So why do I still care about him not in a romantic way but I still love him
But I’m confused about how bc he fucked me over for four long painful years
And I have forgiven him yes but I just wish that I didn’t have these feelings in my
Heart ❤️ because I moved on I have a life to live with my dreams following me anywhere I go
But I still think of him and care for him What do I do lady A I’m sick of this boy ruining my good life that I have
Tia Alexander
I can't believe people don't like this song beautiful and true song country music has such deep meaning to it ????????
Travis Shelton
I just fucking ugly cried and I don’t care. I miss you so much it’s been years and we both watch our baby boy grow bigger every day I miss our family more than everything i posses in this life. I keep it to myself but I think about you everyday Erin. I will never stop loving you and I’ll never forget the 6 years you blessed me with I’ll get better someday and make you proud
I don't know what I feel more...the song or the comments about the song. So many truths.
You guys are the best. I love country duets & your voices are great together.
Jet City
I miss you Baby Sister. I miss your Boy. I know you are together. This song is ours! Almost 3 years you've been in Heaven. 4 months for your son!????????
These people sound like the people that break out the instruments at your family reunion and even though everyone is pissing on themselves drunk still sounds horrible. You clap politely when they are done , then send them on a beer run..... to fucking Madagascar!
M Rech
????????‍????What if time doesn't do what it's supposed to do what if I never get over you.
Every time I close my eyes to go to sleep, I'm taken back to the last moment I got to hold you.
I miss you.
Mark Coleman
What if....
Cory S
Imagine a song that has a story with melody lines in today’s Nashville?
Wayneo vmax
Going through a 15 year relationship break up. This song hit the nail on the head..
Wayneo vmax
Going through a 15 year relationship break up. This song hit the nail on the head..
no po
The amount of people saying its been YEARS and theyre not over the person. Crap. How am I supposed to be okay with that? How am I supposed to survive.
Alice M
Never got over my ex but couldn't sit around let him drink himself to death pluse I have a kid I didn't want him to see that one of the hardest decision i hadto make it been two yrs now and yesterday was his bday and are song still trigger feeling and maby one day I will be able to but when u give some one your heart an soul it alot harder to get over them
Lei Accordion
Such a good song...just posted a cover of this on accordion
Inthesomeday Whatsthatsound
This song sums up why "With alot of love comes a lot of agony" I gave the rest of my ❤️ to a woman that didn't feel the same about me. This song reminds me that I will never find closure & never be good enough & don't deserve anything aspect of love
Ashley Harold
I love this song
Héctor Barrón
This song makes me remember someone that doesn’t belongs to me !!
VJ Luceña
I've been with this guy for 3 years and he mentioned to me before that he and his previous ex-girlfriend almost got married. Sometimes I think that he hasn't moved on yet and I'm scared just thinking about it.
Dan Pluta
What if i end up with nothing to compare it to? That line always gets me
Rebecca Currier
My husband died December 22, 2016 and I may find love again someday but I will never get over him! You never stop loving your soulmate. ????
Now and then.....just now and then.....the stars align and we get three voices that come together and transcend.....
Michelle Dawn
Thank you for this. I feel like even if I move on from a certain person right now,I'm not gonna ever move on
Clint Davis
Nothing last forever. Deal with it
fomiq tune
best band ,.ever happened, to me ????????????????????
jeff scott
What if love never dies
Jeremy shawn Foster
Not cry baby I love you so much baby I just want fall in love with you again in the future is building up the truth is what the good Lord bless me with a fight thought life is good in your heart and soul and I am very sorry to hear that you crying and all have do call me
Adry Ana
We never meet, we just old friend, then you help me, just like what i told you, you just do it, for help me to get over from someone
Then.. I fall for you, being happy, happy and happy.. Just because of everything about you
Everything seems so.. warm my heart.
And it's over
You left me, without words..
Dear you,
I miss you
I still can't get over you..
What if i never get over you?
Jamie Matheney
This song came up in a playlist at work. My coworker lost her husband a few years ago, she was brought to tears. Such a moving song.
Eric Goodwin
Love this song
Katie Lindgren
Anyone know who the male actor is in this music video?
Isn’t it ironic?
Love,love this song ! Good job lady (a)
I've always been a fan of them but this song is by far my favorite
Beth M Griffiths
Love this song
Monica Biggs
Man I am trying but it hard it been a week since he left and done in the arms of another woman I loved him so much my heart broke ???? so bad idk if I can ever get over him and my kids are heart ???? to it just so hard ???????????????????????????????????????????????? ???????? ???? I trying so hard it just not that easy I cry some day and don't cry some days my heart just broken right now
remika remika
This songs is dedicated to my future boyfriend
Josh M
Years later and you still cross my mind that one day a few weeks ago there you are again.. I dont think time did was it was sposto do
I can’t stop listening to this song, it is such my life.
Bobby Cake
He stole the song from Alanis Morissette isn’t that ironic lol
Ashton Mitch
I guarantee I never will.. Maybe she'll be mine in our next life ????
Kri Omamalin
What’s hard is when you have kids and trying to move on.
celia danger
Lost my fiancé 8 years ago in Afghanistan.... still not over you Riley! I love you so much! I miss your touch, your laugh, your smell, your everything!!!
Tracy Lyn
Makes me cry everytime .....???????? "what if time doesnt do what its supposed to do...what if I never get over you"...the most powerful verse " what if your love was my one n only shot... what if I end up with nothing to compare it to"
Valéria Abreu
Definitely I love you ????
Monica Peck
So beautiful. Gives me chills.
Nba Johny
Yo antebellum stole lyrics from this guy it messed up because he he is not popular
Luis Buller
I totally thought it was Taylor Swift at the beginning of the song.
C.L Sadler
I got a second chance at real love after my wife passed away. She was the woman of my dreams. the one I had always hoped for. I had never been happier or smiled more in my life, it was like a missing puzzle piece had finally been put in place. Love was intense and passionate but my stubbornness and immaturity got in the way. I don't know if I wasn't ready for it yet but whatever the case I ruined the best relationship i could have ever hoped for. My heart is shattered and I never know if I will ever be able to have that kind of intense love again.
What if her love was my one and only shot?
What if I end up with nothing to compare it to?
What if I never get over you?
What if this lasts forever? :(
Julio Ruix
“What if time doesn’t do what it’s supposed to do” love this song ????
Gabby Paul
This morning I said goodbye to our family dog of twelve years. She was in pain and it was time. There's a big part of me that realizes that we did the humane thing, but I can't stop wondering if we made the right choice. I knew it would be bad, but this is worse than I ever imagined. This song is everything I'm thinking about now, it just feels like it'll never be better.
Man Ho
time doesn't do what it is supposed to do. Neither do I.
rdog2106 :
Yo its ryan hey mr teacher
Kaylee Mack
It’s supposed to hurt, it’s a broken heart ????
That's my biggest fear.
What if I never get over you??? What if this pain will last a lifetime and all this is the biggest mistake I ever made??
Sobbing over this song...
no no
Fuck 2 men in a truck!! AMJ CAMPBELL #1
Ishan Chowdhury
Why isn't time doing what it's supposed to do?
1 year 5 months and 15 days still counting...
Ryan Renee Rudkin
We lost a daughter during childbirth and now have a son. This song speaks to me SO MUCH. "Every now and then, he can see right through 'Cause when I look at him, Yeah, all I see is you" Wow, just wow.
Czairra Mae Bug-os
Here again. Lost a love one on heart's day
Kyrie Jaramillo
To my ex fiancé I guess after you that’s why I never stayed committed I keep on comparing each guy to you. Dakota if you see this you do still run through my mind like crazy. Sometimes I still even dream of you and then I cry. No guy I’m with will ever compare to you. For whatever reason you and I didn’t work out and I’m still just lost in the last time I saw you. I’m still lost in the last time you held me before you left back again for South Korea.
Steve Chaps
When he said what if I never get over you ........ I felt that
Isn’t it Ironic....
Bree Abbott
I met my first love when I was 12. It was a world stopping moment and our eyes would always find each other. I broke up with him and I will forever regret that my whole life. It's been two years since I graduated high school and he's still on my mind. He haunts my dreams and thoughts everyday. I don't know what to do.
Anon Nomous
What a powerful song

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