dani hrahsel
I love you so much Gabby.... And i love this song ????????????????????????
Kyrie Buck
The Sequel to Carrie Underwood's Before He Cheats. I really like the layers in the lyrics, also her voice, it's so natural and pretty.
Crystal Cooksey
Im so very happy to hear her music out now and see her success, she most definitely really won American Idol anyway! SHINE Girl SHINE ???? We love you Gabby❤️
Lysha B
um I just came across this song and I'm IN LOVE!!!! NEW FAV SONG
Love-Music A-Lot
I HOPE that you’ll come to the Midwest sometime soon!!! ????
Anna Hullenbaugh
You should come to Indiana PA!!!????
Jaelyn Sackrider
Amazing!! I actaully heard someone blaring in their truck, and I just had to look it up! I love it, can't wait to see you win awards! Good Job!
Darien Battice
I was definitely rooting for gabbie over Maddie
Alaina S.
Does anyone know if she has any other songs? I love this song, and I am 99.99℅ sure if she has any other songs I will love them. I found this two days ago and already know all the words to this song that's how much I love it. So if anyone knows let me know.
I've looked at her channel and can only seem to find this song and her American idol videos.
stephenie kennedy
caitlyn piecara
this song gets played on repeat a million times a day your voice is amazing and I hope to meet you before you become big ❤️
Bree Charlisa
Girl you are so amazing. Your voice is soooo soulful I hope to see you dibble and dabble with some soul music. ????
True Grit Outlaw
This song is fire
Lakeisha Nichols
I recently went through a breakup an def ruined relationships for me for awhile, this song couldn’t no more express how I am feeling! ❤️❤️ Gabby is by far one of my favorite artists!????????
Keep Sake Photography
YES GIRL! You tell him! Such a neat lyric and song!
Dariana Jimenez
a fucking banger<3
Sierra W
I love this song!!! So much it's been stuck in my head I just keep playing it and playing it lol I love this song
Cheryl Evans
Omg I’m obsessed with this song.. and her voice ????????
Carly Harrower
My ex cheated on me and I’ve had this song on repeat ever since I first heard it
Anna Currier
This song is actually what happened between my ex and I...I love it. <3
Heather Huffstetler Helms
I can so relate to this, Gabby you are a very talented woman, keep up the good work
jaci shampine
I can’t wait until I can buy the CD ????❤️❤️❤️⚡️⚡️⚡️????????????☀️☀️☀️????????????????????????????????????
jaci shampine
Recorded this to my phone and now you are my ringtone for everything ????????????????????
Bryanna Doshier
I put it on repeat every time I listen to it great song gabby
Carmen McCandless
I love this song so does my mom
Relate to this song so much
Carmen McCandless
My mom always has her window doe
Ingrid Nicolau
Omg gabby! You are so amazing. I love you so much!!! What an incredible voice! ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
Lilly Wright
I loveeeeee this❤️❤️
Joyce Marsh
Love this Gabby xxx
Melanie Joanisse
This song speaks to my heart.
Ashlyn Bentley
Such a good song! She should’ve won!!!
Laurie Suzanne
That you have persevered and proven your winning combination, Gabby, absolutely has been thrilling to witness! We will ALL love seeing you climb the charts every year. You’re a joy and we LOVE YOU!
Braedyn Mcnabb
Girlfriend made me listen to this and it ass
Myu JDBb
Is amazing Gabby THANK YOU!!????????
Paul Rotondo
I just downloaded this song. I Acculy really like this it! Not just supporting my hometown girl! Stay humble. Stay hungry. Own your everything #gabbybarrett
Heard this song on American idol in love ????????❤
Shawn Kostelic
Gabby please keep busting ass......... love this song!!!!!!! i dont know what it takes but i hope you keep doing what you do,
jonathan lane
Good pop song
Kenny Blake
This girl has unbelievable talent
Alyssa Rhew
My anthem right now! Such a beautiful voice!!!❤️????wishing you all the best in your career!!!
jai wuz here
This song is sooo relatable and great fr her debut song ????sis this gon make ppl who dont listen to country become your biggest fans ???????? *like me* and sis tbh this gon make u alot of moneeeyyyyyyyyy????????
the next carrie underwood. the beginning of this song anc cry pretty sound the same ????????
Lotdesa Snowden
Dean Day
Just wanna say u should have won, ur voice is just amazing an I just ❤️ ur music.
Rachael Ann
I heard this on serious XM today and I love it!!!! Instant love! Saving this song for sure
Eddie Thompson
Bryanna Jackson
I love this song so much.... it helped me get through one of the worst breakups in my life so far, and I'm truly grateful for this song❤
King Devil
I think gabby Has A real talent I would so buy all of her music I think she is really good
summer livingston
I don't care I love it ????????????????
Aaliah Sadoon
I’m not a huge fan of country music but there is just something about Gabby’s voice that is so beautiful
Jessica Joy
Why does this sound like Carrie Underwood?¿
This???? No one deserves to feel that pain....Karma will surely come back around!!!
Freddie Ayee
The fact that your making it makes me so HAPPY and PROUD for not giving up on your dreams ! Great Job, keep it up !!!! ????️‍????❤????
Brianna Holliman
money maker
Radio Disney just played this.
Jeff Frazier
I Was Engaged to a girl when I was in college, and then I went in the Navy,14 months she stopped writing, 15 months I came Home and went to her work and found her with a guy Kissing on Her!! Broke My Heart!! KARMA Baby , GOD that Killed me, I have never cheated on any one ever because it hurt so Bad!!
Joshua Willoughby
nailed it shugga
Thomas Coburn
Fucking Amazing
Matthew Royea
No one should ever cheat on your relationship or else you're a relationship can cause negative trouble stick with your loved ones or friends and don't let him down always keep them positive I make him happy and safe always remember that because there is good in the world and I hope there's because if we don't have hope and kindful hope and peace because if we don't have it we'll just have another War and negative issues just remember be good and positive and spread love to others you can change their lives and make them happy happy 2019 stay safe be positive and God loves you no matter the mistakes you made he still loves you 2019????❤????
Katie Atvse
Legit my thoughts to my ex....finally found the song to say what I wanna say!???? I really do hope his girl does him the way he did me for 2 full years, and I hope he’s stupid enough to feen after her and just keep taking her back till she’s tired of him..
Destiny Bukarz
My everyday jam atm!! Too good????
Melissa Freeman
Best song!
sam latham
when gabby said “she’s everything you’re ever gonna need”
i felt that
If this song doesnt win some awards, there's something wrong...
Hannah 2
I heard this in my Tesla on County Hits! You go girl ????????
Hailey Ray
this is my favorite song ????❤????????
Hailey Ray
i think I broke my replay button ????????????????❤ but fr like this song is amazing it makes me feel so like powerful !!
shellie mcfarland
Just sent this to my ex husband's wife because she just left him because he did to her exactly what did to me. Cheated and said I did and she did. Hope she enjoys the song.
Janet Phelps
Great song!!!
Universal Worlds
Love it so much gabby, I think u and carrie Underwood would make a great song u go girl❤❤
Hilda Garcia
I HAVE TO THANK CHRIS SC FROM FRANCE SHE TURNED ME ON TO THIS SONG I LOVED IT THANK YOU CHRIS I LOVE YOU. ☮️????????????????????????????????????I pray Gabby wins an award for this she is a great singer.!!
Paula Johnson
Did anyone know she was Disney channel's Next Big Thing? Well, I was told by someone in my family.
I love you
I love your songs
Gabriel B Morris
Gabby your amazing, love the way you sing, keep strong and you'll go far .
Alexa Darracq
Gabby, thank you for creating such an honest, real song. So many people can feel this on a deep level
Haley Craven
I heard this playing loud in a popular store in Myrtle Beach. I knew it was you by your voice. They had it blaring, babe! ????
Omg Gabby Barret and Carrie Underwood should totally do a duet together. I bet it would be amazing.
Esme Galaviz
She’s unique people, she has an amazing voice I’ve never heard before such a strong natural voice !
Deborah Jones
Christiana Le
So when i was in my high school today right i was showing my two lunch id to my high school security, and i was walked right pass McKenzie with my headphone on while listening to music, and suddenly she called my name she said Christiana, but i cannot hear her because my music was too loud that's why she cannot hear me very well.
Stephanie Neal
Have this song on repeat all day!❤️????
Love this song ❤️????????
Punky Marie
Love it so so so so much
Hailey lynn
I when to Kentucky and on that 8hr drive I was blaring this song 95% of the time. I mean it's super good also ive been there and I sent it to my ex and he's mad at me or well it how I feel
Olivia Rosario
Dedicated to you, Braxton.
Peachtree Productions
This or One of the Good ones is my favorites song!!!!!
When you sing it has so much emotion in it!! When you get to the part "I hope you both feel the sparks by the end of the drive" I feel my soul rattling. <3 So beautiful!!
Jeffry Woodward
Addison Hughes
i love your songs
Emily kidd
This made me think of my ex I love this song my sister can relate
my gosh i love love love love love this song this is my song to lisin to
Noelle Sutton
I needed this. Time to shine my new me
Michael Fisher
She's as good and disciplined a singer in her own way as the late Ofra Haza was at 19. She's going places.
HollieAnna D'Ercole
I love it!!!
Your doing your thing baby,i wish you the "most" with your career. love this new jam. DM (CLAIRTON,PA. @ PGH,PA.)
Crystal Thames
I think it just sounds like Miley Cyrus
Cody Stone22
Sexy af and A new old school country artist I know no one will see this but HAPPY HALLOWEEN 2019
Taylor Elisabeth
such a great song and definitely one i scream because a guy did me dirty last week so ???? I HOPE SHES WILDER THAN YA WILDEST DREAM and then i HOPE SHE CHEATS
Devin Gauthier
Dang I remember the times you came to my old school and sang, you’ve grown and changed so much and I’m here for it. Dang girl. Your good!
Cora Aikens
You sound exactly like miley cyrus.. ????????????????
Cara Littlefield
But seriously my friend just introduced me to this song last night because of my situation, and dannggg does it hit every aspect of what I'm currently dealing with. I'm shooketh
Nicole has lost it
This hits different after being cheated on ????
Philly StreetRace Team
I don't watch american idol, I found this song randomly on youtube in some country playlist and i'm soo glad i did. This is one of my top 5 songs of the year!!!! Thank you Gabby!
Marlena Sien
Heard this on the radio last Friday... AND DAMN!
Another new fan!
Taylor Kauffman(ST)
My ex boyfriend abused me and cheated on me after I helped to convince him not to commit suicide. I asked why he cheated. He just said "You did nothing for me. You are nothing to me."
Izzy D
This is what I'll do when someone finally cheats on me
(I'm not saying I'm so perfect that no-one's ever cheated on me, I'm thirteen)
Or maybe pull a Before He Cheats
Or, if it's bad enough, a Two Black Cadillacs
Madison Harwood
You got such a beautiful voice
Brittany Ann
If Carrie Underwood & Miranda Lambert had a baby. ????
solmon hancock
This hits differently when you were the one who made the ugly mistake of cheating.
Marilyn Mootsey
Wow - Love this song.
Gianna Guardino
omg i love this song!!!
Hayleigh Patton
I love your song. And. I just want to meet you
Hayleigh Patton
I Love you ????❤️????????????????❣️????????????????????????????????????????????????????‍♀️????????‍♀️
Demon Dragon
I spent a nine hour drive (parent was driving) to pick up and leave my ex to go back to my hometown after he slept with my friend. He and I aren’t bitter, or feeling poorly for the other now (it’s been a few weeks) but it still hurts (ya know?).
But the whole time that my heart felt like it had been smashed to bits, I was blasting this song in my headphones and it has helped so much.
Harold Hefley
Gaby you are amazing. My name is hailey Ross. I am watching from a friends phone. You are my idol girl. Go get em
Audrey V
I usually dont like country, but this came on the radio in the cab and I love it! Great job :-)
Kloey Current
Me and grandpa love her so much we were hoping she would win American idol but she will always be a winner in my world!
Daddy T
My ex told his ex that it was her all along. That he loved her, that he wanted to start a life with her. That he made a mistake with me, and he never loved me. We were together a year, he had a year to figure that out. We were still together when he said that to her. She sent it to me, he was never going to tell me. So yea, this song makes me feel pretty dang powerful. Thank god for it.
Lauren Duby
Gabby u have made a legendary song for every female out there !!! Thank you ❤️
Kaylen Davidson
Dale Jore
That voice is the most beautiful I've ever heard!
Sam Apple
This shit actually happened to me! Love this song. Truth
Tracy Tolibas
Love this song, so relatable!
I hope u r happy
Haylie J
Been with Gabby since her audition ???? this girl has talent!! So proud!
Lauren Banks
She literally sounds like Miley Cyrus.
Catalina Gonzalez
Sounds like miley at one point
can't relate
This songs makes me want to sing this to my crush.
ricky brown
It's such a great song
Megan Miller
i love this song so much I listen to it over and over and it never gets old
This is such a great song I shod it to my mom and she said omg thus song is gust like are family she loves and I love it it so true????❤️
Lady Dark Gaming
Amazing! Can't wait to do my cover on this song. <3
Colleen Stevens
This goes to show that you don’t have to win a talent show to make it big. I looove this song and wish gabby so much more success!! ????
Rachel Woyczik
I feel this song I love it so much thank you gabby for speaking words I couldn't ❤
Shavoy Brown
Gurrrlll i don't care what anyone says u and maddie won American idol it was a tie ????????
Ashley Tucker
I love this song it so describes the way I feel about my ex and it is amazing
Bran Mc
I thought it was miley first time I heard it
HoneyAngel Playz
I hope you win an award for having such and amazing and beautiful voice❤️
Haley LeCompte
This song puts me in my feels, I love it.
Daviny Domingue
I absolutely love this song I could listen to it on repeat and gabby you are amazing you have such great talent keep it up!!!❤️❤️
Cheerleader Awesomeness
Gabby Barrett is and Icon she is my role model she is a really good singer I wish I could be her
tim borthwick
I love this song I have it on replay what a great voice. Barbara
Anita Anderson
I love the song
Senpai Sun
only country singer valid
Boy: Baby
Girl: yes
Boy: Would you break my heart
Girl: no I wouldn’t
Boy: would you cared if I died
Girl: yes of course I would
Boy: would you cheat on me
Girl: no never
Boy: do I mean the world to you
Girl: yes baby
Boy: baby????
Now read it from bottom to top..
Bella Layssard
Never stop sing ???? you’re the best I love to sing but you’re so much better then me
Dylan Roberts
Such a great song
Great tune !!!
Jena Karras
Yall fxck whatever dude made you wanna put this on repeat. ????????‍♀️
I've had this song playing a lot in the last few days and I just connect to it more and more every time ????????
rilee stinnett
In in love with this song my mom took my speaker cause I was blasting it all the time lol????
Amanda Keister
We are like this sogn and we play it all day and evey day
michaela banks
ok this is seriously me tonight, my boyfriend cheated on me tonight with this girl that I hate, and so tonight I am going ot hang out with a guy he hates and they are gonna send a pic of me all over him....and send to him, bc he cheated on me
Brooke Boudreaux
I love love love this song I have it on replay!
madison wall
This is amazing :))) ♥️????
michaela banks
i played this song in my living room and my dad said " Is that Carrie Underwood?"
Taryn Newman
I have never been cheated on but this song gives me so much.
It feels like a story of every time I fell in love and the inevitable downfall. It feels like acceptance of this end. It WAS as psychologically traumatizing as you remember. It DID rip you in two. And it will again. This is the journey. This is the story. And it may be forever. But you will always prevail. You will always find a way to rise above. So dive. This is what it means to love. It hits so hard and that’s why it matters, its why it means so much. Just keep living and loving. Never give up.
Alyssa Thorne
I’ve been listening to this since my ex cheated on me with my friend in April. I have been hurt ever since.. but what goes around comes around ????
christine rudd
this is my favorit song i can sing the whole song up in here
Shanon Hanks
Good song she should have won American idol ????✔️????????????
Um pinkhi
This lowkey go hard
Abigail Boles
I hope she comes along and wrecks every one of your plans ...????
Daysia Chavez
Gabby Barrett or Madison Beer?
Madison beer= comment
Gabby Barrett = like
Both= comment and like????
Casey Deneal
This song is amazing????
Joshlynn Abigail
Im 1.1 million views myself
Kalyn Mayhue
Such a awesome voice, I can listen to this all day!????
Kelcie’s World
Tell her friends your so happy????
Sasha Robello
Hope you blow up bigger than you already are cuz girl this is amazing
courtney moffat
Ahhh this song is soo inspirational I love it sooo much????
Abby Fog _
Jack Demaray
I. Love. Her!!!!!!!!
Scott Draper
A song about revenge forgive and forget crazy
Dallas Scheidt
This is going to be top 2020 song love it ???? you did a very good job ????????
Ashley K
Gabby please do a song with auti you too have great voices https://youtu.be/NeIy7bfaeHI
bonnie butner
After getting cheated on just like this, one can only dream ;)
Dallas Scheidt
This is my favorite song I love it they played it in the grocery store and I got so so excited
Rabakka Battaini
Kinda sucks ea
Jess Chaos
When I first heard this on the radio I definitely thought it was Miley Cyrus. lol But either way, I love this song. :)
Alexis Preston
First time I heard her was In LA when she was singing at kane browns concert
skyla and Kristin
Yas girl
suitable imagery
Plot twist: Lizzo is on the remix!! Please!!! Make my dream come true! Amazing duet.
Sierra Bvndit
Once we break and I play this just know bro I’m in bad bitch mode ????????
Martha D
i've not been cheated on but this makes me feel so freakin powerful
Rhonda Allen
I love this song, but I do NOT wish that this or anything else that is hurtful towards anyone. I honestly dont carry the hurtful things from my past. 2 wrongs do not make a right. I have let the hurt go and forgiven my past even without them knowing. I had to forgive for me, not them.
Udyog Khadka
I am listening music songs.
I can't get this song other .
Rosey Martin
Ok miley-underwood calm down
zoe sandoval
Me and my best friend always walk by our ex boyfriends and blast this song
Kailey Gallaway
I’m happily married, but i love this song ????
Sherrannna Jenkins
you sound like miley cyrus so much but your amazing
Ashley Marie
Can’t wait to see you in Columbus!!!!
Kinleigh Tate
dear ex,
I forgive you for what you did and how you made me feel used and hurt. I just don't understand why you used me to get closer to my best friend. I'm sorry I didn't say I loved you when you said you loved me. I wanted to wait, but time ran out. I'm sorry and I mean so sorry. you hate which i understand. you just know I do care about
Natalie Rogers
I truly do hope he can find happiness, and that their future is brighter than ours could've ever been ???? and then I hope they crash by the end of the drive and the only sparks they're feeling is the flames from their burning car. ???????????????? (that took a dark turn but this is for the guy in my profile photo ????)
Jazmin Hutchins
Found out yesterday that my ex cheated, that's why he's a ex
Alexis v Daniels
seeing her in concert in 2 days !!!

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