Thungyani Kikon
I love you both... God bless
Vhondathuluo Thuluo
Congratulations ????
Paigerpoohbear Barnes
Omg congratulations!!????bout to cry❤❤❤❤
Ashley Beach
His vows..That is THE MOST beautiful thing I have ever heard
Zeta Castillo
such an inspiration! beautiful beautiful blessings!!!
Diane Harper
I'm sooooo Happy for the two of you! I feel like I've watched your relationship from the very begging. I knew there were sparks when you met on AMERICAN IDOL. Your were such a good looking couple, and seem to have great chemistry. And now fast forward look at the two of you. Always put God First. And he will see you through. Congrats Cage & Gabby!
Melissa Dawn
Y’all are so adorable and I pray y’all have an amazing love story and an everlasting marriage! You two are definitely a great example for our younger generation! Much love to y’all. ????????♥️
Jowee Ann Victoria
OMG!!!!! I watched both of them in American idol!! I'm so happy for them!!!! ????????????????????????
IG mycalicrush
NNNNNOOOOOOOOOOO FUCKING WAY!!!!!!!! Omg Ryan Seacrest knows all!!!!!!
Nikoo T
I knew u 2 belonged together wish u guys the best I love you both u r my fav singers♥️♥️
l r
Cade watching those sparkles real close don't burn his hair. What happened to rice? Congrats Ya'll and God Bless!
Angel Hopkins Davis
Goals. To be loved like this. ♥️
christian pomrenski
That was so beautiful. Congrats to them. Cades vows were great!
autumn moser
This is so beautiful!????❤️
Sandra Weaver
Congratulations Cade And Gabby. Blessings and much happiness.
Halie Marie
1:21 "little family"...are they expecting???
Melissa Pace
That's Jeremy voulo!
Tanya Cunningham
Made me cry
bella lozano
what’s cade’s middle name
Amanda Rees
When Cade starts crying during his vows I just lost it ????????????
Summer Braswell
I love how Jinger, Jeremy and Felicity were there!
Alex Taylor
beautiful wedding!!
Lorin Gilbert
Those vows ????????????
Reanna Bird
We got married on the same day ????
Rain White
Wow!!! And Happy for you 2 Beautiful people????????????????????❤❤❤????????????????????
Rain White
Oh and,y'all are gonna make some beautiful babies!!!????❤❤❤????????????
austinh_26 IG
Idk if you remember me, but you and Cade visited our church a couple years ago and it is great to see y’all as an official couple!
A Christ centered life & marriage ❤
Peyton Scott
Ok. *BEST* . *VOWS* . *EVER*
hannah smith
I love that Jeremy did y’all wedding I watch them on counting on all the time❤️
Sweetly Savage
THIS IS SO CUTE!!! An American Idol love story!!!
Dora Levitt
She's gorgeous and her dress is off the hook- but can I have his hair?? ????????????????
weston monroe
“if anything is said of me when i die it will be that he loved his wife”
that’s the purest thing i’ve ever heard
weston monroe
all i wanted to do was be a rockstar, and now all i want to do is take care of you.
bro what kinda love i’m abt to go on american idol lololol
bud girl
Congratulations to you both !! Gabby , you are the most gorgeous bride . My god, that dress and head piece
Ashley Dugas
I’m not crying. Y’all are ???????? this so beautiful ❤️
Lindsey Duray
Holy shit! Those vows. Amazing! ????
When Cade said his vows to her I felt that. I believe him. You can feel his love for her ❤️????❤️????❤️???? those were the most beautiful vows I've ever heard.
Syrpaibiang Khonglam
I love them
Lacey Quinn
Stunning my dear!
Carla Tom
Awww I wanna be loves like that Cade your super amazing I watched you from day 1 you were my inspiration of wanting to try out for Idol I wish you and gabby abundance of happiness. I only wish I can believe in true love... unfortunately I am not quite convinced what that really is...true love just got ripped out of my heart today.... love is just not in the cards for us all. #damnedmyheart #runningforthetissuebox #congratulations.....
Ps if your out there please pray for me I need it and I can’t seem to pray for myself ....
Kira McKay
Was the "preacher" Jeremy vuolo, jinger Duggar' husband?
Malia Wu
I remember watching them on American idol now they’re married???? congratulations????????
david white
this guy needs a Crew Cut ASAP
david white
I also sang a song to my wife at our wedding & the song was She's just a DEVIL woman by cliff richard
Ashley Shannon
Congratulations ????
Samantha Laird
Ahh Jeremy married y’all. I love him and Jinger
Debora Rocha
Wow beautiful vows❤️
Candice Frost
Super sweet????????
Congratulations! I loved you Gabby from day 1 on Idol. Now your real future is upon you. Love each other genuinely and fully! Best of wishes for a life of adventure filled with love. XO
Emily J
This is honestly poor video editing I expected more from them :(
Kendra Rose Davis
Such beautiful vows! I pray God bless your marriage! :)
This is so beautiful!!! Honoring Jesus in this video for the world to see is amazing!! You guys are so sweet together!!
Amie Marie Creative
Awww this is so sweet! Haha who would've thought... American Idol, bringing people together. Congratulations you 2! ❤
Savannah Singleton
Who is the guy marrying them he looks familiar?!
Krysta Hess
Omg i love this! I am so happy for you guys!
Fish Nugget
Love that you invited Catie 2:05 it's amazing you found friendships and love on American idol.
SweetMelin213 Berrios
Y’all’s vows... ????
Beautiful to hear the emotion in his voice ❤️
LaJanice Sanderson
LOVE this!!! Thanks for sharing with everyone that watched you from the beginning❤ Congratulations and praying a lifetime of blessings upon you????????????
Victoria Roman
Omg these vows surely killed me????????????????????????????????
these monotone southern accents are killing me
Denise Newcomb
Krista McGuire
I didn't realize you had Jeremy Vuolo marry you guys!!
Cathy Young
Congratulations! So happy for you both ❤️ Good luck and Best wishes on your new life together.
Chloe Dicken
merry christmas
Victoria Tush
Congratulations to you Gabby. That was a beautiful wedding. God bless you both more abundantly.
Serena O'Callaghan
Wow such beautiful words, I Wish for my Boyfriend to one day speak about me like that it's so lovely. And gabby looks amazing xxx
I just cry ♥︎♥︎♥︎
Denise Burger
Congratulations y'all look amazing and gabby you look beautiful!! Thanks for sharing!!!
Mya Roberts
You guys are both so lucky. You two are perfect for each other . Congratulations!!!!
Denise Burger
That little guy in that wheel chair is handsome????
Jessica Hamlet
Congratulations to both of y'all.
marta nika
Beautiful couple I knew when I first watched them on American idol they were meant to be together .
marta nika
These two should make beautiful music together .
Lorah Jordan
I always knew y’all liked each other! His vowels were too sweet! Lucky girl
Thank you for sharing your special day with all Gabby & Cade! Yinz are so cute and it's great to see the love yinz have for each other and how your relationship flourished from AI. ((Hugs)) Congratulations again to Mr. & Mrs. Foehrner. ????????????
Danny Kamsteeg
So happy for you two! I wish you the happiest and loveliest life together you could wish ❤️
Now, go glorify God with your gifts and talents. May God bless the both of you!
Gracie Jo
I knew this was gonna happen. All through the season! ❤️❤️
April M.
That’s Jinger Duggar’s husband marrying them ????????????!! Congratulations!! I’m so happy for you guys!!
ren flores
Aww that was a beautiful wedding may you both have a wonderful blessed life congrats to u both ❤️❤️
Anna Scherting
What is this song as the end?
Breanne Polzot
This is beautiful!????????????
Marlena Owens
Cade those were the most beautiful vows ive ever heard and i know you meant every word ! Gabby you're beautiful and a lucky woman i love you both. God always has a plan and i believe yall met because he wanted u too. Rock star shoot you are Thee star ???? that God wanted you to be. Always keep God first and dont forget your roots. Beautiful just beautiful
Howdy HowYaDoin16
God bless yall!! Gorgeous family!!!!! Gonna have beautiful babies to????!
Amyb G
That was so sweet.. Glad you shared
Linette Low
Best wedding vows ever :)
Cade meant every word to you, Gabby and he sure loves you. <3
I'm so happy for this union ~ stay blessed and blissful, supporting each other through the storms knowing that rainbow will be there for you after. Xoxox
Julia Vargas
The real prize of American Idol was meeting each other ❤️❤️ God Bless you both.
Darlene Kugler
Wow!! So, so lovely!! A match made in Heaven!!
I live literally one minute from there, I know the guy that owns the venue, it’s where we watched the Super Bowl
Spring Rain Hill
Y’all got married on my Birthday ❤️
Shianne Putman
This made me cry ????????????????????????
Heather Young
The best wedding vows I have ever heard <3
Kiley Marie
I am crying! Cades vows are just beautiful... I’m bawling ????????
Wendy Saslow
Omg! They are so great together! I truly believe they found their soulmates in each other! It was meant to be.
The life of Becky Snow
Looks like a baby bum ????
Maria Gregory
his vows ????????
Aud Won
Anytime you start to doubt your love...when fame starts to take over... listen to these beautiful vows! Then stop, take a step back.... get your wedding clothes on and say these vows to each other again. Beautiful! Good luck!!!!
Anita Hill
Congratulations Gabby and Cade thank you for sharing this beautiful moment with us all I wish you a blessed and happy marriage ❤️
Stacey M.
Awwww ???? y’all got married?!? This is the sweetest love story! Blessing to the two of you always
mandee Dennison
Butch Arbogast
omg I cryed
Seminole Girl
Gabby, i'm sobbing!! I love you both so much and admire your love for each other! What I love about you both more than anything is y'all's strong faith in God and the fact that you require him to be the Head of your marriage. Love like this is rare but you both are such beautiful human beings and I couldn't be any happier for someone!! I love you both and wish you guys the absolute BEST in life!! <3
Joni B
Just absolutly beautiful. So happy for the two of you.
Hannah LeBas
I love this video
Whoa Cade, I'm blown away. One day I hope to find a man as passionate for me as you are for Gabby.
Irene H.
Wow he's got a luscious head of hair!
Connie Bollibon
Gabby you and Cade are so gorgeous ❤️ couple and gorgeous husband and wife. I'm a PA girl but my highschool sweetheart and I moved away from PA in 1985 my husband and I are 60 miles from Pittsburgh PA I traveled back and forth from Mt pleasant PA. We are both Pittsburgh Steelers fans and the Penguins and it so hard when Seattle Seahawks and Pittsburgh Steelers play because we're born and grow up in PA and we are still Steelers fans today and forever we are now Washington State fans because we have lived half our lives here from the age 25 and now we are 60yrs old and I fell in love with you and Cade in 2018 on America I'd.❤️ knowing that you and Cade have come along and I couldn't wait to watch your wedding day and cried the whole way through the whole video and wish you and Cade to have a long and beautiful life like me and my husband from the age 18 and now being 60yrs old now and I hope you don't forget your roots of being a PA girl. God bless you and just keep being who you are and you'll be together forever.❤️????
Graysen Burris
cade’s vows are the sweetest. ????
Amy M Ritchie
Congratulations Gabby and Cade!! I'm jealous I wasn't invited!! LOL (I've been a fan of you both since American Idol!)
Cade, your vows were the sweetest, most romantic I've ever heard!! Gabby all I can say to you, you are one blessed girl to have a man love you like that!! Congratulations to you both!!
Ok I was very confused. The last time I saw y'all was on American Idol, and now your getting married!?!?!????
Karen Dady
Simply Beautiful⚘
Her dress is tacky, it’s just glorified lingerie, ????
OhmyveeXO !
Couldn’t have picked a better thumbnail? Lmao you look good but geez make your husband look good too at least ????
N Konitha
The most beautiful vows.... congratulations to you both????
policegamer4 yall
She is hott.
Y'all are so perfect for each other ????❤ Cades song for you is one of my favorites!
Gracey Thompson
I am so happy for you gabi
Shelley Alcorn
Is gabby pregnut
Michelle Obie
Omg! So beautiful and touching awe this made me cry
I am Awesome
Aren't they are too young for marriage?? She is 18 i guess and cade is 22!
Sarah Halnan
lovely video but like... is that Jinger duggars husband officiating the wedding? ????
Backroads Bandit
???????????? God bless you both. Thank you both for sharing such an important part of yalls life. AMEN TO JESUS AND PRAISE GOD FOR HE WILL PULL YALL THRU THE HARD TIMES ALWAYS. GOD 1ST !!!
Davida kidwell
So sweet!!
Michelle Smith
Oh my gosh so happy for you both..your vows had me crying such beautiful Godly vows and anointed..! Congradulations
Dewie Yep
I'm ugly but dang he's a ugly man lol
Dewie Yep
Reckon they need publicity
Her dress is gorgeous!
Aerial Payne
So beautiful????
Babette Gray
Just a beautiful ceremony and uplifting to see two people so in love and happy!
Shelley E
How cute is that!! Beautiful. Some people are wise seemingly from the get go.
Brandi Hobbs
Ur my idol
Sydney Stone
Cafes vows???????? I’m not even to the wedding and I’m balling
Emma Gilbert
S/o to American idol for being one heck of a match maker! Cade’s vows had me sobbing ????
Beulah Hillier
God Bless you both
Emma Collins
It’s insane going into American idol you both were single now you’re married ❤️????
Just Right Height Bear
Who's cutting them onions?
Me : Look up to the heavens and ask ‘God when?’ I love love too????????????????
She looks pregnant here
she is so pretty!
Deborah Reece
What beautiful, amazing vows...the best I've ever heard.
Lisa White
Wow love their vows
Desiree Smith
I love Gabby's dress! They are a beautiful, lovely couple. I can't wait to see how their family grows!
Gina Keith
To be so young but wise in years. Their vows were beautiful by putting Jesus as the head. May their commitment as husband and wife be richly blessed through Jesus Christ.
NiNi to #6
Congratulations!!!!! ????
Lungsumngam Gangmei
Carissa Kinder
Beautiful couple!
Wyze Child
At first I was like ugh then all of sudden hearing him pledge to her like that I’m crying???
Those vows.....WOW.......ive never heard any better vows in my whole life!!!
Omg aren't they like 19
Kati Phillips
Congrats to you both and those vows were amazing. I didnt marry for the right reasons when I was 19 but me and my husband divorced and remarried after we took a year to focus only on ourselfs and God and when we came back together we did it right and made sure it was going to last and it was a true covenant to each other and God. Anyways love to see couples ecpecially ones in the spotlight let their Jesus light shine!!!
Connie platts
I am balling like a baby! Such beauty. If I ever get married...please let it be like this. I want his words to cut thru to my soul! Ugh!
Sonya Perryman
Congratulations to you both May God Give Y'all Many Years Together
Angela Fritschle
Who would thumbs down this? Rude
Laura Cazares
Sweet! But what shampoo and conditioner does he use? I need his hair care routine!
Get a fawking hair cut you look absolutely ridiculous....also I’m checking back in 3 years I predict they’ll be divorced by then.
It should be a rule that you can’t have better hair than your bride on the wedding day lol
How wonderful! This is what marriage is all about. Admire your marriage priorities so much!
Marisa Smith
The way he looks at her is everything! I love how clearly one can tell how in love they are!
Jonathan Greene
Why would she do that
This is so beautiful ????????
Meg Catherine
Why am I crying ????
You guys are beautiful and what such pure vowels.
nicole Morales
I loved this video seeing Jeremy and hunger made me smile love you guys
Mrs. Viola
So sweet! I wish them all the very best!
Ugly sobs at the beauty, the shakiness in his voice tipped me over the top. What a lovely couple. Wishing you a lifetime together! Be gentle with yourselves & each other as you’ll each stumble at times as years pass by. You may look up one day and not know yourself. But in that moment, cling to each other and pray, time passes and you’ll rediscover who you are. 15 yrs married and buried a child together, we ultimately couldn’t survive it together but it was truly every example of working through the ups and downs, living to the fullest and we made precious babies too. So for what my advice is worth, I do hope you have found your forever partner in one another ????
Zoe Rae
They’re the couple that probably melded into one person.....gah
Kelly brough-zandi
Probably the most beautiful love story I've ever seen aside of my own and to live it in Christ makes it even better ????❣️ your a true belief that we will have the gift told us would come so thank you... Thank you for sharing Gabby .
Kelly brough-zandi
I literally cried listening to your guys vows
Lexa Vazquez
I cried the whole way threw, this is so pure and beautiful
Debbie Pearce
Congratulations. May God bless and protect you. May you have a long , happy and blessed marriage.
That was fast
Thrift Chick
That's quite a fairy tale story come true. Nice. Also wonderful song at the end that I believe Cade us singing
Charity Young
So happy for you and your guy. I hope you have as many wonderful years as I had with my husband and more this is my wish for you. Be blessed
Cecile Morgan
Awesome Vows. Happy for you both and that your marriage is Christmas centered. It takes three for a m
Chad Onan
To bad most simple folk cant hold a marriage together, when you add fame and forturne to the recipie its only a matter of time before shit hits the fan, even with the whole "GOD " thing in place. I love Gabby's music and I will bet on her great voice before I ever will that this marriage will last....hate me now....I wont expect a apology less than 5 years from now when I am right. Wish these two love birds the best of luck and all the happiness in the world, but reality on how the real world works.....we will see
Peggy Jimenez
AMEN God ALMIGHTY praise Jesus. Bless your marriage. Follow Jesus Christ all the days of your life. He has plans for you Both. Many Blessings awaits you Both. Honor God ALMIGHTY and he Will honor you.
Helene Coulliette
Your love for each other is amazing. Congratulations to you both I wish you all the happiness in the world.
Jacqueline Moiyan Cheeks
God bless your marriage!
Beautiful guys; may God bless this union for what He has ordained et put together...simply beautiful guys, a worthy love built on solid ground; God is good ALL the time, Amen. <3<3<3<3<3
Miranda Hankins
Oh my gosh! That is so sweet!
Angel Shaffer
Beyond beautiful. He melted my heart when he read his vows ????
BelieveLvAcceptYourself Stephanie Salazar
I spotted the Duggers
Maggs Shilling
I thought that was tiny Tim

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