Michael Chalk
Jay Bear
Creepy AF but I'm kinda into it
Leonidas 024
Came here from Cassandra Fox
ellie kittel
duu love him
Krystle Thomas
That’s my kind of night ????❤️????
Wahoo McDaniel
Luke's kind of night is taking it up the pooper from Florida Georgia line.
Yarik Bmte
July??? Anyone going to August
Gãchã Lìghtìñg dèãth ñoté
My papa past away and this was his favorite song and i never stopped listening too it ever sence that day. It makes me look at the sky and sing along with it. This was his favourite song and it makes me cry when i hear it. I LOVE YOU LUKE BRYAN
Kase Burton
Me and my friend love you’re songs
Florence Miller
I love you
Florence Miller
Your my favorite singer
Florence Miller
Your so cute
Florence Miller
I have about 30 posters of you
Florence Miller
I go to you bands
Florence Miller
I have been listening to you for a while
Florence Miller
Like in 2015
Florence Miller
I love you luke the cuteie and thx for awesome great songs luke
Carson Salmon
He’s got that real good feel good stuff under the seat of his black boyfriends truck
Farm MSP
When he said " ???? ", I felt that
This is the worse country music of all time
Starla Chadwick
I was at your
Starla Chadwick
Consume last night
Starla Chadwick
In Florida downtown
Alejandro Zepeda
First of all... Country women(girls) don't look like this outside of high school. Second... This is not country music.
wyatt cupit
This is my favorite song
Yoda JediMaster
Luke please give me the truck from this clip, pleaseeeeee
Nashville Tennessee
Zac Brown said this was the worst country song ever written! 104 million views later!
Another French Surrender
kp ps
This man is so awsome in concert. Thanks for a kick ass show in Tampa FL well worth sitting in the rain.... Thats my kind of night..????????????????
Tony Cavitt
Noah boye and Joseph
josh wesley
so many haters. he's succesful, good heart.
The rock and roll hellion
Yep ...its my kind of night!!!!
Miranda Stewart
Me and my mom are country and we love this song???????????? awsome.
Dodge Ram
He Needs A Big Black Dodge Ram In This Video
Y and A Squad
Whag exactly is under his seat?
catherine grant
Love this song
Rochelle O.S
That's my kind of night ???????????????????????? this song still sounds amazing ????????
thatguy dontlie
Truman Burbank
Favorite Country Singer. I like Dolly Parton but Luke Bryan steals the show.
james fore And friends
that's my night
Who else went to his concert in iowa state fair 2019
Littlejack gamin
HECK YA 2019????
Jenny Cook
I am such a huge fan of him. One of my twins' middle name is Luke, after him???????????????????????? he is so sexy. His wife is very lucky to have him
Frances Banda
This is the song that started my obsession with Luke. I can't hear any of his songs without singing along or smiling.
Hick Hop. Tractor Rap.
Just heard this for the first time. I gotta say, I agree with Zac Brown.
Collin Mellor
Might sit down on my diamond plate tailgate. Still haven't found a lyric from a song that tops that one I love it so much.
Victor Lin
First time watching the video. I'm speechless ????
Beth M Griffiths
Hot song most weekends a heap of us get together & just party
Deedee S
Deirdre Sheehan Looking the man Mack a Special girl My Dream with him have a goodnight Deirdre Sheehan Biggest fan am your girl forever)
Victor Lin
This is Luke having a family gathering ????
This is the worst song I have ever heard.
Cassondra Kelly
I tried to go to his concert but it rained and got canceled when I’m in Florida.
August 28th 2019 10:28 PM anyone still listening?
scoleman coleman
Chad Swanson
Worst song Luke ever released, so cringe-worthy. Make more songs like Do I!!!
Dee Anna
One of my favorite Luke songs
Destiny Manning
I love you come to see me
Nolan Avery
This may be the worst thing I’ve heard in my life. Makes me sad that George Strait and Alan Jackson are replaced by this.
Michael Arrowood
My god, what is this crap show?
Janene Adkins
Oh yeah ????
Victoria Paz
I know this entire song????I love you Lukeeee
Eleanor Perry
People actually listen to stuff like this? Oh my, the song literally features "catch myself some catfish dinner".....
September 2019? Country music is just so catchy and wholesome.
jenny bauer
Love Luke Bryan ..
Naughtius Maximus
I've found it, the worst song ever recorded.
Lance Shepler
I'd like to have that truck!!!
I somehow can’t stand this song!
Danny Pogue
What a chad
Zach 10
I just threw up a little bit and shit in my cowboy boots
Francine Alridge
Love it..
Low key a lil Notstilgia
Life Sucks
What happened to music nowadays. Country can kiss my ass system of a down and old school linkin park can have my children.
Carolyn Duonnolo
~Has sex in wheat~
~Rapes self~
Me:...IM afraid BUT I LOVE IT
Richard Griffith
Some good music luck
Teaira Matson
I love you Luke Bryan ????????????????????????????
Soujatya Das
I am from India.... And he's music too good to ignore
Teaira Matson
I love you Luke Bryan
Brandon E
Metrosexual abomination
Flame 55
This is th best song I heard
Flame 55
In a well
Teaira Matson
black truck like has Luke Bryan. Tt you love me love you Luke Bryan
Cassondra Kelly
0:41 There’s a girl pulling her shirt ???? of and you can see her brawl lol and Luis is Luke
agnelanna heavens
oversizedbig lilly tomlin rocker panchonanchoboysplease
Elizabeth Griffin
My Mommy Love you
Regeana Haines Everett
Luke Bryan did the big boy did Luke Bryan did the big fghhvbbndhkfinofhvif bbhnbbn Vn night ghost glory Bryan he joined the young lady who helped the big two big brothers big brother
For some reason, I ALWAYS hear this song in the bus ????
Boss Cat Channel
Poor catfish...:(
Donald Odum
You have the best mosquito ever bin
Nona Blouin
If I had to listen to just one artist for the rest of my life of course it would be this dream boat Luke Bryan
I love you guys and you are so much fun
This song is a lot worse when you actually hear the lyrics
Grace Coons
In Deans pants
Michele Walizer
On the same o j nhxnhwhtehdmyxhsnxjxjxnhchfggjydmkgnryejydnyjfynywmu
Michele Walizer
Get the horses in the bed what is it 10 so that I can talk with like a man riding on the tractor all the human body to you on my birthday you can going off on my phone the movie good movie cuddling on bringing the sneakers hello yeah yeah yeah yeah maybe we will
Michele Walizer
GYeah I’ll cut what’s the sample for dance bag with the horses running on the track girl do you know my buddy you can go no I want for the movies what are the creator of my boo you must do me
Michele Walizer
I Judi kusjysiy. Kydngxxntxngxnujxycjhxnuxj
Camden Dyer
One of my favorite country singers.
Conn175 Yt
My childhood here ????
alem desta
Luke Bryan you killed it again
tabby spooner
Jared Miller
When I was in 5th grade I would dance crazy to this song
Evil Wolf
Mine and my bf's favorite song
Nereyda Hernandez
Mud crickets
Bryce Phillips
ya’ll I love this song me and my girlfriend crank this up open a couple a cold ones and go out in the corn field for a little you know what
Sobre Política
Good one
Sandy Naylor
Jon-Marc Harrison
Can this guy be any more of a douche bag? Nashville pop country garbage is on full display with this jackass. What a joke.
firehattobyblaise snarl
Some arm on that gal.
This song is awesome!!! The "Floating down the Flint River" part reminds me musically of Bad Romance by Lady Ga Ga. I actually think that's pretty cool.
new found life
god damit luke those openings
pinhead larry
Too bad he wasn't using a real truck like a ford
Teaira Matson
I love you Luke Bryan I have. A good day
Joseph Diaz
Hell yeah
Apocalypse Plough
What a shitty song.
Connor Robbins
like the music just hate the lyrics
Williamfey62 _
The song that brought me into country music, I still love it!
Scott Herrington
Anyone wanna BUDLIGHT? Well you will before this is over!
Soda Sauce
Still bumpn ???? ????????❤️
That right there is a Chevy that ain’t a real man’s truck a real cowboy drives a Ford there’s a real man’s truck right there
Wig Splitter
The only reason I found this song is because I though he said " get fresh denim" but he said catfish dinner i was like gettin fresh denim is country as hell.
Adia Pevehouse
I’ll never forget, this is the song that got me and my best friend to be best friends. We were in 4th grade and we were both humming it and we would look at each other and sing it at play time. :)
Best country song yet!
Berend de Liagre Böhl
There's a staggering amount of cliches in this videoclip. I'm honestly impressed.
Layla Filipek
I love this song
Denise Hudson
I need some love and understanding. From real people
Jarrod Nelson
Me just because my car still has the staintion
Emm Bee Sea
Cold night, cold beer
Cold - jeans, strike that last one.
Thanks Bo Burnham.
Owen Cutler
This is the song that made realize I like country!
Jj Kozlik
This bull won album of the decade?
Greg Halvorson
A disgrace to call this country -- this is NOT country... It's a POP song -- and a very bad one, at that.
Mr Bubble
Here because someone said this song was ridiculously awful.
And oh my. They weren’t kidding.
BNHA_is_life Sksksksksk
I was born and raised in a city, but live in Georgia now. I keep saying I'm not country, but when I hear this song I'm just kinda rethinking that statement-
i remember being 6 and me and my dad rocking out to this in our garage.
Ed Colon
My stepson loved this song. Its the reason I started listening to country RIP VINCE.❤U
Teaira Matson
I love you Luke Bryan day my day is good day love you Luke Bryan

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