maya alexis
1:13 that made me crack up????
I'm good
bluefox ninja
The new dance kids are doing and the emote fortnite's tryna use for clout lol 0:51
Glitched Gaming
It's obvious that Ole Town Road was made to be a joke..
THIS is a real song.
Ispy Clapzz
Skail Jackson???
not nameless b
0:38 is that D on the right
anviile _
Me and my area 51 aliens:
Lauren McKenzie
It’s Skai Jackson
Svin 2001
посмотрел видос сразу захотел панини
Brandon Thompson
Who knew pathfinder could dance
Trizle 3000
Man even in the future robots do the woah
Ashlee Connett
New skill learned "stalking*
Commander Yeetus
1:02 it's the omnic crisis
C o a c h e l a YT
she is being stalked....
Jarnita Davis
I love it
100.000 subscriber with no video
0:25 2:01 are just me think i never hear that sfx..??❓❓❓❓❓❓
Shotgun Carnival
Is this Chappie or somethin
Marcie Plascencia
But he doesn’t like girls
Ayyyy lmao
Jesse Arnold
I am a big fan of your songs
CentralLegend 31
Did anyone notice the XXX in the background
Cheriio x
Me: hey its-
Our boy transcended from late 1800 to late 2100s
Simon Capps
like if september 2019
This guy just went from woody to buzz lightyear
i need indian version!!
the IDK network -_- HI LOL
I like this song! But why the chowder, man?
Jada Lati Smith
Wow???? So dope...
The video is so creative. Future hurry up????????
I can’t watch this without seeing an Indian dancing in the back of my head ????????‍♂️
sukh sandhu
I'm addicted
Brady N
This better be technology in 2050
Ta Javier
For Fuck Sake Today's New Songs Suuuuucks !
Of this is not on rewind were gonna raid YouTube headquarters
cristy cook
he is actally gay in real life
Lisa Wright
I wish he was not gay but I'm still happy for him and I love ❤️ this song
potato potato ching chong tomato
from red dead to cyberpunk
Jamie Croker
this guy literally went to woody to buzz lightyear.
ThAtKiD NoAh
1:02 he hit the woah
andrea pryce
Cowboy to robot balla shot calla
Joshua King
why is he acting like he is talking to a girl when he's gay
Michael Freeman
Old Town Road: Red Dead Redemption
Panini: Cyberpunk 2077
Rodeo: Red Dead Redemption 2077
North Giant
Panini reminds me of an older version of that Zuri girl from Bunked or whatever
Me playing minecraft trying to find diamonds peacefully. Every creeper and skeleteon in a 69 mile radius 0:51
Them cgi tho
Youngdagger Dick
You can see D from Node at 0:39
Youngdagger Dick
On the right side
Unknown Dude
This is legit like modern day song Hey There Dyliah
The remix is a shit, this is better ;3
Alex Axc
Q buena musica
Alan Castillo
15 y se la dedico a mi crush
The Mad Commenter
This is good, but how do you go from the legendary Billy Ray Cyrus to this?
Borky Boi
The end of the video: let it grow
Andrew Miranda
nas are you desperate for a boy or girl friend no offence
LØPR Gameplays
Old towr road yes mejor
Hero In disguise
You know what's the ironic thing is that when this song came out my girl broke up with me and listen to this song and gave me a kiss on the cheek and said sorry so Thanks lil nas x
Ay is comments still getting likes down here?
Danielle Larose
1.5x speed, you’re welcome
Sub to lil nas x
Melissa Sullivan
That was zuri from Jesse right?
Zachary X-ONIC
This is what back to the future thought the 2000 were gonna be like.
Cyberpunk 2077 lil nas x edition
Phillipjulz Cloma
We love u lil nax s
Jimins Babygurl
Went from “Hey Jessie” to “Hey panini”.
Jaylizjon Cintron
Someone else see d from node
Andres Hernandez
How Africa be lookin if I ate all my food when I was 6
Burner 1415
I call my sister panini head all the time, not cause of this song but ya know it’s funny
Hugo Ruano
Get free money
Aaron Animates sorta.
wtf is that Zuri from Jessie?
Hey panini don't be a meany
Gaming Channel
Lmao the last live chat comment is “Isn’t he gay”
Tony Jackson
Azim Agus
fuck this countryroad nigga
*Vaporwave intensifies*
Shoniya Thomas
i sing this song everyday
Subo Copyright sin dubstep
This season looks dope.
Gabriel Irizarry
When she went what the f### I felt that....
Thats panini
denroy • 70 years ago
I could watch those pathfinders robot dance all day ????????????
XxAwkward LiveZxX
Thats zuri ross as in sky!!
Patrick Fousel
This nigga getting gayer by the second
Romie Lorenzo
Romie Lorenzo
Romie Lorenzo
Juan Brinces Jr.
wow good cool
jose gregorio umaña toro
Music 0%
Demon 100%
This dude really went from the past to the future and just said "f*ck it" to the present.
Brendin Macomber
I wake up with this song with my brother my little brother
GalaxyZealot 46
F ing Great cant wait for the next new song
Dark _Light
I can’t believe that tik toc is in the future 0:07 in the background
Victor I LOVE YOUR video's
I loved i t!!
Albee Ugat
Well lil nas x thew you sang panini will you make a real panini. ?
sheena mackey
Is that Skai Jackson?!
Asxh Demxn
Is lil nas gay?
The solo Gaming dog
"Lil max gets on the wing"
Girl: What the fuuuuu-
Me: No *ends video*
That country is a korea?
Sheldyn Peters
i like the robots dancing
Bravobro junior
Love your video
Alguém br?
Liam Connelly
I love this song
Im Detrixx
am i the only one that noticed he hit that woah real good
Sheldyn Peters
The women or the girl looks like zuri from jesse
Anime TV
In 2088 the tree are just a hologram because all the tree are extinct.
Huy Đặng
I from Vietnamese
Codie Matthews
This should be fortnite
Jonny Just Blaze
new age babies
Tajia Davis
135k dislikes! Something wrong with yall!
Harrison Smith
Make it more realistic but I still love it
family vizcarra
Skai Jackson back the: Hey Jessie!
Now: Hey Panini
Doom Tariq
Like happy ????
Lois Woods
Love this song ❤️
Ttv tomato
le francais vous ete laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
ZayedGod PE
Only Filipinos Understand This
More Like Panti
Sibonginkosi Banda
Cool vedio
The Master Coder
James Scott
His is cool at singing and when I grow up I want to be a singer
rin haha123
Lil Nas X - Panini 「เนื้อเพลง」
Ayy, Panini, don't you be a meanie
Thought you wanted me to go up
Why you tryna keep me teeny? I
It's a dream, he wished it on a genie
I got fans finally, ain't you wanting them to see me? I
I thought you want this for my life, for my life
Said you wanted to see me thrive, you lied
Just say to me what you want from me
Just say to me what you want from me
[Verse 2]
Ayy, Panini, don't you be a meanie
Thought you wanted me to go up
Why you tryna keep me teeny now?
Now they need me, number one on streaming
Oh yeah, you used to love me
So what happened, what's the meaning? I
I thought you want this for my life, for my life
Said you wanted to see me thrive, you lied
[Verse 3]
Now when it's all done, I get the upper hand
I need a big Benz, not another fan
But I still want you as a fan
I'ma need to sit down, don't mean to make demands
But I need you to...
Say to me what you want from me
Just say to me what you want from me
sky is fucking 17 omg we were the same age in Jessie WTFFFF
Lil Jeff137
They need make his dance a fortnite emote
Maryam Hashemian Sedei
did nobody notice the word end logo from tik tok on 2:25
bananza IQ
Cel mai tare moment 1:34
Eduardo Ucero Herreria
The song is awesome
Fag Faggity
You should have stayed with old town road bro
better than old town road
NayushiGian - MinukoSakenu
Me : good he's gone 1:08
Him : Aixy mi 1:10
Me : what the fup 1:12
0:05 No one is going to talk about tik tok?
That's good.
Reighlyn Beckworth
This came out September 5th and I'm just now watching it that's crazy
Dr. Clit Oris
About to make Schnitzel next, rada rada
kamiela meyer
1:13 skai jackson: WTF***!
Jolijn Reemers
Eigenlijk is hij haar aan het volgen
Raman Preet
When I see my girlfriend with my best friend!!!!
Adidas YT
Who ever Reads this i hope they get rich.
Wesley Batista
this was the worst song that song I've ever heard old
1 раз: чё за г.
2 раз: а чё, звучит хайпово)
3 раз: хэй панини????????????????
Mateus Andrew
listen to my Portuguese version of Panini ... Like, comment and subscribe to my channel, thank you very much
Mateus Andrew
escucha mi versión portuguesa de Panini ... Dale me gusta, comenta y suscríbete a mi canal, muchas gracias
Mateus Andrew
ouçam minha versão de Panini em Português... Curtam, comentem e se inscrevam no meu canal, muito obrigado
Синий жук
Привет из России
sir urgurke
1:08 iron man
shmateo alex
Is a Dream☺????
Constant Revert
this is the best studying song
XSandax Anime
stalking , she can see you are dumb
M. B.
Wow geiler Song
Ah H
QIIAfitux [GD]
isnt panini a food?
Shmenocide And i’m burning
It feels weird listening to the song after listening to the Indian version too many times, thinking it was a parody.
Anom YT
The thing is that if you open doors in flying plane plane is going to explode. Lmao irony????
i like
Latoya Johnson
This guy is awesome ????
Faze Jomaa
Fuck panini she is mean but the end I likenhwr
Daymon Rondino
Glad he's proven he ain't a one hit wonder, much respect.
Alguien vino por rodezel?
Annemarie van der Linden
I love this vid
Gabriel Souza
Kd os br????????
Rost uwu
Где русские?
leo arbelo
Like si no entiendes ingles pero te gusta igual
Miroslav Manahilov
From where is this first dance so familiar? Please help.
the one rap that doesn't have women twerking and the rapper flexing and making no sense.
Dashanell Topaum
the girl is hot
Soy Goty
Тролль Норка
That's me trying to talk to my crush ????
market jogos
Eu sou brasileiro nao entendo vcs mais so sei que ele muito bom
Walter White
Too much CGI, my nokia can't handle it
That One Orang
Ay bruhnini
Johnny Timisela
This song need to be a hit!!????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
Roblox man Xd
Ayy you
Juliet Fray
Lyla Berg
hey jessie
Y they put all that makeup on her she young asl tryna make her look older than what she is????
wonderpink girl
Old town road
wonderpink girl
The is in the Disney series jessie
Danifirer Ke ase
Do you thing I know what a P A N I N I is?!?!?!?!
Dani Gmes
jorge garcia
when the future has no trees
Shelby Taylor
Sophie Glenn
He’s so handsome. Ik he’s gay but still ????????‍♀️????
Reza Mohammadi
Do you really like her ???????????????? its just a prank
Rogelio Pattugalan
This song is sick and tad to
Pysolosilism Gaming
1:13 panini: what the f____?
Peachy milk _
Ski then: cries over her dead mermaid milly now: music videos
Nino Boštjančič
harrassin ur crush like:
Extreme Trends
there is something fishy in this clip 0:37
Trisha Singh
2:22 is so beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sp3ctor Eagle
This man from 1822 to 2048 wow travel time
Rhys Prower
Nas x. Leave zuri alone
Dab That dabster
Obsessed with this song
Are you
Daytrip took it to 10 (Hey)

Ayy, Panini, don't you be a meanie
Thought you wanted me to go up
Why you tryna keep me teeny? I
It's a dreamy, wished it on a genie
I got fans finally, ain't you wanting them to see me? I

I thought you want this for my life
For my life
Said you wanted to see me thrive
You lied

Just say to me
What you want from me
Just say to me
What you want from me

Ayy, Panini, don't you be a meanie
Thought you wanted me to go up
Why you tryna keep me teeny now?
Now they need me, number one on streaming
Oh, yeah, you used to love me
So what happened, what's the meaning? I

I thought you want this for my life
For my life
Said you wanted to see me thrive
You lied

Now when it's all done, I get the upper hand
I need a big Benz, not another fan
But I still want you as a fan
I'ma need to sit down, don't mean to make demands
But I need you to

Say to me
What you want from me
Just say to me
What you want from me

Daytrip took it to 10 (Hey)
Tanzania hardy
Love this song ❤️
my man went from woody to fkn buzz lightyear
ferdy pramudita
Is this cyberpunk 2077 trailer?
Ben Industries
Sounds like 'Barely Legal' by The Strokes tbh
Karanjot master
Is this guy just being a pervert what?
RTKS Gamer
Haretz tj
Online stalker in the future be like 8)
mohamed le francais nois
Where are the biggest fans of lil nas x
Elisée Dervis
Dervis civ go. Follow my. Instagram
Sokunkarona Chan
I really love this song :))
Jesus Christ
Me.Trying to sleep
My paralysis demon. Hey panini
I see *Kingvader*
Nathan Simpson
Daaaaaang...that was sick.
girl: runs of. you: gives her fake trees. girl: happy. me: weirdoes
M8nstar _96
Wonderful song and song's video
1:13 what the fuck....
Joker 77
Really nigga
Joker 77
Really Nigga
Explosive Gaming
Anybody else here after they got tired of listening to Old Town Road
Katherine Hamous
That’s Zuri from Jessie
Pretty cool damn
this video indirectly tells you to go donate at
Cash Bandocoot
u just cant deny this joint dawg. just feels too good! i need this vid for my track fr. ay if yall mess with this peep my new track,got that same bounce
dead rose 影要
Лучшая реклама Убера
Yasmeen Elamin
there was an introuption in the middle of the video
Jensen Antilla
Did anyone else see Skyi mouth WTF
jennifer beavereye
Cool man
II Snowmuch_dabber
lol i dont know how to describe my comment
Ramiro Chamorro
Clave el tema
Halleigh Mcveigh
I love this song so much it is stuck in my head
Idk why but this video is so satisfying to me
Dima Matveev
бляяяяяяяя где рашин?
oon kensin
If who that dislike this song I'm gonna chop off your penis
Eddie Will
Love you
Michelle McNiece
When he lands on the wing of the plane she is like what the fuck
Why isno't boy you like boy -_-
Misilero Pro Best
Geiler stuff grüß mal Jay

lil nas producers: how much green screen do we need?
elizabeth bailey
this is forte
Esi Kawah
I love it
GreatC YWB
This is the coolest music video ever
Kelogish YT
Princess TaeTae :3
I came here for skai aww she grew up so fast ????
Karina Guzmanson
This video tho
Fernando Santos
Hey Panini! I like this track
Rashik Bista
way to good
*Thats how*
You win
kontol paklurah77
Veronica Del Campo
Something about lil Nas X nose. Lol I want to squeeze it lol
Ashton Atkinson
she said ''What the f*''
Shelby Lofton
Ski Jackson is panini
A Akles
100000000000000000000000000% electricity
Bruh he’s saying “so say what what you want from me” but he’s following her ????
Janyia Johnson
I like this song
Janyia Johnson
He hit the whoa
Rayyan ali shigri
Aweaome song dude
Deborah Sizemore
You do you her him he good like a boss you think
Dev Clark
1:13 looks like she’s mouthing *what the fridge*
Sahil kini
Ashish be like:- Bijli ka bill tera baap bhare ga ????????????????
Karson Young
Hi there
So... he's a stalker. Ok
Miriam Brandabur
is that Skai Jackson?
I was playing this on my Lamborghini
Now it's a panini
Z. S. Green
I love this song
WOW that was you ll nax
FPK Hunter
This song is shit
jason goodwin
Some times people need space dude
جحشنا تيوب ha7shna teob
AyzeGaming FR
Why pathfinder apex skin is here ???
puppyish bunny
I know yall seen xxx in the back 2:12
Daivin Pelaez
Are you going to the next Michael Jackson you made a dance move like the feet stand
Aayush Musku
Skai : Hey Jessie
New skai : hey panini
Obama’s Mo Bamba
The New DLC for CyberPunk 2077 looks nice!
Default Davi
It’s skai jackson
Roblox player
Блин вы топ просто ???????????????????? кто тоже считает лайк
Juan Hernandez
Shouldn't the girl be saying "say to me what you want from me" to lil nasx
Dinesh Labh
1:13 shes like wtf like if u agree
Роман Коновалов
Русские Залайкайте, чтоб американцы завидовали))
Ilda Tabora
Me recuerda a suri de jessy como acrecido????????????????
Ntumba Mukuta
l like love yes
Put it at 2x LMAO
sTrIke TiMe
хей панини
He is just blowing up rn, geez I've only been away for abt 2-3 months
Luis Hernandez
Witch one is better
like panni
Comment old town road
wenderson alves garcia
un canal cualquiera :3
Dylan Yamanaka
My mom said that if I turn the volume up any louder she will pound my head on the keyboard sftgrvgtrvhvfgvgtrgtgb bjdohbidgjhdghhbndzfiuhdflubfubdfsiugbhjdfzu.dfzg
Isaiah Lopez
This boy stole the hook from NIRVANA
Clara Thomas
I love this song and I like how u let sky Jackson in it
Clara Thomas
My friend Kerwens love this song
Brilly Rodriguez
Skai jackson♡
This is so cringy if Rome is seeing this hi and sub to me.
Me panini is very big
Pradyun Surya
Best s
No anyone:
Lil Nas X: h E y P a n I NI
dnice scott
Dang you that coll
Mr. Pool Kid
Hope he doesn't die at 20 or 21 like X or most recently Juice. R.I.P.
R13_ Isaiah
Sub to Isaiah Ramiro plz I make fornite vids bro bro show some support plz
Jacob Vasquez
Dang lil nas is so cool dang
Isn't he gay
Tasha Lewis
keep making music
Greg Smith
1:01 through 1:04 you can hear the rocket from fortnite time to sue lol.
Harbor View Electric
is that ziri from jessie?
Layzay Dlynn
maybe crackers
bruh is that zuri from jessie?
I love the song a lot bro
Benjamin Arroyo
Ay panini don’t you be a minie I I thought you want this for my life for my life
Doing the Woah in that year is like dabing In 2174
Julio Reyes
Oye seeee????????????
nigee jackson
This would be terrible in real life... lol
Terri Sinclair
Unpopular opinion lil nas x edition
Why does he make songs about girls if he’s gay
Rowen Washel
Rogelio Pattugalan
Lil nas x is my father
Enemy spotted
Peedp Gaming
This is sad he is getting bullied by a sandwich
Humble stalking
Miranda Rodriguez
This song good
Aaron Dutra
Who else here hated Old Town Road but thinks this song slaps hard?
IsahiBryn xD
that song soon will be playable on just dance unlimited
Matthias Asmelash
Me be calling 911
911:whats ur emergancy??
Me:Lil nas x is smoking up the place with heatttt
911:damnn fire fighter comin
Matthias Asmelash
Me be calling 911
911:whats ur emergancy??
Me:Lil nas x is smoking up the place with heatttt
911:damnn fire fighter comin
Metro PCS
I love it when you talk about it.
Valentina Souza
Al principio aparece tik tok
Nico Mansilla
Golazo panini
It Happens Sometimes
he aint got the horses in the back no more
london sunny
am i the only one who relized zkai jackson was in the start?
I don't get it
Im 28 love this video refresher reminder good video and song Black power human power love life
Shania Watson
Skie Jackson is my favorite character
Un simple mortal mas
Just dance 2020 ¿?
Dis nigga is not gay
Charles Klix
Don't change yourself just to make a rap music just be yourself and what you want to say no other people what you saying
Sarah Aguilar
This dude really went from Woody to buzz light year
SmartALICgamer L
As someone who grew up watching Jessie, seeing Skai say WTF really messed with me
Alban Kasriel
Can we all just go to 1:12 when the girl is like "What the f***"
Malia Baileys
Wow a black artist featuring a black female? Damn, never have been seen before! #themostdisrespected #blackwomenaregod #savetheworld
Hải Tuyên
This guy have a time machine
Abraham Dealership
Zuri whatcha doing
Monkey_man3.0 Xd
New york city in 2000 years from now...
Judy Zhao
And guys wonder why girls reject them
Retard 69
You stole this from them Indian dudes
try out
Albert Wang
just close your eyes. ????‍♂️
levi libengood
She was like what the F***
Why she be so meanie?
xRyan LR
Girl: What The Fuck????????
Nemesis Rayzen
1:16 What the fuck ????????
Alex Sung
What tempted panini to skydive from an airplane without hesitation just to avoid Lil Nas X
Kayla Elias
That girl is on Disney channel in the show Jessie and bunk’d
هذا لا قالو لك نشبة
• Misha Play •
Kurt Cobain
Why this song is little bit familiar to nirvana's song
Mike Roach
Another hit
Isaac Slater
I love this song well done
C -Los
Smooth flow
Is it me or this girl looks like zuri from the show "Jessie"
tana joseph
She looks formula wait she from Day Break???
Rihanna H
This is one of my favorite music videos no lie this was rlly good ❤️
Leonal Boby
So stalkers will be like this in the future
1:13 What the F*
Best vid ever
Lucas Langkilde Brandholt Jørgensen
dude u are a good singer maan ????
Dhray Varsani
Great song skai jackson and lil nas x
This ladies and gentlemen is the after world of thanks fat ass fingers snap
dan k
Why is there a girl if he's gay? More proof that him saying that was just a publicity stunt .
EdwarMedina 1316
Nice song like
Mo0nlight 21
Lil Nas has been upgraded to
Omg Skai jackson
Pudge 555
This dude really went from Woody to Buzz Lightyear
Wafaa Lahloua
I love panini
I'm Greedyblahblah
Funny how everything is futuristic except the planes
JD Phenix
Welcome to Just Dance Unlimited
меня пасадили
За что ?
За изнасилование кнопки павтора! :)
dj lh4ma
Uber em 2075
Tam Duong
Lil Nas: Say to me,what you want from me
Me: I want money from your
Lil Nas: NO
Both: (SILENT)
Spartia -pro
Elle était dans le film condown
Gusen TV
pero que acosador
El yolo Yolo
Así será el futuro
fortnite an chill. i cant afford netflix
This guy lit up the moment his main track came out
Seba 18
Seba 18
qualcuno è italiano
Chikley Da pwo
His name is
Little Nascar the tenth
incredibeatboxer 729
*W h a t t h e f # # k?...*
SmokeThat SkinWagon
Pretty catchy
G4Eye Gaming
fck you bitches assholes
When a product that looks cool interests you until you find out the backstory behind it.
Nothers Wolf
1:13 wha ta f*ck?!
Rashed Hammedi
This is new vs old it us old town road
Solei você de riven de incendiar
A melhor música que já ouvi
אוהד שגב
Who heared indian panini
Tiffany Canales
Is that ski Jackson
Dylan Baca
Chris Kringle
Reminds me of Pacific Rim, I would have laughing if there were giant robots dancing for her
Ondrej Balog
00:05 you can see tiktok
cin cin
Lil nas x has TikTok
Thejavii Keditsu
I like the Indian version more ???? lol
Ichigo A Panchal
this shit showed up while i was looking for Pāṇini who happens to be an ancient Sanskrit philologist, grammarian, and a revered scholar of ancient India way to ruin my search
izabela podufalska
1:13 she says WTF
so we can observe oxygen from holographic plants in near future
supershook !
Skai really grew up whatt
Samuel Ferreira
Quem diria nossa Zuri num clipe e crescendo
Ignacio Merino
hermano entiende, no quiere contigo jajaja
Neil O'Hagan
Obsessed boyfriend be like...
Donnie Marshall Jr
Skai Jackon is back in action! Welp, bye bye, Jessie. Ooh, HELLO PANINI
Catherine Mckay
People thout 2020 would be like this.????????
Noob Master69
The future is
Retro signboards
Thats all.
vitor Gabriel
Kd os br
Fin Cowling
And this everyone is called a pervert
kasali akintoye
I swear She's from hey Jessie
Devan Preston
its zuri from jessie
Oh my god in 1980: flying cars and holograms but now it's electric car and war !!!
The Quenne
J'adore c'est trop bien????????mais j'ai pas compris????????????
gabriel mendoza
Lil nas x - In Bloom
Halima Warsame
Skai Jackson!
10K Subs In 2020 Challenge
Let us be honest

No one found this in their recommendation we searched for it
Official Manii
Who else thinks they should turn this into a movie and somewhere in the movie this part happens but in the movie shes running from him and he keeps following her and doing all these missions to find her
Doughnut the hamster
He went from cowboy
To Tokyo cowboy
Ryland Kimball
Am I the only one that thinks dababy would be lit in this ????
Rebecca Kerry
We all know that she's zuri idk if I speld that rite
•Strxwberry Milk•
What is he doing to Zuri?
215m Views. Why just why? Sry but this song is ahhhh yeah not so good.
Assitan Camara
I LOVEEEE THIS SONG EVEN MEH FRIENDS KNOW IT????????????????????????????????????????????????
Anita Johnson
Ángel Francesco Bedoya jerez
Lil nas x ahora acosa niñas XD
Lil Nas X in July 2019 concert: I'm gæ
Skai: you were not gæ?
Lil Nas X : idk
Skai: *Ight imma head out*
Imagine being in a world like that
Claire Thomas
I love this song
Hey Jessi
Lil Nas has HOF Stalker
The Galaxy Of Gameplay
what do you have for lunch lil nas?
lil nas: Ay Panini
Platini Marcelin
This song ruined my life
Green productions
Is anyone still watching this in 2020
Irianys Gonzalez
Hi irianys????????????????????????????????????
Denio tv
Kuźwa słucham to chyba 4000 razy i mi to się nie znudziło
Just came because of the memes
Nico Nnz
I was thinking that's a fortnite video
more music my guy waddup with the time span??????????????
Celia Kuffner
The plane was so fake
The minute 1:12 XDXD
Luiz Espalha Lixo
the GTA 5 version is better
laura Araújo
Skai is a whole mood in this video
Aerin Tu
The girl from bunk’d
Zoe Elizabeth
Lovin dis vid, supports the music nicely and doesn't over do it. Thanks so much for posting and helping me for my music ideas xx
richard dalton.
damn these fx are better then end games
Angel Aguero
He U.S. a nigga
omg zuri ross is in it
Chloe Freund
Ski Jackson went to hey Jessie to hey panini
Bertha Guerra.
Anna Lee De Geus
Sky Jackson
Tell me when she went on the plane he hit the who ????????
Maaz Siddiqui
only one click plZ
Cicero Pereira Gomes Tete
love and electronic I love electronic things this woman is very beautiful and this outfit that you are beautiful too
Antonia Contreras
Are you Died
Nina Israel
wow sky is on here she on jessie
Melanie Curry
I love rap
My favorite part is when he sings, “Just say to me what you want from me (Repeat)”
Chvantainea Williams
Remix of Irobot
Toucan Man For Now
This man fr followed this girl asking her what she wants and calling her mean.
Ciara-jay Baker
Lil Nas X got sucked up in wakanda
wow im suprised.....
lawful The nub
Lil Nas proved time travel
Edith Solis Rosas
1927: flying cars will be in the future of 2019
2019: GMC
Aidan The legendary shapeshifter
Is this how the future looks?
Mad Vybz
She said what the f#$k at 1:14
Christopher Peters
This guy went to the awesome power of music and love
toast_that_is_toasted •_•
Nvr meant some who loved Paninis to the point where they make a song bout it
Maci Kynsley
Wait what did she say on the plane
Nomadic Ferret
Oh yeah Yeah
bendg beng
Is that the girl from Jessie ????
C Valentino
2:00 did anyone else notice the TikTok billboard?
Oaklee Mcdaniel
I. Love this
Well, gotta say that was a pretty gorgeous video.
Luke Castaneda
This is the stupidest shit I've ever seen!!!!
Elite HonorGuard
Without the sounds in the music video it sounds so, diffrent to me
Josh Inglis
Not in a bad way in a good way does anyone notice that lil nas has two different voices, it's pretty cool
Gamer kitty
Wait wrong video
Ashleigh Fincham
She’s from jessie
limãozinho123 limão
Ela fala what fock112
Karena Flanagan
First best song
Karena Flanagan
And the robot is welders they’re just too cool man man I think you should get a good upgrade on that
Karena Flanagan
But I know it’s not cool bro but it’s the best songs but if you are I don’t like our old town Road bit it be too cool like like I’d always give a like and subscribe to much to our live videos
l xNetzy
Who else is waiting for another hit ????
Tito Akau
Rip kobe ????
Little Halø
This guy from future
crabtoast & axolotl
Jessie anyone?
Nibhas Joshi
I'm just curious why a black gay cowboy is serenading a chick named after a sandwich.
Lisanne Lemmen
yeah grandayy
Lisanne Lemmen
all I can say is "wow"
luni luni
Só sei a parte do '' ei panini '' kkk
Delphin Vrolijks
Sike he gay
Jonte Stevenson
Anyone else just listening to lil nas songs
Chyna Edwards
Kalien Delgado
I feel you bro.
Christian Clem
peed my pants
Kalien Delgado
Lil Nas this party was to short for me!!! Give me more man.
lifeasdionnaa _
this is so good
Star Motherfucker
es la mejor musica
tizzio :-P
Hear panini Indian version
Hugh Rice
The dancing Pathfinders was my favorite part
iris cardenas
1:03 he hits the woah XD
Czs_fernando 12
La chica en el minuto dijo 1:15 WTF
Märï Wøłf
Notice that she mouthed what the fuck ????
Lucelie Ah
I remember when this was released
I love it .... I saw it was trending I didn't know what that meant at that time.
Pedro Henrique Fernandes Freitas
Zuri tá diferente
Annie Chen
No ones gonna point out she looks like sky jackson?
Audley Monroe
I like you lol
Roguelio Almonete espinal
Jajja si esto no fuera un vídeo sería un acoso brutal
Aaron Diaz
Notice how he’s talking to a sandwich to whole video
Deilys Brown
Soy mexicadeshion no te entendeshion
Isabella Belleza
Sky Jackson is mad pretty
Isabella Belleza
The visual production is really good
I love it!
Watch out for black gay celebrity puppets working for the system
Taylor Ricks
i love this song
Aur0r_ myu-z
We go from now to 20 years from now
David Gomez
Its live rockn
calming cat
How do you fly I want to fly and i want to see your pee pee
The Daily Toast 2
0:50 - 1:03 the robots tho and the sound
Larenz Francisco
Didn't Notice It Was Skai Jackson From Jessie
Kamarion so cool
The little girl said What The fuck
Kamarion so cool
More like say to me are you crazy
Trent Fox
Every song you make I love
richard thayer
yariana pineda
Alguien habla español ✋
Smoke Savage
Suscribe on my Chanel
Alean Blount
This is the best video ever????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
Destiny Ledezma
Your so cool
Cool Drip sicks
When sweatshirt is playing 1:40
Izavion Hampton
I'm dead she said wtf????????????????
Moonxx Ctar
WHY IS THIS THE BEST SONG!!! I can’t stop listening to this song!! Your one of the best singers!! You are and going to make history I promise!!
Janiah's World
I loved the end part I’m just so happy now ????
shantell passman
Why is sky of jess
Kevin Wayman
I love these dudes!????
10,000 subs without a vid
They could of made his costume look a little more real lmao
gamer boy
Why are people still commenting on this video?
T Pendleton
Blade Runner
Homedepot Truck
i only like that the girl who acts as Zuri is in this
Sandhya Thapa
Sky is the queen
Travis Douglas
Daytrip took it to 10 (hey)
Alex wolf
Кто из раши?
Anju Donka
Are u guys sibling
Ashley Davidson
She said what the fuck when the plane part
Jase Woodsmoore
I don’t remember this episode of Jessie
Me: Watches this
Also me: uses a pan to make soup
Cosmin Daniel
Android game :
Bestes Lied
best fun silly happy famly time
Am I the only one who saw her mouth move like wtf lol on the plane ????
Pool Gamer PG
hola racoamigos
Dario Morales
This is Not HipHop
Dario Morales
Wtf genere its?
fans de llama fugas fan's de llama fugas
Quien es de México y escucha sus canciones
be'ken iskandar
Cewek nya so iye najis

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