Rugged Man
Lost my mama in Feb 2018. Love this song. I was a mamas boy through n through. Life has been drastically different and hasn’t come back to normal. I fear it never will and it isn’t fair to my kids. Idk what to do.Now my dad has liver cancer. Don’t know if I can deal with my last parent going that soon after my mom. Lost. Drowning. ✌️
I am Tato
I lost my mom nov 26th and she was found the 28th.. this song brings me peace
Angel Nasekapow
My Sharmaine Ashley Branth????????????❤
Cynthia Salazar
This song makes me feel a little better since i lost my son in 2012. I miss him so much. BROKEN MOM
Cherish Stomner
My grandmother died 2 year ago and I have listen to this song every night when I go to bed because she used to sing this to me when I was falling a sleep and I miss her so much
claire cryer
Lost my daughter 1 of a twin 10 days old zoie-hope krystal kane we all love u forever xxx love daddy and mummy and krystal and Josh and corey xxx
Chastity Miller
I love this song! You’re voice is amazing and beautiful. So are u!!
Becca Josephine
RIP TO my Beautiful cousin JOJo and my great grandmother and my uncle Daniel and my grandpa Albert & my sis best friend Matt ???? this song is for you! I love you so much and I miss you a lot
My sister had is song at her funeral and I listen to it everytime I want to be close with her
Hannah Evans
Lost my dad to suicide when I was 7!!! October 6, 2012 I’m now 14
Karen Askey
I lost my grand daughter nearly 3 years ago and my mum 6thApril 2018 and my grandson 14th December 2018 so this song has a lot of meaning to me
Heather Patterson
Very touch song lost my brother 12 years ago R.I.P Joshua Patterson(Bubby)????????
Tony Hunter
These girls give me goose bumps with their beautiful voices.
Katrina Marie
My momma passed this halloween, she lost her battle .. this song is so beautiful but it makes my heart hurts so bad.
Leslie James
Lost my daughter's father to suicide on June 16, 2019 (Fathers Day) This song reminds me of him everytime I hear it. This thing in life called death is a horrible thing to deal with!
I am Enough
A good day at the same time and o o I love the new update the app is very well
Isaac Sande
Lost my dad to cancer ???????????? . He inspired me to sign for organ donor Incase I will be no more
Isabell Studer
I miss you so much Granny goose but I know you are watching down on me and baby Raiden I love you so much RIP granny goose you will always be in my heart????????????????????
John Diaz
So sorry Tjk
Mylissa Hilyer
The song makes me cry because my mom's mom died and it was song on that that song exact song it makes me cry
random arlene
Rip grandma! She fought cancer, her cancer went away and years later little by little she became ill. She passed away due to lack of oxygen and fluid in her lungs. She was too weak for dialysis. She couldn't open her eyes while she was on her hospital bed nor talk but she could hear. And I said "momma raise you right hand if you know who this is" and I saw her hand raise I told her how much I loved her and although she couldn't open her eyes, I still saw tears come out her eyes ????
I miss my gran so much, she wasn’t just a gran but a second mother to me ????
C familyei
????????this christina at 313 is not marryed to u or you here and this is not phoen and send this to all
Natasha Princess
Omg theses to girls .danni and lizzy are amazing. Make me cry in day out .that make me think alot about life .????????????☻❣⭐⭐????????????????
Denise Carter
Ruth and CeCe I know you’re both dancing♥️♥️????????????????????????
Jenny Ayala
Can’t listen to this song without crying and remembering lost loved ones ????
C familyei
Iam not playing 8 ball pool this christna at 313 if thay play with christina not my 2021 at12:00pm send this and if you or closed this that mean one thing ????????
Thanks a lot for the song. You're beautiful people ????
Ed Parker
If you only knew how you have touched the hearts so many people with this beautiful song. Bless you both
I miss You Mom and Dad!
diane dorsey
I love it
Sheryle Ellis
Soo love this song. My mum is dancing in heaven ????????
Kika Hernandez
Love the song
Cindy Runberg
Praying they realize how much comfort this song's gives the bereaved. A near impossible task. Warm hugs to all who' are suffering loss of love.
Seth Barron
My papa on December 26 on near years eve 2019
Romeo Sass
thank you for a great song
William Strickland
November 7th I lost my brother and I suffer everyday due to the way my family done. It's like I am lost. I think about him everyday and would give my life to have him back. I love him and miss him so much. I hope God has realized what he got an took From me. I love you bubba!!!! R.I.P November 7th 2017
Monica Martinez
RIP Alejandro Vargas Jr ❤ we love u handsome, can't believe u gone ????
9-20-05 - 6-30-19
Brianna Rodriguez
My cousin passed away just recently Aug 30th 2019. She was that one favorite cousin you have in big families.. The one you look forward to seeing at all family events bbqs, birthday parties, holidays ect. We grew up like sisters, we talked about EVERYTHING. She was killed at 18 years old in a drive by shooting..???? Wrong Place at the wrong time. After that Nothings been the same.. RIP Victoria Barrios ????????
Judy Coffey
I love this song so much ????????❤️❤️????
akia Carter
I just lost my baby lost my baby 3 days ago this is no pain I would want anyone to go through I miss her so much I just really appreciate the 6 days I did get to spend with her???? I love you sunshine so much????
Korysa Lavisha
Lost my Granny November 12, 2019. She was 72. A friend of mine sang this beautiful song at her funeral. RIP Granny ????
Jackie Kidwell
I miss u garry. ????
James McMahon
I miss you Mamaw and Papaw.
Cynthia Darlene Mangiafico
I lost my 21 year old son in April 2014 and my husband in June 2019
Barbara Plummer
This song is beautiful and my dad passed away 12,30,2018 he was a amazing dad and this song is for him.may he rest in heaven
Addy Vandermuse
Today Dec 1 would have been my best friends 36th birthday, she’s been gone for 15 years now
Hannah Tomczak
the reason why I like the song besides of all the good it's all the good layer can the voices but I actually had something in common with all these people I had several people in my family but the most important ones were my mom and my dad they passed away when I was only four and five they died six months after each other so I didn't really had any grief but I also didn't know at the time that they had died because of me being so young
Zay Boy
I lost my grandma a week ago
Ann Marie
Love this song????????
janice martin
my mom die last year and this song help me out then my sis die this year and the song was their again when i need it the most
Stephanie Calhoun
I just want y'all to know that this song is perfect! Everything from the music, to how u girls sing it!! Y'all nailed it.
Josh Towne
For my friend Alisha who we lost Wednesday Night. RIP
Ramanda Garcia
R.ip Charlie and Henny love y'all so much
Erica Lora
I just lost my uncle the day before thanksgiving 2019 and I’m broken trying to find the strength
I miss you tio
Spirit Vibe
Really amazing quality Danniandlizzytv you both look Soo good I'm glad you have pride in singing ????
Terri Blankinship
I lost my daughter may 2016 she was 20 yrs old my life is still tore apart a piece of my heart went with her the day the angels called her home! This song was sang at her funeral RIP my angel mommy loves and misses you
Ieuan Walters
This song is a little bit sad but it is good my mother loves this song it’s her favourite song in the whole wide world
Nikki Lovejoy
Dyan Hawk Eagle
My dear Cousin Fly high
Cardiac arrest age 30
December 1, 2019
Singing and crying remembering our good times together????????????
Judith Niles
I lost my husband of 33 years 5 years ago and this song has gotten me threw a lot of bad days. Thanks Dani and Lizzi.
Maryann Carthern
I lost my baby July 27th.2019 r.i.p. I love you always
Sharon Scott
I havw a video of my friend singing me this after my mum passed sadly last yr you should see the orbs in the video its amazing xx
Jessyca Ocampo
R.I.H. To my baby sister Macayla Marie Schumann 10/23/1989 - 11/23/2019 I'm going to miss you like crazy baby sis always watch over us but most of all your son Myles Matthew Schumann .. You left us way to soon but your with mom save us a spot
Alyxz Kesta
Your pain will never go away, it might lessen over time, but your heart will ache for them even when you don’t notice it.
Your pain will never go away, but neither will their memory.
Laurie-Ann Mackinnon
God this song hits hard. My best friend used to get annoyed with how much I listened to it. Now it is dedicated to him. He died on scene of a horrible car crash December 2nd at 1:30am... I'll miss and love you forever Alyx.
I hope you're dancing in the sky.????❤ you never really knew how much I loved you and now unfortunately you never will.
Rest easy my love.
I lost my dad to heart failure and all his organs shut down on January 23 2019
Abby Williford
Lost my papa this thanksgiving, this song gets me every time... ????????
Shirley Baker
I lost my mum nov 9 2019 due to sepsis a blood infection..she was 60 ..I miss you momma ????????????
Kaylee Jensen
Lost my aunt in September now losing my grandma her sister to terminal cancer :'(
Shylynn T
Lost my dad October 18 2019 ????????
Megan Ecklor
I lost my mom 3 yrs ago.... She was my rock,bestfriend,sister, confidont. I miss her so much....
Anna Santiago
Lost my mom to a fast spreading cancer a week and half ago. I'm torn 1to pieces...
Mommy I miss you so much
heather price
Really missing my baby I lost on valentine's day this year and my father in law????????????????
Shawarma the
I want this song at my funeral. Amazing !
Brittany’s Journey
Lost my mom Christmas of 2009. It’s been 10 years and I’ll never be the same. She never met her grandchildren.. she was only 37. I miss her every single day
Jayson Thomas
I lost my cousin november 3rd
Noah Kessinger
I lost my mom this year and nothing seems to be seem anymore ???? this songs puts inspiration in my heart making me feel my mom's memories live on in my heart.
Amanda Rodman
How can they sing this without tearing up? I can't even listen to it without bawling like a baby.
Kali Giroux
I am sad
Bambi Shiflet. The fam
I dedicate this song to my 12 year old son passed away every year for 10 years thank you and God bless you
Lila Maria
I lost a lot of family members and I lost my uncle yesterday 12/3/19 ????????
Kevin Duncan
I would have to say artist singers of the century amazing
Melanie Cerna
I don’t have anyone close that passed away but I want to say RIP to everyone’s family in the commentz
saffiah misiko
I lost my mother,this song has memories, what do you do up in heaven mum
Craig Kreiger
this is angel on my friend's account and i wanna say r.i.p. to tommie casteel i miss you bud i do and the fact i had this song playing quietly and you turned it up louder makes it all the much more better. that made me smile
Marius Nel
Louis, are you singing in the Angels choir? I hope so it was your dream.... Miss you baby brother ????
Tami Harris
I lost my husband August 26, 2019, and not a day goes by that I don't miss him. I still cannot believe that you're gone, Johnny. I love you. I'll see you in my dreams.
Rondra Teague
my big brother died and they played this song and this was his fav song when his mom hung her self and thay played this when he died
Raven Rodriguez
Today we buried my uncle, cousin, and cousin in law. They all tragically died in a fatal car accident last Wednesday, barely one day before thanksgiving. It hit our family extremely hard. Up until today everyone was still in disbelief. Two different families came together for a massive funeral, laying our loved ones to rest. Almost 1,000 people were in attendance today. Somehow.. This is the song that both sides of the family (who had no communication with each other) picked to have someone from each side sing as their special song for their family members. So, since I heard it twice today I just had to find out where it came from originally. Right now makes the third time that I heard this song today and I think it’s truly beautiful and I just want to say thank you to the original singers and songwriters, your song brought great comfort where it was greatly needed ♥️
Yasmina Tomich
We played this at my mums funeral, one year anniversary is coming up on the 14th. Wish me luck.
i listeb ti thius everyday helps me ; i have all my family  on the spiritit side thank  you for beautiful song
Marnee Jones
I lost my cousin to suicide 2019 never be the same without you. Miss you everyday
Alice Green
I lost my son Jeff 2016 he would have 43 years old June 26 he passed on Dec 29 I miss him everyday and can't wait to be with him again
Mathapelo G Mariba
Lost my dad on the 5th of Dec 2019. I’ve never lost anyone so close to me, I have no idea of how to cope, but listening to death/heaven/calm related music was the first step ???????????? I miss him so much ????
Bailey Staton
Lost my great-grandfather who is my best friend a year ago today
Naomis Rondon
I miss my daughter I had a miscarriage September 19,2019 I was 18 weeks pregnant ????????????
Nathan French
I love this song and it makes me think about my dad and mom who is in heaven dancing with our injun people I love you both and miss you both so much
Lonelygirl Gonzales
Dani an lizzy your song brings tears into my eyes cause I ask that to if your dancing in the sky to my mom and sister and all my family and friends my mother I miss her she is my heart she is in me I love my mom . thanks you two your awesome.
kaylee alden
Just lost my doggie on tuesday 1 like=1 prayer
Corrine Torres
I played this at my sister uncle niece best friends and brotherlaws funeral I cry every time I hear this it hits hard at home I love you all keep it up the beautiful voice s
alycia broadbent
RIP Nathan ???? 10 years this October miss you so much you was a good foster brother
atheistic posts
Miss you grandma
Deep_Fried Okie
Nicholas Patterson
Keep On Keepin On
Katrina Murray
lost my uncle sunday had to come listen to this song again.
Matt Brown
I lost my father, brother and nephew in 3 years time. I think of them often. This is beautiful song. To everyone that has lost someone I'm so sorry for your loss. And to all my family and friends that have passed on. I love you all very much. I'll see you again.
Janet Barron
Miss you mom August 5th 2019 was the worse day I found out you left us love you I'll see you again
Angelica’s Recovery
I miss my mom so much. :(
Andrea Johnson
This song means so much to me. I lost my daughter on September 29, 2019 I'm so thankful we had 11 years with her but not nearly enough. she was wheelchair bound I can just picture her up there running and dancing! Thanks you so much for this song!
sam burns
I lost my daughter on November 13 2019. The pain of losing her is the worst pain I have ever been through. I love and miss her everyday. So rest in peace my beautiful Angel. Mom and dad love you very much. And it is different here on Earth without you.
Lakeshia Washington
This song bring tears to my eyes thinking about my grandparents ????????????️????
Susana Francisco
If you’ve lost someone who you love and miss them think about how when you have a new day you’re one day further to being with them again trust me it works I lost my little nephew 2 months ago stay strong all xxx
Jeremy Guire
My Grandpa has terminal cancer right now and man does this song just hit home. Love this so much
Shannon Scagel
One Reason I love this song is the “Power of Courage” these girls gave it a shot!!! They deserve all the Love this World has to offer them!!!!
Dawn Hopkins
I played this song a couple dozen times after my dad passed away 4-19-19 RIH dad
Wawa's Chronicles
I just lost my best friend to cancer. Her husband and I have been her caregivers. I'm so lost
Loretta Vanourney
Always love and miss you Tigre Darren Martinez. Dance those Angel's till they fall in love
Cordelia White
The movie 'Left Behind' (2014) brought me here.
James Knight
I lost my aunt this morning around 3:45. I hope she's dancing with the rest of our family members who are in heaven. RIP to my Aunt Donna. I love you and will miss you
Elzbieta Meier
Girls I'm heavy metal fun but I love your song so much ♥️
Amanda Finlaw
My beautiful best friend went to be with jesus 2/18/20. My whole world has stopped. I don't want to wake up anymore. You was My person. This isn't fair. I miss you babygirl. Till we meet again.
Vanilla_ Bean_Nöel
They should do a video where anyone can send them pictures of their loved ones and make it cool like for example the camera flips to another picture
Yisel Duque
I just lost my daughter a month ago and just pumped into this song ????????????
Margaret MCCrory
????????????I Lost My Best Friend At 16 It Will Be 14 Yrs This Year Since She Went Home And It Doesn’t Get Any Easier I Just Lost My Grandma On 12/26/19 And My Fiance Just Laid His Friend To Rest Today 2/20/2020 Please Keep Your Loved Ones Close Because No One Knows When They Will Be Called Home!! My Condolences To Everyone Who Has Lost Someone..???????????? I Love This Song And I Play It Everyday
Mahalia Darsand
I just lost my mama on January 25 and her best friend sang and played this song for my mama. Broke me down not ready to let my mama go yet. Mama Dollie Mae. Was the best mother god could of giving me. I still cry and want to know why she had to leave me so soon. I love you mama R.I.P Dollie Mae Pierre. I hope they love having you in heaven cause I would rather you here with me.
Amanda Lyle
It's been one year exactly since I lost my mom and I miss her so much!
Harold Stewart
I just lost my son January 7th 2020 he was hit by a hit-and-run driver just letting dead lying there and this woman tried to help him there's nothing they could do the man finally turned herself in 3 days later they still haven't charged him yet me and him were used to listen to this song all the time he wasn't just my son he was my best friend he was only 28 years old he just turned 29 or he would have turned 29 on Valentine's Day of this year I miss him so much I know he's dancing in heaven and he's looking down on me he had a lot of health issues like his dad cuz I'm in a wheelchair now he always used to help me with anything I needed taking me to places I needed to go always told him he was my hero and you still is now he's my guardian angel but I lay in bed every night cry myself to sleep knowing and I can't talk to him in person but I know I can talk to him open Heaven goals he's my guardian angel as I said please pray for me but I can get through this terrible time God bless and thank you
Rose Gacha
We play this song for my sister when she pass I'm crying
dale busby
This is the first Best song so grateful I have harr
Ellie Barela
i think we're gonna play this at my uncle's funeral. he killed himself on wednesday.
Rusty Cadell
This is a beautiful song. Rest easy my dad. We all miss you very much
Laura Lukau Diasonama
Love ❤️ you ???? mama hope you are proud of what I’ve been come Cathy and I we are okay don’t worry about us we will be fine and we hope that you are in peace in heaven RIP THE STRONGEST AND BEAUTIFUL SOUL I NEVER MATE????????❤️
I lost my nephew last year. He was the first person passing away whom i knew from first day of his life till the end. It was devastating....
Vikki Romans
Buried my little brother to this song... love you sweetheart miss you like crazy
They played this in my cousins funeral after he committed suicide, he was such a nice person i hope he didnt get dragged down
jackpot crazy
Tell me, what does it look like in heaven?
Is it peaceful? Is it free like they say?
Does the sun shine bright forever?
Have your fears and your pain gone away?
'Cause here on earth it feels like
Everything good is missing since you left
And here on earth everything's different
There's an emptiness
Oh, oh, I
I hope you're dancing in the sky
And I hope you're singing in the angel's choir
And I hope the angels know what they have
I'll bet it's so nice up in heaven since you arrived
So tell me, what do you do up in heaven?
Are your days filled with love and light?
Is there music? Is there art and adventure?
Tell me are you happy? Are you more alive?
'Cause here on earth it feels like
Everything good is missing since you left
And here on earth everything's different
There's an emptiness
Oh, oh, I
I hope you're dancing in the sky
And I hope you're singing in the angel's choir
And I hope the angels know what they have
I'll bet it's so nice up in heaven since you arrived
Since you arrived
Oh, oh
(What does it look like in heaven?) Yeah, yeah
Oh, oh, oh
Oh, oh, oh
Oh, oh, I
I hope you're dancing in the sky
And I hope you're singing in the angel's choir
And I hope the angels know what they have
I'll bet it's so nice up in heaven since you arrived
Since you arrived
6 years on the 28th of February dad miss u and love u xxx
Kimberly Callahan
Jody Stark
My heart goes out to everyone who is watching this due to a loss of a loved one. Me too. Love you.
Shorty Rodriguez
I had a miscarriage & I can't listen to this song without crying ???????????????????????????? what
Allie Shortridge
My pawpaw just passed away and its so very hard this song just touches the heart.????????????
Emily Colwell
This song made me think of someone my family and friends lost too early ????
Melinda Serna
Love you
Rachael Procter
My little nephew ????died 2 year ago this October he was 18 month old I have a video of my sister singing this to him 2 weeks before he died my sister had a brake down and is still in a mental hospital for her own safety, so has you can imagine it's a really said song for me ????❤️
Megan Anabel
RIP Alex (Smiley) You were always such a true friend. Youll be so missed until i see you u!
Just lost my papaw 2 days ago...wanted me to learn this song...he died before i got to learn every time i hear this I cry????
belladonna van kooten
I didn't lose a person today I lost my pet and it was painful but only this song came to mind
I hope my cat porkchop is dancing in the sky I miss him RIP my babyboy
Huh s
We played this at my moms memorial
My wife An I are batman An my bro sam
Rip my lil bro sam i would pick this song for you much love
Darcia Peterson
Sadly I'm losing way too many people in my life way too often. I just turned 41 and many of my people that I love and care for dearly are gone. This song gets me every time I hear it whether or not where I am I always drop a tear and makes me realize that not even the strongest ones can stay.
katmanduxo 1991
You gained youe wings yet our hearts werent ready ♡
Blu Holt
I am a 14 year old boy my dad died last year I remember this song playing while carrying his casket
David J. Sandlin
This reminds me of hubby whom I lost on 11-21-19
I miss him so bad thanks,for bringing him so near!
Lisa Maria
My grandmother passed 3 years ago. It’s so hard losing someone that close to you. She lived with me since I was 10 years old when my dad left us. She became my other parent. Till this day. I can’t think of her without crying. This song was her favorite and I played it for her when she passed. ????????????
Lilith Q
Damn ladies! So beautiful! That hit straight to the heart!
Lynn M
I lost my bestfriend on the 20th and this song just came to my mind. I’ve been having a hard time coping with it.
Maja Malinowska
Przepiękna ❤️
Aliyah Pinon
My tia just passed I miss her so much why her ????????
Brenda Doherty
When I am missing my Mom & Dad I like listening to this song as I feel closer to them. Thank you for this beautiful song.
Stephonia Tate
I had a miscarriage on December 30,2019 and this song reminds me of my unborn baby. ????????????
Raul Estrada
R.i.p sis i love n miss u ???????????????????????????? 4.18.89 -12.28.09
playa fly276
Lost my sister on valentine's day 2018.. hardest thing I've ever dealt with.. when I play this song it makes me know she is with me.. to all that loose love ones we all here for you in the dark to bring you to light!!????????
Tammy Moon
Love the song????????
Deano Robinson
Love it
della king
It will be 19yrs in May since my dad's been gone
Xander Beucher
Lesson to this on a day like this makes me cry ???? I lost my friend today and I will always cry to this song
Steve Sparks
I. Love this song lets rhe love ones know we our thinking of them
itya_boi matt
My cousin died at age 24drinking and driving
My dad's funeral is tomorrow n he LOVED this song.... actually 2 weeks to the day he went to heaven, he had asked my daughter to learn this song for him.....????❤️????????
Danny Veness
Rest in forever peace my beautiful wife gone to soon to young until we meet again
John Scarfe
I love this song, after watching the angel nurse sing it to Margaret xxx
Steven Tarr II
This song has helped me so much since I lost my father last may
I was a sound person at a funeral and the family wanted this song played.
Played this at my big bubba’s funeral...
Such a good song
John Ferguson
I lost my grandfather who was like my father almost a year ago, I have listened to this song every day and everytime I hear it I still get emotional, they say the pain get easy hopefully this will happen soon.
Black Nubian
I love this song
Black Nubian
I’m going to cry
Chelsea Sumner
My mother in law passed away less than a month ago. My cousins sang this song & I sang Hallelujah. It’s been rough ???? RIP to anyone who lost someone..
Nikki Howe
I lost my mom in March of 2019
Stacey Dent
Cry every time. I lost my mom and dad just a year apart. August will be 3 years since i lost my dad and 2 years since i lost my mom. My mom was my best friend and i miss her very much
Christopher Catherman
R.I.P. My best friend & love of my life Amber Nicole Olsen on day I will see you again baby girl ❤️❤️❤️????????????????????????
Gacha Rosa
I lost my brother 2/9/2020 in a car crash........
Leona Reynolds
Add like to dedicate this to ma dad henry kane hanlin who died age 56,gone but not forgoten a still cry myself to sleep
Annamarie Ludlow
My mom found my grandma dead the day she got custody of me I sang that at her funeral
JM Bernardo
It’s been 2 years since I lost you. Mom, I hope you’re happy and more alive up there. We will dance in the sky in God’s perfect timing, until we meet again. I love you so much! ???????????????? (thank you Dani & Lizzy for this song. ????????)
Melody Moyer
My dog said
Brea Johnson
I wish someone you lost that died I wish they can some back to life????????????????
Comment and like if ya wish too ????????????????????????????
JayGee 03
Lost my step Dad and this song was sung at his funeral by one of my sisters. Gone but not forgotten. Rest In Peace Heron Sutton. January 30th,2020
Brenda Vartenisian D.
Listening again February 26 2020. Tears streaming all day. What a beautiful song. My sweet, beautiful and Only Sister was murdered 27 years ago on February 23,1993 at the hands of her Ex-boyfriend. He stabbed her to death and left her in her living room floor to be found 2 days later. Today 27 years later, the state of Georgia Released this Monster. Yes, he walked right out of prison today after taking my sisters life! He gets to go home to his family now and live free for the remainder of his life. I’m devastated!! I learned last week that Georgia is setting free 188 Lifers(10%) this year, which was decided last October 2019. I cannot understand how murderers can be set free Ever!! I intend to find out exactly Who is responsible for this seriously messed up decision. They’ll surely be hearing from me! Today my emotions are all over the place! He took a beautiful loving soul from this earth and it changed me. It changed my entire family. My mother and father are no longer here, they passed away in 2011 & 2012 and I must say that I’m glad they aren’t here to witness this monsters release. I miss her every single moment of every day of every year. I remember that moment like it just happened down to every horrible detail. It seems the criminals are favored more than the victims these days. How can that be? I know my sister is in Heaven, she was already there when I got that heart shattering call. So this song my sweet sister is for you.. I miss you, I love you and I’ll be seeing you soon. Keep dancing Kathy, keep singing with the angels and keep on lighting up Heaven with that beautiful smile of yours. I love you. ????????????????
Emily Koch
Cant listen to this song without crying and thinking about my best friend who committed suicide
Denise Stewart
my granddaughter lost her grammie at midnight after tso
Denise Stewart
shes kept this song on and every time she plays it she cries
Nicole OConnell
Til I get there lil bro this song for u and Illc u when I get there with arms wide open miss and love u always ????????????
Samantha Wood North Peigan
Is she indigenous
Brent Edds
Lost my 32 yr old brother 3 days ago and this will be played.
Trish McGee
Lost our 32 yr old daughter and a picture video played to this song in a loop at her funeral. Special song! ????????
emily 420
Tell me what does it look like in heaven
Is it peaceful and free like they say?
Does the sun shine bright forever
Have your fears and your pain gone away
Cause Here on earth it feels like everything... good is missing, since you left
And here on earth everything's different, there's an emptiness
Oh-oh, I,
I hope you're dancing in the sky
I hope you're singing in the angels choir
I hope the angels, know what they have
I bet it's so nice up in heaven since you arrived
So tell me, what do you do up in heaven
Are your days filled with love and light
Is there music? is there art and invention?
Tell me are you happy, are you more alive
'Cause Here on earth it feels like everything... good is missing, since you left
And here on earth everything's different, there's an emptiness
Oh-oh, I,
I hope you're dancing in the sky
And I hope you're singing in the angels choir
And I hope the angels, know what they have
I bet it's so nice up in heaven since you arrived
Since you arrived
Harry Igglesden
I absolutely love this song I play it when i miss my brother and honestly it breaks me but in a good way all my memories of my brother just come to me and I lay there for hours on end crying but with a smile. Thank you Dani and Lizzy for such a beautiful song x

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