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Daisy Encarnacion
Wow I like it
Brenda Smith
I love this song
Fortnite love Grace
I am from the U.S.A
yo jo bro go
Love this song
Alan Leco
this is so cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Twariq Hussein
Love it
Hena Batool
I love the song
AJ - 04HJ - Ross Drive PS (1419)
Can you come to my house
3 Super Sister
Hi iam from fornight
Martavious Tisby
❤❤❤❤❤???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? This is a AMAZING
Monika Vazquez
???? if you like the song
Gabby Villarreal
I used to have a story on Wattpad based off of the Kingdom Hearts games, everything was mostly the same except for the ending and a little bit of funny and heartwarming moments between Donald and Goofy as friends, it’s sort of like a really long fanfiction but mixed in with what really happened.
In my version, Donald is more like a little brother to Sora, and Sora was like an older brother to him, but, in the end, Sora wakes up, only to find out that the whole thing was just a bad dream, and that him meeting Donald and Goofy, the storm swallowing Destiny Islands, and his friends planning to get on the raft the day before, never happened.
Jack Larkin
Love this song x ????
Gilbert Garces
"That Gilbert is just TOO damn shy, thin, & poor! No girl will EVER commit themselves, or marry that odd boy!"
"Hold my sunflower!"
Leysha Aryalingam
I that this song????????????☺????????????????????????????????
Benvindo Avito
great song
Amro Ahmed
You the sunflower
Laura Gardner
I'm from Boston and I'm 9 yay
Mohammed uddin
Best song ever
English: sunflower spanish:girasol
Appleheads Queen
There's not one person in my school who didn't know this song
Gacha life Nightmares
This is the most horrible song I’ve ever heard in my life
If you don't like it don't watch it then
Nasira belkasam
نعم انا زهرة الشمس ....????..... شكرا حقا تلامس القلب
لا يوجد عرب هنا ????
Ashley Brown
Candy Mayhem
i love this sfm
Eyad Sameeh
its my song Love befoer sleeping????
Drunk Al
Goofy died listing this
Priti Joshi
I go crazy for this song!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Eyepatch 578
This song brings peace ✌????????????????
deepti Moncy
Very Very Very beautiful
Savannah Mugosa Khadhraoui
beautiful song....
This is what I listen to every after school, this reminds me to always be positive!
For everyone who's experiencing really hard situations. Remember that I'm always counting on you and I'm cheering on you! You can do it!
Remember not to give up on yours dreams.
F for goofy D:
Angle Cookie
I’m selling free replay buttons
0:00 0:00 0:00
impos sible
ayy ayy ayy ayy ohh ooh ohh ayy ayy needless to say im keeping a check
impos sible
lyas jones
Good luck for the day
ammar sulaiman
Jean Paul Smith
This sucks
Ponce Jorgita
So beautiful this song ????????????
sheana timbal
You got me at "Ayy Ayy Ayy Ooh Ooh Ohh"????
Who was here because of spiderman into spider verse
Noone only me ok
arvind kumar
If u read
U are sunflower
Parth Acharya
I love this song so much .
Maduhi Hmangaih
It's very nice
Mollie Joyce
love this song ist a bit sad but i love it
fayette choi
mino brought me here
Frank Christian Zerna
Marisa Lydia
Love this song ❤️
Detrice Gaines
Me and my son it In the spiderman movie ????
Steven Arias
Niccccccccce song
Azalea Patterson
favorite song❤❤❤❤
Gaming Wolf
Like if this song is lit ????
Domi 723
I thought it said “Baby, I’m erect.”
**clears throat**
Fernanda Hernandez
Perfecta canción, me encanto desde que la oí en spiderman❤
Star, Sunshine and Sky Nicholas
The craziest thing about it is he actually sounds like Miles.????????️
Klaudia Wajsberger
Yo my favourite song is ransom i got black I got white what you want
Evelyn Faustina
You so awesome i love your song
Jehanzeb Khan
Lovely song
Jslim Threenine
R.I.P. Goofy
collins tum
if u like this song like it
Yup I'm addicted
Candace Kruse
Love this song!
Nazar Habib
I suscribed
Azul Cortes
Hey there
Azul Cortes
Hey guys I just wanted you guys to know that I have a baby
xElitex Defense
Wow. This song is so popular it has a plant named after it
Onfroy Ly
I came here for my single life????
Gehrig Burnett Jr.
Just became obsessed w/ this today i'm so sorry to be late
Gfazo Hit dem with it
i love your song
Kiley Smith
paul ensinger... that was offensive
Ana aba
I'm from indonesia
RSG simslover
How does post Malone kill it with every song? ????????
Priscilla Serna-luna
Sush a good song
AJ Melgar
I really like this song's vibe
Deepa Sharma
Nice liv it
D Galaxy
This is my fav song
Its good
Its bad
Masum Miah
Hello bro
darcy henderson
But you're sexy.------------------
Kimnei neng
I am a big fan of post malone
like if u r a fan tooo????????????????????
Sheral Kurbah
Spiderman in to the spider verve is coming soon and by meaning soon I mean tomorrow at 1 PM and 9 PM enjoyed it tomorrow ????????????????
SkulZe GaminG
Love it ????????????????????????????????????sooooooo good
Cheryl Kelso
I love having this song in its the best it will be cool if I can see the person so can see him
Rediet Kebde
Who like this song
Jared Seiders
@brittanysugar ♥️????♥️????
Juan Sedano
eee eee uuuu :D
I like it very much much
AfroGoddess WellsYRachel31
Kevin Fitzsimmons
Massouda faqirzadah
I like this song
Massouda faqirzadah
From Siam Spider-Man is the best
Massouda faqirzadah
I love this song OMG GOSH feom Siam
My five year old sister showed me this song.
Karla Valles
That's. A. Weird. Answer. I'm. A. Uhhh. Cookie?
Pablo Lopez
Semoene took a big L, don't know how that felt lookin' at you sudeways party on tilt ohhh i @m best ohhh
Moonstarkitty gacha lifewolfie Hazel
I love this this song
Scott McMahan
The song is the best ever I've never heard a song like this and you should go check out the fast version I can sing it but I think this one's better
Sairah Aquisay
Ganda naman ng kanta
Fabio Fazely
This I tell you ,is great music!!!????????????????????????????
DL B787-8
송대익땜에 온 사람 눌러
maria carrizalez
Love miusic
Yashodamma H
Who's going to listen this song after 5 years
François Ratel
"Not bad kid"
Genevieve Thayer
I love this song
jennifer kemp
i love thoes songs so much
jennifer kemp
i subsc scribe
Hacker BDT
Juan Sandoval
It is so good
•ガチブルー • E L I
Tiene copyright?
Noah Jeske
Wisconsin, October 2019 anyone?
Frank Paz
Im still here.
Brenda Gallegos
I love you ???? Joe ❤️ love B 4evr
Pelon Garcia
During a test be like:
Me: *Hums sunflower*
Teacher: Class hum sunflower!
Class: *Hums sunflower*
Stefan Justen
who plays ps4 like if you want playsation plus if you want LIKE
Marvel Queen
Who else hates the way yt updated where the comment section is?
Fetiya gidi
Baybeeeeeeeee am wreck????❤????????..........
Katie Neil
My brother like this songs.Are you Spider-Man because he likes Spider-Man.????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
My favorite smoking song
Skye Ejiofor
Hi there ????
Moncy C.C.
I love this song
Ganesh R
???????????????????? Iam learning this song byheart
Niru Dangaragoda
Post Malone's voice made me cry
Persi Galvez
Free fire
RDa Chhangte
Anyone listening to this song from the future? ????
Nixie Bolyer
I love it so much please do it again please I love it
Captain Crozier
This song is a rip-off of The Knife "Heartbeats"!
Maria Gomez
i Lovet So mach .
James Allen
I love sunflowers
Magna Blemur
I love the song
Magna Blemur
The song I-I-ts sooooooooooo op and cool
West Coast Vape Supply
oof my best friend joey put this on his phone and when it rings its sings this song lol
louie Lopez
There is only 1 problem with dis song
It ends
Dino Girl Draws
I recorded myself singing, now I know why no one is by me when I sing XD
ray anne Lopez
Wow super2x nice song goodjob
Margaret Lemon
what a good song
diana Diane
Kalaaa ko eto yung memories
Jenson McLoughlin
Your a sunflower ????
Gordon Hodibert
if this song is great???? hit????????????????????????
Janine McFarlin
This is how many people LOVE this song
curtis awesome
Your songs are great
Nostalgic Kalila
Man this song is addicting! I can't get it out of head!
Spencer G
at 1:50 I could swear he says "even if we gotta risk it all right now oh"
White text on a white background.
Kfaith Samuel
I think you ment to say everybody is the sun flower
Itz _ of love
I love this song
Junade Hocog
My favor song
crystal sweets
This song is annoying ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
Fatima Sanchez Guzman
My sis
Fatima Sanchez Guzman
I love this song
Microvi Silverstein
I was searching for sun flower rex oranage country, and ended up here
siddhangana Poudyal
I Like it
Arlene Kibarian
i like this song so much and my sister love this song too
why the fuck is this in a fucking kid's movie the first minute and a half is so sexual
This song is old but still good like the Beatles.????????
GR Nights
I’m from LA
Titta Gonzalez
Who likes this song
رانيا وليد
You'r a sunflower
john carpio
nice song
arman raza kotmi
I am your very good fan ????????????
bhavesh dhakan
Can my comment get 50 likes????????????
e e e ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo needless i sayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
rawr! nmc
rawr! nmc
lagu apaan lagi
Caleb Garewal-Roblox -Minecraft
Idk anymore \_(•_•)_/
M Hamid
I like this song
Rhys Games
1:54 even if we gotta race get off right now??
Ashley Harrison
Swae Lee is the best
Just Eddy
At least made 30k off of this vid
Sandip Tiwari
Beautiful songs
D.J Mor
Sunflower. Love
[ mochii :3 ]
Or you'll be left in the dust
Unless i stuck by ya
You're the sunflower
You're the sunflower
Thats what i would say to stan lee before he died.. ????????
Shahrukh Sohail
I bet you the 90 % of people are watching in 2019
Sean Parton
Background é putih... tulisan é putih... cocok pekok tenan ????
The red Alpha
Toodie Marie
Love this song
Raheem Hussain
1:54 it does not say that it says even if we’ve gotta risk it all righ now
Itz Alex
Aaaaa ioooh ohh o
FloRida 88
Colleen Cook
This is like my favorite song!!!
Fatomeh Q8
"And you will be left in the dust"
_flashbacks at infinity war_
Kimi Meadows
YESSSSSSS love this faever????????give me a like if u addicted like me????????????
Khadeeja Makodia
I love this song
Panda_Sqaud XD
Cayden Mr vg
Fav song
devi cai
Ella Agustin
I cant leave my gadget when i hearing this song
tangeni Drinks
The song is nice the only part i don't understand is ride me
Reka Sirait
Merry Christmas ???? 2019
David McCoy
This is me Courtney and some of u people,have u herd this song sunflower it's such a good song my sister loves it she's 9 and a half
Filipe Vadrawale
It not going to be old
even with lyrics I can't keep up.I'm like japanese here
Lucy Gtz
I like your songs l am like a fan
Chargers Boy 7
My boy made me sing this in front of my crush ????
yllianna grey de jesus
i own this song i gave this song from post malone swae Lee
Xzavion Thomas
Rip jucie wrld ????????????????
Yasmin Mahmoud
Who votes for this song make a like
Veronica o vero Castillo o merlos
Lol love this song
Admit it. Music isn’t something you can live without, period.
Esther e fantasias Castro Xavier
Musica otima amei
Esther e fantasias Castro Xavier
I,m love
Xochitl Islas
I love the song is the best.❤
JointZ vlogs
Riche K
bro awsome
Tammy Bradley
My brother is a good singer
even if we gotta race get off right now? "CLEARS THROAT" its Even if we gotta risk it all right now
lina blackschleger
*Reminds me of summer :’)*
Aījāīrī Kirā
One of me and my brother’s favorite music and before he married
i cried so bad ???? ❤️
This is like the only song where the ending makes you sad because you wanna listen to it again
Sakura Kim
2018: "Into the Spiderverse"
2019: "Into the unknown"
Libby Narramore
This song rocks
Anthony Austin
Needless to say I keep in check she was a bad bad never the less year calling quits the baby I’m a wreck crash at my place baby you’re rich
Anthony Austin
He was all bad but nevertheless call it’s quit now baby you’re awake
Anthony Austin
Baby don’t trip
Anthony Austin
How many people love this song if you do give me a thumbs up
Anthony Austin
So I took a bitch I don’t know I’ll fill your car
Anthony Austin
Look at if you say we’re putting on 20
Anthony Austin
Your bulletin that the little stuff by your server
Anthony Austin
Or you’ll be left in the dust a little stuck by your side lower your sunflower
Anthony Austin
Every time I leave in Anya
Anthony Austin
Are you tell him I’m walking out I can’t hear you telling me to turn around then for my trust in you won’t back down even if I we got a raced get off right now now oh I know you’re scared of the unknown known
Anthony Austin
You don’t want to be in I love
Anthony Austin
You’ll be left in the dust some stuff by you are so slow I think I love you too much
Anthony Austin
Are you acting like this is this is the father your sunflower your sunflower yeah
Sam Dinan
I love the vid but all-n-all can you atleast put pictures. love the vid :D :D :D :D :D :D
billy dude banana
1776 anyone?
Estella Garcia
So cool
Mercedes Wheelee
Nise song
Irma Vargas
Stoqn Rupeliev
Omg so cool
If you listen this on windows, sometimes you think that you get a notification :D
Karim Shell 808
I subscribed. I’m from Lebanon ????????.
Nikki Dinh
Ethan Reyes
Coolist song ever
Martin Pilcher
London love this tune, hear it every time make happy and sad bit mostly happy , feel good factor ????????????????????????????????????
kb playz 78
Best song ever!!!!!
Emilio Mojica
It nice
Search: MIA Paper Planes...
Every time I am here I can't play this song just once :) on repeat
Laura Sisterman
I love this song + the music is the best
joan Alonso
Kinda a weak ass song saying the same shit for 2 minutes
Andrea Vaden
Good video
Saint Ekis Ferrer
This is my funeral song after i commit suicide ????
I love this song I am a big fan please ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
Novenna Nozelle
I love this song.
Benny Midson
i love this song i wish i could meet post Malone
The E channel Eelyse Garcia
I like this song
Peter Quil
LIVE FAST!! ????????????
EAT A*S!!! ????????????
Simone Anderson
Tron Gray
The best
Milly Ventura
Sunny and sunny and I love to provide the most wonderful things I love to eat 555inches I have a lot more of them in the garden than the rest and the rest is the same thing I have for 5my like this is the most common of dad juju or thor jr. or just like t5
angel& jade
Cuz of this song my dance teacher pick this song for our performance so that means this song is amazing ????????????????????????????
Yullianne Chavez
Well I guess this. So ugly ugly
Debb Maci
I love is song so much
Just call me dirty dan q
I’m from North korea
Yar John
I love this video
Makayla Naeema Syalunauli Hidayati
Ini kan lagu yg ada di spiderman
Rs Abdulla
فكره شاليه أمواج محرق ذا جروف ومسجله. سبحان الله وبحمده
Rs Abdulla
Me surrat shams in quran iam omar girl hhh. Happy day
Inayah Muhammad
I am going to have a spider Gwen costume soon and I am going to Disney world at sectember
Matilda Oneill
kiyah so lit
In deep voice
Principe's Auto Sales
I’m from dallas
Caleb Baillargeon
Your a sunflower
My friend died recently this was his favourite song
Dereck Fortnite
Stephanie Ross
The 24k dislikes are the wilted sunflowers ????
AS - 06LK - Sunny View MS (1439)
The lyrics are in the original song too
Aubrey rose Davis
Love it so much
Juliene Caballero
This just reminds me of my best friend,it was his favorite music...????
bub ly
Magic Kids
1:04 is this okay
Denise Lane
Like your music
Lupe Rios
Good songs ???? sun floor lyrics video song
Abby Land
low key yas
Abdullah Aldawod
Abdullah Khazaleh Are you Here??
I am new here and I did subscribe btw I’m from Ireland
Igor Bock
????????????????????????????????????????HAHAHAHAKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK LEGAU????????
Leilani’s 0-0
I’m stuck in the commonts
So are you
Last Frontier Medium
It's a good song but.. just the melody, otherwise it's a fucked up son. No one listens to the lyrics. They think he's calling the girl a sunflower, but in actuality he's saying she's only good for a spring. It's all poetically deceiving. "Then you're left in the dust, unless I stuck by ya, you're a sunflower, I think your love would be too much.." -In other words, he has sex with her knowing she's got issues and then leaves her in the dust because she was only good for the spring. Fucked up.... and yet it's played all over the place. It just goes to show how much people just don't actually listen anymore.
Vani Sharma
Who is here after the spiderman into the verse
Ayan Mughal
WOW I liked it????????????????????
Lolalishious Hinata-San •
Still sounds like;
“Hey Beautiful beautiful angel”
24x7 status
സ് പാ ർ ക്കാ യ് !!!!!????????
Victor Ibarra
Victor Ibarra as Miles Morales/Spider-Man
Tobey Maguire as Peter B Parker/Spider-Man
Andrew Garfield as Peter Parker/Spider-Man
Jaclyn Carr as Gwen Stacy/Spider-Gwen
Victor Ibarra
Victor Ibarra as Miles Morales/Spider-Man
Tobey Maguire as Peter Parker/Spider-Man
Andrew Garfield as Peter B Parker/Spider-Man
Jaclyn Carr as Gwen Stacy/Spider-Gwen
Jahneine Leonidas
This Song does not have Bad words
Victor Ibarra
Victor Ibarra as Swae Lee
Andrew Garfield as Post Malone
Mallack Zuhir Babiker Ibrahim
one of my favorite songs
Casey and sandina channel
Love this song ???????????????? ???????? ???????? ???????? ???????? ???????? ???????? ???????? ???????? ???????? ????
Tyce Schaible
i love this song
Lourdes Ojeda
Mi parte favorita 0:30
Connor Skinner
Good shit
Cute Girl
I literally cannot stop listening to this song this song is in my mine
Ronald Barraza
Good music
Thongram Prem
Favourite song
Ana Ceja
I love the is song
Gina Cheskis
Mid Wales UK subscribed
Mitchell Jefferson
Oooh aaaaa oooooh
Mitchell Jefferson
Four tops deep waters vs post malone left in the dust
Mitchell Jefferson
Pick New pikoe Nuevo
Mitchell Jefferson
Where you from ???? malone!!$$#%×=
Tony Geno
Sunflower is my favorite song
just a chemical
why does this sound like the "im already tracer" song
pal pavel
MIA's Paper planes ....?
Glinda Russell
Best song ever
mark mendoza
sow coll music i love it
Randy Desrochers
Try getting the correct lyrics.....
Is awesome
haya shocking
Israel ????????
Gacha Galaxy Wolf
1:47 You got some of the lyrics wrong. It's actually like this:
"Every time I'm walkin' out
I can hear you tellin' me to turn around
Fighting for my trust and you won't back down
Even if it gotta risk it all right now, oh"
You're welcome.
anime index
I love this song
bethsaida delva
I'm from Haiti
Karine Gaudreault Dallaire
your cool bro
Paige Pendleton
I pick this song
Paige Pendleton
I love this song
sans 69
Nancy Sangma
Sunflower is one of my favourite flower
How many of you are watching in 2020
Nicholas Murphy
Paige Pendleton
I sat by Kevin on the way home from school yesterday eater
miles morales
Sknlkn slnil
Evahnie carroll
I sell replays of this song price: 100$ reason of why its so expensive: The song is godly  0:000:000:000:000:00
Gesler Lopez
Ariel Burton
My fav
Marcus Dunning
Fonz jumped buddy spare the shark it's a b+ qualX
Michael Jay MIller
I'm Wreak .... is a mild statement.
Sehrish Kamran
This song is bringing me comfort its the only thing keeping me from breaking which im shook about like idk why. It on replay ????????.. thx.. to everyone who put in effort in the creation of this song.
Pukhaho Yepthomi
My sweet sunflower
Khavin C
The huge mistake in this song is
WHY DOES IT END SO QUICK.....?????????
Gracelyn Naomi
Song: sHe WaNnA rIdE mE LiKe a CrUiSe
Me: hold up what?!
this is the proof that 2019 never exited
Gracelyn Naomi
Other people: who is watching in 2020?
Me: who is watching in 2021????
jazz johnson
beautiful song. my 2 year old nephew just put me on to it
Nand Mehra
Nice song loved it a lot
Addison Mather
I love this song
If you where left in the dust Me what do you mean
Elanie Gray
We love you
Jessica Lepp
I love it
Leah Loves tacos
This is such a bop

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