Jaden Varner
Thanks ????
pdp x
The kind you find even when you dont look one...????
Spring Benjamin
Most of these lyrics are WRONG!!! ????
Elaine Garlichs
Elaine Garlichs
Where r u i miss u i lovey
Elaine Garlichs
Tell me honey u at yam i want u ya i would you pick me up tomorrow baby are you home or out of town tell me baby I miss you so much I want to come home with you
Elaine Garlichs
Baby u on ure way please with Andrew talk tell m baby
Elaine Garlichs
Just u. Yes.
Judy Stumpf
*Like the Allegheny runs.....
Justice Vigilante
Danica Frushour
she sounds like miley cyrus
Katrina Spickler
I love this song
Dee Negelein
Love this song, and it's exactly how I feel about my husband!
Addy Lacey
I heard this on Sirius radio (The Highway) and had to come here to hear it again. Love this song. Gabby Barrett is great and I think she’s going to be a huge star!!!
Pat Rogers
I love this song and video!! I can listen over,and over. Gabby definitely has made Pittsburgh proud!!
Melissa Workman
Beautiful Song! Good Luck With Your Music Career!
My wife gave me a amazingly beautiful birthday card, and this song the day before. It’s better than a thousand of those cards.
Mellissa Conway
Beautiful singing. Her voice is so beautiful.
Marlene Borchert
love this & her
Kim Terry
All I hear is this is about Jesus.
Ashtyn Blackmon
You are the best
Ashtyn Blackmon
Good luck!
Antonia Vandiber
Love this☹️
julia alexander
i have a crush named kona and this is the that i will be singing in the talent show
Shantaya Cotton
Solid and steady like the allegany runs
Ian Thomas
This is a song stuck in my head XD
Christie B
❤???? good job gabby barret
Tracy Tardugno
Gabby Barett was on disney channel because of her song ONE OF THE GOOD ONES awsome rite i personally love that song!
Rethinking my life Choises
Love ur videos
Avery Vaughan
You know you're absolutely in love if you thought of him while listening to this (or her or they we dont assume)
dsdwarehouse222 fields
You say he hung the moon I say he hung the Galaxy
It's Allegheny runs (it is a river not a mountain "range").
Christian Brydges
Love the song. It's the "Allegheny run" not range though (in the written lyrics) Peace.
Courtney Rodifer
This has to be about Cade... Saw y'all on Counting On on Venice Beach with Jinger and Jeremy.... Had to look u up❤️♥️
Deedee S
Deirdre Sheehan Should be Believe moments Like Country People l want to side to you that you Special People in Nashville just like Luke Bryan)
Karen Armstrong
i love this song!!!!
Mad Dog
This is an amazing song. I love it. Every girl needs a dad, brother, cousin, boyfriend, and friend like this.
Brooklyn Daniels
If only all guys were like that. Guys like that are hard to find these days????
Michael Jubex
Beautiful song. ????????
Haley Wakefield
i love this song its now my favorite
I got a good one ❤
Himeko YouKnow
I feel like the majority of the faithful loyal "good ones" are in the country areas. Lol why are all of the country artists like Keith, Brad, Lucas, Eric, Tim etc are good and faithful to their wives??? Maybe i need to move to the country side. It's only a couple of States away. ????????
done lookin
I also got a good one, takes a lot of work but it has been so worth it.
Carmen Wise
Just saw your premier for this on CMT. What TALENT. Your voice is so STRONG. DO GOOD GIRL!STAY TRUE TO YOU! ONLY YOU CAN DO IT. FROM NORTH CAROLINA????????????????????????
Chloe Playzroblox
I'm a teen. and I'm pregnant. 17 weeks. this song makes me feel good and I don't know why!

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