Wyoming Wyoming
Morgan Wallen I wanna be a ninja.
This is my song
Wyoming Wyoming
A ninja with lots of Kool Friends who are famous Superstars.
Hey this song came out on my birthday
I’m never tired of banging someone new should be lyrics lol
I've been heart broken for a couple days now and ive been listening to this song on repeat for like 4 days
Nall Kids
Guys iam 11 i really feel bad for people who broke up like for a bless and comment if tou have a break up stroy i good
????pour me,
pour me a bullet in my brain ????
Bernabe Leyva
He actually says "Poor me, Pour me another drink" "Poor me, Pour me another round".
Daisy Dukes
???? see the world through whiskey glasses..
In my 31 years of life, I've lost my significant other and a best friend, and guys let me tell ya, it takes waaaaay longer to get over a brother than it does a woman.
Sidney Rotheburger
i freaking love up down and whiskey glasses love you
Viasgachashows BrooklynThaGreat
my faves song
Candice Green
Love this song
tiff prater
I love your songs ❤
John Rothenburger
Do you know what graffiti is your
Angie Villarreal
like or comment if u like or love this song????????????????
Owen Beaulieu
this song relates to me so much. had so many girlfriends
Chloe Scattergood
New fav sonh
Melissa Gardypie
My name Dre
Tansyvee Jones
I love this song ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
Tracy Elmblad
I love this song
Kelly Mojica
damn i need a whiskey glass
Michael Joseph
This is tys and my song I love it so much but it’s ok to play with friends or apps that have no idea what apps I have been doing in the past year or less of what it was to get in a good game but I don’t know what apps are going around I don’t want it on the iPhone or iPad it is ok
Michael Joseph
Hey it’s a great night out for me today and tomorrow I am sorry to you my phone number call me back I wwas I was in the clinic and I was going to call my phone call me and call I have no idea how I can just get it and myself and my mom is doing well and she has to be at the house I don’t want you going on the road and she can call you and you call her back over when I am a literal call me please give her call a little girl call you call her back call her phone call her number and she will be here call her and she can call you wywywywyy is my morning I am sorry to hear about it but you know I don’t know what you are going on and you know what I mean but you don’t know how I know I love her you don’t want me going back over when you get home I don’t know if you want to do it tomorrow or call me or call you back I love ya we y you are going on the phone gsgsvzydvgxcjdhdjdjxhjxjdhxhxhxhdhudujdjfhfjfjfjfjfufyvgs the. Check ft fjutle
AB Badders
love this song mate!! keep punching!!????????????????????????
Sharon Cassady
I'm already drunk right now
Alexis Davis
Love you
Stephanie Hill
You are the best singer
Glenn Garner
This song is gay and lame
David Lowe
Love this song! My ex wife left me for someone else
Gauge Cole
favorite son of 20 19
Chloe Joy
This song literally describes me.... I wish i could just get rid of all my hurt
Oscar Garcia
Love this song❤️
XLucifer MorningstarX
I hate country music, but I kinda like this
Person: this is called Morgen Wallen- Whiskey Glasses.
Me: WHAT THE HECK NO ITS CALLED- Best singer ever- Whiskey glasses
Chris Walker
I play this song in the bar man everone be singing and takimg shots of whiskey
Jen Remaklus
I love this song because country is the best
Tenisha Parham
I love this song ❤️????
lemon !
istg this is the only country song i like lmaoo. i straight up despise country music ????✊????. all it is is just retarded love songs and i hate it haaaah.. ok yeah thanks for listening to my ted talk < :"))
ashton anthony
I'm a metal guy and this is one of my favorite songs!
Tallen Smith
I vry sad. Broke up with gf of 2 weeks. Song maeks me cry. I loved you Jenny. Liek if you agree.
Grace Sapuppo
I can't relate to this song at all but still enjoy it for some reason
omg I love this song so much and yah my dad does not really like country but this is like the only song he will ever listen to!!!!♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
I've been with a boy for 2 years he cheated on me infront of me.. but he didn't know that girl he left me for was cheating on him with 2 guys.... I listen to this song to make me get over it slowly!????
Rendia Gourgues
15 years with a loser, he was a hoe! Been there done with crap! So I’m a loner now!
Wyoming Wyoming
Wyoming Wyoming
Whiskey Glasses .Morghan wallen.9-26-19
Wyoming Wyoming
Hello i cant stop thinkin about ,cant live with out.What??????
Joshua Lassiter
You can clearly hear him say "or wear a ring without her" but it says "around her" amateur lyric video maker.
Lyndzi Dyson
My fav song.
Mina Seok
~I just wanna sip when the pain where’s off~
Mina Seok
Wyoming Wyoming
Im outside A street
Wyoming Wyoming
Whats up Q?
Carly Maldonado
Trust me I'll get you through The Break-Up real fast LMAO
Madison Lester
Soooo true even though I'm 10 I still love my boyfriend so much
Swirly Pig
i love whisky just kidding im a kid
Searra Coulter
I loooooooooooooooooooove this song i listen to 24 hours a day
Michelle Long
Vodka contacts
Laura Witt
You. Sing. So. Pride????
Maggie & Melvin Barnett
Happy Birthday Brother and sister are still the same one that was not the only day that you have become a Thursday friend in the morning before we go out of town this weekend so far Sam's air went out so much more than just the only day that you have become a Thursday friend in life i hope to be a long trip from Memphis and I didn't really want to do it old head
Scooter Kelly
Who else was waiting on more pictures
Amber Hansen
*I'd be lying if I said I don't listen to this daily....*
JorJor Ro'se
This is my shit. ???????? heard this at work.
Aj Dembroski
Losing my mind, lost this woman.
Matty Via Fotu
Loveeeeeeeeee itttttttt
Simply bobajojoba
I was trying to find poor unfortunate souls-
Wtf is this country shit smh
Rowdy Henson
I’m not a hater, but this song is not good. He has a great voice and it’s not his fault that the industry I pushing this kind of, for lack of a better word, crap.
Jordyn Briggs
I love this song
tiffany Boyett
Sorry Tyler sheets
Niles Mullinax
Mike Houle
See the world through whiskey glasses. That's what I love about country music, the way they combine two concepts into one, to make a song about drinking
Mike Colvin
I like classic rock and classic country.. this is good shit.
Justin west
I can sing the whole song I can make a video
Maddie Rayne
I dont really like country but i loveee this song
Crystal Dellabaugh
Good song
Susan Mace
I love this song cuz my cousin love this song so I'm going to do it when my daddy picks me and my cousin up so I'm going to pick whiskey glasses hope you see this Morgan Waller
Noah Zolnak
She's Probably Making Out on the Couch Right Now with Someone New, Yeah I would Say That's Happening as We Speak
Poor me another drink
Glenda Waldrop
Cool song
Tara Fincher
You are the best
Brooke Salmon
Every time I hear this song Ill sing my heart out for you David Cory. ????
3-18-99 10-2-19
Easily one of the best songs of 2019, definitely top 10 if not top 5
Cuervo Giron
Had no idea who he was. Till i bought my girl tickets for Florida Georgia Line. Then i heard this and loved it.
Can somebody send me a playlist of songs like this I’d appreciate it ????
Crawford Olivia
Who else has friends
sabrina Higgins
I love you! !!!!!
Jessie Jr Wilson
Listen to whiskey glasses
Bobbie Jones
me I read all the commits
Bobbie Jones
Wile I'm listing
Faithlynn Wallen
My last name is wallen
Handful of Baby Carrots
Some whiskey would be lovely right now
Mudcreek Outlaw
God i love her i cant get her outta my head
Pooooooe ME Poe ME Another Drank wif my Whiskey Glasses Morgan Wallen lol!!!!! Love U Wallen boy kisses
Sherri Hoffer
Sherri Hoffer
Landon Lonsinger
How girls take relation ship break ups goes to the closet with wine glasses and ice cream and call there best friend how men take breakups go to the bar and get hammed and say light em up light em up light em up knock em back knock em back knock em back fill em up fill em up fill em up
This song goes to my ex who cheated on me WITH MY BEST FRIEND
Jennifer Gibbs
This will be me soon
Sierra Turpin
I love this song
TheDev Harminh
I ready a 650 speakers and my ears is fine yeah ????
Bot Ps norrell
I crank it up all the way
Jennifer Wright
Morgen Wallenberg is awesome
I hate how girls in country songs move on so fast like I don’t know any girl who makes out with someone on the couch right after a break up- in country songs we are hoes >.>
Darrell Reid
Damn the pain they never know untill it to late ugh gone...
Annetjie Bruwer
I can help with this if you want to know hou to play is on the gitaar
Coltyn Klingenberg
love the song
I don't do country but I do enjoy this song
Isabella Cook
It's hard
Ninah Gile
The Squad
I sang this to my ex and she ask me to get back together whith her but I said no cause I have a new girl
Danny Mccloud
You are a good singer.And!!!!! Whishkey glasses yaalunea up nock um back. GO
Joseph Purdy
it's poor me... pour me
Nacole Johnson
It's my favorite song ever really good artist I wish I could do that I love the song so much
Corey Snyder
I like the song
nancy jiron
You are my favorite person and you know Its nancy
Limelight_Gacha life
Ima need some whiskey glasses cause I dont want see thw truth
Brandon Smith
emma Brandhorst
I like no love this song
Joy Hardee
Sweet song
Elissa Stick
Hell naw
hunter crow
New country sucks
Zachary Isaacs
I think we’ve all needed some whiskey glasses in our time. Stay strong y’all. There’s always another day and another opportunity.
Hailey Starr
I love this song but I don’t think it’s worth the time of my life and it will not even get to the end so I’m not going back again to listen but I wish I could
Gage Bailey
Love your smile and songs
yasmine townsend
This is me and my mom's song ???? when it comes on we turn it up and sing along the whole thing. One of the few songs we'll sing together haha
yasmine townsend
As soon as you hear poor me get ready to sing along
Crystal Vargas
Love this song blast it every day singing it loud ????????????????????
Shirley Thomas
I like this song from Mona wanna
so many errors in these lyrics
Jason Alvarez
I'm not a country music person.. I'm a metal guy. I love THIS song
kim barnhill
It says pictures but there just tht one on the right bad title????????‍♂️
Angela Loughery
I have been Siegel my Whole life
Frosty The snowman
I love this song
Christa Williams
I love u
Christa Williams
The music
wes smith
This song is fucking trash and gayer than my uncle
Bella Felux
I love this song
Donnie Martinea
It's one of my everyday song and i dont even drink but i could sing but don't try to out drink the wiskey glasses????
Wyoming Wyoming
This is me tight now.
markos r
More like Poor Me, Pour Me Another Drink..
Wyoming Wyoming
Morgan wallen,cant tell you no muscodine bloodline .12-13-19 Whoo
Skylee Cervantes
I love that song
Skylee Cervantes
I love that song my mom made me into
Jannae Yslas-Roach
Thanks for this good music.
theo velazquez
Good song
I need another double shot of that heartbreak proof
React Hot Wheels
Who else likes the part where he says line em up line em up line em line em up knock em back knock em back knock em back fill em up fill em up fill em up fill em up
Linda Love
Love this song to bad they don't make it in a woman way replace her with him
Crawford Savannah
I love this song
Nikki Cnningham
I always find myself in my music always ????????❤
Mr. Pidgeon
Walked into my room and thought Of this song
Landon Watkins
I love this song but I don't think anyone one wants to relate to this song, because I'm relating to it and I feel sick to my stomach.
summer 91
Should be "poor me, then "pour me another drink". Cause he's feeling bad for himself. So "poor" me ????
Living Large
This song cured my depression ❤️????????
Renee Bentley
My sister says I'm an acaloic because do you
Thomas Smith
Thank you, god, for giving me the 1 1/2 years, before you called Alice Trujillo home..
She was my everything. We met, I stared for 5 minutes, and finally said. - Hi !! I m Tom..
She simply said- Youre the One!!
We were to marry June 16th- You called her home May 16th.. She will be in my heart till my last breath.
dt Gaming
sandria jones
2019 anyone? ;w;
Crystal Rayvon
The songs been stuck in my head I love this song I've been singing this song in school
You become numb even without drinking alcohol after too many heartbreaks and the world becomes black and white to you and you just don't even care about anyone or anything that happens around you and you just live the rest of your life thinking that its just not worth it anymore and some people just go straight to suicide but does the world care HELL NO. I have many heartbreaks but I try to live my life the way anyone else does. Dont fuck with me and I won't fuck with you
Little Lyrics
Thank u guys so much for 17 million views!!! And 2k comments
Veronica Lopez
Yes this is the best song ever
Roland Akor
Another master production from Joey Moi.
Martin Seme
Who else is drunk as fuck
Luke Walker
I read comments while listening to this gem!!! ???? drop a like for 2020!
Makes me happy seeing someone that was born so close make it big
isaiah yslas
Feel bad
Felton Carter
Who else grabbed a shot glass and took a shot or two
A Great song
April Perkins
I dont like type of music but i like this song
Who loves this song like comment if u do!
David Dyer
Going thorn my first backup. at .8 years old
Carlos Spicyweiner
Not even country, this song bops
Lila Pesa
I'm gonna need some whiskey glasses
Jofn Mells
I love this one told me that you had a good time
Maria Garza
Mark Stephen Peterson ????????????
Kimberly Spooner
I love this song.
Kirah MatthewSpencieMicah CAMERON
Moooorgan????????????I Just Had Twins BoyS Spencie ????????Matthew Now I got four SONS Also Eric????????Micah!!! Coming to ur Show jan 15!!!!
Wyoming Wyoming
I can tell you my tooth is hurting.Sometimes when i get sugar in the hole where the root was partially drilled out.im sure that the alcohol level is safe in my town.Atleast tor yesterday.0% alcohol in a packaged item that was from the store.2 alchol beverages in a bottle.
Bloxburg & Horse Obsessed
2020 Anybody??
I am not a “country man” but I love this
liam lesage
This song is the song i need when my heart hurts and ive got no where else to turn
Destiny Manning
I love this song and the music that you make
laurel justison
*wear a ring without her*
Shannon Biggs
When men sing country : beer,farming,and trackers
When country women sing: just killing there husbands
Fortnite TwistedAries
Any1 listeni g in 2020
jack meoff
Just make an hour long version so I don’t have to rewind every 3 minutes
Handful of Baby Carrots
Man this kinda takes everything I shoved deep down and makes it come back so I realize I never got over him
*I've never been a fan of him , but man this song ...*
mj Thorne
I love this song in morning
Kelsey Owensby
I love ypur song
Kenneth Sharp
This song fiya
Alfredo Caicedo
I'm crazy about this song.
Oliver Roycroft
One of my coworkers recommended this song to me
Eva Schmit
I love this because they played on the radio love it
Runescape password
Thinking about auditioning for American idol with this song ????
Wilma Rone
I love her song so much
Andie Gerhard
This reminds me of my dad because he's getting a divorce with my mom and I'm only 9
Andie Gerhard
Love this song as well
Jesus Murillo
This song helps in so may ways ????????????
Been heart broken so been listening to this and long way to go reprise by Dwight Yoakam
*me in the Luke combs concert sobbing while screaming this song even though my relationship was going perfectly fine//still is but me being an over thinker on my period thinking he was gonna break up with me even though we never fight and he’s the sweetest thing ever// lmao btw we’re 15, and I was feeling this song) sorry that was long, but I love this song lmao.
Zach Miles
This is not country. This is garbage.
linda neblett
This is my ex-boyfriend and my boyfriend favorite song and mine
Martha Rabon
it says can't song without her
Mrs Angell
Love it ????❤
paul merk
thank you soooo much !!!!!!
Kaydence Chavez
Who's gonna listen to this in 2020?
My little sister likes the song

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