My choice AI winner! Now she was one of the good ones ???? Loved her on that show and look at her now! Always knew she would be great! Congratz Gabby ❤️????????????????
Spell TV
The girl is gorgeous and the guy is so handsome. Wow.
Alberto Ochoa
I didn't know the story behind it, but be sure it made it so.. much more special. Love the song. This chic is awesome and the message is loud and clear.
Alot of good ones are still around, don't take'em for granted! Rare but we still exist
lisa moffa
I can't believe there are not more views on this video! it is an absolutely beautiful song! The video is great too.
Dante Gleason
I wasn't planning on crying today yet here I go...
Rose Huber
I love this Gabby. ????????????????
When Cade appears at the end, WOW. You definitely have "Good One"!!!
Kennedy LeeAnn
I love this song and the story
Sierra Bush
This song reminded me of my boyfriend! He's currently in the military and I miss him alot. But this song reminded me of how blessed I am and how amazing he is!!!????????????????????????????????????????????
Ryanna silva
Hack Wilson
Dennis Callahan
One-armed Bandit
I was born with one arm and I know how it feels just to want to be looked at as beautiful and loved by somebody completely just for being me. You can be good looking but if you have a heart to love people to help people and to have that Heart of Gold that's what I find the most beautiful and attractive in this world. I wish more people felt that your heart is what matters not just your looks. But I can fully say that having a disability like that it really makes you see the world in such a different way and hopefully it makes you a better person not a more bitter person. Thats why got my teaching degree and I try to use my disability to help teach younger kids to love themselves no matter what because you have to love yourself first before anybody can truly love you and to know your true worth, value and what you truly deserve in life. now I have the awesome honor to raise my now 12 year old to be just like me and to love others and to always want to do good to help people we pray for people that's why they say he's the best kid they ever met matter where he goes. It's not what hands you're dealt in life it's how you choose to look at the world and turn it around for something better. This is such a beautiful video and deff made me cry lol.
Levys JL
this is real good
???????????? ۵
i always thought this was miley cyrus singing
jaclyn yvonne villarreal rench
I have the best of the good ones I been married for 7 yrs and he is amazing and I appreciate EVERYTHING HE DOES FOR ME,HE IS THE GOOD ONES....HAPPY FOREVER
Lindsay Amor Abarca
This made me cry ????
Lori Zowada
Amazing song! Amazing Voice! Amazing video!
Jesy Roe
Thanks for pulling on my heart strings ????
Omg this was like the best song ever
Hannah Chelle
The REAL winner. Not Maddi poopy
Mary Wells
???????????????????? oh David, why did u play this song for me? Now I can't get him out my mind ????????????????
Kady Beaumont
This song makes me smile so hard. Gabby Barrett is so talented!
Teresa Faulkner
I knew Gabbie was gonna make it
Beam travels
the moment i saw the wheel chair i just cried instantly. that's a genuine kind of love
Anthony Wang
Iam your the good only one. Be my baby wife . 穎 ????????????
Roobens Joseph
That song is a good one????????????????????
William Amundson
You can tell I don't watch American Idol, thought the guy at the very end was the dude from American Ninja Warrior lol.
awww this song is so pretty and the video made me cried!
Melanie Mixon
Beautiful song, message, video, and ending!
Lauren McCoy
Eddie B
She sounds like Bebe Rexha..
fake britt payne
i’ll forever cry to this song :,( so happy for her and cade getting married
Am i the only person reminded of people saying their (insert racial group) friends dont have some horrible trait?
Eileen Betancourt
???? priceless ????
Chaun'Tovey Russell
I just came from Disney channel :)
Cheyenne Landon
This song is a really good song
Kurtis L
She sounds like a mix between Miley Cyrus and Demi Lovato
Mama Of Three
My favorite song from you ????
savannah troutman
So I may have cried at the end????????
Bill Lynn
I love this song
Wayne Minnick
love this song
love you girl keep making good songs
Jennifer Gallop
literally have listened to this song 26 times today. cant wait for an album!
Lacey Stewart
Has anyone else noticed how similar her voice is to Miley Cyrus?
Tasha Farmer
This is literally my song to my fiance ❤ I love you so much Gabby, your so talented and beautiful.
Ankit Meena
Carrie Underwood + Miley Cyrus = Gabby Barrett ????
Jordan Wilson
You have changed between Amazon idol
Kimberly Arbogast
Gabby i just what to say i am a 12 year old girl whos comeing to meet you for my birthday wen you go to morgentown wv i cant wait to meet you and nice song
Frankie Geist
Great song..great video!!
I love it 100%????????????????
I'm 41 years old and i think this is the first time I've heard a female singing about giving her male partner some credit. ????????
Summer faith
Wow she's got an amazing voice love it kind that goes right to your soul and where are men like this just breathtaking
Haunted Meadows
If he didn't cheat I wouldn't be here!!!!
Carrie Underwood wanna-be! Weak scratchy voice!
Isa Belle
Lyrics: He's a phone call to his parents
He's a bible by the bed
He's the t-shirt that I'm wearing
He's a song stuck in my head
He's solid and he's steady like the Allegheny runs
He knows just where he's going
And he's proud of where he's from
One of the good ones
He's one of the good ones
A love me like he should one
Like he wrote the book one
The kind you find when you don't even look one
Anybody can be good once
But he's good all the time
He's one of the good ones
And he's all mine
He's one of the good ones
You'll know him when you see him
By the way he looks at me
You'd say he hung the moon
I'd say he hung the galaxy
Nobody does it better
Oh the way he pulls me in
I've known a couple bad ones
But they all led me to him
He's one of the good ones
A love me like he should one
Like he wrote the book one
The kind you find when you don't even look one
Anybody can be good once
But he's good all the time
He's one of the good ones
And he's all mine
He's one of the good ones
We should all find us one
They're out there, minus one
Some of the good ones
Yeah, I got a good one
A love me like he should one
Like he wrote the book one
The kind you find when you don't even look
Anybody can be good once
But he's good all the time
He's one of the good ones
And he's all mine
He's one of the good ones
And he's all mine
Ronnie Peterson
We'll start our day on Friday Morning as brings us two channels. Gabby & Cade vlogged by Gabby Barrett and Cade Foehner followed by Barefoot Caroline with Caroline Jones Starting at 8am.
Suzanne Cullumber Cake
WOW, this is a GREAT song! Well done! Future #1!!!
Angie Rucker
Wow! Great video!!!
Tiffani Linde
Inspiring beautiful song love it glad your so happy. Your so inspirational.
Tiffani Linde
So proud congrats. Powerful song. Your stunning and voice of an angel fav singer and song
Sara Korosa
Love this song, and her beautiful voice!! Best female voice I’ve heard in years!! I have a “good one” and this song fills my heart! ❤️
Patty Fowler
Beautiful and powerful song???? Well done Gabby ❤️
Kaitlyn Noëlle Zayas
woah, so much love, so many levels of tears for this one!!
Jay Weekes
thannk u very much, for my song
Beautiful song and video! My husband and I have been married 34 years. He became a paraplegic before our 4th anniversary. While we went through his injury together, I could easily see myself falling in love with him had he already been in a wheelchair when we first met. He’s my person in this world and no one and nothing (like a wheelchair) could change that. Love knows no boundaries! We are all worthy of love and having “good ones” in our lives. Don’t settle for anything less. Your person is out there too.
Beautiful song and video! My husband and I have been married 34 years. He became a paraplegic before our 4th anniversary. While we went through his injury together, I could easily see myself falling in love with him had he already been in a wheelchair when we first met. He’s my person in this world and no one and nothing (like a wheelchair) could change that. Love knows no boundaries! We are all worthy of love and having “good ones” in our lives. Don’t settle for anything less. Your person is out there too.
Jenny Hensel
This girl is gonna collect alot of awards with this one!!! One of the best songs of 2019! Watch!!!!!
Yvonne More
Hes one of the good ones until hes not anymore:/
Acfelix 7
what a beautiful story!!! and sooooo cute that gabby and cade are together!!! I wish both couples the best!
love the sound
Ashley Rogers
You know, I didn’t really care for her on Idol, but this song changed my mind..... I loved it!
Mya Girl
This is proof that you never have to change who you are bc if you did then they're one of the bad ones wait for a good one who will give you your own unique fairytale. But remember ladies if you want a true king you better act like a queen????
It’s Alli Bug
1:05 " he's good all the time" <3 :) that lyric makes my heart melt
Vicki Manning
Love it
Angela Jordan
Beautiful!!! ♡♡♡
Im on the path to being a good one, the bible is always by my bed and read every night only by Gods grace can he change me to be a better man for the woman in my life. Despite everything I still look at you like it was the first day hopefully I can be a Good One
Breathtaking outstanding song an vocals gabby
This is good...... come on country radio!!
Jessica Compton
I love this song and it makes me think of my husband who is the love of my life and he has been one of the greatest blessing in my life besides my daughter . This song is very good and full of so much meaning and hits the heart
Ashley Mims
the first time I heard this song, I cried. the past two years with my husband have been remarkable. We've always expressed our feelings and love for one another through songs. This song was perfect. <3
Nicole Sheetz
Happy that I’m also lucky enough to have one of the good ones... ????❤️ keep searching ladies, there’s gonna be a lot of bad ones, but they’ll lead you straight to the good one one day... ❤️
Cassandra Powell
I am in literally tears
David Unrau
Bam!!! Right to the ❤️. Wow
These lyrics are Everything
Jolena K
This is the sweetest ever! Such a great guy!! This video is awesome ????
Nickie Clutts
I love this song
Miranda Atabah
This is absolutely beautiful.. that's all I can say, excuse me while I cry my eyes out now..???????????????????????????????? #onrepeat #hesoneofthegoodones #hesallmine ????
Tracy Hall
Absolutely Beautiful ????️???????????? Love This Song ❣️⭐⭐????????
what an amazing song and beautiful video
Stephanie Mason
I still love this song❤️ shows you what true love looks like and what everyone deserves
MY FREAKING HEART ????????????????❤️
Abby Killion
She's 1 of the good ones. I say it this way because I'm gay.
Abby Killion
I think of Dorothy Corrigan's hubby as i sing this song lol. Oh and Dorothy Corrigan too... they were so good to me in school.
alexis Almazan
this was so beautiful and breathtaking
Finally an artist that goes against the current culture rule of “all men are the same” or “all women are like that”......don’t let the few bad examples create inaccurate narratives of what real men and women “are”.
No, I am not crying ????????????❤️ Was not expecting that. Love the video!
Arlene P
That almost made me cry. I have a good one too.????
Kathleen Martin
cried.. Beautiful song and amazing video!
Landon Evans
You should merry him ????‍❤️‍????‍????
kenzie lee
TShirtArtDesignQueen Leo
love this song ....xo
Lama-corn Girl
Actually sad, sent this to my boyfriend ????????❤️????
first name last name
my beautiful wife sent this to me. i love you baby more then any song can express. im a man i hunt i fight i work i get dirty but id hold your hand and give it all up anytime you ask .
Princess Lynn_xo
I can’t wait to see you in concert in 2 days????????????
The ending has me crying ????
Jaymie Genovese
Way to make me cry Gabby! ????
Kennedy LeeAnn
She is my new favorite
to too
Jake Owen?
Norma Roberts
So incredibly precious! Gabby ♥️ your voice and who you are!! ♥️ This song and the video had me all ???? and then Cade came out ... I don’t have any words. ???? Your so incredibly precious! Can’t wait to see what’s next!!
Makenzie Wall
Plot twist !!
Rain Bow
Beautiful ♥️
Grace Lingenfelter
love your songs
Jacquelyn Joly
God bless you, you're so beautiful
Love this song
Jen Baker
My Joshua David ????
Bridget Halstrom
This is the kind of guy I want in the future
Bridget Halstrom
This is so sweet
Kayla Newell
This song is just beautiful and I love it !!!
Dale Crockett
Love this one and I love you Gabby
makenzi vandusen
i love it iev lisined to it 109
cilla kerr
I love this Song <3 it gives us singles hope <3
Raylan Givens
She put her finger up "1" 12 fucking times
Ratanak Lon
" music video wow ...
Everything Mama
Chills. Your voice is absolutely amazing.
Who's the werewolf that showed up at the end?
Selena Garcia
Love it so beautiful ❤️
Shawn Kostelic
Keep Killing it Gabby, best wishes
been married 22yrs 10 without secs, i get it
Tiana Loving Life
????sooo beautiful, Gabby!❤❤❤
I have a good one. He's so patient with me, helps me when I get just so frustrated with life. I found him when I wasn't looking. What's funny is my mom AND the person I was dating at the time shipped us together. I guess they were ready to let me go. But he and I have been together for two years, and I know we're going to be together for even longer.
Teresia Harrison
Beautiful. I got a good one... the best one!
I’m so happy to see u achieving your dream!!! I’ve loved u since day 1 on Idol !!! I voted for u every chance I got!!! U r awesome and a talented voice
Kali Jones
I played this for my boyfriend whilst crying tears of happiness because he is my good one. ❤❤ Absolutely beautiful song ❤❤
Katie Bug
Thank you for using a person in a wheelchair. I have a muscular dystrophy and at the point I need a wheelchair and I'm very scared but this gives me hope!
I'm getting married next month and this song will be playing. It really hits home with me because hes the first guy who has ever treated me right and loved me the way i was meant to be loved. We weren't even expecting to get married, let alone have a serious relationship because we both came out of previous horrible relationships and were emotionally scarred. We met at a hiking event on christmas eve last year.. and are getting married around the same time this year. It was an instant connection we both have never had... and we've been inseparable ever since. I never saw myself getting married and its so amazing. I also moved to west Virginia recently, and the Allegheny mountains are near me so when she mentions that in the song it was even more amazing!!
Brandy Chewning
Excellent video.
Michael Jubex
Beautiful song with an even better clip.. Wish there are more songs and videos like this.
One of those reaction channels should react to this.
Adam Dalton
Awwww Madeline, you inspire me and you have a stunning voice. Love your music :)
This woman deserves more subs! Shes so talented!
lil mama is me
How can u dislike a video like this? so beautiful ❤️???? Good job Gabby
Ellie Mae Northcutt
Beautiful song and the video very inspirational,heartwarming, just beautiful. And a very good man you are lucky to find em like that anymore
Emily McCormick
Love it
Lindy Lue
Love it
Precious! ????
Catelyn Laumb
I’m so sorry that happened to you guys
Amanda nicole Smith
Jørgen Elstad
Beautiful song! Which brand is the baseball cap, anyone knows?
Cory Spears
One of the most beautiful songs ever!!!!!
sharilyn martin
I love this song makes me think of my special guy ????????????
Emmi Rose
Very nasal and whiney voice...
Trinidad Luevano
Love your songs and your voice is so beautiful ❤️
Maddie W
Can't relate
Jessica Reeger
This is what country is about telling a story like back in the day. Reba, Garth, many more! ❤️
The Face !!
I met Gabby
Mary Ann McNeely
Beautiful song in so many ways!
Kitty Eufracio
This is the best video I have seen in a while. I love the song also.
Oh my goodness!!! I absolutley love this song!! And this video...Oh my!! I wasn't expecting that!! Amazing!!! Absolutely beautiful!!
Sean Goodrich
Im trying to be one of the good ones. I've made some mistakes in my marriage, but my wife is still by my side. Always has been since highschool. I love you Audrey and im sorry for everytime I've failed you. Just know im not giving up and that there is nithing i won't do to make you soar like the angel you are.
Himeko YouKnow
Even tho u have the voice of a pop artist, plz dont EVER leave country like Taylor did. I miss the old country Taylor. It will be heartbreaking if u leave country as well. At least be pop COUNTRY like Carrie, but dont ever leave the music of the country world. Carrie is still faithful to her country roots. I hope u will be the same. ???? Love u. ????
Your song The Good Ones was what I had my bridal party walk out to on my wedding November 1, 2019. Your beautiful and have a beautiful voice.
Wowsers ????❤
Great lyrics!
You should have won girly!!
I got a good one ❤️ love of my life
Nicole Renee
Love this song!!!! ❤️
Truman Brown
This 8s a goid song
Jason Hansen
Ugh I got something in my eye(s) - I only wish I had someone that thought so highly of me. What an amazing song, but the video is out of this world.
Shana banana
Finally a love song that represents my relationship♡ always running into the songs where this guy is gonna take this girl. Let's appreciate what we have♡♡
Clara McNeese
I like her????????????????????????
This is AMAZING! So inspirational! Love from Hawaii
Such a sweet song. Beautiful video, especially that ending
Such a beautiful song. This had me in tears. <3
TVD Epic Love
I am looking for my soulmate....I still have hope that God had someone for me❤️
Benaiah Ahmadinejad
First (non, white man bad) thing I’ve watched in a while.
Giovanna Manzanares
Ok but this video still gets me ????
Rachel Prins
Obsessed with this song and when Cade came into the shot..... PURE MAGIC CHEMISTRY PERFECTION ????????????????????yaaaaaaaaasssss
Troy Johnson
This is a beautiful video! Everyone's deserves to be happy!!!!! Much love everyone
alyssa priddy
you're amazing in concert! my favorite female artist!!
TidePod Musical
Never liked a country song...until now.
Sandra Mullikin
Beautiful! Just wanted to add that I love your videos. They're perfect for the songs and there always a surprise at the end. You're Very talented all the way around. Great crew if people you must have, as well. Tyfs!
lisa moffa
I never get tired of listening to your songs.
Misstress 305
To all the unfortunate ladies out here who think they have a "good one" Im that chick that spent the night at your place and your "good one" made a pass at me .To all the ladies still looking.. if he's out there , he will find you. I sit here happy because even though I dont have a "Good one" I have a couple nice ones that are in my life. What ever your reality is sweetheart.
Amber Camp
Love this
lisa moffa
I can honestly say I have a great one. I have been married to him for 29 years. We have 5 amazing kids and a full life. It hasn't always been easy but it has been worth every struggle. There are men out there who don't make passes at other women, because they value the Lady they are in a relationship with. Unfortunately there are too many women out there who think that all men are bad because of their experiences. Don't give up. Good men are still there, they just want good women and aren't willing to settle for counterfeit. Be a good woman first and don't settle for less than you want.
Katie Strider
Holy God this video is amazing! Wow. Wow. Wow.
Bella Laz
Love it girl
Whintley Guthrie
That is so cool are you going to be in basketball
Judy Johnson
Amazing. I've watched this over n over. I personally am not in a wheelchair, but in the same sense this relates to my life. Jus overcoming personal issues. Soòòoo incredibly proud of you girl. Thanks so much for sharing ❤
Kimberly Ruppert
Just beautiful. And incredibly inspiring.
Lindsay Brooks
Sounds a lot like chain smokers
Ashley Gray
I have cerebral palsy and walk with a walker My name is Ashley and this video gives me hope that one day I will find my prince charming even being in a wheelchair
ramoya lawrence
Omg I'm 23 ,love country music so much.
ramoya lawrence
I never thought I would say I am with a guy that treats me like Royalty. But hey I'm saying it now, I've had an ex whom I thought I was inlove with; but meeting my boyfriend now he shows me that what I was experiencing before wasn't love. He loves me for me. We've been together 3 years now and ever since I with him my life changes for the better. Thanking God for him. I think he's planning to propose soon????❤????
Collin Emery
I'm lucky enough to be with the most beautiful girl in the world, and she truly is one of the good ones. She is my perfect angel ❤️
Bella Laz
You rock
Jesse Danley
This is now my favorite song. I have never heard anyone sing more beautiful. Gabby Barrett is amazing.????
Dustin Swartz
My fiance just sent this video to me and I am not going to lie, it brought a tear and a smile to my face. Love isn't hard when it's right!! When you are ready to take a bullet for a girl and you will give everything you have to make her smile and sacrifice everything you got?? She is the best thing that will ever happen to you!! Don't ever let that go!! Love you Michelle ❤️
Michellw Meade
This song is definitely my fiancé. He is the most loving, caring and giving person I have ever met! I’m blessed to finally have “ a good one” they are so hard to find. Once I stopped looking he appeared. I love you baby ❤️
Veggie Soup
Keep sharing more songs, Gabby! ♡♡♡ Love them ALL
Peter Kaldawi
Why don't they have this for karaoke yet?
Robert Z D
Gabby is just a using little hoebag who will sleep around to better her career disgusting
Patricia Kramer
Love this <3
Really great song. I was wheelchair bound 80% of the time. My husband built me a wheelchair ramp and fixed the stairs in the house we are in now :) He's one if the good ones.
Ashley K
Gabby please do a song with auti you too have great voices
Joseph Bostic
Yo this video had my girlfriend crying ???? ????
Max Glaser
Always remember, your disability does not define you. You are a PERSON first and foremost.
Ashley Burgess
I Love This Video... Makes Me Think Of Someone I Use To Be In A Situationship With... I Wish Things Could Have Been Different But It Didnt... Story Of My Life.... Love U D....
Isabella Aguirre
Hey guys! I wish there are more good ones out there.
Claire Ann
this just makes me feel lonely.
Emily Banks
For the first time Im here for being madly in love with a man that has become my world. After years of abusive relationships, I finally got a good one. I can't thank him enough.... I love you CH
Lauren Jones
I hope he makes you smile
The way it made me smile
On the other end of a phone
In the middle of a highway driving alone..
Get Triggered
WOW ..... I loved this. Thank you
Aubrey Serbus
I love this song
Haylee -
I love this song! It is my favorite!!!
Matthew Maltsch
I always thought that Gabby should have won American Idol. When I first saw her on AI. I thought she was really good. This proves it!
Matt Ripper
As cheesy as it sounds, my girlfriend said that this song describes me!
Good Ones out there, Minus One!

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