Sarah Pfarr
This my 1st song i heard from Luke Bryan on T.V. ever since i heard this song that i be com his fan about 9 years ago .
Storyshift Asriel
Who's still listening in 2387?
Onnawa Prewitt
love this song
I love you.
you $100
You have $100th dollars
I took a trip to see the Tika nice and to the woter
Tristan Muchwano
2:50 that chord change is my favorite part
Danger Russ
Bruh is this Riley Reid
1k Kodak
Who’s here for 2020
Whitney Bugli
Luke Brayan is a great singer and his concert. to
The Modern Monarchist
This is Luke's best song
this is a good song.
Delano Panther
Written by Cole Swindell, Luke Bryan sang it great!!! A big fan of them both. One of my favorites
Terri Grant
Love this song ❤️ spent the summer at the beach with my special to me and I love you KJ!!!
Who’s here october 2019??
Angel Steelman
Awesome Song
Gincy Crisp
I can relate to this real good been there
Eli Fischer
this is a good song
Reminds me of my daddy issues I god I need help I have daddy issues and girl issues help me
Mr. Roller Coasters
Any coaster enthusiasts here???
Made In Kim
Best part of Bangor Show in august ????
hope barton
My sister is a big fan of you
Helzen Bon Nacario
"Blown away and barely breathing"
Anyone 2019?
piva bin
saludos desde Guatemala no soy fan de Country pero esta cancion es la mejor 2019
Payne *
Hell yeah
Peggy Moran
Love this song
Nico Yagulli
Like this if Luke is a really good singer.
Give Money Baker
Luke Bryan sounds like a muppet
Kelley Sanders
APPRECIATE & Live LIFE like there is N
Moon Over Miami
Dedicated to my Florida cowboy! ????????❤????????
Charles Hollers
my girlfriend just broke up with me today and all i want is to feel love like in this music video
tony mccrider
i should of known that feelin would last longer than that weed did i luv it!
Carl Larock
Hey this is a good song
Nauris Ruicens
Songs like this makes me want to grow up.. I'm 30
Tee Tommy
My my....this song is pretty awesome to listen to over and over again and again :)
gulawski elisabeth
Schöner Song lucke. ❤️
Harrypotterlover Yeet
Being a 12 year old kid in 2019 and loving This song makes it hard but this is real og girl love song that doesn’t include us being called hoes
Joshua Greenvall
This is me and my ex girlfriends song when we first met :( we dated for 7 years and she was my first girlfriend ever :( I miss her sooo much :(
꧁Ke꧂ ꧁Ng꧂
Wish I was that girl. ????????
Chris Haze
I love the song, but the main dude in the vid looks like the fakest person I've ever seen.
Brandon Koch
Decade To mygirlfreind clrissa laub
Pamala Schiene
I just found out about this song not too long ago. Love it. ????
ray 716
He has alot of dislikez
Ricardo Flores
This is the only song I like the most from this dude
Brandon Koch
Yes that's how MY life feels without clrissa laub in it
Chris Harris
Luke Bryan is the best I just love his voice so does my mom dad and sister ????
Andreana Williams
Oh Gawd!!! Baby!!????????????????
Abel Teniente
Still alive ???? with my heart in my hand
Kaylee Frost
you do the best songs luke bryan
Brian Dalton
Great song as
His voice sounds so good in the chorus, great song.
Matthew Trabue
I've had a few of those in my lifetime. But I learned to court women without being needy! Grow up guys. Stop being a Beta Male! Quit believing the BS that Hollyweird and society dictates how we should act.
Kaelyn Bower
your amazing
Helzen Bon Nacario
"I should've known that kind of feeling..." ????????????
Bonnie Mcneil
LOVE THIS SONG ????????????
Clau Cavazos
Solo una vez se ama asi ????
Tiny._. Teddy
2019 and its still rocking!!!
edilberto gomez
Like video 2019
Adella Fourth
The Point in Four Bears, lol
Paige Murphy
love this song!!!!!!!!!
Keith Gross
Really good luke bryan
Jessica Raines
1678 and still bumping this ????
alpha fit
“Trying to keep my heart on the tracks”
June Singleton
Rollercoaster Away
Maria Tsoukana
Learned about this guy and this song after reading "White"by Bret Easton Ellis.
Yuki and Yoko
pureRedneck 05
Can't relate but like the song
Harry Miller
Luke Bryan is my favorite artist
Gamergirl Reactions
This puts me back in my old memories...I listened to Country when I was younger and now I’m back
Carley Greening
hello lue Bran
Bj Hernadez
You ever just go for a long drive and think about what was good but miss you to
Everybody still watches this if they love luke Bryan
Bill House
To the ones who were lost for one reason or thy others
May your thoughts and dreams play out throw others. ✌ OUT friends
best song
Olivia Muñiz
Love this song
I was there when Luke recorded this!
Joan Long
love love this song one of the best songs ever
Julie Wing
Don't let it go when you find it!
Brenda Riojas
2020 anyone?
Gerriann Patak
I'm in love with man????
RIP the starliner (the coaster this song is about. Miracle strip park PCB). Old girl would jump the track going into the tunnel and was rickety as hell but it was the main attraction on the strip. I grew up around that park and used to work there when i was a kid. Rumor has it they might bring it back at pier park
Riah bug
It is going to be fine
glitter girl12345 kitty
In September I went to see Luke Bryan it was amazing it was for my birthday I’m 10 and I loved it is was one of the best gifts I had for my birthday and this was the song he opened with
Jacob George
Reminds me of an ex that summer she took my heart I took her heart it hurts like a bad feeling when we broke up I cried
Marisa Robertson
I'm only 13 and I've loved this song!!! And I've been listening to it since I was 9... Love this!!!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️????????????????????????????
skate boy 101
Hi my name is Kyle
Pablo Sosa Angona
Brett Red
One of my faves of Luke's. (Brett's girlfriend commenting)
Annmarie Bess
Luke Bryan is a true country singer unlike some of the so called country singers
Myrtle Beach. ‘86.

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