Bart Allen
That first moment when you realize this is on the Sims3 lol and start singing along even though it's in simish language...hehe.
Sarah Pfarr
I love this song of Luke Bryan
Whiskers & Dog hair
The blonde echoed my exact sentiment; I'd like to teach her a combo that's hard and fast.
Lawrence Grace
So good at the singing ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????? love your song's
Eric Kaps
this sounds like a parody of a bad country song lol
Trinity's Treasure Channel
???????????? I love all of his songs!!
This and Old Town Road are the two greatest country songs of all time!!
Sparky Speed
This is the first truly good mixed genre country song.
The rock and roll hellion
Gotta love a country girl!!!!when we have the urge to shake it, well no matter where or when ....we shake love it when having fun and friends and music.... Gotta do it!!!!
Edith Young
Just for you Meredith .
Sierra Spearman
I love this is song ????????❤
Eric Prydz?
Hi country boys and girls you better shake it off!!!!
Love this song
This dude has looms like elvis and he sounds like him to to a extent. Dna test needs to be done
LC Swartz
Hey Luke try the new top water lure call a whopper popper 90”
Jon Kuntz
Boss I need help from you teach jack to dance
Ria U
Now THIS is why I love country.
Don M
The brunette that opened the video, is a GODDESS!!
Chris Pocha
I love this song
Gavyn Clark
Best song ever
Becki Tucker
Your songs rock
- PDX - Jayku -
Why do i get the urge to twerk
i’m that 1% of blk women that LOVE country music ✨ this song makes me melt????
Alonso Lupercio
Teri Pope
Not a country music lover but I like this tune!
The_ Sword
My God those girls are gorgeous.
Deedee S
Deirdre Sheehan l always Mack a Country girl l can’t do amazing to meeting you Changes everything to me My Summer Love you all My Hurts forever Deirdre)
William Takemoto
When I was little I sung this man I wish it was on radio
Aidan Resendez
All I want is a country girl lol
Just a pretty little country

Is that too much
Jane Rosera
I Love
Haineko Mikemalcom
I listened to this song for the first time in The Sims 3's radio xD Now I'm here, listening to it in English after many years, and it's quite shocking hahahaha I guess I got too used to the Simlish version ????
Danny Pitcher
Country girl! !!
Clarence Dixon
Luke's very very ,relatedly
Paul Wadge
I was looking for “casting couch” and it directed me here
Yago Vieira
When does he get around to doing a country song?
Doom Cupcakes
I don't listen to country music hardly, but I make an exception for some of his songs.
Kevin Eaddy
Im a Farmer, and yeah... Fuck this guy
Vicki Nichols
i love to lisine because it is soooooooooooooooooooooooooo cool
Jayden Harpestad
You are cool and awesome
Lance Shepler
I bet Luke's wife hates this video even though she knows that she can trust him. Lol
Cindy Ball
I love your musie ????????
Cade Garrison
Love interruption- jack white
It’s the same song!!!
Leonel Garcia
Harry Kane ?
James Morrow
Iam a black country boy and love this song.
Gabby Dickson
Tania Alvarado
Why has no one posted the lyrics.!!!!!☹️
Teaira Matson
I love you Luke Bryan is my day. Good day to come over to my house for you Luke Bryan
Teaira Matson
I love you Luke Bryan
rockandbluesfan 79
Other than a hat, boots, what makes Luke or any other " modern country" star different from Justin Bieber? Real country is gone this is pop.
Teaira Matson
I love you Luke Bryan day is my. Good for you Luke Bryan
Misha Ramos
I'm not an country fan but mannnnn
This song here is off the chain hands dwn...
I'm waiting for him to do an R&B song with his handsome self
iM kId
Texas girls dont shake, dance, but they do power walk with their red cowboy boots!2019
Meh... country. I rather hear a song that gives the vibe that middle EASTERN BOYS get together with these hot country WESTERN GIRLS... West End Girls by Pet Shop Boys is a much better song.
Joe Taddei
If you are country then give a thumbs I am not only country but Cowboy to
Andrea M. Snow
I love your songs
now, I hate country music, but this is girl.
Absolutely one of the greatest Rockin' Country Anthems of All-Time.
Also, the ridiculously gorgeous brunette who used to "ride her horse to Burger King" could have easily played Wonder Woman.
She has All the Qualities.... ;-)
Purple Biased
I personally am not a fan of country, but I went to a rodeo, and this song was played about 3 times while I was sitting in the bleachers. It's been like 2 years since then, and I still can't get this song out of my head. It's definitely a bop though
new found life
i love that part where lukes all like guitar like its a thing like hey guitar do ur thing
Joe Silvas
Basically twerking for country people
Ryan Gonzales
Ok...that country girl though????
Bicboi0501 KΔϺI
Zx Kaston Baller
My favorite cuntrie is little music
The Real Silver Fox
in school people think I'm a city girl .......
if only they knew..... ????
Shawn Floyd
That first girl is so hot, and she knows how to shake it here!!
where tho
Mistah FTM 7394
Country girl shake it for mi gal
bandaid joanjett69
Love me some Luke ....
Izabella Oeland
One sentence to describe me:
Lives and breathes country music!
Bryce Phillips
hell yah I love contery and the girls in this video me and my girlfriend crank this and she shakes it for me
Bryce Phillips
the part where the girls talk about what contery really is I totally agree
Jerry Bond
I love you luke
James Fournier
10,611 comments - what is her name? She is hot!
Valerie Gollop
I remember hearing this song
Kris Tomochak
Who is she wow beautiful
Hayley Wallace
Ok so ima techno, deep house loving girl and my 9 year old loves this lol
She just told me she loves country music. Im mexican and my husband is white...guess this the white girl side of her haha
Pef S
This is why no one likes country any more. Non-country music fans think of modern songs like this when they hear "country," and, realizing that this is terrible, they don't like country. Real country music fans realize that this is not country music, but a pitiful attempt at making country music, and, therefore, don't like it.
ben eller
had this song in my head as I lay in bed sick
skippytwb !
when i was in kindergarten this was my favorite song
ben eller
this hit me at work today
Matt Melnyk
The backing vocal(female) is an amazing singer named Clare Dunn. Youtube her she's phenemanal. Your welcome
Awesome song and video!!!????????????????
Si vis pacem, para bellum
She can ride me to burger king any day lol
Christopher White
Country is runnin in my viens
Carlos Burgos
And I thought that this song was sang by a fat guy...
Captain Jake Adams
Anyone Else At Luke Bryan's Detroit Concert? It's Going To Rock!!!
Christian gregersen
I love Luke Bryan
Reinholds Klinefelter
Sixty seven million people watched this? Let me page the planet killer lurking far out there.
Janel Griffin
I'd shake it for you
Platønic Plagüe
This played in a store the other day and i sung almost every word to it. I haven't listen to this in about 6 years, I was hella shocked I remembered it????
Teaira Matson
I love you Luke Bryan day my day is good for you Luke Bryan
Where's Rudy

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