SinsBad4All Private
This is a good song like if u think so too
Carolinablue Bear
Whhhhaatt!!!? ‘This the S h * t !!!!
ricky bell
Who else is listening in 2020? Drop a like for this amazing song!
Sylvia Stallion
Hey I wanna go fishing n I think ud be a good companion. Wed have fun. I love this song. Your missing something while I be bop on the RosavPark Blvd to this song. It gets better every time I play it
who else loves this song they listen to it every day
Logan Lambert
This is dumb ????????????????????????????
The German
This is my girlfriend's theme song when we are in the car together.. think about it you'll get it haha ????????
Ashley Hooper
Who else thinks this song is about getting head??????? debating it now with my husband.
Shawn Rowe
When I went and lost my mind, I anit been here long but the bobbers in the pond. Going up down up down... Hell yeah!!! (Drunk comment sorry)
Carlos Martinez
Been listening to this maybe since the beginning of 2018 and just realized that’s Hardy with the guitar at the beginning of the video...haha
Friend: is Morgan wallen a country guy?
Me: yes
Friend:Does he party?
Me: oh yes!!❤️❤️❤️
2019 people?
devin mosley
Why in the fuck would you team up with fgl they are horrible and your music is great
Elizabeth Cook
This is lit
Kody Black
Drink everytime he says up down. Challenge accepted, and liver rejected
Alma Tate
That is my men
Heather Wilschetz
He so HOT ???? in this video. I love this song. I listen to it several times a day. It will never get old.
Doyle Wright
Ice cold beer is good but can't forget the pretty ladies
Is that Hardy in the beginning?
Jared Childers
Since 7/29/19, this song title is the stock markets all across the board.
Kiley Brady
My neighbors are going to like this song whether they like it or not!
Grant Frye
here in 2019
Gunnar Holden
Was that filmed in Orange beach bama
Tina McKim
Listened to country for the majority of my life. Grew tired of it's unoriginality, twangy vibes, and lyrics about drinking, etc. Still love old country (George Strait, Reba). This artist and a few other "newer" artists are the only ones that I can listen to over and over again.
Greta Holmes
I am black I love Florida Georgia line my family think I am crazy
Amanda Cutshaw
Philip Patterson
Had no idea that was Hardy the first time i saw this
Luke Ramsey
ol hardy
Alex H
Do any of y’all know any songs where the other guy in Florida Georgia Line has a majority of the vocal lines?
Tyler has gotten a lot better, but I wanna hear this man’s voice.
Morgan, though, is amazing. I love his voice! It is one of the most natural country sounds out there today!
Maddiboo 23
Shot out to hardy
Nate Smith
Bad ass song. Hardy wrote this. Dudes cold.
Shawn Pedigo
Me halo halo I listen about 20
Isnt the the guy in the red cap in the glasses in the beginning a country singer too??
Beverly Pruitt
we got what whe got we dont need it
Jeffree Randall
Its funny my name is Morgan o love. Morgan. Drop a like if you do to
habtws123 _
They’re in orange beach AL!
Rena Kahler
holy craaappp look how good Morgan looks in this????????
i went fishing under that bridge a couple days ago i knew it looked familiar
Brendon everett
I am going to see u in November
hudson white
The best song ever
Trap Life
Why FGL have two singers but I only ever hear one of them??
Holding it down here in BFE, major metropolitan are in the background... lmao!!! Ok!
Mikey Jones
One of my top favs for sure!!!!! ❤️
Tye Kelly
iv been in that same spot lolll
Greg Burnside
pass the jack? about 1:16 but see no jack.. must be mason jar music!!!!!
katie mangold
I love this song so much.
Morgan Godsey
The 25k dislikes are from people who have common sense to know this sucks
Jeff Meacham
Typical red neck inbreeding song.
Bella Liller
Me and my nanny is coming to stay with us
Kacen Lockwood
I wish fgl would make more songs with morgan could you imagine?
Sierra Joedicke
So, am I the only one who loves his ripped sleeve plaid shirts?
Claudia Dorn
September of 2019 and this song is still fire
Sylvia Stallion
Luv morgan whalen. Sylvia Ann hvizdos Stallion Chesney Kenny Chesney lady
Jennifer Johnson
Gettin it!!!????
Morgan Wallen's girlfriend is in this video. I can't tell which one she is though. Her name is KT Smith if you want to look her up on Facebook.
Shameckia Johnson
I'm the only black person in my family that listens to Morgan wallen best song is this one and whiskey glass
Brennan Wheeler
This song is why people hate country!
i like that Vanilla Ice made a cameo!
Peter Hammond
Probably the stupidest song ever written.
best country song
Jared Watkins
I love Morgan Wallen And Florida Georgia Line And i turn it up down up down
Tyler Stowe-Holt
Hardy before he was who he is today
Rachel Bollhorst
September 2019 anybody? Come on y'all. This is real country music
Dra O
Lemme guess: fishin, drinkin, new beat, tattoos, boats, girls. Nothing new.
Dont tell my hood friends i'm watching this
Nerf brothers
I really love Morgan wallenda ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????⚾️⚾️⚾️⚾️⚾️⚾️⚾️⚾️⚾️ oh I play baseball I've hit a homerun
William Taylor
That awful big pond lol
christopher saari
Life is good. Just keep
Ericka Gray
Love it
Lose FGL and you’ll have a lot more fans... just sayin
Hay for Hank
The best party song ????
Taylor Reisen
Orange beach ????
I need to party with these guys. Beer and shots and country ahhhhhhh I love it!!!!
Brenden Latkovich
anyone realize this was like the first video of HARDY in country
Denilson Ferreira
Show . Brasil , Brasil os caras são bons . é nois
Nic Francis
This is at the Caribe isn’t it?
Allison Collins
I love this song
Fairly Obvious
These guys are so ghetto I love it!
Savage on Demand
Did you mean Kane brown at 1:16
Savage on Demand
I mean 1:04
Diego Martinez
Love this song????????????????
Diego Martinez
If you love this song drop a ???? like
Walker Dunlap
Am I the only white guy from the southeast that likes this song? Oh wait jk
Alex Gonzales
Toyota amphitheatre baby whoooooooooooo
Alex Gonzales
Free Bird fuck yeah
Jeff Eilers
Love it, even has Shiner Bock ????
Chloe Rainville
this is one of the only songs I will listen to when I study
Zac LaJoie
Out in Orange Beach! Right down the river from the Flora Bama.
Cristal Alonso
Great songs
Hunter V
HARDY got fucked over in this arrangement. The man wrote 80% of this song and didn’t even get a credit link
Cayce Everett
How’s life gets better when they listen to this song
Michaella Hader
Any idea where Morgan Wallen got his shirt/where to buy it?
patti brown
This song just FIRES ME UP!!!!
Winston’s Channel
This song makes me wanna gallop my horse around town
Miss Rhossel
THERE YOU ARE!!!! I have been looking for this song in forever!! Thanks WWE, I gained a song in my playlist.
Sharon Shupe
Love this!!!! Such a fun UP down UP down song <3 Just saw him with FGL so awesome!!!
Kandi Kleshelle
I raise Kaine everyday lol. He's a beautiful, blue eyed, blonde headed rascal, I like to call my son. :) #welovethissong #raysingkaine #hesthree
Juanita Gonzales
hi morgan when will you be in waco tx
Breanna Turpin
Do do do do do do do do dodo do do Friday after 5 got her just in time ????????????????????????up down up down we liven up down up down up down ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????❤️❤️❤️
Aubrey Palma
Morgan ahh
Silly Willy
For a bunch of Gulf Coast guys, they sure have gleaming white skin, lol....3:48...lotsa really white skin on those legs, where is the Gulf Coast tan??
Thomas Musser
Just found Morgan Wallen and HARDY co-wrote. He's the one on the guitar in the beginning
Sammie Weddle
whats up morgan wallen
Elizabeth Turrubiartes
I love this song ????????????????
Nerf brothers
Can you perform this song in Kentucky November 15 please please please please Morgan wallen
Gilberto Gutierrez
my kind of livin' .
Beer, women,boats and good music!!!
I'll drop ???? about that Texas Beer. Something about that Shiner.....
Braunson Ryan
Damn Awesome!!!????????☠️☠️
Music Forever
Who is still listening to this s song in October 2019
Jared Gardner
That’s hardy in the beginning with the guitar I think
Brenda Pittman
This my favorite song
I feel like a goon for just now realizing the guy playing the guitar in the beginning was hardy
Like how Hardy’s in the video ????????
Jess None Ya
Jess None Ya
Frederick Bradley
“Tonight we’re gonna raise... a whole lot more than cain” ~ Best Line
Sylvia Stallion
Love this video
พงศ์ศักดิ์ เสือจอม
I'm come from Thailand.
I'm like is song.
Andy man
I'm hitting this line wit my bobber in de..... finish
David Henderson
That old camp ain't bad though fr!!! Pretty smooth but it take alot to get hammered just like ole jack
Mark Demarest
But this
fortnite god and gta5 god
No one cares if your listening in 2019
linda floyd
Who in 2019? Still love this song.
Suzanne Weeks
PK/OB theme song right here..
Ethan Paul
Love this song! Anyone else notice the freshwater lure in the bay?
Diana Hernandez
The corniest intro ever
Andy Brewer
Great song! ????????
Clayton Murray
Can I get a like for Hardy being featured in this before anyone truly new him
Shirley Thomas
Dam right ????????????????????????????????
I love this song but I miss the mullet ????
Troy Adams
Is this song like 30 years old or something
Hunter Quinn
I don’t care who’s listening to this right now ????
Braxton Miller
Still a fire ass song
Adam Kelly
Scrolling through the comments going up down, up down, up down.
Jason Firmingham
Great song for jamming on Friday or even on payday
Love the song
Saviorxx 524
Dammit now my speakers are goin up down up down up down
Bryan su
Great. I've stumbled upon the embodiment of pop country trash.
Giovanna Guzman
I went to both of their Concert this last month
Crouton Papier
tros bien
Meagan Barber
Leroy Herrera
nothing better than a cold shiner and a bobber in the water.
Cwo_owC _
Country is the best!
Braxton Hughes
Up Down is cool ???? my favorite song up Down
malaki floyd
he'll ya yee yee
Blossom_ Gacha
I love Morgan wallen
Allysa Braverock
Up down up down
Kristi Landers
I love this song so much we and my family jam out to it
Henry Wilkins
Best song ever
Henry Wilkins
Pls like
Henry Wilkins
Nice song Morgan you should go on stage in front of eve
Joann Pflug
love yalls song souteast ga
Joann Pflug
hello kids dance to this up down miss yall allsoutheast ga
Adam Heick
Great song
Kara Bickers
Who loves this song
Joann Pflug
to my only son its youre mother stacy lynn keep up fishing south ga florida line
Joann Pflug
up down great song
dark angel
Why was the USA made up
the family the trampoline challenge family
My favorite song of all time
the family the trampoline challenge family
I know him in real life
Going up down $$$$$$$$$$
Amber Whitt
Whos still listening to this in November 2019
D addy
he looks like a chad
How many people tried Old Camp Peach Pecan whiskey cause of this video?.......LOL I did!
Derrek Wilder
If you are still watching this in November 2019 then like this
David Brunett
Tf is this shit?
Nicole Daniel
We live it up down up down here
It’s Jaylen Hampton
Good song
John Thao
No 1 gives a shit when u listening to this!!!
I love up down soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much
I'm listing November 2019 enywon else?
Who knows what the switch witch is
Brendon everett
I wish I could come and get a ticket and see you
Leslie Block
Wow always thought was just Florida Georgia line the morgan guy I really like hes voice and didnt except hes voice from him lol
Donavon Vires
Anyone listening to this in November from Eastern Kentucky?
Chipmunk Bad medicine
Got a little game we play at parties: take a fat sip every time he says up down, it’s a sure fire way to get fucked up.
Tyler Tubbs
no shit i'm listening in 2019 or I wouldn't see your comment, potato
Can I get 1000 subs With no vids
I thought this was new well dang
Gir Affe Mcgrath
Morgan Wallen is one of the few good artists on my local country radio
Brandon Leiss
Jonathan Ward
You are not at a pond JA . You are at the ocean DA .
Bobby Schmidtzinsky
if you don't like this song, then you ain't country. Go F yourself.
Jarrod Peters
I love your songs
johnetta salisbury
Only one problem its a Ocean not a pond #pa
Kylee Kubat
YAAAY! This was filmed in Orange Beach, Alabama! My HOMETOWN! Best beaches on earth! Sugar white sand and 80s condos ????
Jenna S
It’s so weird seeing him without a mullet lol
christopher saari
Thank you
Wanda Vines Vines
Yall good
Rayne Sutherland
who else thinks Morgan Wallen is cute
Rayne Sutherland
i think Morgan Wallen is cute and i am only 12
Kristen Day
He is amazing hit the like if like Morgans singing
kadence burnett
You are so good how do you do it
Bevie Davis
Up Down Up Down Up Down
Goin Up Down Up Down Up Down
bobbin' updown updownupdown

that's all I know.
Nike Amethyst
My friends currently are annoyed with me because everyday at lunch I end up singin this song
Joann Pflug
up down allright
Kolbaser Blyat
When country mixes with pop:
Kris Kalmar
Who's just here listing to this song just because they like it .. country music, fishing,drinking what more do you need
Ryan Reed
Who's still Listening to this in December then Like this! Ha beat everyone to December
Morgan do u like Hunting I like Hunting Text me Sexy Morgan!!!!!!!!
Ooooo Morgan Ur Face And Cuteness Is PERFECT!!!!! Ur voice Perfect too
Morgan Wallen I had A Dream About U And Cole Swindell Last night it was midnight the 3 of Us Were On A Boat Singing and Playing guitar and I was Hugging and Cuddling U Morgan Wallen And then Cole Swindell Dove off the Boat and Swam Away
Who else saw the dog on the boat????
Lol Morgan Wallen Can U Picture Jason Aldean Dancing Naked In A Field To Luke Bryan And getting Arrested
Sheldon DeRuigh
Is that Michael Hardy in this video as well?
Rosemary Monreal
2019 sooo Dame ????❤️????????????????????Texas love ❤️
Ken Olson
What’s 5 minutes ?
Darlene Ferrell
I think you are the best at this song NO THE BEAST at this song. I am you biggest fan for this song Morgan
JD Dickey
The boat is anchored lol. Fake as hell
robert rodriguez
Shiner Tx!
Lena Bishop
I’m so stupid I didn’t know that was Hardy in the beginning until rewatching this now
J CityTV
reading the comments right now scrolling up down, up down, up down!
Phillip Thomas
i am listening to it
Amber Burke
I am still listening to this on 11/20/19 drop a like if you listen to it in November
Tysyn McCann
That's a ocean not a pond my dude
Lacey Favrow
I like you country songs
Leann Germany
Love this song
Christopher Beattie
The music sucks
Jonathan McDonald
Cold beer goin up down up down up down like it if downing a cold 1 listening to morgan wallen

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