Alaina Eckerdt
How many of us girls wouldn't love to be the girl in the video?
Lowery Family
We love you Luke Bryan
Rasta Ganja
No I don’t want this night end words from a wise man still here in 2019
One of my favorite songs ever!!!
im batman
Anyone listening in 2k19?
Vincent Forsberg
Luke=best romance
Has to be one of my fav song's ????????
Breyer Smith
Sounds like he is describing my story of my girl hopin in the truck and cruising a back road , I had no clue what road we were on but I didn’t care just listening to music
Brandon Koch
Clrissa laub every little moment was a blessing to me thanks for given me Your time sure had fun together weather my family believes me or not
brian morrison
She won't tell him where she's from or where she's gonna be because she's married.......
NinjaGaming 76
I listened to this when I was 3 I'm now so nostalgic
Farlen Ketchum
"..Bring dance to the stars.."
Rothana Yin
Hey keen you ready to dies
Keith Russell
I love this song ❤️????
Z 85
A nice cold beer, a squarebody chevy playin Luke Bryan and a girl in your arms.. What can be better
Juanita Payne
Don't want the night to end .makes me wanna get up and dance sexy.
Juanita Payne
Some songs luke sings i try to avoid.they make me cry.they bring back memories of not such a good past relationships.
Isaiah Frausto
Best song
Landon Minor
You must get all of the girs
Travis Dalton
Love this song
angelica barbero Pecos
Love this song and just raising my hands in the truck
Joshua Neasbitt
I had heard this song when my ex girlfriend Stephanie was together the next day she went home and she we never talked again
Bradley Moore
Love this song so much.❤️????????????????
Andreana Williams
Me & MRBs song????????????????????????????????????I wish u cud sing to me again????????????
Ashley Clements
I'm lesbian and must say he is HOTT!! LOL
Bonnie Mcneil
Tammy Powell
JUST IMAGINE LIKE LITERALLY........ NEVER ENDING ????????????♾????????????????✅????????????
liam murray
[email protected] Email me please and ty any know where theres a stddio.
Crystal Mccall
Dam he's sexy !!! Love his ???? could listen to it all day everyday
Freedom 2 B Stupid
Luke Bryan is the king of country
Doris Beck
so goooooooooooooood of a singer i fant wene i hear him
Briana Mcclung
I love this song
Briana Mcclung
Luke Brian I love you you don't even know how much this song men's to me keep on doing what you do best and that singins
Random g
How bout 2020!!??
Katrina Segura
Stayé a little bit longer adjust to the NYU oh'h my oh'h my yeah today is Monday and Tonight is control yourself with this skins of OG G-UNIT G-MAIL IOAU ASU NYU USU BYU SOÓO Fort Worth area code I love it so I don't want you to'o ???????? baby I'm sorry I don't to loose you hang on tight I'll be right back account to account
Mitchell Best
Jesus man get her phone number, Facebook twitter something
Katrina Segura
Dressed drawers and dinner setts for all wall to walls just kidding keepsake is for my oh'h my oh'h my baby girl please I don't know what's going on but I do know what it is like to be half the hallway to the mirror and Sunday sits on Saturday and fires up Friday for John Fogerty won the last lifer for being the last come up in the messing with me and you will not be able to live for tomorrow and then
this my jam, was then, is now, hell right.
Tray Gomez
It is Tray I love your song i don t went this night to end
Austin Jones
You got the hot
let go
I dont want this night to end either tomorrow I'll have a hangover. :(
Denise Tipton
Luke Bryan was a great person and a awesome performer. I am so sorry for the loss of Luke. I will miss him dearly.
June Singleton
Bad Attitude
Susan Macewan
I'm in love he is so hot Luke Bryant wow
bill E
Watching this missing you...
The One
The worse feeling is waking up and she's gone
manuela mauder
Mystique Minx
Memories ❤☠????
Mega Michael
I was 13 when I first heard this song....and now I’m almost 22.....goddammit.
Sandy Naylor
Time 3:35.......+jj RADIO????????thanks BUDDY p.s.Ticket...
Maria Soto
Love this song ❤️❤️❤️
Hailey Booher
He sounds ❤️ broken ☹️
Craig Fabel
You're so awesome Luke Bryan
Robin Stephanie
Yes I am listening 2019 I am almost 47 January 26
Armando Quino
I love this song it's the best song i love luke Bryan i want to see him for my birthday????????????????
Nicholas Greene
I love Luke Bryan and all of his songs!!! Best country artist of all time.
Bill House
The classic's never die. Thanks Luke Bryan. ✌ OUT friends
Nathan Elwell
luke = life all night every night
mman killer
4:35_5:00 is like stop speaking in riddles b****
angela vaughn
You are awesome keep up the great talent
Buzzlynx 360
This is one of those songs that you hear the forst few notes. Take a deeeep breath in. And CRY AT NOSTALGIA
Crystal Ortiz
2020! yei lml
sis Virtryece Michel
Gdx a said deed end
Tammy Cathey
Who listens this in 2020
Joey Stano
This song will never get old this song will stay alive for ever
Areatha Rozell
Ahgsgsgsgq was your time for me a merry day r you have been working for your w
I have to go get
Areatha Rozell
TGIF has been the day for the day to be happy to see ya tomorrow morning handsome on the day I
Anahy Zacarias
Brenda Cherry
Love it
Katrina Segura
Sons tomorrow isn't late Thursday tomorrow tom Sawyer thee late Knight off and on the lights aren't former radio Hall of Fame former I can't go anywhere with or without you, I ain't finish I ain't there but every minute I wish and readdress the batmobile that's staring at me straight in the eyes from time to time baby I'm staring staright up dimm the lights for me and roller ball the movie please stand up and take a bow I'm wheelie into thee straight Straightish thru blaires of soft whistles and former pro bowl player isn't dead, former my ass schools assignment is to down the last can of straws straps blues unk ankle lockes and music musicians forms of login and music class announcements off and on the lights push me
Chris Wilfong
Going to my first concert ever jan 18 gonna see luke bryan in la quinta CA.
Phaedra Peters
The blonde chick is in shameless as Kevin's ex
V beats her ass ????????
Mari Marrfo duran
???? I had told a friend , beach , n truck ....roadtrip
Mike Honcho
Where my 2020 peeps at
Teresa Waid
Nathan Elwell
who is lisining in 2020? like if you are
Peter Macias
If I ended up meeting a girl like that I wouldn't want the night to end either.
Xander Stone
is that cameron richardson?
Lilia White
I'M ur biggest fan????????????????
Si Robertson
Wow gives me memories
Brandy wine
Love love this yeahhhh still jamming to luke ????????????nothing like mudding on the four wheeler in the country to Luke yeahhhh much love and respect from ky
When country used to be COUNTRY
Love from Israel ❤️
Tiffany Shiflett
I'm so the girl to slide up on that dusty seat n let my hair down .. ????.. n I'd def be standing up out that sun roof ????
Tiffany Shiflett
I'm so the girl to slide up on that dusty seat n let my hair down .. ????.. n I'd def be standing up out that sun roof ????
Traxey Hildebrand
Good song.
Shannon Crabb
I love this song also so if you love this song leave a like.
Shannon Crabb
You are also a really great singer you are my favorite singer ????❤️????????????????????????????????
Shannon Crabb
I am also a country girl ???? I love country music ❤️????????????????????????????????✌️????????‍????????????⚡️????????????????????
Angie Jones
I'm just hearing this for the first time I love it!
Alexa Donahue
This has literally had been my favorite song since.. I mean I don’t even remember not loving this song ????
Liz Glasgow
Not ever❤️????
Michael McDonald
This song reminds me of a certain person that was in my life
Christopher Langton
we get set aside on purpose
Maria Neta
Te adoro Luke Bryan eu sou sua fã
Nathan Fullerton
My teacher like you
L-T. Lampz
Nostalgia is hitting different now????????

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