Je Fantastike
how many dancer?
yes ....
Gar Chi
Amazing !
Axel Rodriguez
Like si estás enamorado de dua lipa????
Ziaurrahman Shanto
I wonder who's the stupid guy
wendy happiness
She was like 90s version
Vlad Ilkevich
bodied this
Goofhead Rodriguez
Dua Lipa looks like my aunt when my aunt was younger lol ????
Maria Eduarda Mariotti
The best part 0:30
Psikis cambpens
ni un Brillo ...ahora ni un artista sorprende mas de lo mismo...otra Lady Gaga otra Britney Spirs otra Bellonce otra madonna otra del montón..
Alejandra Pérez Glez
Lo que siempre admiro es la seguridad de las cantantes, ojalá todas las personas tuviéramos esa seguridad, así lograremos nuestros sueños, creyendo en nosotros mismos
mary riaz
On the thumbnail I thought they just put black all over her body
Ivando Maia
Muito fraquinha ela...
Edna Cruz Carrizales
Simplemente... espectacular ????
James Charles' tremendously improved his vocals
That head movement at 1:30 got me! Ugh!
Hold my mic 1:56 let me show em some dance moves
When you are creating a good music you do not need to show your ass...
She's looks like Jessie J ????
damn that assssss
Emsong 100
You realize how much the singer is put in otou tune ,but she also was dancing but she’s good
Vea Pfirter
Sis didn't just stole my wig... I ain't got no roots anymore!!!
Francisco Garcia
So much passion about a girl and a pair of shoes.
Francis Buenaobra
kudos to the choreographer wow
Hi I'm Aden
I'm not being mean but she just said ➖
ivan bahtiar
She is hot...... Savage
Armando Castro
Alin Faragau
Super lady ????????????
Amelia Piskorzynska
her singing.. not tryna be rude but like ouch
Ryan Greenough
This like blew me away, almost as much as a live Beyoncé performance. I know, it’s bold, but that was just ace. So much energy.
arun kumar
from 2:40 the dance moves are killer....
Alguien tiene está coreografía paso a paso ?
baby boomer twerk team
the little tongue pokes she does throughout this.... goddd she's adorable
Bhupendra Solanki
She's absolutely amazing❤️
Ts H
I am in love
lisbeth young
why does she remind me of james charles in this
Ella H
An improvement- yes
Natural rhythm- no
casi siempre unpopular opinions
Arrecha ella ????
casi siempre unpopular opinions
Amo los gritos
I love the people screaming <3
Lucky Apple
E shkreta. Bo për turp. Ajo ju kthe bythen, kurse ato rrotat bërtasin. Boni zhurm - thot ajo - dhe ato ja kpusin me za t'nalt.... Woaaaaaaaaaahhhhh
Ja çime nonën bre!
Jieun Lee
FINALLY a choreo that suits the song and she pulled it off so well. ????????????????????????
globo man
Me encanta
She move like the most sexy women in the world
I Bias ALL 21 of NCT
not even her fan, but her improvement makes me so happy.
I Bias ALL 21 of NCT
Im addicted to this performance. She is an amazing performer here!
Estreiana Venix
What matter is that nice voice ????
Lou Tait
She's amazing ❤
Clemente cid
NIKE_13 Sanchez
2:25 better than Japan ????????????????
Víctor Hugo Castro Flores
Wow sexy
Thicc Steve
Gives me major 2010s mall song vibes and I love it
Erzhan Zlo
Очень круто ????????
Alex Rodrigues
???????? Brazilian ????????
Nayara Miranda
Ela eh bem bonita,mais na roupa q ela ta usando parece q ela nem tem peito ;-;
Arctic Bolt
Ain't no one gonna talk about that great fucking bassline? Main reason why this song is so good, besides vocals and whatnot.
7ito The Gaymer
She always come out with songs my heart needs
Chipi Sua
Qué hermoso espectaaaaculoooo te amo dua lipa ????
Adam Eastburn
how bout that really tall dancer at the top lol
Anomikr Quimby-Cocquet
Her voice was rocky at the start but during it she really got into it
Kenko Sayuki
1:33 watch your step!!
Hot chick ????????????
Gravure Shuranou
her outfit is bothering me :(
Tayse Cristina
Em português nós dizemos "Chupa essa" para humilhar os haters dessa diva maravilhosa <3
Ryan Blumberg
Hell yeah chick can move!!!
Tomy Hardy
Woman I loved dat, really. ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
Victorio Gasman
I love disco music
Justin Venus
i'm inlove with the mic transition 2:08 so seamless ugHhh
barb. bv
Nanana por ti me hago lela bro deaaa
Felipe Rodrigues
Sensacional!!! ????????????????????????????
# Документалочка
по-русски кто-нибудь тут пишет ???
My_ Life
Dua Lipa.Të duam
Naedson Lima
DUA LIPA, simplesmente sensacional.! perfect Peformance ????????????
Pedro Porras muñoz
Aprender regetonistas del buen gustó occidental !!! Sois como de siglos pasados !!!! VIVA ESPAÑA, COÑO !!!
The lighting is just everything I need
Maximus Decimus Meridius
I’d sell my soul to the devil to be her boyfriend ...????
Reyana Peachy
All those people making fun of her dancing *look at her now*
And also she a singer not a dancer btw she's not k-pop artist who are trained to dance rlly good when there singing
Lauren Schlepp
Such a disco jam! This will be a timeless song!
ji woo
_it looks like she’s finally having fun on stage. good for her!_
plot twist this song is for her old choreographer
Aleksandr Belevtsov
Limon rush
Alexis Steele
All female dance crew. ????
I Gusti Gede Suryatmaja
Even tho the song is really bad, she has improved a lot
Beatifull!!! Dua lipa!
Breyer Kinzer
SIS DID A PROPER BODY ROLL and a whole ass MOMENT at 2:05-2:10
Василий Пупкин
i'm vomiting...
Pepita CM
Espectacular ????. Pero verlo en directo fue todavía mejor
Iker del Palacio
Imagine waking up with that body and not having to change a thing. I can't even relate in the slightest. Wow wow wow Dua you're a sculpture.
Fakename Fakesurname
I can't never get over how beautiful she is, oh my
Malcom M.
Me supermega me encanta dua lipa! Excelente coreografía y presentación... Es arte!
Night core PH
1:56 best scene ever!!
Jay Garcia
Everything is perfect until 1:33 lol. I love how Dua incorporate dancing in all of her live performances now. I can say she improved a lot. ????
Vandana Dhanalakshmi N.S
My jaw dropped at 1:26
Karla Ane
Wow me encanta esta chica
David Acosta
I LOve You dua lupa.. marry me now the world is ours...?!
m_top 96
from 02:42 still legendary ... ❤❤❤
m_top 96
01:40 this power ????????????
m_top 96
02:35 so good ????????????
Ian Snow
Killed it!
Outstanding performance all around.
outfoxed ahri
im so proud of her
She really did a full 180
Riccardo Ferrari
this is not real ... this is not possible ... she is not real! I'm dreaming of all this! move bitches Dua is coming !! 2020 year 0 After Dua
yo mama
1:33 that cute mistake
And that 1:40 HAHAHAHA
Damian O' Sullivan
Sex on legs
Monl Konli
Her stage presence is great now! I love seeing her grow as an artist
Kecske TV
0:35 ok champ
Amulya Dehury
What the heck she's wearing?????
Kayla Billings
She doesn’t make face expressions because she has so many fillers and botox
Jas ThePeach
Robert Palmer got shit on when he made this video.
Thank goodness that finally his designer puts on clothes that highlight his natural beauty ... by the way ... Dua is my girlfriend.
Paola Bracciani
Mi piaci tanto DUAAAA
Dylan Tsang
Literally watched every Dont Start Now video there is, idk why but it’s so satisfying to watch
Halle Zebrowski
what a fucking icon
Thais Michelle Make up
Amo o último passo q ela faz!
목소리가 너무 매력적이예요....cd와 같군요
She's So beautiful..
Jenn Ziff
You All bitching & complaining jeez leave the woman alone!!-- she's gorgeous talented & this song rules very catchy.!!!!!!!
Christoper Lead
Can't move on????????????
Bjanka Predragovic
Wow nice
a melhor!!!!
Carola Pala
OH MY GOD i fucking love the way she walks with hills!!!!
The choreography is great I love that and she looks like she is having fun
Applause to the choreographer????????
Tommy Scott
I miss the bad dancings :(
She did such an amazing job!!! It looks like she has so much more confidence in her music now which gives her even more confidence to dance to it!!! ????
She’s ain’t Beyoncé when it comes to stage presence yet but she has improved so much!
edits by an arianator
I love how Dua took all the criticism and hate towards her dancing very good. She had no hard feelings, she practiced and improved instead. We love a persistent queen. ✨
edits by an arianator
dua lipa's need for backup dancers could solve the world's problem, unemployment.
Massimo Campetti
Anthony Zaya
Nola Rain Fatally
Disco lady ~
Wow her stage presence and choreography has improved so much !!! Great job !
Noam meghnagi
is this in israel
Adrian Nunez
This is the most improved live performance so far. Kill it girl.
Andrea Tulino
Did anyone notice that at 1:35 that she misses her step ????
Luis Mendoza
How about with her tongue? Lol
Philip Hoy
I just wish that one day a female artist of today's generation would let her musical talent do the talking
Divine Buñi
This shouldve been the official video ????
I -
she ate this
siousie XUXI
Finally! She knows how to dance! Damn Dua! I hate that Im starting to love you?! ????
nailed it! <3
0:37 u want it boys again
Levent Öztürk
I hope this performance will go down in ema history as one of the greatest of all time!
Thank Jesus girl got a new choreographer
Thiago Bertotti
Essa mulher é muito talentosa e lindaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Nikela Newson
why does her neck look unattached to the rest of her body ii the thumbnail lol
lly g
She so tall
Never Back down
God damn that’s a lot of thiccness on one stage.
jordan castillo
Damn the last min was ????
Levi Garcia
I love u Dua ????????
Roshy boy
Am I the only one who saw that mistake
So are we going to ignore the fact that she has absolutely perfect legs and just rage about her dancing??
Esteban Miranda
Dua and this stage presence we love to see it
Luz Ailen
Ah bueno las piernas de esta muje
I came from the “dua lipa having 0 stage presence” video
Mirian N.
Sis wasn’t lying when she sang she’s not where we left her lmao
Saadia K
it's sad how the more famous a woman gets she has to get near naked
Who else though she was about to do zinxc or whatever his names dance
HeeSeonnie Kang
I seriously can't stop watching this, like I can't stop fangirling how confident she is.
Victoria Smith
She def dances way better than she did when she first came out.
Larry Dean
Thank you Dua Lipa for allowing my beautiful wife Kemm Tupica to be part of your amazing video. You are awesome!!!
JG - 06SN - Morning Star MS (1114)
I mean no hate whatsoever but I got a quick question, is she wearing a wig? 3:02
Gabriel Ferrari
Dua Lipa was to be a great quality, like that " Wow, you are so Dua Lipa today!"
T Sanh
Besides the comments, this stage could of gone horribly if the choregraph was a bit more intense with that dress she was wearing, why aren't people talking about her dress more?
Does she have 57 live back up dancers or did i count that wrong? And also... *why?*
Joshua Albrecht
Someone help. I can’t tell if all those dancers on the stairs are actually there or not lol
joh34 s
I Like this
I’m glad they finally invested in back up dancers and fancy lighting to supplement her dancing. It’s clear that she’s a singer so let her do what she does best
Candace Hood
Is Dua a trans?
Bront Ahmad
Dua lipa and her gorgeous minions... werkk!
Dua Lipa ft. Stage Presence
Johnrey Sabillo
That ain't 180, that's like 720!
Dancing bananas
stream mono
Dua has improved SO MUCH @ live performances i’m so so so proud of her!
dua lipa just funded the whole background dancer industry in one performance
joaquine manuel
Producer: how much auto tune do you want?
Dua: shut up
Lil Thresh
Sam Urai
Dua: “ Did a full 180”
Tik tok: ????????
Gabriele Caggiula
dua lipa: yellow
Lili Staszkiv
She 's wearing her swimsuit backwards and I LOVE IT ????????????
Janel Til
Hi Dua Lipa
Geovanni Álvarez
QuitChangingMyName On MY googleaccount!
How can we fix dua lipas dancing? Have her barely move and surround her with dancers
dua lipa reminds me every day why I'm heterosexual
Her legs are huge compared to her body

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