It's lit on x1.25 speed
"one hit wonder" ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Laura Bailey TV
Wow I’m getting John snow vibes! ????
Is he going pop?
Vince van Haren
Can't believe this song is from Post Malone. I never really liked his music, but he sure surprised me with this masterpiece.
Joseph Carr
Robb stark after the battle of oxcross
Orphan of Kos
Geralt of Rivera wants to know your location
antonius agan
Supeeeerrr, hits Music 2019
1:30 GOAT Malone wield his sword by the blade.
Maddie Troche
I friggin' love this song
Legendary Zelda
He can put on a tunic next and be my Link! ????????
Yes some song that doesn't relate ozzy in hollywoods bleeding
Aquatic Moon
I can't not sing along to this album.
Ian The Fanboy
*Question:* Who likes Post Malone??
name name
Post malone's a larper confirmed
Post Malone: Let me make Shrek 5 in real life
Rizal Abidarda
Oh, oh, oh-oh
Oh, oh, oh-oh
Oh, oh, oh-oh, oh-oh, oh-oh
We couldn't turn around 'til we were upside down
I'll be the bad guy now, but no, I ain't too proud
I couldn't be there even when I try
You don't believe it, we do this every time
Seasons change and our love went cold
Feed the flame 'cause we can't let it go
Run away, but we're running in circles
Run away, run away
I dare you to do something
I'm waiting on you again, so I don't take the blame
Run away, but we're running in circles
Run away, run away, run away
Let go, I got a feeling that it's time to let go
I say so, I knew that this was doomed from the get-go
You thought that it was special, special
But it was just the sex though, the sex though
And I still hear the echoes (The echoes)
I got a feeling that it's time to let it go, let it go
Seasons change and our love went cold
Feed the flame 'cause we can't let it go
Run away, but we're running in circles
Run away, run away
I dare you to do something
I'm waiting on you again, so I don't take the blame
Run away, but we're running in circles
Run away, run away, run away
Maybe you don't understand what I'm going through
It's only me, what you got to lose?
Make up your mind, tell me, what are you gonna do?
It's only me, let it go
Seasons change and our love went cold
Feed the flame 'cause we can't let it go
Run away, but we're running in circles
Run away, run away
I dare you to do something
I'm waiting on you again, so I don't take the blame
Run away, but we're running in circles
Run away, run away, run away
calevera street
Mierda ... Que buena rola .... Pffff
Michael Tijerina
Can't stop listing to this song
Anjelina Ngabalin
Indonesia mana suaranya
Retrix Gaming
never really listened to post malone but this, this is my legit my favorite song at this point my friends are annoyed because i play it so much
Matheus Werneck
The witcher 4 look realy cool
luong do
real superstar
Over Kill
Kinda seems like darksouls for all u that played it u know the girl under trapped in the cage... still love the song and vid
Green freshwater
Tell me this doesn't sound like space oddity
Who bouta play white Iverson next?
Aox Assassin
Lol Reminds me of playing with the boys in my neighborhood
I here Instant Crush by Daft Punk. ..... anyone else???
Valeria Martinez
I'm going thru a super hard time emotionally. Posty I hope you know you're music has been good to me. Thank you.
Benjamin De Leon
Dark souls but it’s Melancholy
William Gunnr
It's a really good song
Diego Castro Paz
ooooo looks is the real end of game of thrones
Harty Hart
Wow I’m really not a Post Malone fan at all, but I actually really like this. Sort of has an 80s quality to it.
Kamil Striker
wrong class they are dead take medic i tink he got timed out
Post in Skyrim
Abdulaziz Abbah
So post is white knight.
Chris Guild
You have anxiety?
Antonio Velazquez
Best song to put when your high
Is there any series or movies of this kind, like, besides game of thrones
why did he have to make it premium
Aditya shinde
I have made remix of post Malone click me to watch it
R1SE shyguyy
Post Malone is on my 1st place list for rappers aka singer
Bebe Ovo
Eu quero morrer
Cesar Guzma N
Played this all week
Rolling fat blunts
Maglandrance mixed with mimosa
Then fucked my bitch in the shower to this
blkdve music
So i guess his eye roll at the beginning of the video means nothing????
Dustin Urban
This video was probably alot of fun, wearing the armor and the emotions. Love it
Julian Sangregorio
aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
Thegamerjohn H
0% Drugs
0% Guns
0% Naked girl
100% dirty face
Doug Williams
high sparrow at 1:22
Every song is just better than the last!!! Thanks Post for another wonderful release!!!
This is the best Post Malone song
Kevin Thomas
I like hollywood undeads song circles more no disrespect to post malone tho
Please get a laser sword also a minigun shooting from a ufo riding a unicorn. Also lots of pornstars.
Niki Smith
100%post Malone smokes and I want him to stop one like one prayer for post malone to not get cancer
amit tripathi
Who is before 35 mil
Elsa Delana
Post Malone is the best.
1:10 sounds like “Last Christmas”
I like it
Adriana Charry
Post Malone you are just amazing!!
D- mon
What the heck?
3seconds hear to this, i know i’m gonna loves this.
Eilen Margarita Cotera Pastrana
Awesone song
Yakko' World
The new Skyrim game looks amazing!
Ivan Lemus
Hey best i sang and released
Young Flapjacks
Post Malone: Hey there...
Autotune: Ahh shit here we go again
d d
Dammnnn this album is related to my life fr????‍♀️????‍♀️????‍♀️
Michelle Wilson
Posty... Seasons Do Change but my love for this song will never change :)
J.D. Putmam
So no head????????
good song!!!
Alextheboss1356/Gaming Alex 1356
Lol me be like when im the last one alive fighting the ender dragon ????
Adhi rajasa rafif
I love guitar so much
rahul gupta
i just love this songs ,28 times already
Aokiji Sama
robb stark turned into post malone
Ali D.Dragon
New trailer for the witcher netflix ????????????
Small Daks
short film ba to hahahahha na may halong kantahan
Shadow Goose
Is that a guy wearing 95s at 1:21
bruh post malone lookin like a rank 14 arms warrior
Wenn Somerhalder
Love this song♥️♥️♥️
Earon June
Hope y'all are ready for the zombie apocalypse ????
stolle stolic
Any Mordhau players here ?
Arshdeep Mann
what happened to your songs?
I need 1 hour loop of this song intro. The Bass is so good
Dear One
Posty sneaked in another country song disguised as pop. If you take out the’s a Country.
Mr. Mindflayer
Want to play some d&d sometime post?
I love this song, the tune gives me a happy feeling, I just wish his voice didn't sound as autotuned in certain areas of the song.
knight with tatto XD
blake skiez
This is probably my favourite song by post malone, keep up the good work man ????
Nyanko - Sensei
I though post's rap was good, his this genre though ????????❤❤ (pop? Not sure what style this is) its amazing!
indra suryawan
Its look like 1975 in others angle :))??
Ahad Hussain
Post, im your biggest fan even though im 12 i love all of your songs, the best one for me so far is Wow and it will probably never change. my favorite song of yours is 92 explorer. it just speaks to me, i hope to meet you one day. im going to your concert in Jay Park it will be very cool seing you in person for once.
Dhillon Harold
That i see on this vids
1.Rapunzel without mouth
2.Sesame song as Taylor
Swift 's Songs
marshall custer
love you
0 Video 1 million Subscribers Challenge
very chill song postmalone i like it song! downloading music mp3 add my playlist
0% Weeds 100% Very beutiful and chill song
Subscribe to my channel #RoadTo1MillionSubscribers hahaha
Ady Bonaparte
Is that robb stark THE KING IN THE NORTHHHH
Marissa L.
I ❤❤❤ this song! Can't get enough of it...however this video doesn't seem to reflect the song I think ????????
Chloe Coke
Is this skyrim themed
Wyatt Thayne
Top down on the Jeep, friends in the passenger seats, this song playing, lyrics memorized, name a better time.
Jay Scott
this song is going round in circles because i have it on repeat ???????? LIKE IF YOU AGREE ✨
ZgodVin 2780
Nice there's no cigarettes
Vini Biza
With armor like that, he’s the best artist at the jousting tournament ????
Gonzalo PH
Someone has been reading Berserk huh...
When your minecraft girlfriend and your gang decided to kill the ender dragon but she didnt make it
DJ Cockblokula
Can someone explain this music video? I'm lost here :/
Luz Martinez
Lil pump has a Lamborghini. Post Malone has arrows.
Michele M
Love this song. The beat reminds me of days gone by.
Mykho Lopez
Anyone know the story?
Tommy Bauer
Tame Impala vibes
Fleetwood Mac Vibes
Best of both worlds
Great song Posty
Wade 10
Ready to hear this on the radio for 2 years
Gabriela Guerrero
This is such a cool music video
the 21Clan
You like sartlord
Tim Baker
I’m a fan of this song, that being said the beat sounds a lot like the road trip bop that music by blanks made with ig????
Post Malone is the cause of our euphoria ❤️❤️❤️
Milap Prajapati
creativity at its best!! Music and video
This is one of my favorite Post Malone Music Songs.
Shiba doge
It remind me a lot of Julien Doré's type of music ! It's a french singer, check out Chou Wasabi guys !
Purple Rain
????????????????????????. “What They Want” album by Cameron Warren ???????????????????????? is great music too Post.
Patrick Santana
Algum brasileiro que amou essa musica ??
God damnit, I fucking love this song
adam young
Give the Autotune engineer a raise! Timbaland and Cher would be proud.
kaenaboy 808
Does he ever make a bad song
Soul I Adventures
Post Malone Animation
Acoustic Hive
Is this song means like the rat race of rich dad poor dad?
the bassline sounds similar to the less I know the better
Noor's World
'We couldnt turn around, till we were upside down'
Hamza ujjainwala
Posty Loves Game Of thrones and rapunzel
Marco L
Is JHON snow or post Malone?
The Vousmeamoure
I heard all his songs in this album and that’s all good. I already know who’s the winner in the next Grammy.
Javier Chinchilla
-Video director: how much epic do you want the video
-Post Malone: YES
Jake Bridge
i love Post Malone's Songs
Im dancing like a retard on our bathroom rn.
This video shows why he smells so much irl LMAO
mitchell bamberry
For honor?
Step 1. Go to Google
Step 2. Search this keyword: 123moviesoldversion
Step 3. Enjoy!
Post Malone - Circles
crinkling. ’’I’m in love with you, and I’m not in the business of denying myself the simple pleasure of saying true things. I’m in love with you, and I know that love is just a shout into the void, and that oblivion is inevitable, and that we’re all doomed and that there will come a day when all our labor has been returned to dust, and I know the sun will swallow the only earth we’ll ever have, and I am in love with you. “I am nothing special, of this I am sure. I am a common man
Burnt PotatHoes
Love how this song is so chill and relaxing????????I love it so much, welp...thats Post Malone though...none of his songs has been ugly to me????????THEY'RE ALL FREAKING CATCHYYY!!!
Her Slave
I dont like some of his songs but this and sunflower are the exception.
fatima ahsan
I lov this song ,_,
Pure brilliance!!! One of the best songs ever!!! Such a magnificent artist!!
Swapnil Lamsal
Transformers The last knight vibes????????????
Gabriel Anderson
Bro if he climbed up her hair then dam her neck must be fucked up to support his weight
Run away run away
Credit to music by blanks for the basslines ????
Not related to post Malone, but I can see JK and Jimin cover this song.
Carrie Salas
I wish I was in one in his song
Carrie Salas
Or Chris brown or
Carrie Salas
Mat Granado
Post malone is truly a legend in our time. Just how john lennon was in the 60s/70s
Tatjana F.
Omg his voice
Stuart Payne
I love this song sitting in lanzorote amazing this is all im listening to right now in circles
Kelly Gomes
Show suas músicas
I love this song so much its so chill
dead beats
Post Malone: circle
Disney: where is our live action team
Uncle Hotshot
Post Malone became one of
The Most Influencial Rappers
Of this Decade ????
Like if y'all agree! ????????
lol and bbc still gets stormzy and eds top1.
roblox gameroos
This song is acc so good, love his voice. :D
Русские лайкните будто что-то крутое написал
Little Bhay12
Post Malone pure talent
Wasim Akram
This song made me his fan
Doug Kim
It’s insane how much he looks like Robb Stark
Nice! He's got some seriously catchy tracks! Loved this tune the first time I heard it because of its Psychedelic beach summer vibe
Evelyn Visitacion
Tangled deleted scenes
So much Tame Impala vibes. Such a good song!
lea wink
Damn Malone You divine Knight
Perfect banger to finish the year
MeekRoger GhostGang
We do feel you bro
Damn, I can’t believe I can’t stop watching and listening to this track, Jesus
sabita kc
Great video
Emang paling suka sama MV nya Post Malone karena selalu disediakan lirik dalam Bahasa. Jadi bisa menikmati alunan musik dan memahami isi lagu.
Natalie Garcia
It was just the sex tho
Ay knights my school emblem is a knight I respect
Rebecca Dsouza
Nice when is this movie coming out?
Robot Six
I. Can't. Stop. Listening!
Francees Alhadaya
Who thinks Post Malone is one of the top 10 best rappers in the world
Like: yes
comment: No

Love you post
knotz 909
I am not a huge fan of this genre but I love the music video. I am also not sure if this type of music fits with this music video but I will suggest myself a bollard
Angelyn Ramos
Who is still waiting for another game of Dark Souls?
Just me?
Man i wish post could have bounced back from being a one hit wonder...
Abdullah Aboo Bakker
Wow what a nice song ????????????????????
Eliakim Mwadeghu
Terrific ????????
Filip Idol
00's rock vibes ;))
Justin Nagamalla
Circles drum cover ❤️
Renee Martin
Why is this so good ugh
i am that
Nice beat. Week voice over auto tuned
Mohamed Lamine
no one like u
Mateusz Juszynski
I like that new trailer for Dark Souls 4
Nicole Boyce
I really want to go to this concert.. nobody wants to go with me and I don’t want to go alone.. but I’m about to say fuck it...????????
Anh Đức
Director: so i need some ideas for the new mv
Malone: how about ga...
Director: i’m on it
Luna Black
I love you ????
I actually love this song
Happy Pelican
Why's it not on the billboard yet?
Anam k
Why the hell it's sounds like instant crush.......???? ( 1 of my fav)
Smokey The Sir
This is totally ripped from another song I know, but he’s popular so fuck the original beats right?
Jared Peregrino
I LOVE ARE SONG ????????????
Xalide İbrahimova
dude play for life life gaming
Laith Nabut
Happy music happy murder
Tyson Wagner
I know it says directed by Colin Tilley, but I get the strange suspicion that Matt Mercer is somehow involved...
he died in the war and his last dreams were about trying to get home with her beloved
Mayleana Bowersock
I honestly haven't liked any music from anyone the past 5 years untill. I listened to everyone of your songs. Amazing real music I can hear how you are feeling! Just beautiful though sad sometimes.
Diego Echeverría Giménez
pop, mmnm.
Thomas Ankone
Favorite song by far ! ????????
Scdkd Hfori
Niiiiiiggga nigaaa M+D=Dj>
Yevhenii Berenchan
Ahahahh lmao.It's looks like Game Of Thrones.
Kelli Snow
Hear that... just the sex tho ???? lol. Dam... 2funny
Yuri Costa
Alguen BR
Andrew Kirkland
Anyone else notice post hasctealy bad tooth ach or a fractured cheek bone or broken jaw
Maddie Hoffman
I stopped listening to Post Malone for a while but I’m back now :))
Yunayka Martinez
Basically when my friends die in fortnite and I'm the only one left in the squad pls like
Margaret Simpson
Always wanted a knight in shining armour. ????????
Captain Commissar
This music video NEEDS TO BE A MOVIE!!!! I'd sell my kidney to see a full movie of Post Malone fighting zombies in medieval times!
Elder scrolls 6 is looking epic
cam po
This song is so good I hate it now, that I can't help but feel like circles are stuck in my head
It's not a song, is a vibe
Jebedaiah 657
Music at 0:41
bryan hynniewta
I'm sorry
But I cannot draw a cricle
Am I dumb
Step 1. Go to Google
Step 2. Search this keyword: 123moviesoldversion
Step 3. Enjoy!
Post Malone - Circles
other’s dreams, we can be together all the time. “Worry does not empty tomorrow of its sorrow, it empties today of its strength. “Dare to BeWhen a new day begins, dare to smile gratefully.When there is darkness, dare to be the first to shine a light.When there is injustice, dare to be the first to condemn it.When something seems difficult, dare to do it anyway.When life seems to beat you down, dare to fight back.When there seems to be no hope, dare to find some.When you’re feeling tired,
ErikJ Reddington
I dare you to do something... get hair right. That (no rascist) Jew fro, though on second thought keeping rocking it. I'm full of shit and you are killing the game.
I am disappointed in myself for not listening to this any time sooner
Chasmine blogs
Ilove this song????
Veeh Salvatore
Run away, run away ????????????
Angel Adrian
My poo when i flush
Mariana Claré
Tame impala vibes omg
Me after maneuvering my way out of class after pulling out gum.
Angelique quinn
????????????????????????????????????❤????????????????????????Love it
wafflesport k
I think the people are staring at him because he is the only dude there with tats
*Post Malone inspired me to start making Music again - I aspire to make a song with him some day. Mark my words!*
Fuad Ayub
He looked like karl urban
This is Grammy worthy
Martin Molina
tema qlo bueno wn te amo uwu
Luis Ch. Gonzales
Black desert
Lance Archibald
This song should be mashed with falling down by lil peep
Red Sky
One of the songs I love now 2019❤️
S trftlrd
Post looks 10 times more handsome in armor, should totally be his everyday look
Goated on the stickes boi
This song is goated
So if he could make music like this the whole time why did he get face tats and make shitty shitty mumble rap?
I wouldn't mind having post Malone as my Knight in shining armor
Harrison Hayes
He’s such an amazing artist, I’m glad to have met him a month ago just before he dropped his album ❤️
Griffin Hawke
Hollow intensifys
Ashen one 100
my #1 fav posty song
d rae
sub to me if u not gay????????
Hector Reyes
love your music post
Marlene Cedillos
y’all should listen to the 8d version
love this song
There is literally nobody on the planet that is sexier than Post Malone.
Marc Andreuk
Anyone have any csgo knives?
j rand
You dont have to skip songs on this albums.
Ethan Jansen
Hey Brenna Jahn if you see this I want you to know how much I like you and that I like the fact that we both like Post Malone
Isabel Jules
Billie Eilish: I'm the bad guy
Post Malone: I'll be the bad guy now
João Henrique
Algum BR escutar esse cara ou só eu mesmo?
JT Reacts N Shii
???????????? So relatable
Ryan Jun Cagaanan
Such a great song it chills my nerves
One of the many Matts
Post malone must have a thing for being dead
I heard he's a white supremacist
Memes For Life
We couldint turn around till we were upside down
He definitely plays fantasy games
Gaming BrotherET
How did he survive all that at 3:46
Gaming BrotherET
I mean at 3:17
omg i've been searching this song's name because i loved it!:> btw its cuz i first heard it on the radio
Long Khunatip
Feel smooth after listen to this
trang nguyễn
Anh LONE ơi nhạc anh nghe cuốn lắm, chăm chỉ ra nhiều bài hay anh nhe bọn em yêu anh
Rhea Silvia Queen
Othella Young
"Seasons change" Let Go I got a feeling that it's time to let go I said so
Daniel Palacios
Wow am I starting to like post Malone songs ????????‍♂️
T T Dilley’s
This is my favorite song you sing
Tài Nguyen
verry good <3
Me after I slaughter everyone in Riften, also me during an intense dnd campaign
Akriti Poudel
he loogs laig jOHN SNOWW FWADDGGEEE!!
Brianna Castro
Here should be a song from post Malone called circles around my mind
Brianna Castro
Who else thought the first part of this song sounded like Mexican music
Posty played skyrim too much
Sam Hilbourne
this song slaps
Tom Bain
The First time i watched this I watched this i
was trash the second i was like yesssssss circles
Viølet Evergarden
This will be my favourite song for years bro.
17' 17
So what’s the video about??
zu beats
listen up my beat please and use this!
Abigail Rodrigue
Post Malone is my favorite when I get stressed I listen to him and he is one of the things that help me relax, my family is the most that help me relax and not stress.
Jacky B
Finally!!! we get to see Post Malone’s deleted game of thrones scene ????????
Simon Bai
"Maybe you don't know what I'm going through" is my favourite line.
Yoloswagpro Bro
that apple tv show genuinely looks cool
Jennie Na
Thank you , Your music soothed my painful heartbreaks. Salute to posty
No Life
I think post has been playing a lot of for honor
Ernie Naz
1:21 Guy injured on a table wearing Hightops .... LOL. But good song!!!
Elvira 9981871832
Muy bonito saludos
Rastislav Murgas
this track is goona hit me
great job John Malone Snow
So trash
Carson Flake
why does this song always hit different
Does anyone get On Melancholy Hill vibes by the Gorillas?
This is Great Hip-Hop!!!!! .....
Mystic stickman
I'll be the bad guy now!
Aleisha Leo
LOVE THIS SONG!! CHECK OUT MY COVER OF THIS BEAUTIFUL SONG ON MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
Carlos Vega
This song is addicted!!!!
rachit spall
Ser post of the house Malone dropping another hit
I am a cat
When he said "and I still hear the echoes" and his voice echoed I felt that
Steinar Miedema
Listen this song at speed x1.25
Sushi Phile
ugh the guitar and the beat make me wanna orgasm , like btch thats so satisfying to hear and combinbed with the mv ughhhhhhhhhh yess harder
ry m
g e n e r i c a f
Helmi El
I listened to this piece of art one million times I legit listened to it every day from the day it came out❤❤❤
Neil E.Anlin
Love you Big Dog!
this gives me shrek vibes, i don't know why
This beat sounds like it should be in littlebigplanet
Janine Bonser
Best song of 2019! What a fantastic voice. Love love love it.
Lance Pena
Congrats Post!
???????? reminds me of Snow Patrol-called out in the dark...similar vibe
Jaeden Monks
How is he gonna get in the tower when it's barred up
quim mayo
Actually loving the film
medieval tattoo knight
Autumn Weber
This Song Was Amazing! This Is My Favorite Song Of His :)
How come Post etc can talk about fucking bitches. She thought it was special, but he was just after sex. Yet I can't get a fuck without a girl wanting to get married and I have to break her heart. Its cruel to fuck girls over like that imo., yet most rap songs are all about it
Whyxxudie 2
A knight fight huh? Well his team got defeated and tried to get the princess but boomed it failed! So he need to sang a sing instead... Season change
Na cara Do gol
Bis Musik, super geil
If this song plays at my funeral, I may just come back from the dead. I’m here at this video because my fans keep telling me my new song on my channel sounds like this. All these thumbs up below will have good luck for a whole year, trust me, it works. ????????????????????????
Mark Beards
Love this tune so much
marcelo malta
The best!!!
Yxng Saiyan King
When post malone turns rapper to singer
Elisabeth idek
This song is so good, and makes me want to cry for some reason
Erro Senn
Why is Geralt walking through a random village in Velen 01:12
So this is where Post Malons auditon to game of thrones went
i never would have thunk it
Rappers these days look like detention desks.
Stephanie Sanchez
BEST song in the world
sup Thai pst.
Google User
This is real music
Maria T Ledesma
Love the song and video????
angiline Ramos
Runaway Runaway I dare you to do something I'm waiting on you again
how does this have 22k dislikes
Ollie Donations
Who’s watching 2023
Sofia Quiles
post malone is like the only rapper i can understand everything that he says in the songs
Tony Miller
They could so make enemies a prequel to this music video
nicole summerlin
Not much of my kind nice touch though
Ryan Ormsby
Mate, your music is the among the best in the world! But at the end of it, you’re gonna look at them tats and think “wow, I was dumb as ferk” x
Swetha Ganesh
postmalone thank you for the amazing music! dont die! please!
Kassandra Mendez
Ok so whats up with the dislikes WHO HIGH MF DISLIKED???
Mia Luna
White Iverson, is now a knight in shining armor
Lluks Senob
new fav
Metsarebuff 22
First, Lil Nas X gets to play Cyberpunk 2077 early, Post Malone gets to play Elder Scrolls VI before any footage comes out? Being a rapper has it's perks.
Love this song♥️♥️
lord and savior godzilla
Jon snow wants to know your location
Munji 。
This song makes me think of my child hood
Basanti Soraisham
Nice song
Robt W
he watched Braveheart
XxxSavagedude ima legend boi
Lit song keep up the work your really good
ay q tetas tiene mia como la quisiera garchaaar, temazo post mamon!!!
S. Mannon
You know Post had that suit of armor in his closet now.
Brandyn Dykhouse
His DJ Smitty stole the starting acoustics of this song which is arguably the whole inspiration behind the entire song! My buddy is a huge fan and sent him plenty of acoustics over pintrest and Smitty said if they used any that he would get paid, so after song released he re posted the acoustic to Smitty and they wont even respond back to him, he has proof of this but just wants to let it go because he's just too nice and a hard working family man. How many other artist have they stolen from? Just makes me sick given that he is so successful and the song is as well, but they wont give any credit, I'm deleting his songs off my playlist and I know they or even most of you wont care, but you all should know that they are not good people or deserving of my support.
Sam Rguez
This is good because it’s Post Malone
ya boi j
it's a good song
philip milljr
Producer: What should be in the video?
Post malone: Me on fire. Literally.
Tanner Cass
I love this song circles so pretty good song it is my favorite song ????❤️
will todd
Editor:Girls,Drugs,Cars what?
Post Malone:Thy sword shall do
turkey sandwhich
It seems its about a relationship with major differences he wants her to brake it off with him because he loves her and doesnt want her to hurt but at the same time these differences are hurting him
The intro sounds so much like george harrison´s guitar style
do you really need to have tattoos on your face to become a rapper?
I can hear the Kevin Parker touch and it makes me smile wide.
Ethan Freeburne
Post Malone be vibing that 2012 Imagine Dragons
How boring. TOOL 2019
KOOL Official
That's so cool posty
bts three dollar pics
Post Malone's singing is underrated. Y'all hear him harmonizing with himself? I see no god except him.
Richard Lennes
Really like that video
Tessie Lopez
I like it
LotusFlower Yang
I saw you 2019 27th in the concert :3
LotusFlower Yang
Love your SONGS
Pygmy Puff
This song reminds me of something John Mayer would create. Not to insult Malone, but it just has that tone to it.
neon mask
Caustic Carnage
I avoided him for so long, but ive literally listened to this song nonstop all day.
This mans voice just shattered by heart ❤ im so in love with his voice!
Luke Lucus
he took an arrow to the knee in the first scene
Nikki Brennan
I'm super sad I'm not at your local concert tonight :( :(
This Song makes me miss my girlfriend I never had ????
Prashant Srivastava
my nibba overplayed it so imma dislike thia
Shadow Boy X
Bro This Song Is The Best
Sub to me plz
New to him; like his voice and this song...
Sha Vlogs
So epic
Sha Vlogs
Roses are red violets are blue post malone epic too
Post malone suits the alternative rock style well
Jirrrj Jkzkah
#รัก Post malone .
Saurav Barman
When I heard of Post Malone I thought he would be just like any other singer nowadays with nothing special. Then I listened to this song.Well I was wrong. Postpone Mastudentlone is pretty good actually.
Jan Buriak
I don't remember this part of Dark Souls
Steven Amoah
Post malone is the American ed sheeran
Rajeev Kulariya
UWU Pwosty mwised the awdition dwates fwo Gwame wo Throwns swaeson 8. :D
Gildardo Alejo
Cada like es para que aya más canciones asi
Nicole Guilloty
Amo tanto tus canciones amigo tienen un sentimiento brutal y son originales
Nany Y
Ce serai genial d'avoir la chanson avec les sous titres en francais, sinon super musique, bravo
tharindu dasantha
I dont like this
Post is that type of person that just lets his imagination makes the dream to put no girls money or Supercars in it makes me like Post so much
Sugma 69
Post Malone a crusader?!
Matt Bosley
The entire Hollywood Bleeding album is ????????
Bubu Lilo
Jade Sabusap
Love the beat ????
Jack Daniels
Love this vid and song is amazing
YourfuckenDaddy bangbangmuthafucka
He’s just a mediocre writer who makes a few catchy toons. Music and lyrical structure and melody are very predictable, it’s music for the majority of people who aren’t artists or musicians, kids, teens and women
Judah Graves
This song has been stuck in my head since it came out
XuwanZz [Exo]
This RPG have a dope music..
Kevin Vargas
shit is wack
Giuliano Loi
Stunning song!????????????
Roberto Mata
King Arthur
King Malone
Bruno Willian
As músicas desse cara é foda de mais ♥️
Elijah appiah
please explain how he went from "saucing" to singing in every song
Skyrim is shook.
Nizar Naji
Omg you look so cute
I wish there was more space after Runa way Runa wayyyy ahhhhoooo Ready to goooooo
cool video
Aimee lomas
Love it so much ????
Chris Tam
Oh, oh, oh
Oh, oh, oh
Oh, oh, oh
Oh, oh
We couldn't turn around
'Til we were upside down
I'll be the bad guy now
But no, I ain't too proud
I couldn't be there
Even when I try
You don't believe it
We do this every time
Seasons change and our love went cold
Feed the flame 'cause we can't let go
Run away, but we're running in circles
Run away, run away
I dare you to do something
I'm waiting on you again
So I don't take the blame
Run away, but we're running in circles
Run away, run away, run away
Let go
I got a feeling that it's time to let go
I say so
I knew that this was doomed from the get-go
You thought that it was special, special
But it was just the sex though, the sex though
And I still hear the echoes (the echoes)
I got a feeling that it's time to let it go
Let it go
Seasons change and our love went cold
Feed the flame 'cause we can't let go
Run away, but we're running in circles
Run away, run away
I dare you to do something
I'm waiting on you again
So I don't take the blame
Run away, but we're running in circles
Run away, run away, run away
Maybe you don't understand what I'm going through
It's only me, what you got to lose?
Make up your mind, tell me, what are you gonna do?
It's only me, let it go
Seasons change and our love went cold
Feed the flame 'cause we can't let go
Run away, but we're running in circles
Run away, run away
I dare you to do something
I'm waiting on you again
So I don't take the blame
Run away, but we're running in circles
Run away, run away, run away
Chubbý :D
I would marry him, SO NOBODY THINK ABOUT IT!
astro moe
This is what he should be doing. Not rap????️????️ this fits him
Sarah Exquisite
Finally season 9 of Game Of Thrones
wtf some seconds and commercial, fuck, life is a trip, things are what they apear, a pear, gruszka? xixi
pepper fan74
The beginning..and. the guitar kind of reminds me of UNDER THE MILKY WAY by THE CHURCH
Arsal Sasole
Producer : So, girls? Pools? Super car?? Weeds? What do you want for this clip??
Post Malone : How about knight of the cross??
Ethan Lamas
No one:
Post Malone: You guys liked Game of Thrones right??
Joel Henry Saturne
1:16 was that tyrion lannister?
Kadi Abdullah
The best song I've ever heard
1:25 sounds like he said I dated a dude
Off Hills
This should be 400mill views
Why do I feel like Post Malone, Billie Eilish, and Melanie Martinez all school their directors?
Too Short
“The vibe this song give me tho”
Brenda Macías
i'm so happy i gave myself the chance to actually listen to him, this song is beautiful and the video is amazing <3
Jason G Los Angeles
damn gr8 song
reverso10k GOD
Vim pelo J4CK
Tessa Van lies
This reminds me of a song...but which one?
Jacob Skenandore
Gonna keep it real.....this song is dope. Instantly liked it the second I heard it
Drake Powell
Hey bro, congratulations. ????
Posty making sure we GOT fans got the ending we were denied. Obsessed with this song.
Amrita S Mukherjee
I love this guy
Treanna Fizer
I listened to this song 30 mins ago at 29 million views and now it’s 30 million
Lee-yallian Garises
Was this guy not a rapper?
Delaney Davis
“Run away but we’re running in circles”
never related more. I’ve been trying to overcome this person but it honestly feels like I’m just running in circles.
Sara Elezi
Yo someone remind me in 2 years that I need to hear this again
Yui Fox
I don't even listen to this guy nor I'm a fan of him. but I fell in love with that song and the video... I just cannot stop listening to it. i literally FELL IN LOVE
nordic_ suomi
People are talking about their depression post- breakup . But I’m here cause this song sounds cool
Narcis Pintea
Narcis Pintea
Narcis Pintea
Adrian Leiper
Me and my ex
Adrian Leiper
This song makes me emotional
June Durston
that's gay
Sandra Rall
No actual footage of him ever riding that horse lol
agg sar
Looks like Melisandre decided to resurrect Robb Stark too
Our fear&anger ATTRACTS OTHERS with fear&anger.LOVE
Dragos Botea
This is better than last season of Game of thrones duh
Jason Garcia
not his style!!!!!
Boyboy 496123
When u play darks souls too much
I literally LOVEEE this songs the beat and everything is just sooooo good ahhhh
Jordan Roberts
My favourite for the past week ????????????????????
How is this song soooo goood my ears I’ve just been listening to this on repeat since it came out no joke hands down the best song of this album????
On repeat
I love the beat
Jade Pelayo
????????‍♂️HEY FIVE!
I’ll never get sick of this song
Ambr Hallowell
Who is just scrolling through the comments while listening to this song. It's another great song.
Rio LeDerp
*Minecraft Has Left The Server*
SuperDuty Zack
I didn’t realize SKYRIM was a music video genre.
Lucas Velasquez
Why you make sad songs ????
When you're craving a cig but it won't be invented for another 700 years
Robodisboy YT
It makes me cry... idk why but it does... maybe because it sounds like the 2012 songs...
truffle shuffle
everyone in the chat is saying googoo and goo why?
Julie Jacobsen
The best song ever
Adam Vero
Will be listening to this post death , bury me with this song.
Dana Johnson
I think you should start actually rapping and not be like Shawn Mendes or Justin Bieber but don’t get me wrong I’m literally you biggest fan but I just liked it when you sung rockstar or congratulations or white iverson and wow just keep in that rapping stage please
Michael Garcia
Español alguien !!??
Daniel F MD
Mil Respetos post malone ????????????
Why does this kinda feel like a Christmas song
Michelle Wilson
best song
Ryan Thomas
His best song! How is THIS not #1 yet?
playing music like one direction but looking like a hobo crack addict, classy
Name fc
Alguém BR?
bless ings
He likes to kill ppl
It’s Good.
Thai language translate.????????????
Post is one of best singers of this generation. Let's discuss this.
Elias Garcia
Una de mis mayores inspiraciones y una puta leyenda.
Anthony Webster
I got a felling.....
Moto mo to!
So Post Malone do believe Rapunzel exists?
Nicole Nugent
Not a huge Post Malone fan but this song....yes!!!
Pubg Season 9 be like...
Alwin Malik
cuz malone you nail it .
_ Immortal Viking
Melone is a LEGEND
President Shrek
Lookin like Ed Sheeran there ????
a nigga with a r0cket launcher
Post Malone took the Victory Royale being the last one alive
Ilidon Thomas
Posty is always the best
Oh, oh, oh
Oh, oh, oh
Oh, oh, oh
Oh, oh
We couldn't turn around
'Til we were upside down
I'll be the bad guy now
But no, I ain't too proud
I couldn't be there
Even when I try
You don't believe it
We do this every time
Seasons change and our love went cold
Feed the flame 'cause we can't let go
Run away, but we're running in circles
Run away, run away
I dare you to do something
I'm waiting on you again
So I don't take the blame
Run away, but we're running in circles
Run away, run away, run away
Let go
I got a feeling that it's time to let go
I say so
I knew that this was doomed from the get-go
You thought that it was special, special
But it was just the sex though, the sex though
And I still hear the echoes (the echoes)
I got a feeling that it's time to let it go
Let it go
Seasons change and our love went cold
Feed the flame 'cause we can't let go
Run away, but we're running in circles
Run away, run away
I dare you to do something
I'm waiting on you again
So I don't take the blame
Run away, but we're running in circles
Run away, run away, run away
Maybe you don't understand what I'm going through
It's only me, what you got to lose?
Make up your mind, tell me, what are you gonna do?
It's only me, let it go
Seasons change and our love went cold
Feed the flame 'cause we can't let go
Run away, but we're running in circles
Run away, run away
I dare you to do something
I'm waiting on you again
So I don't take the blame
Run away, but we're running in circles
Run away, run away, run away
Tenshi Aihara
Forever ny favorite since the day release this song IS A BOP❤
Why is this making me want to cry. ????
Lagurru Burrita
I absolutely love this jam.... it makes it ok to accept a goodbye
Eerik Kämäräinen
man the song is fucking good but these comments goddam i want to die now.
When you play skyrim too long
i couldn't be there .... even when i tried
Miss Moonae
Post, you look so good in armor????????????????I should be that redhead tf.
Ahmed Abouelseoud
can't stop listening to this song! ????
Seyi Shemba
More like a Dark Version of Taylor Swift
i got déjà vu when i hearing this song
abiska daoudei
He is just a genius
Lindsey louu **
one of the sexiest guys i seen ????????????
Josh Hesler
Almost thought this was gorillaz
ciara jackson
Love song
What house do you think Post Malone would be in if he were in Game of Thrones?
Would it be understandable to say that I can see Post Malone breathing fire in a music video for a song for his next album?
garsia sad
very spirited for love
Aisha Shaqeeb
Nostalgic vibes ♥️
Porsche Lauren
Some homeless guy stole a suit of armor!
L Ros
Set the tempo to 1,5 lool.. its really punk rock pop
Captain ramius
So much sad and sappy nihilistic music.
Don't let the media keep you depressed younger generation.
Adam Spetsnaz
The bassline feels like Tame Impala’s music???????????? I cant unhear it
melercos 44
happy spooktober
Bayle Herbert
love this song
Bayle Herbert
best song of yours so far
Random Things???!!!
This Song gives me goosebumps! Like it if you are also!
The new elder scrolls trailer looks ????
maulida rahmi
wow i don't know before.. don't know, i can fallin' love easily with this song ! ????
Thx to twice jeongyeon bring me here. ????
Emma Bruce
Juice wrld: I'm thinking hot wemon and fast cars
Post malone: skyrim anyone
Hayden Rollins
Post: plays scrim makes a song about it
Akema Allcock
sir knight am gonna dub dee sword with a sword high with the drugs
Daffy Goose
This is actually one of the best creative choices for a music video since... well... EVER
It’s camokey YT
Fav part
Ghie Lia
Im here because Jeongyeon of Twice reco this song... ????
Mark Black
Best Generic Song Ever
Freya De Baerdemaeker
Rapunzel meets Game of Thrones
Jeongyeon Nayeon
i came here because of Jeongyeon from TWICE
sushma kalyan
Why he is Soo under rated
Most malon deserve top artist's of all time
wolfie wolf
This song is actually really good! This is the first song I've heard from you. I hope the others are like this :)
This song makes me fall even harder for post malone
I wonder if he is a fighters guild member.
Mazi OG
Dafuq whats this
Angela Tovar
Alguién que hable spanish español jeje att engelbeth etf. ????facebook
Nina Nurmala
Came here because yoo jeong yeon recommended this song.
Matheus Brighente
Someone listen in 2019?
make a minecraft parody of this
Flexin on Skyrim
beee jjj
Im here because jeongyeon recommended this song ????
Daniel duke Amsid
im getting a gorillaz vibe from this,
Ankit Sahu
Everything is so good about this song. Keep it up Post Malone. <3
ineed cookie427
Des français ?
Jesus Arturo Molina Lopez
Esta dera
Kay Kkf
Hello Twice stans, came here because of Jeongyeon right?
Aniia’s World
Love it ????????❤❤❤❤❤
A'n'B Gaming
I'm here from Liam Payne's cover...
Keita Saumba
Like music circle everyday
Leighton King
These kids in my class don't know what Do Re Mi is by Blackbear -__-
D C'mon
When I heard this song being played by my daughter, oh, I asked who is that artist? She saud Post Malone. Your range of Talent is incredible. You've been blessed with a gift keep using it wisely.????
''osu theme starts playing''
Viv M
Tangled, the music video
Diego Olvera
daft punk instan crush
Love that the bass has Café Tacuba vibes.
Michael infinity
Post malone aka Richard the lionheart
Kory Demel
Man I remember the song over now and all like rockstar but I’m grateful I’m witnessing him evolve like this. Keep it up bro. ????
Jolie White
Like if you’d fuck post Malone in his tight pussy ????????????????
I can't find the play button
Zoe Dulce
Sad boy sh*t
Cat4 Mélomane
Kif i like it
Producer: I got girls, money and cars
Post Malone: Give my a castle and a horse
If I become a Social Studies teacher this is the video I will show them of how History worked Back in Posty days
reba lima
love this song
RRaul CastilloYT
Desde mexico tu musicaaa es geniaal
Damon O'Sullivan
I hate all of his songs apart from this... weird
Toma Daniel
This is the last song goofy listened to
edward guazon
100% drugs
100% guns
100% hoes
0% arrow in the knee
Why does this only have 46m views
thomas Mccann
Breath taken like warm air hitting my soul crazy man,who r u.
Ебать ты христофор коллумб
Owen Gosling
Director: So we could give a lambo and Gucci?
Post: Nah just give me a horse and knight armour
Key David
Season 10 of Game of Thrones looks cool.
Henrieta Kováčová
I love this style... eather hip hop... what to compare with?? anything... I like this!
Jacob Jaramillo
He always kill Him self different things
Sarina Rossitto
My feelings perfecty discribed in this song????
Matilda Wormwood
Why does this make me wanna listen to champion and watch the visualizer video of it?
Dom Pass
Twitter: @pass_dominic
Christian Sky
Sir Malone Of Post
Mark Bryan Rivas
Very Relaxing song. Good job Mr. Post Malone
Bad Name
You put work in the music videos bro
Heston Huang
Dude, please stop smoking, we all want you to live long so we can listen to ur music.
*An epic lyric for this song would be "Thought I heard an echo turns out it was just the status quo."*
Johnny Bravo
Those white eyes at first creeped me out big time
Jesse Grant
You don't need autotune!!
gabriel henk
Brasil? deixa like ai
Vanessa Dettanikkeaze
i love this song sooooooooooooooooooooooo much
Josy Ramirez
This sound like " empire of the sun " but bro it's post malone , THAT IS SOOOOO GOOD !!
I had a relationship like this once. It was beautiful while it lasted.
John Marth
Ok but yes
Nᴏᴛʜɪɴɢ Iᴍᴘᴏʀᴛᴀɴᴛ
happiness has entered the chat
Joseph Ferren
I love this song its amazing
Dale Watkins
Love the a senior male, this is a cool song to dance with someone you truly care about. Get it passes by far too quickly! I hope my grandkids love it as much as I do!
C4 Turtle
What’s the sauce?
Erp Derp
Looks like he watched the entire series of game of thrones
Kaycee Young
I'm obsessed
Ava Boiani
This is honestly one of the best songs I’ve heard
BigrayThe Apollo
Resonates with my tarot card reading lol even the knight and Express wat a master peice!
Bluerain Love
I heard this song in my advisory class
Valerie Alvarez
Post Malone: I'll be the bad guy now.
Billie Eilish: I'M THE BAD GUY!
i Spotifyy
Added to my Skyrim playlist...
Mrs. Thompson
I just love this kind of vibe tho....just chilin' ????????
Daniel Tyler
Chivalry hasn't died❤️
We couldn't turn around
'Til we were upside down
I'll be the bad guy now
But no, I ain't too proud
I couldn't be there
Even when I try
You don't believe it
We do this every time
Seasons change and our love went cold
Feed the flame 'cause we can't let go
Run away, but we're running in circles
Run away, run away
I dare you to do something
I'm waiting on you again
So I don't take the blame
Run away, but we're running in circles
Run away, run away, run away
Let go
I got a feeling that it's time to let go
I say so
I knew that this was doomed from the get-go
You thought that it was special, special
But it was just the sex though, the sex though
And I still hear the echoes (the echoes)
I got a feeling that it's time to let it go
Let it go
Seasons change and our love went cold
Feed the flame 'cause we can't let go
Run away, but we're running in circles
Run away, run away
I dare you to do something
I'm waiting on you again
So I don't take the blame
Run away, but we're running in circles
Run away, run away, run away
Maybe you don't understand what I'm going through
It's only me, what you got to lose?
Make up your mind, tell me, what are you gonna do?
It's only me, let it go
Seasons change and our love went cold
Feed the flame 'cause we can't let go
Run away, but we're running in circles
Run away, run away
I dare you to do something
I'm waiting on you again
So I don't take the blame
Run away, but we're running in circles
Run away, run away, run away
Gyro Zeppeli
This song is an 8/10 For me it’s amazing af
noname noname
한국임 모여라~~
Yo It's Jerry
The reverb... also probs should have been shot in an abandoned amusement park going in circles
Demian Hidalgo Olague
is it just me or are almost post malone's videos depressing music is still amazing though
Extra Account
Post Malone in knight armor is awesome
Bryce S
Gave me mad lord of the rings vibes????
muskey madness
This song will make the hatters run away
Ryan E
Please make more songs like this
Thomas Sloman
Oh, oh, oh
Oh, oh, oh
Oh, oh, oh
Oh, oh
We couldn't turn around
'Til we were upside down
I'll be the bad guy now
But no, I ain't too proud
I couldn't be there
Even when I try
You don't believe it
We do this every time
Seasons change and our love went cold
Feed the flame 'cause we can't let go
Run away, but we're running in circles
Run away, run away
I dare you to do something
I'm waiting on you again
So I don't take the blame
Run away, but we're running in circles
Run away, run away, run away
Let go
I got a feeling that it's time to let go
I say so
I knew that this was doomed from the get-go
You thought that it was special, special
But it was just the sex though, the sex though
And I still hear the echoes (the echoes)
I got a feeling that it's time to let it go
Let it go
Seasons change and our love went cold
Feed the flame 'cause we can't let go
Run away, but we're running in circles
Run away, run away
I dare you to do something
I'm waiting on you again
So I don't take the blame
Run away, but we're running in circles
Run away, run away, run away
Maybe you don't understand what I'm going through
It's only me, what you got to lose?
Make up your mind, tell me, what are you gonna do?
It's only me, let it go
Seasons change and our love went cold
Feed the flame 'cause we can't let go
Run away, but we're running in circles
Run away, run away
I dare you to do something
I'm waiting on you again
So I don't take the blame
Run away, but we're running in circles
Run away, run away, run away
adam Hegazii
Lyrics :)
Oh, oh, oh
Oh, oh, oh
Oh, oh, oh
Oh, oh
We couldn't turn around
'Til we were upside down
I'll be the bad guy now
But no, I ain't too proud
I couldn't be there
Even when I try
You don't believe it
We do this every time
Seasons change and our love went cold
Feed the flame 'cause we can't let go
Run away, but we're running in circles
Run away, run away
I dare you to do something
I'm waiting on you again
So I don't take the blame
Run away, but we're running in circles
Run away, run away, run away
Let go
I got a feeling that it's time to let go
I say so
I knew that this was doomed from the get-go
You thought that it was special, special
But it was just the sex though, the sex though
And I still hear the echoes (the echoes)
I got a feeling that it's time to let it go
Let it go
Seasons change and our love went cold
Feed the flame 'cause we can't let go
Run away, but we're running in circles
Run away, run away
I dare you to do something
I'm waiting on you again
So I don't take the blame
Run away, but we're running in circles
Run away, run away, run away
Maybe you don't understand what I'm going through
It's only me, what you got to lose?
Make up your mind, tell me, what are you gonna do?
It's only me, let it go
Seasons change and our love went cold
Feed the flame 'cause we can't let go
Run away, but we're running in circles
Run away, run away
I dare you to do something
I'm waiting on you again
So I don't take the blame
Run away, but we're running in circles
Run away, run away, run away
juan canche
De mis rolas favoritas en general uffff
Solid Snakeeey
Post Malone of Rivia
Jebediah Nightlinger
This is a bag of diks
Samwise Gamgee
I just love this song.... Sings about running away.... demolishes a small army just by taking a sword out of its sheath - The Post Malone Contradiction
bear Grylls
He kinda looks like Robb Stark
Jennifer C
I think Post took his trip to Medieval Times with Jimmy Falllon a little too seriously...
I Fuckin love this song
Bernard Ding
This song deserves more views
JoAnn Huber
I hate how ppl are making memes about Skyrim,game of thrones and shit but can we focus on the music and how cute he is?
Joseph Wesley Gross
sounds like hes hung out with justin a little too much
Mauricio Escobar
Raymon H
Step 1. Go to Google
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Step 3. Enjoy!

Post Malone - Circlesforgotten names. As names have power, words have power. Words can light fires in the minds of men. Words can wring tears from the hardest hearts. “Even if you are on the right track, you’ll get run over if you just sit there. “If you treat an individual as he is, he will remain how he is. But if you treat him as if he were what he ought to be and could be, he will become what he ought to be and could be. “Instead of worrying about what you cannot control, shift your energy to what you
joeland quilab
hey post im your fun
joeland quilab
all songs its my fivoreits
Jack Smithers
that bitch finna die if she get's a stuffy nose
ausomecat man
Make posty the next bud-knight
Sydney _
Где русские субтитры бл ?
Chris Lapeyre
I want to see a post malone movie
Does the lyrics of the song matches the video story? I'm confused. Is it too artistic that I don't understand?
Crissy Lopez
Theres a song that sounds so similar to this and i can't remember it. Ugh.
Thereal Brogers
Ill give it to mr post malone. He nailed this song. Well played kind sir.
John Johnson
Every time.... He releases some new music, I don’t like it... I listen twice, and I love it. How does one simply make new music with good sound and good lyrics? I’ve never tried, but it seems difficult.
MeMe LoVeR
Posty just IS my favourite
raj singh_ILikeIKE
Oh, oh, oh
Oh, oh, oh
Oh, oh, oh
Oh, oh
We couldn't turn around
'Til we were upside down
I'll be the bad guy now
But no, I ain't too proud
I couldn't be there
Even when I try
You don't believe it
We do this every time
Seasons change and our love went cold
Feed the flame 'cause we can't let go
Run away, but we're running in circles
Run away, run away
I dare you to do something
I'm waiting on you again
So I don't take the blame
Run away, but we're running in circles
Run away, run away, run away
Let go
I got a feeling that it's time to let go
I say so
I knew that this was doomed from the get-go
You thought that it was special, special
But it was just the sex though, the sex though
And I still hear the echoes (the echoes)
I got a feeling that it's time to let it go
Let it go
Seasons change and our love went cold
Feed the flame 'cause we can't let go
Run away, but we're running in circles
Run away, run away
I dare you to do something
I'm waiting on you again
So I don't take the blame
Run away, but we're running in circles
Run away, run away, run away
Maybe you don't understand what I'm going through
It's only me, what you got to lose?
Make up your mind, tell me, what are you gonna do?
It's only me, let it go
Seasons change and our love went cold
Feed the flame 'cause we can't let go
Run away, but we're running in circles
Run away, run away
I dare you to do something
I'm waiting on you again
So I don't take the blame
Run away, but we're running in circles
Run away, run away, run away
Source: LyricFind..
Chopstick and Pho
WoW this song is really good
That guy
This song hits differently????
Bobby Dolton
Is it just me or did he kill Travis Scott with the sword who's deadly wound was healed and well
eli red
Looks like a fairytale to me
Nilesh Arora
My recently favourite tracks
Nilesh Arora
It touches your heart and soul
Sathyajith V
Can't get enough of this is song!
Øyvind Eide
"Seasons change, and our love went cold"....... Season 8?
Hydra NZ I B03 Glitches _
is it me or do i keep seeing the game of thrones ad?
legit everytime it comes on i say every word that dude says before he does
and in the same accent lol
fishball // CSGO
Oh, oh, oh
Oh, oh, oh
Oh, oh, oh
Oh, oh
We couldn't turn around
'Til we were upside down
I'll be the bad guy now
But no, I ain't too proud
I couldn't be there
Even when I try
You don't believe it
We do this every time
Seasons change and our love went cold
Feed the flame 'cause we can't let go
Run away, but we're running in circles
Run away, run away
I dare you to do something
I'm waiting on you again
So I don't take the blame
Run away, but we're running in circles
Run away, run away, run away
Let go
I got a feeling that it's time to let go
I say so
I knew that this was doomed from the get-go
You thought that it was special, special
But it was just the sex though, the sex though
And I still hear the echoes (the echoes)
I got a feeling that it's time to let it go
Let it go
Seasons change and our love went cold
Feed the flame 'cause we can't let go
Run away, but we're running in circles
Run away, run away
I dare you to do something
I'm waiting on you again
So I don't take the blame
Run away, but we're running in circles
Run away, run away, run away
Maybe you don't understand what I'm going through
It's only me, what you got to lose?
Make up your mind, tell me, what are you gonna do?
It's only me, let it go
Seasons change and our love went cold
Feed the flame 'cause we can't let go
Run away, but we're running in circles
Run away, run away
I dare you to do something
I'm waiting on you again
So I don't take the blame
Run away, but we're running in circles
Run away, run away, run away
Source: LyricFind
Songwriters: Austin Richard Post / Adam King Feeney / Louis Russell Bell / Kaan Gunesberk / William Walsh
Circles lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group
You can hear the tame impala influence irrespective of if he co-produced it or not
Kinu Umagiliya
Hey you. Yes you.
You have a great taste in music.
Keep listening :)
Nastazia Frau
Damn i was scrolling down too long to read a rapanzel comment. Thank god i found one ????loved the vid the voice the scene. ????
ช่อง xy สิงค์
Stich TV
Who's here before 100mill
Nil Xy
This Songs Reminds Me on Nine circles in Geometry dash LuL
Milica Vukelic
Love from Serbia!!! ❤️
Navin Moorthy
Here we can witness Sir Pre Malone, the great grandfather of Post Malone.
Crazy that 1 month has past
This could be great to listen to, unfortunately it's ruined by the awful fake vibrato applied to the vocals.
sam chauhan
This song.. Ohh man I loved it????
It reminded me GOT
me when i get full diamond armor :
Kyle Herrera
Have you listened this on 8D version?
Listened on repeat! Love this song
Slman Ha
this song is what you put when ur going to the university
those dead bodies actually not dead they're just sleeping dont mind them
Damn he loves coming back from death
Manny Foxgiven
Who Is Better?
Like: Post Malone
Comment: Post Malone
Michael Costuna
Rapunzel's real name please?
This song bout to be on a PG-13 movie no cap????
GameIsYour Mate
Why only 50view in a month !!
peter parker
So all are like fighting against their enemies in an war and then there is post malone who smoked some weed and is tripping.
It sounds like Daft Punk - Instant crush
Stoner Shag
Post Malone here to tell you about Raid: Shadow Legends
Fredy Herrera
TWICE 's Jeongyeon recommended this song, I really like it
Kerb Hopper
Rob Stark vibes
David Baughman
3:02 Oh good, he figured out that you can ride a horse instead of walking it.
I totally see him making a song with Jon Bellion
Kalus Bullcalf
David Bowie’s Space Oddity vibes at first
Teen Queen Live Life
In a majority of Post Malone videos:
Director: How many hot ladies dancing do you want?
Post Malone: No
Director: Are you sure, everyone else.....
Post Malone: I am positive. I don't care what everyone else does, I be doin' what I want since fetus.
Gamer Roblox
Best song ever
Relax Radio
soo good!
Who is still listening to this in 2019?
Stick and Rock
Witcher 4 Official music video? ????
BTW-IT IS mentally,emotionally&SPIRITUALLY RETARDED to continue 'war'-mass KILLING ALL AGES,let alone it's ARCHAIC&DEMENTED thinking,acting&FEELING!
Sarah Fayecroft
Post is beautiful <3333
Ryan Hussain
I love this music video. Its unique and something you don't always see. Good job Post Molane. But my version would be in a city, at night, lights shining, buildings with lights, and a black super car with the girl of my life and just driving into the mist of the night????
Undercover Martian Listening for Good Music
All it took was to hear this eight times
post mamon sos vos ?
Dominique Pastrana
random question who is better? juice wrld or post malone? comment juice wrld like post malone <3
So fucking smooth man ????
Good song but the clip, just seems like he's whispering.
Guy's probably high 24/7
I cannot stand the bass of this song. It's freaking great and catchy.
HiNLo Music
Post Malone helps me sing better with this song. Love this more after dying hard to cover :))
Mr Brayans
I know it's not Rock but it looks like Rock
mohamed صwaek
I love you pro♥️
Kayla C
I don't fuck with post but I really really like tis song
Howdy Partner
Petition for the producers of game of thrones to bring it back for a season so post malone can be in it
like to agree
Adalto Costa
Simone Vargas
He’s such a genius ❤️
Nat M
Wait... I thought he was a rapper
believe it or not this is the first song of his I've listen... I actually like it.
Dopper goller
I like how his white eyes turn back to normal after he died in goodbyes
Hannah Keyes
this man is incapable of making a bad song
Rafael Mendoza
Amazing song!!!
Nathaniel Clark
Sounds Like some Gorillaz shit. Love it.
is it just me or does this sound a lot like the song higher, by music by blanks....
Hind Alfuaim
شكرا يا شيخ المطانيخ اعششششق أداءك وكلماتك❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ God bless
John Marth
Why do I love this song so much
Best song in the album
Gabrielle DeSanctis
Fuck the guys that hate post malone
Posty is so cute
Alexander Kaiser
The tattoos on his face are ugly and the music is mediocre at best.
top5 mysterious
Why the hell does his eyes look so reptilian at the beginning
Baim Cruise
sok asik lagu lu post malone
Robert Smythe
I feel this song...
Prodigio m
Go on my Channel
William Burnett
Oh, oh, oh
Oh, oh, oh
Oh, oh, oh
Oh, oh
We couldn't turn around
'Til we were upside down
I'll be the bad guy now
But no, I ain't too proud
I couldn't be there
Even when I try
You don't believe it
We do this every time
Seasons change and our love went cold
Feed the flame 'cause we can't let go
Run away, but we're running in circles
Run away, run away
I dare you to do something
I'm waiting on you again
So I don't take the blame
Run away, but we're running in circles
Run away, run away, run away
Let go
I got a feeling that it's time to let go
I say so
I knew that this was doomed from the get-go
You thought that it was special, special
But it was just the sex though, the sex though
And I still hear the echoes (the echoes)
I got a feeling that it's time to let it go
Let it go
Seasons change and our love went cold
Feed the flame 'cause we can't let go
Run away, but we're running in circles
Run away, run away
I dare you to do something
I'm waiting on you again
So I don't take the blame
Run away, but we're running in circles
Run away, run away, run away
Maybe you don't understand what I'm going through
It's only me, what you got to lose?
Make up your mind, tell me, what are you gonna do?
It's only me, let it go
Seasons change and our love went cold
Feed the flame 'cause we can't let go
Run away, but we're running in circles
Run away, run away
I dare you to do something
I'm waiting on you again
So I don't take the blame
Run away, but we're running in circles
Run away, run away, run away
V Mightheor27
Oh, oh, oh
Oh, oh, oh
Oh, oh, oh
Oh, oh
We couldn't turn around
'Til we were upside down
I'll be the bad guy now
But no, I ain't too proud
I couldn't be there
Even when I try
You don't believe it
We do this every time
Seasons change and our love went cold
Feed the flame 'cause we can't let go
Run away, but we're running in circles
Run away, run away
I dare you to do something
I'm waiting on you again
So I don't take the blame
Run away, but we're running in circles
Run away, run away, run away
Let go
I got a feeling that it's time to let go
I say so
I knew that this was doomed from the get-go
You thought that it was special, special
But it was just the sex though, the sex though
And I still hear the echoes (the echoes)
I got a feeling that it's time to let it go
Let it go
Seasons change and our love went cold
Feed the flame 'cause we can't let go
Run away, but we're running in circles
Run away, run away
I dare you to do something
I'm waiting on you again
So I don't take the blame
Run away, but we're running in circles
Run away, run away, run away
Maybe you don't understand what I'm going through
It's only me, what you got to lose?
Make up your mind, tell me, what are you gonna do?
It's only me, let it go
Seasons change and our love went cold
Feed the flame 'cause we can't let go
Run away, but we're running in circles
Run away, run away
I dare you to do something
I'm waiting on you again
So I don't take the blame
Run away, but we're running in circles
Run away, run away, run away
???? Please Like Thanks God bless.
are you cold post?
XioO Ruiz
I love all post Malone songs Like!
XioO Ruiz
Tell me what’s your fav song by post Malone
XioO Ruiz
Mine is all
Prithvi J
I am a circle
Richard Rouse
Is it just me? But this has a modest mouse vibe to it.
Petition to make this a movie
All mighty Zamasu
Sir Malone, you dinner sir,
tjay fuller
Beginning reminds me of when guts defeats 100 soldiers in berserk
kalyani kandula
Hello random person scrolling through comment section
Barbara Youlio
You and Billie Eilish duo, maybe? Please?
Stacy Shawver
I'm doing my homework and listening to post
Cognah Clockinstein
Whenever I break out total war or for Honor.
when he walks through the village he looked like the king from fallen kingdom
hannah lambert
why is he so hot
Lily Hunter
In my opinion this song is better than “congratulations” :)
How the actual fuck is this garbage so popular?
Davey Morgan
Lovethis song
Shadow Cerberus
Is this a spin-off musical of *GoT*?
DJ ArcForce
Man Post Malone is on fire right now. How many top 100 songs does he have right now at the same damn time? It's gotta be like 5
Saiba Wiz
this is like my life in words... love love
C•R•E•A•M•Y Lovers
Umesh Tamatta
It nice songs I love post Mel one????????
I cant even make a lyric on a instrumental like this
theetcold cold
Nice bro
Nate Dz
This song always makes my day even when I have the worst day in the world when I hear this song I forget what happens
jeff amoin
Teenager nowadays:
:Seasons change and our love went cold!
Valentina Nameirakpam
????like it????????
Lizbeth Garcia
Amazing ???????????????????????? loveeeeee it????????????
Donnie Button
freeking amazing !!!!
Azrul Affanddi
90's beat 2020 it
Joel Simpson
Raw singing talent
anurag bista
For me It will be better music video, if he had been car chased by police with his girl are robbery...
obnoxious prick
His best song imo. He’s at his best when a guitar is involved.
Damien Rodriguez
This is kinda Coldplay(ish)
Proud Canadian
Lady Gags level of WTF music video
julio Pariona Paucca
<3 Beautiful
Garrett Coan
Director: so what are we feeling post? Modern day, nice cars?
Post Malone: nah I’m tryna be Lancelot and slay some redhead????
Maggie Garcia
This song gives me chills I love it????
Jarvis Tatum
Mann this GUY a fucking ????genius ????????????‍♂️???????????? if you AGREE??? Hit the like and follow IG @jarviino get it too 1k????thank U! may God bless you....
Nice damn song!!!
Lets reach 1 Billion views????????
Lars Spargur
Somebody fix the god awful color correction please.
Akash Dagar jr
Explain me the video guys
Mohamed Sayi Sow
i like it
Neno Aldheeb
Poosttyy and billiiie should make a collab i can't even imagine how good would it be like!!!!!!
Steamz FN
2019 anyone
A Guy With A Gay
all malone videos are Epic
A Guy With A Gay
who's better?
like for Post Malone
comment for Justin Biber
F Livy
Love this song. Fav atm ????????????
Nic P
When you beat the boss, but not the game
Jacob 91 zain
Adakah warga +62 ????????????
X- Centriks
Listening to this whilst high is amazing
Goku Black
55 million veiws I thought I watched it more that that
Fatima Alikhanova
Idk what you think but POST MALINE IS FREAKING HANDSOME!!!!!!!
Finbar O'Leary
bless him!
Aysha S
If you are listing this song then your life payoff ❣️❣️❣️
What the fuck
Why i haven’t seen this yet
Hello, my name is james P sullivan.
I wish you the best of luck in the future and have a great day ????????
Fatima jules Miel
This music is new favorite. ????????
I love the medieval European vibe ????
Alex Contreras
Post Malone on his journey to find the last pack of Bud Light
Leaard D
Post Malone single handedly bringing back real Music Videos.
Kenneth Sims
This video is what happens when your friends quit being honest with you.....
marco R
#hollywwods bleeding
Tonmy Changmai
Really nice video sir
Summer breeze
Hmm post Malone could be anything he wants!! Wanna be a tattooed knight?
Me: yasssss
Summer breeze
Love the versatility tho! U go boi, keep doing your thing!!
2:04 sextou sextou
Christopher Atkinson
Keep doing it man
Christopher Atkinson
Best song w
Christopher Atkinson
Best song ever
Kurtis Roett
This is how many people will get good luck in the next 2 weeks.
Wojtek Greń
Why do I think of Chernobyl listening to this
Amazing song 10/10
Sonia Hallett
Love this song ...
Lil yan
he play to much ds
the most epic video ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Does anyone else think that Post Malone looks kinda like Jon Snow from Game of Thrones?? Is it just me??
Rudi aus Buddeln
Robb Stark? that you?
100% beautiful song
Michał Zybała
dobra nuta mordo!
El Rambo
"Feed the flame, cause we cant let i go"
Dark souls much
— Nice —
Circles Circles Circles
Circles. Circles
Circles. Circles
Circles. Circles
Circles Circles Circles
Naresh Kadve
Love u post Malone ????????
Hello from 2019!
Fabe Achterhof
Best song of the year.
doomdog 308
he should of been in got
Dark souls reference?
when you are playing skyrim but got music homework in an hour
David Gray
In a year's time this video will have more views than despacito.
Cody Edwards
Love this song
Michael Myers
Liked like
Mick D
So good ! All i can say.. discovered the song driving home at night on friday evening. Awsome <3
Lana Del Rey Videos
We want Post Malone and Lana Del Rey to collaborate!
FSI Cdq79
My Minecraft dog just die in a Wall wen i play this song
Hannah Zanders
Why is nobody talking about the lyrics !!!
Angel Retes
likes and go back time
Armando Davila
Absolutely love it ????????????
Colin Lavery
Burner 1415
I need leg surgery cause i can’t stand you hoes
Nick Clark
This makes me miss my ex so much. I'd give anything to see you one more time baby...
Matty Hunt
Hello to my future self watching this at work
Булат Баширов
The absolutely Top Music of 2019. This is could be the first place in music charts. Post Malone always give to us very good things. ALWAYS be the first, 'u' 'r' top!!!
Celia Rodriguez Garcia
Hola soy española miadre le encanta como you sing ????????
Bianca Fernandes Longo
OMG the best singer
Trevor LeFiles
Fucking shit tattoos make him look like a fucking thuggy street scummy hood.
Steve Fessler
Minecraft be like:
Dave the frog!
If you see this after 2022 : Hi from the past
Mr. Youtube
Hey its for honor,
if u love this lije
Weeaboo Dragon
Can anyone agree with me that this is anime credit scene music?
Do this, Replace walk like an Egyptian from Stardust Crusaders’s ending credits and put this song, and it surprisingly works
Dork 69
Me and the boys fighting the last boss.
Tiffany Broome
I fucking love you post mmm Malone
finally something new that doesn't have a fucking trap beat
Tiffany Broome
I hope I could win ticket to Raleigh nc. Omg. You fucking rock posty. Here my email
[Psychonymphsia Ultravistous]
Man, just posted 5 weeks ago and already got 56 million views. People just eat up this pop music, don't they.
Harry Tricker
Imagine post malone + juice world????????
June Shishiranoru
i love song
Nick Smith
Renaldo Plet
Rick and mortys Human music
Luca D
Another level to these WEAVES out here
Billy_get_ Over_here
Postmalone looking like the bud light knight
Posty dating a Protoss female from Starcraft, circa 1500, colorized
Sweet Potatoes
Is this even rap even more? This i more of just a song u Sing and not RAP wat......wat happend?
yuri _
so gay
Angel Yanez
Plz do something similar ????
Vinicius da Silva Pereira
Post você é incrível.
Chris Martin
No circles, only one left turn was made that day
Monica Dennis
FIRST OF ALL: If you can be in love with a voice then I'm in love with Post Malone. SECOND OF ALL: how epic is this freaking music video that has nothing to do with the actual song lol omg I just love it ????????????????❤️❤️❤️
Canton YouTube
This song is so relaxing????
Post Malone: have u heard os repunzel
Director:I’m on it
Saravia 77
The best ????????
Nyah Sur
This song is my love at first heard ????
Christopher Gallarello
This video is plain nonsense
Mariane Perreault
Soooo good!
Matthew Landman
Am i the only person wondering why the chick in the video has no mouth
BLanK wolfz
Me: running a straight line
Post Malone:What about circles
Jhonel Valencia
Astig na astig ka talaga post!
Ronald Reagan
Who's listening to this in 2015..?
No one ?...oh ok.. thought so
Chantelle-Lee Juretic
Wow!!! His done it again, love from South Africa <3
why did he say dating a dude??????
This is even better then rap
Subscribe to me for no reason at all
Why does the starting sound like something you would hear att the wii shop
Does the girl not have a mouth?
Anyone else think 0:18 is dope as fuck? Lol
Felik S
This song is great, I feel a lot of people can relate to this and even if you can't the message is crystal clear. Post is a legend in the making and I can't wait to see what the future holds for all of us and Post himself.
Elliott Baller
This song is still so underrated
brixter Leyva
28k dudes must be bullied during their young days
Just a random comment...
Family Harris
Hey check this artist out.. This shit is hot af
I made a cover to this song! I hope you check outnm! Thank you!
Silas Hutchison
Someones been watching rapunzel.
post: what! no, 'sweating'
ekho evolve
Better than his old songs.
Power Qeen
Past malone ????
Γεωργια Σπυροπουλου
Love you ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????♥️♥️♥️????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
Damien Paz
Post molone is awesome
Sheryl Renz
Sometimes I feel like Post Malone bases his music videos off of fantasies or scenes he imagines in his head. I love it❤️????
077 Di
what with "the cure" rip offs " everywhere
Post has become my new favorite artist, all his songs have a different meaning not just drugs, the club, naked girls and alcohol.
Director: What theme do you want for your music video?
Post Malone: *Game of Thrones*
Diego Francisco
ÖLa ceed
Kenzie Brodbeck
This song is completely different from his other ones it sounds happy not sad but I like it
Filip Vargek
I dedicated this song to the best musician Post malone.
Filip Vargek
I dedicated this song to the best musician Post malone.
You're gonna have a bad time.
Tallon Sissell
Out of the 59 million views I'm legitimately at least 1 million of them
Camden spake
the bass vocal sounds alot like the less i know the better.
yeemo trash
nice song
Anais Ananas
Love you ❤️❤️❤️????????????????????
No cars, No hot chick , No booty-bikini shots , No liquor , No vulgarity only pure Art and music.
hui jui
Yall remember that one pop song that said "I feel like post malone when I get home sitting there waiting like its game of thrones" or something. That was made a few months before this. Weird.
Where‘s Jazzy Eff????
Thiago Leal
Auto-Tune said hello
Ammar GG
what's Rapunzel doing there at 2:37
This would be the prefect end of Game of Throne season 8.
Max M
every decision you've made in life has led you to read this comment
sara lesar
This Post Malone type beat is definitely the best.
Lucky Luke
Dark Souls ????
Soto Romero
I love this song
bianca 07 Mendes
Alguem br em 2019?
Maria Garcia
Love this song
空の魂 -vin5mok3.png_
Daniel Asiedu
you just got to love Post Malone
Jessy Njau
Can't get enuff of your's a drug..... Simply epic ???? hit after hit lawd...????
Mercedese Bramlage
Maybe you don't understand what I'm going through
It's only me, what you got to lose?
Make up your mind, tell me, what are you gonna do?
Francesco Oliviero
This video make me remember a movies of 80s the title was " Excalibur "
Will Hall
Director: right background, what do you want
Post malone: violence Black Plague and death
N. Cares
Best. Song. Ever!
is this raid shadow legends?
This is what Rapunzel and game of thrones look like together
LaBelle Sexy
Im Going On Tour.
imhoner959571 roblox
Guillaume gyom
Osef nan ?
Kiran Prasad
???? Music
└???? Post Malone
└???? Good Songs
└???? Bad Songs
└⚠️ this folder is empty
Keshi Thinks
This song sounds even better at 1.25x speed
Samuel Goshgarian
Sounds very similar to a song made by Blanks. JUST SAYIN’ :/
krarar 7
Saint - Tropez - Post Malone live Concert
October anyone?
Shirley Ann Dunlea
Luv this ????????????????????????????
John Mcrosin
Was this track written and produced by a 5 year old? Sure as shit sounds like it was.
adrien licois
The witcher serie netflix ????
Rocky Y
I been waiting for someone to make a music video like this
This song makes me think of the people i lost this year. R.I.P to all the fallen soldiers ????
good song,
lol anyone else thought the chorus said "i dated a dude"
Alejandro Ramiirez
*Here are the lyrics* ????
Oh, oh, oh
Oh, oh, oh
Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh

[Verse 1]
We couldn't turn around 'til we were upside down
I'll be the bad guy now, but know I ain't too proud
I couldn't be there even when I tried
You don't believe it, we do this every time

Seasons change and our love went cold
Feed the flame 'cause we can't let go
Run away, but we're running in circles
Run away, run away
I dare you to do something
I'm waiting on you again, so I don't take the blame
Run away, but we're running in circles
Run away, run away, run away

[Verse 2]
Let go, I got a feeling that it's time to let go
I said so, I knew that this was doomed from the get-go
You thought that it was special, special
But it was just the sex though, the sex though
And I still hear the echoes (The echoes)
I got a feeling that it's time to let it go, let it go

Seasons change and our love went cold
Feed the flame 'cause we can't let go
Run away, but we're running in circles
Run away, run away
I dare you to do something
I'm waiting on you again, so I don't take the blame
Run away, but we're running in circles
Run away, run away, run away

Maybe you don't understand what I'm going through
It's only me, what you got to lose?
Make up your mind, tell me, what are you gonna do?
It's only me, let it go

Seasons change and our love went cold
Feed the flame 'cause we can't let go
Run away, but we're running in circles
Run away, run away
I dare you to do something
I'm waiting on you again, so I don't take the blame
Run away, but we're running in circles
Run away, run away, run away
James McManus
This video is better then all of Game Of Thrones season 8.
Haha I put my playback speed on 2x actually sounds wicked!
posty be like “they make take our lives, but they’ll never take our freedom”
#dead people oof
Makinna Miller
Anybody getting mad Stealers Wheel vibes?
Jennifer Robles
Posty la volvió a romper con esta canción ????❤️❤️❤️
Lino The Raven
The less circles the better.
Chris Linsky
This clone thinks he can get away sneak singing around World War 3. The government is talking to you folks. Innocent people are being fucked over globally and this dude is legit says, “I dare you to do something...So I can’t take the blame.” Clone jack ass.
Dayu Wedhari
Suaranya kyk giring ninji
sallie namey
*horse girls quaking*
MATH3US filipe
Musica boa demais
Bud light warrior.!!!!!knife
Robert Richardson
Producer : so you want a musket
Post : na sword
Blacksmith : done
gedearya mahendra
sword in the face
Anita Backrub
Scott Bott
Post just carries a sword and lots of skooma
Anonymous Penguin
When your Minecraft village keeps on getting raided,
Post Malone:
me & you
George Harrison's song called "Circles" got me here - George's song is like 600000 times better then this song this is ok i guess but it is so bubble gummy
jadoresephora roi
maybe they will use this somehow in the new GOT episodes...Taegeryns??? I think they are called???
Why in every music video does he look like homeless guy but he's actually rich af?
hay un poco de POP en tu HIP HOP post¡¡¡
Your Welcome
Video and song????
I just loved it, brother!!
WasFuerMäthii Schütz
nice song!!
Biaki Ralte3
U r the best ????❤❤❤????
Kathy Whitaker
Love this song,video must have cost a fortune!
с каких пор рыцари верещат петушиными голосками?
Wick S
When he said...
“I couldn’t beat it, even when I tried.”

I felt that.
bascrack lol
que terrible tanto comercial tener que mamarme
0% drugs
0% hoes
100% game of thrones fan
Gabriel Ackermen
serie the witcher soudtrank???
Brian Barnett
I'm getting empire of the sun vibes from this song.
Agassi Mayorca
The best song in 2019????❤️????
Nina Moretto
Shadow fight4 trailer
Shadow fight producers: F you
F7 Joxzy
The Beat is sampled right?!
It Sounds soo familiar and l neeed the original song please
Good song and all, but I think half the views are from YouTube throwing this into people's playlist while they're listening to their preferred stuff. even if they only listen to 7secs of it then change it back to what they wanted, I see you YT well played.
gaja kušar
i miss u p????
Indian gaming
Love you bro
Viraj Pattebahadur
Hit the like if the song is stuck in in your mind
Queen GG
اهنييبيي امممممم دينك والاغنيههههههههههههه الحلووووووهههه احبككككك يخي
Gabriela Sylvestre
Amoo post malone good
can เบล
Your song is so beautiful !!
Seba from osiedle
This video looks kinda like Dark Souls xD
Saajid Saleh
So sad ???? and inspired me
Saajid Saleh
PST Malone rich star ???? I’ve been fucking bilis and I feel ghost like a rockstar
drift anything12
Post always doing crazy shit in his music videos
Veronica M
in some parts, Circles sounds like Instant Crush by Daft Punk
b ds
Sick and tired of fighting with liberals. So I played this... And then it all changed.
Jasmine Bernardi
Bellissima!! Non riesco a smettere di ascoltarla!!!
Alja Jesih
I cry every time when I listen to this????❤️????
The Disser
Post need some meds from fortnite
Sylvain Donato Martella
Julian Moretti
Post, last year you were praising your saus'n and bling... and I respected you...
Wtf is this soft shit..... Your AP might not be psycho no more....
Christos Mavrogiannis
Somehow I believe this song would have been a massive hit had it been recorded back in the 80's-90's. This is a very good pop song and the bass intro sounds so familiar to us 40+. I have listened to his other songs and still can't believe this is a song by Post Malone.
Calvin Biefeld
*Visit my Channel and watch a couple of my music covers,i've done 133.SUBSCRIBE,LIKE,SHARE if you enjoy.Thanks,and have a great day!*
Shannon Wier
Jarosław Kozak
gunna report it to jared, thanks.
Rayan Mh
Wtf when he opens his eyes they are white and suddenly they come back to normal what the hell hahahaha fail
santiago martinez
The rock is not dead ????????
Far to graphic video for such a lame mor song.
The Heart Beater
Someday i will get millions for music too .. I promise
Billie Eilish: i'm the bad guy
Post Malone: i'll be the bad guy now
Melanie Martinez: i'm not a bad guy
lol yeah was inspired to make this comment :)
Kolasos YTBer
we need some sabaton here to save the videoclip
joshua bradbury
I love this song
Marie Larsen
I love dis song
this whole album was just an excuse so post could walk around in a suit of armor
Belinda Tilley
So obsessed with this song! Had it on repeat all morning ????????
Joseph Favour
I hear a little David Bowie Space Oddity in the beat
kauan glichboy
I'm crying lol
Taniyah UwU
Post is so cute in armor
kauan glichboy
Remaster of the "goodbye"
Love this song
Is he a Stormcloak or an Imperial? How much XP does he get?
Pat Blakely
Keep up the good work ????????????????????????
Rodrigo Miranda
im not a fan of this music genre but this bass line is amazing
Ariv Gomez
i like the bass and the beat
Simon Mitchell
Sex though.... Echo... Hilarious... Song writing by formula... Genius ... If it was easy everyone could do it....
George Flow
Damn I feel this!
George Flow
I felt that!
Tommy Nguyen
Every song in this album is a bop wtf
Javier Ybarra
He looks like Robb Stark
Gerardo Iglesias
Luccas Nsa
pique game of throne com a Rapunzel kkkkkkkkk
Don't touch this
Best 2k19 song ever
Felipe Leal3202938
Tilley: Alright so what would you think about making the video mide-
Malone: Okay yeah let’s do it where’s he mf armor
*pops open a bud light*
the music sounds like it was made by david bowie
bella kitty
Is this Rapunzel or what well I like it
bella kitty
2019 everyone
This song is the best of the year you rock post malon
Like post malone comment cardi b
Jay Williams
Dope ass music video ????????
Aziz Basry
Buy Weed online,Medical Marijuana For Sale from Vagodrugs:
Aziz Basry
Alfred Kalolo
he looks like a fat rob stark
Marranito Chapo
I wanna see how King Arthur familly got slaughter n his second familly took over his kingdom
Ayden Schmidt
Me after I killed an entire army
Man Dark Souls looks different
Guy Incognito
I'm sorry, but this song sounds so much more like a "Selena Gomez & The Scene" type of song than a Post Malone song.
Mobstar Hipstar
love the echo sounding vibe to this song idk how to describe it
Preston McGregor
He stole a baseline from Music by Blanks
What a nice song:)))
Ellie Price
i love this
who else remembers this background beat from a little big planet level?
Mason Mac
yo Post what the fuck this game of thrones vid
u got boring bro
how did he go to willow?
a knight with tattoos .... Americans, you’re probably all fagot????????????
Your songs prick my heart.
Lori Passerman
Great song. Reminds me of something from the 80's
First good post Malone song since candy paint
Ythan Clarke Orogo
Shout out for the future humans who watch this in 2050 year???? im from 2019 year
Jaiden D
the first 30 second are the best
natsu drageel
This song makes me feel some type of way i cant exsplain
Worood Al
wow love this song!! be honest i'm very very impressed by his music!
Mohamed Almehairbi
can't believe there are no goblins in the clip
Wasup Fool
My question is a short time ago this had no facial tattoos, was he really so stupid to tattoo his face so much so fast or are they just a fake tattoos for so called street cred lol
pelevizo Angami
So thz is what maximus cousin turned out to be
María teresa Vera blanco
My faborite o como se escriba
Li Hong
Why a Disney princess in the song
Yocelyn Arias
I’m sorry I love post Malone but like is his music getting suckier?
Jose Rodriguez Ramos
2020 MTV VMA written all over story in a music video...a rapper in a gladiator/game of thrones love story with a woman with no mouth.....
Crazy Lol Candy
He looks like the germ that killed them all
I really thought it was Sugar Ray singing.
Matt L
Gods I was strong then - post baratheon
Veronica Alex
It’s Lord Malone now
Kelley Ryan
I feel like he knows my life
Karsten Voß
I like it!
Ftv_Pigeon Ftv_clan
Nobody can disagree that Post Malone's songs are great and if you have different opinion that post Malone's songs are not good don't give hate to him, just keep it to yourself. c':
Anayaneli Borboa
Fluffy the cat is a bitch And is a bot
This sounds like a playboi carti song because I barely understood any of those lyrics
Kevinly Artz
I love the reverb in Malone’s songs
Nico Z
Man this guy is a genius. I wish him continued success. This song right here just hits differently.
Chaise Cristaudo
I love postie #postmalone
This song is Awesome
Way awesommmme
Horny chick see my channel
*???????????? ???????? ???????????????????????????????? ???????? ?????????????????*
grey ocean
Ilysfm ilyyyyyy huuuh
Post Malone is my favorite dude in de world
Like I just vibe so hard
Dude I wanna see him someday :))
I used to be a rapper like you then I took an arrow to the knee
Jenny Girl
a genuine soul true to itself is rare
BEST work to date!❤
Natalia K
Reminds me of The Vikings season 6
Erika Musa
This is my soul song
I'll be the bad guy now
Isabela Gheban
OBSESSED with this <3
alayka seputra
better cgi than justice league
Me agrada
Myra House
Love this ????
Jonah Schneider
Real life Tangled be like
Abhay Surya
who are those 28K morons?
rixena 28
I can feel the comments of anyone who looks at October 2019
Śăhàs ľśaľ
When you summon wither near your house
Alex Iulian
Fute-ma bine malone
Laiem SK
*Never expected someone in the male singers will be as creep as Billie Eilish*
Ahmad Usop
I still don't know why they call him a rapper
Teufel Daku Yariman
100 likes 100 comment if you want to see post malone music in league of legends
devorah agana
Oh, oh, oh
Oh, oh, oh
Oh, oh, oh
Oh, oh
We couldn't turn around
'Til we were upside down
I'll be the bad guy now
But no, I ain't too proud
I couldn't be there
Even when I try
You don't believe it
We do this every time
Seasons change and our love went cold
Feed the flame 'cause we can't let go
Run away, but we're running in circles
Run away, run away
I dare you to do something
I'm waiting on you again
So I don't take the blame
Run away, but we're running in circles
Run away, run away, run away
Let go
I got a feeling that it's time to let go
I say so
I knew that this was doomed from the get-go
You thought that it was special, special
But it was just the sex though, the sex though
And I still hear the echoes (the echoes)
I got a feeling that it's time to let it go
Let it go
Seasons change and our love went cold
Feed the flame 'cause we can't let go
Run away, but we're running in circles
Run away, run away
I dare you to do something
I'm waiting on you again
So I don't take the blame
Run away, but we're running in circles
Run away, run away, run away
Maybe you don't understand what I'm going through
It's only me, what you got to lose?
Make up your mind, tell me, what are you gonna do?
It's only me, let it go
Seasons change and our love went cold
Feed the flame 'cause we can't let go
Run away, but we're running in circles
Run away, run away
I dare you to do something
I'm waiting on you again
So I don't take the blame
Run away, but we're running in circles
Run away, run away, run away
Mr Chameleon
That 28k dislikes are from disable person who cant press the like button properly
Tom Bejoy
The only thing that can save GOT now is this storyline lol
ma boi lookin like Robb Stark over here
1000 subs no video challenge
circles how about squares?
Tom Bejoy
Producer and Video Director: ok man,let's do a beat heavy rap song and a video with girls, alcohol and flexing. Post: nah bih go look at my video with Jimmy Fallon I discovered my roots.
ฝาแดง แพงจัง
สมถุยซิบหาย ร้องหนังหีอบบนี้
Joey Woodpieces
This kid's just a sweetheart!
Joe Mama
I get it circles cause when you run away you come back thus; going full circle ????
Skateboarding art
thought this was tame impala lol
Deniz Çoruk
Mükemmel bir şarkı????
Jovi Hodrial
The Darker Version of Rapunzel
Ipek Vurguntas
Lance Dance
greetings from austria nice song
Bell Germain
This song reminds me of John Mayer new light heh
Malik Media
This such a Fifa Style song
Hatta xoxo
Anjae Indonesia
let's tear down our walls(egos)!and find our LOVE underneath our fear(insecurities1).
Vinícius Berni
thanks kevin
Gustavo Andres Alay Tumbaco
Lili the Potato
So my school had this idea to play music in the cafeteria and one kid connected their phone to the speaker and played this and let's say one lunch lady got fired....
When you roll a 3 in dungeons and dragons.
Rojelio Guerrero
Everytime I hear this song I just think of this amazing girl and my mind just goes in circles
La ame UwUr
- Maddie -
as much as i say rap doesn't involve talent, i'm obviously wrong because of post
Crystal Death
Post Mortem is all about circles here. Blame it on the bullets.
Dong Johnson
Music video made no sense
n o a h
post malone sound like juice
Gabriel Nico Tulabut
Good song for Elden Ring :)
His videos are always so weird but his songs are my favorites
Bad video, beautiful song
Keanna Lautenbach
He got Meripunzel up in here.
Sean Gavin
Posty actually has an impressive vocal range
Marissa Lim
I feel like I say this with every song/album he drops but damn he snapped with this one????
Is it just me, or was the harmonic progression heavily influenced by Space Oddity?
Avery R
Bud light vs bud light platinum, bud light obviously won.
Wes Kennington
Malone looks like he belongs in a suit of armor... pretty badass
ryan harris
Anyone else think that this video is connected with goodbyes? Like at the beginning his eyes were the same as at the end of goodbyes. And the whole zombies thing and coming back to life???
clelia papa
Bello bello terzo ascolto bellissimo.....anche il video .... complimenti ????
I love this guys singing
Sim Wei Jin
If this is grey you’re CURSE
Chanelle Brian
"you thought that it was special, special
But it was just the sex though, sex though."
I've been in a toxic relationship for five years and it's been based on mostly sex... I feel it
Floating Anchor
This song kinda remind me of Crush by Daft Punk
Naveah Queen
Moldy Friends
fav song anybody?
????*00212.645.75.23.01* *whatapps*????
شــبــاب????‍♂️ لاحــظــت كــثــيــر كـومـنـتـات عــن تــكــبــيــر الــقــضــيــب وضــعــف الانـتـصـاب وســرعــة الـقـذف
ولا يــهــمــك???? تــواصــلــو مــع الــدكــتــور????‍⚕️ الــلــي نــصــحــنــي بـوصـفـة اســتــعــمــلــتــهــا كــم أسـبـوع وحــصــلــت عــلــى نـتـايـج مــذهــلــة????????
الــلــي عـايـز الـدكـتـور????‍⚕️ يـتـواصـل مـعـه الـواتـسـاب *00212.645.75.23.01*????
kimon Hewitt
No capping, straight up post malone,looks medieval without costume......????????????????????????????????????????????????
Pisey Chayya
who ever hate this will love it once they listen a fifth trust me I've tried
Pisey Chayya
fifth time i ment
Not an artist I expected to like, but I’ve heard a few good ones now, and this one in particular is my favourite. Hits me right in the feels.
Pete Long
holy fucc bro.. god!
Love to this song
Jordani Romania
Is this associated with the new season from Bilingv or GOT?
symere woods
here before 100 mil views
like to activate
sword of justice and mercy
Idk what happened to posty since after the rockstar records his song only include *bloods fights zombies etc*
Yatin Arora
video is totally opposite of song :D
Funny video &song
Post Malone in the past fight against the Post Malone in the future and then he lose
Jester Godfield
How tall is he? The horse looks small.
Charles Predgen
Yo i might drown in the comments but I do covers IM NOT PRESSURING YOU just saying coz i like sharing stuff
Im Here Only For The Music
Why does he look so cool in that armour
Feels like a minecraft song, like “take back the night” or something
Viktor Johansson 8C
Best video and song all love from viktor!
Creeper McCreeping
Elder scroll much?
Piotr Bobrek
Its shit. Sunflower? Cool. Rockstar? Amazing! Why this is shit?
Baysaa Huygaa
Love this <3<3
Tiger-Town Paving
The melody Makes me want to by a 70s van an go to the beach with my baby
waddup sup
postyy doesn't know how to make bad songs fr
Eusebia Santiago
I Too know ur pain Post Malone. Love hurts
retrina Bailey
This my divorce song
joann william
This is awesome ❤️
Torik Avicenna
Dark soul with great outro
Will Herbst
I could listen to this over and over again
I be just watching live chat replay
Eduardo Casillas
Post is on a different level with his music like he the only one out here really being himself
Joey Mathew
This song adds rhythm to my walk.
James Chetz
This song makes me what to jump in an uber and ask the driver where he wants to go.
Dominique Pastrana
i honestly dont know why people dont like post malone hes like my second favorite singer and...omg i just love post malone fuck yall if you dont like post malone
Melissa Santos
Love you post ❤❤❤❤
Como es posible que de todos los temas que saca ninguno sea malo ? ????
Panhandle Paranormal
My boy is lookin like Seth Rogan these days.
This is pretty chill, well done Malone ????????
Ibike Tóth
Why doesn't the girl have a mouth???? 1:36
just an AMAZING artist this boy!! 54 yrs okd and right into ole Postie!! Love from NZ
Adrian Wilcocks
It's the best song ever
music 4.5/10 video clip 9.5/10
100.000 Subs without a Video
Nice Video
Methmal dhananjaya
I was a knight and still cant figure out how post malone get up after he was bend in knee..
Panji Setio
Ohh men nice.godd joob
Melissa Renard
Jadore !!!❤❤❤
Da De
Past Molone that's a good boys
i want to be the 1 millions like on my comment of all youtube
Little Light
For Honor 2
I kinda like post Malone but that damn auto tune, he's to fucking reliant on it...
Lunar Skies
My boyfriend hates post Malone cause I really like his music ????
plese stop smokeing...ㅠㅡㅠ
Mati Foluś
Does post Malone also remind you of a robb from a game of thrones
Quem e BR e curte
anais djebali
Hello how are you this song os beautiful post malone
Rebel Challenger’s
How Can he be RICH and look HOMELESS LMAO
Djihad _rn
Njerrr kek lagunya noah kudenger:'v
Legendary knight♥️♥️♥️
David Lee
Now: The lyric doesn’t make sense with the clip...????
Baby Shark
Uff tat beat, those bass, those high volumes when u samashes rigt bck when u wanna crap a nap.. Definitely kinna lazy lost at the plybck ????✌❤
Nelson Rodriguez
He did it again! Luv his music!
Te amo ❤️ Malone
Dipro Prattoy
This is actually Past Malone
Clementino Avila
Possibly my favorite song in Hollywood bleeding
Witcher 4 sneak-peak.
0 subs with 0 videos challenge!
Seemes like Post missed the audition for Game of Thrones season 8
Tchuksll Zigeuner
I run in circles when I had a test
stratos strataros
The shark puppet is a fan.
vikash kumar
Now i thinking about to take a long ride and listening this song in alone????????
Brent Gillespie
Looks like Katy Perry
Cole Sprouse
This is when you realize posty is not another Lil
Cole Sprouse
Damn he's so talented and different i think he doesn't even want to do generic rap
Gianluca Bianchi
Stop the video on 2:10 and check the live chat
JR Prodigy Venture
Director what do u need bro
Post..Bodies all over the floor
Harrison _B
its a horse not a dog
benny martinez
I love this song I'm a fan forever and ever I wish I was his kid
rick grimes
I though this guy was a rapper
DaBangtan Boi
Shit's so fucking good..
Jimmy D'Arcy
Good job Post Malone!! Really love your songs!! ????????
anthony skrzypczak
Je plains les gens qui ne contenteront jamais post Malone ou Swae Lee
i fucking love this melody
in circles we all run until we all come together.
Mike Benson
This song honestly speaks to me on a different level. - I'm here to do something Post - *Peace*
Joe Mama
Nice song
anyone still watching this in 2019?
Dennis philip
he has a good manager, a good producer..
Aerin Ellis
I ❤ Post even more with these epic videos. If I were to have his money and talent i would pour my work ethic into making the biggest, baddest, most intricate videos ever. Keep up the awesome work POST!! Love it!
Daniel Hansen
Daamn Post malone would have killed Game of Thrones. Maybe next time, lol.
butterfly girl
Very Awesome song and cool video dude. Love this song and Im addicted to it, can't get enough of it. Thank you ????
leuwwie jay Oloroso
Game of thrones/rapuzel what a great combination, like trying to mix water and oil at the same time...
Why does he look like something out of game of thrones?
Nayops 18
1:10 , 2:14
Oh I feel like Post Malone when I get home, sitting their winning like it’s Game of Thrones tonight that we made it how complicated was last year????????
Hazy hhzksksjjz
I have been working out with this one last year but now we can get some more stuff done with this game tonight and we have a good job on it and I’ll let him know if he can get him a little bit later he said he can pick it up and get it back to the office and then I will is it the next week or we could get a little bit of the
Gamer 509
Should had made it in the Great crusade ????
*plays dark souls and watches rapunzel once*
Funny video &song
I couldn’t be there even if I tried you don’t believe it We do this every time
The mv reminds me of beowulf kmhahshs
Sedeen Alfityani
Post Malone: *Im the bad guy now*
Billie Eilish: *triggered*
marcos carlos
Its the best song
who else wonders how much this video costed
Yip van Schaik
I love details in songs like the word; echoes, echoing
I love your voice dude
Ramsey Jones
The New Throne of Eldraine trailer looking fly (my mtg players know where I'm at)
Alexandre Almeida.
post Malone you have a very good gift for music, congratulations guy very successful for you. If you read my comment I wanted to ask you a guitar bro, my dream is to have one but coming from your hands, I would be very happy !! thank you bro.????????❤????????????????????????????
Internet Dad
its ok but its all fake
Mario Alberto
Amazing song
Lio Jio
just heard this over the radio. My new favorite!
Sufian Yafai
Why when I here this song I think of imagine dragons?
other people hold my red bull post malone hold my sword
Spark Shaper
Getting Skyrim Vibes.
Gabriel Esquinca
How many likes for Game of Thrones?
Richard Guerra
Now heard this song on the radio didn't even know the name still found it great song!
Can someone tell me if this is rap I can’t decide.
Carlos Rodriguez
Did he sample this? i swear this beat sounds familiar. I cant be the only one.
Lu Angelzoom
where's the asshole promoting himself in the comments? get it before it breeds!
this song gives me some sort of nostalgia in a weird way 0_0
Edward De La Cruz
Listen at 1.5x speed
The Ghost Zombie
???????? *คนไทยที่เข้ามาดู* ????????
Gabriel Lanier
Post Malone + The Weekend
Chelsea Yang
Post Malone literally has no bad song.
Robert Harrison
Our true King of Westeros
Thomas McCleod
So this is what Medieval wars looked like.
Post Malone the songbird of our generation.
Sandra Eli
I KINDA feel like dancing these song with Audree my granddaughter!!????‍♀️????‍♀️????‍????????‍????
Hunter Graham
3:36 Boi really ran out like link in ocarina of time’s intro lmao!! ????????
Luz Martinez
Give Me Like If You Speak English.
Great white Wyvern
It’s almost 69 million likes
Ederson SP
Hermosa musica
When your whole squad gets wiped by the boss and you are the last one left.
Steven Dub
He looks so fucking stupid with thoose face tattoos , how tf do you wanna have that shit on your face for the rest of your life until you die when your 50 you’ll still have the same shit on your face it looks so dum in the real world when ppl look at him with all that shit on his face they will be laughing at him .
Steven Dub
Why the fuck would he do that to his face ? All theese rappers are copying Wayne he was the first with face tats now they all are doing it nobody wants to be themself they wanna look like everyone else that’s why tattoos are not cool anymore to many ppl have em they used to be for the bad asses not for privileged white kids he’ll regret soon if not he probably already does .
Denis Anders
Music to look like the Crainberries
Steven Dub
I miss when tattoos were for the rebel’s & badasses now there so mainstream there not even cool anymore especially visible tattoos like face , Hands & neck tattoos but we live in generation were ppl wanna look like everyone else nobody wants to be themself anymore .
Unknown Artist
Like niyo kung may translator na filipino.
Ayos to..????????
Sandra Brylewicz
He finally won his battle with his demons
Manuel M
Fuck you all
Play Tube
Sucess full 2019 ⭐⭐⭐ ????????
Karla Ortiz
I dare you to do something.
Im waiting on you ✍????????
David Viray
as of 10/18/2019, I'll admit that from 64,247,995 views of this video, around 100,000 is from me.
1066 colourised
Cgy8 Cgy8
Does anyone know how many episodes of the flash on season 6 on Netflix in Canada
Kalm Grey
No thanks, get out of my playlist.
Butari Avril
Brandon Diederich
Wanna hate but yeah good
This sound make me inspired everyday????
Gamalael Wahyu
Disney should make this the Next Rapunzel music video
Priyankaa 98
Post Malone: "I'll be the bad guy now"
Billie: wait wtf
Gaming Mom Next Step D
I hope all is well.
Cole Carter
Dark souls 4
Gaming Mom Next Step D
A mixture.
Gaming Mom Next Step D
Past times come to me
Seor Rc
post went from a guy in a tank to a knight
Hubert e46325XI
Trafiłem tu przez przypadek, ale zostaje na dłużej, podoba mi się styl i klimat muzyczny.
True Magus
Where is the tank
Taj adil
he stole the beat from an indie musician.
Thạnh Nguyên
Very nice amor
This song's fire Post you still got it
Well done!!! Awesome song! I can't stop listening to it! And well done for the video. THANK YOU!
Saiyan Tanti
I thought he is king arthur
This song is doing Circles in my head!
Jean-Marc Leroy
Jim Beam
Post Malone gives me hope in 2020
Mr_Dinosaur -_-
Skyrim Super very special Edition
Ieng X Ivan
best Song
Leonard Escorpion
Post Malone????
Siopao YT
Run Away But We Running In Circles
Really digging the bassline on this one
Tomasaurus rex
Is he a ghost?
jazzzmine rodriguez
I listen to this 4 times a day at work.
So much auto tune
Gerwin Mangosong
Ranniel Gomez
i love this song
Joseph Fellis
Red 27
i love this song so much????????
b ds
Don't look at the 30k people that disliked this. Look at the 1.3 million that liked it. Live your life this way.
Wicked Haunte
String theroy
nachô chk
Director: how much fucking feelings u want?
Post: yes.
mocros rule tha world
Dude sombody spray something on your face ?
Czarny Lis
czemu nie ma sceny jak ich zabija ;c
leSnoxy 13
Still very good song!????
Gamers Monsters
Hermosa música
Ben Morris
Never really listen to post malone but this song is quality
Emergency Calls only
This is literally beautiful
Uhu ist kein Tier Uhu ist Kleber
Still struggle to find the best song of this new album.
I wonder if Post is singing about being knight of the round table since it's called circles!! <-- see what I did there? Dang that's funny and I dont care what any midget says!!
I'll be the burger now.
Post Malone ! I’m from Korea
I hope you will have a concert in Korea !
frost life
A whole new different level ????????
Harsha Ganji
Kudos to the guy who convinced Post Malone not to make it R rated
lum nut
Steel Plate Armor(FLAWLESS)
Gabriel Parra
This is my 80th reproduction. I can't stop. I love IT! ❤️????????????
RED Charry
kill it ^^
beerbongs and bentleys still the best....
Shivaji Ahir
Mumble rapper
Alexander Ajax
I m listening this on my birthday *18th OCTOBER*
Toast Metal Forks
Coming back to the village after killing the ender dragon: 1:09
Maria Amélia Silva
Ho my good
Mr. Slish
Jesus be like
6 string zing
I grew up in the 90's and yes, I'm kind of a snob about it because I believe it was one of the greatest decades for music, amongst other things. But this kid....damn. I originally gave him a shot because he covered Dylan...I stuck around because he has a good sound and he is not trying to be anybody else while still paying respect to those who came before him.. good shit, brotha! Bravo.
Amy Turner
I love this song so much and it’s my favorite song
Who's here just to see the comments?
Jacob Eadens
John Snow: winter is coming
post malone: The Budlight truck is coming
William Aune
Am I the only one who thinks she’s the perfect woman? She has no mouth to bitch at me with.
2013 summer vibe anyone?
charish b.
bro i love this song so much!
Eddie Tolbert
Do it don’t do it
rosario padovano
la canzone del 2019
Jenny Brown
omg this is lit af
Danny M
Elder Scrolls 6 looks good
Give a like if post is the best
eder mejia lartiga
wow post malone , what great song ¡ omg bless for u and u familily our
All jokes aside, this video is very well shot. Much better than most music videos nowadays
Raphael Joaquin D. M.
thought this was a game cinematic at first cuz the scenery too beautiful to be true
Justin Milne
Someone actually made a real music video for once , Proud of this guy. I love post malone
The ice on my wrist is getting old. I wonder how steel on my body would feel like?
Unknown User
I love him my favorite artist
vicious habits
stefano esposito ma io non so quanto sei bravo
Whats the deal with his eyes? could it be a follow up of the ending of '' Goodbyes ''?
Stuart morris
Stop song great beat
Alien D
Ok... Ok... SKYRIM IS REAL!!!!!
WuW fantastic Song
I love Song Nice video
Forewer QuQ
Etta Dee
Thank you mr malone for your existence
Phase Wav
His every song is a hit, wtf
Daniel Kearsley
Damn he must really like ‘For Honor’
Frederick Dye
Bro this song is absolutely amazing I love the beat
E Kap
Here this all the time at work, thought it was some indie rock band or something.
Post Malone is so talented
Marshmello Kid
Billie Eilish : I’m the bad guy
Post Malone : I’m the bad guy now
Kneeling In all that chaos like a boss.
Josh Berkler
This gives me deep vibes
Josh Berkler
Director: how many trees do you want
Post Malone: Yes Definitely
Fashion agencies: *Selling stupid ass clothes*
Post Malone: Ayy bruh, you need to protect yourself? or deal some damage?
Nikki Taylor
I'm looking forward to a sequel ijs
STRANGER THINGS reference maybe?
We couldn't turn around, till we were UPSIDE-DOWN
I'll be the BAD GUY now
Chris Nield
This makes me nostalgic... SKYRIM!
Samia Lolly
I love the fact how Post Malone is, even he's rich he always stays the same man as he used to be for the first time, he's very humble and his songs are so dope, I got no words for this talented man, only that he's a real example that people should look more at. He should be more appreciated and viewed <3
Just Nick
Lord of the rings and game of thrones so badass ????????????
Will McPherson
This video is the only good thing to come out of game of thrones season 8
Jessica Montes
#goodbyes #circles #ifallappart #candypaint #sunflower #sainttropez ????????????????
Karlo Ešegovic
Players Subsribe me ????????
cayleigh paulsen
why does this song have to be called circles it is so POINTLESS :)
Scar to Simba:
This song: Run away!
Alexandra Melo
Oct. 2019! My new fave! Yay!
Brooke Brownfield
*me trying to sing circles*
*some serious voice cracks*
Brooke Brownfield
me: mom!! let me listen to circles!
mom: why not squares
NxS SneVz
Dark souls 4 leaked ????
When you Minecraft village gets raided and you have Diamond armor
NinjaFire908 ._.
Why can't I listen to this on soundcloud for free without all these remixes messing up this song?
Kaliq Strickland
Why he so adorable though ????
The starting beat sounds sorta like For Emma by Bon Iver
The Arctic Cannon
1:15 the girl in the brown isint she the one that had a speech about global warming. Or I’m I just a idiot
ayzen leet
This Video Clips looks so laggy
Julian Bolduc
i had this on loop for like a hour
Lauren Kent
That rap was lit! ????
Calvin Biefeld
*Visit my Channel and watch a couple of my music covers,i've done 133.SUBSCRIBE,LIKE,SHARE if you enjoy.Thanks,and have a great day!*
ichigo Akagami
And this is how Rob Stark became a singer
God damn that bassline, love it so much. Imma try to learn this on it, like the first one I learn.
C̤̈Ḧ̤Ï̤L̤̈L̤̈ S̤̈T̤̈Ä̤T̤̈Ï̤Ö̤N̤̈
Medieval Europe be like:
Waylon Orr
the people who want music videos to be real moves
lol what the fuck does this song have anything to do with fucking medieval time shit
João Luiz Santos Brito
Nem um BR?
Super Skillz
For Honor new season looking good
Kiera Taylor
Looks like Lord of the rings bruh
Yolo Walters
I like it. It different. Heard it on the radio. Had to find out who sing it. Was like wow. Ok not bad at all. Even like the video, Even bought it on iTunes.
Romeo Sanchez
Like if this happened in circles
It is fall time we all know it lol
Cheyenne Lovrien
How my brain feels
If she has no mouth she can't say no :>
Que Sera Sarah
There's another song with a very similar beat. Anybody remembers it?
Murilo Fernandes
Brasil ????
chanky lanky
Love this man
Matías Castro
My favorite teme of Post Malone ????
Navindra Paul
I always get that Enrique vibes.......
Pork Rinds
So no head?
Tony Rizo
If the music video has a meaning I don't get it..
kamoteQ harhar
awesome music, awesome video!
Joey Shook
any one else catching a Dark Souls Vibe from this ? he died and the firekeeper girl done something with the blueflower and restarted him . the lyrics even say things like ">>>feed the flame.." or whatever it said. Decent song , i think post is a souls fan . Im on board now
The Brand
This is some stupid shit! Song sucks also.
Karen Sa go
Ases las mejores canciones
polet carola
To much video for that poor song ????
Lit A Ly
My guy still looks like he smells like the video
Post Impala, lol
Marlon Malpartida J
This song makes me happier, smile for all, for life and for living. I was in new york when I heard this song many times by radio when I went back to hotel during nights. I fell asleep and got up with song. Its really beautiful and reminds me that travel. I can not stop it, just play it and smile!!!!
This new For Honor update looks cool
Christine Chavez
we can't turn around
Tristhegamingthug The Savage
Medieval Europe Battlefeild 1650 War of No sense everybody but Post dies
Lily Culhane
I love song but sometimes I forget the names of the songs
This makes Better Now sound like every Lil Xan or 6ix 9ine song ever made
Lil X Nas
Minecraft rl right here
Ooga Bo0ga
No one:
Post Malone: *makes a bomb ass album with 0 bad songs*
Zothana Guite
This guy is really heart broken i thought... ????????
Ashen Kalugala
does this song have swears?
Donna Kowalski
I love this song.
Makes me want to dance
to this in a club...
Ashen Kalugala
why is that girls mouth blured
Why you keeping die?
Ashen Kalugala
game of thrones + repunsel = this
Faisal Malik
this music video is dope af
Reynaldo Patiag, Jr.
If you love this song leave a like
Such a good song
Fai Sultan
Runaway but we're running in circles ❤️
i love post malone
and so do you
Tango Bango
Luv the name Post. Luv this song.
Elusive M
Honestly sometimes I really can't stand Post cus that's mostly all they play on hit stations lately but ya this ones chill. Still, 2000's hits are eternal. The end.
Jonathan Sims
Look, the fabled "white knight."
Hannah Babiano
This song makes me dance to the upbeat so harddd ????????
Ozymandias ➊
99 % of people wont read this but
Have a fantastic day 1 % :)
Vikram Reddy
Why the hell does this have so less views??
Did u do it AGAIN?! I was REALLY trying to leave u! Buttt u keep doing things like this 2 bring me back! Mr. Malone! ❤❤❤❤ I'm 2 old 4 this sh** & u! Stop it! I JUST CAN'T with u!!!
I would REALLY LOVE❤❤❤❤2 work with this guy! It would b a dream
69420 subs with no videos
Those villigars need some iron golems
Charish Borbon
I'm listening this when i was playing ROS
benedict castro
post malone can't breathe please remove the armor
john doe
He plays guitar and piano, how many rappers can say that?
this gives me minecraft vibes for some reason... but i enjoyed the song XD
Mulisa Museri
I looove this song, ????????????
Da-Player 101
I love this song cause i love it
ethan hinterman
Utah chek
The SuLFuR Experience
People who just found out this song i hope you have heard his colab with Ozzy Osborne. Just a friendly remainder
Abs Jordanz
Who’s watching in 1400. Such a modern song
Champion Pubg mobile
October anyone
Better than Game of Thrones Season 8 ending
M.H. L.
They had autotune back then
Thug Life
Is this a new skyrim character
Judith Chan
Fucking banger
Jojo N Nena
Note: i translated this in French for myself lol
Oh oh oh
Oh oh oh
Oh oh oh
Oh, oh
Nous ne pouvions pas faire demi-tour
'Jusqu'à ce que nous étions à l'envers
Je serai le méchant maintenant
Mais non, je ne suis pas trop fier
Je ne pouvais pas être là
Même quand j'essaye
Tu n'y crois pas
Nous faisons cela à chaque fois
Les saisons changent et notre amour s'est refroidi
Nourris la flamme car on ne peut pas lâcher
Fuyons, mais nous courons en rond
Fuyez! Fuyez
Je te défie de faire quelque chose
Je t'attends encore
Donc je ne prends pas le blâme
Fuyons, mais nous courons en rond
Fuir, fuir, fuir
Allons y
J'ai l'impression qu'il est temps de lâcher prise
Je le dis
Je savais que c'était condamné dès le départ
Vous pensiez que c'était spécial, spécial
Mais c'était juste le sexe bien, le sexe bien
Et j'entends encore les échos (les échos)
J'ai l'impression qu'il est temps de laisser tomber
Laisser aller
Les saisons changent et notre amour s'est refroidi
Nourris la flamme car on ne peut pas lâcher
Fuyons, mais nous courons en rond
Fuyez! Fuyez
Je te défie de faire quelque chose
Je t'attends encore
Donc je ne prends pas le blâme
Fuyons, mais nous courons en rond
Fuir, fuir, fuir
Peut-être que vous ne comprenez pas ce que je vis
C'est seulement moi, qu'est-ce que tu dois perdre?
Décide-toi, dis-moi, qu'est-ce que tu vas faire?
C'est seulement moi, laisse tomber
Les saisons changent et notre amour s'est refroidi
Nourris la flamme car on ne peut pas lâcher
Fuyons, mais nous courons en rond
Fuyez! Fuyez
Je te défie de faire quelque chose
Je t'attends encore
Donc je ne prends pas le blâme
Fuyons, mais nous courons en rond
Fuir, fuir, fuir
Exstrah -
Fucking brilliant my inspiration!
gg Graves
Jfozd8ud goihse rpij
Zeff DM
Really cool dude, you're a genius
Leo’s Nature Show
This would be a great song for the ending of a movie
Trash Can
Everything is so fire!
Jason Tei
how are u a knight when u don't run away in circles
Who else is listening to this music in circles for more than 1 hour?
Dr. Mabuze
Beginning sounds like Enrique Iglesias
Abby Lea
I Think That Post Has His Amour And A Lot Of Villagers
And A Princess
Great Job
This, Hollywood’s Bleeding, And Take What You Want Is My Favorites From Hollywood’s Bleeding So Far
coon coon
You're suppose to ride the horse bud
KJ Sarai
Oh, oh, oh-oh
Oh, oh, oh-oh
Oh, oh, oh-oh, oh-oh, oh-oh
We couldn't turn around till we were upside down
I'll be the bad guy now, but know I ain't too proud
I couldn't be there even when I try
You don't believe it, we do this every time
Seasons change and our love went cold
Feed the flame 'cause we can't let go
Run away, but we're running in circles
Run away, run away
I dare you to do something
I'm waiting on you again, so I don't take the blame
Run away, but we're running in circles
Run away, run away, run away
Let go, I got a feeling that it's time to let go
I said so, I knew that this was doomed from the get-go
You thought that it was special, special
But it was just the sex though, the sex though
And I still hear the echoes (The echoes)
I got a feeling that it's time to let it go, let it go
Seasons change and our love went cold
Feed the flame 'cause we can't let go
Run away, but we're running in circles
Run away, run away
I dare you to do something
I'm waiting on you again, so I don't take the blame
Run away, but we're running in circles
Run away, run away, run away
Maybe you don't understand what I'm going through
It's only me, what you got to lose?
Make up your mind, tell me, what are you gonna do?
It's only me, let it go
Seasons change and our love went cold
Feed the flame 'cause we can't let go
Run away, but we're running in circles
Run away, run away
I dare you to do something
I'm waiting on you again, so I don't take the blame
Run away, but we're running in circles
Run away, run away, run away
I'm not hating on anything I'm just wondering 1 thing, why is Post's vibrato so fast, like a sheep? I've noticed this in every song I've heard of his since I recently discovered him. My dad noticed it too, he heard Rockstar on the radio and said he sounds like a lamb. I hear it in every song including this one. It sounds weird, it doesn't sound natural. I'm wondering why either no one has noticed it yet or why no one has mentioned it.
Not Bruce Wayne
Can you give me a like for no reason at all
0 subs with 0 videos challenge!
*Post is the guy who looks very rich and poor at the same time*
Rali Thorn
Neat video
Sabrina Lechtenbörger
Post Malone, Iron Man of the 14th Century
Purple Peridot
Can we please appreciate how beautiful the girl was
zum Universo
top dude music and very good
Tangled 2 looks pretty good ngl
Ollie Scott
Man what Minecraft texture pack is this?
Tout savoir sur #HassanHayek ! Une vidéo à voir absolument ! n'oubliez de laisser un pouce et vous abonnez si vous kiffez :
Probably better, than Witcher is gonna be
delete][[[][]\[];'. pineda
this was made on my b day 0-0
Emily Novontny
cool music video!!!
The White Horse
сука сколько же автотюна
พงศภัค แซ่เตียว
Girls locker room: Ah I hate P.E AF!!!
Boys locker room:
Canary YT
new for honor update looks great
Bruh Moment
You K bro
Producers: hey post Malone what do you think of game of thrones?
Post Malone: yes please
Robert Moore
Voice sounds so robotic no chance he sings this live
thought I was listening to slowdive for a hot sec
Why doesn't have the girl a mouth?
rene pusepatten
What mod of Skyrim is this?
Funny video &song
Post Malone,I didn’t see you in Game of Throne.
I think you the best singer in the world!!!
Matheus Mendes
Robb Stark?
Sidharth Bansal
Found my new jam <3 :O
Matteo Perinetti
how many tats post has on his face
50 000 Subscribers with 0 Videos
You will Glow up over winter and your crush will fall in love with you
????Like to activate
Sophisticated Hoe
Anybody repeating this non-stop? ????
Alexandru Zamfir
Egos nooo not the egos ????????
5000 subs by commenting challenge?
Post Malone tried so hard to make a bad song but cant
Grhehwhhanejeiaja Hrbrjsjsnebsjaj
No one at all:
Not even god:
Daniel Almeida
Que buena canción súper bien hecha
Dhruv Kanojia
Producer: what's your favourite game?
Post malone: witcher 3
Frau Ahl
He’s a genius. Great song. Love him ????????
Dan Reidy
Blue Yellow
this is how, Into the Woods, should have been like
Soooo no mention of the fact that she has no mouth!? No voice? What about kisses and blow jobs? Even being rescued did not give her the ability to speak?
Henry Soong :]
Music by Blanks.
Gopean Shino
This is just pure fire
Dylan Bethge
Halfway through the video
I like this style of music from Post Malone. Not the rap stuff.
Rodrigo Souza
Wasn't this nigga considered a rapper? Lmaooo
Make take what you want from me
Bogus Bogusbogusz
Actually this could be a song of Empire of the Sun
Alex Maiden
For Honour?
Felipe Moraes
Que musica, que historia, que produçao, exelente
Game of thrones vibes ????
1000 sub without videos challenge
Me: runaway but we're running in the circle
1 month later me:still running in the circle
Grant Segall
Where’s part two?
Maria Alves Da Silva
Cant Deliver
The goat
Foreversisters 711
This man never use a curse word on any body ????????
Asim Shah
ur the 1st singer whom every songs i love.
Zachary Bernard Carlton
Echo echo echo organ organize. Organ organ organize. Echo echo echo. #All these tracks I’m laying through. What you got to lose# dah dah echo da da da echoooooooooo. Echoooooooooooooooo da da da echooooooooooo echo echo echo. Dakine
Zachary Bernard Carlton
Two Matadors
This is reminding me of the Heroes of might & magic series
Faze Jarvis
Post malone:Yes
Producer:I didn't say anything
Fahad Ali
Not the Knight we deserved but the Knight we needed !!
Check out the songs lyrics ????????
Chuck Mccracken
Maroon 5
warren Stephens
this is going on my Samsung Glaxy Beam Projector phone find a nice spot out into the Wild" s'gonna be good music and Cold beer s'all ew' need :) maybe a nice fire aswel, very Cherry!xD
Marat Dmitriev
Legend ????????
Yareli D.
Producer: So what do you want the music video to be about?
Post: Have you ever seen Game of Thrones and Tangled?
BEAT MAN check out this post Malone type beat...
Erin Wright
His voice calms my soul
Negu1n Ma3st34 Junior
Esse vídeo e mais famoso que o Michael Jackson
AXDesTrOye s
When your partner dies in skyrim
S Cultre
Love this
محمد البصراوي
Best of his songs to me ❤️
i don’t know
sounds like senorita
MKVILL_BR videos
Awesome hit
The Witcher 4 looks pretty good.
vanna Iamele
So appropriate to this moment ????
Ign PR
Robb Stark?>
thales souza
Rock in Rio 2021 te aguarda Post Malone!
Cervantes Baptist
In the beginning it sounds like a GORILLAZ Song!
Alexxis watching!
Shang-Hong Wang
Helga Hadzizade
Amazing song... Run away la la la????????????
The Pinnacles
Cool song.
Mathias Riisenberg
The beginning was like For Honor Marching Fire Expansion trailer...
Game of thrones
Casandra Tudon
Still my favorite song ❤️ hits right in the feels????
Paola Gallo
Anthony Zaragoza
Post Malone tried to do Sunflower again lol. The same way he started the intro, the way the song escalates, where the hooks are placed etc. Cant blame him for tryna break the billboard again lol, this is a good song.
jowell Tom Holland Gutierrez holland
Dad: turn that off Kid: no why its circles
Carole Gursky
Omg he sounds so good
Carole Gursky
This better than the rap
Carole Gursky
Omg post malone
Matthew Maddocks
My life is described by this song ❤ thanks post Malone
Steven Yang
Producer: how loud do you want this song to be?
Post Malone: yes
Did he sample the song Runaway Train by Soul Assylum? It's exactly the same. ”RUNAWAY TRAIN, NEVER GOING BACK...” If he didn't credit them, I guess someone is going to get sued. Just saying.????‍♀️????
smol nibba
bruh the man who makes postys music videos neda get a raise
The music sounds like the song higher by Blanks.
I have 1 word for this - Talent
Wowspencer -
Human shrek?
John Chavez
Post Malone I like your song very very very very much I wish I was with you
choji manganime
He looks surprisingly normal in Armour
Wencka A.
I love you
Baby Blu3
Fuck game of thrones I thought of Vinland Saga when I saw this
sexte fcb Ismael
Beautiful song ♥️
This reminds me of Skyrim ????????
T O'Malley
Such a shame he didn’t do a 1979 smashing pumpkins vid for this
Game of Thrones meets Gladiator, I was a expecting a better video to this song tho, Great song, What a Disapointment
Danny Angulo
Post malone
Good music
God Ares
This would suit perfectly for life is strange 2 ending when ep 6 comes out...
Maksim Kravchuk
Сука ебал Инглиш
Bonjour tout le monde,
Nous sommes un jeune groupe de rappeurs et on a sorti notre premier son sur youtube. Allez écouter ça sur notre page et dites nous ce que vous en pensez. Likez ce commentaire pour que tout le monde le voit s'il vous plaît ???????? Merci à tous!
Mo Lester
Would 10/10 watch this movie
Pete Long
She fucced up
They speed it up so it doesnt get boring
Rouss Cortes
Dame lili si o ves ❌????
Rouss Cortes
Si eres de la rasa sad????????☠️
Joshua Talan
magazine ma ni
Mk Tkt
A chaque fois que j'écoute un son en voiture que je kiffe, je découvre toujours que c'est un son de Post Malone lol
Lil Kooly
What Skyrim mod is this
Xx AyyItsAj xX
Me in dark souls when a boss kills me before I killed it:
Angel Boyles
Very cool video! The man has a great voice!
Nick van Betuw
*He reminds me of a badass version of Podrick from GOT* ????
jordan thompson
If post malone was on a bud light commercial
Tiffany Chan
Anyone notice the similarities between this and The Lagoons - California (
페르소나MagicShop Gacha
So amazingly creative!
The first time i listened to this i didnt like it but its grown on me now
erika mendoza
Daniel & Jesse Gaming NBA 2k19
My mom Lves you
sumanjit arora
Im just not into this song ...
Like if you arent to
Bill Fraser
Beautiful song..Our burning bush is here!
Laxmi Nambam
Season change but you dont, but malone needs to quit smokin
Nathaniel Rodriguez Melendez
My bf is licking my dirty feet while we listen to this
Post Malone For Honor Edition?
my mama called, "seen you on tv"
N_ kit
Malone:we're runnin' in circle..
Me:u play pubg don't you?????????
brodisman Funko pop channel
This is my life with my ex bestfriend
Rocio Santi
hasta se parece a rob stark
Dang PostMolones so beautiful and his songs are too!
Ashweng Velasco
seasons change, and our love went COLD❄️☃️
Uff creo que este song es el mejor despues de dolla sing
How does this video have 30k down votes.. God people are dumb..
Addison Simpson
i love post malone and his music. but his music does not go with the music videos
King Croc
great song
Ultan Dorrian
Amazing song
Connor Jennings
Post on the flaming bier reminds me of Herakles' apotheosis
TheProblem Child
This was made in memory of his blacksmith that died in skyrim. He had no saves near his level, so he couldn't go back.
Verly Nocum
Post Malone:im the bad guy now
Billie:am i a joke to you
Donovan Redbird
bro all of these mainstreem artists have some fucking video of them burning or killing themselves in some way lol selling your soul is the only way to make it
R.I.P Ronnie
This is art
top 10 YT_PS4
Is it possible for posty to make a bad song
Azmaeen Ansar
Dark Souls: The Music Video
david ra
i do like this song. it very mewl
ツU n s p o k e n
This wanna makes me play Skyrim again and watch medieval movies ????
did he just use blanks' higher bass line?????
Muy buena ❤️
Cameron Morr
This guy is Kit Harrington if he were a meth addict.
I was searching for the lyrics but end up reading comments.
Obi-Wan Kenobi
The melody sounds like BLANKS
Catur Kurnia
When I was listened for the first time I think it was snow patrol.
Corré Romane
I'm falling in love with this bass
Lurn Boyz
Кызыктуу Дуйно
Who is here after Wonho's recommendations?? MONBEBE are you here?
plague doctor 2:16
I’m Breathtaking
shalini jaiswal
Assome graphics man assome vipin vns
Yung Thief
This songs insane like if u agree
Jamisen Hoeft
this is how he looked in his tat that he shows on hot ones!!
Jamisen Hoeft
Post looks like a GoT character lmao
Look what I found
Every movies : Only tall blonde masculine can be a Prince...
Posty: gimme ma sword amma slay it
Liz Taylor
Mate, this is a bop!
Dina Aliquo
I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE this song!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Adrian Llorente
Chloé Bouquerel
Y'a toute les langues en sous titre sauf Français super (:
carlos anton arbozo
Damn brother...
Rob Stark has tattoos now
Wahmi Oki
this song is soo good.. but still Sunflower has won my heart
YT Xylad
Posty is literally John wick in shining armour
Sd Htoo
this could be a whole movie
Armaan Dhaliwal
Post can be an movie star ????????????????????
Suraj Gope
Post malone naic music
Deborah Alves
Te amo ????
Allyrena Goodfairy
I don't understand the story xd.
Sálty Córn
Why do the good songs get the least views.
Christhian Benavidez
The handsomess voice ive ever heard ..... ????????
Sukhveer Kaur
she doesn't have a mouth because she's blesssed and cursed at the same time, she can see everything but can't tell anyone about it.
Kelly Babcock
Omg Post this song Is absolutely beautiful I love it same for all your songs and I'm making this song #1 on my playlist and hearing your voice like this is amazing Thankyou
Анна Бакисова
Post start to play in Witcher?
70,000 subscribers with no videos
I don't want him not to smoke too much.. because I wanna listen his song in the far future
Julie Carucci
ayone getting hunger games vibes
Abbas Naqvi
1.25 speed and it sounds like a disney song
Quang Nguyen
i'm dont know why i like this guy (idol not gay :D) so much in the first time i see him (sr my bad english)
Ergic Gaming
he tryna link the flame for gwyn?
king of king shadow
Anyone want to join on a quest ?
Poppa Blitz
john snow?
LHS love music
Why post malone 's songs are ALL BEST ? I think i should make other piano covers of his songs ????????????????????????
Raz WT
Lil Malone
Hailey Norris
Posty! YES!! I love it so much! You're vocals are amazing, the octaves ????????????????????????????????
Ina Dorobat
Omg my favorite song <3
Jess Glynne and Post Malone make song together..Who with me?
saila rose
he looks really good ngl
(Me) Mom I broke my IPad
(My Mom) Well how did you do that
(Me) By doing replay to much
JonyLaw Playz
Post Malone : *Watch Game of thrones once*
Faze RangerUp
0%spider man
0%nice cars
Rodney Folts
So good ????
Rob Koch
Something about the zombies grabbing at him but not being able to touch him is beautiful.
Laura klk
Me encanta el vídeo parece un videojuego
Gia An Nguyễn Bảo
He really looks like a Brenton one handed- magic wielding knight .-.
Posty gotta quit smoking so he can keep his voice
Ritchie Nava
Next song
Video concept: An Astronaut fighting alien dragons
Bootylicker 9000
i’m not a fan of music videos but for some reason i like this one a lot, maybe cuz post looks real cool in that armor hehe
Zain Al Abdulla
Never listened to this dude be4 but glad I found this one
Reminds me of game of thrones even though I’ve never seen it ;-;
Christa Holt
This video looks like a move I'd want to watch.
Sloth Boi07
Woah! This is pretty cool graphics
What elder scrolls are you playing on?!
every white knight when defending the queen 0:00
Steel Stapper
I swear the dudes talented but every music video he films he freakin dies
Nash 00
This game is like dark souls
Brosef Stalin
rob stark sure looks weird nowadays
Max Ortiz
Post malone i'll be a bad guy now
Ice king (from g o t) no
Safira-Neo of Spartaka
BoyN Bard
I would take him to a Nord..
The Dude
Like, nowadays Malone looks like the only actually talented rapper/pop singer.
Søren Jørgensen
2:33 When your ex-girlfriends try to make contact at a party...
Spec Ops
When the Ender Dragon wipes out your squad and you are the last one and have to complete the mission
sloths are dope kratz
When your minecraft dog dies in a cave
Matilde Alvarenga
La mejor
Ali Djv
this is my sister's favorite song of posty. no wonder why she fell in love with this. such a gem ✨
Isaac DopeAll_Dayy
Anyone notice when he sings long notes his voice shakes insanely
Linda Truong
This sucks
Linda Truong
just kidding
george jenkins
He looks like Rob Stark in that Armor.
Leah Bethany
billie eilish: i’m the badd guy.
post malone: i’ll be the bad guy now.
Junior offroader LT
i think this song was just malone's excuse to put on armor
Asian Andy Is Daddy
Yello Mello
Aaron Murray
yupa ladssss
Waffles -
So no head?
But...why the medieval setting?...
kelz em
This drunken man gave his life trying to save 6 yr old boy. He happened to walk by a burning house with a women screaming saying there is a boy still inside. He ran inside found the boy. He was laying on top of him hoping the firefighters would show up on time but they didnt. finding bones on top of the little boy trying to protect him from the flame they both died. This drunken man is a hero for giving his life trying to save a little boy
Osbel Salazar
Good Songs! New follower of your work, your música... Firts song that a hear of he..
Lucas Michaud
*The new Skyrim trailer looks great!*
No blood in his armor!
Post joined the templars order
Isilma Hernandez
You know how amazing this song is? Even my brother who is 20 and doesn't really like artists like posty, loves this song so do my mom and stepdad who are salvadorans and hondurans love this song lol, keep it up post ❤❤❤❤
Anna Jankowska
Piękny głos, całuje nie dotykając
darrell kofkin
If this guy was not bought up on Prefab Sprout I'd be amazed....
First time brownies
i sweat the amount of memes this comment section contains...
knowlight knowright
Wake up out of your bubble!!!!
ereri fem
When I saw the thumbnail I thought it was penny wise lmao
Needs more lute.
Julie Willis
Was not a fan but his music is getting better and better! I’m a fan for life!
Luis Carlos Adrião
Wow, that's some quality music my man. Congratulations!
Ethan Reynolds
Damn that Skyrim DLC looks so real
nhgf gf
How you feel when you get a win in the first game of fortnite season 11
Alisa Reale
I feel like this song would be perfect for stranger things????
michael John
Someone's obviously told him he'd look great in a suit of armour so then he straight up does this random music video and ends up looking like a paunchy neck beard incel living out a king Arthur fantasy.
Lil Malone
boy henraath
deejay dgenius
This song made me cry it’s awesome
deejay dgenius
I cried so many happy tears
deejay dgenius
My grandma died I cried and this song made me happy
Every fall, I fall in love with a song. Circles just became this fall’s song for me. What an amazing composition!
Faze Jarvis
Summer ending
Post Malone: Hold my sword
skinny legend beyonka
i don’t even like post malone but this song slaps
Calvin Biefeld
*Visit my Channel and watch a couple of my music covers,i've done 133.SUBSCRIBE,LIKE,SHARE if you enjoy.Thanks,and have a great day!*
Jonathan Malan
So I just got broken up with because she's rather be friends... but I initially said I said we should just stay friends but changed my mind after she was persistent and it got me here. Honestly girls can be so confusing but it doesn't hurt nearly as much as I thought it would
I just love Post Malone????????????
0:21 It actually looked like Post Malone looked at me...
Ana Bautista
Esta cancion solo me recuerda la vida y la muerte y la soledad pero me gusta mas la musica y el video .... post malone eres unico
this is the most bittersweet song ever and i love it
Timothy Arts
That bass line with the drums....
Kort mok
This song is so popular, theres a shape named after it
Isaiah Lee
When you finally beat the Enderdragon
Penguin2000 Artic is my Home
This reminds me of the Hunger Games books is it just me?
Kevin K
Why the fuck does this song keep sneaking into my playlists even though I hit thumbs down? #payforplays ????
Jacob Francis
I was about to sleep when I decided to click a playlist. My eyes were closed but when I heard the chorus, I woke up just to see the title and the artist. Yep, this is the first time I heard Post Malone.
อมรกานต์ ธะดาดิษ
Pinback vibes ♥️
Fabio Monteiro
I'm not the biggest but I feel something.
The song you’re thinking of is 1979 by Smashing Pumpkins
Ole Abdallah
The live versions is bad.
Jodi Bradley
I’ve been listening to him more and more nowadays. He’s been making great songs
horror movie fanatics
Good song
What the fuck I thought this was a Chainsmokers song lol. Post Malone can sing tho...
Sálty Córn
0:10 When you get too cocky and send all your troops towards the enemies base then get raped.
Name ZeroxHD
When you finally won an argument with your mom
I hear sex boat am I alone on that?
Vanessa Treviño
Perros comenten si les gusta y un like 1 no puede yo si????????????????????????????????????????
Joshua Vaaler
Tf is this music video?!?!?!?
Daxen Frederick
Best person in the whole entire world
So I'm the only one who wants another post Malone funko pop but in the suit of armor
Sean Braggs
I absolutely love this song, but this music video makes absolutely no sense... WTF Post
Goodbys "dies"
Circles "people die"
Debbie Briceno
The sounds like Third eye blind never let you go...
What's App Status
8D audio
It feels good
I honestly wanna know if there’s a story behind the music video
Leland Pearson
Video better than the song??? Post Malone let the money and the fame change him to much
Clean Pug
This is just fallen kingdom change my mind
Max Wolf
I Like How you cant understand post but, its still good
Max Wolf
Also It say at 2:28 it sounds like i dated a dude
Zoom Z0mB0t is back
We couldnt turn around,til we were upside down,I'll be the bad guy now,But Know I ain't too proud,I couldnt be there,even when I tried,you dont believe it,we do this everytime, seasons change and our love went cold,Feed the flame,because we can't let go,run away,But were running in circles,runaway,runaway, I dare you to do somthing,I'm waiting on you again,so I dont take the blame,run away, but were running in circles,runaway,runaway,runaway, let go,I got feeling,that it's time to let go,I said so,I lnew this was doomed from the get go,You thought that it was special, special, but it was just that though,and I still hear the echoes,I got a feeling that it's time to let go,season change and love went cold, feed the flame because we cant let go,runaway,but were running in circles,runaway,runaway,I dare you to do something,I'm waiting on you again,so I dont take the blame,runaway but were running in circles,runaway,runaway,runway,maybe you dont understand,what I'm going thru,its only me,what you got to lose,make up your mind, tell me what your gonna do,its only me,let it go,seasons change and our love went cold,feed the flame, because we cant let go, runaway but were running in circles,runaway,runaway,, I dare you to do something, I'm waiting on you again,so I dont take the blame,runaway but were running in circles,runaway,runaway,runaway.
Circles - Post Malone
Copy it.
This song reminds of me of trying to find that one person ????
Evi A
this song hits different when u’re drunk with friends
Victoria Ozurumba
i love this song
Tyler Dodd
Post Malone version of 300?
Zachary Rensberger
This song is so popular they named a shape after it
Zoom Z0mB0t is back
We couldnt turn around,til we were upside down,I'll be the bad guy now,But Know I ain't too proud,I couldnt be there,even when I tried,you dont believe it,we do this everytime, seasons change and our love went cold,Feed the flame,because we can't let go,run away,But were running in circles,runaway,runaway, I dare you to do somthing,I'm waiting on you again,so I dont take the blame,run away, but were running in circles,runaway,runaway,runaway, let go,I got feeling,that it's time to let go,I said so,I lnew this was doomed from the get go,You thought that it was special, special, but it was just that though,and I still hear the echoes,I got a feeling that it's time to let go,season change and love went cold, feed the flame because we cant let go,runaway,but were running in circles,runaway,runaway,I dare you to do something,I'm waiting on you again,so I dont take the blame,runaway but were running in circles,runaway,runaway,runway,maybe you dont understand,what I'm going thru,its only me,what you got to lose,make up your mind, tell me what your gonna do,its only me,let it go,seasons change and our love went cold,feed the flame, because we cant let go, runaway but were running in circles,runaway,runaway,, I dare you to do something, I'm waiting on you again,so I dont take the blame,runaway but were running in circles,runaway,runaway,runaway.
Circles - Post Malone
Chivalry: Malone Warfare
Lizard Cola
Reminds me of Shrek 5
We sought Post Malone is special but he just a standard rapper.
Run away from this Kiis Fm 102.7 Los Angeles promoted anti guy song.
Omega XD
How this man get the new Assassin’s Creed before me?
What The Heck
Brenda Green
He's what's up!!????
New favorite song
Joshua Vivanco
Noma que chido que da su voz con el ridmo muy buena cansion
Mr Z Du Saint Gourdin
Le gars, il tombe amoureux d'une gonzesse qui ne lui fera jamais de petites gâteries.
Mais la bonne nouvelle, c'est qu'elle ne dira jamais de conneries, comme c'est souvent le cas !
C'est pas beau ça franchement ?
Love this song
Lost Boy
Why do i get a guardians of the galaxy vibe.
More like elder scrolls
Here at 69M views
the courier
Posty be vibin out in the 1400's
Paws and rose mal
Well ow malone why put fire when it burns eyes btw love the song
that boypoptart
Postmalone: sings in medieval
Dohyeon Cha
It reminds me of Dark Soul...
F0LRA 22
21 October 2019 look
Look at the views. It's nice.
The Joker_lee03
Wow dark souls 4 looks amazing
Manish FOX
69M views Nice????????
Cakraa Kandibata
Need Post Malone as NPC follower for Skyrim.
Maeve Littooij
Bassline sounds very familiar
Andrew Isitoah
Post Malone videos are iconic
libran man
Who could tell me name of that guy mixed this damn instrumental
Debby bie
This is what called 'easy listening' ????
So dammm good and fit in my ears ????
OverLorD 83N
This song sounds very happy while the video is just a massacre
69 views nice
Ivan Tomych
the tune is lit af ????
Soul asylum - runaway train?
Sounds like it ???? not exactly but I mean I listened to this and immediately thought of the other.
Ivelisse Gonzalez
I Love You Post Malone ❤️❤️❤️
ItsMrManHimself 299
Warden after he kills a team of shamans
Yannick Oliveres
The amount of effort that went into this video is insane
Aidna Riveta
I thought the lyrics said "I dated a duuuuude" but turns out it says "I dare you to do something"????
You Hungry Bro?
When everyone in your squad dies except you
Riley Lyssy
When you pull up with the Calvary but all ur homies dead
Ryker X
Producer: the song is about losing someone
Post Malone: nights and killing people
Ryker X
How it feels when you don’t make it first to turn in a test
Kike Catala
That músic Is how the end oficial endgame Shod ended
Ryker X
How it feels trying to find your dad when he’s getting milk
Bot549 Gaming
Overt Tunic24
The tattoos kinda ruin the vid
Nes Nus
I like your music post Malone,,,????????????
Lars De Groot
0:00 when the guy wakes up in skyrim
Lucas Mahoney
whose listening in 3405
Mr poop I di scoop
Girlfriend cheats on you
Me: seasons change and our love went cold
Que cantante tan feo. No tiene cara bonita parece un desechable
When you finally beat the hardest level of the game
Isaac May
Post Malone be like "How can I get into a medieval outfit and make me like a badass instead of like i'm just nerd obsessed with cosplay that happens to rap?".... well, nice try.
Gaming with stormie And other videos
I love post Malone he is my favorite artist and I am nine years old in real life for real
Bravis the Grand Strategist
Minecraft parody PLEASE!
Juan Rodriguez
Might be the coolest white boy ever
2:24 surprised pikachu face
Dantdm H
He’s in game of thrones
Anchor Ship
I love this song ❤️♥️
mason a
What is up with zombies being in his latest vids
Just Away
never knew he was a pop artist.
Bobert Johnson
Dope ass video
Mirza Adam
Can someone tell me the meaning of the song. Like what it's trying to tell us?
Jonno Plays
Producer: How random you want this video to be?
Posty: Yup.
Producer: Should it even make any sense at all?
Posty: Nope.
Nate Jager
Just think: in 2029, people will be commenting about nostalgia here.
T Thel
Run away...from my mother in law
Jonno Plays
That moment when Post Malone makes a better ending for Game of Thrones...
Jonno Plays
Posty trying to break onto some new radio stations playlist. I support it this was fire af
amanda shirey
I did something Austin so what now? The moon is a circle.
Jonno Plays
NGL I would listen to a whole album of this style
Den Den
End of the vid realize the quality it's 360p
Return again the vid with 720p
Gonk Droid
I got Minecraft revenge vibes
Gaming Squad998
Thank u post Malone your songs made my life change after a break up
Jaakob Runyan
this is a great song
Ethan Lai
This music video is like goodbyes he’s dead and comes back to life.
Milan Lawrence
I tried to run away, but I ran in circles
Kim_heesan 88
اجيت من ستوري فوطة ♥
I’ve never listened to post Malone until this song came out. I love it
A ღ
*Rare footage of post Malone after war*
Pooper Head
This song is pointless
JoAnn Huber
(Posty sings)
Courier interrupts: I have a message for u. Your eyes only.... Let's see c here....
Best song right now !
Marty McChicken
Love doesn't grow cold, it was never love.
After watching Game of Thrones once
Jofrey Lupul
The crusade survives
Whelp, some one ripped off "The less I Know" by Tame Impala...
rico bossbro
I love how post’s song slowly got more chill btw I’m gpv kid so I went to his middle school and high school
Anyone come here bcuz of Jeongyeon recommendation? Onces~~
Christopher Koczan
He looks like the .01% of germs Lysol didn't kill . . .
Why was this song not in game of thrones
Danh Nguyen
Dang bro, the plague hit my neighbor, only this song cheer me up in these 1400s
Noh Gaming
Joker: what kind of roots does the math teacher's plant grow?
Square root!
Post malone: it should grow in CIRCLES.
Step 1. Go to Google
Step 2. Search this keyword: 123moviestoday
Step 3. Enjoy!
Post Malone - Circles
you to leave me, as it is now for me to leave you. I am not talking to you now through the medium of custom, conventionalities, nor even of mortal flesh: it is my spirit that addresses your spirit; just as if both had passed through the grave, and we stood at God’s feet, equal — as we are! “When I was a little girl I used to read fairy tales. In fairy tales you meet Prince Charming and he’s everything you ever wanted. In fairy tales the bad guy is very easy to spot. The bad guy is always
vido GG
I Love it
Ædon Palm
This is what happend next when thanos snapt
Sry for bad english
Shirlena Rauwhero
Luv 2020 can't wait????
Ezekial S
Bud Light Knight
Very nice song ???????????????? my fav actually.. Thx men
0:00 ●━━━━━━━━━━━ 3:46
Give a like to let it work
tenzin tseten
Delhi - Check Out this Portrait Tattoo of Post Malone done for a Fan
Nathan Salazar
this video is god level
tame impala feel
Twohit Fever
Looks alot like solomun tune though.. something we all adore- solomun.????
Kazuo Inazuma
*valar morghulis*
Hit of the year!!!????????????
The best song 2019 post malone - circles
Killua's D.
Post Malone just hits banger after banger, he has been number 1 artist for a long time
Christopher Pagabangan
When you keep repeating the song youl have a better understanding of the message Post tries to convey to us. I know we all have different interpretation about this song. But this song leave me a smile on my face everytime I listen to this.
Ryan Povah
my sister can doa makeover on u
Sachi Ide
First guy to reply is gao
Maariya Hasan
I love this song
Loran Dekker
Who have ever seen a knight with a tattoo?
fabio sunspot
Very talented young man, don't know why he had to fuck his face up like a clown ????
Nemesis Stefanoow
1:08 i thought for a moment that shrek was gonna pop out of that
Melody Baber
I love this song
Estefania Garcia
Me Myself
This dude is not done from a past relationship,i can sense it since better now
Filipino subtitles HAHAHAHAHA
Mid dlegg
Not my cup of tea but it’s not bad
Sean Fray
This is actually a pretty sad song
ORISSA ????????????‍????????????????????‍????
THE TEAMMATES ????????????
Jesse Smallwood
it's more than just a song it's a vibe
Jake Francis
this song is my heart
Jov Pal
2 things I like:
Post Malone music
Medieval settings
he polly makes 100 songs and selects 1 that's the best and boom its hit every single time!
isaliz tebar
I live this song
isaliz tebar
Nice beat
Vini Braga
very good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
Lara Dianne
Billie: *"I'm the bad guy"*
Post: *hold my sword*
Noh Gaming
Docter: I am very sorry but you only have 3 minutes to live. What can I do to help you feel better?
Me: turn CIRCLES by post malone
Docter: but it's ovet 3 minutes
Grim reaper: it's OK chill, I like this music too.
Mélissa D
fucking love him
why hello there Jon Snow. i didn't know you can sing
Don't be a square, listen to circles
*Ba* *Dm* *Tss*
So funny
Totally not depressed and wanting to die
My favorite song
Love Great Life
Let it goooo
Samia Herar
Who love him do like
Producer: So how do You want this video to b-
Post: I want to be in an MMORPG
Producer: What?
Post: yes
This song made something big in me, this feeling ❤️
Anirudh Jm
damn my man samwell finally learnt to wield a sword
Magical & Horror
Yall should try listening to this groovy jam on 1.5x speed.
Alec Anderson 17
Bruh the videos are getting trippier by the day
Posty can be my knight and shining armor any day. <.<
Goldie Locks
Shes blessed and cursed and cant tell anyone about it. Mind power. My favorite ????????????
Summer Trotter
The Elder Scrolls VI: Post Malone
Grhehwhhanejeiaja Hrbrjsjsnebsjaj
Not one person:
Lord Weirdo
The INTRO's soft as "Cage the elephant's - Cigarette Daydreams", I love this song ????
This is what the aftermath of my house parties look like as a serial killer
Douglas Mearns
Fucking hell, a post malone song with a relatively fast beat and were he looks awake and clean. What the hell happened to him when I wasn't looking? The song is actually pretty good, not that I didn't like his other songs.
chris parra
Algun latino que le encante la musica de post malone
I love this song my favourite song ever
Gustavo Gil
Hola soy de argentina
Dhruv Arora
Years I will return in (like so I remember):
2019: Done
But it was just the sex though, the sex though
And I still hear the echoes, the echoes
I got a feeling that it’s time to let it go
Let it go
Janet Holmes
I love Post Malone
His music
His image
Just everything about him ❤
jehanne marie
C'est de la bombe ce truc la...
Tame Impala vibes!!!...and for some reason...its the next song thats "Up Next"
Crystal Boucher
Everyone: omg it’s game of thrones
Me: shrek
Player 1337
Run away in cirrrclesss
Erma Natasya
I love you !
Nicolai Semb
the 1 thing i dont get, even with armour he still looks like a bum
Step 1. Go to Google
Step 2. Search this keyword: 123moviesoldversion
Step 3. Enjoy!
Post Malone - Circles
opened by life’s betrayals or have become shriveled and closed from fear of further pain!I want to know if you can sit with pain, mine or your own, without moving to hide it or fade it, or fix it. I want to know if you can be with joy, mine or your own, if you can dance with wildness and let the ecstasy fill you to the tips of your fingers and toes without cautioning us to be careful, to be realistic, to remember the limitations of being human. It doesn’t interest me if the story you are
Pfft Fine Then Productions
why is this dude famous? this is lame as fuck
progamer letsplays
yo am i the only one who's gonna mention that this is his 2nd music video where he comes back to life?
David Melikidze
once i heard this song in a bus... since than couldn't stop listening to it
Post Malone isekai be like:
DR JR 666
Shenghui Jiang
This is so rip!????????????????????????❤️????????
Ruben Sosa
Thank you.
Dice X
Transformer last knight maybe
FIZ Ruscoe
Can we all agree that this bass line is too good
Axis Sore
Rapunzel (2019) but its real life version :P
Tyler Mira
MALONE never failed amusing me every time he POST a new song
Arthur The first
I didn't know people in 1400's had that much tattoos on their face
Sehth Haines
Really good song for a ending for a video game????????
Lucas Huebner
I have a big
Lucas Huebner
Big ass dick
James Baker
He looks like that kid on mad magize.
Man i feel this song
duje marin
Does anyone else hear Instant Crush from Darf Punk in this song?
lizeth hernandez
Ross Hamilton
Get a fucking job you bum.
Post malone the legend and music
Janet Holmes
I have never been married...
Been waiting for mr right...
Finally found him....
❤ you Austin ❤
yeet kid
Can't goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
Galaxy Gamez
Pre Malone saving a princess (1498 Colorized)
Leah Gerncer
Showing Bud Light who should be the Bud Light Knight
Juneau Corr
Watch "1979 (the laid back version) - Smashing Pumpkins tribute." on YouTube
Grimmjow J.
Why does this song remind me on shrek?
This song addicted me so hard, i like listening to this song when i wake up till i go sleep to bed. xD
I've only listened to this 200 times.
zhadow panda
"fugitivo, fugitivo" me encanta esa parte :-)
Susan Correia
Love you Post!!! What an increíble song, darling. I can’t stop listening to it. Your voice... ????❤️????
Vulture X
Samir Nasseir
only game of throne fans will understand this
R Plehn
why does this give me Joji music video feelings
still better than the end of season 8
Mis Cosas de Lego
are those... zombies¿???
Seaver Diaz
i love you post malone
Paul jr
Post malone knows exactly what music is. man this is some good shit right here !!!!
Tame Impala's influence is incredible
Fenomeno 007
Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse 2 theme song?
hacked amandashireyhacked
i tried..
Michael Stone
Time to let go
Yvonne Montoya
Picture this...
(Song is playing from car radio)
You stick your head out the window feeling the fresh breeze of your city. The lights shine bright as you drive past light poles. What a runaway ????.
Sapere Aude
drake: ima give my video budget to people in need
post malone: dead soldiers
Priscilla Soriano
*Walks in room while Circles video is playing*
"What movie is this??"????
Oliver BSMTR
I watched this aa a movie
Vinny V
Video: Metal as fuck
Music: Pop
Metal: Am I a joke to you Post?
Rayomand Hormuzdi
When the For Honor cutscene starts rolling: 0:00
Post isn’t really a rapper anymore. He was grown into that genre but to me he is more of an alternative artist
Such a good summer song coming into summer here in New Zealand
Pablo Soares
We couldn't turn around
'Til we were upside down
I'll be the bad guy now
But no, I ain't too proud
I couldn't be there
Even when I try
You don't believe it
We do this every time
Seasons change and our love went cold
Feed the flame 'cause we can't let go
Run away, but we're running in circles
Run away, run away
I dare you to do something
I'm waiting on you again
So I don't take the blame
Run away, but we're running in circles
Run away, run away, run away
Let go
I got a feeling that it's time to let go
I say so
I knew that this was doomed from the get-go
You thought that it was special, special
But it was just the sex though, the sex though
And I still hear the echoes (the echoes)
I got a feeling that it's time to let it go
Let it go
Seasons change and our love went cold
Feed the flame 'cause we can't let go
Run away, but we're running in circles
Run away, run away
I dare you to do something
I'm waiting on you again
So I don't take the blame
Run away, but we're running in circles
Run away, run away, run away
Maybe you don't understand what I'm going through
It's only me, what you got to lose?
Make up your mind, tell me, what are you gonna do?
It's only me, let it go
Seasons change and our love went cold
Feed the flame 'cause we can't let go
Run away, but we're running in circles
Run away, run away
I dare you to do something
I'm waiting on you again
So I don't take the blame
Run away, but we're running in circles
Run away, run away, run away
Mr. Ramirez
People in 1437, "OH SHOOT A RAT!!!"
Mr. Ramirez
This should be Shrek's national anthem...
shocker aquatic bite
It sounds SO good and peaceful omg I love the song
He did a cross promotion with Kingdom Come: Deliverance, was this it?
scott varga
post needs to quit the ciggs he is a national treasure
Sh So
The gain of hard work day in and out
Bruh every movie be like= happy world then evil rises or problems then hero saves the day
Jennifer Luviano
Why does this only have 70 million views , the song is amazing!!!
gelo fernando
Post malone's music is timeless from a ninja to a zombie now a knight of the templar
JJ Kool
how game of thrones should of gone.
Daniel Dela Torre
Post with his god damn face tats..
Dragnon HD
This song might make me get a divorce.
Dewi Epita
I got a feeling that it's time to let go.. let it go..
Bright Rose
Love it
all of post Malone’s songs are basically hits lmfao
David De Luna Luévano
Hermosa canción
Zachary Castaneda
Rob Stark?
Ana Reyes
I love circles by POST MELONE he is a AWESOME singer.????
Fake Name
Excuse me m’lady, what century is it?
how it feels to play "for honor" vs what it actually looks like
Heleve Joergon
When Post and Skyrim happen make a vid together epic
Guilherme Augusto
I love you
We listening this such a good song in circles ????????
Nancy Acosta
The background music reminds me of the song by blanks “wave”
Anthony Joseph
The Battle of Hastings was pretty great.
Salah Hamdi
Mamma mia posty se me lo fai drizzare con ste perle ti amo❤️
Sylvia Campos
Oh my God this is a dream song I loveee it
Just Random
I like this guy ????
imjustaguytellingagirlthatidontloveher fuckyou
This might be my favorite p malone song
Jordan Hamblen
This video would be better if he were playing tag with Euron Greyjoy.
I guess post Malone loved the 1400’s
Andy Xu
This would be a great song for the ending of a movie - facts or nah
Director: "So what do you have in mind?"
Post: "King Arthur?"
Director: "Say no more."
Marcus Damerow
Großartiger Song , dieses Lied lässt mich immer in Erinnerungen schwälgen da mein Papa seit zwei Jahren Tod ist ???????????? i love you Daddy forever and Ever ????????????
C Lalkhumtira
Post Malone is the greatest singer
Jesse Mccoll
Why do the most random comments get so many likes?
MALO_ 213
Game of thrones should of ended this way!!!! Freeeeeeeeeedddddddooommmmmmmmmm!!!
Imran Abdullah Khan
Popular Concept : Only a tall man with athletic body can be a knight.
Post Malone : Hold my joint!
Davide Rossi
Fantastic Fantastic song
TWICE recommend
its me Mohammed
Everyday views are increasing by 1 million
Jaxon Daly
Game of Thrones: End credits
Hallowene 420
Sharing with an old friend Bren..
Chris L.
I have never seen that many likes
Man the new Dark Souls looks amazing
Divyarjun Singh
If robb stark ate only mcdonalds
dumb dog
Not gonna lie but he kinda looks like moe from the Simpsons
Bun Hak
Charles Lankford
Some of this new shit is just amazing.
Mina Abdalla
the best lied in de world
saint andress
My boy did it again <3
Bernie Kennedy
Love me some posty love ♥️????????
mad rose
listening to this song in the womb. it's a bop.
My grade in my math and chemistry subjects are running in circles
João Cavaleiro
Nice show at sudoeste
I need to know if the woman gets a mouth at the end!
brian sixth
umadz fn
Best album?
Dark souls?
Sean Bitchin
Its nostalgic af!????❤❤????????
Ties Velthuis
This is your best song
Jayden Scott
0:45 am i the only 1 who thinks about stranger things here?
Oskar Paszkowski
I love you Posty????
Hunter Haefner
post play to much kingdom come Deliverance
Lavander & Hulk
The beat tho never thought
the first time i heard this song it felt good. another feel good music from post malone.
Why is post Malone oddly attractive in this video though?
Jasmijn de Kloet
“I dare you to do something” but all I hear is “I dated a duuuuude” ????
Robot Lobster
Really good song , one of my favorite music videos
Kaysea Frepp
looks like he picked classic wow back up ayyyeeeee
Roy Miller
An extended version of this would be a good movie ahha
Emma Molin
We all can agree that the part at 03:02 was the best part????????????
CS:GO Frags/clips
My dumbass thought his face was full of mud
It's his tattoos lmao
26 XXX
thug life
Official song of Mordhau
Oh, oh, oh
Oh, oh, oh
Oh, oh, oh
Oh, oh
We couldn't turn around
'Til we were upside down
I'll be the bad guy now
But no, I ain't too proud
I couldn't be there
Even when I try
You don't believe it
We do this every time
Seasons change and our love went cold
Feed the flame 'cause we can't let go
Run away, but we're running in circles
Run away, run away
I dare you to do something
I'm waiting on you again
So I don't take the blame
Run away, but we're running in circles
Run away, run away, run away
Let go
I got a feeling that it's time to let go
I say so
I knew that this was doomed from the get-go
You thought that it was special, special
But it was just the sex though, the sex though
And I still hear the echoes (the echoes)
I got a feeling that it's time to let it go
Let it go
Seasons change and our love went cold
Feed the flame 'cause we can't let go
Run away, but we're running in circles
Run away, run away
I dare you to do something
I'm waiting on you again
So I don't take the blame
Run away, but we're running in circles
Run away, run away, run away
Maybe you don't understand what I'm going through
It's only me, what you got to lose?
Make up your mind, tell me, what are you gonna do?
It's only me, let it go
Seasons change and our love went cold
Feed the flame 'cause we can't let go
Run away, but we're running in circles
Run away, run away
I dare you to do something
I'm waiting on you again
So I don't take the blame
Run away, but we're running in circles
Run away, run away, run away
Will The Wise
When you play Skyrim vr and you think you’re actually there
I love you
Um Okay
You love men
Luca Calderon
you forgot 100% homeless looking
Raja Karan Veer Singh
I love this guy
Jenny Rides
Post Malone music rocks
I love this song ????????????
This lyrics literally describes me and my (ex) crush
pamela minelli
Lord Tachanka
Post after playing Skyrim
marshmellow miles
is he carving peter piper
Alexia GZK
Oh, oh, oh-oh
Oh, oh, oh-oh
Oh, oh, oh-oh, oh-oh, oh-oh
We couldn't turn around till we were upside down
I'll be the bad guy now, but know I ain't too proud
I couldn't be there even when I try
You don't believe it, we do this every time
Seasons change and our love went cold
Feed the flame 'cause we can't let go
Run away, but we're running in circles
Run away, run away
I dare you to do something
I'm waiting on you again, so I don't take the blame
Run away, but we're running in circles
Run away, run away, run away
Let go, I got a feeling that it's time to let go
I said so, I knew that this was doomed from the get-go
You thought that it was special, special
But it was just the sex though, the sex though
And I still hear the echoes (The echoes)
I got a feeling that it's time to let it go, let it go
Seasons change and our love went cold
Feed the flame 'cause we can't let go
Run away, but we're running in circles
Run away, run away
I dare you to do something
I'm waiting on you again, so I don't take the blame
Run away, but we're running in circles
Run away, run away, run away
Maybe you don't understand what I'm going through
It's only me, what you got to lose?
Make up your mind, tell me, what are you gonna do?
It's only me, let it go
Seasons change and our love went cold
Feed the flame 'cause we can't let go
Run away, but we're running in circles
Run away, run away
I dare you to do something
I'm waiting on you again, so I don't take the blame
Run away, but we're running in circles
Run away, run away, run away
Areana Sanchez
i love his voice
Hashtag Vaperz
nice mix
ظفاريه وافتخر
فديتك حبيبي ❤️
Dream Crusher
this is rock now
wait a second.....that girl has no mouth? 1:47
did anyone have flashbacks of skyrim
Carolina G
I love this whole fucking album ❤️
Solanum Tuberosa
The true embodiment of reddit white knights
Maestro Ma-Eza
this is my best 2019 song
Jason Fernandez
Dark souls shit
Unknown User
Post dont look poor gtf
Rodolfo Solano
fucking knight with tattoos
Kenneth Wong
When you beat the enderdragon with iron armor.
Logan Griffin
Before 1B
Logan Griffin
Best modern day Artist and this video tho
bubblefam yt
OMG XXX AND POST wish XXX was here
Alenkinmozg Vot
*трисс меригольд и йеннифэр из венгенберга покинули чат*
Pepa Lepa
100% love him, meme king
lizeth hernandez
Es la mejor cancion!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Justin McCauley
Get out of my relationships ????
i wish he didnt have face tattoos i think he would be a great actor
sonia Fueyo
A random kid
*she has no mouth*
Marta Zimon
Go watch musicbyblank beat is the same
Annie Nixi
He is a G ❤❤ Post malone is a GeniuS and a God
Eliza Ngufor
I'll be back in 2021
Tomaros TR
It's already The Legend!
karen curtis
Great song, great video
Some random Spinel
We’re running in..war :)
Miaa Hrr
Que voz...que tema,fantástica letra para voz mi Amor❤ que estas tan lejos de mi te espero de nuevo! Enzo
Abdullah Mir
Asma if you're here fuck you
Manny Hernandez
Love this song
No Guilt Smoking
Your melon is rotten bud. fuck off
This is real music.... i prefer this to his rap songs....
Ninox LP
Just a beautiful song the song makes you think a lot and listen to this song over and over again to tell me that i'm a strong person Who fights for his life and does Not listen to others but just lives as you are.
One does not simply run circles to Mordor.
BensarT [MC AS1N]
When the AFK player comes back to the game..
*_*Music plays_**
Josh Lei
This is very casual catchy
Kahliah Ross
yall its his love for skyrim
Pdro Bast
vergacion esta cancion si jode se pone en todos lados
Alex Taylor
Fupa troopas wya?
asu naynay
Guts after griffith
King Arthur was post to Malone
Manal Marcaban
Post Malone: Valar Moghulis
John N Jen
At least he didnt die in this one.....
Craig Brown
Whoever doesn't like this song needs to be SHOT.
Yøung Løg
Who’s watching in 73583827472819374739373828305837490018374628193847493947294738490283717480483618301103837747828374949474937373937372738394636363849271637494
Juriah Aju
10 years later, this song will be so nostalgic
Mataya Wilson
my dad said post Malone crappie so I called my dad crappie
Progamer157 lol I suck at Fortnite
Is this song about circles or end of ww2
Game of thrones deleted scenes????
Palestine? Cristians Muslims kingdom of heaven
Shawn Rawlings
Post Malone needs to make a medievel tv show where when there's conflict, the two in battle rap off, or do a dance off to determine the victor. And the winner, judged by the audience, or just who's better will casually stab to death the loser.
I like cats 10 times a day premium You need a pass
80% blood
100% post Malone
200% swords and arrows
Eriika RMDL
Jajaja vengo por las historias de Andynsane! ???? Buena música!
Nora Li
This steel armor is TACTICAL
Cleiton Ponchio
Top post Malone é o melhor #Brasil 2019
1UP GalaxyPuppet
Everybody gangsta till post Malone start singing
Also ik He’s been singing for a long time.. but his smoking addiction ruined his voice, but this sounds good!!!
Minecraft Gnomes
The Song Would Be An Epic Book About A Lone Survivor Of A Battlefield Looking At The Grief Stricken Nation While Piecing Together His Original Mission
Quien mas vino por la version de Jandino y Julio ???? ?
Lil 88
I love your music too much
tio putin :v
I love it music ♥️
Lil tris
I bet if peep was still alive he would have been on this song???????? miss him so much
Seamus Snow
what the fuck is this shit? this called rap now? this is legit the softest bullshit iv'e heard in my life ain't no singin in rap anybody want some real shit check out dope dod- give me your life. It's all about murdering these bitch ass "rappers" any real heads will love it
This song is so soothing to listen to
Diego Lopez
Exquisite song, Post Malone you are big
_______karma_gacha______ ._. ._.
My brother really likes this song so i decided to take a look and its a good song i never really get to see him so when i miss him i watch this....
Kaitlyn 0919
Everytime I hear this song.. I get kinda sad because at one point this was my boyfriend and I. We were arguing and not getting a long a seriously thought about breaking up with each other. I was with him for over a year and at that point I was ready to leave. But it didnt feel right not being with him and he felt that way too, we are now still together and I couldn't be happier
ItZ JellyBeam YT
At first I didn’t like this song but now I love it
Vishu Mudgal
How many times is he going to die in this album..
Marky Doromal
Bum bum bee-dum, bum bum bee-dum bum
lord of the rings feeling for some reason
Big Gargantuar
Damn this song makes me feel like I'm in 2010...
Hoi etu asey John
The fat post Mellon
SlumLord Kennedy
Hey yall, Im a seasoned but new solo artist trying to promote and get my newest singles off the ground. Come check out my music...Very experienced in HipHop/Trap/Rock/Singer-Songwriter. Here is my Spotify profile. Come check me out...the music is GOOD and I think you will think so also. Give me a follow and watch me take off. New song every Friday!!! Love SlumLord!
me tehe
Favorite SONG!!
sufi naza
Oh, oh, oh
Oh, oh, oh
Oh, oh, oh
Oh, oh
We couldn't turn around
'Til we were upside down
I'll be the bad guy now
But no, I ain't too proud
I couldn't be there
Even when I try
You don't believe it
We do this every time
Seasons change and our love went cold
Feed the flame 'cause we can't let go
Run away, but we're running in circles
Run away, run away
I dare you to do something
I'm waiting on you again
So I don't take the blame
Run away, but we're running in circles
Run away, run away, run away
Let go
I got a feeling that it's time to let go
I say so
I knew that this was doomed from the get-go
You thought that it was special, special
But it was just the sex though, the sex though
And I still hear the echoes (the echoes)
I got a feeling that it's time to let it go
Let it go
Seasons change and our love went cold
Feed the flame 'cause we can't let go
Run away, but we're running in circles
Run away, run away
I dare you to do something
I'm waiting on you again
So I don't take the blame
Run away, but we're running in circles
Run away, run away, run away
Maybe you don't understand what I'm going through
It's only me, what you got to lose?
Make up your mind, tell me, what are you gonna do?
It's only me, let it go
Seasons change and our love went cold
Feed the flame 'cause we can't let go
Run away, but we're running in circles
Run away, run away
I dare you to do something
I'm waiting on you again
So I don't take the blame
Run away, but we're running in circles
Run away, run away, run away
The new look fits u bro, good looks????????
This song isn’t even good tf
the anthem of every NASCAR driver
Nicole H. Dorsey
LOVE the lyrics and the video!
Cindy Maready
Someone plz get him a blanket, he sounds like he's cold, or is that me???
Wolfie The Smol Idiot
bruh this is no lie- I just notice HE POSTED THIS ON MY BIRTHDAY! bc I was born 9/3/####
Alma Barrera
Love this song
Dagger Drake
This looks like a song made for a Dark Souls game
Michael Bright
10 years later people will comment nostalgia here
Silver Gt
Post fast becoming a GOAT
Imagine a dude from way back in the day clapping you with a Claymore and singing over your dead corpse lmao
josh Serenil Jr
Its a nice song
This Song should have a Rap Beat, but this is more like pop. The Song is perfect, but the beat doesnt fit my dude
That song is VERY simillar to Daft Punk instant crush
Angie Grace
Does this song make anyone else tear up a little ?
Renzo Smits
Kyle Y
What an amazing bittersweet banger ????
Matt Ryan
The comments section: PoSt MaLoNe lOoKs pOoR AnD RiCh aT tHe sAmE TiMe
Samia Herar
AWSOOOOOM SONG ????????????????????
This song is weird to me because I feel like I've listened to this year's ago.
M4 Media
I am circles, I am in Utah, a toy store.
Robby Akbarsyah
Skallagrim metatron or shadiversity needs to review this MV
Gefest 111
Много русских? )
Lorena Glass
love it ! Posteyfanforeva!
John Ortiz
Hi meet gina hooked on your love pt2 . lg x charge
nao te interessa
This are the best 3:46 minutes of my fucking life....Ly r a great singer, the best person in the world????????❤️????????????
VND Deadshot
Is it me or i find it funny to see him in an armor? He looks like that guy in armor who is funny n coward . Idk just sayin. Weird? Ik????
X koeleman
I listen this song 24/7
Ah yes, the famous face tatoo knight
David Gil
Ola XD
Zukile Motlomelo
well-done man
the good ole days
u r so uplifting, posty!!!
Harry Ray 474
Dark souls 4 looks good
Sergio Valentino
Your crush Will ask you out Tomorrow :)❤️
Like to activate
Quienes aca por el video de Julio Peña y Jandino ⚡⚡
250 jo
Totally obsessed... Stuck on replay
K guys. Post and Selena gomez would be a fire couple js
Kharnellia Angelique
All that’s missing is Mac DeMarco.
TechyDis Guy
Who's watching in 1100?? I never heard this type
Bennett Deaver
hey future 2025 people
Proud Dad
BeHappy NomatterWhat
This is quite a good song honestly. I really do enjoy it.
Allan WATP
BeHappy NomatterWhat
you watch me soo much i can tell >.< lol i know where you got the idea for this music video
Wolverines Lets Roll
I can totally envision a bunch of senior citizens bouncing to this at the nursing home. And than wanting to play another Post Malone song as soon as this one ends.
Brilliant ❤
Val Ruiz
Alguien por el cover de Jandino y Julio?????
Best song of the century by far
He is the best musician of 2019... I fuckin love his music
the artistic value here is Post's genius measured in cash money
???? Post Malone staring in Dark Souls? When this come out?
Doc Holiday
Post you make such great music and it’s helped me through a lot of the depression I have. Thank you for your music and helping people like me.
0% Drugs
0% Cars
0% Naked Girls
Alex N
Tell me pls whats the sence of this clip for song?
memeulous is gay
This song is the definition of post malone
Mars_firey 238
Best song
Traci Grayson
I imagined this video of him driving with friends in a car smoking up and riding around on a hot summer night.
0:00 How it felt killing Shepard back in the good ol' days
Laura Shaw
How big was the budget?!
Feels Bad
This songs a vibe ????????
Its KEL Official
Game of Thrones
Not a fan of this music, but definitely a fan of this presentation. The nerd in me says "cool shit".
Musica topada a melhor c ta doido n tem igual ❤️❤️❤️
Awesome Sauce
12 Year Olds In 2029: Omg I ReMeMbEr ViBiNg To ThIs SoNg So NoStAlGiC!!!!!
Dude you follow a girl unable to do a blowjob...
kelz em
Wheres the dude that always posts the lyrics
Charlizee Nevada
Why is there such a like dark setting and on the radio ???? I thought ???? it’ was a chill song ????
Zach Ghost rider boi
Begining be like me in Skyrim when I just killed everyone in Whiterun
Anime Lord
Grandpa what music did you listen to?
Well there was this one rapper.....
Everyone gangsta until the girl with no mouth starts spying on you
Ade Stickbaby
This is some average sounding stuff. The first song I've heard from this artist.
Eric Ibo
The first time i heard this i immediately thought that i already heard this song. Then just now it came to me that the baseline is a rip off of Blank's higher. ????
Isac Uribe Otero
jackaboy Ballan
October 24 2019 Ima look back at this comment when I'm older
This music video is sooo high quality and beutiful i love it and the song flows so slowly and nice
Arfal 04
I klik Circle to longpass
Carlos Cerda
how could you miss the way Post Malone appeared on the trailer of Dark Souls
Rafael Perez
Dark Souls playthrough confirmed.
Ryan Davidson
What a brilliant song so catchy????
If this isn't playing at my funeral, I ain't dying.
Jack .Fleur
ohhh shit thought this dude was black...danmm
Fortnite Bush
Picture grandma dancing with ak47 and beer bottle naked screamin I dare you too do something!!!!!!!!
Nice I’ll be back
It's not GOT it's Rapunzel but warped she has long braids the flower no mouth to show she has no voice and fire is her kingdoms old symbol as well as him climbing the tree and falling but then again there zombies
Hannah Sophia
This song sounds like a tame impala song
Hannah Sophia
He sounds like a goat “runaway cause we running in ci-ir-ir-ir-ircles”
dei dei
Armors are sexy asf
Mamoon Rahman
This beat is the fire to this song.
This new season of game of thrones is great.
Levi Ackermann
Always Tired????????
Cory Picotte
Danny McBride sounds legit
Pop A Smurf
This song should be in 2k instead of wow
Gaming Monster
Little big planet anyone?
I would love this if it was in season 8 of GOT
The Something
Reminds me of "Zombie" - The Cranberries at the beginning
It's yo boy Brodie
I couldnt be there even though i tried....
luis sanchez
Janet Huish
Watching this video makes me wanna play skyrim
James Michael Yarber Jr
The only post Malone song that you can understand what he is saying. If he just sings and doesn’t rap I’d listen to him more often.
FaroDS8 Playz
For Honor is back from the dead boys
Angel Mata
Damn, so good .
Hello Kitty Creepypasta xddddddddd
Mustafa Baqir
I hate the vid but i LOVE the SONG
david martinez
Causally singing
*zombies behind him trying to grab him and eat him*
Regal xd
my friend put airpods into his ears and said "sing to me post" and now everytime i put my earbuds in i cant help but feeling a bit gay. Sucks. Great song tho!!
Seasons change but us love keep cold
Coltin Raupach
This song is so fucking good
Dafne Torres Marino
I listen this song meanwhile I say goodbye to my dad, rest in peace my daddy♥
leaving this comment here just incase
I think i'm in love with Post Malone
allen daguman
Headset + volume max + Loop = Unlimited Adrenaline <3 <3
Elthon Dave Rosal Pagalan
Who's here before 100M?
Breanna Davidson
is it just me, or could this be a tame impala or daft punk type beat?? it’s just so funky and groovy lmao
Raul Chavez
Me and the boys sword fighting with sticks in elementary school
Danny B
Post malone is running with talent lately. Never change.
Marius Buxton
Who’s watching this in 2019... anyone?
Nina Ch
Ich kann mich nicht satthören bei dem Lied.. das ist so ein geileeees Lied !
Somebody tell him to give Wilson Phillips their song back...
Song isn't great but the video ????
your dad
He uses autotune in a very controlled way
Harry Troldefar
sådan din frække satan
*Can believe He's 22*
damn... Still remember when you used to play Minecraft with skydoesminecraft, captainsparklez, etc... you really changed.. wich is good! keep going bro
Szymon Słupiński
Love song :)
Quốc Phương Ngô
Lancelot T.T
Ricky Laishram
Stupid asshole songs like Gucci Gang is gettig more than 900 million views and such brilliant songs cant even reach 100 million views.....Sad..
Shrek live action?
Gabriel Esquinca
Post Malone = A legend
Do you mean πr² or 2πr?
J Mack
Wtf did I just listen to? Something wrong with y’all
Only 1345 kids will understand
Olivia Odom
Love this Song❤????
Daniel Zapata
Wait a minute.....Is this song a plagiary of my sweet lord by George Harrison and living thing by Elo?
Listen carefully and the intros are almost the same.
same with sun flower, the intro and chorus sound like take my breath away by Berlin.
john thompson
Great song
ʚ 해드린 ɞ
I wish there was a Korean in the subtitles.
Andrew Musillo
Low key looks like rob stark
Holminlen Mate
Love u bro malone
Scoobert Doobert
Man this new Game of Thrones season is looking good
Virgo Beats
people keep saying "who else in 2020" haha
Cheryl fleming
What a mammoth tune!!! Fucking brilliant!
he looks liek jon snow and this whole video had all the GOT vibes
Marcos Sabel
Love music
Chloeza Evans
This song sounds like another song but I forgot what the songs called someone please help
Florin Honceriu
*Just think: in 2029, people will be commenting about nostalgia here.*
5 nights at fredies gang 150
2:14 dam that was deep #poorPost Malone
*Rare Video in a the late 1600's colorized*
Best Song of Post
Vshram Music
A circle is a shape consisting of all points in a plane
that are a given distance from a given point, the center;
equivalently it is the curve traced out by a point
that moves in a plane so that its distance from
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This article is about circles in Euclidean geometry,
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except where otherwise noted.

Specifically, a circle is a simple closed curve that
divides the plane into two regions: an interior and an exterior.
In everyday use, the term "circle" may be used interchangeably
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Skyrim in irl
Night Netic
First thing that came to my mine when I saw this music vid I was like WAR UMM... BAD BAD WAR
So fricking good <3
No U
No helmet no clue but I’m enjoying the face tattoos. This song is baller.
AYB Roblido
Circles _lyrics مترجمة الى العربية
Shit song.
Andrea Robles
Me gusta esta cancion
This song is finally i saw it on my tv :D
Gaming Platform
Really I like your voice more then alan walker...
Aneillio Brazzier
Post Malone's music does not match his persona... there, i said it
Rowena Capilitan
James1234 Collins
I only listen two eat 20 times a day
James1234 Collins
Post Malone I understand what your going through
Aditya Bajaj
The baseline is very similar to Higher by Blanks?
Diego OG
Alguien de habla hispana que esté escuchando esta joya de canción?
Ka'Mya Chapman
We need to make a movie staring Post
YT G.Hyxz_z
Everything is just so good ???? speechless ????
Edison Gallego Rios
graciela escalante
amazing song
Ti22 Angel
Damn brother sing only. Fking phenomenal.
KidRock Galang
So Good..goosebump! Everytime
shoplife blazin
Ry B
A knight with face tattoos... classic! A song that sounds like it's from the 80's... classic!
Ry B
Y'all know Post aint climbing up that damn hair
karl-siim Priks
my firend gert jänes '' you can add him on facebook'' but he aint love that song, guys let show him hate
John Ortiz
That they cut your hair
Kamal Campbell
I really appreciate this song.
John Ortiz
Loks to the braino
Mahadev Mahata
Seaons changed and our love went cold
Estrella posdas
Pink Lady Slipper
My new FAVORITE song!!! Play, repeat, play, repeat...
Dom Minik
Love this song, :)
Cheesburger abbracciatutti
quanto cazzo è bella sta canzone
Giovanni Pancrazi
The song is fire but the video bleah
I can't stop listen this song????????????
L king
even if this song doesn't hit a billion view i still love it regardless
Lil Luan
beauty song
MoNo DiLeR
The witcher 4 looks so real!
Janet Holmes
How can anyone dislike this?
Holly White
New dark souls looks great
Conor O'Brien
When you squad dies to the level 9000 boss but you survive
WaXed GaMer
His videos never make sense lol but the song is liit
London Payne
Love this song
Who has this song as their alarm?
This hurts my ears. Please stop . Horrible sound
Alex Moscidis
Producer: How many dead people should we have on the floor
Post Malone:yes
kieran Milner
Ear cancer
Christian white people be like: OMG I LISTENED TO EVERY POST MALONE SONG!!!
They don’t even know half of them
Ubisoft: new update on For Honor
Update: rapper knight DLC
Ethan Atchley
Bud Light Knight?
Anthony Kumm
Post Malone is the Donald Trump of music. Making music great again!!
Codie Graham
I don't understand y postmalone is obsessed with coming back from the dead
Why does it sound like he said I dated a dude to me are is he actually saying that
นายอัครเดช พงษ์ธาดา
ผมชอบคุณ มาโลน ????????????????????
Marvelous Studios
Post Malone is time travelor , he has tattoos in the time of kings
FaZe Roblox
Maybe you don’t understand what I’m going thru
It’s only me, what you got to lose
Make up your mind, tell me what are you gonna do
It’s only me, let it go
Now,he really be a homeless man.
Victor Alvarez
Knights of the Round Table, assemble!
william chappell
This is my most favorite song
Yaris ramirez
I like it, í love postmalone????????????????????????????
Michael Napouk
I frickin’ love Post, you can’t typecast this guy. He fits himself into any genre he sees fit. ????????
Jared Rogers
My life
Victor Suarez
if someone reads this....I just made an acoustic cover of this song on my channel. Mind showing some love? ????????❤️
Herland Tutang
Is it me or this song gives ending movie vibes?
Matthew Sawczyn
Director: So what you thinking?
Post Malone: You seen that Game of Thrones show?
Zalan F
Bro he totally ripped that baseline from tame impala
Lucas R
2008: Viva La Vida
2012: Fallen Kingdom
2019: Circles
2023: ???
MonkeyLee AbAb
clean your face ink ... pointless n useless
Faith Skillin
this music video doesn't make sense plz explain
Oliver Szczygielski
Have you played dark souls
esbrow Barcenas
Puto bad bunny
Deriem Sudario
November 2019 ;v comentario en español
Dio Brando
3:15 He redeemed himself after his fight in Goodbyes
September Joy Zamora
Best song ever
Naoval Octa
follow my ig @27.10.04, i will give you 1 follower
FreshXpert Original
1:10 dont mind me just leaving this here for me
Smxll• Bean
Im you for halloween =)
So fire!
Briand Zapata
This si fire
Jadyn Stephenson
I love this song
sabbir mina
fantastic graphic. awasome so nice.
Two Twin Twister One Raigeki
This song is garbage
Jamie Miller
Petition for Post Malone to remake the last season of Game of Thrones
Very good sir. ⚔️
nic DelaCruz
He was like a soldier in Game of thrones. He escaped after the war.
Phoenix_Prestig E
Soooo anyone else agree that post should make a movie? Just me? Aight.
Elizabeth Bell
seasons change and our love went cold......that is deep bro
Dominique Britto
The music sounds like it could be a girl in red song
Tim Hopkinson
Love this one!
Sounds like a Coldplay song
Alyssa Issa
Nyc likey
He looks like Jon Snow in this video. Love the song btw
hiervey rilloraza
Why do i get dark souls vibes in the video
I love Peep
Who missed peep rip????
Tanya Suthi
You thought that it was special, special
But it was just the sex though, the sex though
Am I the only that thinks he's so cute
god i love this guy
billie eilish: im the bad guy
post malone: hold my beer
Jose Alberto Ferrer
GeraLd Dave Luneta
Everyone: Game of thrones
Me: Lord of the Rings
edit: Lord of the Circles
Giovani Dejesus
FUCK could YOU HEAR the the does he sound live NOTHING but him
somehow when I first heard this on the radio I didn't realize it was post malone
Tell the truth : To the dreamers out there, can you relate to imagining your crush or your love as a knight while this music playing?
Anna Angermeier
Never let go.
Rhona McDonald
I love the beat
Juan S
Awesome as Always
Matt Olson
I thought I was hearing Coldplay for a sec but it’s just Posty, good stuf
TheLingo Plays
When you can’t think of a comment
Daniel D Do
3:01 best part of the song
Knocturnal Gaming
why did you claim my video
Plz remove it
Jj Jj
Seasons changed and I love when you call
Fidelis Awesome
A shape you put when you wake up CIRCLES
Arho comedy Arho
*nobody knew this was Repunzel*
T K.
I love this song!!!!!
tbh I love every songs of you!!!!!!!!!!
prashant rajput 8171229002
I heart say this song
Archie Nxumalo
What can you say about Post Malone?
Ian Charles Salangsang
i felt nostalgic about this song. been playing it again and again.
Kim Jong Un der
I love this game of thrones
Maddy B
Am I the only one hearing " I'll be the burger now "?
Jessica Chin-Shong
It's weird cuz when you hear the sing you dotn think of this as the video concept but then agian I wouldnt want it to be anything else
pewdiepie's fan
Wow I'm not updated great song post malone
Rahmatullah Ron
Post, you helping me go through these tough times. Love u bro
Bangkok FLEX
unbelievable that this guy is selfmade doing his own lyrics, beats, vocals etc. This shows us its possible, to everyone! Keep on posting, Malone!
Russian Beat
very strong video clip
Hayden Hepburn
kevin armaan
Music video is shit but the song is good
Wanna hear a mashup with Shawn mendes senorita ?
Z Ca
Love it
Ciara Maria
Lest go 2020
Janus Wahner
This song somehow makes my mood go skyhigh
Angie Seagraves
When are you coming back to Memphis??!!
Luz Hernandez
Not a big fan of post Malone but this song I love
Random Things???!!!
I listened to this song only 1000times! It's always in head! Masterpiece! :)
Yo your the best ????????????
marco emme
Love from Italy ❤️????????❤️????????❤️????????❤️????????❤️????????❤️????????❤️????????❤️
Missy Fridman crockett
I know you tried at the end..Im so mad ..I wish more than anything I would have held onto u.. Now I don't want to let go...I know your gone 4ever and I'm only happy because you always believed in the Lord...I was so wrong. Thanks 4 the recommendation) Song
Mireia Godia Queralt
Canción muy pegadiza
Rebecca Obasuyi
Bintang Aji
Is this one of The Sims 4 soundtrack???
Hygor Coelho
Tá perdendo a pose de gangster pra teen song
Raheel R
this song deserves 760M views atleast !!!
tv fantastic channel
Post Malone there's nothing to do in this cruel world anything plz help me
Mega cool
After Apocalypse
Damn I just realized this was published on my birthday and it’s one of my favorite songs from post Malone! Keep it up man!!
I haven’t hit repeat in a long time. I love this!
Is it just me or does this sound like a John Mayer song?
sacr3d g6om9try
Edgyass videos
Lorin Van Belle
I get a early Beachboys vibe to this song. I'm in my 60's and this kid is divine. Love his music.
The Fluffy Pineapple
This is just an excuse for Post to play Skyrim in real life
Josh Barber
first song i heard from post malone. I cant say its bad.
Leonel Ramirez
Who else had to watch that advertisement with selena Gomez
Good vibe
Joseph Webster
Darksouls is that you
Ritik Khilnani
Damn, they had some pretty good cameras in medieval times.
Carson George
Tha cure?
Frances Collins
I love everything about this!
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Nina Care
This song had mad me crying ????
Toronto Stonerqueen
eh kinda epixc i Supopse?
Mini Meter
This song shitt ngl
Brianna Mccarty
easy money app , earn and save !! Free$25 when ya sign up
itsObomate x
Okay so anyone notice how his eyes changed in the beginning in the same way that they changed at the end of the goodbyes vid well....what if this is actually a prequel to how he died before rising up again in the beginning of the goodbyes one come for me it's just a thought
Proud Dad
❤❤❤Anna + Alex + Philip❤❤❤
Vlad p
cgi guy " so how much fire" post malone "YES"
Jake Derrick
So Post Malone plays WoW right? Who does he think he is? Anduin?
Juan Rosa
Brasil da like ai
Sauccie Chips
People are saying the music video is like King Arthur when it’s literally the storyline of Rapunzel
Am I the only one to listen to the song everyday
Kaylee Koo
Ive listend to live song so much in the last hour
Recklessone 98
this is one of those "happy songs, fucked up lyrics" songs like pumped up kicks
The lost knights of sadvibes
Marcus Vang
When you watch too much game of thrones. :)
Cody Lamb
Witcher 3 bonus expansion pack music video.
Calvin Biefeld
*Head over to my channel and watch a couple of my covers,i've done 133.SUBSCRIBE,LIKE,SHARE if you enjoy.Thanks and have a great day*
nicholas. hassett
heard the start of this a while ago sounded like some pop shit and just started a different soong now im feeling how i do gave it a geez after a second look at the title and then actually was engrossed in both the viddeo and audio. Anyone else not leaving this page for a while now or just me?
The LiiTe
i just dont grasp why all the music out is so bad and it has millions and millions of views wtf
Kim Kunnert
1st time listening: The song is okey
2nd time: Nice song
3rd time: Run away, but we‘re running in circles ????????
AdaptedPlayz Tv
This song says everything about me and my crush
can of awu
i love post malone
This song will go Diamond
Post Malone out here looking like King Henry the 8th
Rayan Love
This song is so enjoyable????❤️
Trickz Tremor
this was meh
Rosangela Mendes
Circles adoooro essa música! ????????❤️????????????????❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Couchside Commentary
Posty loves the Elder Scrolls series so it was only a matter of time before he hopped in some knight armor and road a steed sword drawn.
Cohen Perkins
october 2019?
Good Genes
Another sell out
sir tatsalot
He is actually pretty special. I love watching him.
Phillip Phoenix
What a rough game of D&D
Forget about rap, start making these songs post ????
Adrienne Brody
I remember playing this back in 2018. Mandela Effect.
Sen_ FTW
gives me BIG oasis vibes
Little boys when they see the ender dragon for the first time: 2:23
Anyone else listen to this on the radio driving home from school
no homo
Edgard Gutierrez
Las estacones cambian y nuestro amor se enfrio
Loreneth Tola
i'll be the bad guy now????
Neil Patel
Bro I low-key thought he was a stormtrooper
My brother is a big fan
ZeRo Xcalibr
dark souls lore be like
A Eight
I know when I really love a song I listen to it over and over again until i get the words down. This is one o those songs. LOVE this!
James Cabrillas
this song is loved
this song hit me hard
Black Recluse
Nobody Gonna Discuss how one of the Dead Soldiers could've had a Arrow in the butt
Tyreik Kelly
This song is good
King_KD Get Rekt
I was not expecting this theme for this song
Why do all Post Malone songs sound the same
Jolly G
I fucking love this song sm. When it first came out my "friends" were like man this song sucks and I was like dude listen to the fucking lyrics this man is a fucking genius!!!!!
Mario Galvao
video's better than got's ending
Triple L's
Minecraft parody has entered the chat.
Rahmawati Aulia
I like this mv so much...
Brawl Stars
"Run away, run away" ????????????❤❤
A Eight
When he holds up his finger like that singing "im waitin on you"...i feel a lil naughty ????
nate qu
This video makes me wanna play skyrim
Post is supposed to one of the most ????????????
marissa chavez
Khalid needs to get on the remix !
Elijah Love
So... I've known of Post Malone for years now from interviews and memes.. but you gotta realize this is a bit of a mind fuck since this is the first song of his I've ever heard...Is he not a rapper O.O ?
It's not chemistry,it's Physics!We are attracted to people with the Same amount of LOVE/& fear that WE HAVE!
Warrior Blade
Instead of it’s time to let go I hear “asta luégo”
New fav song
y'know...... I really didn't expect this to be the video when I heard it on the radio. lol interesting
when your at a dark souls bone fire 0:06
Doctor Mack
Get your Ex Lover back with the help of Dr.mack201@ gmail. com
rahul rd
33K idiots
Big Blue
Fucking love this
Why is no one talking about why the girl doesn't have a mouth??!?!
Ronnie Franks
The song circle is just so boring
Brandon Leonard
Yo this man actually a legend whoever broke posts heart thank you so much cuz you gave us this man
Kaden Kowalski
This song hits differently when you play it at 0.75x
Jay Lin
Best song ever!
Did someone else come here, expect rock/metal and get pop song?
Grandiosa Canción y el video es fantástico! ¡Es Grande Post Malone!
Petition for this to be the new game of thrones theme
Tupac TaLha
love from Pakistan ????????????
Shannon Gaiser
This part rap part sad song????
Roberto Murillo
Todo es Bello Digan lo que digan
Rex Gaming
It sounds like instant crush by daft punk
MJ Sjoquist
Such a damn good song!
Blatant self promotion here but please checkout music video we created of circles
I think this is like the Song of Blair and chuck in gossip girl
People from future: Who’s here in 2026
Ryan R.
Does anyone know any song similar to this one’s beat/vibe?
Mason Moore
The bitch that left is so mad right now????
Lane Williams
Just think, this entire comment section is stolen from each other about nostalgia in fucking 2029
Tahj Anthony
When u remember post said he loves skyrim
Miguel B
geez, i just wanted hear some music not go on an epic adventure
diego rinna
Bella canzone. .ma mi ricorda all inizio colonna sonora piedone lo sbirro☺
Kim s Thangjom
You look like baby...,????????????????
P Thang
wowwww post malone????????????
New season of the Witcher looks great.
Template _Fortnite
Does she reallu doesnt have a mouth
skrr skrr
does anyone else feel like this song grew on them so much lol?
Danny 1111
Amna Noor
we couldn't turn around till we were upside down...
The first line and how it relates to a circle ????????
breeki man
post malone got to wear plate armour before me, i am sad
Tom Haack
Mein absoluter Lieblingssong derzeit
Manfred Musanhu
Post just nails it????????
Fero 47
Kurdistan ✌️
Angga Pratista
He kinda reminded me of robb stark from GOT
Ксю Ксю
First in universe fag-knight.
Minefreak ._.
B L A N K S higher.
soft artist
king arthur + game of thrones + queen isabel + post malone =
:') holy shit
Spartan Gunner
What are some songs that sound like this?
Thibaut L
Am I the only one who's hearing some clear Tame Impala here ? Especially the bass line ????
Killer_ Gamer
Billie Eilish: Im the bad guyyyyyyy DUH
Post Malone: Hold my Circles
Jason Constant
I dare you do something sounded like I dated a dude ????
Vlad Alex
What type of mmorpg is this, graphics are off the chart? ???? Day of it’s release anyone knows? Btw nice song #PostMalone keep smashing it!
Dark Souls 4:
Wow, Post never aged a day, not even 500 years later.
Zoarkado Zenos
Postpone Ma StudentLone
Post so OG he be getting *middle age flashbacks.*
Renz Avenido
First on the list to be played when I start to drive a car.
cxcda asdaxw
post u are too fat to bein a knight
Erin Paulk
Love this song!
Jason O'Dee
Keep making hits like this???? No reason to add rap garbage
Cripex Jr
Wow!! His every song is a hit
Wilmer zafra 5
Enh: my bad f***
If there isn't a mine craft parody of this, then what will?
diosel delfin
I smell some john mayer vibe here. Posty hopping from different types of music with the same heart ????????????
Post I would enjoy going to a renaissance festival with you, have a turkey leg and a few buds lightskers. Let me know, thanks man.
Ah Mey
Amazing song with cool Greatest Mv Ever????????
william perkins
love you post. fuck whoever said: "this is trash." wtf, post Malone, is the hottest out right now! check the billboard, bitch!
Michael Wallett
My man looks like rob starke
sabaitong halbungkla
Oh! Circles,love song.
Beltran Content
Nexsus Ozaru
fortnite real
I found no 1 using this on tik tok
holy shift gaming
so... what is this about tho...? Why does Rapunzel have no mouth. I need answers people
Juma Clinton
My cat just listened to this and turned into a tiger????
Ac Bitmugs
You need to stop smoking, like if agree
dancing ghost
When your mom comes home and sees you haven't done your homework run away
Shelly Martin
Oi ppl
z i m s o n
That's the best song i've heard this year, thank you Posty
live flower
First time watching this...... I’m wet now
Zaw Yan
Nice Cinematography
Shannon Greer
Halo Slumped..Trap Galore
shivam kumar
Goobyes after circles ????
Nik Novakovic
Too much reverb. Autotune overkill.
i cant .... is this CGI , real or CGI REAL :)))
Kaotikoh97 Gaming
Love knights with tattoos
LA Bros
I love your voice and armour
Michele Pistocchi
INSTANT CRUSH ????????????
Kyōka Jirō
my first tought; *game of thrones*
axel abraham espinosa mares
Muy bien la cancion on que sea mexicano
Bus_Driver 441
I was always wondering if there's an armor fly in case if the knight wants to pee
Maria Ivanova
Sounds like "Solomun - Something We All Adore"
Gregorio Hernandez
I bet this has to be in number 1 spot for a competion for songs i love your vidz post malone
Gregorio Hernandez
I like it ayyyyyyyyyyyyyy
Gregorio Hernandez
Minecraft people be like yoooo i like it 69
Scarlets World
Billie eilish: I’m the bad guy
Postey: I’ll be the bad guy now
Flow IcE
This mans is a knight????
Omg Post Malone is new Fortnite Skin
yeah , POST really really the best . AGAIN. ????????????
Sinem Akyol
Antonio Marigliano
Fantastica.non riesco a farne a meno di sentirla sempre.
Nino Agario Player
Ana Lizeth Dorantes Enríquez
I've had sex to his songs thinking of him
Lana Lang
I swear if I get another Selena Gomez ad that song is gonna be stuck in my head for the next decade
crazy craft
this song makes me imortale
Caroline Toledo
I'm a girl and I love this song so much I don't drink I'm a little girl but not that much little
Nonamebro Jones
I get it! Life in the US sucks currently... so people like Posty because he resembles all major suckiness we deal with. His music reflects this perfectly... bland, soulless, talentless mumbling to a triple-beat. He's like a wannabee Eminem who won America's Got Talent by forfeit. He's like getting a fax from Ronald McDonald that says "FREE BIG MAC!"
Szilveszter Futó
Witcher III
Emily Rosales Rebollar
I love your songs❤️????????????????????????????????????
First time hearing to it and able to sing right away it’s such a good song
Dean H
I dunno what it is but I've got a love hate thing with this song ????
*Post Malone inspired me to start making Music again. I aspire to make a song with him some day. Mark my words!*
At0mboy Z
When hearing this song i think like: post u OK?
Dennis Kimani
so cool
Тимофей Покровский aka Timmix
Its great
Тимофей Покровский aka Timmix
Like if this better than old town road.
Em Queen
this reminds me of Berserk not got lmfao
Idk how this managed to capture my relationship but it did
gacha girl
A song that came out a few weeks ago I've swear I heard 5 years ago and I'm like I could of been in a different universe I heard its like a glitch in the matrix
Marko Krstić
I see this more suitable to some futuristic plot video.
When u lose a fortnite match:
Advert with Lego
This video was filmed with s10.
Shannon Frayser
So feeling this right now ????
Lore Moran
Post more
Evelin Bravo
Motherfuckers funcking original
Jake TV
Dope groove, son
I love the meaning behind it all lmao
MrAlex 83175
I've only listened to this 372 times
when he said "call", damn i felt that
Tish Hathaway
1.5 speed lit
Andreass Hulio
is too big armor
Juan Arocha
Kinda reminds me of Neon by John Mayer
Enjoy this period of bliss, because right now the comments are memes, but within the next couple years it will be spammed by ‘March 2023 anyone?’
Nathaniel Lo
10/10 would recommend Higher by blanks which this song seems to be a copy o...
Ann 96
When I saw him for the first time without knowing any song of him I thought he were another shitty rapper.
But his music is so beautiful! ????????
Horrible song
Marek Gaweł
LOVE IT - Austin greetings and re5pect from Poland
leaked footage of the witcher 4
Nav S.
Is it just me or does the instrumental of this song sound a lot like the song 1979 by Smashing Pumpkins?
Shomple S
The basS line sounds like one of blank’s songs bass, it fits tho with it
Dolci Ricordi di Marcella
I love tris song ????
Christopher Myles
"How about, a Lovely Horse?"
Mars Dragon
Mariam Medley
Sounded like a Tame Impala beat only to be produced by Tame Impala
this describes the feeling when you love someone but they dont want you
Maureen H
good thanks now i texted this fella i was done w that i miss him
Caveman FCC
kingdom come deLiverance be like:
Tiky CZ
Am I the only one who don’t watch that god damn show GoT
He’s are Very kind man !!!
I love this song very much I want to hear all days in my life omg ????
And post Malone is very cool man
He have a unique style man kkkkk
Joelys S
I love this song
Ryan Furkas
great track post
FIRE FIRE FIRE@!@#@%$%^%$^%&^T*&^*&^*&^*&^*
sarjid mohammed
It's like post follows my playlist history and went with a indi vibe.
Yoko Paul-Ishii
My interpretation of video clip "circle" from Post Malone:
The princess is confined in a tree house, circled by 20-30 armored knights. Her mouth is removed by a spell so she cannot use a spell to free herself. However she can use little magic via a portal which is a big mirror in her room. While her confinement her hair grew for several meter long which is inspired by Rapunzel. Her hair is red, as a hint of witchkraft. She searches for a knight who can free herself from her confinement via her portal and finds a knight (post malone) whose soul was still to be captured in a battlefield where everywhere died. She cast a spell and wake him up. His eyes open, body in heavy armor moves upwards, stands up and start to walk under the spell, his mission is to free the princess from her confinement. He walks through a battered village, finds a horse to use for his journey. On the way he saw the princess in the river, her relfection of the portal, try to get to her but she disappears in the water. He faints on the road, next moment when he wakes up he sees walking dead around him in the dark, several knights in armor burned at stake like witches in the dark age, like a sacrifice, like a revenge of the witches. There are dark figures staring at the fire without faces or wearing animal masks. He also ends up in flames at stake, taken by the hands of the dead, pulling him into the grave. But the princess rescues him by throwing a blue rose to him to take him out of the grave with a strong spell (her eyes lit blue, dirty hands) so he can continue the journey to get to her. Finally he reaches the tree house where the pricess is captured by armored knights, he takes his sword and sleighs all of them. The princess toss down her meter long braid so the knight can climb up to free her from the confinement. In the end you see both of them ride on the horse, with burning trees around them. 
Great video. I love it. Praise to Post Malone who made this possible, praise to the screenplay writer and to the director for the great short movie and mastering it.
Angel Demore
Post Ma'lord
Christopher O'Donnell
Every time I hear the start of this song I think it's David Bowie starman
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Finally, a song where he isn't rapping.
Kim Kimchii
this sounds more like alternative rock
m o d u r a t e d m u s i c
check this out
R0CK man
When your team in mordhau dies behind enemy lines
Adam Hemming
Post Malone Circles: Being a legendary warrior.
Post Malone Rockstar: kills everyone with a katana.
Post Malone Goodbyes: Ki... What the fuck, dies by a pocket Knife? ????
bob bob
love this song so much
Luan Nguyen Thanh
I really love it. Thanks to Spotify, so i can hear it.
Buttery Productions
this song is so wholesome. ????
Link From Hyrule
the smoke in the backround is prob from his cigs
Amie Espinosa
Never let go! I'm still waiting too! Love Ya! Dreamer
The SilverWolf
The dislikes is from people don’t know what circles is :))
suxin sun
This is the best song ever IN THE WORLD
Jessica Liefting
Is anyone else reminded of music by blanks road trip bop or just me ????
Post Malone is the GOAT. No really, he sounds like a goat.
This song is happy and sad at the same time.
This song gets me in my feelings. it reminds me of child hood
This video must have 1 billion views
Signe Hilde
I love the bass beat!
Patrick Granados
I love this! Reminds me of Fleetwood Mac.
Mandy’s Makeup
Am I only one getting Christmas vibes?
Rosa Gamon
Smashing Pumpkins 1979 vibes
Peddro Hls
Mais uma musica foda! como sempre. ????
Carlos Rios
Such peaceful Harmony ???? ????????
Kel Olson
This song should be called seasons change. Good beats.
Leonardo Terrazas
why are you so popular?
Google Gmail
Post from India for post
sukrut jhaveri
You’re a bosssssss
Daniel Sarabia
That fucking Autotune is fucking up my ears!!!
Lena Watson
Dope edits
Ricardo Milos
Master piece love it
My question is the budget for this dang video!
Alvaro Vargas
Sound like 1979
Cheryl Dumont
***My fav one❤️***
crazy daysi
this song>>>
crazy daysi
if they don’t play this a my fun ima kms o wait-
Jack’s Best Days Ever
I hope Post Malone never stops making music.
I still remember his first music
what the heck
Hampaslupang Gala
This song gives me that orgasmic feels
Ukeme Edet
"I couldn't beat it...". I lost the VIP of my life, my One, last month. And it's possible he doesn't want to be with me.
So I'd alone. A Christian virgin. Chai!
I feel you bro!
Goku Blobs
Oh, oh, oh
Oh, oh, oh
Oh, oh, oh
Oh, oh
We couldn't turn around
'Til we were upside down
I'll be the bad guy now
But no, I ain't too proud
I couldn't be there
Even when I try
You don't believe it
We do this every time
Seasons change and our love went cold
Feed the flame 'cause we can't let go
Run away, but we're running in circles
Run away, run away
I dare you to do something
I'm waiting on you again
So I don't take the blame
Run away, but we're running in circles
Run away, run away, run away
Let go
I got a feeling that it's time to let go
I say so
I knew that this was doomed from the get-go
You thought that it was special, special
But it was just the sex though, the sex though
And I still hear the echoes (the echoes)
I got a feeling that it's time to let it go
Let it go
Seasons change and our love went cold
Feed the flame 'cause we can't let go
Run away, but we're running in circles
Run away, run away
I dare you to do something
I'm waiting on you again
So I don't take the blame
Run away, but we're running in circles
Run away, run away, run away
Maybe you don't understand what I'm going through
It's only me, what you got to lose?
Make up your mind, tell me, what are you gonna do?
It's only me, let it go
Seasons change and our love went cold
Feed the flame 'cause we can't let go
Run away, but we're running in circles
Run away, run away
I dare you to do something
I'm waiting on you again
So I don't take the blame
Run away, but we're running in circles
Run away, run away, run away
Hut Khalifa
saschaluca Guzmán
Its so True ❤️❤️❤️
PJ Tag
Post Malone songs are incredible!
Da Ro
Posty: why?????
Trump: BECAUSE I LOVE IT!!! ????
Me as a knight... (Or i would have died in the battle...)
Md Sakin
Waiting for a remix ????????
Carline Andrade
????❤love it
Matty Cool
0% Violence
0% Gang/ Blood / Murder
0% Nudity
100% Talent
Matty Cool
This is my only 1,856,874,712 time hearing it ????????????
I really love this song, but can’t help but think of Jim Brewer’s goat boy from SNL when he does that voice effect...????
broken angel
It’s sort of creepy because she has no mouth to speak. But the blue rose is beautiful.
silly games Edwards
I like that song
silly games Edwards
I love you
silly games Edwards
Better now
Léa Tism
This is My music favorite
Warmest song of his ...i bet he will come up with more sick music that makes us feel cure with his kind voice that relates to his personality
Gabriel Esquinca
Yvonne Martin
I think your so fresh and out there with your tunes???? he's an amazing young artist thank fuck for post ????????????
KinG Santiago
Is it me or when I listen to post malone music it makes me get in a good mood man it's crazy how music can do that to you
Azeli Eledanzae
Sameer Bajpai
Me:(Waiting to hear first word of the song)
Jaden Ortiz
This is it !
Thonthon Cariño
Best music sir post malone
Your one of my best idol
Your music is the best ????
jack shanahan
Dark souls typa beat
Я один из России его слушаю?
Edisson Ramírez
Este men saca buenas canciones
Chris Bingham
saved to my playlist 'when the lord tells you to plow the field but you plow his lady instead'
KeepsIt REAL
Posty a legend ????????????
Michael Cobbs
Nice singing. #Circles
Saifullah Umar
???? runaway
Sarah Brooks
plot twist: Post Malone turns out to be Macbeth.
lol what?
why does this song makes me feel nostalgic
This is not a sound, this is a cure
Ted s
Go ahead Gloria, Run away
Omotunde Ganiu
Queste canzone mi porta indietro quando siamo usciti dal ristorante e ci siamo baciati sotto le luci della città ❤️❤️ ti amo Riccardo
Ti amo Ricky ❤️
If u look closely at 1:15 u can see me running in the bottom left
New elder scrolls 6 looks a bit realistic.
Funny video &song
Post Malone cosplay in the game of throne
david vals
When you beat the Ender dragon and your the only survived:
Luján Milagros
Day6 Ouch? Ahre
Jonathan Vee
Tame Impala vibes
Wtf is this Post Malone???
Дамир Жуматаев
Керемет .
Irena Konopczak
I love this song I can listen all day long????
D. gaming
Best clip ever????
literallytrash %
Post Malone wanted to be a white knight but ended up being the hero
literallytrash %
When you’re the last one standing in hunger games
I want to like this song for a million times
I literally thought he had mud on his face from the battles\swordfights. Turns out its just tats lol
Akash Deb
This is much better than the last season of GOT.
Corey Ronzel
Play this song to finish dragon slayer quest as a noob.
Pruducer: How wutch autotune you want?
Post: Yes
good memoriesssss
The Y
Better than game of thrones
Xoxo Milly
This song is so amazing ???? ????????????????????
When I first heard this I cried in the shower posty YOU DID THAT????????
Dr sick
I feel nostalgic with modern mixed
I can’t wait till 10 or 20 years later playing this knowing every lyric and this is a throwback song those young people will want to know this song as well
This reminds me of another song but I can't think of what it is
Killer Spoon
Bruh this guy is sooo desperate for views that he posted the same song 40 minutes ago, I swear
Evan Ray
I really dig the beat, Richard, I mean Post!
Esta muy verga esta canción
Who know what is movie form mv.
Clare louise Davies
Now my heart ♥️ has quite literally melted ????♥️????
Sirl Gad
Move on in circles ????
i was searching for a dead soldier with an arrow through his knee the entire video
So haunting and beautiful at the same time!
xakanzai izain
Fun fact, this song has the same likes as M.A.D BY PEWDS/felix
tomato studio
Game Of Thrones wait you.
nathally i.
perfeito nenhum defeito
CankerousBooch Arís
This is garbage..
Davyd Schnurr
I love this song
Nea Giuli
Esti genial omule. TE IUBESC♥️
Kacper Krajewski
Dobra nuta
My lord
Bianca Cano
Amo con todo mi corazón esta canción ????????
benny martinez
I love u ????????????
benny martinez
Im waiting on u again run away run away
????run away run away????
Gg Ff
XXXT احبك ????????
The Beast
I swear it sounds like "Daft Punk ft. Julian Casablancas - Instant Crush"
Like If It DOES
Katiria Cotto
Post Malone you new music
RIP Lil Peep
Dude.... posty hit another one on the nose here... i suffer from numerous bouts of major depressive episodes and many of sadly failed relationships. Most days feel like this. F’s in chat if you hear me..
thatyungeenty 13
79mill in a month this man is insane
Gautam Reddy
A complicated version of Rapunzel
Austin Kirby
This song is amazing better
Jared Robles
Both the song and the video are good asf
John Ortiz
Allen remeber digimon at tustin gina
you may not have noticed but it looks like someone drew on your face whem you were asleep
Carla Thomas
Post you know your cursed
Cassandra Medina
Where is this beat from ?
I showed this to my dog
He walks me now
Vince Vice city
Me and my girl broke up today, now I lay here and lisyen this song. Believing all of it.
Um Pensador!
Como dizem: $alve Guerreiro' ‽ Esse som ficou ótimo, top, foda!!!! ????????????♥️????
Autumn Stars
why she no have mouth
Anonymous Person
when he opens his eyes lol
Ralph Klages
Actually its only POP. But very good produced! Right song in right time.
The Witcher netflix trailer looks dope
Conor O'Brien
His username should be XXdragon_slayer_69XX
*when me broke the vase*
Raymark Delacruz
I think the girl is Rapunzel? ????
When I get my youtube channel ima make a montage out of this
hey dude
This whole album is a life changer
IsaiasGamer Risas y Mas.
Lindo mi niño
I was waiting for this to be premiered and now its 80M views congrats POST MALONE...lmao his songs are depressed
Finnian Devine
Because the dude had tats on his face I thought he was a douchy rapper I wasn't interested in. But thissa bop. So thanks Spotify for the ads I guess haha.
Muriel Carter
This song breaks my heart especially since I just recently got my heart broken by someone who I thought would be there for me through everything. I miss that girl so fucking much. I'm waiting on you again. I will always love you Brittney gravitt. I'll never be with anyone else I don't want nobody but you. Hopefully you'll see this comment and itll make u change ur mind and realize how much I love you boo. You will forever have a place in my heart no matter how bad u did me.
Tonya Bird
This reminds me of a movie I can t tell
lordjenn A
Me:*searches Runaway by post Malone*
YouTube:*Circle by post Malone*
Me: That shi don’t even make no freaking sense
Ceasy j
Like it
Director: Alright post, how much do you want this to look like Game of Thrones
Post: yes
Scooter Jay
I went to your concert in Detroit Michigan!it was the best day everhope to see you in person on day
Armand Anthony Valde
Is is just me or it sounds like Higher by Blanks?? ????
Ghost PIT
Post Malone is the most unique artist Rn
Ann Broomes
I ???? how he designates his videos to all people and the theories happening in his Music
Dave hodgkiss
Video reminds me of John Bormans movie Excalibur.
Kayla Wikaryasz
This is going to be the song that when we are all 60 years old we play on the jukebox at the bar and tell the bartender about our youth.
Simply just love this man, bit personal. ????
Laurel Dell
I love the video but I don't think that he could fight his way out of a wet paper bag
Walker ASMR
i can already hear this playing at the end of movies
RaW Multi
skyrim on a good graphics card
Mia Scott
Post Malone the one who have almost all his songs are good
sasha alvaro
ugh this song is so incredibly good. like how can a song be this good? i will never get sick of this song. this makes me so sad though, i dont know why.
Grégoire pittet
Best Playlist
Clan Symbiont
Knights didn't sing about pussy with sad melting cunt faces.
Laura Mares
I think I’m falling for Post ????????????????
Fray Guerrero
October 2019 y la siguo escuchando
Sky Vixin
This song introduced me to Post Malone and oh my god, I'm so glad I flipped to that radio station....
Hannah Shirely
This is beautiful
voice of a new age
Post Malone is an expert of nostalgia....
Lol I found my comment on the live replay
Asgar ali pubg Fan
1.4m ???? Unbelievable????
B Lor
I’m shock but I have never been more attracted to Post Molone.
I went to this song just my dad liked it
Angus Angel
Perfect music
Le Dock And this one?
Love this song and album so much ❤
Diss Klaimer
Things about the song is happening to me right now, and now im feeling free and going back to Call of Duty
Karen Julius
Lifts my mood
This song is amazing I love all your guitar songs with a nice mellow beat. Please make more song just like this one.
Krista Draganovski
Who's listening to this 2025
pappys productions
Do a collaboration with #bishopbriggs
Javier Sandoval
Algún latino escuchando esto? 7u7
Alex Lopez
From 80 gang member reincarnated to medieval knight still the same girl braking his heart
Moto Moto
Why does this feel nostalgic it's barely aged
Lincoln Barnes
Good job dude you’re awesome at music sometimes I look at it and I think you’re amazing I love the way you think of stuff in life and make music and I think your music makes a lot of sense because life is important to all people and miss always pay attention to what happens and I think your videos should be the number one son in the world especially for this one
Lincoln Barnes
You are the best
How heavy was the armour?
Ivan Slv
The begining sounds like Tame Impala
Can we get a video game like this? @rockstar
nelson Bq
amaizingagg agagagagagrgrgre
Jaycie Wagner
The song me and my squad stroll up in
Honest Nuisance
Why is this so similar to the less I know the better by tame impala
Anyone else feel EXTREMELY relaxed when you listen to Post’s music?
LeMonke uh oh
a girl that i dated for a while and saw my future with broke up with me a little over a month ago and then we started talking again and i lost her again and i lost every single bit of motivation to go on but this song helped fs. and to everyone out there, if you gave you’re all to someone, if you kept on making them happy while you were getting more sad, if you helped them out of their darkest times, and they still want or wanted to go, let them go. they obviously don’t realize what you put yourself through trying to be their everything
Crypto AK
I'm a soldier but she's bewitched me
Ben Van Brocklin
is that a daedric dagger?
Jessica Romão
Nenhum brasileiro fã de Posty a não ser eu???? Música maravilhosa, amo Posty, amo seu talento sua voz... melhor músicaaaaaa ????
Parn Overdose
Really love this song❤❤❤
Nurfauzan Wahid
Game Of Thrones
Luis Agustin Gabriel
My teacher is going to ask you if you wanna marry her she is in Roberts academy her name is Mrs.crystal she is in the 6th grade
Its so impressive how Post tells a story with each and every one of his singles.
Uncle Outlaw 79
So upbeat ,,yet sad, 80’s 90’s feel post is definitely a modern day mixer. Much respect for a great singer “minus some auto tune” goofy ass dude!!! Talent present.
Aaron SW
OMG I listened to this song like 80 times just now I can't get enough - this song is awesome!!! The girl with no mouth - anyone else think she might possibly be Emily Blunt? Kind of looked like her??
B.J. Dena
The video doesn’t make any sense but I love the song
Damn this is nice
Kamari Keira
Make this blue if you like the song
alexza gamer
Luna .R
The paladin after he broke his oath, and lost his party
I'm Anonymous
This is old school premalone.
Paulo Rogério Limeira Falcão
Só caçando um BR???????
Why do I feel like I already listened to this years ago
Robbery Buff
2020 be like:January 2020?
Robbery Buff
I edited the comment so the reply section does not make sense
Aww wrong I didn't comment before
dom howe
His best one yet
Chewang Namgyal Lachungpa
All time fav ❤ #postmalone ❤
Valentin Cabral
Love the vibe
Lion&Freddo :D Templates,Minecraft&More
0% Naked Bodies
0% Massive Mansions
5% Dead Bodies
2% Povety
93% Talent
When the french invade your territory:
Awsen Melon
I fick me
Nicole Dunphy
Anyone else get khalid vibes from this ?
Trọng Tín
So good :)))
This is gonna be hella nostalgia
brayden just played Holmes
The beginning should be a meme like happy music and 'past out' people
Hyped Rew
Last time I saw this. It was only at 500k views. Now it’s like 80 millions views!
Hayden Marsh
Best ever music made by post malone
massanti madunigang
Understandable like/dislike ratio. Most people like it ❤
LooneyToasty Wolf
I really love this song and damn this video is cool :]
Vaness Tang
Post Malone can make words rhyme with it rhyming
post plays Runescape once.
ritwan tahir
Are you scorolling to the lestining the music
This sounds like One Direction lmao
Michael Riemiek- Hunt
Just FYI youngsterinos, if you're finding the song strangely familiar, then I would guess your parents listened to Fleetwood Mac when you were little....because if I've ever heard a sonic tribute to FM, this is it. That Post Malone is pretty clever and the production is close enough for any of us ancients to be able to go "ooohh I know what hes doin..."
Good song.
Copy my heart bruh uwu
Alecsandru Bumbaru
Let go brother
Justin Fletcher
Would you look at that, 34K people have ligma
Jason Tiemann
So sick and talented how he broke through with his rap and that gave the platform for him to show us his sound. This dude is legit
fock you
Chhantea Chhum
Love from Mizoram
This gives such The Witcher vibes lmao
Miroslav Sandalski
This clip inspires me to write a book!:)
Cul Doode
0% naked girls
0% cars
0% Flexing
*100% Post Malone*
Sergi Gil Nadal
Machistas, el cantante es un hombre, dejad de oprimir, malas personas, sinvergüenzas, por culpa vuestra la sociedad no avanza
The Caped Watermelon
And I am back.... For the 100th time this week.
Brijesh 962
If GOT ever had a music video, it would be this.
Yeetus Fetus
Reminds me of sad memorires or bad ones :(
YouTube: What do you want in your music video Posty?
Post Malone: I see you're not a man of culture
Anita Hermansson
I found you in Better Now and i`m so happy to hear the more popside of Malone. It goes so well with his soulful and melancholy voice and lyrics! THANK YOU for making me feel beautifully happysad and whanting to dance!
Athena Contarino
I love Post Malone's voice, hits me in the feels!
Just Less
Can you please take a moment to check my music you won’t be disappointed ????????
alison reaney
Great song
Cool_grey _kid
Auto tune has nothing with the ability to create wonderful and meaningful music post Malone is probably the best thing this generation got to have a simple argument that we had somewhat good music
Northz Boiz
This is What happen When Templar Lose But assassin's Still Alive
Jonathan Fernandez
All right Post, I'm waiting for a Fallout music video! You better be wearing a pip boy and have dogmeat with you!
10% arrows
30% dead bodies
20% that girl
100% my dick in your ass
I like Post, my daughter's 13 and she likes Post. Post is for everyone.
fabox tinox
Polla en inglés pollu
rick grimes
See ya in 10 years from now comments! :")
Zoran Oparnica
Jag tycker att jag har hört bara två eller tre gånger den här sången på radio. Den kom genast i mitt huvud. Bra jobbat MR. Post.
Pranish Khadka
Post Malone ????
He look like a puffier rob stark XD
LáSt ŪçhïHã
Skyrim + darksouls = circles
Circle -_-
0% Sexy Boys
0%Sexy Girls
Circle is my pseudo WTF
Like this miusic
Nithin Prabhu
The prefect song to play when your friend kill you in Minecraft and you had so much loot....
Gabriel Clark
pray to god that austin be good
Anannay Aggarwal
proof that i was here before this becomes the shit
Chandler Cottrell
I think this is Post Malone's best song ever made
emma lucky
I love him he has so much talent with a great voice as well
David Gray
What I hate about this song is that it ends.
Alejandro Bravo
Muy buenaaa
Logical Eye
Best post malone song and a video
Grey O' Grady
Midevel Texas back country!
TheCar Lover
Next soundtrack Post Malone ~ Squares
With his armour he almost looks like a nilfgardian soldier ????
Vlad Of Cinder
Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord is looking pretty good.
Tim A
I don’t remember watching this Witcher 3 trailer
Denton Holtkamp
dit is een keuk ki  lid
Did Joji inspire Post, or did Post inspire Joji, because the music style sounds very familiar.
Tyson Hampton
keep on keeping on man u know what im sayin Joe Dirt
Jack-Jack Gevin
I can't explain how beautiful this video is, and how this song makes me feel. There's so much going on in my heart and head when I listen to it. Thank you Post Malone, I love your music and always will.
Club EA Temporada 2
Gracias tío por sugerirme tu canción eres una maquina
0% drugs
0% hot girls
0% violen- oh wait
50% violence
50% medival
Isti Szilágyi
fuc you mr postmalelone why you put bad word in mosic vdieyo, my mom doesn let me watch bad word includng videoy why yo do this to m mom tak away all phone many many ipohne htat i won becos i ric h man so no put bad word because my ftather will su oyu
Thanos_playz 2000
I’m sure everyone who likes malone will love this song
everything marvel and horror
Subscribe to my channel because I am a big fan
the beats are fire
Donovan Stewart
Paulo Ricardo Marinho
Brasil ✌️ ..
Arham Qazi
sex doll sex doll
John Marquez
This is better than the Game of Thrones finale ending.
I Shazamed this in a store and could not believe it's Post Malone
are you telling me postie killed all those guys in the beginning? I believe it
Spencer Park
Omg this is good
Caose Gaming
why is in medieval times though
Sean Kicklighter
Awesome damn Song !....Incredible Poetry written from the Heart...sing it...all the ame... ;>
Daniel Ferreira
Post Malone feat tiesto
Northern Corruption Monitor 907
Posty your coming up to Alaska right ????
For Honor 2
Buttered Bred
Ah yes a medieval warrior with a face full of tattoos
Rhen Villanueva
I thought it was John this song so relaxing!!!
SKUM skittles
It's more of a walking home from school song
Plippy :p
billie elish bad guy song reply lol
godzilla king971 kill
100 % medical
100 % talent
100 %minecraftish
godzilla king971 kill
Dislike's are creepers blowing up not even blowing people up
danny Ashton
Video proof of why u don’t piss off a knight whilst in crusading distance
Good Boy
Who else thought it was an outro to a Galaxy of the Gaurdians movie?
General flash
Chill for gaming ????
French Montana
Here we go again
juan carlos chuco huillca
like peruvian!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Biggoh Geek
When the boys invite you to play pretend:
Ranjan Dev
0% drugs
100% violence
2% girls
0% cars
100% warrior
Vincente Mora
Post is the fucking shit!!!
Like Katniss Everdeen and Peeta Mellark
yorni perez
Dure tiempo para encontrar esta canción solo avía escuchado en el gym y me encanta Saludos from Guatemala ????????
sushank saxena
CIRCLES deserve to be #1 at BILLBOARD HOT 100
Just Smiles And Laughter
He went from rapping about drugs to this . . . What a change
Tyler Harvey
game of throwns
kokak ribbit
post malone for president!
Rlemos Lemos
qual musica antiga pra caralho que tem uns toques parecidos com esta?
MAKMan The Official
*Your finally awake*
Correct: *You're finally woke*
Jhames Ramos
0% = rap
100% = vocals
Jhames Ramos
2019 - Cirlces
2029 - Squares
2039 - Triangles
2049 - Rectangles
*For Honor and glory*
Vicki Brown
I like this song
Roger Mur
Gdzie Polska?
Martin Strobl
Einfach nur genial ????100%groovy
Edna Edwin
Wow nice bass line sounds familiar, Oh yeah it sounds like Music by Blanks bass line for one of his songs
Itai Schwartz
Talk about a strange oxymoron. Vicious video, but tone of the music sounds like a standard pop song....oh wait....that's exactly what this is.
Zahirah Hanis
Honesty this is the only song i like from post malone and love the opening of this song
RX CPhT Chick CertifieD
Who's still listening in 2019!!!!!????
Marc Chandler
Goddamn you got me thinkin about my crush again posty
Marc Chandler
When you miss the game of thrones audition
Fauziah Saleh
Uhhhhhhhhh I LOVE THS SONG! ????
schausibase YT
#PostMalone you are the best????????????
Selim Duru
you can run away from this just say allah hu akbar and you will not be the servant of youre demon bro ;)
Marlene Klipsch
Love you ???? Post Melone ????
Akiko Takano
I realized the Bass Line of this song and a song by Blanks titled as Higher are same. This is a coincidence right?
Little HourkidZ
Let's make it hits 100M plss
#post #favorite
Julius Rhoman Caridad
I bet some of you guys always play this kind of song in one day :>
5seconds memes
posty must have watch too much GOT
Rahmoddin Mirzai RYRKRL2A Rönnowska skolan
Someone who knows waht the movies called
Hobb Ylos
The Bowman was a super talent, he kills everybody in the Battle ;P
Carlos Leónel Díaz Barrón
<3 circles <3 ugly
Post Malone will never ever make a bad song
billie eilish: i'm the bad guy
post malone: hold my sword
Rajvinder Kaur
Astaad bande
This sounds like a song that plays at the end of gta 6
Christ Ivan Dion
He is the Best ????????
Gamer Dad Gaming
Realy, on some bullshit
When i heard this i always remember her!
Slide_intodoseDMs 420
All them dislikes, like what for?
Mr. Nx
???? ???????? етот клип лутший котория я слушал.
Bianca Montalvo
me actually kinda freaked out by the video lol great job!!
beautiful song. i love it so much
LáSt ŪçhïHã
I love this slow smooth side of his lyrics hits right in the feels omg
Noventa Wardhani
Idk but i think this song has 1975's vibes
Secilia Wright
Ooh how I love the almost imperceptible subtleties and nuances insurance card this young man's beautiful voice... There is an almost trembling cry to it at times.. lots off at emotion in this piece that had me riveted from beginning to end. Then he drops down to a near sexy whisper that sounds all so real.
When I first heard circles I had just listened to White Iverson for the first time I am 61 years old I became very curious about this child. Ha! So I listen to some of his music and was not disappointed me.
gina geminiano
Stressed relieved ????????????
ShoddyWolf 402
I really can't stop watching this video know the feeling in this video
nils QuacK
The rythm has a tame impala vibe to it and i love it
This is currently my favourite song. Cant describe the vibes but I love it.
Chana Chi
This my pain while i want to be a holy knight in Nanatsu no Taizai.
jeanloup lecras
Declan Rabbitte
same chords as zombie by the cranberries, I know my stuff
Patricia Lee
Is it just me or does the princess seem like a witch who keeps resurrecting the knight so that he can complete his destiny to save her from the tree/tower. That's why its circles, he keeps dying and coming back to life lol
Zettizett 77
This song is so awesome !!
아따 노래 좋구먼
헐 씨 개좋아
Mr. Cringe
I used to be a Adventurer like you, until I took an arrow in the knee.
Iván R.G.
The video remind me Game of Thrones
Mwana Lienda
Thank me later ;)
We couldn't turn around
'Til we were upside down
I'll be the bad guy now
But no, I ain't too proud
I couldn't be there
Even when I try
You don't believe it
We do this every time
Seasons change and our love went cold
Feed the flame 'cause we can't let go
Run away, but we're running in circles
Run away, run away
I dare you to do something
I'm waiting on you again
So I don't take the blame
Run away, but we're running in circles
Run away, run away, run away
Let go
I got a feeling that it's time to let go
I say so
I knew that this was doomed from the get-go
You thought that it was special, special
But it was just the sex though, the sex though
And I still hear the echoes (the echoes)
I got a feeling that it's time to let it go
Let it go
Seasons change and our love went cold
Feed the flame 'cause we can't let go
Run away, but we're running in circles
Run away, run away
I dare you to do something
I'm waiting on you again
So I don't take the blame
Run away, but we're running in circles
Run away, run away, run away
Maybe you don't understand what I'm going through
It's only me, what you got to lose?
Make up your mind, tell me, what are you gonna do?
It's only me, let it go
Seasons change and our love went cold
Feed the flame 'cause we can't let go
Run away, but we're running in circles
Run away, run away
I dare you to do something
I'm waiting on you again
So I don't take the blame
Run away, but we're running in circles
Run away, run away, run away
yechan han
챠밍조가 날 여기까지 데려왔어
Brandon Gibson
Literally the best song ever
Well ... I like this direction. I like it a lot.
essme elspass
Dat Boi
well thanks, youtube this is on my recommended
I used to be an adventurer like you. Till I took an arrow to knee
CrimsonBlade 329
I get strong "Under the Milky Way" by The Church vibes from this track. Either way I love it.
Quase não encontrooooooo
Ty Martin
He should do a song with the gorillaz
Gagan Kumar
In 2019 15 million subscribers has crossed
Stay Limitless
cant stop listening
Alex Alexiev
3 minutes into this, still no talk about hoes and parties, what's wrong?
Julia Baracho
jo jinho of pentagon brought me here
french olf ???? ???? ???? IL EMPRISONNE ILLEGALEMENT QUELQU'UN FOOLIE ???? ????????
Hebert Ivan
I did not understand the relationship of the music with the clip, someone please explain me kkkk
Jaja Velasco
Been addicted to this song since it was first played live, and I can play it 5hrs straight for now????
Jas Huerta
Post can do no wrong❤️
Oh Sangwoo
I usally dont like his music but this track came at the right time. Such a simple lyrics but it hit me hard. "It's only me, what you got to lose" always makes me wonder why I cant leave this relationship behind.
Video is great
Little Potato
0% drugs
0% naked girls
0% expensive cars and clothes
100% talent
Abhishek Pathania
Billie Ellish : I'm the bad guy
Post : Hold my malone
#Real music _
Bomb beautiful vulnerable just Amazing!!! Love you Post
AndroidTutoUniverse ATU
Sextou, Sextou garai
Prentice Jones
Can’t run from the past????
Caleb Fuller
Ayo what DLC of The Witcher is this?
Looks sick
letsbestupid cx
All I can think of for this song is another Shrek movie
It is so fitting that this dropped the beginning of my senior year
Calvin Biefeld
*Head over to my channel and watch a couple of my covers,i've done 133.SUBSCRIBE,LIKE,SHARE if you enjoy.Thanks and have a great day*
Invisible Diamond
Post is my absolute favorite singer he’s just awesome and circles and wow hands down are the best songs
TWICE Jeong-yeon really loves your voice, she listened this one continuously. I'm gonna do the same now ????
Noheli Caldera
Woooooo go
Lucy Love
I can’t stop listening to this
Courtney Hernandez
Why is the Jesus Christ cross in the background bruh Illuminati man !! WAKE UP JUDGEMENT DAY IS COMING!!!!!
Courtney Hernandez
Turn away from Catholicism Muslim and other fake religions guys!! Christianity!! Have a relationship the god !!! Praise Jesus amen
Gonzalo Romero
Song puts me in a crazy ass feeling good type vibe love it
This song is a fucking vibe
Judi Go7
I fly when I hear this song. I feel like I’m floating through space.
Grant Louw
Guys go to snugglepuss tribute and listen to that song.i think it might be the back track to this post malone song.i think
Fya Mokhtar
I love you Post Malone♥️♥️♥️♥️
Eardley Norton
Such a beautiful song, and awesome video. But what's the connection? Can someone explain pls?
Ashish Rai
one hit wonder: exists
Post Malone:I am about to end this man whole career
Brad J S
Just moved back into my parents house after living with my ex of 5 years. This song hurts so good
Elgondaf ElAsel
قول لا الله الا الله
لو كنت مسلم
Elgondaf ElAsel
اشترك بقناتي
post needed an excuse to justify running arround in that sick armor
Edgar FA Saputra
This is the newest
Gacha_ Cotton Candy
This song is just relaxing it just I have this feeling of being satisfied. And this song just let's all my emotions flow like water dude. Wow.
Who’s here in September 2028? ????
Pagano Gaming
The Best Song ????
Syazwan Sohaimi
I thought he sing " stephen strange" at 1.10 hahaha
tarieli koncelidze
Which is the best song circle or goodbyes?
This is the new trailer for ghost and goblins ..80 kids will get it
Mark John Wayne MARTINET
sing a song awell say a song panini
When you defeat the final boss without completing the tutorial and skipping all the cutscenes
20% sexual content
100% medieval
75% autotune
100% good music
Christina Bardino Gregersen 9A Højmarkskolen
this song makes me wanna wake up in the mornin and go to school
Idk Myname
Did someone listened to this because of Jeongyeon?
Gustavo Freitas
I don't remember this Game of Thrones episode...
Bojana Vojinovic
Billie Eilish: i'm the bad guy
Post Malone: i'll be the bad guy now
anitabonitasenorita !
Dead ass, he’s a white knight.
Hamzeh gaming
Bruh i bet u he can't beat dark souls
Katherine Redick
Circles run away let it go
Johintry haiden gekop haiden
Edwin Garcia
Only 98 million views
We all know he gets a shit ton more in spotify
Vince boch
Good music ????????????
B. Aure Lomu
Me duele que yo me clave tanto y para el fue algo pasajero uwu
Felipe Souza Landim
Post malone is 100% Talent in this fuck.
Ricky Webb
This song just made me realise what a selfish idiot I’m being
LiL Bel
The ???? does not ever disappoint
Dris Jackson
this was near my birthday
Sam Sawd
Stop listening challenge ... you lost
Xonc Fame
Todo lo que hace es grandioso :)
laura william
my favorite song
Aly Inthapakdy
Mag ez va
Dimitri Miller
All the Skyrim comments ????????????????????????
Maurice Kist
When you life
Mikael Schoanz
Eu estou amando uma música.
Mikael Schoanz
Essa batidinha não sai da minha cabeça. Que coisa mais linda de se ouvir. Vem a todo momento. Pássaros. Sorrisos.
Mikael Schoanz
Que bom que estão disponibilizando legendas em português. Pq se tem uma coisa que o brasileiro gosta é de ler letra de música, pode até ser música em português. rsrs
shaine flood
plz subscribe to my youtube channel like if u did
Mauricio Panifkf
shaine flood
my favorite part is when he said (maybe you don't understand what im going threw) because i relate sometimes
Snoopyboy 7
getting those Fleetwood Mac vibes from the instrumental
amna rizwan
Love this song it’s mesmerising
Mariana Lopez
But it was just a sex though, the sex though
So what is the actual meaning of this song , i think this song is in term of metaphor or deep meaning put in lyric.
Gacha Girl
Best song of 2019~!
Шынар Алим
Классно привет из Казахстана) )
LosPérez Bello
El principio de la canción tutututututututututututututututututuutututututu xD
Johann Ronquillo
post malone looks like a stark cousin
Shingayai Chahong
this song sounds so similar to one song ive heard
Jamie Carr
His videos are crazy good!
Beate Obermeyer
World class ????
DJ Lil X
Imogen van der Hoeven
Be still my beating heart, I'm in love.
Great song and god damn he looks handsome.
rachid yahiaoui
U aint no knight...ur a goon....put Masvidal or Diaz in ur video..#lamemusic
Varinder Sekhon
Thought the song was about something totally different until I watched the video ... still love the song
This music is on Cloud 9!!!
war be like
ǝɟᴉl sᴉ ɹɔɯ
A boy in music class recommended this, and honestly I'm not dissapointed :D Daniel if you're seeing this you have a good music taste bro
ǝɟᴉl sᴉ ɹɔɯ
A boy in music class recommended this, and honestly I'm not dissapointed :D Daniel if you're seeing this you have a good music taste bro
Kermit The Frog
this is a song for at the end of a game and the credits roll
Remember when they called him a one-hit-wonder?

me neither.
My man looks a bit like rob stark in this ????
Just a random internet user
This is one of my favorite songs ever it's awesome
Nam Namrod
I like it ????????
Kristina Polizzi
i wanna get in a convertible and drive down an ocean road ..wind in my hair.. circles on repeat <3
Katy Powell
Post is one incredibly diverse individual. He has contributed to several genres of music and is beyond brilliant with his timing.
J o n a
make this video an anime
john van der kraan
This song makes me think about the gorillaz.
Who's Joe
How it feel when pewdiepie's minecraft series ends
Adrian Dane Kenny M.D.
david bowie
When you wanna smash but she drowns herself
Tupac Shakur
Post Malone turned into Jesus
Illuminate Gaming827
Saw an ad with Post Malone at the beginning of this
Enrick Marcil
Ksi win !!!!!
Don’t know why but every time I listen to this song I feel like I’m in church ????
Gary S
Who would dislike this?
The best song , i love you bro !
Jiann X
I get chills when I listen to this song while driving in the night.
Steven Iwanto
game of throne?
Fucking Georgette
Why when I listen to this song it reminds me of the Fall Out Boy song "The Take Over, The Breaks Over" These songs don't sound the same
And this is the worst music video because it reminds me of the Game of Thrones Still sometimes I want to cry that ended up so badly
Rey Gracia
the girl who broke his heart,
I m ready to fight u
Witcher Malone :)
Barbara Sardinha
The best song of Malone ever...
Sheldon Blackman
Post playing with his sword, metaphorically singing.
_ XniperArtz _
???????????????? ???????? ???????? ???????????? ???????????? ???????????????????????????? ???????????? ???????????????????? ???????????????????????????????????????? ????’???????? ???????????????? ????????????????
Tomasz t
SUPER piosenka!!!
Ciara Nicole
Posty is so beautiful
1 full hour of circles in the link below ????????????
Van Hysar
Anyone playing Dark Souls ?
Post Malone died on the war. The Girl can revive him but then, it will start another war. So he is telling the girl to "let him go" but the girl didn't let him go and revive him instead making him fight bunch of enemies in the end.
(This is how I understood the story)
Julver james Bacanto jr
turn around
ryan ng
Well you know Noah Bradley he is a lecturer , he is now have camp under him.
Wann kommt ein neues Lid raus
Hi, malon. I always listen to your music well. I heard your song through Better now, but your song was too powerful for me. I was so happy that it was different from the pop genre I've ever had. I listen to it more than 10 times a day. Thank you for always singing good songs. I'll look forward to your songs in the future.
Elio Elizalde
Que buen tema por dios.
This song makes me feel like I'm in high school again
Aiden Liyanage
run away run away run away run away run away run away run away run away run away run away run away run away run away run away run away run away run away run away run away run away run away run away run away run away run away run away run away run away run away run away run away run away run away run away run away run away run away run away run away run away run away run away run away run away run away run away run away run away run away run away run away run away run away run away run away run away run away run away run away run away run away run away run away run away run away run away run away run away run away run away run away run away run away run away run away run away run away run away run away run away run away run away run away run away run away run away run away run away run away run away run away run away run away run away run away run away run away run away run away run away run away run away run away run away run away run away run away run away boi
Gra Ziano
Billie Eilish : I'm the bad guy.
Post Malone : hold my sunflower.
Jake Zammit
More please
Sarah Dunkley
come to vancouver canada
Cayden Neri
I can relate to every word
Katalin Jánosi
Jour de Surf
Do you know who is the compositor of this song ?
I don’t really listen to these radio play music but he sounds like he’d be good at a Christmas song.
fOr EStz
Who’s the girl?!????
Noel Joel
Why are some part feel like he's singing in front of a fan..
Jerome Baits
This song is dedicated for Fallout 76
Rainy Songs
I love his songs❤️
Shaunak Sarker
I came here for the beat...and the suit of armor
Btw props to whoever made the amazing beat...
Melisa Busra Pala
0.6- 0.18 reminds me a song that ı cannot remember its name.
Woke !ndivi dual
This is actually ...FUCKING GOOD.
tom rigby dames
He on the low looks like shrek
Aaron Peters
Reminds me of 80' music so I loves it. Get em bro , wild out while you can. Only know of one of his other songs , but thiz one is fire.
Mr poop I di scoop
Posty: makes the song sunflower with swae and then makes circles in a single
Swae Lee: you betrader
Is this a bud light commercial
Ms Patient
The NEW Elder Scroll : Runaway... ????????????
Ms Patient
Music played when you failed the quest... ????????????
Juega Pepeyito
pfffff, pedazo de canción....
NLgaming691 pro
Damn, you're a real good rapper. Thumbs up for ya
Ruben Fuentes
I like how post holds the sword 1:30
Marty W
The beginning got me like " this is gonna be that good,it's gonna hurt me"
Marjolein Schepel
Amazing stunning artist ????????
Hi There
Urban Legend Designs
Listen to this at 1.75 speed lol thank me later
Pink Boi BrOtHeR
This song is fire????
Sebastian Gavriliu
I love this melody respecta to sebia????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
{ lvglabel }
crying all song
This is the best song i heard from
Post malone
A. G.
Pink try .vs post malone circles
Shubham Jain
Petition to get this into elder scrolls VI??
Valentina Anna
the beginning sounds like „called out in the dark“ from Snow Patrol
Masimmo Masimmo
Paris Hilton - Nothing In This World
it's the original song post Malone
English Slang, English Sauce
Everything he does hits the mark!
Joseph Kim
I like those skeletons anyone here 2019?
Gaston POP!
Lol funny game of thrones last episode dragon funny
Robbo Dempo
Anyone think that from a distance he kinda looks like robb stark
Jim Porter
Post malone has an awesome voice love this guys music
Sophia Diaz
Wow post Malone in like ur biggest fan and I loved this vid idk why but I do know it’s different which is unique! <3
FIZ Ruscoe
0% nudity
0% drugs
50% medieval gore
50% ????️ASS
Faheed Haniff
Sounds at bit like Runaway Train by Soul Asylum, slower though
I think it is best music whenever I heard.
What happened to her mouth what the fuck
Kien Dinh
hows dere a girl with no mouth
Canal JNM
N entendi nd do vídeo
Cian Martyn
37,000 people are running in squares
Daunte uflay
imagine how much even better this will be in 10 years when all the gen-z's show this to their kids.
Melissa Mc
jordst andrykew
@postmalone Dude your music is just fucking phenomenal, im not worthy senpai.
Ava Riesen
literally my favorite song now haha
This is my favorite Post Malone song.
Juan Cativo
I love you mi amor ???? has not always work, but I won't give up...
Bette Thompson
Ya u Camino it's time to let it go, maybe u don't understand what I'm going threw it's only me
Michelle Castro
Post Malone is awesome????♥️❤️
Polish_ezic Spy
You are my biggest fan i love you music like if you love post malone music
jonys CG
I like??
Pavan Bhat
Beautiful song.want to see this hit 1B+ views.
sandwich maker
i stg 2:46 sounds like a discord notification
Robert Sikorski
this song is so good that I cried when I listened
Cc Clark
I ❤️ you postmalone i wish I could meet you
Mr Pankakeaids
He has been playing to much dark souls
Tee New Orleans YnG God
Never knew this was Post, but this track goes hard. #chilltrack
eメecution •
Hearing this song makes me feel so free
George Rocha
I heard this song at a good time in my life . Every time i here it . Gives me good vibe
Heather Nicole_thehairstylist
I love post malone!
Paul MacDonald
First time I heard this song , it sounds like Goodbye Horses Q Lazzarus from Silence of the Lambs type it in youtube, Did anybody eles hear the same riff from the start.
Isiah Vang
Its the chorus but instead, the lyrics to the chorus of Mine by Taylor Swift are sung
David Maillo Chicano
Best new song of him
Megan B
I LOVE this song
Heard it on the Fuji Speedway in the Sunset, looking at on some JDM Cars driving the Circles <3
Packerjacob 25
This song is so great I reminds me about life how it great
Rishikesh Nair
Fuck you dude
Rishikesh Nair
Love you bro
Lets get this comment to 1 mill likes
( like if Post Malone is a gem )
10k subs without vids ?
More educational then my history class
Jathin Srimanth
The knight with tattoos
dr doodle
that awkward moment when the ad is longer than the video
ok boomer
If this dont play at my funeral
*im not dying*
Kieran J
Oh, oh, oh
Oh, oh, oh
Oh, oh, oh
Oh, oh
We couldn't turn around
'Til we were upside down
I'll be the bad guy now
But no, I ain't too proud
I couldn't be there
Even when I try
You don't believe it
We do this every time
Seasons change and our love went cold
Feed the flame 'cause we can't let go
Run away, but we're running in circles
Run away, run away
I dare you to do something
I'm waiting on you again
So I don't take the blame
Run away, but we're running in circles
Run away, run away, run away
Let go
I got a feeling that it's time to let go
I say so
I knew that this was doomed from the get-go
You thought that it was special, special
But it was just the sex though, the sex though
And I still hear the echoes (the echoes)
I got a feeling that it's time to let it go
Let it go
Seasons change and our love went cold
Feed the flame 'cause we can't let go
Run away, but we're running in circles
Run away, run away
I dare you to do something
I'm waiting on you again
So I don't take the blame
Run away, but we're running in circles
Run away, run away, run away
Maybe you don't understand what I'm going through
It's only me, what you got to lose?
Make up your mind, tell me, what are you gonna do?
It's only me, let it go
Seasons change and our love went cold
Feed the flame 'cause we can't let go
Run away, but we're running in circles
Run away, run away
I dare you to do something
I'm waiting on you again
So I don't take the blame
Run away, but we're running in circles
Run away, run away, run away
This shit is fire
Sugar Skull543
My cat likes this song
Simon Bai
Moms that are late to pick their children be like "I couldn't be there even if I tried"
Luis Mora
This song sounds oddly familiar to Blanks Roadtrip Bop
I swear Post Malone never fails to impress me. You dont hear about too many people in the music industry that make a lot of diverse music. But here you have Post making upbeat songs like “Sunflower” and “Staring at the Sun”, heavy metal-type music like “Take What You Want” *WITH* a Rock Legend, Rap music, and even songs you can just vibe to. But theres one thing that all his music has in common: He pours his heart and soul into what he does. I hope he never changes that about himself
perfect song!!
Vinay Chatralia
This sounds like a 80’s song
It's nice song . I suggest you listen to this song with APPLE MUSIC , Android phones can also be installed in the system . Three months of free use APP
Qandeel Hussain
Washington Post's Post on Post Posted on 22nd November 2019: Post Malone or Post for short has the longest sentence (not the jail type come on) with the word Post posted by Post himself in Washington Post Posted on 22nd November 2019
Nikki Musick
I fucking love you!!
Gaia Papini
La ascolto 35000 volte al gg????
Sean Noonan
I get so emotional when I hear this song, it makes me think that for some reason my mom dies or something and I just can’t stop crying ????
Sean Noonan
This song makes me realize how much you need someone until their gone❤️
DeeJay Yonda
Producer: ok we have hot girls, supercars, and money. What do I want?
Post malone: gimme skyrim
He low key kinda looks like a dark souls boss in the beginning
"All women are queens"
ViOS Lyrics
This video only makes me of two things:
1.- This would fit perfectly in a Guardians of the Galaxy movie
2.- This reminds me of those trips with my high school friends to the beach just cruising around watching the beautiful Californian sunset, those times will never come back:’)
this song makes me feel like I should let goo the bad circle im stuck in... and should change my person for a better person, the one I should be. After all the drinking, the let go... time to get up and do somes changes. Much loves guys
chris cogar
He looks like Rob Stark
Abdiel Garcia Caraballo
Love his voice, very unique.
J Libra
This song reminds me of my ex……
……box 360, it's everything for me in my childhood
Bakytzhan Ualibek
This music is so relaxing.
david martins
Don't die please ????????????????
Tonilou Marie Chua
He sings so emotionally <3
I am bold enough to say this is BETTER than Congratulations.
Davide Scamperle
A me ricorda molto Piedone lo Sbirro.
A Boy Is No One
“You know nothing Jon Snow. Post Malone is the rightful King in the North.”
Laura Kennedy
Reminds me of r holiday to America in September sooooo much ????????love it x
GreenWolf HQ
Joo Usama
is this drak souls 4 ?!
Dc I
Better than feel it still
°• Peach •°
Oi pessoal, segue o link do meu canal !
Último post é a tradução da música Circles na versão Gacha Life !
Tim Polidor
Producer: Post, what do you want to wear f...
Post: Armor
Meenu kapoor
Three things that don't exist
*a bad post Malone song*
This song is so awesome you mind your child!!
Vetjevera Zamunu
Best part. "Seasons change nd our love went cold"????
can't let gooooooat
Gu Retsnom
Reizinho sem defeitos
godzilla king971 kill
XD???????????? let it go
Collette Post
Don't this sound like Bastille and Enrique?
Haikal Harum
is this video related to Goodbyes? because his eyes turn white at the end of Goodbyes video, and in this video his eyes are white in the first place. Just my thoughts lol
Sara Niccolai
best 2019 video
Casey Lupkin
IM SO LATE TO THIS PARTY !!!!! This video is a masterpiece.
Xar Xi
Post Malone’s music is so unique, even the music videos are special. He doesn’t use the typical “rich pimp” theme, this is a whole storyline!
Definitely one of my favourite songs, perfect for edits and afternoon euphoria <3
ramos_ amayo
Damn these lyrics hit home. I mean me and my wife are happy but shit this some deep stuff
Lisa Tahirovic
This song is ????
Chris D
Liked the song 'til I saw this messed up vid
Like a BOSS!!
perfect song for control anger from world of tanks
Angelica Gonzalez
Cómo me acuerdo de mi amor con esta rola oma et
I have a crush. And i love listening to this, cuz then im thinking of her. Today i asked if she liked me and she just said ‘’lets talk about something else’’ i hope that was a yes ;(
Lesia Gittens
love this
Trinasya Renata
Guys, check out Higher, this song’s melody sounds almost exactly the same. Is it possible if a famous person copied a small youtuber song? (The channel is Music by Blanks)
Хочу себе рыжую девушку ( кого я обманываю, я живу в России и максимум на что я могу надеяться это работа на заводе за копейки.)
My teacher was listening this today and i screamed POST MALONE CIRCLES????
Canal StrikeBlue
musica fod......
Martin Wahba
Where is the guy who writes the songs lyrics in comments ????????????
This is like high ???? Hollywood quality cinematography
Ti Lindolpho
Took the tonight’s show to serious
story about a love that makes you die for, but same time worth living without it....
DC - 28
love this song
Elmas Nasıl Bulunur our moments of finding diamonds kimberlite deposits diamonds inside volcanic rocks who says there are no diamonds in Turkey?... Here are the diamonds found in Turkey.
Albert Rovira Valldepérez
why this song is not the first on the top list?
courtney locker
Amazing ????
La letra es la historia de mi vida :'c
Producer: how good do you want this song to be?
Post Malone: *Y E S*
Vindo Yt
Love that post malone is trying different genres of does appeal to me
Rafał Radochoński Gliniecki
Helo nice video
*When you the one to win minecraft hunger games*
Hey Post Malone, we did a cover. Hope you love it. Love this song so much.
Grisel Vasquez
Am I the only one that gets tame impala vibes ?
Joey Meh
Heard this on the radio and fell in loooove
bekar nicat
super songer ☝ super singer
Hello I'm a French and I am 14 years old this song is just magic
Shoutout to everyone that called the song trash in the chat before even fully listening to it. I hope you die alone you filthy pieces of garbage ????????
But to everyone who actually listened to the full song, I respect you even if you didn’t enjoy the song. You actually listened to it and didn’t complain about it in the live chat or in the comments. I wish you the best in life ☺️
Marta Fuentes2321
Love this
Post Malone’s music keeps getting better ????
-008- NFG
They play this at the grocery store near my house. I thought it was Bastille.
Chiara Zoli
I love this song, I listened other his songs and I don't like them. I love this pop song only
XD Gaming
100 Million Views !!!????????????????????
adrian Diaz
Like si hablan español
the lavsz
Colin Tilley : well post, we have cars, mansions and girls, what do you want?
Post : a zombie version of Rapunzel.
Natasha Matzaris
I listen to this everyday 3x
happy I care
Sigo dando vueltas en circles
happy I care
Ya más que en circles en espiral hacia abajo
Musik As
Bestimmt schon 20x gehört, aber wieder auf Anfang und nochmal. Zu geil der Song, wirklich schön =)
Jhonatan gabriel
comi o cu de quem ta lendo
John Ryan
I'm confused of what's going on in the vid
happy I care
Esta canción me recuerda cada golpe de batería mis pisadas con las botas cada vez más difíciles de llevar por cada nueva pena que oigo
Maya Noël
Elle est trop bien !!!!!!!!!
JJ the slump god
My head after working out diameters of circles and their fricking circumferences
Stephanie Sanchez
Luv him. Don't box him into one radio station, sorry!
Who's watching it again after 100 million?
Jag Man Jag
Check this beat out
Neide Zanetti
Brasil alguém oi
Elvende Humo
100 million of Views!!!
Jochen vdt
100 milion views <3 still my favorite song since day one <3
Aesthetic Chill Child
Every song Malone puts out is GOLD!! HOLY FK!!
????MILL' Congrats Posty!!!
0:49 sounds like he´s saying "I´ll be the burger now" hehe
Shauna Casey
Dont ask but this song reminds me of Stranger things a bit ???????? just me?? Ok ....
Giovanni Costantini
Simply nice! ????
I pushed morgz Down the stairs, the number of likes are how many steps.
Ahmad Awais
love this song
SL Sky
Caleb Gritton
At the end posty is climbing her hair like Rapunzel
Amelia Jones
All this video is missing is plague victims and rats
Vervita Jackson
how are you doing dude oh in how are you taking x death so far
I feel like this song was added yesterday.
Unbatted KBAT
Can’t believe they named a shape after this song!
Waluigi Cult Member
I can't believe they named a shape after this song
Aidan's Toys & Games
I love post Malone
Jaxie ジャキシー
I can't believe they named a shape after this song like omg
John Nelson
This would have been a better Game of Thrones ending
lemons oranges
They actually named a shape after one of his songs
Dark circles around my eyes while listening this in school
islippry Ninja265
I can't believe they named a shape after this song
Sened Motivational Millena
Dill Harper
Fuckin whitetrash trail trash singer go back too the 8 mile u goddam homo faggot post my nuts bitch.......
I really connect to this song currently. I just ended an on and off relationship I was in for years with someone who refused to commit but still wanted me around.
Man they named a circle (shape) after this song
Sue Corrason
I keep hearing “I dated a dude, someday. I’m waitin on you, again.”
SkeetSkeet SkeetSkeet
The story of Shrek
30k subs with 2 videos?
One day…
*Someone Will find this comment. ❤️*
Evil Mike Wazowski
Like or you will be gay forever
Olivia Luera
Is that a war or what ?
Justyna Skalska
Empire of the Sun vibe! ☺️
Chris Johnson
I’ve never felt anything so accurate in my goddamn life...
Arturo Serratos
1:10 is identic to the intro of ¨insta crush¨of Daft Punk... i said.
Do you ever just have that one song you wanna play on repeat for oh I don’t know, forever? Yeah, this is that song for me. :’)
Parn Overdose
This song make me nostalgic ????????
Bobozzu Menz
Tomas Salcedo
not trappin not good
*damn cameras existed in those days??*
Rellerliad P
Am I the only one that don’t like this song
Justin Gericke
100 million views. ????????????
Daniel Zeugner
#RANNFL ????????????
Jennifer Villalpando
Run away. Like I did
Arlyn Dominguez
Albertoo 12
When the music video doesn’t fit the song
Alister Tate Anderson
damn, this new Smashing Pumpkins is hella pop when Corgan start using autotune???
Blue Blaze SCP Readings
THis doesnt sound like post malone i mean genre wise lol it sounds like pop not hip hop is that what he is trying to do?
Benjamin Trif
I would definitely pay to see this movie !!!
Layla Amador
He just wanted to make his skyrim fantasys a reality
Too underrated
Owen Hibell
Post should make a music video for Take What You Want and Enemies ????
100M Lets go!
Memegodlover123 Guzman
I love this song
It's like tangled long hair girl a guy climbing the rope it's just like it
the witcher 3!!!
Jay Best
honestly this guy is such a talented young man, ive become a fan because of his raw talent very underrated , sadly it feels like he was born in the wrong generation because this one doesn't give him the true credit he deserves.....
SuperAvery 10
This song reminds me of Gale from the Hunger Games
Comming for #1
Kaz 201325
Can't believe dark souls stole from post malone
Jonah Does Everything
Guys, don't break the replay button, just put it on loop, i'm paid minimum wage to fix the replay button!
Zurc Nedak
You enjoying Dark souls Austin?
Mr. X
Is this the Witcher 3 ?
Sara Wierleske
Omg I love this song it makes me feel so happy
Giovani Namauleg
this song gets me in my feelings
Dolores Ramos
Ryan, I fucking love you! ????????????
This is our song. Ya callate & listen to it with me!
no one did a osu reference?
Work at target and this is all I hear , I love it ????
bee Rivas
Man I can't believe they named a shape after this song
Agapito Diaz
Mister Gamer
Are those you soldiers or did you beat those guys?
Rajendra Singh
When you have watched too much fantasy media.
Maybe part of the witcher series soundtrack??
Lucas Knabe
squares YAHH YEET
subscribe to instantly die
Cridavkevwil Martipalma
Reminds me of my aunt that I miss.Thanks, by the way it was like 3 weeks ago my trip.I went to Iowa to California and “Circles”was stuck in my head and it was very emotional when I left
Tiffany Playz
2019: bad guy from Billie eilish is the best song EVER
posty: hold my sunflower
2019: Ok?
Also 2019: Sorry Billie but Post is the bad guy now!
Chayse Hayes
Circles nah polygons
Vlyden Knox
So Dark Souls?
name 961
14 year old girls be like:
T h E f E e L s
vijay kumar
Best song by PM
100K Subscriber without video challenge.Nilesh
*There are 53K comment if you find mine then like to activate*
Emmet JMC
This sounds like a song that was out years ago but I can't put my finger on it ????
if my life was a song, this would be it. <3
кто рус?
No Name
думал после рокстара ничего нормального не будет.Но это офигенно..
Sonya Ramon
Thank you for sharing your talent with us all...can't wait for you to put out my next favorite song!
Florean Santos
I love this knight with some tattoo on his face
HoW MaNy SuBs CaN I GeT WitH 0 ViDeEos Bob
How many how many ????
Peng Hong Loh
The behind scene I can haveeu2u2uwuwuwuwuww77272u2u2uuwuwuwuwuwuwuww22myblue berry pie get flies in it
Marshal Smith
This is what I listen to when I die in skyrim
it is just me who HERP DE DERP TE TIDDILY DERP
No one: de derp:
"Literally" No one: de derp de derp te terpety derp.
William Payne
love it
I am just here for the comment that was on r/wooosh
But the song was amazing
Came for the comment stayed for the song
Javier Yat
Nov 22 #FallOnMe A Great Big World and Christina Aguilera
Ángel Allende
Amo esta rola♫❤
I have Circles
Oliver Ngaufe
i dare you to do sumn
Nice guitar melody
william scruggs
Seriously, no one hears that this is the same song as Maroon 5s Love Somebody ?
*Damn Bannerlord looks sick*
Nicolas Trader
Chris Saenz
i listen to your songs alot
Banana Bicycle Seat
When your 18 year old son introduces you to Post Malone and you actually LIKE it!!
Pastel Bun bun
I cant believe theres a shape named after this song
I love this song and his voice is so much better in sad songs
MediumX1 1
Po prostu zajebiste :D
sub to stifty
Am I the only one who thinks that the beat sounds a bit like falling down from lil peep and xxxtentacion?
0311 Infantry
Post Malone = Hit Maker????????????
Wendy Rayners
Cool man????
Русские тут ????????????????????????
Sammy Stewart follow my Instagram it's amazing
ato. nycto
1.25 playback speed is insane
14 year old girls when the whole class loves them but their crush doesn’t
like them:
Sky Lab
Honestly this is my first tym to hear this song coz im living under the rock. Now i love this so much. And im bingeing post malone songs
Wood Rovski
Don't understand how this guy is considered a rapper. Does he rap ever??
The Frost Duo
Check this out please :)
Ryan Raineri
My repeat button plays this in circles
Ben Ace
Post ft. Joji would be a banger
ivan .0k
Fuuuck ????
Suga's playlist brought me here ????
Joe Fre
The into makes me think about my great grandfather who earned a bronze star during crossing of the Rhine in WW2. He was only 22 and a first lieutenant. True hero.
WE Herbata
OMG his Voice
Seasons change, but we’re still running in circles ????
Zaya Gaming
Why those lyrics are damn relatable. I'm sad, so here I am again. ????????????
I don't really understand the video, but the rhythm goes under my skin….
Christine B
Ma chanson du moment ❤️????
Esthefania shitlife
I coming here for suga hahaha
Yuuppp Dre
This song and video is dope to get high to...
Thanks sugar for the recommendation ????
valdas kutra
The thing I love about Post Malone is that he doesnt need any girls or drugs in his music vidoes he just has a sword and thats it I just love his music and he is my idol❤️❤️❤️❤️ lysm Post Malone ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Josh McLean
We named a shape after this
Karla Miranda
Who’s here after Suga recommended it?
this sounds like a good song for the end of the new spidey movie thats not released yet
Ju Ju
It remind me so much of another song but I can’t remember the name, I can’t be the only one... please guys help me ????
Gk Gamer22
I love tahts music ????????????????
Amia Turner
Hey Post Malone your songs keep getting better and better keep doing what your doing. Your the best and keep being awesome.
Roselyne Lebain
Je ne l’ai écouté qu’une seule fois et j’ai été immédiatement séduite par ce rythme super cool et bien balancé sur un tempo zen et bien cadré
Merci à radio Caroline pour cette superbe découverte
J’espère que cette mélodie sera récompensée et appréciée par un large public car c’est vraiment mérité
Bonne chance à cette belle interprétation qui vous fait planer en toute sérénité et vous donne la pêche
wow, its amazing someone named a shape after this song.
Oneal Warda
me when i beat the ender dragon and come back to see my friends messed up everything
Fabiola Bottex
For excaliber!!!!!!
Late 80's vibe. I'm likin it.
Brett Erickson
The base line does not get enough credit. Amazing!!
Izzabella London
post malone the king of looking homeless and rich at the same time
Mita Flores
Cool song post
Mike Spee
I thought game and thrones was over
Jelmer Nijhuis
Legend says he’s still running in circles...
landon/gavyn tremblay
post is a god lol one of my fav songs
Reminds me of Assassin Creed Odyssey... oh the memories.
iRekt :3
I fw this hard
tyler vargha
Does anyone else feel like this song reminds them of Christmas for some reason?
Kian Farquharson
0:01 Rugby at school
Luis Valenzuela
I thought this was in October
Gold Dust
My favourite song <3
Cheese Face
Post is good at making catchy songs thats for sure ????????????????
Öylesine Birisi
kesinlikle yoongi bunu dinlediği için ben de buraya gelmedim
Draya La Reyna
This song is so beautiful. It’s my favorite right now.❤️
Kristina Jehl
I love this video and song! ????
Re/\/a/\/ Augusto
Véi q vibe q essa música da, estuprando o replay AK heuheuheu ????????????
Lia Âmbar
I love Post Malone!! ????????
When your friends name says,
Last online 3 years ago.
I’m gonna make myself cry
ih8cheali howell
i really like most of his discography butttt i cant stand the over dramatic vibrato in like all of his songs. i just think they’d be a lot better without it. or less of it
Jayton Craigie
Rapunzel: My knight and shining amour please save me from the tower
Post Malone: Y
R: My wicked mum is making me stay in my room and not letting me go to your concert.
P.M.: Alright lets get you out and at my concert
R: Are we going in circles. Are we lost
Luke Bieda
this song is god tier
Minh Thư Vương
i have seen a bad accident and i was late for work today
rabbit styles
yoongi-ah ????????
Kaden Roach
this song is making you guys feminine .
Kryss Shion
Nice thkSG????
Love the song,perhaps make a modern day video city scape?
He sings too?
Nieves Mañon
Please, go visit my new blog.
It has amazing information for young people just give me 5 minutes of your time and I promise you’ll never regret it.
Jessica Sanchez
Post Malone is getting better and better Everytime..... If anyone disagrees tell them to f*** off.
Post Malone makes me feel like I lost someone who I’ve never had.
Love Amazing
this song is so beautiful because it make it easier to feel beautiful again
Kim Yong Lih
How can there be 40k dislike ?
Gage Weaver
My heart, ears, and brain can hear this and they think this song will surely stick around for long.
Keisha Burns
Who's better post. or Travis Scott
Stanley Kinzinger
Malone has such an interesting style
Katie Oros
I love this song ????❤
This song will always bring memories
Manuel M
Ive been here before 50k views from California smoking on dank and enjoying my cold Corona extras
Crod _
when post malone only won one award at amas :(
Posts 4 high school bullies disliked this song 10000 times each. That’s commitment
Sakib Hossen Aron
Hey post. I always love your song????????????????
Now we know the bud light platinum knight’s identity.
Valerie King
There are a couple of times during this song that he sounds like Jared Leto from 30 Seconds to Mars.
Kayesha Leean
Teacher: who's your favorite knight?
Me:The one with tattoos!
mind off you
Crazy how I was just listening to white iverson for the first time a few years ago, now he’s a mainstream artist and is getting tons of recognition shout out post
John Weber
Been listening to post since stony. Love him and I love you guys.
Sam Sharadex Down to Earth
Must Listen
His tattoos really seal the deal. This guy is dedicated to making art.
S2 Peacemaker
My favorite song love post malone
10,000 subscribers with 1 video
Who is Better?
Like: *Post Malone*
Comment: *Drake*
포그트말론 역시는 역시다
역대 좆되는곡이다 ..
Davy Smith
Post Malone is just damned talented.
Suelle Miranda
adoro essa musica aAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA
Hope You Like
Top 1 On Billboard ????
Kevin Whelan
This guy is a wholly original talent. Dunno what's going on with all those tatts, but there's a wild joy to him and this tune is fantastically catchy, and I thank him for it.
Lærke isabella Renee stengaard
Man u can’t dislike this!
Ming Namek
This song is fit for a king
Great track love it ????❤️????????????
Eacho Canaya
auto sub ahahha! sinong pinoy dito? na napanood ang lyrics niya?
Rumi Curry
first time I hear this guy. he looks so sweet.
Captain Planet
People of today say this music is fire but when asked who Linkin park is with 1.2 billion views on one music video they are clueless... 2019, sad day to be alive.????????
Andrew Brown
I thank God finally a real fuckin artist
Active Dynamics
cool visuals but dont fit the lyrics
Tobi Drako
葉品寬Kasper Yeh
it reminds me my dog running in circles
Karolyn # Vegas #
Post Malone ????????????????????????????
ryan ng
Try online guitar lesson, art lesson, planting, rare dog, karaoke, licklibrary, buy his talking, sketchbook free so you try.
Naela Enam
What's the meaning of this song?
ryan ng
12 licklibrary cd brought and throw it.
Sherry Mock
I love his music atleast it’s not filthy and I know what he is singing love this song though
Keshav Bean
want to watch youtube premium.. no ads and play in background US1 !! ONLY! ANDROID ONLY ONLY.. payment through paypal.
DEDO 23444
What do you need for the clip? Supercars, money?..
Nope. I need bow and sword.
joraymond the wolf 099
Yo this is my favorite song
Love you posty ❤
al bundy
its MAGIC, the song captivates you,
I am addicted to the song
David Can.
When you play too much Skyrim
Jason Grayson
Post Malone NEVER makes a bad song!!!
Lærke isabella Renee stengaard
am I the only one who just loveeeee Post Malone like beatccchyyy
Lærke isabella Renee stengaard
ha my mom hear this alllllllllll the bipppppp time
Y’all think Post tried to keep the sword?
외힙좋아하는 한국인찾는다
Alba Alcaraz lipiz
I alweys like this video i like so much
Harmon Harmidis
....good song, but why spending so much money 4 that crap vid?
Chance Carlson
Nah I truly think post malone is one of the best artists of 21st century, like top 10 easy.
Michelle Tay
this sounds like john mayer's new light
Agung Samudra
Enaknya nih lagu dengerinnya pas lagi naik mobil terus perjalanan jauh
I love he's voice !!!
Elena, M Cryer
Great tune from our local boy !!!, so proud Irving Texas in the House.!!!
julianne moore
Great Voice; But Facial Tattoos are Rediiculous on anyone...:((
Nate Maretzki
just me or does this give off strong Tame Impala vibes?
me : play this song so loud
neighbour : call the police
police : arrest the neighbor
al bundy
versuche nicht alles zu verstehen es erklärt sich von selbst. das herz versteht es . dieser song besteht gröstenteils aus Symbolic. es ist eine liebesgeschichte die unter die haut geht. dieses lied ruft eine menge gefühle hervor schon mal wegen dem rythmus und auch wegen der einmalig schönen stimme vom sänger. ich gestehe dass ich so schon am anfang leise eine träne kam, so schön ist dieser song. das video ist sehr ansprechend und gekonnt gemacht. ein meisterstück
do not try to understand everything it is self-explanatory. the heart understands it. this song consists mostly of symbolic. It's a love story that gets under your skin. this song evokes a lot of emotions already because of the rhythm and also because of the uniquely beautiful voice of the singer. I confess that I already had a tear at the beginning, so beautiful is this song. the video is very appealing and skilfully done. a masterpiece
S Reynolds
I love this man and his music to death do us part!
Pamela Topping
Love that song - I have to admit I wasn’t familiar with Post or his songs / but I loved everything about this. ❤️
Rojelio Guerrero
Who knew a song about a shape could be so emotional
Farabi Ahmed Tonoy
Nice song
Sandra Mullis
I am in ???? with your song s
Jessi Pocahontas
I'm just here because it's a very catchy melody lol.
BuzZard Ninja
Like how all these people calling him postey like they personally know him lmao... just call him post Malone
Milka Ramirez
We couldn't turn around
'Til we were upside down
I'll be the bad guy now
But no, I ain't too proud
I couldn't be there
Even when I tried
You don't believe it
We do this every time
Seasons changed and our love went cold
Feed the flame 'cause we can't let go
Run away, but we're running in circles
Run away, run away
I dare you to do something
I'm waiting on you again so I don't take the blame
Run away, but we're running in circles
Run away, run away, run away
Let go
I got a feeling that it's time to let go
I say so
I knew that this was doomed from the get-go
You thought that it was special, special
But it was just the sex though, the sex though
And I still hear the echoes (the echoes)
I got a feeling that it's time to let it go, let it go
Seasons changed and our love went cold
Feed the flame 'cause we can't let go
Run away, but we're running in circles
Run away, run away
I dare you to do something
I'm waiting on you again, so I don't take the blame
Run away, but we're running in circles
Run away, run away, run away
Maybe you don't understand what I'm going through
It's only me
What you got to lose?
Make up your mind, tell me, what are you gonna do?
It's only me
Let it go
Seasons changed and our love went cold
Feed the flame 'cause we can't let go
Run away, but we're running in circles
Run away, run away
I dare you to do something
I'm waiting on you again, so I don't take the blame
Run away, but we're running in circles
Run away, run away, run away
Crystal Wilson
Good song
Diogo Martins
Why does sounds like a Rec Room lobby music XD
ViciousBane 56
Freaking love this song! Especially the beat and I’m so happy that his album won at the AMA’s! Love the music video as well and like seeing Post in a knights armor.
Jerome Malijao
I love grapes.
Splittine63 Splittine64
Post Malone just looks like he stinks. Great music though
Julian Hernandez
This song is fire
Devin Giddens
Post Malone is a real king. Literally. Confirmed by this masterpiece song and video. God bless you, King. <3
Cherokee Rose
Can't believe I actually like something this moron made
ayi ze
He should of ride the hourse
ALessia Rogers
ye yeea
Owen Stokoe collingwood
anybody think this is different as no drugs or blowing smoke
Brenda Sherrington
73 years, flppin love this.
Marco Vallesi
#1 on Billboard Hot 100.
Carek_ PL
Fantastic Bit
Austin Angeles
Qandeel Hussain
I knew this song would reach no. 1 this week, totally deserves it
they named a shape and emoji after this track no way ⭕️
Smoke Officiel
getting witcher 3 vibes from this anyone else ?? XD
Jesús Alberto Guadiana Castañeda
Alguien en español? :'v
Joaquin J Garcia
Lol he’s playing a knight who’s drunk ?
Manqoba Ngiba
Who else is still bumping this in 2050? ????????
Vice Xan
Song of the decade
naruto Uzumaki
The video looks just like a real movie LOL
Gachalife spaghetti
Somebody please tell me why I thought post Malone was black...
BueBerryJamm yt
This is game of thrones if it was a musical
Sasha Holmes
My friend: this song is lame
Me: so are you, but I listen to you, don’t I?
for honor
El mejor
I find it incredible that Post can make all these songs about relationships and how they went, ended, or going, and the music videos have little to nothing to do with them on the surface, but if you look deeper into the context of them, it describes those situations with pinpoint accuracy. Love these videos.
Astrid Isaacs
Skyrim noises intensifys
Sam S
the eye rolling thing seems to be popular rapper trend bacuse The Weeknd is also doing it
Susan Ray
Only bc I showed you this
Susan Ray
I won't be in your narcissistic circle anymore
Said Shadan
This song inspire me..
Gabe Itch
All the dislikes are the other shapes
Doug Hindes
when the video is better then the whole last season of Game of Thrones
When your in fortnite creative and your ex girlfriend shows up
I am a circle ????
Funny How
I try to run away but I'm running in circles back to this song.
Anas Malek
Chill song ❤️
Astrid Isaacs
Imagine this is the credits to the universe as the last dwarf star fades out and ut shows all of the animals or civilizations that existed in credits and end song and it says directed by god
sei la
10 milhões de visualizações foram as minhas kkkkkkkkk
sei la
eu amo o post meu deus do céu
kim d
Hes an amazing singer .I like this song alot
youtube sensation
Whos lisening in 4037
Peaceful Mode
This song is so good...... The 'circleeeesss' part gets me every time.
Exterminator_ PvP_YT
Finally, music with a kind of old
Greasy FLAB
Who's watching in 2021???
This will be the top comment someday
Erick Diaz
Me when I die to the same enemy for the 5th time in Dark Souls:
bahrul ahmad
Most his song sound like Gorrilaz
John Ortiz
Rims . dumb stupid 150 piggy
เฟสบุ๊ค เกวริน เจียมตน
bad girl
wow i love you post malone you are my all life you are the best
Morgan Bowie
Post Malone: I Still hear the echoes (echoes)
(what I hear)Eleven: I still eat the Eggos (Eggos)
Wan Ridzwan
post malone the best!
Carou Fernandes
must had been said before, but Post seams to play TOO MUCH Dark Souls in his spare time
Muhammad Danish
How long should i wait for the stripped
Mark Kiogora
Am I the only one who thinks that this some other guy's song and post malone is just trying to lip sync to it??
Aronda Oscar
Wow i really love this song ❤️❤️❤️
ho sky
이 사람이 왜 아이유인스타를 팔로우한거지? 이해가 안가네
Magda Kordyka
super piosenka
Carlos Dtos
Surprised he didn't pull out a cig and a bud light when he got up.
Little known fact: medieval knights often had face tats.
I fucking love this song! Greetings From the Netherlands
Mohamed Adel
I feel like thats a movie I'd like to watch ...
Vella Arcenciel
Finally i found this song..goosebump
Lurvely Bones
This gives me king Arthur movie vibes
Julianna H5782
Make this a real movie tho!
А зачем мне это на канал кинули??
Never really liked pop songs in general, but this beat is kinda catchy i like it
Tim N
This is the number one song in America right now? He's running away, seasons are changing and this song is like listening to a animal slowly committing suicide.
Михаил Шаталов
Легкая приятная мелодия
That's so Dagzii
I fell asleep to mtv base and this song played in my dream of the last summer.
Tony Khan
This is the only artist I know who makes catchy masterpieces! Post is a legend!!!
한국인 없나요../??ㅠㅠㅠ 이 띵곡 같이 들어요
Bastian Schwarz
Get goose pimples
Takasta Basto
This song is one of the best sed songs about a broken heart ever... Very powerful and touching music. When I listen to it my soul breaks into a million pieces endlessly... How many unrequited dreams and mistakes....... I wish I had a time machine....
Marcos MP
Apaixonado neste single ????
Brian Cooper
Checkout Post Malone Art Studio Page on Facebook
Melina sophie Kloske
Das ist der Hammer ????
Lindsey Matveev
This reminds me of darksouls and now I love Post even more <3
caroline sim
Love all of this
Whoever made the Spanish lyrics is a dumbass, there's more than a couple wrongly translated words.
Nabillah Yustikahany
i feel ..... hmm
So there are tattoos in 100bc
Dunja Baum
5oo likes? Record
Toxic Carrot
The only catchy song by post malone
Twinkie Gurl
This is how he felt when Games of Thrones ended? ????. I can relate too..
Lyra lopezaru
I'm in love with this men ????❤️
John Lester Baruela
Miss Universe 2019 brings me here ????????????
Vient en FRANCE ! ????????
Alex Vasquez
The symbolism though
Inacio_ gs
Algum br?????
tus canciones son hermosas, sigues así
Rodrigo Rodriguez
Filipe Palma
These lyrics make me wanna break up with my ex-girlfriend.
Drab City
This low key sounds like Enrique Iglesias.
Alex Twin
Holy shit, Netflix is gonna kill it with The Witcher
Sany Spring
Why is she mouthless
Jxstice MSP
0:44 Stranger things
Canal StrikeBlue
música Fod..... do caramba! só curti quem é Brazuca.
Cuando yo estudiaba inglés la mayoría de los profesores decían que el idioma inglés no era romántico y era frío. No lo se en su momento pero a mi no me parace eso o que paso? Evolucionó y copió a las letras latinas? ????✌️????????
daniel wood cruz
Yo no he ofendido a ningunca i ni en vida mujer nunca pero yo ignoro a mujeres con discapacidad porque su corazón es carbón
jj hj
Love this song
Pienso que su novia era una latina Mexicana o colombiana porque que intenso y las latinas inspiran cañon. ????✌️
Emerald Gamer
I could imagine driving in the city late at night with nobody on the road and nobody in the car and you're just listening to this song.
Post Malone Full Discography on Spotify
dictionary Stephanie
idk why this reminds me the rhythm of twilight
Se Vang
I like most of this hill billy songs until I see the music video, I mean it confusing n not really related to the song, plus his ugly face, beside the voice
Ty Martinez
Director: so what do you want to do for the video?
Post: ever played Skyrim?
Director: say no more
Thomas Arnt
This musicvideo is amazing
Nere tinez
I fucken LOVE this song
Ok this looks like Hollywood's movie's stuff filming and budget
Gwendolyn Mallard Clewis
I would love to hear him on storytellers explaing his lyrics and music❤❤❤
Ranu Abdul Latif
Soon or late, people will loose someone who he loves. They will face the shit ways, with:
1. Die; or
2. Separated.
Thankful if they meet with the number 2, at least you still know if she’s ok and still look pretty like the first time you saw her.
Ps: bitch
Daniel Rico
Vengo por auronplay
Tame Impala vibes.
abhishek verma
Post malone deserves a Germany:-
Like si descubriste está canción por auron jaja:v.
King aethelwulf is back boys
yay post how weak.. my 9 year old loves you music ... but when she is of age I beat she will think you are like... for kids... play real music ditch the commercial crap dude...
Georgia Bennett
Love this song so much ❤️
José Antonio Aguilera López
Soy el único que viene por AuronPlay?Que temazo
Pepe The Frog
Are they going to use this song for miss universe 2019?? It’s so good ????????
Emma Oldbury
Nice songs keep up da good work
maybion Game
Im a total metal fan. Why do i like post malone so much? Whatever! He's fantastic!
Schaboszczak niedzielny
wait, I didn't realise that, its his song lmao
said shadan
I dare you do something,
Like me comment...
I'm waiting on you,
Kabaw Lustpower
Wtf. Hes doing neq shit and the character fits. Ghad. A Movie should be made with him ????
Jepe Antoni
Shubham Salgaonkar
????This song will hit us differently when we grow older ????
อีกะเทย มึงสิกะเทย
I'm here for Miss universe 2019
XXX Tentacion
I new i loved you❤❤❤❤❤
Ozzie's Studios
Post Malone loves skyrim :v
Gabriela Gámez
Loving this song and got those feelings.
juan alvarado
Like si vienes por el calvo de auron :v
Nimesh Shrivastava
0:14 is that John Cena's cigarette in his hand? ????
César Quintana
Like si veniste por Auronplay xD
SuR Row
how it feels to play your favorite music over ambient sound in a video game
Kermit .-.
Random comment: *yeet*
Zhilyas Life
Das ist Kunst
Becel the Dog
*"i tried to kill myself, Never doing that fucking shit again i almost died"*
federico Estevez
Can’t believe he did this without a budlight
Miranda Perez
Adop me music :D
Juan Alejandro Granada García
Vengo del directo de auron xd
Song is about idk, a not so working out relation ship
Theres zombies and knights
A girl with no mouth
Tell me how this makes sense
Like si vienes por auron cuando pescaba jaja
What's all that shit on his face?
Andrea Smith
Jose Orlando Torrez Villarroel
Vengo por Auron :v
the time it must have taken to make her hair like that
Antonio Rivera
On Roblox my friend puts this sog
this is so cool i like it
THE silver
Alguien mas llego por auronplay?
Filipe Fernandes
Great song and great video
Skylar Tharp
This song is deep
Pedro J. López Rossi
Which genre would this song be?
*Cares for fans and makes sad music a legend for my decade to go off*
Dezy Star & Heart String
This is horrible it sounds like all of other so hmmm
Dezy Star & Heart String
Dezy Star & Heart String
So original
Lol Lel
Hermosa recomendación de Auron ٭
Very Sexy
I like this song, but these comments are all talking about how this song is SO D E E P
Hage Bigz
Post malone is literally Christ himself
Dale Alvarez
Post Malone is the best
Awesome dude
Cattata01 YT
Hey post man your too good for rap man,let it go and do this.
mega song  mega vid
I rely liked the horse ! Phew I had a hard time finding something nice to say.
Blue Honey
Estoy acá porque auron play lo puso en uno de sus directos xD
Boshwick yt
I love post malone for his ability to rap and sing really good
Eugene Clarke
pm motivated these kids to get off gaming on into music????
Kaleb Mize
Listening to this song high makes your high better
Like si eres un calvo
Lucas Michaud
When all your friends die in Minecraft Hardcore Mode
Maria Ramos
Hi post malone im irene and im a BIG FAN OF U
Doesn’t the background music sound like from music by banks
The Ferch vlogs
Canciones para pescar en minecraft
Maxi Valdez
Like si vienes gracias a auronplay :3
top dog
This songs AMAZING!!!
santiago arce
Like si estas aquí por el abduzcan
Erick Jericho
I thought it was an OST from GOT or something lol
Alexander Mejia Rodriguez
Cuantos vinieron por el directo de AURONPLAY ? like XD
reaper animations
Bille eilish: hold my invisaline.
Manggala Alliez
Sad lyrics but I always like wanna dancing ???? I LOVE POST MALONE
Pepe The Frog
Here before they play this song for the evening gown competition in Miss Universe! ✨????
Minty Sakura
fleetwood mac rebirth anyone?
Mike Muhiddinov
Homie had tatoos in medieval times
jp crack
like si viniste por uronplay
Nora Edith Aguilar Amparán
I LOVE PINK!!!????
Aldair Vilca
No vienes del directo? XD
omg really
Best new singer
Lamont Simpson
Why does he sound black? Is he trying to?
Pass Word
He made this song on a fuxking high ????
Awesome song
Mohd Shahril
Looks like dark souls
Remember me, but you wont????
love it!!!
greatest song
Shadow Frost
mary poppins
Respect to post Malone, but he looks wasted. Not so many face shots and when he is walking and singing it is so messed up. Who ever is is managing him, look after him. This guy is real❤️
into perfect blend of walking-dead and Game of Thrones woot
Suzy Stanek
Just cant get enough of this song ????
Val Br
Awesome song!!!!❤️
Izabela Alvarenga
O clipe nao combina com a música kkk
Lavender Roselinda HP & 1D
I like this song now cause it reminds me when I went on a yacht to an island.... Which was a week ago. So much fun.
Sayan Bakshi
Producer: finally, we can release our album. We'll make millions!
Post Malone: Hold my malons!
Stas Ushakov
Reminded me Star Light zone
حسن نور
this song is so deep m cryin :'(
rezom 9
I come here because park chanyeol from Exo
who's come from chanyeol EXO?
Giedriukas Mazhylis
OH MY GOSH!!!!!! THIS ONE IS SOOOOOO.... <3 <3 <3 Love it !!!!
Quinten Dudink
Producer: how many hits do you want?
Post malone: Yes
Who allows this man to just make BANGERS
Cinematography is lowkey impressive
Ксения Лакки
В Германии по радио крутят сейчас часто.
For some reason the mv is giving me a GOT vibe, with all the undead, blue eyes, and a witch.
AimBotPotato 1
Protect post Malone at all cost
Jessica Morales
What's Up
The vid don make sense
Gaming Cløud
Postage malone finding his English heritage
Sarah Sierra
This song goes harder than the bread at Walmart. I’m here because people keep commenting on my songs on my channel saying my music sounds like this.. these people below will have one year of good luck ????????
Malachi mcGhee
What kind of dark souls shit is this
Stefany Ortega
Que buenos gustos Chanyeol ????
Harry Turner
What Knights is died?
Marco Vallesi
I finally realized that the moment when he sees himself burning, then dies himself and then comes back to life, is just a hallucination.
Great video!
Why Post look like homeless Robb Stark
Brainfucx Gay
They do this every year
Jordan Kimmel
He got up from the ground just like I do when I do a knee fall in derby lol
Andzej Wiadrowski
This song kills my depression and anxiety, thx Post.
*THIS IS SPA-* nvm wrong time
I love it so so so.... Much! ????
Lingard Zzzz
Ha Ha Ha Feeling like beating someone when loosing Fifa foo boo..))))
Paola Ccc
Tik tok said:”they do this every year”
The Ketonomist
it seems to be "inspired" in instant crush i think.
ilya k.
One of the best songs this year.
Ashli Lopez
They do this every year
bwsup yours
You can't deny this dude no more! #PostMalone
na kim
come here because of CHANYEOL exo
ah~ i mean *Løey Producernim~*
This is my first time listening to post malone. I like it. Can someone give me some of his song suggestions to listen to next? Thanks.
This is actually such a dumb video. It sounds like Post Malone just wanted to be a knight but the story is awful and his acting is so bad lmfao
Ez Blxze
I love this song sooo much
hannah lambert
this sounds like the story of queen mary
Hugo Barbosa
Model wears 200 denier black opaque tights:
Conner Bearden
Did they burn him cause he killed all those soilders and they thought he was a witch?
I hope this makes it on TiTS Top 10 hits of 2019
Shaira Abad
got here because of exo park chanyeol covering this
Post played dark souls for the first time
At goodbyes song he couldn't kill one person
but in circles he kill more than ten person.
TM Flikr
When your parents get divorced
Shadow Noob
When you have no more milk for your cereal
hei gvrl
Am here bcs chanyeol
ey , yo . mking music to fell them all. i see you brah, dont think you are alone thoogggghh gg
They do this every year
Nyaluak Kucha
Ayeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, !!!!!!! You should be on lil Tracy’s song called Beautiful nightmare
daisy only
i come here bcs of Chanyeol EXO sing this song lmao
Enrique Hernandez
are you ok
Itzz MeChillLizard
Post Malone u are so cool I got a YouTube but only 5 sub's :( so what about the sex?
rheanna curtis'
he looks so hot in this video yes postyyyyyyy
Spud man
Post Malone nah post melon
Post Malone describes how I feel when I left the one and only girl that I love..
Chanyeol bring me here????
Dena Kurniasari
Chanyeol brought me here ????
Jay-Zee Lee
It has the same vibe with viva la vida by coldplay
Lss with this song lately
Bee Flat
no one's talking about how post malone went to narnia?
Umma Tania
I'm here because of EXO's Park CHANYEOL ❤❤❤❤❤
John Wiedwald
Post malone:sings thru village
Everyone in it: stareing intensifies
G Benz
That base guitar rift sure sounds similar to this one
Calvin Biefeld
*Visit my channel if you have time,and watch a couple of my covers,i've done 133.SUBSCRIBE,LIKE,SHARE if you enjoy.Thanks,and have a great day*
John Mayer could cover the shit out of this tune
Anthony Rodarte
Creating a D&D campaign listening to this. Prepping
Albert Castilla
Hate dancing...but this makes me want to dance
Mateus Cardoso
This song is really fucking Post Malone in the Dark Ages
Nuressio Nureys
Рыцарь в доспехах, и похуистким лицом
Arshi Khan
Who is here after @real__pcy cover post on ig story . 19 Dec.2019
John Bernardo
Hey you, I know you came from Tik tok, and if you didn’t, go away. Please send me the link of the “they do this every year” comes out????
Farroh Rahma
Seems like post malone playing the witcher or what ????
Moises Macedo
Algum Brasileiro???????????????? escutando essa música top
dw aditama
who's here because this is chanyeol favorite song ?
Sophie Hart
anybody notice how the bass kinda sounds like blanks song 'higher'?
ㄙгтнuг тне геveпапт haya lover
I dont want to lose another LEGEND like if you want too
Sonia Rossi
I mean...his voice????
nathira farvin
It really makes me feel like my life is just moving in circles with no improvement????
This song will be so nostalgic in the future
Bloom Hairdressing
This is a song you keep on repeat and never get tired of it ????
NiCk Of TiME Lyrics
Bad guy: “no response”....
Post Malone: “Guess I’m the bad guy now”
Arnelee Cañete
David Lee
Here because of Death stranding
Lol jk this this isn’t LOW ROAR comments section haha
Divyank Kanchan
ft. Daft Punk
Jonathan Ruiz
This music video makes no sense
baek aeri
Who came here after watching chanyeol singing it
A stupid man
Paeple who dislike this music is running in circles.
跟著朴燦烈來到了這裡 嘻
Asogwa David
Winter is here but this song ain’t getting cold ????
Melisa Gimenez Villalba
I am here because of Chanyeol
Eric Haasziq
You make me cyy
Selly Septiana
I come here.. after saw Instagram story's Chanyeol Exo.. and then i love this song
Mahima Suresh
chanyeol lead me to an amazing song.
Logen Felxon
I want to see the music video made into an actual movie. Why the fuck can't these wonderful pieces actually be pitches to netflix about series or movies? Made out of em?
It's like the song Shelter by Porter Robinson, why isn't it a full fledged anime allready? WTF?
Post Malone: *”LET IT GO”*
**Frozen has join the chat**
Why did you choose this channel btw?
Dark sides of colonization.
Jamvo Enaje
Postmalone would do anything just for fun.
Τρελός Σπαρτιάτης
Dislike because of Illuminaty
KMR 12
Chanyeol, thank you.
Hiramo Ch
posty just finished witcher 3
Alaijha Wilson
Post Malone is the best!!!!
Shally F-M
Don't care too much for the video...but the song....speaks VOLUMES! ♥
post mamon
The SilverPhist
Top man
patriots is raw
We couldn't turn around, till we were upside down. I'll be the bad guy now, but no I ain't too proud. I couldn't be there even when I tried. You don't believe it. We do this every time.
This was my wedding video song.
lewys silva
Producers: Hey what scene do you want for your music video?
Post Malone: *Yes*
projubb labtest
Awesome song!
Infinity gaming
De leon capricornio
Post Malone with the booty shorts kinda vibes????????????????????????????????????????????????????
Mr Intolerable
Damn I love this song.
Jakub Daniš
Post Malone: I'll be the bad guy now
Billie Eilish: Hmmm...
Alex Su
The song don’t match the video
Post hasn't released a song that i don't like
Who ever disliked this vid has no taste in music and likes to suck it
Dope Kidz
This song makes me realize the people I took for granted
Celal Demir
Enes batur is coming...
Daniel Church
Good voice shit lip sync
osvaldo maye
Cuando tengo un mal dia, escucho tus canciones y estas hacen que mejore mis dias :3
osvaldo maye
Cuando tengo un mal dia, escucho tus canciones y estas hacen que mejore mis dias :3
I am here because of CHANYEOL’s instagram stories????
Danny Barrett
Thanks Post. Keep killing it brother.
porrresian parrrapio
when u go the wrong way going somewhere
I'm really liking post malones music but god damn this mother fucker went way overboard with the tats..... he looks like he's the sort of guy who goes out gets all these tats then blames the government that he can't get a job XD
Zane Morgan
If this album isn’t nominated for album of the year than Hollywood is really bleeding
Ooni chan Marum
Sinto que ouvi isso em algum lugar, sem ser no canal dele, e eu achei q naum era o malone que cantava ;-;
Cadê os br?!
Randall Langford
RichardGplayz 2007
He do this every year
I hope next video I'll see will be "why don't you love me remastered 2020"
Eda Altay
EXO member Park Chanyeol's story update...
boş bi kanal
Menes Mabi nie çaldın
Safa Fidan
I came from Chanyeol's story
Skia Rytn
I imagined the video to this song would be summery and laid back. Boy am I wrong!
Valentina Bartalucci
I'm italian. I love this song and this singer
This make me smile
the vibe your voice.... best song to end the year
Never saw a soldier with tattoos.
Isy gaming
Song is better than any over song
No one:
Post Malone:Gimme some shining armour
I love this song ♡♡♡
This is hell good.
Billie Wang
The fact that he is coming to North Carolina, which is really underrated must make people so happy
• twinmello •
Welcome to Trench
Alex John
damn post malone looks kinda like rob stark
I can’t believe they named a shape after this song!
De Todo Un Poquirris Con Isa
Im here because i heard the song on the radio ????
I first heard this song in bootcamp when I got a full head shave. I knew I lost something when I first heard it, hint it was my hair.
I wonder what happened when he to his first cigarette
I'm a the only one who wants to see the girls full face?. just me... ok
Joseph Franco
man....the elder scrolls update looks pretty cool.
CNC 08
h thsi is my mum
Eduardo Bolaños.
quien viene del directo de auron play?
Post Malone is a no talent useless piece of shit. But this song is real good. Figures that he wrote it with four other people. I'd be interested in exactly what his contribution was other than singing through some serious auto-tune software. That software can make any idiot sound like Pavarotti.
liitle Giiant
I don't know why but this song just makes me feel safe
Ricardo Correa
I feel like I just lost someone I didn’t have
I wonder who did his tattoos back then
Who the fuck is chanyeoli or whoever the fuck yall keep mentioning
The new Skyrim game looks SICK!!
Glen Hancock
The pro-life movement wants you to say out loud "Jesus save me "so that you will switch sides about legal abortion.Say out loud instead "Satan take my immortal soul. I give it to you fallen angels of lucifer for ever more."Show the pro life movement that they are full of shit that your immortal soul should be saved .if you support abortion prove them wrong about where your heart and soul belong !
I Remain
Man I would love to do a real rap/rock hybrid song with post. I bet we would make it epic!!
Angie Avila
Amooooooooo ❤️
Yılmaz Efe
*Kızgın güllerin üstüne düşmü lan pardon yanlış yermiş.d*
Marie Jackson
My Ex james sent me this song after he dumped me 5 days before Christmas for another woman
Enes enes ha pardon post malone muş
Nora Wells
Sounds like Material Gir by Madonna
Emil Tagili
Enes abi yaa
Ediz matur yine yaptı yapacağını xD
Astral Clocktower
>plays Dark Souls once
Lan aq enesin klibi ile uzaktan yakından alakası yok
Yunus Emre Aydınlar
Hot GaMes
S... git alakasi bile yok AQ
ümit sezgen
enesten gelmeyende ne bilim yani
They do this every Year :(
Derin Erdemir
BeN ÇaLMıYoRuM iNGiliZCe ViDeoYu TüRKÇe sUnUyOrUm sİzLeR iÇiN
Nizar Naji
I laugh
bE qUieT mOtHer fUcker TR TR TR
lan 3-5 günlüm enes fanlaro gelip eNeS ApİmDeN gEldiK yazmasınlar mk gerçek post malone'cular like
Elmar Salimov
Enes baturun AQ
Cristina Ioniță
The best ever song!!
Serhat Genç
Keşke Enes Batura telif hakkı davası açsada tazminat alsa belki eneste yabancılardan çalıp türkiyede paranın aq bırakır biraz kendi üretmeye başlar
Fereday Online
enes batur stealed this too guys
Karmen Czarina Querubin 6A Tungelundskolen
*They do this every year.*
F l a m e A t t a c k
I still get depressed listening to this song, it makes me sad for bo reason...
MLG_Haircut YT
I thought he said run away from a dinosaur
Alakası yok AQ
Kutay Ercoban
Ooo Enes Abi Nasılsı...
bartu ege ünal
Enes patur abimiz çalmaz sadece esinlenlenip aynısının çok az dehiştirp daha iyisini yapar
crazy papapa
Enes batur yine yapmış yapacağını
Haender Ribeiro
This song ...makes me feel... unbelievable.... cant explain
tuana nida
azim çalışma mutluluk
yo copy paste
sara lesar ❤ POST MALONE ❤
Alper Ünlü
Melez patur işi biyor
Matisse Dohmen
He is always coming back from the dead :)
Chubby Panda
I love Post Malone his songs have so much meaning and feeling. Love every second of it❤ Gonna break that replay button
*they do this every year*
Niech zobaczą że Polska też słucha Post Malona :)
Nike !
130 million views in 3 mon.????
leslie lariosa
Wow, I can't believe they time traveled just to make this music video!
leslie lariosa
*Wow, I can't believe they time traveled just to make this music video!*
another “Enes Batur” story
cony rivera
1:00 They do this every year >:|
Cemil Kuş
İnanamıyorummm diyen veletlere sesleniyorum hasssiktir lan
cem yılmaz
HOOP! kardeşim ne ayaksın sen enes abimizden klip fln çalıyorsun ayıp değilmi sana post malone cim
He didn't smoke he failed
Who else got Posty as their most listened to artist of 2019? ????????????
Maya B
So I was at some scam website that’s like “tHe nUMbEr onE sOnG on YoUR 14th b-dAY rePreSEnTS yOUr pErSonALiTy” and mine was this song.
My brother says “yeah that makes sense” and I’m just like “wtf is that supposed to mean?!”
Jokes on him cuz his was Despacito
Arturo Morquecho
Hey panini
Rita Ann Secrease
They named a shape after this song
Meet Singh
The beats the voice the music the tone everything so perfect.
Shua V
Great song, stupid video.
Juan Luna
Like si la buscasre en español
Irlauda Plus
Nice mod !
This: **exists**
TikTok: hippity hoppity this is now my property
I'm completely convinced he was high when he did this
This song legit has a happy vibe and a life style to it
Thái Phạm
From VietNam ?
Omg this is amazingly
my fav song of yours ????
JC Tiamzon
*where's ur god damn cigarettes*
Andrés Toro
That time Post Malone got Isekai'd
jacqueline jardine
We couldent turn around because we were upside down
Terrasean 12
this just reminds me of dark souls for some reason
When we’re older, this is the song we will show our kids. This song represents our generation.
Daniel Lopez
Amo esta canción ???? Like si te gusto
This song makes me want to fire my boss
dam that new RTX makes Skyrim look great!
Reynold Jose
Post maline suks
Reynold Jose
Post malone is a bitch
Reynold Jose
Fuck that night
Post ! You should make a Christmas song
PS, I’m your biggest fan
İtachi Uchiha
ebesten gördüm geldim jaho bu arada iyi arıyodum bu şarkıyı
Lara Pereira dos Santos
Cold Akin
take the tats off your face man.. yourer brilliant without them
Daniela FP
Like si vienes por Jacobo jajaj✌
Ana Franco
Isn't he a version of Seth Rogan??? Love this guy
Drych Wrich
If you found my comment out of the 61K comments, I'm satisfied. Hope you have a great day :)
Rose Saeed
They do this every year
Juda Israel
Crack, ídolo.
A lot of songs are great but, these days the videos are getting so crappy, awful, stupid and make NO SENSE! I applaud the director and team for this music video. It told a story and helped viewers to visualize the emotions the characters were feeling. Post Malone I love this new direction your music has taken. I luv it. It REALLY understood the way I'm feeling now. I feel like crying. To all the people going through he'll right now in their lives or have have gone through it, I know u can relate to this song.
Conner Bearden
Try it on .75x
Zaniah Thompson
This song plays everyday on my school bus so I decided to look it up. I’m glad I did
Shenna Gerald
Hugo PC
Quien de Perú? ????????????????????????????????
Rogelio Zarza
Segun yo los caballeros templarios no tenian sobrepeso
They do this every year ????
Jon Lopez
What genre
they do this every year!
Remi Khenglawt
Mizo in om mial em
Music world Inc.
We are the fourth biggest music company on YouTube
This song is so fucking good!!!!
tom Holland
I like this song ????????????
Cow Schorr
This is a good song relive memories of 2019 ???? Happy new year
Orange Juice WRLD
Post malone - Dolunay
This song makes me felt like I need to let go someone I love
James Milner
They do this every year
Mike Mactavish
I cried
Marissa Schroeder Miller
I love this song ❤????
Xx_FireyCringle_xX 21
Post Malone what a good song
Laila Wabi-Sabi
I love the song but I didn’t like the video. ???????? The song is so cute.
JointXK3 - Xương khớp bớt đau cùng nhau sống khỏe
let it go
Angga Mahardika
It's only me
Vincent Carmona
Before 2019 end this song is my favorite
Dan Adams
Who else is watching this at 10 p.m. and reading comments????????
kardelen buz
Enes baturdan gelenler ajahahahahha
ivan torres
Merry Christmas all! Post Malone killing it!
Podremos llegar a 5 000 suscriptores Baéz
Alguien en navidad? ????????
Farzana Mazid
The circle of life and war ????
Merry Christmas ????
Little Life Book
Post malone u r just awesome
Kemal Özdemir
Enes abimmmmmm
toru raka
one of the best music
*Enes Baturdan gelenler beğensinde sayımızı bilelim..* +1
131M de visualizaciones
Todas por auronplay
Aaron LFC
So King Authur was a rapper..p.s. may Post Malone live longer
MarshallblueNinja2 shutdown
Post malone your amazing I wish I was like you
Daniel Bernáth
Listening to this song in circles....
Test Meme
I see he has finally checked out dark souls, toight.
Siwaporn Chaewchon
I like it
shiven nandlall
Post malne you make me special
bad Guy
Free IDR 500.000 siapa mau ? langsung chat saja ke whatsapp : +6287725754132
Bora VTC
Enes baturun askerleriyiz cCc
Solo Celo
Holy Shit 131 MILLION views
F.B.I. AGENT 7375
If only he got budlight, will he then find her
narhan mast
rip post malone
Rebecca Kirkham
I like the beet
Luke Sheridan
Sir Posty of the Malone
Egel Erenovic Aydilek
Dolunay için gelenler
Why am i crying?
PRO Team
Enes batur dız by post malone
Türkler anladı
Chiến Binh C
I listen to this song in circles
Bill Wurtz
Medieval ages...
Cenk Çetin
bu şey değil mi ya dolunay cosplay asfasfasfasf
Ercan Onder
look at the bad copycat. he is thief. maybe send copyright?
Kaan Avcu
Dolunay klibi değilmi bu sanki
Renier Ramos
try in Custom and set in 1.05 it sounds good for me and try also in 0.9
~narrows eyes~ ~confused brad voice~ delaaaanyy??
Mandla Mnisi
This song helped me fuck up a bully at school that was teasing my crush, knocked that fuckers teeth out and got the girl. #Circles
Arda Aktaş
Önce PewDiePie sonra Mr Beast sonrada Post Malone, Enes Putur abimizin kopyalamadığı kim kaldı?
Abdul Wajid
Only artist making fans without nudity or slang ❤️
is this real?!?
Ryan Davies
Make the thumbs up blue or you hate post malone
Ryan Davies
Make the thumbs up blue or you hate post malone
Thais Silva
Post Malone: The Witcher Edition
Samuel Attias
Virgin Radio 95.9
kamal azmil harman
the type of vibes while driving at night
Enes Potur abi çok güzel klip olmuş eline sağlık minecraft videosu isteyenler +1
Ali Haydar Uzun
Enes batur sayesinde gelenler +1
Botond Kertesz
Drifting in circles
Suphatida Niyomtham
Love this song as well as Malone ????????
Buğra Kahraman
Enes batur bu klibi çalmıs
Enes Baturdan gelenler wjkskckckks
blake skiez
Run awayy
i love you sex bob oms!!
Dian Benyatip
I’ve been running on repeat for the past week.
Just Joking
What was that flower about?
Sie nannten ihn Plattfuß Theme Melodie...
Aurelie Lililou
J'aime trop cette musique
Bianca Cardinale
I couldn't be there even if I tried you don't believe it!
Ilana .a
Joyeux Noël ???? ????
Samet dinçer
enes beyturum yapmaz tamam mı
Lil Gun
who's here after he's feature in nle choppas song?
Tim Jones
My favorite song I be song this in my sleep great song my dude my favorite artists
First time i like a post malone song.... danm okay
PraBhat Dai
Love yOu post Malone ????????????????????????????
Love from NepaL????????????????????????????????????
high flyer
enes apiiiii
Thaynara Silva
Se Post Malone não é o amor da minha vida eu não sei quem é ♥️
Who’s better?
Like: Post Malone
Reply: Justin Bieber
Keilly mendoza
hi malone
Giovana Arduino
Love this songgggggggg❤❤❤❤
Giovana Arduino
this song hits different????
xX Karaaga Xx
Al sana enes batur
grethan admirer
waiting for the random bud light lmao
İmran Kaya
Enes batur'dan gelenler +1
Umut Emin Özmen
MeNeS Apİm ÖzGüN İçErİk YaPıYOr MoRuq
If you read this
Merry Christmas
Ahmet Esed İşler
gün geçmiyorki enes abim yabancı ülkelerden birşeyler çalmasın
Salvatore Creppy
Laverdad o entiendo ni mrd de lo que dice pero me encanta el ritmo y como habla
Nicholas Elizondo-Bean
All I have to say is bru
1 davşan ve 1 adam
Enes batur dolunay
Orkun Yangoz
michjhn official
Sino pinoy na related dito
It's song of FIFA games!!!
Samuel the Persian
Post Malone is probably promoting violence.
1. In Rockstar music video
2. In Circles music video
Ya mum's gay
Anyone have some life advise.
Best Gmn
No matter what his Malone ????
Leia Rain
Looks like an episode of the Witcher ????
trickle teeth
Why does he sound like a sheep in chorus
50.000 subscribers with 0 videos
why this man look rich and homeless at the same time
Unknown Masca
this song is so good i sing this every morning when i put on my clothes.
kesinlikle enes abi bu klipten özenmed(i)
You can tell he is a gamer just based on this mv.
Word Exe -Aze!
You are copy music video enes batur
???? İnsallah yemişlərdir yoxsa Nice greek youtuber amk
Akshat Sharma
There's only one problem with this song
That it end's!
Njoroge Githere
SillyFools & HangMan
Post melone
Popcorn Bang
Who else hears “They do this every year”
generosa caballes
You posted this 3 days after my son's birthday
Kenan Novruzzade
Enes Baturdan gelenler
Melike Polat
Yok amk bu değil aslında let me down slowly andırıyor
serkan çakar
Enes abim çalmış yine
Jacob Oliveira
Sucks when your a post Malone but your girl is a downer Ave down on upset street!
Yung Alex
Jacob Oliveira
Either way I relate posty keep it up goddamn
Sorry but I said "they do this every year"
Asogwa David
Post Malone :Post I am alone ????
Rachel Creech
Life can be like trying to fit a square in a circle... be square, love you Posty
Rachel Creech
Need to meet you in O town
Muhammmed Alnajim
Here after niall horan..
Mr Snobek
You can say that this year was bad for music, but this is reason why it wasn't bad year for music
Alper Önder
Maria Martini
It's my favourite song and i love so much Post Malone ♥️
dfuzy 23
Thanks for translate lyric to indonesian
Максим Сошин
Если ты Русский, то поставь лайк
Eyüp Ensar Demir
Ella Murray
by far best song of 2019
Enes Batur yan çar
Idk how I feel when I listen to this...
Mario Rok
Mi.ricorda molto la musica del film piedone l'africano di Bud Spencer
alopecia .heagehog
sağ click
Enes batur dan gelenler +1
Burak Gökmen
hiç kimse enes baturdan gelmedi ve enes batur kimseden çalmadı.
Jeffery Hamilton
dash man
This song makes me dizzy.
Enes batur copied this as well lmao
It’s amazing how they named a shape after this song
hayden fields
ooh... that autotune tho
John Van
Malone THE best
gunel azizova
Enes Batur Dolunaydan gelenler +1
I really like the new dark souls 4 trailer, game looks realistic and they have a good song, 9/10 not enough gameplay tho ;(
Im listening it every single day, incredible work;)
He has such an awesome voice ✌????
Good song
T Quantz Z
Post Malone: dang it i should have wear some diamond armor
Jacky Jameson
Warrior malone
Lefty Gonzalez
Is Post Malone a fan of Dark souls? XD of skyrim he is, but it has this dark souls look on the video.
Shreeharsh Bavisker
Do emoshnal story of this song
Hüsne Ddelen
Ehe ehe enes basurdan çalmiş ehe ehe
Ian Weatherbee
sex roll
Post melon or water Malone lol
zehra gül karaaslan
Enes Batur’dan önce burda olanlar ????????
I dont know whats with the armor but the song is good tho
This is a great example of life. This song brings so much.
matt rudolph
they do this every year -sid
Sc3chYDUde 96
This is the best song ever I listen to this every day keep up the great work post Malone
Emre Polat
Nie çalıyon enes abimden
halilustax 28
enes baturunku daha iyi mk
Hehdowhavdntowuwhe Wow boy
I love post Malone! I’m his biggest fan. But I personally think that saint tropez is better than this...
Cigarettes doesn't exist this century ????
Hehdowhavdntowuwhe Wow boy
My mom hates post Malone and she says he’s white as heck even though she listens to Eminem who is way whiter ( no effence Eminem I’m your biggest fan too) and there’s only one song my mom listens to from him which is die for me she even calls him goat Malone because in goodbyes he kinda sounds like a goat
Hehdowhavdntowuwhe Wow boy
My mom hates post Malone and she says he’s white as heck even though she listens to Eminem who is way whiter ( no effence Eminem I’m your biggest fan too) and there’s only one song my mom listens to from him which is die for me she even calls him goat Malone because in goodbyes he kinda sounds like a goat
Lesly Del valle
Amo esta canción
Hazreti İsacık
He's someone I'd like to have a few beers with.
Honest review love the beat lyric's but what i dont like is what does this video has to do with it? not hating love the song just very confused
Ezekiel Lemieux
ThEy Do ThIs EvErY yEaR
Enes abiden çalmış hırsız ????
Who's here after watching Skys old video?
ᴀʙᴜʙᴀᴋʀ ᴍᴀᴍᴀɴᴏᴠ ggg
Most Palone
Tony Fernandez
Working out jam
Yurt dışında yeni bir şey çıkmıştır enes batur; ctrl c ctrl v
Jonathan Garland
He's definitely one of the best new age rappers
Jonathan Garland
Long live the KING
fortnite beast
Best song ever
Thays #Postmalone
Love you ????????????????????
Sarvajeet Kalyanpur
Hands Down The Best Post Malone Song of this Album!!!
Love you Postie <3
You da Best bruh!! :)
Keep killing it man :D
Andrei 74
00:01 Anyone getting " Watchers of the Abyss " flashbacks? ????
Sammy Wammy
*Read it fast now.*
Franco Morales
skaylil 69
la niña de hello kitty
Charley banana
Voldemort used silencio on that girl
Michael Cinco
Magellan costume
Best dancing music!
Danger Joseph
Post Malone got a different vybz n energy he bring the best every time he sings n his vocal is really good
David Warren
Why the fuck is everyone commenting "Nice" on the Animated version of this song?
All Roads Lead Here
I think this is fettywop music. Sounds like shit is sliding down his throat with asmr effects.
P0tat03s W4TCH
Couldn't believe it .... THEY DO IT EVERY YEAR! (people on tik tok wi know)
Billie Eilish: I'm the bad guy

Post malone: I'll be the bad guy now
Soon WK
Ytttyrtddsfdfd. Gtgrdtdrdghfsrfesrsrfrsrerertgtryty.
miu iruma
Tik tok kids be like "THEY DO THIS EVERY YEAR"
dimitri katherine
Post Malone should do a collab with Billie Ellish I was the first to suggest you're Welcome!!!!
DinoBot Minecraft Dla Każdego
I always like it
Charles Holley
I like him but not the autotune
Blue 15
Talent really shows on this song, nice work ,Blue
Dominik Salceda
This Guy
Circles in my head
Circles in my room
Circles in the world
“Run away but we’re running in circles” this song should be played at track meets lmao
*tHeY dO tHiS eVeRy yEar!*
sophie vilavong
Post Malone went to sunflower talk for Miles
worldwide handsome jin 7
1:00 TikTok ruined this song for me because I always hear “ThEy dO tHiS eVerY yEAr”
Sean Green
God sent
Jay Jay
I ain't gon lie I used to not like this song and then it grew on me.
I'm glad there's no edgy stuff in these comments like there are in 21 pilots
this reminds me of Eleven and Mike from Stranger Things on S1
Bbhh Ggtytu
We all know he just wanted to wear a suit of armor
Wallace Cook
*h e a r t b r e a k s* ????
???????????? sadvibin as usual.
itz gracie
tHeY Do tHiS eVeRy yEaR
Mr. LightningBolt23
Welcome to the Posty Circle.
Chronic Timi
They do this every year.
Matthew R. Craig
I was really beginning to think once he got to the top, he was gonna cut her hair and kill himself...
Heidi Beames
tik tok: tHeY dO tHiS eVeRy YeAr
i love mac n cheese
no one:
me: they do this every year
only the real ones know????‍♀️
keila pettit
Love dis dam don't XOXO luv u post ☺☺☺☺????????????????
Alee L3GeND
Algun chileno?
O alguien De habla Espana?
Naresh Lagadapati
Is that not so true?
Rashmi Shrivastava
Rashmi Shrivastava
Copied from blanks-higher
Dead Autumn
no listings for texas shows, rip for texas gang :pensive:
cinex420 420
Shit sounds like smashing pumpkins 1979
Fharet Ringga Wirayudha
Other rappers : *flexs cars, gold, money, etc*
Post Malone : *horse, tank, sword, and flamethrower*
Trustmeordie Gaming
run away run away like were running in circles easy go easy go
J. S.
J. S.
Se escucha igual ah REIK el mexicano
Ann Flores
Automatically, I think of my baby(11yrs)when he hears circles on the radio? He says, oh momma post malone doesn't cuss in this song!???????? he's right!!!!
your local clown
They do this every year.
Cristobal Palomera
No one!
Absolutely no one:
Not a single soul:
Post Malone: Lend me my sword.
Love it
Alyssa Jost
tHeY dO tHiS eVeRy tImE, if yk, yk
Onur Duran
Bende diyorum enes nerden çaldı
Fehmihan Tuncer
Enes batur Dolnunay bu aq
En'es Batt'ur
vas happenin'
Enes Batur'a benzeyen tek kısmı orta çağı anlatması
Venkatesh Sivanandam
The video doesn't do any justice to this beautiful song.
ironically finished
*”they do this every year!”*
Me encanta
Musab Kabar
Why artist america many join illuminati why illuminati
chimy chim
tüm yorumları gezdim bi türk bulamadım aq.
ashley marie
If I say something negative, it's deleted. Rude.
Tomasz Kowalski
Good job!
Bard Juggs
*Status: Closing Down Oblivion Gates While Blasting Goodbyes By Post Malone*
Rapper doing pop songs. Idiot
XxsmileygaigexX 36
Davinder Minhas
Awesome song
All the other kids, with their pumped up kicks..
When you killed a wither in minecraft
Anal Sex Stinks
post get rid of those shitty face and body tattoos and make more songs like this.
ibrahim şengün
@enes batur HIRSIZZZ VARRRRRR @Post Malone
078117959 Rotaru
Gehhdx gs br h
Yuri Tardid
When ur lost in ur minecraft world
เเมว อ้วน
I will come back in:
Like so i remember :)
Rayyy - Coffee Prince
Sherry Mock
Love this song
itdoesnt matteranymore
Posty: “you don’t believe it”
james belcher
What a boring ass song. He used to be good.
Lovin Alex
Feed the flame cuz we can't let go...damn i can literally relate
Gencer Köksal
+130M dinlenmiş bir klibin çalındığını kim farkedebilirki ctrl+c ctrl+v
María Soledad Leiva Contreras
Robb Stark?
Dung Hoàng
Omg He looks like Robb Stark in this MV
Jhon Victor
Rocking song????
Parceus L.
Love this Song, especially the Bass. ❤
Sasha Moriarty
I never get tired of listening to you.
Oliver Marek
Der Anfang vom Lied könnte auch von einem Bud Spencer Film sein :-)
Daisy Morningstar
reyhaan böyle
enes b(a)tur mabimin klibini çalmışsınız post mey (!)
Quantum Science Inc
The dislikes are probably squares
Ex Compact
Is it me or when ever I listen to this song I forgot the problem and stress
chzechoslovakia 98
I keep listening to it in circles ( on loop)
Jose Maria Figueroa
I love this song!
Emircan Işık
Enes abimden çalma len
mohamed solo
Clash Legends
Ayhan Ünal
Enes BATUR dan geldik SEA
Amai Odayaka
BR akiii✧(◍•ᴗ•◍)❤
x is a lyricist
this music video gives me The Witcher vibes
Hello :) I published my first song a few weeks ago and I need someone
else than just friends and family to check it out. Would be really nice
:) Have a great day!
BenjiJump_8 thegamerofficial
he will die soon thats what he trying to say
Otto Forsell
Everyone is dying. Post Malone: singing
Eren Kazancı
Ali Aliyev
post i wont get to go but u my favorite artist
יאשיהו צ'רלס טאטל
Bless you
Stefan Scicluna
inspired by Game of thrones
weetod express s
He looks like a older generation of parker
Gacha Amy Coolio
Me: they do this every year!
Jim Halpert
Post should stick to this. His rap is good. But this is phenomenal
Atelier Harmoza
ale lipa. Sławomir więcej daje niż ten laluś
Firdaus Masuut
Its only me, what u got to lose ????
Shantay Rosé
Looks like he’s sending out messages that he’ll be another sacrifice soon because he’s always laying in flames or in a coffin and crawling out of his grave like he crawled out of hell with his eyes rolled to the back of his head. His music is good, but I’m genuinely praying for his soul. ????????
Enes batur çalmış
Mollie Brooker
I feel really sad after this because my dad only died a couple of weeks ago and this song makes me feel like I lost somebody which I did in my case but I still really like this song and it is my fav song so the when it let it go makes me think let your dad go and I’m waiting for you makes me think it’s like I’m waiting so I can go to heaven ????????
Post Malone is a very good person.
Farid Nazari
I can't believe I lost her????????
Dont FollowME
Laser tattoo removal
Darth Obscurity
All of Post's music videos are like cut scenes from video games.
_Noemkaa_ x3
Polacy łączymy się♥
LIKe for the Spam, Suscribed?
Rosevane Borges
Simplesmente amando, Post Malone????????
Fortnite Daily stuff
I thought for like a month that post molone was juice wrld I’m so dumb
Charlie Knowles
good song, but there's so many people in the comments saying shit like '' Post malone makes me feel like i hurt someone.'' shut up mate its a song.
Post is like that one kid in school who was a stoner/nerd and he finally gets to act out all the stuff he wanted to.
Ninja, now a knight that has zombies in the story along with burning fire, gets to hang out with the cool kids finally, i hope all nerdy kids get to do that too
roel crabbe
I never had more than 100 likes on a comment...
Taksim Dayı
peter kurty
Marisa Micale
I Love this song
Jennifer Paiz
Post malone is my favorite person
Ogundare John
Malone is among my favorite artist.....
Here is one of the hottest songs you need to listen to right now …Check out this hot alternative song from a well gifted artist just like malone>>>
DER Felix H
Ich liebe dieses Lied❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
Amd fan boy Wiz
Love this song from the first time I hear it!!!!nice track
Judith Kapetanovic
Beautiful songs ruined by Tik Tok
Lisdimar Sanchez
nadie a qui que hable en espaÑol me encanta esta cancion
Kadır Aydın
Cyndi G
I'm telling my grandkids about this in 2050
such a good song
Jacob McElvogue
The video makes absolutely no sense whatsoever
Jeff Stanford
Have to admit that I couldn’t stand this song at first..(yeah, I’m a “Boomer”)
but what first got me listening was that unusual sounding reverb only used on certain words. It sounded so wide and deep yet, still so clear. After that, I began to listen to the lyrics and know from experience that staying in a relationship just because of Sex is a ridiculous mistake. Trust me, I can’t sustain. If you have nothing else in common then, as the song says.. Runaway!
Run far Away!
So, I think it’s actually a really good song and I turn it up when I comes on the Radio. ????
esteban parra
post mamon jaja
GDT - Y96
This is actually pretty decent. Nice job
Baby Yoda
Baby yoda: Claps happily
Hexador Zaras
Rewatched this music video, and for those who are in love with Art, the woman with long hair represents the painting and story of "The Lady of Shallot"
Layla Davis
Magnus Rasmussen
Post Malone ????????????
It's one of the few songs that every time you listen,you think:
as we, brazilians, would say
Post lanso a braba ????????
Modern Crusader
Please dont die in the next couple yeahrs thx????
Its sound a like life is strange 2 a little bit
Sarah Hogue
I love your song P! ☆
savas uygur
Sure..let's call it Hip Hop????????
Nationsorg Asscociation
Good day!
Check facebook group Nationsorg for international digital activities:
Thank you and have a nice day!
Dark_ Wing
Best song ever like if u agree or dont
Julia Valentine
9/3 is my Birthday!
Maria ‘
Samuel Gauna
Man I was singing this song in the car and threw out a they do this every year
Der Goliathus
Bindles airsoft
Samuel Johnston
1:07 Cause even when I try, you don't believe it, you do this every year
T-Series ,
they do this every year.
Rafinha Latvezzi
This is like Eminem singing a Taylor Swift song
Cøca Cøla
If this is Post Malone,
Then where’s Present Malone and Pre Malone???
Serena Eby
I love him
Serena Eby
He is so hot for me
Favorite rapper/musician. Sooo unique and versatile. I'm soo proud for him and his success, he deserves it for his talent. Wish I could meet him❤
Anderson Do Carmo
As estações mudam e nosso amor esfriou ????. Cadê os ?????????
Rossmery PG
Pensé que la cantaba "Magic"
artista revelación sin duda no hay malos temas de post malone
Ok now, where in the hell have u seen a knight with those kind of tattoos or tattoos at all?
M. L.
so ein schöner Song, aber das Video ist der Letzte Bullshit... sry for that
Çağatay Coşkun
Good vibes bro.
Biamond Likes Toes
That girl has godlike aim if she can win that flower in a hole from like a mile away
Garrett Porter
Wow this song sounds like being high
Salma Firdaoussi
Alfie Hale
When your mates die on hardcore mine craft and your the only one left
Deidara 123
Post Malone makes me feel like somebody has broke his heart many times but who would do this to post Malone
The music reminds me of Gorillaz
KittyCat Gamer
i love this song
There is no way post malone can be number 1
*Post malone* : Hold my Budlight
rosario jesus solorzano raqui
Like: Justin Bieber
Coment: Post Malone
Jepoy Bonto
Jepoy Bonto
It’s time to let go, feed the flare now
Jepoy Bonto
It’s only me let it go and circles are everywhere
Billie eilish: I'm the bad guy
Post: I'll be the bad guy now
Billie: What the fu-
Christian Sarvo
Honestly this is one of the gayest so gs i have ever heard in my life but i do like post malone
Hugo Glória
Peter Bjorn and John is sounding great
Matt R.
Jaja qué mierda de música. Si se le puede llamar música a esta mierda
H.Elohrii Mao
Why people hit the dislike ??
Walter Torres
Can Someone Please Write songs similar to this, I really like this tone and style, Trying to discover More music :3
Leslie Simpson
I love this song it reminds me of my mom she loves singing this song
T Saraceni
This song is more mature. The talking rap sounds like a 20 year old guy talking about relationships and breaking up. This is a good song and more up beat better and mature. Not sure if this song fits the night and shinning armor in this video clip. I rather see more of a modren sene with this knew song. Not in a knight and back in the king and queen ara. Good song this one is. Keep on going forward with this pattern. Great song. Don't rap the newest song. Stick with more like this. Great job.
xd Zwaqx
Why do i feel like its a movie theme song lol.
Mya LaRocca
mayer lansky
Awesome ????????????????
Like si te gusta esta música
Mr. Where
Anyone else going to the post malone- on tour?
Mr. Where
0:17 when you kill everyone in the minecraft hunger games
gujju sardarvanshi
Amazing very good
Nice song but what a shit video.
Imagine Post Malone x Tame Impala remix
X3no Aspect
This song is calming to me idk why though????????‍♂️
Willow Original
like if her hair is that long then se must be one hell of a g-g-g-gilf
Please like this music!
Brenda Staub
Tell we we’re upside down.........????
Justin Leonardo
its Posty's world record Dark Souls speed run...
Tuấn Phạm
Hello , l’m from viet nam
Reminds me of my crush
Chiefs All day
Chur bro mean ????????????
Jasbir Sharma
Don't know why, but everytime I here this song it makes me happy. Love u posty♥️
20,000 subscriber with 0 videos
BYE - BYE 2019 here we go ✊
where my posty Gang at?✊
Ramona Florentina
I was never a fan of Post Malone, but this song, god, makes me cry both of sadness and happiness. Not because of the lyrics, but the melodic line won my heart.
i love you post malone!! i love your music!!! i hope you comment on this or like it !!
Çaklıt Moka
Berna Fidan
Another S
enes baturdan gelenler sa
li linkoln
Very nice song
Post Malone - Game Of Thrones
Aleksandra Lewandowicz
1:21 This dude looks just like the High Sparrow from GoT XD
Andres Monroy
Post malone es el mejor
Noah Griffith
im running in circles from the fbi
Navin Moorthy
Sir Pre Malone, the great grandfather of Post Malone.
animações do DIPA
Alguem de portugal ou do brasil se sim deixa o like
Mandibular Massacre
46k dislikes doesn't know how to draw a circle
This could really go well as a Game of Thrones theme song
Franco Milla
in wich chapter of The Witcher does this scene appear?
GeJe Productions
This is him when he play Dark Souls
Jack Nash
New favourite song ????
Aldo Todo Música Aldo All Music
Very Good Music Malone, Thanks...Happy New Year to You to You Familiy and Friends. Greetings From Venezuela .
Drex ._.
I love this song so Incredible <3
Cj Salajcik
I watched all of Post Malone’s songs but I watched it all over again
archie valderrosa
Liked both old and new songs :) genres evolve and there's no way the new gens will sound bad, its just that we need to accept the changes like we have new techs so as the music changes :)
Jean Joseph
Listen to the orchestra version by John Fassold that shit slaps
Bruce Howell
post looks like a cabbage patch kid
yusuf selim
dolunay değilmi lan bu
Bilbo Lavin
The beat is so good
Larry Cole
The first thing I did is a couple minutes ago and I had to leave a lot r to me and I
The Nue Kid
Looks like Zombies.
I didn't know Post Malone was a warden main
Norbi Hulitka
Nagyon jó
Its too good
AK 47
This song reminds me instant crush of Daft punk
Wer kommt auch von der Instagramwerbung?
I luv u so much
Franco Ferro
Magnifico pezzo
Bishop 101
I was a thumb down 2 months ago but now i changed it becuase this song came out when i met my girl friend n were still together
Lucas Braga de Almeida
Foki you
Yazid Fahmi
ive got the vibes of SMashing pumpkin. "1979" and "perfect"
This guy stays wearing boss outfits. First katanas now he's Sir Post of the west kingdom
Bethany Drengacs
Is it just me or is Post super sexy in the armor?!? ????‍♀️????
X is better
Sunshine Martinez
they do this every year ????????
Edwin 1
Why is he so fat ._.?
Federico Parducci
He Is a good singer
Madelyn Liberi
Idk why but this gives me major Shreck vibes
Dr Sales - Musician of Industrial Songs
Well I been hearing this on the radio in Spokane, Washington. For this there is solid love. For it I am glad it real darn found. So solid yaye and I solid need it for it.
Dr Sales - Musician of Industrial Songs
Well it's the song I need and do not need or want the video a hill or one.
Kamil Walczak
Kto z Polski?
memer 2.0
Malone looks pretty ugly
DeadlyShark 74
The amount of views this has is how many times they played this on iHeart Radio
Ivette Sanchez
Yess hes coming hereeee
Rauf Hafiz
Hope this song achieved billions views❤️
Ank ;
Fucking Enes Batur
Bri's wonders
i love ur songs posti
Dan Klinedinst
Tik Tok people 2019: "THEY DO THIS EVERY YEAR"
Dan Klinedinst
Also, who else is on one of their parents accounts?
xXgreyXx 1
Tą piosenkę zniszczył tik tok
marven losaria
Alta Schofield
yo its my boy post malone
This is such a great song but it gets played too often in the radio.
So...he's King Arthur and was backstabbed by Morgana?
Soldado De Rumania
The best song of 2019 !
Love it post ... Kind Regards BRASI
Sarah Christopher
My sister swears she heard this on a cereal commercial in 2017
Santi M&M
eBay brooooo
i aint no bad boy
Post malone: i want shining armor ooo hoo (*_*)
i aint no bad boy
Kristof da gamer
How does he look rich and homeless at the same time ?
mickey manie manie
Dominic Couture
They should use this in The Witcher on Netflix
Surprisingly, to myself more than anything, I kinda like this song.. huh, go figure.
Tejaswi Patel
I like this one
Carol Dye
The beat is fire
Bra3d9 Plays
he doesn’t even rap any more and he uses to much auto tune
Lázaro Hudson De Macedo Freitas
Incredible Music!
excellent song deserves a music award
Ali Muhammad
Game of thrones anyone? ????????
Enes baturdan gelenler
Roman Spataro
is that a tame impala sample or does it just sound similar?
Is ThIs A sKyRiM rEfReNcE
Donny Mckay
Beautiful perfect PERFECT SONG!!!????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
Amin Nurashid
First in 2020
Jackie Eng
Love him!
Post Malone needs to stay away from rapping for a few more years.
No-Pajama Panda
I enjoyed your earlier work but this new album is just amazing, man.
Berta Dellasala
i love this, the vid and the song and everything
Mecbure Yılmaz
Wow... OMG, crying he're (me) ❤️????????????
TM Flikr
He deserves a award for this masterpiece
Kimberly Fabela
This video does not compliment the song lol
Mustafa Alkabie
We want Arabian translate for your songs ????
Selmo Cohadarevic
Seasons change and our love went cold, feels :(
Sue Kratochvill
post malone you gave me pimples and you made me cry thats how good the song whase i love you sososo much
Nathan Nate
Post malone got new tatto on her face ' The Circles '
Gustavo Iran Garcia Abreu
post Malone makes me feel like
lively noor
2020? Please
merissa coleman
I love his goodbye
Darksoulcrush change a lot
Danyiel Says
I heard this song on the radio and was like ????this is post?!! I'm hooked????????????
Lina Jourdani
*they do this every yEARR*
Thunder Song
Anyone else feel the video doesn't go with the song?
Milton Males
Like Post malone
Ademaro Serban
Imagine getting pinned by Posty
People who don't get his music have never been in love or a long term relationship. I FEEL SORRY FOR YOU!!! You'll get there one day.... You might have other outlets. Other music. Go comment on that. HATERS!!! Happy New Year...
Tanya Katherine
I am post malone in this video
Joe Mcdunna
Love Post ❤️. So nice and kind hearted
Martina Milad
Please make it to billion viwes, its amazing!!!
Bree A.
Heard this song in a salon and made everyone be quiet so I could hear one part of the lyrics....
The only part I heard was “run away, run away...” so that’s how I’m here
Probably the only person.....
Gerry Burkett
I love this song
niTr0 9
Bruh he wearing IRON amour
Robinson Columbus
One of the first songs to start 2020
Gewoon Bas VB!
January 2020?!????????????
shit song i hate it one direction is 100000x better fucking losers
Irving Paura
The Best Song 2019
Haryo Unthoro
I love this song.
Make me play this song Everyday
Cadê os BR EM 2020
me and my best friend listened to this starting in 2019 and ending in 2020, love you post
Icoyu Christ
What would happen if you got struck by light in a vacuum empty space like you get electrocuted in the air technically should just move on over you
Idk _
You’ve heard of square dancing, now get ready for:
Mellow Man
Wtf is this auto tune song is this supposed to be a joke?
Abigaël Sauvage
Perfect song to start 2020
debbie connett
LOVE HIM AND LOVE HIS MUSIC.....and they said he was only going to be a one-hit-wonder!!!! He's laughing all the way to the bank!!!! <3
Balone Man
Me and my brother's love your music
Queen Moeasha
This song makes me feel happy and sad at the same time. Didn't think that was possible until this and Billie
Ayden Mowrey
What is the best thing you ever heard
Efe Konuk
Enes batur
1st day in 2020 is anybody here to Listen the Song again and again?!..
yuvia Meza
I like the song
Shawdae Jadeee
I love you
tilly tulips
whose here bc of tik tok?
00's Boy
Still Playing 2020 ✌✌
1:07 they do this every...
I love this video because it reminds me of the ‘traverse the wasteland’ vibe they portrayed in the videos of the 80s.
Camila Barbosa
Temos de admitir esse cara canta demais.
This video makes no god damn sense! But who cares when, this song is fukn awesome!
I'm a devout metalhead and I'm in love with this song. Happy 2020 everyone from the UK ❤
Alex Semidey
Matthew25 Bub
????I love this song and the beat too.???? but why do I feel he is miserable in his real Love life, it’s like he loves someone but they don’t love him back, like if they just use him all the time.
Mabiaki Hilsia
Good video and good movie
Idk why but this song just feels like it’s going to be what 2020 is going to be like
No Brain Giraffe
Where's Brady?
dan phil
Wow didn't knew post malone's music was this good
Yolanda Beatty
I love this song.
Drop the pitch correction. You suck.
I love his songs i cant stop playing it its the best you gotta agree
Paulo Ricardo Marinho
Feliz ano novo 2020 ..✌️????
Johnathon Locklear
His music gives me life... I love this guys music
Mohit rawat
Happy New Year
Apparently, I've been asleep since White Iverson. Only knew 3 words but I found this song...and it's Post Malone?!? Forgive me!!! Mind is SO freakin blown!????
who is starting 2020 with the best song of 2019 ?
Dj SaintDogHDTV
I have plans for all type of music...this being on of them...Swag without rap and commercial as shit!!!
Hendrix Antoine
Who else things this song is very good
Thomas The Dank Engine
I'm getting Empire of the Sun vibes
Eli Nicosia
Who else feels like Juice WRLD is here still listening to Post Malone
R.I.P Legend Jarad” Juice WRLD” Higgins
Dang I saw this when it was at 200 veiws
Insanity Doggo
What do you mean 'bout Admin?
Darkbone360 kingsavage
Amazing music
Maddog 304
Hi post Malone
GamingWith_ Aaron
Who's watching or at the new years 2020 at New York and listening to Post Malone perform?
Cory Grace
Elevator music
Experience Post Malone!
Diamond Daniel12
This song is dope
Nelson Mesones
I like this song this dude can sing
Witcher 4: It's just Post Malone
Who’s watching in 2020 ????????‍♀️
RadioActive Ninja
I can’t be the only one who typed “runaway” ????????
most of his music is fucking trash but this is pretty good
This reminds me of game of thrones
C Willard
I just saw your performance on stage before midnight 2020 and it was so cool! My parents judged me so hard when I asked them to turn the volume up lol ????????????
Big T
Did Bullies hold that guy down and draw on his face?
Wow, i just knew that Post Malone has this kind of genre. Respect!
Who’s watching 2020 at 12 am?
Dark Shadow
He was at the new years!!! Omg u didn’t no!!!!!
Ann Frazier
Saw him perform live for 2020
DamienTheDork !
2020 anyone?
Rest in Peace, Miłosz "Conga"Gołasa
I love you so much bro
Bharat Shukla
ohh F#ucking crazy
K Jay
What's the name of this song ????
Fucking bangHer tuneeeeeeee
Nuclear patrimonio
2020 jan 1 still fighting!
Nataliya Poritska
Sorry Achille I failed and let down your Dad. It is very hard to breathe in my city Pardon moi Penelopa
Zaccy is waccy_123
Omg I can't believe that made a shape after this song
Nodoka Hanadera
Happy New Year! Who's here after hearing him perform on New Year's Rockin Eve 2020?
May everyone have a great year ahead!
like for goodluck
The intro’s scene is Australia.
Just gonna pretend that this is the actual final episode of GoT. You know nothing, Jon Malone
"They do this every year" ????
Richard Torres
This ain't the Hollywood dreams post Malone I met a 3 years ago ????????????
cedric tayou
0% nudity
0% smoking
5% blood
10% assassin creed
85% pure talent
Lisa Albers
I once loved a boy. He seemed perfect but in the end he broke my heart and I was broken. I never felt that much pain in my heart. I really loved him. I know he loves post Malone so much. And I love this song. 2 years later I have a lovely boyfriend and I love him with my whole heart. But everytime I hear this song I still think about him. The guy who broke my heart. All the good memories from before. The day we kissed and It felt amazing. The times we were goofy with each other. I miss those times kinda but I'm over it and I'm happy those memories happend. But everytime I hear this song I sometimes think back about those times. How would it have been if I were still with him? Guess I will never know.
Abby Lea
Here From Time Square Performance
Happy New Year ????????????????????????
Put down the tat gun and step away.
snap fire
radio in my country plays this song every 5 minutes.
This guy needs to become un-addicted to those ugly face tats.
This is the best song ever produced.
Life of Haven
-Sid the sloth 2019
What would you do if you try to run away but then
Ezequiel Pires Furtado
you also have to evolve into 4K
Andrea Malkollari
New new new ????❤
Check it and subscribe
Howie Will
My first viewing of a Post Malone video and I’m hooked! I love the 80’s vibe mixed with the new sounds of 2020!
Post and Billie will rule the 20’s!
Howie Will
My first viewing of a Post Malone video and I’m hooked! I love the 80’s vibe mixed with the new sounds of 2020!
Post and Billie will rule the 20’s!
Stanislas Lefort
Hope you will do More songs like this,cant stop listenning it
Typhoon challenger
I never liked post Malone until this song
Now I love his songs
This song takes me back to the 80’s
Aaron Templo
Post malone end the war and circles and he has a 16 million subscribers whoaaaww
Don Van Hauten
Great video and ten times better armor than The Witcher (the one on Netflix).
Post Malone is a hit maker. I heard his story. Sleeping in closets, living with his friends, struggling a lot. Now look at him a SUPERSTAR. Good for him.
I Fucking LOVE this song ???????????????????????????????????? Thank you @PostMalone Much Love from Breda - Holland aka the Netherlands ❤️❤️❤️
Milán K
this song needs to be in the witcher series
james colegrove
crying bitch
My mom said she heard this song but in Spanish????
Roberta Starks Laird
Love this ????
Mario Aranda
My first son in 2020..????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
Abdullah _Warrior
Comment post Malone
Comment ed sheran
Türk Varmı
Macam Macam Video
Kmy kmo ft Luca sickta - no way best song
Nicole Couck
Zeer mooi liedje????
I just want to know how much credit he gave to autotunes? Would love to hear without the help
Listen to it in 0.75 speed. magical.
Eden HY
t h e y
d o
t h i s
e v e r y
y e a r
Fahima Abdi Warsame
Who’s here in 2020????
alan nichols
Did anyone have face tattoos a 1000 years ago?
Cul Doode
*This is one of those song that make you feel like you are flying while listening to sleep.*
Mikayla Bennett
Anyone 2019?
Mehmet kaan Bilgiç
An Ass Butter: Yoink, mine now
Drew Jacob
This is perfect for him!!!!
jeff- jona
this song gives me memories
sorayda moreno
Roy Jansen
Still running circles in 2020
Kay garcia
BTS Army here just checking out Malone's beats this song is awesome
Chuy 324
Who’s here on 2020
I don’t care that it’s a dumb comment lmao
Metaliczny Ork
Polska?? ????
Diana Hernandez
The best song in the Word ????????
My favorit????????
Saga Rivera
Who got here from the new years ball drop from Sacramento?? Only me?? OK..
Manupriya Gamage
Anybody 2020? =)
The Blue Eyed Girl
For everyone that’s trying to find it, 1:00
Maria Ioannou
Circles and Goodbyes touch exactly the same spot in my heart every time I listen to them.
bob cl
hes a fake
Lina Klima
hahahahha 2020
Ryan Gomes
BR's que amam o Post Malone like
Narci Smith
I love this song so much ❤❤❤❤
Tika Rashid
I'm going for a 8 hour road trip next week and this is on my list .
casey casey
I love riding around with my boyfreind and listening to this song it makes the sex so much better
Spider kidYT
My birthday is the date of this song
Elinson Montero
Arguien en el 2020
Koopa Trainee
This song has my head running around in circles
And the award for Song Of The Decade goes to:
juan cadillo
qué feo
Victoria Lee
This song makes me feel *~nostalgic~*
Melissa Genzler
Sipping on Strait chlorine
All of his songs should be like this. I can’t stop listening to it
Plant Tom boy
2020 NY Live NBC Post Malone
Renzo Rafael Sanchez
HAPPY 2020!!!
Cachet Camphouse
I absolutely love this song! It's my #1 by far!!! Rumor is your moving to Utah! Is this true!?????????
Sounds like a khalid song
math explain314
That is what men want to see: a knight with his horse
Wow, this song is the best
Wow this song is still the best
how are you doing?
I think I want to offer a great community!
deals with mixing and mastering of your work!
takes not expensive! I advise you!
Carlos Chavez
I like the beetles approach
Randy Kornaat
I love you post OMG i wanna know wich land you are
Lori Mendenhall
I love this song ..omg i like song when im sad
Howard Desper
Hahaahahahahhaha omg this is the worst thing I've ever heard. Wtf is this guy doing? This is everything wrong with American music. Hahahahahaha so terrible. Autotune Billie Eilish garbage. Words can't express how terrible this is
Kirishima Eijirou
this guy looks like someone that washes their hands after taking a shower
Dexter Dexter
I never thought I'd like a Post Malone music... until this. I love this one. Also the music video reminds me of Vikings, Skyrim and GoT ????
ka _elanka
❌1:07 ThEy Do tHiS EveRY yEaR ❌
Brody Andrews
I love grapes
волкам гет
Prikolna pesn
Borçkalı emiR
they do this every year lol
Who's here 2020
Rip post Malone 2020 tattoo has kill him
Amere Keasley
Here in 2020
I can't believe they named a shape after this song
Asogwa David
Death :come with me!
Post Malone: We’re running in circles
Jhessycka Paulista
Dennis Dunn
can you come to ohio
Chivitos 100
They do this every y... wait what?
"King in the North!"
L.S. van Ahee
Happy new year everybody! Hopefully 2020 will be a joyfull year for u guys????????
S.E.A 45
Wow wow wow wow fire fire fire fire ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
Diane Ariana
director: how much of a GOT vibe do you want
post malone : yes•_•
Mark Gutierrez
Why isn’t there a THEY DO THIS EVERY YEAR
Marco Ferrito
The color correction in this video is: ew.
angelina g.
Surprised by this song.didnt expected that ..just beautiful!
Arnoldo Torres
Post Malone songs are like SmashMouth songs.
Sajkeena’s Music
hey i made a remix to this song on my insta @ysn.keena please go look at it, and tell me what u think (lmao u dont have to)
Me: *listens to music that sounds cheerful*
Post: I dare you to do something
Me: *Suicidal breathing intensifies *
Good Bye
They do this every year!
Shayesta Ahmed
The knight in shining armor ????
Danny L I V E
If jews are Gods chosen people why do they reject Jesus Christ?
Omnipotent Gaming
Do you know why he is saying i be the bad guy now because history is written by the victor
Vicus Britannia
It's nice a studio gave this special needs young man a chance.
Dulce Millan
I love this song and I love post malone more than i love myself
Daniel Ransom
i like posts music but god dam he be looking like a outa shape clown ...especially wit all the face tatts....stupid... it just says im 5th grade educated wit face tats...frfr
claro Méndez
Tengo ganas de rapear fucking ass
Ace Hole
This song is definitely oK
This song is ????
JeiDi Official
Let me a song with the posty ???? Legit my biggest dream is to meet you, be friends with you and make music with you my dude! It would mean the world to me if you heard my song “2020” on my channel, just a listen.. thank you ❤️
Admri4l binbow
I wanna go away forever ♾????????????????
Ruben Stevens
Need this song in 2007 for deployment, but a great gym song.
azer jaafar azer jaafar
Ghost malone ????
Legit Lanius
Mordhau looks really good in this update
1000 subscibers Challenge
Please subsribe my channel(please)
Alexis Taylor LayevsKa
Algún Latinos o solo yo????????????????????
Hufflepuff Gal
*they do this every year!*
Kuba Chmielnik
Zapraszam tutaj jedna godzina shreksophona na poprawienie humoru
Vladimir Herrera
Rob House Stark
Kelly McCurdy
my fafrit song
SUCH A GREAT 2020 EVE SHOW,your so easy going enjoyed????♥️????♥️????♥️☘☘
Godluv Mtega Jr.
"runaway runaway but we are run in the circles"
???????? i love this song
Irish_cailin Irish_cailin
Okaaaay first time seeing the video ...ireland here ???????????????????????? you couldn't be more sexier even if you tried ???????????????????????????? #fannyflutters
stxphx lxn
ayo 2020 what's good
Renata Chlopecki
I love this song
Bill [Raptor]
I play this song a good twenty times a day, maybe more. I don't know what it is about it, but it's sounds brand new everytime I replay it.
I've become a fan after hearing this song for the first time and I'm in my 50's
Xt1nct C0nnection
Who else is here to bring the nice meme from the animated version
Marcus Haynes
good song but it doesn't match with the video
Ryan O’Connor
I am ready for the new decade of Post Malone!
s p o i l e d m i l k
*no one:*
*tiktokers: they do this every year.*
Rhys Turnbull
I love it
Wonderful English
The Wonderful English of Post Malone
Theresa Brown
I heard this song for the first time when he sang it on New Years Eve. I can't stop listening.
Edoardo Caruso
What a hunk!
Aureum The Team
Juice wrld and x had a baby?
yellow indian
Good song. Sorry but I have a feeling of regret for him his face tattoo ???? blame me
138million views but only 1.9mil we need more
Latosha Brennen
post Malone i want free things
Yare Yare Daze...
Mr Atomic
Asri Zulkifli
Nice song 2020
*Top 10 Anime Knights*
Michael Mirilashvili
“Even when I try you don’t believe it” I love this song sm ????
El chaneque12
Calvin Yeoh
Good indie vibes!!
Honeyzism Ville
When All People Leave Earth Planet And Theres One Human On Earth
Chandan Roy
He got the melody ❤️❤️❤️
Why is “they do this every year” a meme for this song?
Anllen Guillén
Now that I'm watching The Witcher, it actually feels like XD
Sam Bou
Post malone?
Everything he said I FELT THAT!!!
*Dan *
I love this song so much that I'm gonna do a challenge.
It's called 2020 Challenge
I will back here every month:
January: ✓
Good luck, like this comment, so I get reminded to come back :)
he be wearing that iron armor
u n d e r t h a t s h i t .
Runaway ☔
are he is from america?
harrize rize
Why I can't stop this music in my mind... I really love this song... Always second I thinking this songs...
Mahmoud Shafei
I live how tik Tok made it interesting asf
Collena Red.cherries
You are on my bucket list when I can afford it. Love your music ???? Holbrook,AZ.
Harrison 4r34l
tiktok Ruined ythis song fr smh
MrNimz films
Post malone I'll be the bad guy
Bille illeshe wtf
Nick van B
Had to like it twice
الهرم / ALHARM
اغنية جميله جدا جدا جدا ❤❤????
Vinicios Ribeiro MV
Brasil presente... Música foda pra curtir uma festa perto do mar. ????????????????????????
Incredible Gaming
What is Post Malone's favorite song / melody in all the songs he made ??? Give your answers below to give your opinion and say the one you like the most in all of dem.
nikol penguin
Fuck yall who commented : TheY dO tHIs EvEry YeAR
Tanawan Paisarnchitkul
This video without cigarette
patryk ziarko
2020 aNyOnE?
140 million views, insane m8????????????
emily guldborg
ThEy Do ThIs EvErY yEaR
Ms. Yui
I like very???????? 2020
Jack Boot
every time i hear the boob in the backround i think its google hangouts thanks posty
Enes batur diye biri var klibini çaldı knk
Jami McSon
new official theme song of World War 3
cant build the connection to the video and the text but it looks cool so I take it
Hamza Gürocak
poor cardfighter!
Dark souls: posty edition
Cutie Kitty
Who is just watching this to hear they do this every year
Samantha Watson
I didnt know Post Malone sang this! I'm buying all his cds now cause I like his music! And yes I said cds damnit.. I'm old school.. plus it will give me the downloads for free anyway lol
mely badillo
2020 post malone
KaD Yt
1:01 theY dO This EveRy yeAR
30 subs with vids
This is kinda a. Sad song
Grześ Janecki
Pozdro dla Polaków
Samsung G935
Marcelo _Lima
Is it just me or does every mom like post
When he said
Run awayeehehehay
I felt that????????????????????????????????????
Nocturnal Delirium
1:08 We do this every *_TOM._*
Bee C
HI!! Random commenter here!! So can anybody explain wtf happened in this video?
Alguien que venga por auron : EL CALVOOO XdXd
Jackie Tearie
I want to dislike this song. :(
Jesus A.
I'd watch this tbh
Caleb White
His music video are always intense
Drew Cowlthorp
This makes me wanna play Skyrim
Justin Word
1:09 for my fellow tik tokers not exactly the same but here
Sulaiman Salim
this song got me addicted
Redkiev Maique
I love Modern music because of these of these songs.
Adam Red panda
First time I heard this song I thought it was mash up song
best music video ive ever seen. not even lying.
Ty Bot
Anyone else pick up a Game of Thrones plus Tangled feeling ????
LIL _L3gend
I always liked the concept of the video ????????
Abner Santos
Genevieve Ainsworth
No one:
not a single person/alien in the universe:
Me thinking: I bet post malone is so widely known that aliens from another universe watch his music videos.
This song gives me such a good vibe!!
Ana Lucía Tenorio
canta increíble yo solo vine porque lo vi con BTS quiero una colaboración
Generic User
The tats dont fit the time line
Manggala Alliez
I can't stop listening this song everyday. Damn good.
lala lopez
Thats how ww3 going to be after its done
He is tipsy for sure
I loved this! I'm liking your music so much ????
THIAGO Smith singler
Oi yessss.....????
oof doof
If you speed it up in this one app called rhythm hop 3D, it sounds like Jacob satorious
Cool song, wrong type of video for it tho.
marwa elashrfi
I think it's time to let go...
Some Bl3aCh
holy shit, there's a rapper who doesn't brag their money, guns, cars and women or rant about drugs all the time? I think i've found the Messiah of rap.
This videos badass looking enough to have its own show.
Jackson B. McClellan
Can’t believe he used play Minecraft with SkyDoesMinecraft
Literally my fav song
Irving Quintero
george Banda
this song makes me wanna reach somewhere i don't know
Seems like this is describing the last 10 years with my ex...yea, I hope you see this too.
《 Phase 》
He stole the bass line from Blank's YouTube video on Instagram makes my song
Victoria Diel
Brian Mwikya
Dam i hate to say it but i really like this song
P. M.
2020 anyone?
Robin Salvador
He came for peace, thats why he brought war
The beginning scene looks like an intro for a Dark Souls Boss
John Ross
Song writing is easy when you steal someone else's song.
Xin Jing
Sounds like a song from 2006-2012
olex 125
Polska tu jest
Sebastian Avalos
Is this the new For honor character we're getting?
B Ee
We used to watch MTV. Now we watch Posty. When you listen to a song and your soul sings for you.
Oly Coco 101
*tHeY dO tHiS eVeRy YeAr!-*
Nathaniel Arines
Tikokers never fail to produce more and more cringy content out of fantastic songs.
Anyone else pick up the Pumped Up Kicks vibe from this beat?
Make sure to stream "Circles" so "Yummy" won't reach #1
Koushik rahman
I can't believe he did this without a cigratte!!!!!!
jamse Ralte
Wow....its..makse me...felling
Mariel Glomb
Emotion chaos = Post Malone
Lord Flashheart
Vocal mic’s got real talent
Nea C
Every decision in your life has made you read this comment
Miray Demir
Merhaba ben Türk'üm = It's Turkish
Hello I'm from Turkey= It's English ????????????
Sahar A.
This could be a good song for GTA vice city (Radio)
Blaze Kapow
O think post malone is the only rapper who this like this songs if you don't know his first super hit roclstar are knives and this os knives but this is way more nice
I can hear the intro forever
John Sheekey
What's this the witcher!
Julius Groenen
Listen this with 1.5 speed
Johannah Jefferson
Song about Circle kept away from Negative emotions thoughtful .. .let it go and move on your life
We do NOT deserve Keanu Reeves!
47,000 people thus far have proven that they have poor taste in music by giving this video/song a thumbs down. ????
Arth Rajput
not even a soul:
litterally nobody:
*tiktokers: tHeY dO tHiS eVeRy YeAr
Trâm Nguyễn
How convenient! The lyrics in the description is a revolution!!!!!!
Randy Rearick
Posty: shiny and on fire????
Female: Rapunzel with no mouth ????
Zombies: how did we get here? ????
Me: confused as hell!!????❓
Hotel: Trivago ????
Diego Pinedapereira
I love your songs
Albert Antony
Murat Karabulut
Enes baturdan geldim aga
NRA Clan
3 things happened this week :
1. My neighbor said he didn't like this song
2. He got hit by a car
3. I lost my driver license
Jason Ea
This song came out of Friday September 3 last year.
Nancy Cell
I'am love
Marcin Sentak
Dzwonili z NASA że kosmos rozjebało:)
Sean Bennett
I miss the old Kanye
jan xx.
I feel the melody is familiar to me
And I don’t know what’s song reminds me of
snazzle snoff
Takes arrow to the knee thank you next ???? ???? ????
Walross 2255
Dieses Lied finde ich hebt sich von den anderen Liedern von 2019 ab ist einfach so cool ????
Allright Sell
arc junkie
This song is amazing on 4 tabs of acid
el comentarista del siglo
where is the drugs?¿
Go Steelers
I couldn't be there even when I wanted to
Sherry Cheesman
Love this song!!!! Blasting it at work...dont care!!!!
Ravi Sharma
Superb composition:)
natty li
Okay we get it they do this every year
Marcus D'Argio
This is the first time I've listened to Post Malone, I like it, I liked him before, but just because he has face tattoos, and makes them look good.
Samuel Ries
Love His Music Who Else Does?
Kto słucha w 2k20
pastor Ernesto,endtimes motivational
Awsome music
gabriel farias
Muito foda br br br
Alexandra Hall
Post Malone went from a rapper to a singer in a matter of a year
mahee asad
Post malone? More like Sir maloñe XV the great
Uh Syper
He is a legend ????‼️
Hardstyle bootleg out now:
Gigi Fristachi
This is one of the best music videos ever made ????????
souad Ali
Merlin die neuen Abenteuer Abschied von Arthur ???????????????????? ???? ???? ????
Gary Miller
I didn't know autotune existed in the 1100s...
(nothing but love posty!!)
Never seen s viking with those tattoos before Lol
Luz Martinez
Tik tok people 2019: *THEY DO THIS EVERY DAY*
Jumbo Dumbo
Beginning sounds like one of those motivational songs that Spotify thinks you’ll lile
Sucuk 187
That song gay cause circles arnt straight
sirada praderm
yoo this slaps. love you posty
mata fieras
0:08 suena a otra cancion, alguien sabe cual?
Katerin Estefany Romero
Who else is seeing this after he preformed in new years ????????
nig bigga
No one:
Crusaders when thine maiden Tis unfaithful
End of Patriots Dynasty ????
Emily Mathers
I'm waiting for Geralt to take Roach back any minute now ????
Jaime Arango
Divine melody ❤️
Chris B
I dont get the video. I like the song. I understand the lyrics. I just dont see how the video matches the lyrics
Duda Star
This is so The Witcher ❤
Sketched Ch1cken
The real circles experience
Reya Na
How is he getting more attractive each and every time i see him?
C Jones
Luv this Post????????
Deanna Green
Post Malone cute Rock Song Circles .1/5/20.
Lilly Rainbolt
I love this song
samuel attias
The Bull 95.5
ttvSer BTW
pls post stop smoking and drinking and all of that man we cant lose you too
Ulises Barraza
The end of WW3 LOL
Vanessa Adelfio
Today this song was played in our car and it was silent but then I came the the
„ ThEY dO ThIS eVErY YeAR“
I liked the attention I have to admit????????????
Harsha Ganji
Director : How's this video gonna be
Post Malone : Ever heard of Game of Thrones
Director : yeah consider it done
I played this and even the squirrels living in my attic went berserk...
dark souls 4 ?
Brenda Almeida
Caralho eu amo essa músicaaaaaa
Lalita Kongvongsay
A “Guts” long sword would of been the creme of la cram!
Barry Allen Secret Service Agent
Every single comment :
tiktokers: they do this every year
Michel Eickf.
Idk why but I feel this song so hard!! It describes my completely winter this year! I get this goosebumps every fucking time that's crazyy
its ya boy markimoo
When i saw that thumbnail, i clicked IMMEDIATELY!!????????????????????????
Marllon França
Nenhum brasileiro nos comentários, ninguém escuta música boa nesse país ????
I love this song idk about you tbh
Why does this song remind me of 1979 by Smashing Pumpkins? ????‍♂️
Moisés RM
Jodeeeer, como me haces bailar haciendo mi quehacer.
Te quiero Posty.
angie leija
Lori M Carey-Stafki
This song is thee most powerful song of his album. It is epically loud and clear about endings and growth. I cried so much from this song. I can connect to it and relate to it. It is a super hard place to be. You can rise like a phoenix through the ashes so don’t forget. Peace! Karmic lessons past/ present are hard to live through. This video is too much a reminder of a past life.
D4rkness ST
*Post Malone playing Dark Souls*
lymphocyte 13
Tiktok: They do this every year
me: The witcher
Jordan Hutchison
budy Boy
nice one
Calvin Biefeld
*Head over to my channel and watch a couple of my covers,i've done 133.SUBSCRIBE,LIKE,SHARE if you enjoy.Thanks and have a great day*
Chris Terror Cell
He sounds like a haunted grandfather clock, or a goat that's had its tonsils removed...
joe Barker
HBO should have just put this out as season 8 of GOT
Magic Mike Denton
Darla Mae Denton I love you ❤❤❤
I love how his voice jiggles
Solo Gangz
God I swear this song hits so different when your high☠️✨
27 Senzy
is this song claimed by copyright?
Evan Bach
This isn’t lord of the rings
Giray Utku
Klip çok anlamsız
My fav song when Im sleeping and when my brother is gone :(
The best song
Aleksandar Matkovic
pjesma pali
Gabriela Baxin
I love your song
i am waiting for the day when he realizes how messed up those tats under his eyes and on his forhead are xD
cloudy star the warrior
2:05 did this man just said egg roll cause that what I hear
Ewa Pasternak
Tylko ja z Polski
Michele Khan
Lit ???? for your love ❤️ now forever and always...
José Cervantes Pérez
Sugar for the pill???? It sounds exactly the same wtf
Evie Ostle
‘ThEy Do ThIs EvErY yEaR’
Time Traveling Old Man
Post linked the flame
I'm a vampire girl 16
I down know why, but every time I listen this song, I cried so much ????????
Nandini Sinha
This is such a GoT thing!!
Jekaterina Lepika
What is it world war three +your the singer
comeme losmhuevos
Antonio Joeroeja
Wow i love this ???????????????????????????????????????? song you are great post malone????
jay rose
Am I the only person who doesn’t like this song ????????????????????
kh A
He should've cover his face tattoos to be more like a medieval soldier
Thats Nodildo
*plays Witcher once*
Тимофей Покровский aka Timmix
Россия ????????
depressi0n killer
The Great Grey Post Malone
Why did this remind me of WWIII
How many time was "Dilly Dilly" said on set?
HyperDoggo l
Great vid love Post Malone
Sávio Andrade
This is Austin Richard Post ❤️☄️
Elliana Snyder
no one:
TikTokers: ThEy dO tHiS EvErY YeAr
Arjun अर्जुन्
I love the beginning most . “We could t turn around, “
Neo Wulf
As much as i dislike music by Post Malone, this is ok.
king budley
Post just wanted some knight armor
Yolo Kid
This song ... Perfectly depicts the relationship which 2019 took from me ..... It was insanely toxic and we both were suffering from it ... We really just fed the flames .... And if anything we stayed for the sex ...... We broke up after christmas after maybe 3 months of on-offs ... Hurts pretty bad but listening to this has kept me going ... I gotta say .. Post with all his songs must really have had his heart broken bad
Aimee Loves Cali A
helcio santos
Te best music 2019
Celal Erdem Çetin
Enes batur made a song called Dolunay stealing this
Karan Masson
they do this one year not the other because this song is not going to be coming back next year
Kevin is Live
i cried when it ended
Victor van der Mark
This song so perfect
Loudovic Baris
such an amazing song
Elmas Nasıl Bulunur Mete Orite Diamond Mining Yellow Sapphire Rough buy and sell market Tahsin Hanatlıoğlu Diamond Mining How To Find Diamonds/Welcome To My Channelı&t=88sızj64&t=195sızj64&t=262s
globetrotter xxx
Quit drinking post.... it's not worth it
Alexandra Imus
nooo,when you realise you have been driving in circles for 7 hours
Yann Ferreira
Se vc é BR da like ????
ghoul trooper97
They do this every year????
maria Alantos
Eu amo d+. Todo dia venho assisti esse clipe
angie gamora
Looks like someone’s been watching Witcher
Cosmic Artz
Zombie Malone back at it again
(Goodbyes refrence)
Raphaella Dos Santos Silva
Like post Malone soo much and music ❤❤
leana cendana
Noora Ahmed
Best song ever
Fresh uses Code lazar
When your Minecraft GF’S game crash and you have to surf servers
ray nunez
Better than the last season of GoT
FIFA 2021 IN THE PLAYLIST PLEASE ????????????????????????
Xr1stoz GR
This guy don't know what a "non hit" song means
Terry Smith
They will probably use this Beautiful song in some stupid show like Grey’s Anatomy.
The Wolf
Everybody in the comments: they do this every year
pete caco
when you tell your soulmate to move on, and that every time she calls or text me, how i'm doing, i'm ashamed of us!
this song just about brings me to my knees
its not that it dosnt hurt me it rips my heart out of my fucking chest every time i hear her voice thats how i know shes my soulmate! that, and everything leads back to her always!
10 years later, it makes me sick to my stomach the mistakes we made, mostly myself...
Floof Goddess
Whose better
Like = Post Malone
Comment = Lil Nas X
Post is a beaut
Keira White
The people I listen to
Post malone
Twenty one pilots
That's all.... they all sing about sad stuff
park gloriana
Is good and handsome ♡
Blood/Gold/Life Theory
00.38 1.10
Sheri doll
I would love to see him
Sammy Bear
Modern day music hero I love the sweet flow takes me back to the 80s God bless you and your family and friends post
haha jokes on you i run in triangles
Eric Perez
So good at times square #newyears
Anthony Mata
words cannot express how much I love this song or how it makes me feel
This is constantly on AUSSIE radio ????????
Elijah Silva
I can see them playing this at H&M already
lucas reis
Cubic Airsoft
the bass is from "Blanks"
Fish 97
will she ever realize she picked the wrong guy.....
Lennart Czolbe great remix
White Gacha
He makes me feel that I have feelings for myself ????????
Emma May
Why dosent this girl have a mouth?
Why was he laying in fire?
Multiple questions here... meh love the song
Leif Gamer
I love you for this! Bro, it's a masterpiece!
M Oberta
2019 best whos with me
Angel Miranda
Me in my head : tHeY Do ThIs EvErY YeAr
Dhruv Saxena
disliked people are ruuning in circles.
I just uploaded a unreleased 21 Savage song! U have to listen to it !
For the people who hate this song right now are playing dark souls
Robert Nguyen
Wtf...I thought it was a movie...was about to ask what movie this was...Feel so embrassed
Sireethron Promsurin
Richie Michniak
I'll all was remember the day when my plastic surgeon took me in for what he's been doing for me ever since 2016 of August and the last surgery that i had he asked me So What Would You Like To Hear This Time Richard and i showed him what i had wrote on my hand and the nurses knew who it was and how to say his name and i didn't know how to say the band name but i'll all was remember that last take in when they asked me that and not even 30 second to 35 second in the starting of this song i'll all was remember when the Anesthesia lady saying to my plastic surgeon Are You Ready and he told her Yes I Am and i told her Yes I Am and that's when they started to play this song and not even 30 seconds to 35 seconds the start of it i was out cold and i mean out cold cold like i didn't even hear the first lyric to the song that's how good i was out cold fast but they didn't know what i did to time this out just right on the head but that night before that take in that's been going on 4 months ago this happened i told myself that i wanted to be so out of it and so exhausted and tired that that moment i hit that broad and the first couple of seconds of that song started to play that i wanted to be out cold and i so nailed it right on the head that it was as good enough how i wanted it too because as soon as they started to wheel me back in that surgery room the Chinese lady started to see that i was ready to go and that i wanted to fall asleep because i didn't sleep that night at all and as soon as she started to inject that and not even 30 to 35 seconds in the start of this song i was out cold that was it and after they where all said and done with me they planned on to keep me and not only what i did to my family here i all so did to them up there and that was every surgery once's it was all said and done with i would come back home or be sent back home and be told to take it easy for that next couple of days and i would go and tell my family that i'm going to take a nap but that nap would turn into a all nighter and that's when the best part began for them here and i would be out cold and i mean out cold cold like i wouldn't answer any calls or text messages that was on my phone and sometimes i would wake back up and sneak back inside and shower and then sneak back out to my place and fall back asleep in my bed with full force and be out cold but before i went back out to my place i would see was left over that they had for dinner and i would ether warm it up and sometimes and most of the times i wouldn't and i would wave my hand and say the hell with it and go back out to my place and fall back in bed and take my night meds that help me sleep and stay asleep and the even better part that next day i would wake back up and see that my phone had probably had 15 or more missed calls and text messages on it and then the icing on the cake would be is when they would be all in the living room and i would walk inside they would be in there and then see me walking inside and then the looks on there faces would be priceless and the looks on there faces would look like they all seen ghost because how scared to death that something went wrong and that's when the be on better part began and they would be mo fo ing me from left to right side to side from head to toe and tell me We Tried To Come Out To Make Sure That You Were Okay But You Never Answer Your Door And Didn't Answer Any Calls Or Text Messages On Your Phone Ether What The Hell Happened and i would tell them that Anesthesia and what i take at night that helps me sleep at night i would take 2 extra ones before they took me back and then started to inject that and what i take that helps me sleep at night and that Anesthesia those two things are like a married couple that is married together inside me because it not only helps me fall asleep but helps me stay asleep and i would just go in and shower and look at them why there mo fo ing me from left to right side to side and from head to toe and just look at them and smile and bust up laughing so hard in front of them because how funny it was scaring the life out of them but i never knew how much it was scaring the life out of them enough to make them have looks on there faces like this until the 3rd or the 5th Surgery that my plastic surgeon been doing for me ever fall sometimes the beginning of summer even too and if i had to redo something in my life and i know they say this is so wrong to say but if i had to redo something in my life this would be something that i would love to redo because not only going for all these take in's are fun to go for witch i know that is wrong to do and go for and say but the best part is scaring the life out of your hole entire family is the best part about this but this would be something that i would love to redo in my life America and to who ever reads this post this would be something that i would love to redo in my life time period because that's what the best part about all this is is scaring the life out of your own family and even your own girlfriend even too Definitely but this is how i am and what i love to do america
John Pelletier
what the F is this SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Vojislav Nadlacki
Great song!
mOsT sUbScRiBeD eGg sO IcanBeat kYliE jEnNeR ಠ_ʖಠ
this song makes me want to steal my own money
mOsT sUbScRiBeD eGg sO IcanBeat kYliE jEnNeR ಠ_ʖಠ
i'm proud to say that i'm not here from tik tok
Jason Gómez
Cool song.
valentina sugar
I really like Post's voice. Since I heard him in White Iverson I always thought he had a great voice but I think he hasn't reached the full potential of his voice. I think he could sing in so many other styles/genres and it would fit. I would be nice to see what other music he can make.
Captain Rect
One of the best songs for the last decade for sure
Mr Yeeter
1:08 they do this every year
That f'n version sux.
Dtdtdyfyf Gchgugu
POST Malone ♥ ️ my unmistakable idol ......... love you too much too much ❤️
Sara Ann
i feel like this song only blew up on the radio 10 times and then stopped out of no where lol
Margana Al-Zagha
Trifft auf die meisten Männer zu alles weicheier nur auf ihren Vorteil aus.
So müsste der part der weiblichen aussehen
Wär ich weggelaufen wären mir 10 000 nachgelaufen wie motten nach dem Licht
Egal wo ich bin sie riechen mich überall auf
Unfähig dort zu bleiben wo sie sich niederlassen
Können nicht bleiben wo sie warten
Ist man länger als 5 sec weg tun sie es dir gleich
Und holen mal schnell Zigaretten.
Dewey M/F Tahkeal
You got to give it to this guy man every year he figures out how to invent himself. That's rare. ????
Giovanna D
I thought he was gonna be running around in circles????????
tyler mcmillen
0% drugs
0% profanity
100% talent
100% bad ass knight
0% fks given
Mine Shaft
This is my jam!
Christian George
The morning after going downtown
He look's like Rob Stark!!!
Mario Aranda
✌????✌ best song ever..????
Jonathan Sherman
Holy shit, the Witcher is so good
Peter griffin
⭐️????⚡️✨????: post Malone’s personality
????????⚡️????: post Malone’s songs
❄️????????: his producer
????: post Malone’s fans
Gabriela Gonzalez
Thumbs up if you think Post Malone has too much tattoos
Dandelion's -
*I date a duuuuude someday*
jherson gomezn
gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa :v
Abby A
No one: Tiktok people: they do this every year
Abby A
No one: Tiktok people: they do this every year
paul hallisey
I dont care what anyone says, post malone is a legend
Any and all of his tunes hits me ???????????????? hes a deep guy ????????????????
Louise Crowley
Am I the only one that has the urge to say “they do this every year”
Eamon Duran
OK Boomer OK Boomer
Eamon Duran
My Dad went to the store and never came back in 5 years
Melanie martinez stan 234
they do this every year.
Christopher Nihill
This should of been the last episode of Game of thrones.
Efren Juarez
How is post Malone as a knight not a movie yet
MorganBreezy LemonSqueezy
I played this on my belly while i was pregnant now my baby loves this song!!! Falls asleep to post malone voice!!!!
Robert Torricelli
When the video is better than the song
Preeti Bhadula
Simply Amazing
Luz Martinez
Lil Pump has a Lamborghini and Post Malone has talent.
This shit sucks.. this what dildoing music sound like
Kaitrin Maughan
“They do this every year”
Mclovin11995 Hawaii
Now I wanna play skyrim
Luz Martinez
Here are the people who listen to circles in January 2020.

A Nope
Skyrim 100
Slice Of games
Ever since the first time I heard this song I’ve always thought it sounded like a sellout song. He’s a rapper, this is clearly a pop song. It’s way to poppy for him.
Icy Chillz
10% post Malone
10% circles
10% knights
70% tiktok
James Hodges
Didn't like any of his "rap" songs but this one's got me hooked
Wences González
Why do his eyes appear in blank at the begining?
Golden State Warries Moises
They do this every year ????
make this a netflix show
Soni Beauty
I like this song ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
keckagurl forever
they do this every year
Dangmeii Dangmei
When you are feeling down working alone in a mall and the speaker start playing the song i mean this song so you just get going with the rythm because its not bad....and just because of the tune its winning over your heart and you know its a song song and has this deep meaning in the lyrics but you know and you dont know and you just start following the lyrics and the music......such a masterpiece post malone
i’m still in shock that this is a post malone song. no rapping and no cursing. i love his other music more but this song is so good and it just shows that he’s capable of making music a different way. much respect to him.
Vlogs with Lara M
Tiktokers: “????They do this every year”????
Me EfnME
Anyone feel he may have known about Mac Miller's album Circles? I post says he was a big inspiration to him. Just a weird correlation to me and my over thinking...
Skeptical Shadow
Rainbow Six Siege In a Nutshell (Hostage Edition)
This Song is????????????????lit
Stanislas Lefort
Love this sound so much ????
depressed giddy up
This music vid makes me think of GoT
depressed giddy up
0%Minecraft : (
100%Game of Thrones
Jason Collins
Y does every one look at him weird
Kristian Carrillo
I don't even get why this song has dislikes?
Win Chan
Post Malone can only do the the best voice for me .THIS IS MY FAVORITE POST MALONE SONG
Hailey Laycraft
Never thought I would say this.... but Post Malone re this video may be the man of my dreams.
My Mine
Bcs chanyeol I'm in here ❤❤❤
love your music
Can someone please help me?!?! Im in english 1 in 8th grade and got a speed project. They give a short time and a random topic. I have to depict the meaning if my favorite song and I chose this. If you know a song by post Malone and know the meaning of it that will work too.
Maya Khalaf
They do dis every year :o
Maya Khalaf
Calvin Biefeld
*I'm a singer on Youtube.I've done 133 covers and i'd appreciate it if you watched a couple of them.SUBSCRIBE,LIKE,SHARE if you enjoy.Thanks a lot!*
Greville's Review
oh wow. ok Post malone. Guess this one is pretty dope, impressed.
Mr. Ghee Gaming
This is much better than his rap.
Just wow ????????
NSC Jayko
I love how the "Goodbyes" music video is connected to this music video with his eyes being all white
So good ????????????????????❤❤❤❤❤❤❤????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
Toast Malone
Guna Sekaran
Circles.. So cool and relax our mind so I like it this song
Ujjwol Karki
im just here to read comments
Elijah Love
Well that's convenient, the next two songs my auto play puts this song. Well played autoplay...well played. - insert Jeremiah Johnson Nod of Approval gif.
exotic me
Circles ranked #1 in Billboard
Past Melone
Kayla Thrift
Post malones only in his twentys but has tatoos on his face
Best Choreograph
Best Music
Best Voice
Best Song ever
No words
Post Malone is best ????????????????????
Getting Better
Can someone analyze the meaning of this music video please? I dont really understand
juan zhu
This video is like repunzel but more badass and Post's style
Cahree Lasib
I'm not here because of tiktok or any what movies that you've watch. I'm just here because it's a PM song
Holly O doherty
I was sing it and I said they do this every year I was like tik tok wat have u done to this song
Vanessa Lopez
Love this
Jessica Aguilar
First time I heard this song instantly remind me of Tired of being sorry- Enrique Iglesias.
한국인 없나 ㅠㅠ
Me when I’m in the final 2$
Bodies everywhere
Some sort of Rapunzel + Witcher mashup :3
Christiano Escobar
I from malaysia . This song very wow ????????
Hey guys, I just released my last song (very similar genre to this song) and I would love if someone can listen and give me some feedback. I appreciate it!.
Francesco Tudini
Past Malone
What's the name of this song??
Yannick Löwe
Ur rappers: 2mil views
PostMalone: 2mil likes, we do this every time!
Glovo Zagreb
When the song peaks '' I couldnt bee there ''
I want you to throw that radio in bathtub with me !
Marie Sandoe
I love this song
Julio Macasero
0% Drugs
0% Nudity
0% Cars
100% They do this every year

They are dumb TikTokers
Ebrahim Singh
I love you all music you are a inspiration to
at first thought it said i dated a dude i was wtf
evillyn Sophiaaa
Só vi pq e do meu signo hj mais e boa
seckou biaye
Good Mr.Malone
Justin Smith
No one:
Literally no one:
People on tiktok:ThEy Do ThIs EvErY YeAr
Apolo navarro luna
i like this song ????
Iván GG
Admítelo tu también venistes por estado de auronplay :v
Jayden The Cool Kid Wallace Productions
Is that in California or Illinois?
Karl Owen Aurelio
This MV is what you get when The Walking Dead meets Game of Thrones!!!
Jameel Wilder
Everytime I hear this song when I'm driving I turn it all the way up and start singing and dancing this how good this song is
Gabrael St Hilaire
I love this song.
Niamh Gonzalez
Too busy reading comment guess I’m replaying it
Astro Punch
Let’s hope this new Game Of Thrones reboot do the franchise justice
shaunak pradhan
2 mil and going strong ♥️
Dillynn Summers
I love this song soooooo much ????
Lunatic ViperGAMING
Mad post malone is crazy, hit after hit like its just something he cant stop doing
I'm lockey, lockey, leave you pokey, pokey No Rice a Roni, that's the okey, dokey
The new Kanye. Diverse, inspiring, and just constantly moving forward in his music career.
Eliu Serra
I love this song !! :)
Don't be frightened into KILLING for the Warmongers!
they want to use you to steal more OIL.LOOK@their m.o.!
Espoir Tuyishime
#1 on billboard hot ????
This song is the perfect song for the biggest break up in my life and literally came out the month of the final break up where I refused to go back ever again. So much toxicity dealing with her, and the atmosphere and energy of this video as damn near poetic because of that.
Just hate I can’t stop listening to it and it’s making me think about her toxic ass again even with months of no contact. ????
Julia Rose
They do this every year!
Clone The Clown!
Damn first a gangster then revived into a knight what a champ
Angelique quinn
Aweee had this sng stuck in my head for days now ????????????????????????????????????????????#posty da young legend
sami nan
I try to run away ???? ???? from this song
I am running in circles
So nice song
AbBAs demo
Circles güllerinin üstüne düşmüş enes baturum ben
Quiero llorar ):
Drake 14
The people who disliked this are run in squares.
the first time i heard the intro, i thought it was John Mayer.
Артыш Кызыл-оол
i'm not the bald guy
Jeongyeon stan ????????
Been my fav for months now. :)
House Targariyan ☺
Veli Deniz
Çalar herkez çalar
Veli Deniz
Heryer hırsız bir oç Enes çalar
The autotune is so terrible
Julien Cerone
????????????????????????????Love you SONG????????????????
ritika always
" they do this every year"
People from tiktok will understand ????
Night_ EmeraldYT
They do thish every year!
zero absolut
No one:
Idiots: A random person who like this comment Will become a millionaire
Me: I will be a millionaire
$$$$: you wish
Talewharn Silpakorn
Justin Rodriguez
Lol as an artist, ok. Lol physically dangerous in armour. Good luck turning your own into a sword
i thought it was Bastille
This song speaks to me. It instantly became a fav from the moment I started listening...Perfect ❤
Dwi Winawati
I very-very like it
Ean David Mukiibi
like it cant syop watching
April Koo
The best song of the decade
Fernando Gonzáles
Mac miler -good news
Julia M. Pasztor
I love his voice....
Thanx for this great Song
bloompie the memer
It's amazing that they made the circles from the song into a real thing
Is this a series? How many episodes he will came out?
Kell V
Me encaaaaanta????????
Jean Pierre Salinas Apolo
A U R O N - P L A Y
Maybe an unpopular opinion, but despite me liking Post Malones music, this track works on my nerves. Heard it one time, it's fine. But hearing it for the millionth time on the radio, it grinds my gears. One reason is that awkward vibrato/adlib. Or it is a filter with a fan effect. It makes me dizzy, too... Weird effect, that is not in place... At least, for me...
Mustafa Çapan
Beyler enes batur post maloneden çalmış hadi geçmiş olsun
Mr Bloxian
Billie eilish: im a bad guy
Post malone: are you sure about that
finaly an Artist who deserves the Fame <3
my. editz
the people who disliked are running in a rectangle
Mariah Elaine
If this song doesn't speak to you.. you've never had your heart broken..
Hank Werner-Johnston
Who else saw Chris fehn's mask from slipknot
Holidayin germany
Good, sounds like EMPIRE OF THE SUN.
Daniel Croce
Posty makes some of the most fun-to-watch videos. Love the guy
Nishant Sharma
This song made me cry ????
alain sps
Bizarre ce clip... c'est quoi le message ? ???? ????
Peter Stangl
Music Industry: Professional music videos need partying, drugs, or sexual imagery.
Post Malone: Hold my mead.
josephine osborne
love the song
Dubya wemig
Melancholy Hill anyone?
Jakub Lovas
Wherr did they steal the bassline? Or is it cover? I'm 90% positive this is the first time I hear this song, but I'm 110% sure I've heard the bassline before
Xdanczwax Dan
Who understand this song?
Really if u understand life will be easier for u.
Leave a like ;)
Sofia Fernandes
yes this is real music
Dave Keeler
yo posty check your inst dm messeges if you did not my dugher is havin a birth day party post Malone themed wanna come?
Peg Davis
I'm 61 my daughter is 25. We are going to his concert in Pittsburgh. I can't wait. I love the song Circles.
Lil Volcano
for all those tiktokers who came here only for the tik tok memes watch at 0:59
for all those people who came here because its a good song enjoy????????????
Cardboard Jr
I love post Malone and that’s my last name Malone
najat Moe
Cody Barrett
Can’t wait to see post in February!!!
Gabriel Martins
Que música! ????????????????????????????????
Anali Mendez
Love you Post Malone ????????????
The Witcher?
0% everything 'bad'
50% love
49% sadness
Diane Ramrattan
We love you ????
Monique Cobb
Love this reminds me of John Mayer
High Noon
@Justin Smith what
3.46 minutes of song, 3.46 minutes of a music video that was better than S8
GG gamer Pro
Director:its 100 tnts or its the last season of walking dead Post:yes
Carlos S
This song gives me some 2007 vibes i don’t know why
Miky Jint
Esta canción siempre me hace llorar
Rita Ann Secrease
Fox Loving Gamer
I have to dance with this song in hip hop and now I really like it.
My mom says that you walk like ur gay I don't think anything like that
Tonya Sizemore
This video is so creative and badass! Not to mention the song as well!
christian nodal
That song is cool
christian nodal
Post Malone is cool
Justin AXCEL
0% Skyrim :-P
0% GoT
10% Tangled :-)
90% Kingdom Come Deliverance
2020 Grammy awards, I better see this at least as a nomination for best song (or whatever it's called) it should win but Memories gives some great competition
Nyimas Yuliana
Loves this song so much
i like how most of his music videos arent just money cars and hoes
Stefani Mencias
Good song bad video !!
Nelson Nolasco
Let go, i got a feeling it's time to let her go.
Trini Traderz
Even though he used Autotune for this song from what i heard i thank god it even exist because this product of a song we were blessed with wouldn't have been without it...Just like drake said...GODS PLAN
andy drew
Bruh, I ant believe they named a shape after this song !
Romeo Trevino
I hate how the top comment is a anime pfp begging for likes.
Good music btw
Joncarl ott
Stream circles for more weeks at number #1 in Bilboard
Javier Licourt
A modern day creative genius. More music please.
Diaper Milk
When tiktok girls steal good songs and make songs trash
Marie Alvarez
R.i.P uncle Martin sending this one Out there for him May be in peace and guided???? with the Angles in Heaven with the Heavenly Father .
This is crap.
Carlos Caixba
Ryan Griffith
listen to the beginning of cigarette day dreams
Music Just Sounds So Damn Dope
christof fitz kurbah
I'm waiting on you post malone
Someone has to say it
Who tf is from Tiktok
this looks like a movie
Karthik Chowdary
I wonder postmalone have any Indian fans except me????????
I hate how the endscreen links cover up the last shot of the burning trees.
Sawyer Shipman
This song is going in circles because of the amount of times i play this
PaPa Q
Play 0:39 while reading.
My doggo is gone. And i hear this song for the first time. Now I feel like i need to follow my doggo.
Of monsters and men just recently covered this song.
Charlie Jones
We’re doin sommet at school and ya gotta sing n play it on a instrument n when I got told this song was first in my mind
Nathan Twomey
Fuck that’s a sick music video
Moby 45
Post a fucking Icon living ????
More Things
I really love this song, makes me feel really chill.
Oscar Vecilla
Who like post malone hairstyle
i hate cinematic music vids that take too long to get to the song so this is great. keep it up post
Lively Rook
They do this every year!
Hüseyn Akın ヅ
Bizimkiler gelmemiş Ben yerimi alayım :d
Muratcan Balta
Enes Baturcular burda mi sjjjsjsjshs
Let it go
Daniel Purdy
Guy can’t even sing without auto tune and other instruments. Another fake 21st century artist. No skill.
Lena Anderson
why is this lowkey the plot of shrek 2
Brad Myers
I think it's a love song to arya stark
Gabriel G
I wanna hate but you lost melenials are producing the best music since the 70s :)
Patty Ramos
Post Malone has my 2yr old singing his music no matter what song I put she knows the words and she don’t know what they mean but she can sing it..... but ask her what’s her name nothing..... ????????????
Mr Ducky
Is no one gonna talk how this is version on Tangled but for Teens ?
Dark Jarko
Billie elish I'm a bad guy post Malone I'll be the bad guy now young Billie I'm still the bad guy???? young post Malone. MOOOOM BILLIE WONT LET ME BE THE BAD GUY WAAAA????
RNG KillerZ
0% Half naked girls
0% Drugs
0% Guns
100% Bad Guy
Blue Wolf
Eu adoro essa musica????????
Jamel Hill
they do this every year :)
Tony Contreras
You are a good guy I hope you have a great day
Vicious Spectre
You said this was promoting a movie?
Cody Rodriquez
We couldn't turn around till we were upside down. .. Ill be the bad guy now. ... But no i ain't too proud ????????????????
Lori Mendenhall
I want to runaway reminds me someone past l smith.
I’ve been playing this on repeat
Tyler Wilson
Not a post fan at all but this is FIRE ????????????
Cactus Zac
Can you remake your ' why don't you love me ' song
Doorknob Flavours
Best song of 2019, idc about Heartless
Trygve Miljeteig Svartis
Nice song
SevenDeadlySins AndFriends
So this is the new graphics of skyrim?
He reminds me of a dirty rob stark from a distance now he’s cut his hair ????
The next song is going to be the same theme , all aout death and then he start sing
Captain Surgee
Such a journey and he can't even get a BJ
A wild Geralt of Rivia appears.
honey pie!
*new cool song comes out*
Tik tok : *Steals it*
Me : _They do this every year_
Hyper Edits
Post Malone: let it go-oooo
Elsa: *i felt that*
Demi Smith
Every song he sings it feels like the song is about me but ovb it isnt i wish it was tho because he is just.. my dream
Christine Stewart
This is so special special special <3
Jon Goldney.
What, no knights in bikinis?!! I'm outa here!
One of the new songs I atchully like
Just_ Paul
A darker version of the movie Rapunzel.Drop a like if u agree
No life
Post malone:"circles"
*angry* *flat* *earth* *noise*
Robert Woods
Cruizy as.. ????
Tracey Falconer
I like this song thanks for sharing ????
Aurelia Rachel
feel it rn, lol.
Jennyfer Demazy
I love you
Knell GT
Enes Batur Stole Ur Song
Naji Bro
Almost didn’t think it was him because he looks so nice in the suit of armor.
*Top 10 Anime Knights:*
Anthony arroyo
This guy is my new artist
Duke Zity
I heard this song 2:00am I’n my daughter’s room they sleep with the radio on and I’m going to listen al day now ????????
not Souper Mario
Before one billion squad
Dashiel Tucker
Can't find a song this dude side that I don't like, man is just on top of his game !
Smily Boddu
IronAshE Gaming
Enes batur özenmiş la
Ioan Macarei
This is the best song ever!!!!!❤❤
한국어는 안달아주나요
Aline Vieira
Post malone te amooooo????????
TUmaDO sexual stuff(not that I care) no bs struggle, no general bs
I love this song!
Emirhan Yılmaz
Enes baturun çaldığı şarkı diyolar ama bence yalan türkler like atın sayımızı bilelim
Mukul Sharma
Medieval Soldier with Tattoos!! Man this is Swag!!!
gracie maupin
this is violent but ok
Kiera Fox
they do this every year
Armanda Cristino
Yoshi Toriumi
People who disliked this are running in the triangle.
Essa música é simplesmente perfeita ????????
riku rhng
I luv this video
Bob Bob
Amanda like this one music of Post Malone.
You need listen this.
Tame Impala style bass guitar line?)
Ad Sims
I get a smashing pumpkins 1979 feel from this
SRaider 2004
This shit slaps harder than my dads belt.
Furkan Emel
Türk varmi lan
Sick as fuck music video . I love the old age , heroic times . We all know what this reminded us of . I’ll give a hint. Long good series until the last season
Man I remember the days people didn’t know who Post Malone was when I mentioned him. I would be like he’s an awesome genuine guy coming up in the music industry even performing at his high school and that was just the start ! People may say a things aka opinions ... but you can’t look at post Malone and say he isn’t talented even if he put a few new tatts on his body throughout the journey !
Kyros ZKN
Ulan enes batur dkskdkkf
Make this the most disliked comment
ron bowler
They do this every year????????????
Jake Williams
Honestly this song is dope on 1.25x speed.
Bitches and Drugs ain't nothing compared to chivalry!
tehuatahi rangihuna
Hey my boy shredderp put x on this song go check it.
Bitch Lasagna
#streamcircles Fuck Yummy
Gregory Warner
Awesome song and sounds. Amazing. Im very impressed with this composition.
It makes so much sense. I can play it over and over. I think it will stand the test of time for people who break up with people but look for the meaning of it all.
jeshika Kc
My favourite post malone
Quality music Post!
Buster Keating
Help way my mental health
John Lagouros
How is this guy famous.....smh
a bc
I wnat you to turn around
My teacher on a test: 0:21
Natalie Twattily
Anyone else get serious Snow Patrol vibes from this song?
Juan Correa
i like the video but the song sucks
Tim Tastic
This song gets me sooooo pumped
brandon marshall
Confirmed Post Malone is gonna be a knight in for honor
yunai melo
me da um carro lek pfv
Isabel Penaflor
This is a very relaxing song sad song
Elsie Blevins
1:06 "they do this every year"
This my shit
marcus king
And another one Great Song New Indie Heat at
Serena Eby
I want him so bad because I just broken up with Scott hartsough
i wish there was a movie about post malone as a knight
Sky Tube
WHO WILL RIDE WITH ME AND BE MY BROTHER!!!!!!!- Snow white and the huntsmen 3 coming summer 2020 lol
Tah C.
this is post malone , showman ! top!
Misty Aka Mista
I love posts music it makes me feel like I can escape!
danny cox
Post Malone gets a mention in Eminem's new album!
does anyone else see themselves singing to this with their bestfriends/boyfriend/girlfriends with the windows down in the car? no just me im weird idk
Penguin Huddle
1:02 TikTok has entered the chat.
1:08 TikTok has left the chat.
John Hennebry
Whole thing is a bit soft coming from a dude with his face full of tattoos. Nice melody . Sounds like something a fanny would write
hungry Kirby
Saw Mac Miller's song and came back to this as comparison
Kenneth Sitjar
At least Post Malone aint tryin to force people to get him to #1 on billboard unlike Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez
Maria Jose Gonzalez
Gonna tell my kids this was game of thrones
Dewi Oktaviani
Suka sange
Taksim Dayı
Kage 1110
Idk how but this song really helping me to get out of depression
Laguna Bodhizapha
Stay armoured up...nevrr know whatz next..
Noelle Fritz
Me: I have found the love of my life
Love of my life: *pronounces it jiff*
Me: 1:10
Мария Благова
I LOVE POST MALONE ????????????❤❤????❤❤❣
Jess A.
I heard this song the other day on the radio and liked it! Had no idea who sang it!
Angel Sandoval
Existen los haters? Que necesidad de entrar en un video y poner dislike? Enjoy the music and don't disturb
Itz Nate Wait
Who ever hates this go away and don’t listen to this that will fix it for you but if you love this song why are you reading this
elizha icha
I wanna cry
Qistina_ Princess
WWIII in this song
Minni Mo
love this game of thrones ending
BarCiak youtube
They do this every year
Katie Fryer
Who's the princess?
Tafadzwa Majoni
if game of thrones was a song. Great song
Kovy Játszik
Cgi zombies!
7track on the beat Blindrap
Go watch my rap ur gonna blind so much better than post malo for private
I don't know if it's just me, but this whole song gives me LittleBigPlanet vibes! The nostalgia...
I love it!
Aqeel Nuriffqi
"Its Feel Like Been Hit By F.B.I meme And You Pass The Mission"
Vinn Rush
1:02 what most of u came here for
Kel C P
Awesome the bass, I loved the bass in this song.????????????????????????????????????????????????
Every decision in your life eventually led you to this comment
que basura por dios
Ralph Christian Soco
postmalone voice makes me feel like im upside down
SRaider 2004
To the people who disliked this
No that’s not the download button
Tadlo Welklin
2020 challenge:LET IT GO
Beatriz Alvarenga
This song is top
Hungrygames 55
Fack di’s nummer
Ciara's Life
Who came straight from tiktoks????????????
Brandon Claussen
Is this The Witcher?
Post Malone should make a movie <3
Amanda Cookie
He has such a great voice , this reminds me of great elevator music though ????????
lay tizzy
I love you
lay tizzy
Run away while were running in circles
K Steevea
I live in Montreal and I might go to your concert
Dzenan Hasanic
wow wow woooow !
t0nk eng1ne
Hopefully this was filmed in England or France beacuse if it wasn’t there wasn’t medevil realms or and medevil era in America
10,000 Subs No Vids Special
Did anyone else not really get the part where the girl was sinking in the water?
Eazy Money
Mac Miller circles is better
Hoi I love your singing
mary contreras
I love him!!
Gerard Spennato
I like the 12 string guitar recorded on a 4 track to sound like it was done in his bedroom in high school. that’s how all my demos sounded in the 2000s.
Maria Isabel Neria
This song. So much meaning in 6 mins
Omurzak Olzhobaev
Post Malone makes me feel like I lost someone who I’ve never had.
alejandra lopez
amo infinitamente esta cancion!!
muhd raziq
my favourite part 00:00
Alina Nordkvelde Rakner
Felicia Anthony
Plies bought me here. Love this song
Juca Ferreira
Roblox- MattyMatty
Syla Ju
Makes me cry, don't know why..
Cruzes Credo
Bruh Post Malone high af thinking he is Geralt of Rivia ????
Was the best sampled it seems so familiar but I like the song :)
This song sounds like a song that The 1975 would have made
Veli-Matti Väänänen
is that guy POST himsef?
Crystal Jiménez
They do this every year!
1500subscribers without any video
Subscribe to me if you are a greathearted person
Christina Kaur
Love this style of Post, but the autotuned vibrato ruins it for me. Many great vocalists and songwriters can't do a proper vibrato, and it's fine.
Amber Bircher
It’s such a Ford song
Amazing Fudge
*They do thish every year*
Fortnite Battle Royal
Karaar A
People that disliked think he copied they do this every year
Dive On Inler
"Feed the flame cus' we can't let go"
That line hits so hard I just got a concussion ????
they do this every year...
MayazCreation Z
Everybody: we do this every time
Me: they do this every year
reşat ozan
enes baturun kimden çaldığı belli bide autotonela
Mythic .2020
Without TikTok: they do this every time
With TikTok: T H E Y D O T H I S E V R Y Y E A R
Shayna Cassellius
I heard it in a store and I got home and played it for like in hour
jeongyeon brought me here
D. Fahey
As a 40 something that would not even listen to this artist because I thought he was just some white rapper, I am super impressed and a big fan now. He has soul and emotions and a beautiful voice. Do not judge things until you experience them for yourself!He sounds like the guy who sings "thought I had you on hold"...the xx band.  This is actually a compliment.  Call me crazy but this other song:      reminds me of this one...........
I don’t think this song will ever get old
Lil Crazy
Dark souls
This is making me long for a relationship I never had. ????
John Huang
I listen to this 24/7
Livvie Marchant
*i swear i love him tho*
Yusuf noori
Post malone makes me feel like i am not alone
That One Girl Lol
Top 10 parent responses
Number 10- 1:50
good song posty
Slick Toby
Who been with him since "White Iversion"?????????
Given Her
They do this every year!
Holy crap, Post Malone made a good song?
Woah, even PostMalone ancestors knew how to sing
Post Malone makes me feel like I lost someone who I’ve never had. I guess.
Jax Briggs
Me and the boys up after world war 3
Kody K
Y’all plllllease pay close attention to all of these popular artists who are trying to send us a message through their music. Notice they arent using sex symbols and money anymore... it’s deeper. They want us to WAKE UP and see what the Hollywood/Government is doing to the world. Please pay attention
Angela Russell
Post Malone I really wish I could see you in person I’m nine and my brother is five I rarely wish I won’t to see you in person
Shawn Sanders
POST MALONE -Got me running in circles - I Love his music ...!!!
Devine Woody
0% drugs
0% alcohol
0% hoes
100% horse riding
Alex A
Be without fear in the face of you enemies. Be brave and upright that God my love thee. Speak the truth always, even if it leads to your death. Safeguard the helpless and do no wrong; that is your oath. - Godrey of Ibelin
Washington Souza
Algum Brasileiro aqui
Daniel Uribe
Like if this music video is better than season 8 game of thrones
Damar Wirawan
you goddamn right Malone.... damn right !
Bruna Araújo
Wonderfull music ????
Oh my god at 1:08 I was so tempted to say they do this every year
ZedOrFed Zone
Post malone is the *Best*
It’s your host Mr. SaLtY 420
George Aween
super nice song????????????
Ray Alva
he sounds like Mark McGrath of Sugar Ray.
Jeff21gatti Steven
You know what video matches this song,what about D-day from saving Private Ryan WW2 I don't know but the emotion and flow of the music really matches this
La verdad esto es música para mis oídos ????‍♂️????
vivi Hutson
This is fromthe 90s when music videos had meaning . Beautiful
John Maywood
I had the best birthday
Mark Adrian Zafe Serdiña
Filipino Caption
Mark Adrian Zafe Serdiña
Who Is Listen To That Song
Karen Ann
This is the story of my life.. love you post Malone <3
Ali Spray
pe coaches: plays this song
the guys in my grade: ThEy Do tHiS eVeRy YeAr
Heidi P
Disco Girl84
Dig gin’ the Excalibur/Rapunzel vibe
I wish most of his songs were like this cause there awsome????????
Its official. I think I like him better when he's not rapping. This is a banger
Anna Martinez
Dude he gets more Handsome every time I see him!
At every end of the day
Wow daily
Kendong Vikendi
Post malone is legend to me. All song off u so fcking nice
Imperial Surf
This song makes me feel that I’m growing up.. I know at some point I will lose contact with my best friends and no matter what we will grow up enjoy life while your young folks
The bass at the start turns me on
Likith Reddy
Anyone 2020???????
Najisimah Amisaj
Eri-yah? Yeollie
Hikmet Mirza
Enes Batur dolunay ????????????????
Gino Dee
so none of you are ready to talk about the armor piece covering his titties?
Iván Chudyk
I remember when I saw this video right after he uploaded it OMG...
Daniel Francisco
I like how his songs all have meanings in them
this song is fk good, so nice :D
Jack Connolly
Those motherfuckers he killed in the beginning were his haters
Daniel Gomes
R.I.P Post Malone
cam lim
The people who disliked are running in triangles
Emmy Gacha life
All the time that I hear this I say they do this every year
Arwrath Lo
Since this MV release, i have a hunch that this will be my breakup song. So turn out it was true. After that this song have been played for hours and being there when i was so down. Thanks posty
Daniël Dekker
this song let me think about all my mistakes from my life..
I love his music but he seem like a industry hore now. I can’t say an artists is great when they have writers.
Chris P
Who else recognizes the Revenant movie site ?
Ahmer {S,R}
Awesome amaze,
Timothy Love
The very beginning of this song has shades of Space Oddity by David Bowie
Abby Lea
A Great #1 Song
*That Always Takes #1 Away By Other Songs*
Brasil pq nós não gosta só de funk
I thought post malone was black
Dj Hoos
My Favorit Song of 2019
Rosa Vasquez
Post Da Best
CAD solutions
Alternate timelines , still same dedication level ????????????????????
Exploding colors
Was I the only one from tik tik wanting for the part when you say they do this every year
Manuel Rojas
i felt that bro
Love this song
Desean Martin
Tragedy, Innocent 6yr old murdered. Rapper "The Game" comes to aid of grieving family.
20 Handed Street Rule
trina Stark
"They do this every year"
Wipe Tear
Tony Pollizzi
Post Malone is the modern Frank Sinatra, Italian-Americans ruling the billboards still lol
Killer Crac
The new Witcher is looking fine
Brianna Fedorio
This song brings back memories and makes me want to stay in those memories and New Years memories as well I just like the vibe of this song it makes me happy and sad
post maroon
Dejan Ilješ
is this some new popular boyband ?
atomic 08
For searching this song I typed
They do this every year
Jason Elliott
Bro this music that you do is far better than then rap... literally listen to this every day. Even inspired me to play guitar ???? your my G ????????????
Alysa z
love this song but honestly the video is kinda disturbing with all of the dead bodies and stuff
Valeria Soledad Ivanoff
Que hermoso video ????
He's literally just vibing doe
Alston Trbula
Great song but he doesn’t exactly pull off the knight look very well
Miko Olaveja
Can you make an another song?
avacado sqaud
He is my favorit singer
Lindsey Cobbs
This song gives me summer vibes and I love it!
Cacho Gia
Buena cansion
Here's a remix to the song Enemies by Post Malone, the remix is with Drake and Nipsey hussle ...
Jay Goodman
Daniel Phillips
Not ashamed to say I heard this first at walmart. I knew of post malone didnt know he sang like this.
Super D
We couldn't turn around
'Til we were upside down
I'll be the bad guy now
But no, I ain't too proud
I couldn't be there
Even when I try
You don't believe it
We do this every time
Seasons change and our love went cold
Feed the flame 'cause we can't let go
Run away, but we're running in circles
Run away, run away
I dare you to do something
I'm waiting on you again
So I don't take the blame
Run away, but we're running in circles
Run away, run away, run away
Let go
I got a feeling that it's time to let go
I say so
I knew that this was doomed from the get-go
You thought that it was special, special
But it was just the sex though, the sex though
And I still hear the echoes (the echoes)
I got a feeling that it's time to let it go
Let it go
Seasons change and our love went cold
Feed the flame 'cause we can't let go
Run away, but we're running in circles
Run away, run away
I dare you to do something
I'm waiting on you again
So I don't take the blame
Run away, but we're running in circles
Run away, run away, run away
Maybe you don't understand what I'm going through
It's only me, what you got to lose?
Make up your mind, tell me, what are you gonna do?
It's only me, let it go
Seasons change and our love went cold
Feed the flame 'cause we can't let go
Run away, but we're running in circles
Run away, run away
I dare you to do something
I'm waiting on you again
So I don't take the blame
Run away, but we're running in circles
Run away, run away, run away
hi there
This actually good what the hell
rayruu '
Other singers: Money, Cars, Golds, Diamonds etc.
Post malone: As a knight and shining armor
Furious i
Cuz of this song i just remembered JUICE WORLD THE YOUNG LEGEND :(
Tonya Jones
Want to party in Dc
A Band Called Ben
I love this song so much that we HAD to cover it and do a badass mix. Check it out!
Ali Bechir Adome
me in the drive thru be like : 1:35
Horus Wolf Hyrule
❤️ Love u
tom catt71
Seems like video doesn't fit the song . Like putting country music to a surfing video.
World Music #Post #Malone
This Medievil remake's OST is lit af
Adenilson Sousa
Brazil "aqui porra" kkkk
이 노래 들으러 오신 한국인 있나용??⊙.⊙
Avacado Ellish
Sorry I love tik tok lol don’t hate me we all have opinions
marguerite dipizzo
I miss my sister. She loves this song
Sam Su
listen to Higher by Blanks. They have pretty similar bass lines
Natasha Y
Should have growb his hair and braided it for this video
Cifno Gloutube
je suis le seul français?
G̶O̶L̶D̶ ̶ ̶M̶İN̶E̶
İ listen the song and i believe the all heroes
Ana M. Quijano Peniche
love song =)
can I make a montage for fortnite on your song
Great job great song
Arnold Manzano
When this song was release
Julius Ryan
The beat reminds me of blur / radiohead the good ol days
Jonathan Garland
Best new age artist
Andy Paxford
Tune of 2019 !
Algum BR? Em 2020?
Eli Ramos
I love your songs I saw you on TV
nathan poop
This song is soo good and I love post Malone he is the best
People don't bother to make music videos like this anymore. It really is quite a rarity these days, think about it.
Good for Posty. He's doing what he feels like doing. Really enjoyed this.
Jera 2006
The best song????????
Leah Mah
I’m sorry there is so many dislikes ☹️????
who heres cause this song is from tik tok lol
Lord Bronny
On god this song’s on the radio like every other day. Goddamn
Sabina Azzahra
Jo adalah seorang cerdikiawan
Michael Crow
Love how real he is you know he still plays oblivion
Nehuen Lopez
Alguien vino por el directo de auron
Chris Menden
I need to get a suit of armor.
Laura Buska
Vice city vibes anyone? ????????????????????????
Renata Navarro
I love this son, post malone its especial
Jay Mello
All be the bad guy now????
Twitch lv4yne
Habla hispana?
hayden gillespie
now playing dungeons and dragons the movie
Tricia Morrish
Fuck yeah the sex tho
Allena May
lol me on tik tok thinking its gonna say "they do this everyy yearr"
Because Comics
So simple yet so amazing! I want to know how Malone pitched this
Noah Watson
Does this song remind anyone of their x boy girlfriend?
Sara Drew Mendez
roducer: We got some hot girls, drugs, money, and supercars

Post Malone: nah let me get a sword and a suit of armor
Lovely Mia
My fav part is 1:10 and ends at 1:25
Echa Kiut
I thought it was khalid song ????, oh well i am wrong
why you mad 111
This low key is the best music video I've seen. Congrats post
Maynard Brownstone
I am Mrs Sewell's Wife...I like this video. I grew up watching MTV Videos. I truly miss them & I wish that they would they bring them back... all videos Heavy Metal to Rap.
Horace Gold
This is easily my favorite song on the radio right now
M _ M
I think most of his songs are raping...
our ears, BUT NOT THIS ONE ❤
Tarmizi Sudin
Macam tak kena je video klip dgn lagu.
Apa2 pun tq TESCO sbb hari2 pasang lagu ni
mark lee’s last braincell
am i the only one triggered that tik tok has taken over this song or...?
nothing to see here just a face tattoed warrior in 1673
Ravi Verma
This is not just a's mood❤️ favorite ❤️
다시 일상으로... 복귀할때 듣지마라
Natia kiknadze
Sai Ra
Is only me or the sound doesn't match the vid somehow?
Enes Batur - Dolunay? :D thief turkish youtubers
Erol Armstrong
So no one going to say this movie is Tangled?
Chasen Bayless
Hi post malone
insane song o_o
Lagawe City
Mac Miller: Self Care song
Dawn Wiyaka
I finally understand the meaning of this song. And I'm cutting my hair today and moving away Lit AF
day z
I've dead set given myself a headache obsessing all day.
????Feed the flame, cause we can't let go..
when a rapper doesnt rap
If only one person reads this, it will make my day more beautiful. I'm a Romanian singer in Reggae / Pop / Hip-Hop / Rock
and I know people write this all the time, but I think I'll be the person you will be
happy to hear it. I make my own songs and videos.
If you could appreciate my songs, I would be one step closer to fulfilling my dream.
You will not be disappointed. Just give me a chance and 3 minutes of your time. Thank you ????
I need more new songs with no sex, drugs or any explicit things in it. Any recommendations?
Christian Pedrosa
Post Malone is the real deal
Rifky Prasetya
postie turned out to be great singer
k-9 King
Shine on Post !
Junaidi Md Sabri
Celia Cruz
A song that is well liked in our home ranging from age 19-68 years old. Even my dog likes this song!
The Notorious One
I love it ❤️
Mostly knew this guy for the memes. Didn't actually knew he was singer? Good song though.
aleksandrs grzibovskis
dark souls?
Giovanni Cattabiani
Ecco il commento italiano che cercate
Stupid song
jordan king
He sounds like juice
How does she breath while asleep
I need this on vinyl
I need this on vinyl
Jen Flan
Billie and post malone should make a song together
caro lus
Français ?
Guadalupe Hernández alv
It is the best song ever!????❤️
ɴasa• The Best
I’m telling my kids this was brave heart.
Irmak Çağla Cin
Enes Batur un kimden kopya çektiğini bulduk gençlikk
julia castile
Caroline Beyer
Me:*gets in Tik Tok* The audio:"Even when I try....they don't believen ....Even when I try....*did the sloth*:They do this every year!" Me listening to this after:????
Liz ???????????? blah
I don’t like it can understand the words it’s kind of a remake of the America song the band America. The group
Tbh I don't listen to Malone, but heard this on radio and never thought it's his song...I guess I didn't expect him to make this melancholy type song.
Alex E. Trujillo palma
Alguien más llego gracias a la rusa mamadisma ?? xd ....
Lucas Silva
manow esse cara é foda tmnc
Amber Caldwell
In just my opinion this is a good song
Jonaiffy Jonathan
2:23 omg post so cute right here
MYSTIC Destiny
When me amd the boys after beating skyrim for the first time
RogueGamer 2187
This is my favourite song ✌️
Hannah-Elizabeth Pattullo Rousseau
CrazyCoolGuy10 Gamez
you came for 1:03. you're welcome.
Ashley Glover
I LOVE You ❤️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️
Iago Rodrigues
Beautiful music, is song good post malone
IŁ-2 Szturmowiec
I don't like his songs, but this is a very good one - I like it alot.
Nitro Noob
My favorate
Nitro Noob
My new favorate song
I really love this song.♥️♥️
Post War needs Post Malone
Drak Nightmare
Tell me the beginning of it doesn’t look like a new assassin‘s creed title
Reina sin Y
I dare you to do something UwU
1:08 they do this every year!????????????
R E C Kギャング
Sounds like melancholy hill kinda
Øver Fły
Pls do the movie
Strawberry God
I like the aesthetic of the video (and the song)
Usman Khan
Kendrick Guiyab
20 seconds into the video and you will see white pupils no black kinda CREEPY
Nora Britt
can we all agree he got the best music videos
Nora Britt
no one:
legit no one:
not even you and your mom:
Post Malone's music videos:
Nora Britt
is this the dark version of rapunzel-
Ladd Rau
New favorite song ❤️❤️❤️❤️????????????
Ladd Rau
Favorite celebrity/singer ever
The instrumental goes well when leaving school on a Friday
Mindy Robert's
beautiful lyrics!! i love this song!
Cherry Red
He has a mesmerizing voice
high as a muthafucka
Pretty rare I'll watch a music video that's popular on modern radio but no lie this shit is pretty good
E.J Winslow
when i die i want this song to be played at my funeral
Check this out
Alejandro 08140
Post keep up the good work and have a good day
salena he beat you
This is like war 3
Evelynne Dawn
Hmmm think I'll listen 2 rock now
Frank Morales
Nice miusic
rade st
Empire of the sun
Shadow Spire
This honestly sounds like it belongs in a Michael Bay movie
Toss a coin to your witcher)))))
Hans Grubber
Looks like a wannabe gladiator high on meth.
Awesome ????????❤️????
Elleta Sheldi Aranda
This song ????????????
Jirah Arnaiz
He should be exchange to Ed Sheeran on game of thrones before he looks more like a knight or a mercenary lol
GameIsYour Mate
What’s wrong with those 50k dislike eh ?
Anime Time
Классная душевная музыка
XKral TR
Turkish YouTuber Enes Batur Dolunay
ok winter
this song reminds me of mego aye jay bc I love mergo ay jay he is my boyfriend but he loves Jossy and it makes me want to cry but he don't like Jossy and he is running in squares not sickles HEHHEBUT the seasons are changing so mego ay jay will love me long time hehehehe plz date me mego animal jam wintery heheheh baby girl
DutchViber RVP
is a good song i love it
DCR 517
Sahi hai bhai????
Amazingyassin Amazingyassin
Top of the leaderboard
Rafael Nunes
O melhor ❤
Un Chico Autista
Like si eres de méxico y amas esta cancion :)
Ninja Eleclip
The last I saw it only had 11 million view now in over 100 million view great job
Emre Kızılarslan
Dolunay çalarken yeni sekmede bu klibi açınca fark yaratmıyor
Jacob Pittman
i played this song for my project in class
Kertas Bekas
this song made me drunk..
i can't get over it
Cathy Samuel
Why don't the girl have a mouth
Jack Francis
Post Malone let me meet you in person bro
sponge boy
Look at the likes
“They do this every year”
SuperLuigiChannel 2.0
heard this on the radio 2x
Can'tBe You
Great song. Shitty video. WTF
Mr Gerry Purple
Mamma mia che brutto che sei con i tattoo in faccia. Ridicolo e stupido esempio
Why doesn't this have a billion views
In my school my maths group is called Circles LOL
VampirS s
Post malone : Dolunay
Farid tovar Tovar
The new dark souls dlc looks great!!!
Farid tovar Tovar
Gonna tell my kids this was skyrim
Marc 24006
The best song of Post Malone
Lyrics Boy
i love this your song
He look so damn god as a knight.. Like his hair too.
Binh Vuong
Good Song, shit MV in my opinion
whoever has disliked this song must be deaf
Vladislav Grishkov
Horrible rap
mike peezy
This horrible concept for a video…
duckweed _707
Subscribe me please-
Haydn SC
He suites this music soooo much more
Devin Millar
This is actually the best music video post alone has made.
David Russo
why is post Malone always draggin ass in all his videos? bro you only 22 years old
jokelash jokelash
i don't get the graffiti on face!
Jack Daniels
Gland Dialer
Does the world really need another stupid song about a human sexual relationship? As a rule you can tell bad lyricists by the amount of times they reference themselves. . . no one with a brain cares about your boring/pathetic unique suffering. Interesting lyricists make poetic/universal proclamations that invoke a seemingly infinite plenitude of meaning. The mumble-effected vocals make it clear that he is not proud of what he is saying, and this is right, because it contains no truth, only the sad facts of a grey world consisting of gradually decomposing bodies and languages.
Obama Mama
0:35 me and they boys walking away after we kill the CEO of Racism
Yiğit Ahmet dinler
Enes Batur -dolunay çalıntı
Steffi Nnnn
Reminds me of Macbeth.. ????
Christy Ann
Absolutely love this song!! My life wrapped into one amazing song the lyrics????
zoe gripper
Omg I love this soongg
His tatoos in Medival ages could be runes or something like this.
Charles Kamiri
Literally nobody
The girl doesn't have a mouth ????????????????????
Dj Sanders
Colab bro
Who see this Masterwork in 3020?
Manuel Wimmer
Such a chill Music, how nice!!!????????????
Omarr Koroma
Got time for this
Yoda Woda
The witcher sounds good
Eli Ritz
straight outta Braveheart
Chantal Fournier
I’m obsessed with the lyrics, the melody and the video, I need to watch it a few times everyday!
"Yes, indeed, it is called Lothric, where the transitory lands of the Lords of Cinder converge. In venturing North, the Pilgrims discover the truth of the Old Words; The fire fades, and the Lords go without thrones. When the Link of Fire is threatened the Bell tolls, unearthing the old Lords of Cinder from their graves."
"Aldrich, Saint of the Deep;"
"Farron’s Undead Legion, the Abyss Watchers;"
"And the reclusive Lord of the Profaned Capital, Yhorm the Giant."
"Only in truth, the Lords will abandon their thrones, and the Unkindled will rise. Nameless accursed undead, unfit even to be cinder. And so it is that ash seeketh embers..."
Soul Hunter
I don't listen to a lot of new songs these days, but this one is really good ????????
Rotisserie Chicken Official band
they do this every year
Love it
*they* *do* *this* *every* *year...*
Squeaker Creeper
I honestly reaally dislike rap music (its just not my type of music--) but Post Malone got some bops
boy teebah
post malone looks like an ms13 gang member
Jess Kumbukani
I cant stop listening to this
brasileiro passou por aqui
meredith flores
Nadia Curnow-donnelly
he cool
Shelby Jensen
like your video post m
Andrej Goat
I love u post
Farah Melvin
This song reminds me for the love that I couldn't have a chance to get ~ maybe in our next life, we will meet again ♥ :')
Authorized Entertainment
This song is unacceptable to listen to unless it is at concert.
Analiese Alvarez
100th+ time listening to this
Jonathan Allen
I wish this song lasted forever????
Mohd Tajudin
Post malone must make a song like this more and quit rapping.
Tania Gonzalez
???????????????????????????????????????????? but me I'm sick ????????????
Los Juguetes de Odette
Your songs are verte cool????????
carlos añamuro
Eres el mejor post malone
Idek Anymore
The beep dropped so deep Adele started rolling in it
High Speed
My mid 40s Azz loves this song. Got that old vibe to it.
Yeah he does
I like it when he says, “we do this every time.”
fortnite gamer
People:*needs lyrics*
Me:*nahh doesn't need lyrics*
Btw I do know the lyrics so I know when to stop
its vibe time
Joseph Hudspeth
Fortnite save the world 2:32
Qwamayne Simmons
I lsin to this on my bus this made me cry
Tom The Cat
Ahh im just find another favorite song for me(:
Tuan Khoi
i don't know the warrior can put on his face the tatto
he looks like his in the witcher
Ashley Dawn
Ok I'm late to this game but here's my thoughts anyways. 1. This song is ducking bomb as hell. 2. I didn't expect post to be this tall ????‍♀️ 3 how is he this fucking sexy I mean come on ????????????
Jammir Ayala
I barely comment on yt videos, but damn...this is one of my PM fav songs now. Thanks for making this tune, mate!
Cassandra Cohen
Tonight I was in the car with my mom and brother driving, I was just grooving to it????????????
Nick Clark
King malone. Of Camelot.
Rated- R
I don't listen to his music but this song is cool. Kind of the type that i like.
Antonio Caballero
I love this song but the melon didn’t so I don’t think I’m allowed to like this :(
Gady Aksan Soekarno
I love the song and this video too is because circles are related in themes videos and good vibes.
Mary Khiangte
Can't get bored of this song!!???? I love it!????????
Ivon Karina
In some parts, I think he looks like Aethelwuf from Vikings.
Rosi Knecht
This song is amazing ????????
Syfn bot
This song don’t match the video
Anyone else smoking a blunt thinking about life to this ?
Bruh my little bro said they do this every year
Nikki Wikki
Oh my God my two year relationship with Chris in a three minute song. What the hell?
Baptiste Sibapt
It's the best playlist on postmale :
Keri Saffold
I'm going to tell my kids this the last night movie
Jeco Ortega
Run away
hashim mosaid
i like this song ever
A Ignacio
I so love this song especially the lyrics. n the video????
Rayzz YT
The best song i've ever heard????????????
Reena Conahye
????Now I know he is the number one artist in this world.????????
Jvyn4 Gaming
For short. I love Circles.
FireFrost PUBGM
Post Malone is the guy who makes us fell like go get some weed????
Jakob Ragnwaldh
Probably The best song from post Malone
Barbra 25
Who thinks its the best post malone's song god❤????‍♀️
Caroline Balkon
0:07 he survived an arrow attack, to me song is kind of confusing. Knights go on quests and return back like in end find their previous lives in shambles is common occurrence, of course this dungeon and dragon perspective.
Janis Piteronoks
they doooo thisss everyyyy yearrrr
He looks hot in that armor
Sherry Black
I can't believe I'm just discovering this guy!? Where have I been?
Khairul Ikhwan
What is the meaning of this song ??
Ivan MI
Что клип, что песня - бомба!!! Можно слушать и слушать и слушать не надоедает БРАВО!
J0ã0 G4br13l
This is music is feel so good i am Brazil ????????❤
Jason Jason
Should have never put them stupid tatoos on his face
Peter Falefata
the music is only as good as the video potraying it
Maze Carrascal Vlogs
Made me cry out of nothing!Got really emotional!!!Arghhhhhh????❤????
Remanfri Lumban Gaol
Somehow he looks like a Jon Snow...
Ismael ?
Fuck tiktok
Jayce McKeithan
Best song ever in history
Maja Chwesewicz
0.o 2 MILLION likes 0.0 im dead
Tik tok on their way to ruin any decent song
Maja Chwesewicz
that girl had no mouth 3:19 0.o
Kyaw zin
Makes me feel up ...ya hoo
Assassin's Creed Odyssey type shit
Plays Dark Souls once...
Then the second, and then the third...
Thank you Dark Souls.
ava richardson
Yes tik Tok has used this song, stop spamming wHoS hErE fRoM tIk ToK and enjoy the song.
kk xkx
I think the video suppose to be a travel beautiful place in the world and run away from the city life to free life.
import tech
Je suis le seul francais ?
The Black
Im gonna tell my kid this was skyrim ????
That bass guitar you can hear strumming the beat tho is ????????
Crank Lab Explosion
Crank Lab Explosion approves of post malone's gayness.
He looks good in armor no lie he should play in a medevil movie
Dawoo 1 Maheshwari
A very beautiful song....Post Malone is great ,each song gives us thrills.
Epic song, video not so great
Shawnn Wood
I. Love you so much
Deniro Malano
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Esleidy Ortega
Está canción me recuerda cuando murió mamá.????????????
Mya Parish
I keep waiting to hear “they do this every year”
Clyde xXx Banks
Love this. On repeat till I can't...
Lisa The Traveler
Circles in my favorite song by Post Malone. Sounds like my life going in circles. Or when someone is a good liar, and they talk to you in circles because none of it is true.
Ramavath Balaram
This is one of the best song and best music ,,,,,,
Trevor Foster
Love this song, but wtf is this video!
Garbage, but still better than Season 8
Daniela Ela
i want another account to like this video again :) mum, i´m proud
John PlaysGame
Hi random!
Please checkout the rap song i made
Feel free to give your opinion
Have a nice day thank you for your time
fat guy ninga
Truly great song I've been listening to this song ever since it came out
Barbara Pizana Arroyo
evry time i hear this part: Even whene i tried you don't belive it . i remember THEY DO THIS EVRY YEAR
ab gaming And tech
My favorite song love from india????????????????????????
Katharina Stelter
Nice,nice,nice,nice and NNNIIICCCEE ????????????????????????????????????
khots Ezung
Me::my exam is approaching
Post malone::run away, run away!!!!
" Let go
I got a feelin that it's time to let go "
RIP Kobe & Gianna Bryant ????
Louie Jenga
this was probably the last thing i expected from Post Malone and i actually like it
Y’all Need Jesus
Did anyone say they do this every year...?
Just me ok :(
If your from tik tok I hope you understand :))
Sweet_ Kawaii
2:49 is that rapunzel
Doctor Pstzz
They do that every year
Ice Bopzz
Can someone please tell me what this video is about
Jeremy Robinson
Signs are everywhere... All you have to do is open your eyes and look ...
the gromguy
50k dislikes
Me: ok boomer
Monkey _Fitz
It's just me or i saw the ashed one singing ?
Kitty Cat
Jeongyeon's favorite song❤️
veronika ;__;
1:54 he looks like Rob Stark
OliMpia 01
Z jakiego to serialu?
Peter Estrada
Its a real life minecraft
Missy McCoy
This song is Love it!!
kandi zanese
although that viking with the blue eyes is gorgeous
trigger happy gamer
Game of thrones?
body No
2:45 my favorite
Deborah Kring
I love this song. Absolutely awesome
Alicia Alvarado
I love the accomplishments post malone is making, he's an incredible music artist, keep making awsome music
Ajay Kumar
Oh, oh, oh
Oh, oh, oh
Oh, oh, oh
Oh, oh
We couldn't turn around
'Til we were upside down
I'll be the bad guy now
But no, I ain't too proud
I couldn't be there
Even when I try
You don't believe it
We do this every time
Seasons change and our love went cold
Feed the flame 'cause we can't let go
Run away, but we're running in circles
Run away, run away
I dare you to do something
I'm waiting on you again
So I don't take the blame
Run away, but we're running in circles
Run away, run away, run away
Let go
I got a feeling that it's time to let go
I say so
I knew that this was doomed from the get-go
You thought that it was special, special
But it was just the sex though, the sex though
And I still hear the echoes (the echoes)
I got a feeling that it's time to let it go
Let it go
Seasons change and our love went cold
Feed the flame 'cause we can't let go
Run away, but we're running in circles
Run away, run away
I dare you to do something
I'm waiting on you again
So I don't take the blame
Run away, but we're running in circles
Run away, run away, run away
Maybe you don't understand what I'm going through
It's only me, what you got to lose?
Make up your mind, tell me, what are you gonna do?
It's only me, let it go
Seasons change and our love went cold
Feed the flame 'cause we can't let go
Run away, but we're running in circles
Run away, run away
I dare you to do something
I'm waiting on you again
So I don't take the blame
Run away, but we're running in circles
Run away, run away, run away
Ronaldson Mutumba
Made a drum cover on this song recently
Jester Godfield
Ah yes, the quest for the fabled "perfect woman"
*The one who can't speak*
Cyber Crime
Silence normi......Tatata????????????
Sha-El Vettori
I think it was wack to name this Circles, knowing Macs project just released under the same name and leaching off that traffic of people searching "Circles".... sh*t was calculated....
Nillan Carlina
saray martinez
Pos malo ♥️♥️
Dylan Tart
Literally no-one:
Post Malone: Time to be a crusader.
saray martinez
Post Malone ♥️
saray martinez
A love You
shaheer hassan
Looks like somebody's loving The witcher ????
donna croft
My favorite song for a while. I listen everyday
boguslaw durda
Jest zaje....y!
Alejandro Apaza
Post malone circles Whats for you
Sonia Lindsey
All of post songs are fantastic.
The witcher 4
Jennifer Matthews
Gotta LOVE this song????????????????
Una buena canción para el corazon herido.
Yağmur Canel
this song is underrated. that’s it. that’s the comment.
Marshall Allan
I heard this song like 10000 times on the radio and i just found out post made this
Mini Cooper
Want more music like this❤️
Ariadne Manilla
No puedo superar esta canción ????
Eduardo Vilela
O post Malone e muito toda
Vance Turner
A pure masterpiece
Virginia Aguilar
In my opinión this is mu favorite songs
Irina Ana Adam
weird to see a knight with face tattoos but ok
kinda sexy
Diamond Axe
Just speechless man
Nina Perez
Looking for that one comment that just explains the whole video
Ian Stewart
I don’t like Post Malone but I haven’t been able to get this song out of my head
This song is praising to bad men who dumped their lovers. That was not good.
Rainbow Pop
Damn, I don’t normally listen to his music but this pulled heart strings. Beautifully sung with mature lyrics!
Aileen Gonzalez
Aeugh The Pufferfish
I like how Post Malone makes every single genre of song.
Amanda Robles
I love you! (Im a big fan! )❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤????????????????????????
Muffin Fitri
Maybe you don't understand what i'm going through...
It's only me what you got to lose????
I dare you to do something....
#but is just a nice dream????
It's only me... let it go
Water Sheep
circles on loop
Recoilzz h that John snow???
Angry Seagull
The chills. This is how I feel accomplishing everything I want but failing to win her heart.
Malone's music videos are epic love malone btw
Nice armor
Lucas Ojeda
Nc Si se dieron cuenta si lo ves en una televisión El vídeos es cuando esta muerto y revive y por un celular es antes de que muera
Christine Chapsal
Lambo Playz
Post Malone : this a freestyle
Me: this heck of good bro
Mikhil Muhunthan
every skyrim mod ever
Sweet_ Kawaii
I thing this is skyrim
Logan Fisher
I hope Post continues to pursue this more pop rock sound in the future. Hollywoods Bleeding is my favorite Post album and this song and album are imo his best work.
Angel H
The song makes my heart pound
This mf been droppin heat consistently for a min
Cringe Bot
Circles for you
Jæger :D
Welp, time for a crusade
Who is still listening in 2020?
kevin martinez
this song make me happy every single day
Literally never heard of Post Malone until he was on the New Year's Eve special. Recognized the song, of course, 'cause it's played about 1000 times. What really caught my attention was that, as simple as these lyrics are, he was too stoned to lip-sync them that night. I guess he was really enjoying his New Year's Eve. Curiosity brought me here, and I'm honestly impressed that the singer used his current success to fulfill what I have to assume is a long-held medieval fantasy. Not sure what to make of some of the imagery, though. Anyway, beautiful cinematography, even if it has no connection to the song.
michael c
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ashley ardon
It's me post
slenderboy 16
Kobe died ;(
the savage playz
Couldnt they call it run away unless of circles
Flory Giron
Best song ???? love his music but this one just got everything. He seem the rocker type ????????
Jacob Stewart
when it go
Doo Doo Doou
I felt that
this music and running for to night in a lambo
Jonathan Romero
This song transcends genres . I usually listen to classic rock but this song , something about it brings me to it , amazing
Ronald Alford
51 yrs old and love this song!! Just saying.
Dented Sentra
Tons of symbolism here... You can take a personal meaning from each of these lines. I do at least.
Lenard Wagnest
Post molon is a legend and this song too
Dark Lassie
Currently my Absolute Favorite song
Agent AzZ
My fav song of Post i love the tone in his voice when he sings
Nikodem Ostrowski
Song about life of my dog:
Great Song!!
Donkey Crazy
Omg i love this song tank you so much
Andrew Shennan
Amazon Music Unlimited 30-day Free Trial.
post who?
Abadi 4m chicago
Why a min!!
I thought Post Mallon was Black
2:24 me high staring at the mc'donalds menu at three am
Ryan Dally
Love is an addictive drug
Duch Magdy
Maybe i don't like him, and his songs, but this one is amazing ????
Jack Herer
Пожалуй оставлю тут русскоязычный коментарий))) Это нереальный трек!!!!!
Bintang Mahezwara
Wow this is so cool i like it
jhunmichael fuentes
50k gadislike mga jejemon
Alexandre DiCaprio
Bybye xoxo
I don't know why, but I luv listening to this song when I'm depressed
Joe Khan
Post Malone is crazy talented. This is probably one of the best songs of the past few years. I could listen to it all day. Melodic, emotional, everything. He defies what people think he is and should be.
jess SamsMom
Much better than other videos he's had. Even lyrics.. posty on a diffrent vibe. Loving it.
Chai Tea
I think Malone played too much Oblivion or Skyrim and now it's in his music vid
ifa khann
I love this song.. #Obsessed
Baby Yoda
Good song this is
Marques Lombard
This video deserves more likes....i mean 154 or 157 mil views only 2 mil likes what happened his tracks are the best ❤
Não é perseguição do Leo!!!!
Isso não existe!!!!
steady fatcat
ok but why does he lowkey look like robert stark from got in this mv?
Elite joker117
Me: going on a quest in Skyrim
Bloodninja 019 this dark souls :0
eok LaBe
Willow, anyone?
Incredible positive melody.. sad story sad words.. explosive mix in a nonsense clip!!! Love this shit man ..
Shubham Dogra
I never imagined Bray Wyatt could rap this good
This song reminds me to marvel's runaways
guy in the chat: you were trying to pass the border right?
Tito Tito
Good music ????
심심한 핸기의 커버.
와 한국어가 없다니...
Charles Moody
Uncle posts did it again
Elena Hoffmann
When youre in school and you normally have to concentrate on the stuff teacher says but then:
My Brain: Run away, Run away, Run away
Sofia Tassinari
Triho 96
Who tf is Post Malone
Alejandro Estrada
Amigos, realice un vídeo acerca del éxito de Post Malone, me ayudarían mucho si lo ven y me dan una retroalimentación para seguir subiendo contenido.
Alejandro Estrada
Amigos, realice un vídeo acerca del éxito de Post Malone, me ayudarían mucho si lo ven y me dan una retroalimentación para seguir subiendo contenido.
Alejandro Estrada
Amigos, realice un vídeo acerca del éxito de Post Malone, me ayudarían mucho si lo ven y me dan una retroalimentación para seguir subiendo contenido.
Alejandro Estrada
Amigos, realice un vídeo acerca del éxito de Post Malone, me ayudarían mucho si lo ven y me dan una retroalimentación para seguir subiendo contenido.
DJ Rockman
Post... idk what this video has to do with the song, but I like your style Sir.
I feel something in my Body, but I can't describe it
what is this? game of thrones s8?
Mudkip Gucci
Trying to find songs, liked this one immediately
Victória Hoffman
Música maravilhosa amo dms
Sahan Godahewa
wish this song had some more????????????
dalwins ruiz
esta musica es muy relajante
Mollee Scott
This song was on today in Sam’s Club I didn’t notice until my mom was mouthing the words.????????
beatriz frontoura
Cool love you music
Sesh Charran
Great song....
uuu uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
genesis perez bautista
this song is perfect for my ex
juan olsen
the planet make circles
All the dislikes are the people who died in the video
sushila huidrom
God: *creates human*
Human: make this song
God: * this is what I'm talking about *
Blanca Rodriguez
Corazon roto
Oh oh
Aki 123
Post Malone: "Gimmie that sword right there"
Grammar Police
A Bud Light had to be in there somewhere.
Ethan Gifford
You are very good keep it up
Dawoo 1 Maheshwari
Beautiful song
new rainy
Iam here everyday ,, can't move
Kambri Flake
This is the best song ever and sadly I won’t get to go to a concert because my dad I busy and my mom is thinking about letting me go, I know post Malone won’t read this so I don’t know why I’m posting this comment
Shreeharsh Bavisker
I love this song
FzØ ꜰʀᴇᴅʏ
❤????????ESTA CANCIÓN ME ENCANTA????????❤
Hunter Brennan
that is one old ass horse
Lilian Ansari
Anyone waiting for Post Malone to comment ?
Bet nobody will make a minecraft version of this song
Will Da Pensive Penguin Dood
Girls lockeroom: oh my god I hate PE, beech kil me
Boy's lockeroom: 2:39
omg really
Post marlone should do a song with Eminem be hella kick ass
LeBwa 186rus
It’s good!!!
"They do this every year"
María Cabrera
This deserve be #1
Tracy Stella
I have liked your songs from the beginning but never "liked" them publicly. Dude...this one I love! 59 year old Mom/Sister/Friend/Grandma/Whatever this one truly resonates with me! I feel it. It is what I feel I had to face but couldn't/wouldn't/afraid to/whatever...thank you for sharing. This song has helped me tremendously in moving forward in my (old) life. It tells me that some messages are timeless just as you are! Thanks!
chuck wick
I honestly dont understand why this guy is popular
Ashley Halfacre
This song gives me life, no matter how many times I here it play it is life. ❤
Evan Price
Cool song... It was just as cool when it came out in '93... and it was called "Runaway - "Runaway Train" - by Soul Asylum... Mashup Anyone?? they're both in the same key.....
Violet Norton
Jéssica Machado
Que música ????????????????
Suzi Jones
No one:
Not a single soul:
Me: “they do this every year”
This song is amazing! But anyone feel like the music video doesn’t match up to the song? Idk like I don’t picture medieval knights when I hear this song.
Gabby_Plays 122
I saw that hes gonna be in indiana I was suprised ????
Princess Unicorn
This song explains my life everyday. ????????
Jesse McIntyre-Ribbers
Honestly I've never liked much of Post Malone's music but this song drew me right in. This and his song with Ozzy have got to be one of the best songs I've heard in recent music releases
Wahmi Oki
0% Drugs
0% Smokes
0% Alcohol
0% Hoes
0% Party
100% Suit Armor, Horse, Sword, Princess
The Gaming Animatronic
tik tok means nothing to me it has literally changed my cousins, now they be doing cringey dances in front of me and i just mess it up lol
giovana piola
Me: omg goosebumps
Tim F
After seeing this video, I wish Post Malone didn't have face tattoos so I could like him more
Zayn 5
He look like robb stark????????
Justin Stacy
Anyone else think this guy’s musical ability is meh?
Annygh Hjhh
Talk about can't read a book by its cover
Gilgamesh King
post malone maybe will be the next lord of wintefell
lil zetsu
*i'll be the bad guy now*
I don't know why the song is so good
Dank memes
Got any pretzels?
Trol GaminG
Turkler +1
This music video is great! And the song makes me cry for some reason
Denis Palliano
I just went from Cattle Decapitation to this, life is more tolerable if you can enjoy music from all kinds of genre.
lologamer 1
Perfect song for a drum cover... Thank You POST.
ricki reds
Lesle Hedge
Major vibes❤
Barbara Almeida
you can clearly hear tame impala was a part of this track, incredible
Yunng Melt
Eminem is best rapper.
Gregon Raud
suema get rekt lil kid!
Torong tong
I think posty is perform warcraft cosplay
franciszek dabrowski
I love you making this song and I like your YouTube videos so much
gabriella jones
I really like this song !
Larisa O connor
It’s already famous all around tiktok I came here from tiktok from hearing da music ????
De LacherD
did anyone notice the fire is going backwards??? 3:10
Every decision in your life has led you to this comment
(Covered Numb from linkin park today on my channel btw :D)
Jonathan The gameplayr
I am your #1fan
Titus Perez
Katelyn Walker
This is great ????????????
Hynek Hejl
ok tune. auto tuned big time.
Ras Lasagne
does anyone else hear how the music sounds like circles?
Lucas Fernandes
Vim aqui pra ouvir essa música na velocidade 1.75 enquanto corro no parque.
frito lays
If anyone goes after post malone next...imma be pissed to the max imma be more pissed than i was when x and kobe died...because its not fair to the rapper that had nothing to do with the others b.s
Ya Boi Celery
How was this not album of the year at the grammy’s?!
Frank Drebin
Great song writing!
i, sure hes a nice guy but i hate his music
ganda yoon
nebojsa nele
girl with red hair is a mad max from stranger things??
Rajeev Thapa
*Post Malone's version of Tangled*
i like dicks
Like si prefieres a post malone que a billie eilish
William Foner
FromSoftware’s newest SoulsBorne game...
Posty Souls
Xiara Betancourt
Love the medieval outfit!!!
amirkhan_ raper music
#amirkhan_raper ????
niedzwiedzica ula
the best song .
Luis Carrillo
Tame Impala’s Kevin Parker needs more recognition for Co-Writing & Producing this wonderful song !!!!!!
BASA Bromander
Loving the production value on the video, everything looks solid despite the high fantasy aesthetic
prafful madhwani
Make up your mind ,
What are you going through..
Not just this..each words of this has been so close lately..!
Keep rocking posty ❤️
I really don't get this hype. So repetative boring beats everyone heard before, his artificial voice don't even sound well when heavily edited. Sounds like he want to sound full of emotion without feeling them for real... Then these tyical heartbreak bullshit pop lyrics... Why people are so amazed by this? Like if u want emotional music go listen to Lerous or smth. But sorry if I offend you guys, have fun with this music, just had to shit my opinion here sorry :)
MoniJesu O
this song feels better in 2020
Guilherme Cardoso
Producer: we have drugs, hoes, money and cars.
Post Malone: i want to be Robb Stark
catherine bobadilla
JEONGYON <3 perfect song
isaac david cortez
The Best ????????????????‍♂️
How could you even click the dislike button
Lena V
The LARPER in him came out in this music video! AWESOME!
Mark Boyer
WTF...sounds like a computer was programmed to sing. Just another auto-tune loser...but this one has face tattoos! Dope!
nolan poahway
Love dis sng
{MidNight Rain}
Where’s the new album post?
Best Post song yet
Ray Gaming
This song is my fav
klose king
Haven't liked even 1 of his songs after just listening it once but his songs grow on you as time goes on
this is a sound revolution for me????????
Logan Paul Fan
Mall ninja shit
TeaThe Pot
You thought that it was special, but it was just the sex tho...I felt that.
ibrahim didi
The more tattoos he get the less he use drugs ✌️
Jakayla Edwards
World war 3
Nick Clark
Post malone I am your biggest fan I love your smile bro. Hit me up sometime. We can smoke. Bring 5 or 10 grand cash for the family. We'll be waiting. ohio. get there. And step on it. Hop on a plane and text me when you get close see you in like an hour hour or a half? Let me know what your trying to do bro. Need that cash urgently and the smoke is ready. Hurry. Reply. Do it. Show fans thier dreams really can come true. Trying to help this girl shes about to be homeless. Please stop the eviction process. Help... money doesnt mean shit anyway it's there to use, to share, to give away. To help your family. And your true friends. I hope I don't lose mine forever
Pretty sick music video
Angelique quinn
I wish we can like more then once lol love this sng me n my sister jamming to it????????????????????????????????#posty
Found this via my teacher.... So ugh nice to know who your fans are
Siobahn McClintock
I love to sing this one when it comes on the radio
brandon roberts
this is really pretty.
New York
Producer: what song do you wanna make today?
Post Malone: YES
Max HQ
I'd like Post Malone to be my dad pls
Thorny CZ
New dark souls look sick !
Fabian Morales Cruz
Buena música... hace tiempo q no compraba un cd fisico
René Ruprecht
self-love -> love -> fight for the REAL love -> Amen
Emirhan Bodur
enes abiğ den geldim
Erik Sejr
what a boring song - no nerve what so ever
Diego Sánchez
Young Austin achieving that dad-rock-radio-station music vibe is something that I always knew it was going to happen...
Isaias Paez
The lyrics of this song remind me a little of the video game "Silent Hill 2"
FaHad NaDeem
I would dedicate to my GF????????????????????????????????????
Natasha Benitez
Fun Fact Post Malone is obsessed with the daggers
The swords he has a great collection of them that is why you see them in his videos as well as on his face Tats .
Yan Dejesus
Any body knows what's the purpose he's eyes change to grey for a second? In the beginning of video
To Jerusalem!
Akash saikia Saikia
I love you post malone
Yo right this looks like Netflix ottoman
Mercedes Rivas
Did he make the video with green screen or he came out just to make the video
Antonia Rajkovic
Those cheeks I could just squeeze them like squishy!
This is a good morning song
Lily Watson
I’m from tik tok lol
Max SunShine
bruh the aesthetic and tone is dope. this is his best song now to me.
Pedro Mesa
I don't remember this episode of the whitcher
ryan ng
History artist already retire to do history figure art, now, is modern art.
Toddy Surcharge
The dude looks like a walking mugshot from a news story but damn if this song isn't a banger.
Wulan dari
This is favorite song Chanyeol EXO... and mee too.
Rosie N Elizabeth
yo post you da bomb
Kash 75
Dudedad from Instagram brought me here. ???? Waiting in the car for his wife while she’s in Target. Used this song.... hilarious!!! Now I know who Post Molone is..
This song gives me a raging heart on
I'd go see the way this ends if they made it a movie. Somehow he looks like he belongs in that suit of armor in that era
Succ Delucc
Post malone be like: this is the "wholesome gang"
Tattoos on the face is a sign he’s a bigger dumbass than me having one on my arm.
Juan Pablo Gutierrez
Es el mejor
Juan Pablo Gutierrez
Like si post malone es el mejor
Yoosuf Mihraan
Whos the actress?
be beauty
حلو مريحة
Ronald Mattless
The ratings numbers may go down a bit, I found an ONE-HOUR video on you-tube and since I am yet not tired of this song since I heard it around X-mas'19....I prefer to hear it; over and over and over....(Rosa M*. of the GTA)
Mustafa Burak Zeybek
You have stolen from Enes Batur - Dolunay shame on you
David CAS
Al Ladyn
This song is so relaxing ????
Thomas Williams
Why does posty look so good in a suit of armor
Enes abimden çalmış klibi
jeffrey gaming
Has he taken a bath yet
Names the song after a geometrical shape*
Me clicks on video*
Sees people with arrows and knifes in their head*
Me- “Well that’s enough of the internet today”
At the beginning I thought the scene was from Ryse SoR :D
Post malone is gay as a mf.
Paula Castro
this song is too good!! you should sing're doing well!!!
Pedro Sotto Maior
Hello hello post
HVS Queridão FF
Foi selado todos os gringos apartir de agora é só comentario brasileiro ????????????????????????
Sergeant Kurabara
Never felt such way about a song. It's so good but I cry everytime i listen to it.
Terry Dekrman
He's talented
Gaming Extremists
Put this song in 2x speed... it sounds like an upbeat song
Song To My Ex's????????
Gusta Gamer
Post Malone seria bom cantor de eletronico tbm
yo indie
Que buena letra tiene esta canción
Jim Lalumondier
Amazing video. Great song.
Edward TorrenceJr
This got number 1 in the country
BOSS Sypherrr
What is this
Firdaus Halim
I wanna see this movie.. Game of malone.
Surmen Aular
Mamense un webooooooooooooooooooooooooooo todos
Elie Z.
Witcher Malone
Fake TSM_Soerinareh
Damn he really went to rockstar to this
Romans 10:13 For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved.
Shyann Branum
We couldn't turn around??
jotaplays rogerin piroca de espigo de milho kk
Sou brasileiro e msm sem não entender a letra, as música desse cara me prende de uma forma.
wee dee
Song of the decade hands down
Jeremiah Elliott
Do arrows really pierce armor? Maybe...but beginning of video might not be accurate?!
Miu Miu
Haneen Gadban
Omg why are there so many dislikes?!
Jed Hollis
Me in dank souls 3
andre laitvinov
In my opinion the winner of cutest man ever is gonna have to be post Malone
How many genres do like to make?
Post Malone: Yes
Norma Colleen Ramirez
Song actually means a lot. Thank you.
Braiden Kent
Time for a crusade
I luv ja Post ! u are best brah !
My boss said I can’t listen to this no mo
Plz help
Eun _
English teacher : Ok kids make your story!
*Adds Postmalone as the main character/hero*
10,000 subs with no videos
These raid shadow legends ads are getting better
Dave Rohrich
This song is the jam... but the video is the biggest whiff since “Radioactive” by Imagine Dragons
Ercan Almak
Very, very good ???????????????? ????
Alison Thomson
Am I the only one who thinks the video doesn't fit the song? Video is cinematically beautiful, but the song is about a couple who can't tear themselves away from each other despite things having changed between them & it being toxic. The chorus says it all: "Seasons change & our love went cold, feed the flame but we can't let go, runaway but we're running in circles" This video does not portray that. This is my absolute fave Post Malone song for multiple reasons, one being it speaks to me as I've been there trying to tear myself away from a toxic relationship before, so seeing this video put to it was disappointing....IMO.
Kermit Karzon
As much as I don’t like rap, this dude mixes different genres while making a beautiful story, respect from a native
Moonee Skiies
who came here from tiktok
Соёлмаа Нямсүрэн
His singing without moving his mouth
yunmy Cruz Nina
Que lindo tema adoro ❤️
ryan ng
Educate enough manpower then new world will structurely function together.
Natalie Becker
This break my heart
Queenie Weenie
This is B E A U T I F U L. ????????
Natchon Sripudpong
In every problem post malone can pass like the soilder win the war alnoe
This has to be Dark Souls referenced.
LT August
Everybody: “Nobody ????????????”
Mathlenga Jag
A van nalh tak e aw
Post Milady. That is all.
Chevrine Telcide
I always liked Post Malone songs.. This one is a confirmation that he is really GOOD❤
This song is so good, I keep playing it almost everyday since the first time I heard.
Jimmy Free fire
Toca na rádio direto ????????
Dog Gamer
Love your videos
Gaek dk
Evelin Pacheco
Me: "No entendí nada"
Also me: "Muy buena canción ????"
Sandra Rhine
5 millonth time i watched this!!!!
M De
not the greatest music video but the song is great
Nikhaille Christllete Omaña
Producer: Let's use GTA version!!
Malone: History!!!!
na ni
This song is perfect for horse back riding and the horse keeps going in circles
willfrig frost
Post malone: I want something different this time
Stannis baratheon: why don't you try my role
Peter parkers ass
I'm not saying that I could vibe to this.. but like.. I could totally vibe to this
Karam Chung
처음 들었을땐 그냥 그런데..? 했는데 가끔식 생각나서 계속 들으러 오게되는...
Emmanuel Selistri
i'm kind of obsessed with this song, can't stop listen to it
Manuela Zoane
oh man, scheisse, endlich , dass was ich denke, wow grandios Leute Hut ab
ich bin beeindruckt von Euch.......
Bartek Cz
Kto Z Polski
This reminds me of game of thrones season 3 ep 3 I guess , the episode when Robb stark meets his wife .....
Emily Brown
Swae Lee: Ay Ay Ay Ay Ay Ay Ay
Post Malone: Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh
What's your favourite song Circles by Post Malone or Sunflower by Post Malone and Swae Lee? My favourite is both of them
jeferson jaque
jjajaja buenardo xD
Xavier Vently
circles man jp
I am IfciifcI
And then king Arthur became a hot anime waifu fought in holy grail war
Virginia Aguilar
Post needs a diamond armor and sword guys
Billie Eilish: I’m the bad guy
Post Malone: 0:48
Chance Davis
Sir Posty, the coolest crusader ever
Is he the new bud knight
Show essa música, muito boa de se ouvir
Yrham Cinco
Lss???????????? post malone is the best i tell you????
Star Pulzer
E pensar e que esse é o mesmo cara que fez o Rockstar
You know what’s funny? I hated Post Malone the moment I saw him simply because he looked silly. I was like “His music probably sucks. I’ll never ever listen to one of his songs!” then I heard this and a couple other songs on the radio that I really liked, only to discover later that they were by him. He sounds literally nothing like I imagined. Lol
Man, the Post Malone China Tour footage is pretty lit.
Natasha Arias
Just broke up with my boyfriend of 13yrs. This hits home hard ???? .... good song ♥️
mariam hazadji
this song reminds me of good moments i felt while listening to it. but the thing is i haven’t been happy in 10 years and this song came out 5 months ago, so something isn’t adding up....
Why are there 50k dislikes
Mike Mckee
Straight up, if my man have any problems..
me and the boys playing mordhau:
Laney Campbell
you cute
Goddamn, more of this whiney mumbling bullshit like Billie Eilish. Jesus Christ, what the fuck is wrong with kids these days and this dumbass no-talent bullshit they listen to?
Ivan May
Post Malone should play Lindsey Buckingham in a movie
Ryan A' Gamers Lounge
Post malone steals the entire opening of david bowie major tom. Wow
Felisha Estrada
Post your the Mannnnn????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
haha tf
He’d be perfect in sons of anarchy’
Lokman Hassan
I couldnt be there
Those face tats are awful.
I love this song!
Leo Russo
Is he ditching rap?
Cynthia Urrea
Games of thrones meets thug
Chase Dunn
Game of thrones ? That is what this makes me think of. I like the video mr. post
*Beautiful song*
Jay Defensor
I dont know why but this song reminds me of some song in the past,the tune, the feels. Around early 2000's up until 2013.
Archie 3K
Cool video.. Music sounds overly-produced though. You can't even pick up on the quality of his voice... This is why I don't care for production companies making musicians look like more than they really are. Don't get me wrong; Post Malone has real talent, but he's in danger of being more of a product than an artist.
Nicholas Lynch
Post Malone after he picks the wrong class in dark souls
Samantha Andrews
the fight started because post malone's car got dented and he went on a rampage
Yasmin Styles
When I heard this song, I couldn’t believe that Post Malone sang this! ???? I hope he makes more songs like this
Lori Mendenhall
Yea love this song so sad cant eat feel sick..i brokem heart
How can 51 thousand people dislike this song!? Crazy!!
Lucky ATR
Sory for vad inglis pls
Soldier: post malone ded
Peplo: no
Post malone: stand up sings lirics
Peplo: yes
End of istori tank for likes
Patriot PTO
I love post Malone so much
I want 5,000 subs just to Flex ha
No one:
14 year old girls: "OmG tHaT's dEeP"
In all seriousness, I love this song.
raynessa jordan
i think we got a huge disney fan here
Star _gazer
Oh God... Every word is realatable broken af ????????????
Bagel Films
producer: Ok, the regular?
Post: Nah lets make it weird
producer:You do this every year!
alexander cruz barberan
The song is verynice
Courtney Perchiano
I am your bigggest fan
King Philip
????Bravo Post Malone????
Emilio Alexandro
Good rhythm
Brianne Morgan
*we do this every year*
Erick García
This guy loves skyrim, doesn't it show in this video?
Ngl post Malone should be in movies he’s hella good at acting!!!
Sonu Kumar
Anyone this 2020 February ????????
Amaan Azim
Wasn’t even my girlfriend but she really broke my heart
Aaron Olson
Wtf is this? Did he kill all those people?
I came for the armor.
Adriana Storoli
Não durmo sem ouvir essa música!
Sid: They do this every year
Ay we got drugs and some super cars
Post:Gamer intensifies
Google Google
Perfekt ❤
There is nothing more badass then a knight slaying an army by himself
Never expected anything like this from Post Malone. Very beautiful. Love the song.
Greg Badoc
I admire the cinematography on this video.
Love the beats!
Lil louisy officialvevo
0:06 When you're tired of battling for captain jack sparrow
DCeys LetsPlays
I cant hear 24 h s in radio
Sassy Sisters
Boss song
Ary Best
Adoro questo ragazzo ????
ryan ng
I am outsider to mtg character art.
Post Malone doesn't know how to make bad song
Ismael Hernandez
This song describe my situation now but hopefully will get better
Polina Tchasti
So talented... Unlike Drake
Shito San
Producer : we got hoes, drugs, money and cars
Post malone : gimme that sword and armor
Mari !
Tost Malone
Lea M
ThEy Do ThIs EvErY yEaR
only tik tok addicted people know what i mean
7 00
Found your biggest
Emily Wurm
tHeY dO tHis eVeRy YeAr!!!!!!!!
hoemogenic இ
if only he went FULL pop with his music i would stan so hard ????
Anthony Jaramillo
Follow “Bigger Than Goliath” on Spotify and Apple Music ???? great lyrics with a new Album just dropped
Damian Cardona
Greg Hanway
Cite is due for city
Jason Moline
Movie role???????
Tapu Madalina
I don't really like him, i only know his savage or something superstar sing whatever, didn't like it but i do like this song. I first thought is Khalid :)) but this is a really nice one. I can't understand why did he tattoo his face like that but whatever :)
Jason Moline
He needs one!
FunnyGamer Productions
This my moms favorite song......*im sick and tired of hearing this song*
hayden fields
chill out with the autotune
P Jj
70 yr old great grandma here loving me some insanely talented...but quit marking up that cute face...gonna look silly when you're my age❤♥️♥️❤♥️
Skyler Tornton
Похож на запойного алкаша с моего района
P Jj
why would anybody with an ear downthumb this...
JustBored YT fits perfectly lol
Hairi Ayie
I like this guy.
Aaron Gutierrez
We got bentleys and cash. Nah I’ll get armor and a sword
EnderSoul Gaming
Every album post gets like 5 fucking hits wtf bro how
Sk3pT -_-
Imagine this beat on Synth wave-Vapor wave
Nico Baldenegro
Everyone else: Blood = This man = good stuff
Myrna Garcia
Why does she have no mouth?
Lina Trujillo
Yes this is my favorite song from the FM radio!
Jackson Nichols
this guy is the bomb!!!!
Yair Medina
This song its so good, but why tattoos on the face? Why? They steal beauty of Posts face, dont really get why people do this, Guess is a personas preference , whatever ????
Max White
This video is just the truth of dark souls
Daisy Mayorga
can someone Please Put him in Dark souls and make a Music video playing as him
Beto Bareiro
Después de SUNFLOWER, esto es LA CANCIÓN de post Malone. Muy buena
LeoJan TV
This song has accompanied me for 5 months in many emotional states and that's why I love this song because I associate it with a lot of things. I just wanted to say thank you for such a great song❤️
This song always reminds me of here comes your man by the pixies
Isabel Lorena
Yeah I know the 1st coment yeah right
Producer: What swor, I mean so....
Post Malone: No wait the other, YES
Relatable Kia
they do this every yearr’????✌️
fits that minecraft song long ago about the king and his kingdom
WhatWAsThatClip !
This guy makes music and he’s a top bloke respect
Cool Guy
Audition for Game Of Thrones
Christina White
Post as he was in another life....perfection
yong music
Love you man ????????????
Triggered Exotic
Sometime this man be looking rich and poor
Hailey Carolina
my favorite post malone song and nobody can change that. period.
Eliseu Silverio
Globolixo câncer do Brasil.
Garrett McKean
His eyes at the start are the same as the end of the video goodbye.
aki bono
i dont remember this part of berserk
Landon Steward
she can't say no
ForeverForest Life
They do dis every year ????
Ayesha Saddiqa
They do this every year
Daniel Goodman
I was an intern for the studio where post malone records and he fucked my gf so here you go:
sebastian mccullough
I just love this video
This should be a whole ass movie ????
Johanna Romero
is this black dessert? Lol
Edward Lomelixd
Banda no les ha pasado que al principio de la canción se oye como de mala calidad????
Andrew Hartshorne
The girl with the long hair is Repunsel (Google it) and he was called to save her from the high tower
Robert V
This might be the most Post Malone music video ever
Raul hernandez
Creo que es la 1era canción que me gusta de este sujeto. Y el video no muestra drogas, ni chicas desnudas, ni carros costosos... Felicidades quien quiera que seas! Sigue así. ????????????????????????
KOala BEar
Thanks Blood!
Этот парень умеет делать хиты!)
Manuel White
Yea I'm here turning up right now
Symbol Syker
This song hits differently when your sad
Erika Karlsson - Rödsleskolan
Nice song
Erwan Foto
Merci daft punk instant crush à écouter, si c'est pas du plagiat ça..
Audrey Hepburn
I worry what my family says to marry a man with so many tattoos
Anyway I loveeeee youuuuu Post ❤❤❤ you are soooo cute
Lori M Carey-Stafki
This is such a surreal video. There are parts of this video where I have glimpses of a different life I’ve lived, though this era of time is correct and their love in my past life is very complicated with family stuff but in a past life my family locks me away in a dungeon to prevent my true love to find me so the family can trick him and do something awful. I can’t remember the full past life. I do remember my red hair and my red dress or scarf. Anyhow this video is very painful to me. I feel like I’ve been going round and round and round for lifetimes with my twinflame. In this world, He keeps running away. It hurts and it feels like the lyrics at times. It’s a helpless feeling and many times in the madness I just want to escape and die for real. It’s been like I get super excited thinking things will be different and then there goes the big let down again. All this manifesting and balancing magical energy is exhausting. I have never felt more unloved and rejected at times with no hope. The only way out of it is walking away with all my dignity, worth and self respect but having to live the rest of this life with a deep hole in my soul. Yep. It certainly seems like this in these dark months of winter. The truth is God told me he would bring him to me. Sad thing is I believe my twin flame knows but can’t let go of his pride, ego or the fame. That’s why Post Malone’s whole Album is my ultimate fav of his. I know all the songs by heart. I’ve lived and breathed my emotions through many or just enjoyed the flavor and fun behind the songs themselves. I have Spotify and Posty gave us a special edition of his album with personal pre-recorded videos to discuss each song w/ what his meaning. It’s da bomb. Just love this artist and feel very sentimental to his heart’s connection to his soul he puts into his writing. It’s very beautiful and genuine. I admire his humbleness ????????
This song makes me remember memories that I never had.
__jack dailłe__
Eu sou oh comentário que vc estava procurando
swim g
뮤비를 예술로 찍는구만...
Alex C
Dark souls brought to life lol praise the sun
Gigi Fristachi
I like how his eyes are white out the first few bars of the song
매력형 통해서 여까지왔네
john Spencer
Check out partners in crime tune:
Zee D
Today is my birthday!???????????????????????? Whoever is listening have a wonderful and blessed day! You deserve the best!
Lance Andrei
I usually hate Geometry but when I started listening to this song I studied Circle Theorems
Marjon Botha
Am l the only one who scroll down in the comment section while listening to the songs
Eric Castillo
The new For Honor DLC looks great
Dhruv patel
Post Malone is better a expressing
Than rapping..
jaime diaz
Post Malone me hace sentir que perdí a alguien que nunca tuve
Ricardo emmanuel CF I watched guys and follow the help channel I follow back
Evelise Oleaga
This song is so good honestly
Ruan Enslin
I would like him to come to SA
Akatuski420 Davis
This video is like an anime outro. Just sayin.
Eva Mcbarnette
love it
MUITO TOP SLK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mr rat
I was here
2020 : ✅
Alonso Alcantar
Okay but these visuals are unmatched
broken social scene "pacific theme"? If it matters I like both
Laguerre Cleef
If u love this sound like me..
dude looks dirty to me
Ygor Silva
O brigado muito otoma
Voidragon Gaming
I accidentally found and fell in love with this song.
It has some kinda Dark Souls ring to it..
Am I the only one that gets butterflies and goosebumps at 1:29 just because he points at the camera?? Yes? Okay cool imma go now.
This fucker can make a music video/song about his favorite cereal, go in depth about why he loves it, and make it a hit. lmao :D
Ollygkjh bynyBoggan
Love you so much ????????????
Shrek Brando
What happens if you say square?
For Honor 2 lookin lit
Isabel Marie
1:09 is literally me in my head when I think about me and my bf getting back together for the 5 time. LMFAOOO-
Fulano De tal
I LOVE YOU..????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
This one great
Sx_ tr3m
hum that thé new dark soul trailer?
Neo Rivz
Слушал раз 10 подряд это ШЕДЕВР
tor-NATE- Oof
Not going to lie, I only like the instrumentals of post Malone songs.
Post Malone brings me a sense of lightness in all of his songs somehow
H3robrad3n YT
I love u post malone bro i want to see u in nashville but i dont have enough money
Ravi 007 gamer
The best PM song ev4
Stop You need help
Post Malone has been playing too much for honor
Bailey the real143
I love him so much!!!
Jase W
Real..personable and humility..Post is the man
Tru Spartan 117
0.85x speed is best
Kalsey Thom
When tik tok ruins this song and every time you hear it you say “THEY DO THIS EVERY YEAR”
Tabitha Foulks
My Knight in Shining Armor!!!!! ????
DA 2010
Best part --> 1:10 (press on this)
DA 2010
Be last to like this post for 10 years good luck
Nathan Mores
A'Dianah Menjivar- Nunez
Billie Eilish: I’m the bad guy
Post Malone: 0:48
Farmasi kk dabong
am i the only person thinking that this is Nasri's voice from Magic - Rude.
Jack’s comin
Are all of his songs this good?
Mr. Gentleman
bruh this is kinda like me and, my son,.
Someone else just wait for the "they do this every year!"?!?!
Kawaii Chameleon
Um Austin post I need u to plz stop smoking because I don’t want you to die plz just I would cry to death ????
the best
Anthony Mitros
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Discontinued So move on
God: Creates Humans
Humans: ForTNitE
God: Creates Coronavirus
Josh Byler
The style of the video is def not random for anyone that's wondering. The Knight in shining armor has seen better days. Maybe, just sees things for how they currently are.
Ocelot Kid
Cats: mew mew
Dogs: woof woof
Birds: tweet tweet
Idiots: Tiktok? anyone from tiktok? They do this every year!
Gillian Campbell
I'm shocked my almost 60yr old dad thinks this song Is a bop when he hates almost every song I like ????
Cøugår_KįttyCät Gacha
Hay, just saying this is the best song that you made
I love it
Tatsumi _Hiro
Like si vienes por qué la recomendó auronplay
Joel Molina
They didn’t have tattoos in the Midevil times
Best song
Hey MF Aiqulda
I must say I haven't been the biggest fan of your work up to this point, but I'm really enjoying this! Even the music video is interesting and well produced!
tracey yeoman
Running away never felt so electrifying , Like the flow opens up my chakras
Dylan Alaniz
So this song is about a guy who loved someone but couldn't give her enough love or time, so he was considered the "bad" guy now. They keep leaving each other but find themselves back together because deep down they still love each other but can never find it in themselves to show it. They feel that they can't stop the relationship but have to. He donsent want to be the bad guy so he's waiting for her to end it. It's a circle and never-ending relationship of awkwardness and confusion that can't be fixed.
King Gizzerd
thanks buffcorrell for showing me this song
Gracie Montoya
Love him!????????????????????????❤
Ralph Jason Morre
He's slowly being consumed by the abyss... Poor Unkindled one
Psycho SledgeHammer1237
My gym teacher played this song and the speakers were like...
‘You thought it was special, special
But it was just the sex though, sex though’
I was like wtf, this is grade six, do you play this song when preps are here
When it was playing I thought it said ‘sex store’ I was even more weirded out
I went to this song cause Roomie Official was singing it and it was a cool song and then found out it was the song playing in the gym a day ago
José Baby
Thank God for the loop option
Upson Downes
Why did I think this song was recorded during 1980-82, over a decade before Post was born?
David Donald
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Maria Thereza Strassberg
Post Malone is The only rapper that became famous because of his talent and not because of music and videos about sex, LEGEND!
ashley marie
Post malone makes such pretty songs I love when he does stuff like this his voice is so beautiful ❤
Chim Taejeo
They do this every year :(
Rob Speedwagon
That's a lot of arrows wasted just to get your hands on a STAND
Andrea I
There’s something really special about his music! ❤️????????
When you wake up in the morning and this is the first thing you will turn your entire day like you are in a fairytale
Asghaab Job
Sounds like a song that belongs on Smallville ????
Psycho Zyoro
i hear this everywhere , it’s stuck in my head now
Like: for Circles & Sunflower
Comment: for Post Malone ????????❤️
Who remembers the girl that played Sunflower on her Violin ???? ????
Happy _____
FROM THAILAND​????????????????????????????
Rianto Jong
i wanna fly...
Popcornbuds 117
I love this song but this is the exact date of my moms death????????
ashley kate
Somewon tell me why almost all of post malones music videos start with some thing to do with the world
Phoenix is Awesome
1:31 King Aethewulf from Vikings lol
Atticus Campos
The chosen undead has quite the storied past
William Mubaraq
dark souls
Hritik Gawade
Maximum Fire
I dont have a daf
Maximum Fire
Yes i doo
Maximum Fire
No i dont
El Tanque
Renfri who are you?
Kaylynn Huddleston
I love Post Malone from my Texas neck of the woods. Love is a battle field..
Brother Vibius
1:15 Found Greta Thunberg's twin sister.
(edit) also 1:21, Woman is on Post Malone's left with a basket of sticks running, 1:24, same woman has teleported to the opposite side of the camp on Post Malone's right now walking along. XD
Spark 515
Picture perfect memory....oh wait.....
Acey Infinity
Russell Crowe never looked better.
Susan McMullen
???????????????????????????? I love this music on Five
Joy Victoria
Whoever that dislike this song hates good things
Ehhehehehe eheh
Ximena Hernández Pérez
Ximena Hernández Pérez
l i TREY l
Been feeling sad these last couple of months. But this song brought relief. It’s amazing what music can do to you.
Wait people started listening to this just now??
Sometimes you read a comment and you are like i wish i wrote that
just amazing
Just a deep place to hear this song
yare baños
Soy de mexico pero le entiedo lo que dise aber si me entiendes pero eres el mejo cantante de mis canciones (que me gustan)UvU
Red Rebel
Woah this is epic ????
Rayne Shippe
Post Malone makes me think of a warrior that tanked in a dungeon for me and actually did his job. :P
Nevaeh Chandler
He’s In My State Rn & I’m Not At His Concert☹️
Mason Isaacs
ccooll song
Mason Isaacs
0% dead
100% nice
20% on drugs
1% kid frendly
Pedro Sanchez
Love it
Pozytywny Ziomeczek 2020
Imagine Posty & Lana Del Rey collab
I'm crying
Jacob Gethin
The best
Post Malone is it completely s*** rapper he needs to stick to music like this this was beautiful
Demsha Gardner
Please check out my campaign, #donateForACause, please share. Thank you.
What heathen would dislike this video?? They should start running in circles to get thinking again
Emanuel Bruny
they do this every year rejnfskd;mmkvfsj sjfbj
1:09 they do this every year
J Cervantes
yo i like your music kep it up
Raw inc.
Repeat repeat repeat
Until this this day and coming close to Feb 14, the lyrics hit so hard because the theme of the song gets into your feelings.
Juaqui Perez
Me encanta me eleva.
yadira Rivera
That was amazing
its honeyyo
they do this every year ????
Linda Chize
I fucking miss him everything hurts
James Powers
My God music is shit and I dont understand it anymore.....
this was postys prediction of the CORONA VIRUS,,,RUN AWAY
ElRami Lakeheavenhood
This song hits different ????????????????????????????????
can i say that at the start how do the arrows in the dead knites go thru the metal?
John paul Tabilog
it can be happy or even sad, the vibe got it all.
FaZe Scorpion
Best Song I have ever hear. and I like how post malone does the music videos
mahlet mersea
What a song post malone best singer ever
Jayveer 567
im thinking about game of thrones
Radioactive Skull
@my ex why we always goin in circles bish
Nabıyonuz lan amk
Resa Caspe
Been having LSS to this song ????
Jayden Holmes
He’s been binge watching Game of Thrones
This film clip has more character development than Season 7-8 Game of Thrones
This new introspective sound from Post Malone is a mature and surprising departure from the previous douchebaggery of a more atypical, 'FM 104.7 on a construction site' machismo stylings of the past.
Hope he keeps it up.
Lil lloyd vlogs
please subscribe to my channel iloveyall:)
jamall Marshall
I can totally see this sing being at the end of a movie.
Post Malone plays KCD.
Projot Mayekar
When you have no one in your life, you have Post malone!
Parth Mehta
Love you posty❤️
they do dis every year
Mary Mary
❤❤❤ Love this one so much! The music..the sounds..the video, his voice..The lyrics!!! Great job Post ❤
Cadê os BR
Rise Barkan
Would seriously appreciate anyone that checks out my cover of this dope song on my channel ????papa bless????
Mr. Carey Collection
Wish he could do some catchy songs like this
David Wickman
I’m impressed with Malone’s armor set he has. I don’t know if it’s real or fake, but it’s made quite historically. The breastplate caves in around the body at belly button level to distribute weight to the hips. There are the loosely attached armpit guards. At the top of the breastplate is a very small wedge to deflect arrow shrapnel away from the face. I think I even see a Gambeson underneath that armor from the way his collar looks, but I may be wrong on this point since I can’t see it too well. Either way, props for historical accuracy of the late knight.
Pradnya Bharankar
Pre Malone turns to a war and dies . He dies and respawns as Post Malone
Siddhant Sharma
I dont get it ....almost in most of his songs why he'd walk like a fucking zombie or drunken
tidy kun
sick track
charles the entertainer 2
Post is up these with th weekend music is on a deep level feel
Smith Assawirojrueng
oh! no first time i'm listening it's make me happy
Kekoa Mauna Kea
Right on Braddah!!!????????????????????????????????????????
Summary of video in 7 words:
Damn, I need to stop drinking tequila.
Priti Gohil
Post malone is always in a new avatar just like the weekend.
Milena Edel
THEY do this every year!
Ricardo Alan Hermenegildo Ponce
this song is perfect!!!
Scott Richards
Scott Richards
There is not an invention that deserves more mention than penicillin ,but this Guy can make it work and hes from New York and Boy I think he will really make a Killin. GOOD LUCK SUNSHINE YOU ARE MY SAVIOUR AND GRACE I DON'T NEED ATTENTION SEEKING LOSER LIFE OF SOCIAL MEDIA COS YOU REALLY DO PUT A SMILE ON MY FACE.
RealPs Know
I feel like I'm listening to The Cure
What Do you mean
This song hits differently when your Hyped.
Leif Vernest
When I first heard this song on the radio, I thought it was Canadian band 'Magic!'
Matt Lopes
If im ever feeling down I listen to post malone
Pedro Pérez
I love this song, la mejor de Post ????????
Hey guys
Marvin Wilson
Very boring music video
mcpapa990fc Cowman
Post Malone the king.
I swear every time I listens to a Remix on one of Post Malones songs they get u motivated. Do you ever had that feeling.
Jack Jones
I swear this guy isn't human ????????
This is just a song for being sad and just an average car ride song when ur happy
Raj Patel
After the Romans realized that they destroyed Jerusalem and Christianity is related to Judaism....
emelynn abigail Gomez añorga
Y pensar q solo estoy aki xq es el favorito de mi bias :v ya me volví adicta a esto ;)
emelynn abigail Gomez añorga
Post Malone asta la muerte <3
Kyle Ragan
Your gay if this is gray
Gus Wastlander
Who got a for honor vibe
Desyi Novita
Indonesia here...
Reymatik Beatz
Baker Mayfields twin
Tri Tran
Can someone tell me the story between this MV !?
Gabrael St Hilaire
Amazing songs great singer, I’m happy to be alive in this era.
Terash Bolwarie
drop your what's app number
ogfkoe tẻcvxj
I bet you do crossword puzzles in ink.
Osvaldo Meza
Beatiful song!! ♥️????
Alessandro D'Amico
Post's video better than the entirety of GoT S9
Frank's Imagination
He is becoming a Hollow
Tigran Avacado
I’ve never connected to lyrics this much
jamall Marshall
Oh I just discovered you can read the lyrics by turning on subtitles ???? I feel dumb. Now I don't have a reason watch lyric videos
Ryszard R
Love circles
Ryszard R
My grandma saids its realy pretty❤️
Ryszard R
Love it
Bobby Thunder
I love your song
Rhiannon Chae
One of my favorite songs from you! So good. You’re awesome dude!
FBI Agent #3187
Hey, you. You're finally awake.
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...looks like the Thalmor are with him.
General Tullius, sir. The headsman is waiting. Good. Let's get this over with! Shor, Mara, Dibella, Kynare