Hey everyone I hope you all enjoy this beautiful song as much as I do. In my opinion the best R&B song of 2018 so far. If this is your first time on the Channel be sure to Subscribe to hear some of the best new music every single day. It has been a long road here on BangersOnly and we have passed 3/4 of the way to the big 100k. I love music and I love sharing it with all of you. Thanks for listening<3 #Roadto100K
Mitzie Carin
Ain't no nobody gonna mHMhMmm..
Ahmad Akram
I try act like i dont care
Everyone knows that i care.
Useless post
:( aint nobody gona love u like i love u :(
Alya Adriana
This song make me sad????????????????
Nam Huỳnh
U the reason i belive this love is real
Hannah Joy Hallare
I really really like the tone ????????????
Airelyn Limbago Permale
sex my favorite
Michael Rivera
Best part is 1:51
Fiona Yong
“or was i lying to myself, just to make it feel so real”
i felt that
your mum felt that
the world felt that
Ianjane Pagunurantenerife
This is real "song",,,,,
Fam BM
This is the moment he said GOODBYE to me and its really hurt like a hell. 10 yrs from now, ill come back here if im still alive and say thank you for this song. ????
Honoree Hernandez
I love this song
嗯你饿Rin Korn
Coming Song In November 17 2019!
Kimberly Cody
tata ronch mae villar
Airishal Lamin
Give me 5k likes I'll sing this song to my cruch
Freddy Zothanmawia
Beautiful song????????????
Eme Sousa
I'm so love this music
Stephen Echavez
Perfect song
Tiyas Liya
Perfect song ????
Hira İsmail
Why do I hate everyone ????????
Lucia Pena
when i hear this song i aways cry for my dad cuz he is in the hospital
Karl Angelo Lintan
Ads everywhere HAHAHAHAHAHA
Esau Cruz patinó
Moonlight is the best song ever ????????
aroooooooooooooooooook je
the song are very bad
urja jadeja
I felt every word of this song❤️
E One
This song fucks me up all the feels
Robo's Animations
How is listening to this in 2019! I'M AM
Charles Russell
I love you
I never understand me on girls one day my gf give me a heart that she made by herself and next day she wants to break up????????????And says that they have stopped loving one????????????
Bot Mcg
Yo so there's this girl that is good lookin but like I think I like her but I don't then I'm like I don't is this confused Love????
Stick Gamer
I was 15 when i met her and she really caught my feelings at that point showing seeing that she was the rare one. Time goes I started talking with her. Slowly turns into a good friendship where i still had feelings for her but she didnt. Years passed i decided to confess. She said was sweet and stuff but also said she didnt felt the same way as i do. I still had high hopes for her that she would definitely one day be mine and everything was smooth till yesterday she told me that she just got into a relationship. Broke my heart to the core . Well its been 6 years and been rejecting whoever comes in between when im in love these 6 years. Im done and the song just keep my feelings alive. I still love you Venisha ????
Terrell Sutherland
True love. But does it really exist
Neser Mě ****
Love this
KilerKlaun TV
So gud GG ????????????????????????❤????
Minh minh
i love u so bad luxe
Bryete Valiant
It's a masterpiece, and lyrics video is simply amazing! Good magic song!
Amrit Kaur
My emotions are confused after listening to this.
Related too.
lyr. ics
The people who disliked had to much tears in their eyes to see the Like button
its_your_girl zZ
D, if you see this, I still love you too. ????????
Muhamad Irfan
I clicked on this by accident
Best accident ever
I like it!
Thank u
Adriana Sky Mendez
I almost cried!!!! OMG!!!!!
Manal Dk
I love this song
Diju Boro
How is listening in November 2019
I Love Selena Q.
Wrong Moonlight
Found the wrong moonlight
Muhd Yazid
This song remind me of my crush that doenst exist .
Danial Hakim
I dont have any girlfriend. How to have one?
Jean Sanchez
my favorite song like if this is your favorite
Amirzie Asir
Thank you, Mother. For everything's
Ehab M. Eldessouki
I like this song And It's cool I like songs ali Gatie He makes Songs cool You know....? Like? Ohh....Im gonna Sing it in roblox> Like<>?
Ehab M. Eldessouki
Imma Hear songs! And im waitng to roblox Finish Downloading Ugh><
watch now
Ali gatie is frist man who go to moon
Kolby Thompson
U dummy
Mary Marianelli
I have aids
Tahna LF
I try to be positive but this year everything bad is happening
Bot Mcg
I cant get over u I can relate ????????????????????????
firdaus gaara
For any1 who complain about their love life. Of how their relationship makes its not worth living. Stop complaining, look around you and you might see that you are fortunate. They are millions of people who suffer, love is important but its not everything. Peace and enjoy the song:)
Tropic Thunda Braddah
Aint nobody gone love me like i loved them Aint nobody gon love me like i loved them. Aint nobody gon no no no no
Charlie Haddad
As soon as my grandma passed away I knew this is the only song I need
Sabrina Islam
So fantastic
This is TRASH ????????
Lalrinngheti Abawihi
I luv this song????????????????????????
michlle life
Princess Jozhiell Caballero
THis music is insane love it just realize my self on opposite situation...
Duy Phương
Việt nam có ai ở đây k ?
UK Chosen
Heart broken and slayed..
Bad MamaJama
You can hear accent ❤️
Denzel Castillo
Like si eres español :V
Bot Mcg
I scared to fall in love that's why I listen to this sonnggg
Shadow wolfgamer09
This makes me cry for some reason idk but
R.. I.. P bruh this ????
Desiree Danzalan
Beutifull song❤
Sierra Muñoz
Um .. Im currently otp with my ex that i think im still in love with but I have a bf .
Tiyari Tiyari
Miss u kobor
John Michaeeel
"or i was lying to myself, just to make it feel real" maaaan. This slaps me too hard haha, this is hard men, it's like you're not overthinking yeah, but u r just lying to urself. Both shit hurts
chris tanael
Sarap sa beat
Dangti Amri
Who came here to cry?????
This was him and I's song. He just broke up with me less than 12 hours ago. When I was upset and heartbroken from seeing him talk to his exes and other girls he sung this song to me and I forgave him, and let him still text them as long as he doesn't flirt again. He left me for another girl, and told everyone he left me because I cheated. I gave him so much more than my heart. he gave me a promise ring, we called eachother soulmates, I gave him massages and drew things for him, wrote things and put in all of my effort, but no matter what I do I won't be those girls. I wonder if he's really looking at the moon. I wonder if he really misses me, or if I was just another chick he could use.
melgebson julapong
dear whoever is reading this...
Mhd 96
You the reason I believe that love is real
Master Keyt
this song reminds me of you:((
keith lace up
For real fr
Hala Alshahrani
I love this song so much☹️????????
Kiara Mendez
I love this song
E Faye Madriaga
shit renz ????
Everyone know that I care ????????
Panda Gaming.-_-
Broke my heart and do not feel nothing
Fuck you girl.
You suck
Go to your new boyfriends
I hate you so much
You waste my times everyday
You one of the bad people in world
-sorry my english so bad-
Fuck you EX girlfriends
Brianna Rodriguez
My friend cuts to this song and I’m trying to stop him but he won’t come to me???? I feel like no one should be going through that! I’m so worried????????????????????
BH Duplex
Anyone else have to put a fake smile on before going out to public
Pravin Patel
I miss him????????????
Aliens Are real
I have listened to this a thousand times and memorized the lyrics
Colyn Treat
My best friend is dating my girl best friend and i’ve known her since 1st grade and now i’m always getting ft calls bc my best friend accuses me of trying to go behind his back to talk to her but now i can’t even have a normal conversation with my her
Lighting kid
Best song ever that you made
Zay na A
What's that 8.8 k dislike for?!
Ok, maybe they never been truely in love to know the meaning behind each word of this song
Blah Blah
Maaan this song????????????????????????????????????❤️????????
Guns Roses
Feels like you are singing for me!
Kora Sterling
This is so true you value this person so much you try and try and try and they put in “eh” but you still love them so much and they move on to someone else but your left with the memories of them , then they play the “I miss you “ card and your stupid enough to belive it, so you let them in AGAIN, but sinner or later they’re going to leaving again because they aren’t going to change ,., ..... So yeah that’s how I’m feeling how bout y’all !
Poilang Pala
I love this song
Mom: Sam help me with this stuff
Me: WHY ME! All me. What will I get
Mom: I bought you thing that I didn't have the money for and ain't nobody gone love you,trust you,want you like I DO so please help me
Me: You the reason I believe that love is real. Thanks mom and I am sorry.????????
Mom: It's ok
audrey pugh
you remind me of the love i had... so true , so real , so sure of myself that everything else bad around me didnt matter. because when i found him nun else mattered , thankyou for letting me feel that again .
And not only that, but i miss him . he kept my life together and most importantly me . i dont tell many people i love them.... not even my family:
So everyone who is going through a rough time , i cant tell you its gonna be okay.
But Keep Trying because if you stop then that gives you a definite answer that things WONT work out and honestly i dont even know any of you guys , but if you have felt and been hurt by anyone or anything serious.... i love you . guienuenly because you should have love and if a boy/girl did u wrong , there is wayyyyyyy more people out there 4 u KEEP TRYING <3
he was bad for me but i still find myself going back to him . i still love you lukas (every song reminds me of u).
Dusty Tgw
If you see this comment...
You saw it
Mr AidiL
everyday single
everytime single
everywhere single
single life :)
Reiluy Tenom
Dear ex. There're a million possibilities you may read this. Thanks for letting me know this song. Fuck you and good bye!
Okairy Martinez
“You remind me of the moon cuz every night you coming back.”
Me:Who hurt him? ????
Nathaniel Villanueva
Accident listening
mucahid bayrak
I think he has got to something to with money and working hahah
What help me
yocky yolanda putra
I love it ❤️????????????????????
Richard Castillo vega Skull-breaker953
Good song
Kit Kharshiing
This song is xo good
Eunwooisthemostgorgeoushumanonearth PeRiOdt.
Damn, what am i gonna do? I left him for my best friends happiness and now i regret everything????????‍♀️
jean bondaug
I like this song
Jj Tessmer
You guys should bass boost this song lol this song bump
aisya raisya
Like this song ♥️
احببببببب الاغننييةة????????????????????????
Marika mx
Reminds me my first love I'll never forget. Still love you for sure....
Elgeko k
My boyfriend said this song reminds him of me...
I bet when were gonna break up If I listen to it ill cry
Garry David
December? 2019
Renagadebeast Toxicwaste
I bought you things I didn't even have the money for if I could make you feel so rich I dont mind feeling poor there's something about you so addictive had me needing more yeah I just wanna hold you baby you the one I want I'm so sad my life sucks hope to God you guys should be good a nice and playz sub to mee plzzzzzz
Meow Nibba
"Now I wanna just be all alone"
I felt that
angaihi zuali
I can listen that all day time
Dylan Ehlermann
This song trash
brody burton
love the song so much
Leung Jia Jun
my girlfriend i broke up a few days ago, this song just hits me so hard, i felt that summarise the 3 years of me and her, she was lovely, i really love her, but things didnt went the way we want, and we hurt each other too much.????????????
Daehwi's Wife
Even though i've never been into a relationship it hurt so much because i gave all my love into Wanna one specifically to daehwi (KPOP)
Rohan Pradhan
Best song ever♡
Hmingi Ralte
wow ha
Lal Mawii
This song is precious
Dave Flores
This song is lit
YouTube TV
I don’t want to die. I want to be dead.
Costa Reis
Love You my Mer❤????
مصطفى wwe
Blkcfoo oooyfe9oho
ya yeng
me to myself:
ain't nobody gon' love you like i love you
ain't nobody gon' want you like i want you
ain't nobody gon' trust you like i trust you
Pasya okta Verina
Ali gatie ????,
asanga tlau
who is listening in dec like????????
Lery j sangma
I'm Chido and I miss u N
Fluffy Finn
I love my bestfriend.
Dina Tangaro
Fucking song
Donal Trump
stupid song
Lita Lita
This song reminds of my boyfriend ????.... He already left this world ???? ????????????
Felfela Ralte
nice song
Chatra Engleng
Im broken haha
llama the Gemini
I wish that I said this to my ex-girlfriend when we first broke up. Then we might be ok right now. Or be going out. But i didn't. Now I'm sad
Alicia Moya
Your the reason I believe love is real reading the bible is good
HeyIts Talia
*I remember cloudy days Ricardos in my bed* ;-;
Sophia Scott
my ex sent me this ????????
Akbar Movlonov
Darling tell me is it real?
open it up
Those comment make me feel so heartwarming
Even I don’t know y’all
I love y’all
Music I love you the most ❤️
Omar Vlogs and vids on games
Venisse Payumo
"Was i lying to myself, just to make it feel so real"????????????
Chacha zainal
Remind me to her ????
s3eedoph ٰ
كل الاغنية تحميل جمايل
mateen yousaf
I’m so heartbroken right now ????????
I love this song
Its Maya
I showed this to my cat
And now she became moon cat
Savannah Ashley
People don't understand how music makes me feel ❤️
Nellya Teu
Goos is perfect ????????????????
Jose Luna
Wtf is this a industry plant? the numbers ain't adding up here
Aladdin Rock
You Sung this song like “ ain’t nobody gonna do as you do “ loved it ❤️❤️❤️❤️
EVOS Engkima
Make me feel
Shalna4K - mL
Theressa M
Me talking to myself: hey dont cry! I dont wanna cry to him again and again. (Tears fell)
Neo Heaven
I feel this song :(
Aldiansyah Taufiq
Any body indonesian people here?
Bot Mcg
So this girl broke my heart she just ignored me she was never near me and at first I was heart broken ???? but then I thaught to myself no she wouldn't, then the next day she did it again after I knew she didn't want me anymore and know I'm like how am I supposed to act normal I still miss u Karen ????????????????????????
You people are weird, you waste alot of time on all of that crap, just go get laid for fuck sake ;).
Gurukhongsai B.phaicham
Ain't nobody gon luf u like I luf u
Gamerz Official
2019 december anyone?????

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