Alejandro Angarita
Wyoming Wyoming
I hope.June 12,2019
I heard this on Sirius XM first and had to find it again. So good
Danielle Garcia
Love this song ❤️
Katana King779
Says it all !
If you don’t scream this song at the top of your lungs you’re doing it wrong
Southern Bell679
Love this song
fire nation
And I sent it... Lol thanks for the lyric video.
Chloe S
Brooo this song is fireeeeee????????????????????????
Mary Poppiins
*you just ain't him.
Bethany L
I hope, August 13th 2019
Jody Perkins
Love love love this song want it for to ring back tone
Cassie DawnXo
I love this song!! Such an Anthem!!!! I relate to this song so much!!! Because karma hit my ex he cheated on me with his now recent ex they broke up because she cheated on him, karma is a bitch!!! Song is so perfect!!!! ❤️???? It is so relatable!!!!!! Xoxo I'm better fir what happened blessing in disguise because I'm more independent!!!
Mackenzie Sampson
I hopeeeeeee
,...... you will have a-good day
Michaela Kozenewski
My ex fiance cheated on me for a full two months after he proposed didn't tell me until right before he broke up with me which was less than 2 weeks after my dog died and then proceeded to tell me he didn't break up with me to be with her when I know that's not true so I honestly hope that after he leaves for basic training next week that she cheats on him and breaks his heart like he did to me.
Thixc86 Jenkins
ok i was into the song until "i hope she cheats like you did on me"
wicked joker
Lmao ex sent me this song although she is the one who cheated now im happy and she is salty as fuck bahahahahah
VaLaceia Burris
this song is the greatest song ever i cant stop listening to this ever scents what my ex did to me i cant stop thinking about him and what he did to me this song cheers me up when i see him he makes me so sad and angry we cant look at each other or even talk now bcs of him i think every boy who cheats or anything needs to listen to this song so they can feel our pain bcs how we love them but so how they dont but the actually do but wont show or tell us!!!
cheryl kelley
I absolutely love this song and yes, I do scream at the top of my lungs when I hear it. I also think about my EX because he cheated on me with HIS ex girlfriend that cheated on him. Karma does happen and I'm just waiting for it to come around.
Little Ghozt
I actually got to meet Gabby in person! Me and my uncle put together a show for her at a small park when she was still on the path of discovery :) Very sweet girl, I wish her the best! She has a gift!
Millie Collective
Lmao my stupid boyfriend thought I wouldn't find out that he was making plans with other girls and that he wanted to go out and see them when he had plans with me. Staying in my house, eating my food, me loving him, doing everything for him and then he just acts stupid.
Sonia Cisneros
Ok just an opinion but doesn't she sound a little bit like Miley Cyrus
Katie P
my ex boyfriend cheated on me 4 times in 11 months. then when i was physically sick seeing him, suicidal, he made fun of me to his online girlfriend. then when he exhausted his options here, he left, left his son, and moved 2,000 miles away.
London Hacker
I love this song so much ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️????????
Addi Isabel
A song has never hit so hard????
kenzie lee
Love this song sounds like me and my ex
Shannon E
Perfect ????
Omg me to my ex ????????
Nicole Tolar
Man I love this mine has a bittersweet ending...he was a constant cheater. I finally had enough kicked his sorry behind out.. within a year they had a kid, lost it and she was cheating while he was out of state and the girl ended up dying from a drug overdose...he left stability and a drug free home to end up with a junkie that cheated...sorry not sorry about everything that happened
william boggs
I absolutely love this song no doubt .......... but my mom cheated on my dad and now I want to sing this for my dad because HE GOT CHEATED ON BY MOM
the 107 people that dislike this song you are dumb
don't feel bad i call everyone dumb
Sarah Chalker
Love this song yea the girls!!!!!
Sidney Morey
I hope every guy knows how much it ruins a girl to be cheated on because it ruins us inside and out
Carolyn Joncas
This one's for you
Angelita Pino
This song i love because it descibes how i feel about my ex and he did cheat
Devin Panzier
I was in a relationship with my ex for 4 years, had a house remodeled some of the rooms together, and had got a couple dogs together. Within the 4 years. And last thanksgiving in 2018 I was trying to cut soybeans in the field and she messaged me and said she was leaving me. Found out a week later she had been talking to another guy for weeks and then she came back left again and was talking to someone yet again. And the third time when she came back I said we need to take it slow and she came and stayed the night and found out she was messaging a guy and with that person the weekend after she came back the third time. I was done and so disrespected. I finally said I’m done. And forgot to mention was engaged to married and the wedding should was sept of 2019. But the best thing I have is God with me through it all to keep my head up and move forward
Cookie Gamer
This song is very good and i love it leave a like if u like it and if it is very good
Crazy and sad how a lot of people relate. Good ass song ????
Bryant Vance
Amanda Whitmore
I sent this song to my ex after he cheated on me
Melanie Harris
She said she was surprised to right a song where the girl gets treated wrong and wishes the guy well......she did great
Abigail Acosta
Love it
Tiffany Strach
Even know I’m married and so happy I still love this song
Maya Gustaveson
Tell me she doesn’t sound like miley cyrus and carrie underwood mixed together
i feel like this is the modern day before he cheats a
Abigail Bippert
my ex-boyfriend cheated on me and then left me just feel like I'm know?....
shelby smith
This song hits my soul so hard.
Lyndsey Does Gymnastics
I swear she sounds like miley cyrus and demi Lovato
Maria De'Vita
"a 2 am pic from her friend hanging on a guy and you just ain't him"
Maelynn Adcock
I love this song
Maggie Gibson
My favorite song ever! ❤️
Terry Little
I love this song
Claire Carpenter
This song is so petty I love it lol
I hope she makes you feel the same way about her that I feel about you right now ????????
Paytongail Oneal
This is the best song to listen to when you get cheated on
Tridon Mitts
I hope
Mystique Minx
Omg love it
Anne Kathryn Haggod
Love this this is vibes
debbie sumner
I love that so much
Amanda Aesho
I haven’t been cheated on but I sing this song like I have ????
In a whole relationship blastin this shit like I'm broken lol
Street Dman 215
may not have won American idol but she got her song on XTU
Summer Seymour
I hope you spend your last dime to put a rock on her hand ????????
Something you couldn't never do for me two children later
I just want to know what guy hurt her so deep. This song is spiteful.
Mark Orvin
Unbelievably powerful song
Carolina Pantoja
I love this song she is a great singer
Mandy Curn
Absolutely LOVE this song!! Very powerful and how we feel when you get hurt by that person you trusted..????
Melissa Cook
I hope she cheats like you did on ME!!!! I hope she makes you happy ????
Marufa Akter
That took an unexpected turn...
Keith Olsen
This song is just *absolutely vicious* ! so good!
Shaylee Caldwell
i love this song my fav ever
Dj Jeffreys
I have been cheated on
Juju Bug
The last boyfriend, was kind of distant one day, I asked him about it and he said, "I'm so sorry, I never want to make you feel that way, I love you," and a bunch of other stuff. Well he texted me later that day "I just don't like you, sorry I never really did." I called my 'Best Friend' to tell her about it, but she already knew. Now they have been dating for about 5 or 6 months.
Demonic Kitten
So I have been friends with this dude for years .. talked on and off we dated for a little bit online .. he cheated and started dating my other friends gf.. so they both cheated and we found out they had cheated and we’re leaving for each other while my other friends and I were on call she went around social media bragging how we were salty and how she stole him from a “dumb bitch “ .. whatever sis .. fast forward a year or so he unblocked me and we would talk when he was having problems with her by this time they were engaged .. she ended up cheating with his best man before the wedding they broke it off he left ... fast forward a few years and a few horrible relationships later .. he’s with this other chick ... started talking to me again talking about how he isn’t happy with her how she’s vanilla this that and the other talking about how he wants to leave .. all while texting and being on call with me almost 24/7 for 4 months talking about how he’s falling for me he’s gonna leave her to be with me wanted to come see me around Christmas ect ect .. well he starts acting weird then ghosts for like a week after messaging me freaking out .. so I’m worried after a week or so he messages me he is only back with her for this this this and this he wants to be with me still loves me ect ect ... long story short after that line of bs getting me in my feels and having me let all my walls down again .. he ghosted I’m blocked and he’s now engaged to the chick he couldn’t stand XD... I still have all the messages but I’m not gonna be petty and send them to her like I want too ... but u bet ur sweet ass I’m waiting on karma ????????
Kelly Umbarger
Love this song but she tall s my story
Hayli Gipson
my friend sent me this song and i now love it
Autumn Copeland
It does
Sammy G
Legit thought it was Miley Cyrus at first lol
Sandy L
???????? I hope she cheats!!!!
Emma Pope
Anyone who is here because of someone that did you wrong, just know there are seven billion people in this world, there is bound to be a few toads but don't let what they did change the view of yourself. You are an amazing, hand crafted person who deserves the best from anyone and a cheater is not the best of anybody.
General James
Cheating is a horrible thing no matter who does it. Anyone who does it deserves to have it done to them by someone they love as much as the person they cheated on before loved them.
Sarah Priebe
If y’all want some cheating stories from some strong ass people, scroll down❤️
Kielynn Rose
this song is so inspiring to girl everywhere
Taylor Whitlock
Today my parents and I were in the car and this song came on and I was in the backseat and I look up in the mirror and my step-dad is looking at me with a huge smile on his face because I was singing this song.
Katie Bug
When I first heard this song I thought it was Miley Cyrus ????????????????
Nicole Carter
Awsome song
ashley barr
I just found out for 5 years I have been being cheated on so thank u for this song
Casey Hurst
A girl doesnt forget the first time a guy cheats on her it makes her think about her feelings bout every guy shes with ????
Rainy Day Sweetheart
My ex cheated after 3 years of us being happily together. He had even started telling my parents and his that he wanted to propose to me...Found that out after he left. This song and God helped.
Gamer Kitten
“I hope you spend your last dime to put a rock on her hand!”
I laughed......
Kevin Redwine
Am I the only one who listened to this on repeat for 2.5 hours?
Hannah Watts
Isabella Bundy
same i do to its my favorite
Mia Leigh
“I hope you both feel sparks by the end of the drive. I hope you know she’s the one by the end of the night. I hope you never ever felt more free, tell your friends that your so happy.” Yo it got me!!!!
I hope she makes you feel the same way about her that I feel about you right now!
Wolf Girl
13 never dated anyone but love this song, it's amazing how that works......... ????????
Paulina G
Thought this was Miley Cyrus☠️
Kara Piercey
This song touches my soul!! My ex husband ran out on me and our two kids after 16 years for some woman he knew for a week. Broke my heart and soul, but they did me a favor cause I'm better than ever now
Autumn Oliver
I was with my ex fiancé for 2 years he cheated the whole time and I didn't know... While we where living together his mom moved in with us because she needed a place. I was paying for every single thing! I was working at Wendy's making 8.40 an hour ???? he was make 11.50 and his mom drawling social security because she's lazy! Them not paying anything! Come to find out once he broke up with me and I had to move back home out of state that night my "best friend" slept with him... Now they're together. But I know he's getting played???? kenneth McIntosh if you happen to find this and read it I want my shit back! And tell your mom to go fuck herself for all the pain and depression she put me threw and I want my fucking cat too! ☺️

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