I really enjoy Luke Combs catalog of songs OTHER than THIS one. It gives women a pass to act like children because they have a Cocaine factory ( for heterosexual men ) between THEIR legs. I like to lay with a woman; but the Juice is just no longer worth the squeeze. I got 99 problems...but a B ain't one.
I sang along with this one in the car while driving for Lyft and my passenger said "are you sure you're not Luke Combs?" It is the greatest compliment I've ever gotten.
dante opazo
Soy de Chile South América acá el country no es muy conocido.
Pero igual buenas canciones y grandes músicos!!!!!
Rc Vitals
Hey Everyone
Cindy I am still here, I still love you, and I can't never give up. I don't know how we got soo far gone we usually talk, work it out, and pull it back together.
But anyway, it's been 2 months, nothings changed on my end. I still want my family back. This love is love you don't find everyday.
Luke Thank you for the Song
Jason Caldwell
Hickory NC
#CindyBenson. FB
Charlotte Johnson
I actually refuse this song!! Idk but a guy sang this song toe me all the time and he wasn't nice. Not me at all
Ellie Schrader
Love this song
Mrs Beast
We bought tickets to your concert in Philly ❤❤
Ken Powell
Love this song !!!
Gulshen Hafiz
emma mostacci
wow luke u have a amazing vos wow u the best songs ever i lisin to all of thim keep the werk up nice ok ok thast a nof ok bye
Wayne Roam
Love this song, everyone needs to experience love like this
Hack Wilson
WITH ME by Dennis Callahan
Love Beauty
I first heard this when I was actually planning Jason Aldean "u make it easy" then Luke came on next I listened and he described me in this song, I'm a black female not that race matters but as I pulled up to my home my neighbors was lookin like wow she blastin that country, as ingot he he says hey I didn't Kno u listen to respond was yes I love country, not to mention my dad is a big fan of Garth Brooks and more that's where I got it from honestly, it's like a whole new twist n sound on music I love this song
Julia Lane
Used to be our song.
annie joyce
Wow! J'adore cette chanson, it is beautiful
Playlist Music
Por dios, la canción mas hermosa que pude haber escuchado ❤
Beautiful song
Calan Sparks
Such a beautiful song!!!
Now Then
Treadeway. If you ever come across this . Thanks for the memory .
Rc Vitals
Cindy I am still here, and I still love you.
Luke thank you for the song
Jason Caldwell
Hickory nc
#CindyBenson FB
Tracey White
Stop saying “if you’re here in 2019” whyyyy ????????
Jojo Cottrell
One of the best song ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? I love you
I like this Guy? have no Idea Why?
Gracie Acosta
Omg you sound so beautiful crazy he can't help but amaze me
Jay Moe
Beautiful song.
Amy Williams
I can't wait for the day someone looks at me and sees all of that ????????????????????????
Josie Rhodes
This is the song that hits me differently I’m not sure why it does. But I also call this my song and almost every time my boyfriend and I drive we play this song. He always sings to me but at the same time things might be going down hill. So tonight I listen to this song in the tears pain and the smiles. I listen and all the memories come back
Jonathan Chhangte
mark willis + blake shelton = luke
Sol Nulei
Luke you Legend ????????????????????
Samantha Nicole Cash
This lovely song is mine and my boyfriends. 8/17/19 ????????
Cynthia Dillehay
love this song!
mayhem boy3
you guys cant tell me that im the only one going through the comments looking for that one crazy chick that likes to attack people
Roman Pellegrini
Where's luke combs been the last 10 years
Justin Coller
I'm getting married this Saturday and every time I here this song I fall in love with my fiance again thanks for the song Luke!!
Jazmyn Ulm
I cry every time I watch this video, it's such a beautiful song????❤️
Rc Vitals
Hey Everyone,
The craziest thing happened to me today, I met a Biker named Karmine at the bar today, yes and this guy was like an angel, I told him what was going on with me.
Now I'm lil short blackman, I'm only 5'5 tall. This biker just got off work rode his harley over to the bar.
He said jason, you love cindy with all your heart, if she called you right now for help, you would leave right now to help her, even though yall are not together?
I said yes I would, I love her,
He said if she was trapped in the mountains you would risk your life in saving her, and you would go to the moon and back, and pay any price for cindy right?
I said yes in a heartbeat,
He said Jason would she do the same for you?
I said I don't know about now.
He said don't worry about when or where, would she do the same for you?
I was speechless, didn't know at all if she would.
This biker said Jason, thats the difference in loving someone, and being in love with someone. He said when you have both, you are a blessed person.
My mind was like wow.,
He also said you cant give heart with someone that has a agenda. meaning you giving heart to someone that isn't giving it back, and has a agenda, most of the time you are not part of their agenda.
After 17 years I cant turn off my heart like that, and he told me its gonna be the hardest thing you ever have to go through. He wasn't lying, I miss her soo much.
true story I can't make it up.
Cindy Benson I still love you, and Lil C, I am still fighting for you. Still
I don't know what to do, I am still lost, all I know is I love you and I'm still in love with you.
Thank you Luke for the Song,
Jason Caldwell
Hickory NC
#CindyBenson FB
Jan Michael Salas
Beautiful, crazy she cant help but amaze me!!❤❤
Crystal Fowler
Bad ass song....
Gab Wright
I love this song so much it's one of my favorites
Tanya Morris
I love lt
Gina Miswagon
i hope someone sends me this song one of these days when i meet the right guy ...
Dj Manyoso
My Snickers... WTF beautiful crazy. I never gave up on us... I hope one day you'll realize how much I truly love you my love.... Always #ck baby..
brennan smith
I fucked my cousin
David Hickey
I fully believe he did that in one take
TruLy - 4 - Ever
~~ LUV...@ 0:47 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
~~ tHE BIRTH of This Beauty !!
KvngSosa 31
“Cool thanks”????
What I love about this song is that Luke Combs literally got to sing a song about how crazy his lady is and everybody is like awe this is a beautiful song. So my hat's off to Luke for getting away with calling his girl crazy and making a number one song while he was at it. ????
Tammy McAbee
I AM beautiful and I AM CRAZY..
Rc Vitals
Hey Everyone,
No change and giving her space, I haven't talked to her in 2 weeks. Right now my heart races just thinking about her, I feel like a teen again. Like I passed by her in traffic and I wanted to duct down. I just don't know. 17 years moving on and letting go, go out on dates, meet someone else. I'm not there mentally.
Thank you everyone for reading
Luke thank you for the song,
Cindy Benson I still love you. Still
don't know any other way.
Jason Caldwell
Hickory NC
#CindyBenson FB
Trinity Vale
I love this song
Alexis Nichelson
this song makes think about my past
me xd
This is how I many people love beautiful crazy
Sumneikim Serto
The most beautiful song ever ❤
James Sharp
I Loveyou
Boss_ Andro
Wait what?! This song is already a year old it feels like i just heard it yesterday
8bit gaming
This came out at my birthday date love it
Omg I loveee this song!!
Mary Rasnick
My fiancee and I were split up n he sent me this video clip i lost it thiss song is our song bow i luv some luke combs
Rc Vitals
Hey cindy,
You remember when we went to the place where the movie the NoteBook was filmed, and we walked that dirt road. There was a tree with southern spanish Moss hanging from it. I picked it up and brought it home and hanged it in the tree in your front yard.
My feelings hasn't Changed Cindy, I still love you, in love with you and hope your safe and Ok.
Jason Caldwell
Hickory NC
#CindyBenson FB
Crazy cool song
hick singing is for hicks
D Lowkey
I played this and my girlfriend heard it and loves it
emily summit
love this
Tahnee English
Gosh, his voice is so beautiful.
Danica Dickinson
Ja das mit den beiden Seiten von dir und deinem Fall noch nicht ganz klar auf
Sangtei Renthlei kop
I love UA voice ????????????
Rc Vitals
still love you and I still miss you. and Lil C. Love Miss you is a understatement.
still fighting for you.
Jason Caldwell
Hickory NC
#CindyBenson FB
currently single but talking with a girl first date tonight. hoping it turns to a lasting relationship. and if so, i want this played at my wedding
Chanel Carey
I love this song ????
alex wilson
Here's a new replay button XD
Steve Sutherland
I never tire of hearing Luke's voice and I love this song so much
Tricia Davis
I love your songs
Daisy Saravique
Somebody puts this song be like I'm beautiful and crazy me if you put this I'm like I sing it
Arsene Marcjand
God's amazing Grace.
Rc Vitals
Hey everyone ,
I got a buddy name Ron Hardt, Ive known Ron about 10 years now. but the craziest thing we've only met like a handful of times. But when we talk its we are lifetime friends.
I told Ron what was going on with me, I said Cindy left me, and I have been fighting to get her back. I told Ron the truth, that I didn't pay any attention to her because I have been going to HVAC school planning and putting back money for us. I said Ron I did't tell her I was putting back money, but she saw I was going to school and all. I was really trying to make it happen, and I will be the first to say I didn't give her the attention she needed.
I did give her attention like in gifts and surprises, but not what she needed.
Ron Said Jason "She could only see what was NOT THERE... and she missed everything that was right in front of her."
it stopped me cold, I was like yes that is the truth.
You know, I will tell a women about cindy and how much I still love her and care about her and LIL C. Also what I used to do for Cindy and all. These women would tell me about their love life ex husbands or BoyFriends and what nots. At the end of the conversation these women would have feelings from me. For the life of me I couldn't understand why, I'm mean the whole conversation from my side is about Cindy. Like why would a women have feelings for someone after 1 conversation, and all they talked about was they love for their women or Ex.
My friend Ron Said, Jason the way you talk about Cindy, and that look in your eye, is what all women want deep down inside. I'm sitting there like what? He said your speaking from the heart, and they can feel your heart for cindy and they want that.
Needless to say I don't talk about cindy to women.
Cindy Benson I still love you, always have your still Beautiful to me, inside and out. Still.. we lay the pieces down and we don't pick them up.
Thank you everyone,
Thank you luke for the song if your ever in hickory again I will buy you a beer. I'm at a bar called Kick Back Jacks just about every night at 1030pm. I sit on the patio drink my beer listen to the music.
Jason Caldwell
Hickory NC
gram: 828Army
#CindyBenson FB
Penny Kershaw
His voice is amazing ????
Brouillette Stacy
emma dyer
Love thos song thank you for macking this lovely song
billie eilish
My boyfriend sent me the link to this and said it reminds him of me. I am so thankful for him ❤
Allen Whitworth
Wendy Spencer I love you so much It's on real
Julie Godmer
Luke combs just find always the good and all the word i would tell to my gf
Yante Mayle
He’s mine
Sherry Coakley
This is my daughter's song, TC, I wush you!!!! She's in Minnesota, miss you so much, love you, mom
Why is the "engineer" wearing a Where's Waldo cap?
Mop Head12
:( Im still waiting for you to walk in and make us laugh...
Rc Vitals
Cindy, I still love you. you remember that time we went to the park where forest gump was Flimed in savannah, GA.
I miss you and Lil C.
Jason Caldwell
Hickory NC
#CindyBenson FB
Richard Desousa
What a beautiful song
Holly Erin Williams
I've finally found a man who thinks of me this way! It's so nice to be so loved. I miss u and love u MTS ????❤
Ramiro Villa
❤️❤️ I love this song
Christina Sheriff
My favorite song!!!
Michael Clark Jr.
I love this song!!!!!!!!
E Mail
Greeting from Australia - Love this song amazing voice incredible talent! Thank u!!
I got this song down pat and the country boy I am, I need a PUDDIN to sing it too ????????????????????????❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
Steve Burns
That song just about every song that here reminds me so much of of my wife Marie even though we are a part I will always till my dying day I regret everything I did was not good enough there were nothing I could have done but that is me and that is my luck I can't do but two things wrong that is everything I do and everything I say and that chose the wrong wayI'm sorry my dear wife Marie we're not divorced but I Don't think you love me.
Yvonne Jarman
Awesome Everyday
Rc Vitals
Hey Cindy,
You remember that time there was a plastic plate in the oven and you turned the oven on without looking in it. We laughed and joked and blamed it on each other.
Cindy I miss you, naw thats not even close. I still love you, still.
Thank you Luke for the Song
Jason Caldwell
Hickory NC
#CindyBenson FB
I talk to other women and other people about us, and they are like Jason F that B, and She was just using you. move on, let go, and get under something new to help you get over her. Yep
I'm just like mentally i'm not there and my heart tells me not to give up. The tears are less, the dark thoughts are less, but she is still in my heart. we've been together since I was 23 24 years old and now I'm 41. Its, tough on my part to let go, but.....
Vhelle Aragon
My favourite song so far ❤️
Kyler Allen
About 2 yers ago my grandmother passed, she turned this then 'new' song up loud on the car radio and grabbed my hand, Tonight i listen again to your song, Through tears and laughter (all at the same time), thank you for your beautiful song. This song, your voice and passion, and the memories of the love of my life, will live in my heart forever. Bless you!
Reginald Smith bar
where she at
Julio Reyna
clean asf
Dear lord thank you for bringing this man to my life. He touches my soul
Jacqueline Waithira
I love you luke you touch the very fibres of my soul...much love from Kenya
Mop Head12
I keep coming back to this song because it makes me feel some way.. I fear nobody will ever feel that way about me and this just makes it easier
Mikey Mike
love this song so much
TruLy - 4 - Ever
@ 0:10 ... " what do you think LUKE " yeah i think we're ready, let's give the people what they want, this is the SONG they WANT " ....
~~ SIMPLY BEAUTIFUL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
~~ HOW LOVELY is ThaT ...WHEN UR MAN GETS U LIKE THIS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
TruLy - 4 - Ever
--, bad day perhaps ??? @ 2:43
( sour - puss - )
-- WELL, we've ALL had those Days, Right ??!! ??
Adrian Player
This is my wife to a tee
TruLy - 4 - Ever
@ 3:19...such a WONDERFUL ending...YES !!
-- luv THAT !!
-- AMAZING !! -- COMMENT !! @ 3:21 !!!!!!!!!!
-- " PRETTY DANG SONG " ...iS...RIGHT !!!!!@ 3:24 !!!
spyware 337
Can I react
Ivan Santiago
I'm a new fan now ....
Krysten Lara
I love this song! I play it every night to put my son asleep!!
Amanda Hip
My Husband wanted to picked out and surprise me with our first dance as husband and wife. He was pretty excited about it so I let him. This was the song he chose and I cried my eyes out while dancing! I absolutely love this song and it will always have a special place in my heart.
Mr Pool Player
Good song for a concert.... good country RAP....
Jordan Scheurer
I love his music but the next people that says I look like him is getting throat punched lol
Lyrical Terrorist
Allison Fairfield
I have a date on 10/26 in Davis and if all goes well thinking of going to see you. I just discovered you 10 minutes ago and your voice moved all the stagnate cells in my body.
Laura Salaiz
I’m his beautiful crazy love him
Jonathan Lawrence Gagnon
You know I sound good singing it with words than I go to karaoke style lol ???? than just straight carp ????????????
beastmode jr
Hey can some one like this I want someone to like it because tm is my birthday wish me a happy birthday plz
Jaylene Quintero
Her day starts with a coffee and ends with a wine
Takes forever to get ready so she's never on time for anything
When she gets that come get me look in her eyes
Well it kinda scares me the way that she drives me wild
When she drives me wild
Beautiful, crazy, she can't help but amaze me
The way that she dances, ain't afraid to take chances
And wears her heart on her sleeve
Yeah, she's crazy but her crazy's beautiful to me
She makes plans for the weekend, can't wait to go out
'Til she changes her mind, says, "let's stay on the couch and watch TV"
And she falls asleep
Beautiful, crazy, she can't help but amaze me
The way that she dances, ain't afraid to take chances
And wears her heart on her sleeve
Yeah, she's crazy but her crazy's beautiful to me
She's unpredictable, unforgettable
It's unusual, unbelievable
How I'm such a fool, yeah I'm such a fool for her
Beautiful, crazy, she can't help but amaze me
The way that she dances, ain't afraid to take chances
And wears her heart on her sleeve
Yeah, she's crazy, she's crazy, she's crazy
But her crazy's beautiful to me
Her crazy's beautiful to me
William Ondrovich
Kim.....????....I miss u like crazy. But I’ll stay away for the rest of forever if that’s what makes u the happiest. I guess that’s why I’m writing u on here. Smh. Things weren’t supposed to be like this. Ur happy with him, so I’m happy for you. And you’ll never know.
Rc Vitals
Cindy I still love you snd i miss you lil c everyday every moment. Be safe where ever you are.
Thank you luke for the song
Jason Caldwell
Hickory NC
#CindyBenson. FB
Ridge Ward
Awesome song
Emily Pillsbury
this is such good song it gives me chills...
Lee Davey
Hands down the best artist out right now. In many aspects. This dudes got it. So glad I've came across his music. Hope to meet you someday Luke and get a happy birthday on my facebook. That would be epic
Bobbie Jones
this is one of my faverit songs
Glenn Burbridge
This is my partner all over
Alexis Tobin-Chaytor (STUDENT)
Anyone else here in October 2019??
Abigail Hebble
your singing is wonderful
Colette Markle
Omg. What a voice. ????
Alfonso D
Dakota Hopkins
Is it just me or when he says he going to master a selfie and holds up snapchat, who else is wondering what what his snapchat is? ????
Sandy Haynes
I'm so in love with luke combs.
Little lori Weir
Love this so much thank you
Cereal Killer
All these stupid sprint ads
Hi I’m Sabrina
Elle Garrison
My boyfriend and I were dancing and he was singing this the whole time then ended by saying this is us.
Yoli Suggs
He knows the real me????????????
n j
U definitely mastered the selfie and the song
michael blaine
Yah gf, and what I thought was my future wife, of 8 years left me a month ago almost to the day, and i can tell you, dont "give the people what they want" but give YOU what YOU want, because no matter what.... THEY are going to do what THEY want to do regardless of what YOU have to say and the love that YOU have to give. Some people just dont want to be saved.... Stay strong country lovers...
Terri Corchado
I love is song 2019
Charisa Adkins
Love this song <3
AA Baker
First time hearing this, my husband and I were riding in the car together, and once he reached the she makes plans for the weekend part we both burst out laughing. The whole song is the truth. He swears this song was made for girls like me and hasn't stopped listening to it since.
Kady Bailey
loveeeee this song
Josh Hoyt
Love this song
Chris Givens
Wow, I didn't know that was Scott Moffat lol
Mandy Schmitt
Does anyone else feel like this it not the song that would have came from his heart...
Just wonderin bc of the beginning... i kinda wanna hear it if thats the case.
Love this song though
Rc Vitals
cindy I'm still here and I still love you. I'm sorry for whatever I've done and the things I didn't do. For the things ive said and didn't say. be safe.
Love always,
Luke thank you for the song,
Jason Caldwell
Hickory NC
#CindyBenson FB
Linda Hickox
By but Darrel was not to blame him for
John Gantley
This song reminds me of the only woman that still has my heart. Even though shes in heaven.
itsnahreen mae
This made me cry imagining myself walking in the isle with this song
Wade Pierce
How does this song have 34,000 dislikes!
Malina Aragon
From the video looked liked he didn't care about it but put passion into the song..he's a good artist..and one of my favorite songs
Stephanie Gordillo
Not a fan...
Zoe is the day you are a little girl and she is a little too hot and a little bit of her a little too little to her and I have to go get her a car and then go get a car and she is going with a car she is a car she has a good car she needs to her and get her to her car and then she has to her she is up she is a good little girl she
Ashley Varnadore
Love your songs
Audriana Gonzales
I love this song so much!!?????????♥️♥️
Winters Winters
Winters Winters
I heard this at my cousins wedding on Saturday could agree more with her on her choice of music.
Tania Olgoin
I love the song
mat v
The most beautiful song ever. Thankyou
Cynthia Brewer
My guy shared this song with me. Am so blessed to have him in my life.
brandi davies
soo good
Anita Bustos
Placer auditivo ????
Lil Lilacnightmare
My pfp is you becuase I ???? your music and I am 8 years old
Marcus stokes
I’m both a country and city boy I used to live with my grandmother and she would listen to stuff like this all the time like I’m not a country fan but if it comes on I’ll listen too it
Angeles Sophia Arvizu
Hello from , Albuquerque New Mexico ! Originally from AZ ❤️
Jerome Binuya
this one's for my girl that got away
Andrea Lived
I hate this song
Martha Garciasoto
Love love this song♥️❣️????????????????????????????????
Alyssa Cottrell
I feel like this describes me perfectly. Almost all of it.
Rhonda Johnson
I am who I am , I am O.K. being CRAZY!
Andrea Lived
My stupid soon to be ex husband said this was me! He was right.
Tobin Burchett
Gives meaning to the way true love should feel! Take the good with the bad and make memories in Life with whom you cherish and Love!!
Brooklyn Grimm
my dads fav song cause it reminds him of mom but he crys to much listening to it
Emma Plays
Your pretty ????????????????????????????????????
Kenneth Bussell
omg this song is crazy great i sing your songs every day oh and i want to be a singer my mom says im tuned like my dad u i wis she now i can sing but im scared to sing can you teach me some lessons
John Gantley
Thank you for all the the comments she was my fishing buddywe did everything together and we argued we laugh we had fun and she was crazy I Luke Combs got it right her crazy was beautiful to me
Denise Mendez
Idaho will love to have u I now u are going to Caldwell or Nampa but twin fall will be better for all farmer. U sing beautiful hope to see u near Idaho twin falls
Bryan Parrish
great job Luke keep writing them songs
Destiny Shaktman
I sound just like him my dad saids
Nicole Knauer
I'm perfectly happy staying home on the couch, even if during the week I THINK I want to go out lol...I would love a man to be okay with that. I'm a teacher and by the weekend, I need rest and a man to be supportive of that would be amazing. Maybe one day.
Erica Reynolds
This is the song that got my daughter through open heart surgery at 4 months old.. luke combs was the only thing that could calm her down ❤
Kevin Robertson
This song is crazy beautiful ❤
Christopher fain
it's song from my wife Brittney
sandy russell
привет от кактуса
Richard Desousa
Beautiful crazy, real life baby
C Car
Is it just me? I have listened to this song a thousand times and I get goosebumps every time!!! His voice is perfection.
Benji Loudermilk
Sup this is my friends song right here
Yemi Banigbe
Yes she is crazy, but her crazy is beautiful to me.
Love it
One of the most beautiful songs I've ever heard...brought tears to my eyes.
judy wilkins
LOVE this song
Queen Butterfly
My bf dedicated this to me
kim striplin
This is my absolute favorite song by luke combs :)
Gene Davidson
Check one two
Nuel Kasenda
Hi, i'm Fans Luke Combs from Indonesia ????????????????????????????????????????????
Kade Holden
Go listen to my country music covers on my YouTube page Kadelee99 or Kade Lee Holden . Most of my songs is recorded from a couple years ago but I learned a lot of luke combs songs and I'm older and more mature now at the age of 21 and I'm more then ready to cover some of his songs. Singing is my dream
Courtney A Griffin
Thank you for this song. I have always loved it.
Jeremy E. Higgins Sr.
Christy Joynerrice I love you beautiful
Nick Robbins
This was the song, that my now ex girlfriend and I kinda made ours. Shes moving on and i just can't if you are to find this alessandra i still love you baby and i hope we can make things work again because youre perfect youre hands down the best thing to ever happen to me and im sorry long distance didnt work for us anymore.
Josh Shipp
This song was made after my fiance. It describes her to the tee. She amazes me all the time. Thank you to my Cathy Lynette!!I love me some of you!!!
This song was my first dance as Mrs. Hill <3
Louise Mcmanus
This is mine and my dad's song????
Tammy McAbee
Blair, u always say I'm Beautiful and crazy#truth
Dana Quarrles
Anne Firethorn
I will never understand the amount of dislikes on his videos...just why? You can hit "like " or leave it be just for the relateability of his songs if nothing at all. Its hard for me to find something to actually "dislike" in him.
Daniel Bramlett
I get a George Jones vibe when he sings "she falls asleep "
Very nice
diệp hạ lam
Very good
Kaimana Hardy
Is anyone else singing this at work as loud as they can cause I am ????????❤️
mark fuentes
My daughter has had seizures all day and this is the only thing calm her down shes smiling now but well see how today ends
Sara Milburn
Mr. Know It All
I break down every time listening to this song.
Wish someone could sing me this song...I may not be beautiful but I can be crazy. :D a sweet way.
Felicia Gonzales
Nice song the song is Good
Felicia Gonzales
Is that really happened like if that stuff happened to you like did it or something I'm sorry but good job you did a good job on that song ????????????????????
Jessica Carter
Where her heart on her sleeve and he said he needed it to
Elvis Lewis
i am so sorry for your husband avatarian :(
Leobardo Uriostegui
Nice. Soon. In. Biutifol. Craisi.
ali and lola brumlow
This is like me and my mom
monique arrieta
Wish I had this still rip Aaron
20 000 Subscribers With 0 Videos Challenge
If you're still here you will have good luck
Like to activate
yeeting bois
My dad said this is my mom
Emily Wallace
My bestfriend just sent me the link to this song and told me it reminded him of me????
Colby Walker
This song is my fav my daddy sings it to me ????????????
His voice is freakin majestic
Elizabeth Hernandez
Beautiful song ????makes my heart beat a different way ????
Maddy Caldwell
My mom and her boyfriend said that this is there love song
Chloe Reynolds
I cry ever time i hear this my boyfriend played it everyday for me and he broke up with me a week ago
Tommy Ortiz
Because I wanted to do what I wanted and she didn’t ruined it plus more. Hearing this just hurts me still and it’s been 2/3 years. :(
36k dummy's don't like this song. Tone deaf!
jacob gallegos
I dedicated this song to this pretty lady that made me believe n love again nd eventually left me all heart broken but I'll always love u beautiful crazy Jessica Solis wish u would just come home????????nd she will always have my heart forever nd always
Tammy Bailey
My man bobby said i am beautiful but i can be a little crazy but i love that song when he sings it to me and i love hem so much
Samantha Sumpter
This song makes me happy because my dad always sings it when it's on
Anyone from Saudi Arabia ? LIKE
Quincy Simms
I love it too
Mira N Y
Heard it for the first time and just broke into tears..bitter-sweet. Wonderful Thank you
Luke Combs is my favorite country singers and i know all his songs and i am 12 years old
he is one of my favorite country singers
Cheyenne Hetherington
In love with your music ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Rebecca Muchnick
We found Waldo
Angela Mariexo
Got to see Luke play at the Opry last year before he made it big and I’m so proud of how far he has come. ❤️❤️
janet tesot
My ex played this songs two weeks ago ..and am in love with it i keep listening to it over and over again..
Anthony Mitchell
our wedding song
this is true about my girl
Alexis Meemken
I like Luke Combs.So good
Myscathycandoit 1
I love this song soooooo much. ????
Rosanna F. Stafford
Love your Voice ❤️
Traci Remshardt
Dec 2019 going into 2020 loving his music.. Much love and respect
Norma Jean Jairam
Such a beautiful song Luke:) Greetings from the Island of Saipan The Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands
Sylvia Stallion
You do not need my help anymore:)))
Sylvia Stallion
Kenny just went to bed in Nashville. I'm his wife n no I'm not crazy. Sylvia Ann Stallion Chesney
lesley bob
Love love this <3 and Love Lukes Voice <3
Alistair Cooke
Beautiful song ❤
Is it bad that i don’t think of a single person when i hear this song? just a sad pulling on my heart.
Sele Mix
this is the song my boyfriend says reminds him of me... he says crazy but he finds it beautiful!!! thank u for this luke
Someone sent me this song today...Wow! beautiful tears, the accuracy of it all. ????????????????????????????. Heart melting.
Charlotte i love your videos Salazar
This song is for Charlotte mitchell
Angela Netherton
Sing it brother sing!!Whew!
cody garrett
Debra holder.
Nevaeh Ramey
this video is such a natural raw kind of video and a beautiful song
Aylah Garson
Sherri Hooper Serao
Anyone that knows me, knows I dislike country music. This song came on the radio and I was going to change it, but I listened to the beginning of it and I was hooked! This damn song got me emotional. This song is 120% me!!
0:27 what is he doing??
He sings so pretty, love it, sexy
Your voice pulls the tears out of people! Very rare skill. Thank you for sharing it with the world!
I just became a fan
Love to see Wyatt in the studio still!
No woman feels more beautiful, than to dance with your partner, when a cover band plays this song. I would love to see Luke sing this though!
Martha Stephens
I cannot hear this enough !
Jarad Pevey
you are one of the best singers
Walter Buddy Martin
This is my wife, and I love her.
Denise Clark
#Luke. #Combs. **LOVE THIS SONG GREAT JOB WITH THE LYRICS!! "SHE GOT THE BEST OF ME" Is Another Good One!! Big Hugs from a fan in Virginia????**
Jay Humble
$1:07 51.07 cents a day!
Melissa Staley
Love this song
Maryeve D
Loveeee this song so much !!! It’s perfect.
Jamie Foiada
Sends me chills.
I hate country... But mr combs is very ... Endearing ... Thanks to someone for sending me thos
pureRedneck 05
Good song
Toàn Văn
Wonderful song <3
Dusty Mosley
This song I gave to my wife she's my better half my beautiful and my crazy
Juanita Parrish
This reminds me of my sister in law Heidi McAlister I love you and thank you for everything
Moonwalker 265
December 2019?
Kevin Weber
Worlds best song only listened to it 100x and now going to listen to it every day until I die! Thanks Luke! We appreciate you! From MN TO THE END!
Sean Carter
My little cousin died 8 months ago and this song comes me down when I’m sad about her and my heart melts slowly away when it ends
CMA song of year 2018???? still good in 2019❤️
Karen Shockley
Wish I had a true love
Thomas Penninger
Jennifer, hey you!! You will always be my beautiful babygirl!! NO MATTER WHAT 143
Sound Loud
Love him right off the bat.
José R. López
I´m from Spain.
Luke Coms makes me love country music.
Ricky Thorgerson
Should just change your name to Luke Gold! Everything you touch or create is Gold! Amazing artist! Don’t stop doing what you’re doing! Artist of the decade anyone??
???????? Ye all have love sick ????????????????????????????????????
Mariah Crews
One day, a man will feel this way about me - unconditional love. Thank you Luke for reminding me what's possible. ❤️
nicki Parsley
Man I want to meet Luke Combs his songs touch my heart
Melthon Fallitang
Ahhhw..its always cool my mind
Jonathan Gillenwater
This is definetly my wife after being married almost 17 yrs. in a few months if there's one thing I'm sure of she my beautiful and my crazy and thats why i love her with all my heart and soul. I love you to the moon and back Sonya Gillenwater!!
J Patrick
I love you’re songs
lylkym malabad
who was here before the vid got 1 mil.???
Darrius 797
I don't even think that was him first time I seen without hat
grace moseley
This song makes me break down every time I hear it. It got me through the toughest time in my life
Akira German
Dear God, I love his voice!!
Jordan Taylor
I love this song so much ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️????
Christopher Hicks
This song lights up my heart????
xiauyx y
I love this song, i miss you xoxo
Adrienne Hammond
My dad gave me this and I cried
Rob Butler
I LOVE YOU!!! xx
Jennifer bara
Damn I used to be ur crazy beautiful Thomas . I hurt so bad for u and I shouldn't but I do
Ilisia Juarez
I love this song
Ilisia Juarez
I saw saw u in odessa and i soon as i herd it omg that luke
Raegan Cole
I don’t think I’ve had a song touch me like this one
Andre King
This song makes me think of the woman i love and always will
Kory Knable
My Wife loves when I sing this to her even tho I don’t sound like Luke in my head I do but hey
Emilio Avila
Chuck Segovia
you are amazing crazy and yet I don't know who you are
Diana Gomez
Me la dedicaron hoy ????❤️✨????
Benjamin McCubbins
It's amazing how effortless being this good is for him. He was meant to save country!
Sean Blair
My wife and I had our 1st dance to this song, and as we danced we sang to each other with soft tears falling from our eyes. I Love you my Beautiful Pookie Bear
RenukaEM Michael
Beautiful song. ❤ it!
Josey Wales
Lites is so Beautiful to Me ..... She was My Greatest Pleasure and My Greatest Pain ..... We will Always be in Love .... This Kind of Love is Selfless .... We both Know that it is also Harmful ..... We both care for Each Other more than We Care for Our Selves ..... We Keep Away from Each Other to Protect the Other ..... I Told Her that I Will be There when Her Time to Pass Comes ...... To Hold Her Hand ..... I Hope She Summons My Presence when She Needs Me ...... The Love of My Life is More Important than Me.
Matt Fischer
The guys face at 2:33 is me when I think about my wife. He just looks lost or in a quick trance thinking about his love for a sec. Who would’ve thought 15 yrs together, 9 married, 3 little studs later that my love is still growing for her more than the day we married. This song makes me cherish her more. Hope you all find the one and cherish it. It might only ever come 1 time and in the blink of an eye, it could be only a memory that you wish you were still living in. Give it ????% everyday.
Shantelle Becerra
Love love this song
Animal Kingdom
Woah this is bad, what happened?
Chatona Pierson
My 1 yo FAC song been singing to her since birth
Deann Michaud
This is the best song.think of a great man when its on
Anthony Spicer
Man I like that song????
Lukas Gould
Scott Moffatt from The Moffat's is cooler as a producer.
Prisci L-Ray
This is my 1st time hearing this song and I love it.going through something and been crying all day but this song just calmed me down ❤
Brenda Daley
I love this song so much, was introduced to this song from a best friend, it's our song. I love it.
Cyndie Clay
neigbors big smo
Luke Dellinger
i am going to go and get her ..i hope to god and pray she is still willing to give me a chance ..i dont deserve one ..i wouldnt waist it this i promise..i dont want to lose another min of being in her life
Roy Corkill
Luke killed it
BTS V is listening to this song now!
Jenna Whelan
All the dislikes are people who are jelly they can’t get away with calling a woman crazy
Kamal Hussein
I love it
Sherri Parker
what is luke combs snapchat
Fruin Place
Hey guys, we are a country duo from Glasgow, Scotland. Our music is on YouTube, Spotify and More!
Pease give it a listen to! It would be awesome if you could!
Joseph Chee
She's crazy
Opal Straley
This is the song that made my fiance ask me out on a date ❤
Rappers suck dick Tiffany said so
Luke Combs is a handsome man much like my boyfriend Harry I love u ur amazing beautiful love songs are my favorite country songs from Tiffany today is my bf birthday he will be 50 I love u Luke Combs thanks for everything ur music is beautiful
Courtney Tyler
“Cool thanks”
Ggg Kerfont
So awesome. Damn from Toronto
Timothy Lane
fuckin beautiful ass song. saw luke live this past summer and me and the old lady slow danced to this one. he is awesome.
Vannessa Artigas
I love you Luke
D Blanke
Awesome !!!!!
Trần Sun Tuyết
A Di đà phật ????
J-Time Jones
I love your song
Kimmy Rainey
ahh, the way he holds out "me" at the very end. whoo. i get chills every time. beautiful. <3
Ruth Zipp
gorgeous song that is special to me.......
Big Country outdoors
We don't need another pretty boy singing pretty songs smh
I do Everything
Can we all just take a moment to appreciate the fact that he was recording himself with his phone while singing this amazing song
Debra Parkerson
Love your music... Praying for a miracle to stop human voices I hear 24/7....when the world will come back together... Alittle bit of my sons life in the hands of people at LEC being singled out an called a blue eyed devil in a religious setting yes he was young but devil must be his radio active hater.... Grandson name Xavier an man that sold him gray ss truck was used as well then passed away. Well I think not.... Much love an respect.......
Maybe a Matt around his age...
I ❤ this song. Beautiful!
Johnny Mchugh
Her day starts with a coffee
And ends with a wine.
Takes forever getting ready.
So, she's never on time
For anything.
When she gets that come-get-me
Look in her eyes,
Well, it kinda scares me
The way that she drives
Me wild.
But she drives me wild.
Beautiful, crazy.
She can't help but amaze me.
The way that she dances,
Ain't afraid to take chances.
And wears her heart on her sleeve.
Yeah, she's crazy,
But her crazy is beautiful to me.
She makes plans for the weekend,
Can't wait to go out
'Til she changes her mind.
Says, "Let's stay on the couch
And watch TV."
And she falls asleep.
Beautiful, crazy.
She can't help but amaze me.
The way that she dances,
Ain't afraid to take chances.
And wears her heart on her sleeve.
Yeah, she's crazy,
But her crazy is beautiful to me.
She's unpredictable, unforgettable.
It's unusual, unbelievable.
How I'm such a fool!
Yeah, I'm such a fool for her.
Beautiful, crazy.
She can't help but amaze me.
The way that she dances,
Ain't afraid to take chances.
And wears her heart on her sleeve.
Yeah, she's crazy.
She's crazy.
She's crazy,
But her crazy is beautiful to me.
Her crazy is beautiful to me.
Theresa Poole
Love this sometimes makes me cry????????
Joe Hoe
@John Gantley
I'm sorry for your loss man... I can't even begin to imagine your pain brother... but she is watching over you and smiling down on you!!!! Thank you for sharing that because and read your post and thought to myself I really should appreciate the woman I have because life is not promised and we could be gone at anytime.. Much Love
Christopher Johnson
This song is mine and my bestfriends favorite song. I fell for her and she is truly beautiful crazy. I'm just found out that she chose to hookup with a mutual friend and I'm not sure how to get past but I'll try for her.....
Yo Em
Hermosa cancion....Luke Combs cantas Chingón.
Kent Rich
My wife, 1000%. Lost without her.
Beth Emrick
I love this song
Bianca Salvatore
I have laryngitis because of this song!! I LOVE THIS SONG!!!
Dreya daniel
Omg this has me all up in my feelings ????❤️
Alison Barr
Luke Combs is a really good singer
Brooke Lewis
This song makes me so sad and happy at the same time! Anyone else feel it? I love this song.
Daniel Alexander
Remind me and MADDIE
gene Reynolds
To my wife Nancy and my daughters.
Monty Penney
Where is she 100%outsiders! ????????❤!
I didn’t know that you knew me and my wife Caz this song bro is us 210%????????????????she’s my wife,lover, and best friend since we was kids..
Tiggy and Friends
nice song my mom will never stop singing now i love this song and this even got her a boyfriend
Michael Palladino
I'm auditioning for the voice in three weeks this is the song I'm singing
Amor Aranda
Reminds me of my friend ????felicia
Lynn Meyer
This song is me to a very honest T.. but it means so much more than me. It's my strength song. I'm proud of who I am
machelle odom
Beautiful song
Lataisha Gates
I loved rhis song
Michael Jay MIller
Amazing is right. yin to my yang
Bryceson Mannila-Andrus
I would love a remix of this song ft brantley gilbert anyone else think that would be a good duo for this song?
AVC Collections
Just when he said “this is what people, let’s give to people wha they want” it just turned it off to me. I always thought his songs meant something to him... ????
Alyssa Dooli hop yougit bedrey
This kinda makes me cry
Sarah Mountjoy
My soulmate dedicated this song to me I love it it's a beautiful song
Brittyn P
This song reminds me of my grandma that passed a few months ago she was my favorite grandma
Ray Ramirez
Ima hiphop listener but when I found this randomly I was happily surprised, this song just beautiful, ain’t nun u can say otherwise.
Andy Bennett
Brooke all over
Tapu Pauli
Her day starts with a coffee and ends with a wine
Takes forever to get ready so she's never on time for anything
When she gets that come get me look in her eyes
Well it kinda scares me the way that she drives me wild
When she drives me wild
Beautiful, crazy, she can't help but amaze me
The way that she dances, ain't afraid to take chances
And wears her heart on her sleeve
Yeah, she's crazy but her crazy's beautiful to me
She makes plans for the weekend, can't wait to go out
'Til she changes her mind, says, "let's stay on the couch and watch TV"
And she falls asleep
Beautiful, crazy, she can't help but amaze me
The way that she dances, ain't afraid to take chances
And wears her heart on her sleeve
Yeah, she's crazy but her crazy's beautiful to me
She's unpredictable, unforgettable
It's unusual, unbelievable
How I'm such a fool, yeah I'm such a fool for her
Beautiful, crazy, she can't help but amaze me
The way that she dances, ain't afraid to take chances
And wears her heart on her sleeve
Yeah, she's crazy, she's crazy, she's crazy
But her crazy's beautiful to me
Her crazy's beautiful to me

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