I didnt get cheat on but damn I love this song
Jacquelyn Daugherty
It sounds just like miley omggggg
First song of yours I heard... amazing voice, killer song.
I gave everything possible, & my ex cheated on me “numerous” times, according to her counselor. She didn’t think he’d tell me, but he DID: he also gave me his notes. She cleaned out the retirement account, & got the $270,000 house, but my kids know the truth ... & that’s priceless.
Marcia Dos Santos
ok my friend sent me the link to this song cuz i recently just found out my bf cheated on me and im feeling way too inspired to trash his car and spray paint CHEATER on his windows
Sarah Pelletier
She's the best
Tina Russell
God I LOOOOVE this!!!
Fatima Hamid
I really thought this was Miley Cyrus singing the song until I finally found the song on YouTube. She’s amazing! ♥
Krystle Marie
Amazing song. Great artist.
Jessica Walker
I’m a big fan Gabby Barrett
Larry Smith
I love country music and this my fav I grew up listen to country ❤️ my jam
Akili Preston
Damn I'm in love
Sophia West
Best country song I have heard in a while
OMG I Saw This Video On Twitter and Fell In Love With The Song, Wow You Are Incredible
Isabella kelley
Its like Carrie Underwood & Miley Cyrus had a baby.
Kimberly Arbogast
Gabby im comeing to meet you soon when you to morgentown wv im 12 and i cant wait and nice song cant wait to see you
How is this country music???
Spencer Belcher
Guys, she's 19. Holy moly.
Justin Kidding
Of everyone on her season of American Idol, she clearly was the one most obviously 'festival ready', able to hang with the big dogs and succeed right away. Her drive is impressive. She wants it and she's obviously got what it takes.
Sirius Nemesis
Wow ????
You are so amazing ... ????????????????
I Love this Song!
Dakota Wiley
Fucking awesome song
The master playz
Dam this is the fucking BEST SONG that I seen and it makes me want to make my own song I love this song
Creating Beauty
This song is soooooo good.
Leeann Cannon
How is this not charting?! AMAZING
Heard this song on a playlist today at 4.30. Nearly twelve hours later and I have listened to it at least 10 times. Epic song!
This song is so powerful
Autumn Stars
Me and My best friend love this songggg!!!!!
Zhoee Miller
this is my favorite song right now
isabelle elliott
Miley cyrus and demi had a baby and made this human being gabbie berret
Ashley Kvilvang
I walked into my ex having sex with a girl.. he told me it was my fault because we argued the night before.. I was dumb and gave him another chance.. what happened? He cheated aaaagain. When we broke up I told him "I hope you fall so hard in love with a girl and she's does all the same shit that you've done to me.." he had the nerve to say "that's fucked up". Ever since I've discovered this song its been on repeat.. I feel this in my soooul.
willy potts
"Allen Foster sent me here.....and i am ever grateful to him "|♫
Eric Lampkin
I like the idea of t he song
Kimberly Arbogast
I hope they all feel the spark's by end the of drive
Summer faith
Omg i have to see her live omg omg omg????????????????????????????she has really helped me the past month thank you God bless you your beautiful in every way
Summer faith
So much passion and heart she lets it all out that's what's real about singing I wish I would been singer I've been singing my whole life I was asked when in was younger and I passed it up now I regret it love her and her voice thank you so much for your music
Lynn Hodges
Gabby is so freakin awesome and I really hope no man will ever cheat on her we all are looking at Baby Carrie Underwood
Morris Branch
"I Hope" rises from #38 to #32 with a bullet on Billboards Hot Country Songs Chart & has finally hit the top 50 in Billboard Country Airplay at #50!! ????????????
Ray Liz
When I heard this on the radio I thought it was a Miley song to Liam. This chick has an amazing voice and she’s not trashy like Miley
Hacked ya'll 21
You are a good singer
Isaiah Shelton Vlogs
This song could relate to most peoples life, I love it and love you Gabby!
Katelynn Stagner
If Carrie Underwood and Demi Lovato has a baby:
F Saechao
Twitter sent me here lol
Carla Crouse
Katie Lugones
Currently playing over the speaker at Walmart
Still trying to use that FAKE country accent and it sounds like crap. Evidence by the number of dislikes! How many producers did she have to sleep with to get recorded?
Sally Jean Cordova
I hope....i know....he loves me.....
Sally Jean Cordova
Frankie n Sally Fernandez
I could do without the 'I hate my ex, I am a victim' trope and the auto tune is annoying. But she has talent.
Damian Cain
Should be a guy version because its not always the man that cheats.
Toni Golden
Shawn Smart from Elba,, Alabama this is For You!!! As for Me... I'll be alright...
Jenny Hensel
Girls gonna collect alot of rewards for this one this Year.. Watch!!!! One of the best songs of 2019!!
Todd Fair
I am freaking addicted to this song lol love you so much #yougogirl #girlpower (this is a girl by the way) love you ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Dear gabby, I love you so much❤❤ I loved your music even before you were on American idol. You have such a gift and I am so happy you have come this far. I am so proud of you, keep up the good work
Brian Westmoreland
I like how she is a huge Carrie Underwood fan and Carrie Underwood's first song was about cheating and so is hers
TheDiamondScorpion __ 65__
wow thos lyrics tho
Gabrielle Kelly
Gotta love a Gabby. Lol
Don’t get me wrong I love this song, but how is this country and not just pop?
TShirtArtDesignQueen Leo
wow powerful song...been there
Katie Novello
I love it
Jeremy Hatch
Gabby i hope you see this but THIS IS THE BEST SONG EVER
Jeremy Hatch
Like I listened to this and said oh ok this is not a bad song then I listened to it like 5,000 more times
Saimon Sarker Rome
Love it ????
I Love This Song I Play It In My Car & Apartment I Turn It All The Way Up & Dance To It I Love It
karen morris
should be number 1. Her voice is amazing. This song suits her.
Tricia Miller
OMG! I LOVE this!
Cambria Pigg
she is so beautiful. keep it up gabby you are the best and i love your voice.
Jeff Hill
Date la vuelta
Siarhei Yakimovich
i love this song it made me sing along
Skyla Chastain
who could cheat on you your so adorable
Jijo Mathew
I'm here for my daily dosage ????
Shentel Henry
bad ass song!!!!
Lisa Larson
Amen you go girl I feel the same way
Jennifer Miles
Ouch bitter lyrics. Good song but damn.
Morris Branch
"I Hope" rises from #32 to #31 with a bullet on this week's Billboard Hot Country Songs Chart!! A new peak!!
Kayla Craig
Hearing this song on the radio, I thought it was Miley. What a beautiful voice!
Butters The Grey
My current therapy song
Wayland Gray
Hi comment scroller
Hayley Robinson
She spoken the words that most women are scared to say.!!! I Hope She Cheats !????
jada prioleau
I’m hearing a hint of Miley Cyrus
Brandy Robinson
Obsessed with this song!!
Holly Davis
I swear I broke the replay button
Amanda Bowling
Gabby your so talented and your music is great this song truly put me on the spot about so much and I'm happy I got to listen to it keep up the great work I so wish to be you your so talented and beautiful and this song is so relatable on so many levels thanks Gabby...????????
John Doe
This is my second time listening to this song after hearing it a few hours ago on an autoplay happening and I already love this song and this singer.
It speaks the truth and none of that "Oh I wish them the best" bullshit.
new found life
who the fuck is this
Non ya Business
Just..... whoa........
Sheila collins
Darn it girl..ya should have won AI that year but oh well yer doing well !!❣
sounds like miley cyrus
Johnny this song is for you and get out of my life and go straight to Hell and burn
Joyce Milia
wow she's great!
Paula Raymond
Chase Couturier
I freaking love this song! Gabby is such a great singer... like ugh it’s been 4 days now and this is the only song I come back to and may I add that her outfit is well put together ????
alexandria davila
I want her shirt <3
Elizabeth Wioskowski
Who ever cheated on her messed up BIG time!! ❤
Misty Willis
Who couldn't love this song?
Diena Sandoval
Oh my heaven's you have no idea how much this song is about me!!! Thank you Gabby!!!!
Crystal Eure
Beautiful song!
Alyssa Reynoso
On repeat!! Love this song, can’t relate though.
Josie Chapman
This song is so amazing i like it so much
dsdwarehouse222 fields
Jane Daily
I don't listen to country music, at work, bored.... listen to this.... Hooked!
Ashley Ann
You are a pistol Gabby Barrett! Keep it up girl, you are a Queen!! <3
Sumneikim Serto
Another Carrie Underwood
Michael Ralph
Who would be crazy enough to cheat on this woman! She is it. I wouldn't even think about it. Sexy!
Karli Carver
Love this song and this video❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
christine leners
This is my last relationship... ????
Jacey Davis
a girl in my class showed me this and was talking about her ex that she broke up with AHAAHA im deadd
Ashley Nelson
When she popped up on my new country playlist I thought it was Carrie Underwood! Obsessed with this song!! So glad I came across her!
Lane Youngblood
1. This song is VISCERAL 2. Don’t fall in love with guys that have shoulder length hair or longer
Adam Massey
Not country but still good song more r&b
Brook Pickett
I'm so obsessed with this song right now! It's been on replay and I want to share it with everyone. It's so clever and sounds great! Definitely made me a fan. I look forward to more of her music.
Veronica Patterson
you're so pretty!!
Ashley Deylene
YES sister!!! Fuck you Tyler James Green
Momma Duke
I hate her voice. She sounds like miley cyrus... I love the song though
Vanessa Moody
Just found out my ex was cheating on me and this is what is helping me cope.
Sara Parker
At first I thought it was about taking the high road and then I heard the punch line and almost wet my pants laughing. Know the feeling!
Aeverieanna Deer
You are the best
Patrick Gragg
my partner recently cheated on me and i hope he cheats, like she did on me
Valerie Nimchuk
I LOVE this song! Her voice is great too!
Hayden 7705
No pun intended but
I Hope... she is nominated for a CMA award this year
Ascend Bottt
If Carrie Underwood and Miranda Lambert had a baby girl
Michelle Cervenka
Love it
Michelle Renee
My current theme song ♥️♥️♥️ Thank you, Gabby!
Youtube Acc
You are amazing girl!!! Keep singing your heart out! ????????????????????
Karen Robert
I read several comments here on YouTube, when they recommended a hacker, about him hacking into their partner's phone. I message him on Instagram @redhackpro when I suspected my husband cheating and you wouldn't believe this hacker helped me hack into his phone without any glitch. He did it remotely and swift and his service cost me a few bucks, the hacker's whatsapp +1(937)815-1491 is for anyone that may require his help
Jodi Lynn Qualls
“Then I hope cheats, like you did on me. Then I hope, she cheats like you did on me”
When my ex fiancé cheated on me throughout our whole relationship up to the time I had our baby. To the lies and bullcrap. This song is definitely for him.
Funny thing is.. she got pregnant and had the baby. It’s not even his????????‍♀️ but he still stayed..
Jodi Lynn Qualls
“Then I hope cheats, like you did on me. Then I hope, she cheats like you did on me”
When my ex fiancé cheated on me throughout our whole relationship up to the time I had our baby. To the lies and bullcrap. This song is definitely for him.
Funny thing is.. she got pregnant and had the baby. It’s not even his????????‍♀️ but he still stayed..
Jodi Lynn Qualls
“Then I hope she cheats, like you did on me. Then I hope, she cheats like you did on me”
When my ex fiancé cheated on me throughout our whole relationship up to the time I had our baby. To the lies and bullcrap. This song is definitely for him.
Funny thing is.. she got pregnant and had the baby. It’s not even his????????‍♀️ but he still stayed..
Naserian Tiampati
cant get enough of the song .....
Avishi Arora
This song is just so goddamn good. I heard people singing songs about heartbreaks. This song has perfect amount of hurt, anger and vengeance, a bit of sass too. Absolutely loved it ❤❤
Mariah Little
Yes gurl you better sang ???????????????????????????????? ???? hope spend last dime and put a rock on her hand priceless ????
Lindsay B
I FREAKING LOVE THIS SONG!!!!!! Males are such douches!!!! They are horrible "humans"!!!
Beautiful Becca !
I just found this song recently and I can relate to it on so many different levels. Love the song Gabby. You are an amazing artist ????
Dana Linaburg
Love her and this song!!!
Tiffany Moreno
Ooooh this song ♥️???????? new fav and bet ur ass it’s on repeat
Kourtney Goddard
Can relate to this song but finally found my worth and on Nov 22nd two years with amazing husband
stacie carp
* K ❤️ ❤️ L   I ❤️  This==== >  >> ❤️ Song Is a smart Way  TO GO!!!!.       {  AND GET ALL Drunk111 THIN GETS ON FACEBOOK WITH  SUM SAD SONG'. AND THAN  STARTS  BLABBING TO  EVERYONE  EVERYTHING!!! ] [  I HATE THAT S*it!!!!  ]
kynzleigh moore
I love this song
Louanne Klemm
Me and my mom cry and love this song
Gabrielle Bouchard-Théroux
This song omfg!!!!
KayLea McGuire
I hope you come out with more music ❤ I love your music so much
Charleen Swiger
Cade never will
Breanna Williams
I can't explain how much I love this song you are an amazing singer
Morris Branch
"I Hope" is #27 with a bullet on this weeks Billboard Hot Country Songs chart!! A new peak!! It's is also up to #46 on Mediabase Country Airplay chart!! Also a new peak!!
Júlia Alves
Completamente viciada nessa música!!!
Muito boaaa :)
Morgan Oswald
1 year relationship that jus ended like this.
Amber high
Oh my god I love this song
Amber high
I think she sounds like carrie Underwood in this song.
d goddard
I had my wife cheat on me with a new born baby and this song goes out to her please
David Sosa
beautiful song
suitable imagery
This song...this song, this song!!! So powerful and so much emotion behind it. I'm in love with it. Great job Gabby!!
Congratulations on your first of many #1 on the country music video charts, Gabby!!!
Rachel Renae Heeren
I’m in a very happy and loving relationship but I love love looooove this song!
anthony salmon
Omg I love U so Mucchhhhhhh im cryying
rocker chick
I can relate to this song I was dating this guy who I loved so much but he broke up with me and he told me it was because he was still in love with his ex so he does back to his ex then I found out that a few weeks later that she break up with him and he tryed crawling back to me and I said hell no I'm no one's last resort this song is fire thank you for giving me the confidence to love myself
Autumn Renae
If you're not driving with tears streaming down your face singing this at the top of your lungs... You're doing it wrong. ????????????
Amanda Smith
I love this song so much and it is my favorite song that you have been singing
Martha Mendoza
Its another karrie clone.
jaedice sopko
i love this song
Ralph Kowalski
Julie Bliss
Omg this is about my ex husbands!! Hell yes and they did ???? Karma ????????????
Christy McGrady
You go girl! ???? preach!!!!
krysti andrickk
Our legends are dying and we have to get more and she’s one
theresa1998 animeout
Love it! I feel bad though because when I first heard this song I thought miley cyrus was singing this.
Jessica and Robert Massie
Amen!! She is not me! That’s another awesome song I listen to over and over a year ago, praising god I’m back where I belong and this is really good song, To love to lose then to find each other again god knows we are only are free and happy with the one we give all too! Can never be replaced!
Diane Johnson
Miley Cyrus can’t touch her she 100 times better than her
My (now ex) husband had an affair around the same time this song came out I caught him.
You have no idea how much this song helped me get to where I am now.
Winslow Dark
This is my favorite song its so beautiful
Nikki Lyn
This song gives me goosbumps everytime !
Charity McGuire
I literally love this song, like you don’t even understand how much I cared about that boy but he cheated I gave him a chance and he dumped me ???? lmao I hope she cheats ✌????
Jason Patrick Pritchard
Future #1 with a bullet!
Rain White
Thank you,I should send this to my ex,but not responding to his messages is the best revenge❤❤❤
james drifmeyer
Gabby so beautiful
james drifmeyer
I voted for her on American idol
Came here because of Nikki Cortland ????
Leonidas Sparta
Every time I hear this song I'm reminded of my ex...who got cheated on by the one he left me for ???????? ahhhhhh, sweet sweet karma
Aimee shadden
Another song called Pray for You is like this. You think it's sweet, then he prays for bad things to happen to her. Good song.
Manuela Muniz
I love this song and the video I sure was hopin she was going to win American Idol!!!!
Virginia Mantos
I hope it goes, comes all the way around
I hope she makes you feel the same way
About her that I feel about you right now..I WILL NEVER forgive you Cody Bussiere
Tiffany Bryant
I keep reading how you sound like Carrie. I think you sound better????❤ Keep it up you have an amazing voice!
Mariah carrey, Miley cirus,Carrie underwood all of them legit had a child
Taylor Soukup
Why does this sound like Miley Cyrus ..
Cree Ashing
I’m honestly in love with this song. I screamed it in my room last night and no one questioned it.
Becky Roberts
Love this song ❤❤
Diego Martinez
I cheated on my girl (huge mistake I regret it so much) and I've been trying to make up for it ever since. Was hanging out with her recently and she says "hey listen to this it's my favorite song right now" and it's this song...I was just there like ????????????????
Kordel Davis
“The way you made me smile
On the other end of a phone
In the middle of the highway driving alone”
“Tell your friends that you’re so happy”
“I hope you spend your last dime to put a rock on her hand”
This song has some of the best lyrics I’ve ever heard.
Reagan Kole
"And I hope she cheats..." Oh.... but she will.... she certainly will.... what we gain in ill fate.... we also lose in ill fate....???? ????
Heather Rice
Good song!!!!I can definitely indeed relate!!!!
Lisa DeL
This has become one of my favorite songs
Ashley Martin
I could of sworn this was Miley Cyrus !
Albert Pierreroy
Dirks b
Rachel Hanning
This song is helping me get thru a nasty divorce I have been married for 8 years and been with my husband for 9 years I know I have my dirt but how can you get past sleeping with ur ex niece
PC Power
Awesome love
Rach Willard
Heather Bowman
For those of you thumb downing this video.. ARE YOU CRAZY?!?!
This song ROCKS!!!
I’d recommend you listen to this until it grows on you because I CAN’T GET ENOUGH OF IT!!! Great song, Gabby!! Give us more.
I can't get enough of it I've listened to the song like over a thousand times over and over again best Breakup Song Ever
Monica Branson
Wait that’s the guy she just married to in real life
Emma Thompson
12 years together, 10 years married... I hope she is worth it! #divorce and #done
Emilee Burleson
You are amazing gabby Barret
Yup,51 and a metal and rock fan for life so why is this song so addictive?..Maybe the pureness to her singing,maybe the silky smooth voice.Dunno but i am a fan.
Magan Midyette
This song hit me hard my husband of 5 years cheated on me ????
Brandon Scheide
Good lord have MERCY she is absolutely fucking gorgeous.
Hamza Jassar
What a sad, sad song.
Amber Ackley
You are so beautiful and cool
cori bradshaw
honestly i just hope you find someone who matches your fucked up energy
Elizabeth Klem
She has a better sound than Carrie ......
Sarah Nichols
I have been cheated on not once not twice but three times
Julia Rawlings
If Miley cyrus and be be Rexha had a baby!
Caitlyn Rowlett
I love this song
Colette Malcolm
Yess girl preach!!!
Brenda Dixon
sis, he ain't even cute, cut the tears
William Joseph Quinlan Webster Edwards
I hope 1 day you will forgive or just forget me altogether but right now we all need space. I know I said some fuckedup shit over the years but that's how I get when I've done 2 much...
Tiffany Broadbent
Wishing this song was out like 6 yrs ago. Caught my ex husband of 10 yrs cheating on me with his sister's friend, she was on my fb and we all hung out with each other. But he is getting his karma now. Im no longer hurt over it but I still blast this song every time it comes on.
Sam Apple
Play it so much I know every word. ❤️ It
Alex Tomasek
For every echoed snap I hear in this song I just imagine Grady rolling his eyes
Manuel Torres
This song is ????
The video could have been better
But I’m in love with the lyrics!
Dre Baker
I’m an African American and when I say I love her music y’all don’t understand my whole point is just because I’m black does not mean all I listen to rap and R&B I listen to all genres but not rock but I do prefer my R&b more though
Jason Schroeder
I love this song
Ronaldo Gutierrez
did I just fall in love?? ❤️❤️
i love this song.
Been there ....
Kassie Trayweek
The 5.2k dislikes are all the cheaters ????
KR Haus
Hannah Hardaway
I literally screamed in this in my shower while crying over my ex girlfriend and let me tell you... I felt 1000% better. Every time I hear this I still scream to the top of my lungs.
Paul Freeman
Brittney Bowen
I listen to this every chance I get ????
jenni hendrickson
Jason Patrick Pritchard
❤ this country record and music video ????
Mariam Bijou
I need a new REPLAY button. Finally music we can all relate too!! Goosebumps on the video! Love the song
Strm White
I hope, shes got pretty feet.
Never had a song more relatable❤
his Mlady dlouise
I hope u feel just a tad bit of pain I felt when u did it's enough to drive u mad and sick n hurts to where u wish u were dead I hope you feel every bit of it sooner then u imagine I hope your heart is shattered beyond repair that u never get over it lol bitch
Cecilia Silva
Love this song so much and the good ones! ❤
Who hurt Gabby?
Sweet*lolita* Cristina*
so true ! on what we thing about but would said out loud. love this song .:)
Nae Trikk
Can anyone please tell me the name of the man with black hair at the end? I've seen him in something and cant place it and its killing me
XAdelynn ColeX
I swear I broke the relay button
Kristin Guthrie
This is such a bad ass song. ???????? I am happily married, but man. You did amazing with this one! ????
Mary Vredenburg
I listen and blare the shit out of this song ! I loooove it
judy gentry
love this song
Jaimi Tompkins
He was the first one ☝️ This song is make me happy
Heidi Smith
A good song my ex bf needs to hear this
Katie Bug
When I first heard this song I thought it was Miley cyrus ????????
Kate Kay
This was playing in the bookstore at my school! So good!
marshall layne
you are better than carrie underwood
Krystal Davis
I love this! I have long ago forgiven my ex... But I still jammed this! I live for this sassiness! I replayed four times in a row!
Andrea Hayward
Shout out to my ex
Leslie Kidd
. Ac,msclmc.a,f,d
tigitty_ bigity
I need a Director connection. Can anyone help us out?
Honesty Brown
Love this song
HelloThere 212
When I first heard this, I thought it was Carrie lmao
Kelly Renee’ Adams-Sowdon
Omg. This hits the ♥️ hard. I love it ????
BB Ayers
I knew she Gabby woukd make it !!! She's amazing.
A pretty face and a hot bod doesn't equal a great song. Who's writing these tunes for you? Mr. Magoo?
lisa walsh
WOW i commented on this AMAZING song the 1st day it came out and my post NEVER went thru????BUT what i originally said was: I've been following this beautiful young lady sing her 1st day on Idol AND i knew Gabby was gonna be a star❤LITTLE RED WAGON was ???? ???? ???? Gabby knows how to draw a crowd❤love you so much Gabby i am your #1 fan (coming from a 50yr old????)YOU ROCK so PROUD of you????i just know i will hear your songs on the radio one day????❤????
BOOM ::: AND JUST LIKE THAT, "I HOPE", is on the radio❤ i was so excited when i heard it being played on 100.3 The Bull YOU GO GIRL????
Lisa Moss
This is one kickass song.
Kourtney Kromer
Who hurt you so bad?
kamie jensen
Why would you want someone to cheat on another tho? !
Charity Young
I never had this problem my husband was an honest and good man. But I like other people here I can feel the power of the music and the pain in the words. I'm so sorry to anybody who is gone through that. She would have powerful and wonderful song
BeeJay Thao
This song makes me think about my ex who did me wrong who doesn’t exist ????????
clem hedge
Thats a bad ass song....Turn it up loud.
Davis Lundrigan
She's better off without him. I'm glad she found Cade.
Tyler Kruse
The evil grin she has when she sings, then I hope she cheats, like you did on me. Bahahahaha
Ross Fry
i can relate to this song , because my ex hurt me really bad and i still cant get over her i cry every night
Brent France
You should listen to sad songs it works when you break up.
Death Blow
Man that song is so Damn catchy... Might have to buy the CD.
The lyrics are so creative, amazing song and vocals.
Elizabeth Mehmedovic
Just sent this to my husband and told him this would be my song to him if we ever divorce.???? He hasn’t cheated. Just letting him know what my energy will be should it happen. Lmfao totally normal right?? No?? Just a me?????????‍♀️ok.????
Brittany Baird
This is so me and my aunts life right now ????????
Eric Massing
Cool song. Need a guys version so I could send it to the ex's new toy!!!! ????????????
Love this! It's been a hell of a year for me. Thought I truly had an amazing guy. He lead me to believe that. This song hits home for me.
Hailey Young
I just broke up with my cheating abusive boyfriend ????
I hope he goes through what he put me through
Kimothy Riley
i love you
Jewel Clark
Looks & sounds like carrie!I thought it was Carrie
Susan Riley
WAY TO GO ABBY! LOVE YOUR VOICE AND YES, I LOVED YOU AND VOTED FOR YOU ON IDOL - READY TO HEAR AGAIN AND SOME MORE ABBY! from a Momma of daughters and lots of blooms have I received. Thanks to the Father. Amen.
Alex Q
This song was such a savage shock the first time I heard it ????
Sar P-Man
I think everyone needs to stop going to this coffee shop
Pineapple Plays
I love your song it’s so good! ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
Klaus Hohmann
I'm just a boy from germany,but i love that song!
Morris Branch
"I Hope" is #10 on Billboard Hot Country Songs Chart!! Congratulations Gabby on her very 1st Top 10 country single!! In addition, it wins the Greatest Digital Sales Gainer award this week!!
Andrea Gomez
Why is cheating a thing?????
Dayle Eaton
I love you
cassey hill
Jocelyn Hill
Okay but a higher pitch Miley Cyrus when she sang country... Anyone else?? I can't be the only one
Beth Riley
This song reminds me of my boyfriend i just want to call him but he has a girl probably
Sarah Chandler
I just have to say I heard this on the radio for the first time today and THIS is how you bring the newer sound into country! I felt this and not even my situation like I wanna go mess someones day up though????
Frank Jones
Well damn all this time I thought this was Carrie Underwood singing this song
evelyn price
Gabby Barrett, I just love this song so it's a earwarm on repeat!!❤️
evelyn price
Gabby Barrett.. Girl your going places and you are a star and I am your biggest fan now.. your dreams come true is here hon, I wish you the best of luck girl!!
Beatrice Chavez
Is anyone else dying to know who the guy is in real life at 2:13??? Talk about wow!!!! ????????
Christina Bostic
Love song
Such a pretty voice!
Jason Smith
Makeup Life
Best written song of all time. I have forgave and forgotten, moved so far on but the lyrics of this song are pulled straight from my soul! Thanks girl!
To every guy who says nobody writes about your heartbreaks, I hand you the song Be Alright by Dean Lewis and literally any song by Chris Daughtry. You are welcome
Wayne Breazeale
Reminds me of “You Oughta Know”. Love it. Such passion and anger
This song is a whole mood
brittnee lynn
loveeee this song
Joshua Outten
Damn! great song, but that's harsh! Haha if my ex spent her last dime on a 5k ring and got cheated on I would genuinely feel bad for her.
gee lopez
Amazing song i wonder if they broke up and she dedicated this song to that guy she was with after american idol the country looking guy?
Jamie Pinion
When I heard this I could’ve swore it was Miley Cyrus. I was highly impressed when I found out it was gabby!
Is this country? Wtf. It's not bad but it's definitely not country
judy gentry
love this song
This song will be one of my all time favorites. The lyrics are beautifully written and a lot of people can relate. I get goosebumps every time I play it. What an intense & powerful song. BRAVO!
Tyler Deaver
Ol girl just rocking it out on this one! Hell yeah Gabby Barrett.
My little cousin Lila Dean loves this song
Laklany Nava
This Song Holds So Much Meaning.. -.. I hope She Cheats Though :)
Abbagail Salamone
I like 1:17 thought 1:27
Christina Bostic
Love song
I wanna send this to my ex who made me feel terrible in the relationship so bad
julie Burd
Who else thought Miley sung this?
Hop Guild
Can't blame him can you Gabby?
Diane Franco
I like this girl, such a fresh voice,! lyrics are powerful! I hope she puts out many more hits!
Sweetie _Gacha
This helped me get through a breakup thank you so much❤❤????????
Jordan melton
When I first heard this song I thought it was Miley Cyrus.
I've never been in a relationship or cheated on but I feel this song and I act like I've been cheated on.
And I've also broken the reply button ????
Sweetie _Gacha
the message of the song is that I wish you a happy relationship but I hope you get karma because she starts saying positive things about his new relationship then she SWITCHES the song saying AND THEN I HOPE SHE CHEATS so she's basically saying I hope you see how I felt when YOU cheated on me
I hope this helps for people that is confused just in case❤❤
hoss glover
50 year old Midwest country boy, nice believe me I understand.
I have a very specific ex in my mind rn... he was very abusive. Not only did he cheat but is having a baby with the girl he cheated on me with. They both cheat on each other. She does heavy drugs. And he asked me to be the step mom when it’s born Bc he doesn’t like her anymore ???? he made another social media just to ask me that. Asked ME to be the step mom of his child from the girl he cheated on me with. I attempted suicide when I left him. I was so so fucking broken and I look back at the abuse and it still hurts. Hurts I let him do that to me for so long.
Wow! Love the powerful message & feeling that this song possesses.
Marcy Mcgrath
I just went through a brake up bc my gf wanted another girl thank you gabby barrett for this song it is inspiring rn thank you really
S Anderson
Incredible song!!
Katya Newcomer
She must of been mad
Sara St. James
Well that escalated quickly ????
the guy the girl cheats on him with looks like the actor from 9-1-1
Margo Winchester
This song is so awesome! It's got LAYERS which we need, not just "you cheated, you suck." It has thought, and very well written and performed
Aden Coby
Who’s here after the TikTok trend?
Aden Coby
Who’s here after seeing this in TikTok?
Can’t cheat on a female who look like her giaaahh????????????????
Angel Michelle Cardenas
I hope she begs you to have a baby with her that you do not think you are ready for and promises you the world then leaves you a single parent
Deanna Hayden
I hear a lot of Demi Lovato in her voice.
I Never had a GF so I don't know why I'm here
Sharon Beauford
Gabby could sing Twinkle Twinkle and it’d be good!
Jonathan Day
She need sing with Miley Cyrus they would be good singing together
Kimberly Gaytan
I love ya songs
Spent this whole time thinking this was Miley Cyrus
JoJo Beanz
????Oh well, keep hoping! He's all mine now! ????????
World of Jazz
When I tell you this song has been on repeat for weeks!!
Dude I thought this was Hannah Montana
abbie poe
i am completely in love with this song
Michaela 2020
Gabby is the best Singer in the whole world ????she grew up in the same state as me
Brandon Denton
When I heard this. It hit home for me. I've feel exactly like this RN. But only I'm a dude. And straight up, I hope he Cheats, like she did on me ... Btw Gabby you are Sooooo Gorgeous And soooooo talented... And whoever he was, his lose chic.... Peace and Love from SC
Transfiguration Yah
Okay Adele Laurie Blue Adkins.
Holly Oneal
I honestly thought this was a carrie underwood song the very first time I heard this.....
Ugh love this song!!!!!
I hate you for breaking me ksmjc
Just asking you if you could make my debt disappear please.
megan colburn
Love love this song. So true....beautifully written and she sings it perfectly
Ralph Lambeth
This song brings back so many memories and is so heartfelt just makes me want to replay and I'm a straight guy
Kordel Davis
I keep commenting the same thing on this video: Amazing lyrics. Love the highway and phone call lines, and how intellectually written it is a la Shontelle’s Impossible.
Laurie S
Love this song
South from Texas
Back when country music that was real country
Elizabeth Porch
I've been cheated on several times that I'm numb when some guy cheats on me... I've also been abused by my ex and they find it funny so this helps me... I'm only 13 going through getting cheating on and abused it sucks
Laney Rush
So your telling me this is not Carrie Underwood....are you lying?
Lori Harr
Charlotte flair
Trista McGrain
I love songs good wow ????
Kenslee Williams
I’ve never been cheated on and I’m over here pointing at my mirror acting like I’ve been cheated on bc this song is literally the best????
Monica Delong
Me acting like I'm yelling at my ex who cheated on me with my best friend. But I thought I should call him and say listen to I hope but he lives in a different state now
Isabella Maples
i text you do not anwser
Alex Xela
straight single guy here listen to this song about 5 times tonight this women is amazing
Abbie Price
I don’t know why, but Gabby reminds me of Sabrina Bryan from the Cheetah Girls!
Pam Baker
I love this song.
Prince Andy
I don’t listen to country but I have to admit that, you have such a great talent. All country music artists like you have beautiful voice. Hoping you don’t give up your dreams because you have my heart ????❤️
Sir Sir
I can't believe this song is a year old. All this awesome music out here and the radio only plays the same 4 songs on loop -_-
Breanna Foster
Me dating one boy in middle school:
Aaron Clark
I love her voice so much very beautiful lady
Doom Train92
The head turn at 1:13 when she says "and then I hope she cheats" was perfect
John Spurlock
That lack of forgiveness will destroy you not the person who cheated on you
John Spurlock
not that anybody wants this spiritual lesson but it doesn't work like that if he cheated on you then that doesn't mean someone's going to cheat on him it means you're going to cheat on someone and you're going to have to fight with everything within you to keep from cheating on someone and the drive for you to cheat on someone is going to be so strong you probably won't be able to help yourself and then once you cheat on someone then you understand how easy it was for him to accidentallythen once you cheat on someone the next relationship you get in you're going to be obsessed with the thought that he's going to cheat on you that's the way the cycle works. Now here's the only becoming like Jesus Christ because we are Spirit soul and body. The body is a chimpanzee it has its own will. The body is programmed to constantly keep the female fertilizedif the body's not being fertilized the body assumes that it is with a dud mail and tries to find another oneif the male monkey body is with a female and it's not seeing that the female is becoming fertilized then the monkey body is driven to find another female that is easily or firm it fertilized. to the body it's all about reproduction it has no interest in love romance or anyting else it gives off a chemical just to make you think you're in love so that you'll fertilized. Loyalty and commitment doesn't matter to the body only reproduction. now the sole the mind the will in the emotions has its own will also it has its own motivation. du Sol wants to have an ego trip it wants to get the best looking person to make the soul the mind will and emotions feel like it's hot s***the spirit on the other hand only is concerned with doing The godly if the soul willsubmit and gang up on the body using your spirit and the soul but if in control the body out of the monkey behavior ????. but that won't be fun and it won't be exciting and you won't have chemistry and he won't have excitement you'll call it boring. Now you understand the full logic behind Spirit soul and body I have educated you why people cheat
Madelyn Adams
me * happily in a relationship*
me * AND tHeN I HoPe SHe CheaTS*
Bruce Poole
An amazing song for sure❤️
Wow great voice and great song. ????????
Rico Trujillo
I can't believe this song has been out for a while and I just heard my local country radio KSON. 3 days ago Wow.!!! Its the most powerful song of 2020 for me. Us men can relate to the same situation. She saying what we all think wish you well but at same time I HOPE .....
Good job Gabbs.
Jazzmine Roberts
Been a Gabby fan since day one on American idol I'm glad she continued on with this career
P.S I think she should've one American idol
Jet City
I love this for showing both sides of the coin. ????
When at restaurant, they show him watch other woman walk out.
Then show her watch other man walk out.
One of the worst feelings to see a lovers eyes wander
Melinda Laquier
Great song!!!!!
nicki Parsley
*._Yuri Onxy_.*
WHY ARE U SO UNDERRATTED LIKE THIS IS MY FAVOURITE SONG people these days ur talented and u need more love for that
Lauren Is the Light!
I hope so too...
Fruit punch brother 1.0 Elon musk
love this song
Drema Wood
I love it ????
Gusty Rusty
You have the looks and the voice to be a real singer!
Jennifer Watley
Takes me back to my younger years. Shit can happen at any time though. To anyone going through deserve better. Some of us have been on both sides of this fence...the one cheating or the one getting cheated on. Love is weird and every situation is different. Some things are worth fighting for and some are a waste of energy. I hope you all find happiness.
Stephanie Ledford
My ex, 14 years and 3 kids. He left 5 years ago, to be with someone else. She did cheat on him a lot. He got his karma, now 5 years later he wants me back. No thanks.
Icee Mango
i have never been through this but i wanna call my ex and yell at him for cheating on me even tho he didn’t ????
This is “after he cheats” ????
judy gentry
Ashley Danielle
I thought ???? this was Miley Cyrus when I heard it on the radio. ????
Vicki V
She sounds like miley
Dea Kella
Beautiful voice
I love this song. :)
Ted Paratore
Love ya GABBY!!!!
Valerie Chandler
Your so good at signing
Penny Foster
I first heard this song a few weeks ago and it was perfect timing since my boyfriend of 8 years off and on cheated on me for the last 2 yrs. I hope his new girlfriend crushes him like he did me
Kaitlyn Williams
Love this song so muchhhhhhh
Pierce T
5th day listening to this 3 times a day....still cant get this song out of my head
Lacey Clark
A better name for this song would be Karma
Guardian Dragon
reminds me of Maranda Lambert+ Carrie Underwood+Cassadee Pope=Gabby Barrett
Lonely_Hyena_From_The_ZSIDE 2006
I feel like shes gonna be the next generation's version of Carrie Underwood
AwesomeDeb99 Marmion
This song is bad ass..
If Miley Cyrus and Carrie Underwood had a daughter...
l r
I remember during idol, she got a lot of backlash for trying to sound country because she was born in Pittsburgh. She did not grow up in Nashville, but she sure as hell gonna make it in Nashville. This song is for all you haters & doubters about miss Gabby.
Wow she rocked this one ????
Skylar Smith
She sounds like Miley Cyrus
She has one of the best voices I've ever heard. Fell in love with her immediately when she auditioned for "American Idol".
Reaction Nation videos
My song ❤️❤️????????????
Kimberly harrison
Is this true did this actually happened to her
Talyn Heinen
Straight up in love with this song
brett epley
There are no words to describe this song let alone how it makes me feel... actually... POWERFUL was the first thing that came to mind
Best revenge song !
alicia austin
This song is literary the best revenge song
annie H.
I would like this song .if the vocals wasn't so loud ,,,she yell sings,,tone it down a bit.
This is my song !!!!!!!
Tiffani Linde
Love this song and video. I hear it on the radio so proud. You are incredible. Congrats. Happy Valentine's Day
Cat lady caitlin Burdick
I feel so bad that he cheated on you????????
Theres no such thing as a bad dance-
7 days before valentines day too.... :c
Kensynten Cole
I love this song
This song is so shady and bitter, I love and support it.
Live Forever
This song hit different ????????
Live Forever
Wait..... she's 19??!! I'm 18 .... I no look like dat lol ????
Mista Mike
This song is very repetitive. I guess it’s catchy but only like 45 seconds of actual Verse the rest is the giant hook over n over again
Hayden Blanchard
This generation was in need of a Miley ????
Tina Hoffman
You are amazing at singing
Josh And Lilly
All the 6.6k Dislikes is all cheaters
Slimey. Seahorse
my boyfriend cheated on me and i didn’t know for two months, i dumped him and he already likes someone else :( this song is so relatable
Tyler Stalcup
This song is awesome 100% she killed it
When a man cheats on one woman with another, no matter what either woman thinks, he'll cheat on the 2nd woman, too, but this song sure gives you hope that the 2nd woman will give him a taste of his own medicine.
Marina Oliveira
This song is everything
Pentti K. Huttunen
she sounds alot like Carrie Underwood

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