God Sun
Miss carissa
love it
Gabriel Santos
This is deleilishfully amazing.
what is the name of the painting? ????
Xavi Ribau
Take a look at this. Fans reacting to the song. So funny.
*Поддержите парня , трилл и фонк на русском , всем добра )*
i am obssessed in this song. form yesterday i have listened to it at least 200 times.
Chante' Foyie
https://youtu.be/VCQ8xYKHpY0 amazing you have to!!! /make a song together♡
Celeste` S
I think the song is about she had a dream about how she wanted to not be famous and then she committed suicide but nobody cared so it was a nightmare
Konstantinos Koutras
When there is silence in the room and you hear this song...something changes...magic song !!! Good job Billie!!!
Gumdrop Buttons
This is a friendly reminder that grown men like Drake are trying to bed her. Protect our girls. No matter if they rich or poor. Protect our girls.
DiiegoZk l Off'.TM
i hate you billie eilish ????????
That's an ear gasm, thanks
beth beth
Listen to this X0.75, thank me later.
nicolas esteban salazar villalobos
Dogs: Woof
Cows: Moo
Idiots: *Like or comment who is better*
Karibelle X
I’m selling a Billie Eilish ticket for Miami March 9. Good seats. Dm me on instagram @karibellex
Estoy vendiendo un ticket para el concierto de Billie Eilish en Miami Marzo 9. Escríbanme en instagram para mas detalles. @karibellex
Sofia Sierra Lord
Marko Jović
i think that my mix is much better than this crap
Skassa Reload
İ dont understand
But veryy good
Lezy888 Lezy888
Who's Better:
Billie Eilish = Like
3nergyx = Reply
Jeremiah Stroy
I don't even like Billie Eilish but this song is a good song to listen to while you chillin just sayin.
Gulnar A
Click on the video with the right button of the mouse, choose loop, and ENJOY!
Baby Dolan
Producers: Okay so how many kids do you want to get in their feelings
Billie: Yes
Kate Stirling
This is my favourite song it's perfect for me, because I love being a female beautiful girl, because that's what female beauty is all about including a healthy body, beautiful hair and beautiful skin I hope you guys understand
And it's also my theme too????
Maya C
I swear this song is so beautiful... Its just as beautiful every time i listen to it
no one:
comments: No one:....
Joe Iacovino
Apparently Gotye is the new Waldo because I can't find him
hi daianne
listening to this song for the thousandth time ????
sara a
I saw alot of comments say that the song is not about her have a dream about killing herself but I do think that the song is about a dream of commiting suicide maybe because I had that dream once and I know how it feels. During the dream, you feel relieved as you got all you wanted but It could have been a nightmare. you only realize how terrible the dream was after you wake up.
Camisha Warley
I Needed This Song
Sayuri C
Si algun dia este comentario lo viera Billie me volveria loca porque la amo y cuando medisen que esta loca y es rara yo la defiendi porque ella es mi idolo y la amo yo la defenderia siempre no me inporta que uviera tantos geiters que la critiquen siempre te defendre y tanvien todos tu segidores te amo
Jon Klein
Question time:
Who painted that picture?
Do they know me? If so, how well?
What inspired the textured bridge composition?
Does anybody else see a red J yellow S and blue K vaguely insinuated throughout it?
Those are my initials and somebody ripped off my gold bridge painting. I'm dialing all 9s.
Ryland Malcolm
ˢᵃⁿˢ ᵘⁿᵈᵉʳᵗᵃˡᵉ ᵈᵉᵃᶠᵘˡᵗ ᵈᵃⁿᶜᶦⁿᵍ ᵃᵗ %²⁰ ˢᵖᵉᵉᵈ
Kiwi Cosplays
This song feels heavy
MinIu Heo
Please give me more song like this, thanks so much
Elijah Abrahams
Im more into rap music but this song hit different????
canal zerando jogo
*Brasília* 15/12/2019 *YOUTUBE* *TOP*
knowledge nkuna
Check out my music
Okay I'm exploring new territory of music for me and I have to say, pretty good. I talked a lot of shit about Billie Eilish and said I didn't like it without properly listening to it, but in reality I was low-key jealous of someone who's talent and hard work jumped her straight into the spotlight so fast. Good stuff Billie, keep doing what you do best.
An Li D
80% people listening this at night
Marsha Johnson
She sings so beautifully and I really love her so much she's like the best singer ever she's sings better than me
G 6
When Billie says "I got everything I wanted" she's talking about death - (it's "not what you think")
Elijah Davis
this song makes you feel good inside
Guilherme Delfino
this song is amazing she sings like an angel his voice and magnificent loved it ????
Elvis William
Hey guys could I get some subscribers to start my music career ????
Elvis William
This that song you play to make yourself cry even more.
I heard this on an add when she started it!
billie eilish fans are about as deep as an empty kitty pool
This song makes me cry so bad????
Thanos A’lars
Pic look like Golden Gate
Morgan Foster
As a guy who's mainly into rock and metal, I've got too say billie is my favorite pop artist that's out there today. Her and Post Malone are my favorite right now on the pop side.
Endrew _
Música sensacional
Jayla Lewis
“As long as I’m here, no one can hurt you”????????????
H.C.P.E Tiktok
Love you billie
Shelby Spain
this painting is a hidden message can u figure it out???
Ashish John
I’m not a Billie Eilish fan, but we can’t be too toxic with her. This include big-time haters and the fake depressed 14 year-olds that cry when she freakin’ BREATHES.
NINJA's Depression
I was feeling too happy today and that freaked me out so i came back here to get the bad vibes again
i feel like your songs get my life????
moises berrios
Sounds like nora en pure-come with me
Erica Passos
Who is the painter? It's amazing!
Your songs really make me feel like everything is gonna be ok ^^ You have such a comforting voice
Abbigail White
*beautiful...just beautiful...*
sierra kyle
I love ❤️ this video ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
Jordan Jones
the fact that she writes about her brother is so cute ????
Sophia Banks
Who fells like Billie is the only person that understands them only singing to you saying it's ok to cry don't hide your self pretending your ok
Drawing Moo
Ok but who is the artist for this painting?
lovely❤️ love from ????????????????
Dude Billie is trying to make us tears ???? but like beautiful tears
Cameren Brown
Billie look up audrey mika
Luis Vlogs
This made me cry ????????
Green Brand
Billie : *making music from depressed thing*
Me : *depressed and hit myself on wall*
Danella Jean
Nobody cried, nobody even noticed...
gara gara RRQ lemon gua kesini cuk wkwkw
Kawaii Niko
We love you Billie, and your brother does too beautiful!!!!!
dhydyddhyx Bambik
Gdy ja spiewam ta piosenke no bary kraj ???????? trudny ten akcent
Oh there's a less abhorrent Billie, I was wondering if that had to been around.
How do people listen to it?
Bretty 'fuknCuppiecake' Miner
Good the fuck lord 113k comments and not one person reading a single damn one of em lol
Екатерина Самсонова
happy birthday
????Who Else Saw The Music Video Before They Deleted It?
Ashwin Mekala
If you're still listening in 2040 like here
I'm tripping and can't figure out if this is a video or not
Milena Bledowska
Its good song
Dandelion Heartz
This sounds so good that it can't even be truee ????????
ylliw omloc
Ricardo Rodriguez
Aiya Kuchukova
I don't know if people realize that her songs are shit without all the beats, they really make everything structured. I don't know who works on them, but that's an amazing job, and it should be appreciated
Wolfgang Scorpio
A unique musical stylist like this comes around only once in a long while. Remember The Beatles? I don't mean to compare -- it's a little early. Although, one must say the repertoire she's already put out in such a short time is impressive.
Cupid Reign
*after a month of listening to this song I just noticed at certain points of the song you can hear Billie's brother*
Sadiq Alzergani
I don't know why people hate her, my first time listening to her and she's killing it
Maira Cheuqueman
Hermosa cansion ????????
Lysergic dinosaur
i feel like billie’s relationship with her brother is a little too close, maybe it’s just me ????????‍♀️
Jessica Rios
Who better
Comment"billie eilish
Comment" billie eilish
Shaena Tormon
listening to this song before getting an exam, i hope i can get everything i wanted
Is the picture moving a bit or am i just tripping?
Jimmy Yan
Why does every Billie song lash! <3
Marilou Gagnon
The man who did the paint is Jason Anderson
sonita hintz
This song isnt necessarily a bad song, its Billie's dream of what if, not what is, I'm sure we have all wondered at some point in our life if anyone really cares. Billie's voice is so beautiful and sweet, I love most of her music although some can get a bit dark it is Billie's expression of thoughts that go through her head. I love her honesty in her lyrics.
Cheryl Sam
It sounds so much like 8D !!!
Samiel Canales
Its soo peacfull????????????????????????????????????????
Arief Fadillah
so calming song
Sergio Verdugo
No video. 87 Million visits!
chikin nugget
When my mom is listening to this song she really hits different.
Arely San
i like this song ❤❤
Eliese Eloissaint
Happy birthday to the most beautiful singer in the world, in my opinion, I really hope you enjoy this day cause you deserve it.
Henry Rodriguez
This really hits the dark part of my soul ????
Daphane Martin
Billie's music cause me to have flash backs and I hate it but I love the music so it's bitter sweet
Kylie Paige
This song sucks ass
Zane Godfrey
people only be thinkin' this song is about suicide cuh they sexist ass. A young women can have hopes and dreams and be grateful for life while still recognizing the ideas of the other side. A song can't be about suicide. It's literally a principle of songwriting that songs pursue emotions and not conceptual possibilities... Listen to literally any other song because a lot of you are coming off so blatantly paranoid that frankly it's rude.
Marty Cruzan
OMG happy birthday BILLIE!
Zane Godfrey
This song is the reason why Trump got impeached.
Reina Calderon
Smoking a blunt to this song ????
Jewelie S.
2019 Dec 18
palm trees
“i had a dream, i got everything i wanted, it’s not what you think” she’s talking about how she wanted to kill herself and she had a dream about killing herself ????✋????✋
This ain’t normal I’m enjoying music
Alla Buzhduga
You are a talented person with a amazing voice!!!
Dajourne' Antelese Waller
This song..
Benjamin Nuñez
18 December Happy Birthday Billie Eilish????????????
Kawai ship dragon Kawai
Happy birthday❤️❤️❤️♥️ Bille Helish ♥️
Fifabeefmeow X3
You like this chain? 3 dollar
Officially an adult
Happy Birthday Billie :')
Matthew Beem
Not even a competition
Best song by her hands down
Melody Cookie
I LOVE YOU BILLIE! Your so beautiful.
alice mcunicornio
Saul Rodriguez
Happy birthday ???? love you
karina ventura
Happy birthday Billie! Sorry i'm late. Hope you have a good and awesome birthday!
Happy birthday BILLE I love you so muchhhh ❤️
Anyone know who directed this video?
omg the ad for this song came on no cap
Ivette Ortiz
Love this song. She is a great young artist. A great singer
Epic thanks for the genial music
Happy birthday girl
Happy Birthdays sweets :)
MAtilde Elisa Acota Villegas
soy de chile y te amo sueño cada noche literal en conocerte me tatuaria tu nombre si pudiera incluso eres mi salida a la tristeza y a la vez la entrada es algo que no te puedo esplicar es obvio que no vas a leer esto pero te amo y por ultimo descansa en paz xxxtentacion te adorabamos
B e r e k a w a i i
I Love billie eilish
Listening to this while you cant sleep just hits different.
Boa música!
Jada Robertson
I don't think this song is all that
Otavio Augusto
eu amo essa gostosa vei
Regina Robles Ramirez
Hi billie.
Happy birthday
I lo e yooou
Heyy i did a cover of this song it would mean A LOT if yall check it :)
cox1nha mil gr4u
Pau genial
N7 Bublitos
Happy birthday Billie!!!♥️♥️
they say you're played out now, but this proves otherwise :)
Алекса Князева
Hi I LOVE YOU ❤️????????
Shocking_ Amaze
5 likes and I’ll stop peeing in the shower
luiscarlos 369
Por otro lado, al fin una obra abstracta que no es un garabato cualquiera.
Maria Vergara
Ramin Alievi
Billi I. LOVE. YOU
Vanshdeep Ghotra
This song makes me feel happy and weird thats good since i hate pretty much everything and you’d know that if you know me irl
Reminds me of when i had continuous thought of killing myself tho
This is C&M
Happy b-day billie srry im late ❤❤❤❤
sevvalece ozcelikel
it made me feel like common feelings with sad stories anyway
heurjf fuejd
Probably bille will die aswell like x and Wrld
Luv u Billie uwu
SanTi Kun
LIKE si hablas español
Fransiskus Yopi
Fransiskus Yopi
Kesshō :3夜空
1:39 why do i love the way she sings this part ?
Everything I wanted: *thought i could fly*
I love you: *i wish we never learned to fly*
Narcy Yu
The song is reassuring, thank you Billie
I'm sitting in Wendy's taking a shit thinking this is a great song and also thinking my shit was great
Samantha m
I love this song!
Antu Jr.
One of my favorite songs
Aliansyah santuy
I love you song.... ????♥️♥️ By aliansyah from INDONESIA ????????????????
It's strange when you fully care
just a bystander
You get that chance to tell her how you really care
Too soon your words fall upon deaf ears
Slowly letting go
slowly closing myself up again...
Guess I'll see what happens...
Диляра Мухатнабиева
С днём рожденья Билли
Marta Di
love this song :)
Magda Lena
Hi, I'm Magda and this is my cover
Amir Lee Glover
The last song made as a teen
Edit: and the song starts at 0:17 wtf
Cali Cruz
Appreciate, Love, Adore ????????????????????????????❣️????????????????????
holi lui
Bored Bitch
I honestly thought this would be my least favorite song of Billie's
But that was because I didn't listened to the whole song
Boy did I cry
You don't even know
And now I say; each. And. Every. And i mean every. work of Billie's, is a work of heavens.
Vuk Pro
MC stojan gaser
Макс Ксстыль
Happy Birthday Billie ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Yara Aram Ibrahim Ibrahim
ok who disliked :(
Conner Woods
i like this song
Angelo Harambe
wheres gotye and his girlfriend. the artist really improved.
i love you.????✨
Whitney’s World
happy late birthday queen. I love you . you will forever be my idol????❤️
Keyla Rego
Souu unicaa brasi mas amuh muito a billie
manu 1234
Marky Mark
As a nine year old i feel like you are aninspiration i love you billie elish i cant last without you or finious thank you so much i love you te amo adiós ????????
- liza marquez
Jasmin Ramoutar
When I hear this song I think of Jason Todd. He had a terrible life until he became Robin and got everything he wanted. Only to get beaten to death by the Joker and get replaced by Tim Drake. Then he came back to life as Red Hood and kills criminals. Which disobeyed one of Batman’s most important rules. Causing him to be disowned from the bat family. Really he just didn’t want to be replaced and knew his death could have been prevented
Thiago Guelbenzu
No se si entiendas esto pero billie eres hermosa y te amo mucho amo tus canciones tienes una voz muy bella te amo billie
Keren Leonardo
Yo no se inglés sólo se que amo a billie eilish ❤❤????????????????????????????
NiN Channel
Everything I wanted
Eben shaddai
Eargsm and Goosebumps
How many people can relate to this song ????????????????
Billie Eilish honey, this is your song writer... you mean the world to me. My stuff got stolen, all of my art materials. Movies, screenplays, songs, sitcoms, stand ups... anyways, I have a desire to play the guitar with you. I dont have many people supporting me. They have just been takers with no return. But I have supplied the entertainment industry with more than 7500 songs and 350 movies... I didnt get paid for one.... But I would give anything to have my debut with you. Scott Grossman
bigla740il fashionblogger illuminati Brand 0 wizard
Ron Fosh
What is the painting?
Who is here for instagram?
who else can fake cry to this song?
Baddest. Danija
Okay I can say I’ve keen the lyrics way before anybody else ... promise I did .
Roos van der Meulen
love this song end love you
Absolutely breathtaking... the lyrics, the melody, the beat, the artwork, the voice... it's like sad angels in tune with the heartbeat of the earth... Anyone who's had a dream, and a muse, and a taste of what it's like to be casually hated by some, and yet deeply loved by at least one, and able to recognize it, and be grateful for it, can relate to this... stunning song.
I love this song
Fatwom bat
Imagine listening to this on golden gate alone at night and your depressed
Lemon Drop
I asked who Joe was today.
This song made me feel better.
Zero P
Already know when she releases visuals for this it’s gonna be dope as fuck!
stella V.M.
LA MEILLEURE. ACTUELLEMENT ! J'espère qu'elle soit longtemps.
Очень красивая и жизненная песня.Правда грусная очень????Но исполненна оболденно. Аж слезы на глазах
Rul'es_ barokah
More deep than deepweb :v
Gabriele Balciunaite
I listen to Billie eilish songs all the time
like if you do too!
Officially FRI & LEE
Billie; Making new and creative songs for a living
Me: watching this specific song of hers for the 5th time in a row just bouncin my head off
Like wenn du Bist ????
They called me "WEEK", like I am not somebody''s daughter - damn, that hits hard !!!
Rawane Khouadra
Hello Billie my name's rawane my big big dream is to see you behind me I'm a Moroccan I live in tangier can you come and surprise my sis plz I love you so much????????????????????or you can just call him if you say yes I will give you her number????????????
Rawane Khouadra
I love your songs????????????????????????????????????
Rawane Khouadra
Her number is 0637375799
Rawane Khouadra
Plz call my sis Thursday
Lina Hammar
wow!!am i the only the won that still sisens to it??
Kate Sso
this song describes my life / my dream
If I knew it all then would I do it again.
-Billie Eilish
Only a true fan would get this
Theress Davanzo
A depressed person can take this two ways
Ты полное говно , нифига не понимаю!!!!
Like si sos hablahispano
셀아빠 [SelDaddy]
이 음악 정말 맘에 드네요
Vigen Petrosyan
Melody Mel
This is the only her song that I actually like..
Raz Chettri
I have a crush on you Billie
this song has such meaning i swear i want to write a huge comment about it-
ʋɨċҡʏ ʍɛɖa
i love you billie
Caleb Harch
Billie: is 17
Drake: 0_0
Billie: turns 18
Drake: -_-
ganji shailaja
'I tired to scream
But my head was under water'
This was what hit me the most
brandon paul
te amoooo billie eilish????
Gabriel Neil
Nobody even noticed hits me hard , like this comment that no one will notice
A paradise for the ears ᕙ(⇀‸↼‶)ᕗ
Watermelon sugar Roblox
???????????????? ???????????????? ????????????????♡♡♡♡
Footy goals 606
Billie is the best Ever she is amazing
Shaban Senyange
Billie Eilish had a dream that she had "everything she wanted" and yet she was asked to "Bury a friend" when the party was over. Isn't that lovely but ooh well I guess she is a bad guy cos all the good girls go to hell anyway.
Anna Beatriz
Y Love Billie
Ye my god ahah x
Kloee Kinslow
Billie is such a amazing person, she sings her feelings and it's so sweet. I just wish I could hug her and tell her how much she means to millions of people, I want to sing because of her. It's a dream that I have because SHE inspired me. <3
Of course, i'll never see her.. It'll just be a dream that I have for many many many years.
I sing my heart out when I hear her songs and voice. She'll never know though..
peppa pig is relatable
this gives me mall vibes
Brandon Singh
Billie, who's dick did you suck to get them to push this sewage over the radio? I know I'm hating and this ain't that bad, but truthfully it's second tier at best. Do the world a favour and change careers.
I'll lie for traction
Whos better
James Charles:comment
Guler Mete
Beautiful song!!!!!????
Tosia Miąsko
Billie, you're the best❤️????????
A bella de nonna
Biene Bley
i LoVe BiLlIe EiLiSh
Okay very Nice.
A little bit Jasmine Thompson. In the same flow.
if youre affected by suicide, i know what its like ???? message my instagram if you need help @bhxd_xss_bitch
Toxicbadie Badie
Song: exists
Tik Tok: I'm About to ruin this man's career
eeggsy23 p a t h e w
I Love you????????????????????
Forgotten Arctic
I recently discovered that I'm a Therian, so this song has more meaning to me than you'd realize.
This is relatable. I once I had a dream I was bitten by snake and I was gonna die in minutes, but my family was like “ wanna bandaid or something?”
How do I add this to my playlist
Adonis starlink
She reminds me of amy winehouse
Rose Jay
Merci beaucoup de faire paraître tes chansons en vinyles ! Ça fait super plaisir ! Super idée de couleurs aussi ????????
Eugenia Valério
que música linda! quem aqui é pt?
Can I get my Avacado
Love it
Sol Dela Serna
I'm here because of bailey sok
Miss Unicorn
Heard this song playing at Taco Bell
Reynaldo Palacios
Aleah Lucurto
I’ve been a fan of billie since ocean eyes, and seeing her growth and still being a queen has me shook.
Baad song
Mohamed EL EL
13-1-2020 i think no one here
ʜᴀᴘᴘʏ _ᴠɪʙᴇs
???? ???????????? ???????????????????????????????????????? ???? ????????????????????????
SI SLOVÁČKA? Pekňe spieváš????????
Katy show
Hi Billy Eilish !!! You are the best in the world and I adore you! I really want you to come to Kaliningrad ♥ ️ ♥ ️ ♥ ️ ♥ ️ ♥ ️ ♥ ️
I feel so vulnerable listening to this
György Gelencsér
Thank You! This Song helped me think about my girlfriend and how i fell in love.
Maira Martinez
Love her songs????????????????
Thanks a lot Billie for this beautiful song, I'm enchanted when I listen this song ????????????????♥️
Ana Mc
Music video coming soon!
Naptural Hair 314
Billie eilish is a musical genius. Her songs have meaning.
Thank you
Grazishe Days
mv is coming im excited as helllll
bilbabie traduccioness
nori Halilaj
billie ellish you are my favorite songer❤❤❤❤
dimitra a
And now we're about to have the music video..
*time flies my dudes*
Ana Mc
Music video in 1 hour
fã musicas
Uma das minhas musicas preferida????❤❤❤❤❤
Aria Burgard
Whos here after she anoused the music video is in an hour.....
Maria Tkachenko
Karen Ari
who can here after the instagram post? IM SO EXCITED ????????
Inam Ali
1 hour until the music video
cintia carlos
O vídeo vai sair daqui a uma horaaaa
I love Billie Eilish... She has just the best voice I've ever heard....
Miss Sonia Nevermind
Y’all remember how stressful this was on the count down?!!! JUST IMAGINE
Holy Makaroni
Who is here waiting for the music Video??
Şimal Arslan
And now the new clip is coming soon ♥️
Gina Bruttina
Here while I wait for the music video
Eilish is crazy as fuck
Anyone else here because they are exited for the music video?? ????❤️
lynn choubassy
The music video is in 40 mins
Xega Korca
???????????????????? I LOVE YOU BILLIE????????????????????
Agata Bulkowska
This made my day
Jody Sherif
The video clip is gonna release in one hour AHHHHHHHHHH
blank blank
this video is gonna be forgotten about when the mv comes out
EmiWolf Fan
music video!
Alejandro LG
waiting the video !!!!! in one hour
Rayssa Nascimento
شوق الحربي
اخخ الحن ممرهه حللو
Nikolija Mitrović
Saleh Kərimov
Music video comes ????????
Anitters FM
Que horas sai o clipeee?
Seyda Cali
15 minutes before the music video is outttt!!!!! I can’t- I’m SO excited!!!
????????????????buena la canción
Music video
Morena Puig
alanya lee
So billie just announced she’s dropping the music video in 10 minutes ????????????
Cookie _dough
I love this song Soo much now 5 minutes left for Billie to post the music video????❤️
Anahi Villalba
Like si estás esperando el vídeo de Everything i wanted
Fernanda Chacon uwu
Hora Mexico, que hora sale el video? ????
starstruck 04
dudeee you should collab with alec benjamin!!! he’s awesome and so are you. you guys would be so perfect!
Remiah Stewart
who’s here waiting for the video to drop in 4 MINS
Luka Laban
Waiting for video..... omg????????????❤️❤️
Melanie Lozano
In 2 minutes the music video to the song we all love will come out????????????????
renata .
who else is here before the music video ?
Bifore the music video :)
Julia Alexa
I just posted a cover of this song and it would make my day if somebody checked it out since I worked suuper hard on it! I also wrote a song inspired by Billie....love u thank uu
Julia Alexa
I just posted a EVERYTHING I WANTED COVER and it would make my day if somebody checked it out since I worked suuper hard on it! I also wrote a song inspired by Billie and every Billie song + unreleased ones that exist....love u thank uu
Julia Alexa
everybody the MUSIC VIDEO IS OUT NOW!!
loren g
Marija van Velzen
where tf is the VIDEO
who's here waiting for the mv to come out
Where is the music video??
me waiting for the music video : ????
Glam MSP
Emily Taylor
LOVE THE AUDIOOO????‼????❤❤❤
Julia Alexa
Who's here after she dropped the music video?!
Florencia Carolina Gallardo Jara
You can give me a evil heart????
Jette Andersen
Try to tell me she isn't fuuuucking talented!!????????????
Julia Alexa
I just posted a EVERYTHING I WANTED COVER and it would make my day if somebody checked it out since I worked suuper hard on it! I also wrote a song inspired by Billie and every Billie song + unreleased ones that exist....love u thank uu
Nadia Agapova
Чмошечка ,я тебя люблю????????????
kiki a
Sooo who's here after the music video??
Cameron Bozman
I want to cry my eyes out bc this song hits my heart so hard.
Julia Alexa
For people who are wondering ,this song was inspired by Billie’s nightmare where she kills herself and nobody cares. The art that we see in this audio is an abstract art of the San Francisco bridge (the Golden Gate Bridge)where a lot of people commit suicide...
daniel Kröger
This song give's me chills
lenildes silva
Who love billie eilish?
ok love she
arlenne Mejia
The best as always ????????????
Jaah limmah
https://youtu.be/o1MbG4ZmUbQ video clipe oficial
نور الفكر
Let's watch the video clip for this song
Ronaldo Ronaldo
loukili rahafe
hi i'm a fan of you really i love you so so muche .Very beautiful song i liked it I LOVE YOU A LOT My name is RAHAFE You are super STAY AS YOU ARE . BY LOVE YOU
Life with Liz
My favorite song ever ????????????????????????????????????
Did you guyz check the Billie Eilish -The trill? Is fireeeeeee???????????????????? https://youtu.be/2IuLOe61h4A
ariel guerra
This made me cry in the middle of class
The 3F Chanel
Perfect song for a club remix
isabella gonzalez
when you come to Colombia to do a concert :,v
Brianna Billie fan 2020
I love you Billie
1:25 I love it ????❤❤
Beard fam tv
Late I care about your dreams
MindMeld Studios
Listening to this right after the Bad Cover is a very interesting experience
ayesha xo
rip gigi n kobe
Kevin Swan
Nothing special. What's the hype about
Hassan Bouhmadi
If I could change
The way that you see yourself..
Amy •
I Love Billie and her Songs,they are diffrent Not like other Songs,i like it...
Nat Cat12
Tatum Maura
patricia Morales
Es muy linda
Captain Jaws
Shhh... if you're not quiet enough, you won't hear her whispering a song.
It's called the diaphragm Billie.
Justin Yang
55k diliskes??? Haters!!!
Gabriela Machado
such a beautiful artist
Chris and Ellen
I loved this song so much I made a TRACK REVIEW of it. As a music producer, I picked up on some production secrets buried in the track! Did you catch these details? So many details are put into these song and get overlooked – appreciate the producer!
Lilly Nguyen
Good job for getting a lot of the Grammy award
Holy Crusader
I’m14 aNd tHIS is dEeP
Hit Girl
I cri every tiem
Isabella Marci
Here because she got 4 Grammys ????
Si proud ❤️
Sandra Keary
Is this song about being molested or raped
Ven Chello
Here after billies Grammys ????????????.
Barrington Harrison
Congratulations ???? to Billie Eilish for winning 5 Grammys last night: Song of the year, best new artist, record of the year, best pop vocal album, and album of the year. Billie is the first woman to win all 4 major Grammys in one night. This is why she will be singing the new James Bond No Time to Die theme. Props to you girl. ????????
The way she portrayed the lyrics to this song was very well done she got the point across
baddest E
The part of "as long as I'm here" fucks me well.
i love billie, so i just want you to be happy :)
Jessie .C
This is such a touching song.
It’s so pleasing to listen to. It makes me happy yet a little sad at the same time.
We love you Billie!!!!!
Jen Weir
that was my birthday and I love Billie sooooo much and that was like a gift to be able to listen to her new song on my birthday
Priscila D'Brito
Very very very Milosh "The City"/"Run Away"....I love this variety....I knew this ballad sounded familiar.
Planet Lab
the painting looks like the golden bridge
DRD thats me
You did get everything you wanted it wasn't a dream you won the Grammys congratulations billie
Simona Hromyova
❤ very nice song ❤
Taufik Rahman
The song got the Anime vibes at the starting. ????????
Rosa Costa
Such a bright picture for such a dark song
Yami De La Rosa
Me dio escalofríos cuando la escuché por primera vez
Dark Alan
Not reading comments too many cringey kids
i sleep to this song sometimes
Seriously ?
I'm 18 spoiled ,talent less and i dress like TWD ,aren't i great ? Oh yeah and i sing about suicide non stop.
Yep , definitely grammy material.
Between her and Greta now i wanna kill myself.
Mark Smith
It's not that bloody good!!! Whats wrong with people. I think it's the sheep mentality that if a handful of people think it's something special then all of a sudden everybody believes it's clever to say "Oh yeah! this is phenomenal stuff!".
Katherine Barajas
10 Grammys baby ????❤️❤️❤️❤️
Unknown Bitch
Yo 2 likes and I'll do a cover
Simple beautiful, uncluttered, sincère as usual, she Can pick up the moon, long road to youpi billie
Go deeper : learn about Hope Sandoval.
Ариана Ранцева
ты классно поеш
Golden F0x3z
only just realizing the picture is the golden gate bridge
Congrats our Billie. She and her brother won so many Grammys....We love you and your brother Billie. Stay cool and safe always. Take good care.
I open Joox and put 30 minute timer and listen to the same song until I sleep. It works. Trust me.
this is the best of all music im a big fan of billie she is the best like omg iwish she w
The haters will continue to hate. Just do not bother about them Billie. Haha. We love you Billie.
Gizem Turhal
"they don't deserve you" part is killed me
António Pedro Gama
R.I.P Kobe Bryant
Orlando Pup
Abigail McKern
There's a very moving documentary on Youtube about all the people who commit suicide off the Golden Gate.
Auto-Tune deserves all the Grammys, not wanna-bees like her. BTW, nobody's going to remember her in 20 years.
Wilde stieren
he wants wants wants wants wants wants wants wants wants wants wants wants wants wants wants wants wants wants wants wants wants wants wants wants wants wants wants wants wants wants wants wants wants wants wants wants wants wants wants wants wants wants wants wants wants wants wants wants wants wants wants wants wants wants wants wants wants wants wants wants wants wants wants wants wants wants wants wants wants wants wants wants wants wants wants wants wants wants wants wants wants wants wants wants wants wants wants wants wants wants wants wants wants wants wants wants wants wants wants wants wants wants wants wants wants wants wants wants billie eilish music
Music 4 The Heart
It was everything she wanted as she hates being recognised and doesn’t want anyone to notice her as it gets pretty annoying but she realised in her dream that she should just be grateful that she isn’t alone.
Hope this helps
i feel you sister
Oriya Savion
You song beautiful
Aiyana Duke
4 awards in a row????!!!??? YOU GO GIRL
Val Ponte
You are soooooo good at singing
This the type of song to listen to when your in I-95 in Miami on a rainy night with a lot of traffic
The Crow
There ain't no perfect words to say to you
Expect how I know that your gonna go
I wish that I could stay the same to you
But we both know that I'm drowning too
I know that I will be a piece of you
Dont think just go girl
I'll send you off we these last words for you
I hope you know that I love you
There ain't know perfect words to say to you
So I hope you know that I love you
I wish that I could stay the same to you
I love you I'll love you girl
Cissoise rouquet-gésu
J’adore ????????????
Tuna Abutalibova
*i didn’t get everything I wanted*
Yara de Vries
Hi Billie thanks for help in every bad moment xx Yara ❤️
Mei chan
Lol the ad is the same song as the vid. Imagine being this famous ❤️
alex_ tud5
so deep <3
Alisha Gibson
Omg! congrats on Grammy award!!!!!!????????????????????✨✨✨
This is one song that never fails to give me goosebumps. Damn it Billie. You really outdid yourself on this one. I look forward to more of your work in the future. ❤️
Anny Danielly
Amoooo tanto ela pqp vey n da nem para explicar ????
Raven Rayne Winter
I had to look up Billie Eilish because I keep hearing the name and people talking about them and curiosity finally got to me, but to be honest I could have been fine not knowing. I don't understand why people are obsessed. The music is mediocre and she is weird. Also she likes Justin Bieber, talk about red flag.
Drum machine, Can't sing, stupid thumping low frequency buzzing , horrible stuff.
Anybody else realise the audio backing or display she has for this song looks Like the Golden Gate Bridge ? Or is it just me ?
I've got everything I wanted.
Except a healthy planet. Help me safe it on: voice.ourplanet.com
(powered by the astounding Netflix-documentary "Our Planet" as well as Nature Non-Profits all around the world)
Sara of Isla
*"so i stepped off the golden"* 
*"nobody cried"*
*“nobody even noticed“*
ugh this song hits you right in the feels????
i made a cover of it, would love for you to check it out if you have a minute
Hiba Assaoudi
I had dream ????????????
Manoe Inacio Almeida Neto
Cd os br meu pov
The web surfer
Am i the only one that likes this song and has a happy life and is not a cry baby
Marl Nazarro
Sounds like La vi da by coldplay
Jea Clarito
The lyrics to this song hit hard????✊????
Gaming Shadow
14 year olds: *listens to song* I'm depressed now
Golden F0x3z
what hit hard for me was the "everybody wants something from me now, and i dont wanna let 'em down"
like damn sis, if you wanna quit your music career or uh- life- if you want- we would miss you, but you should be free if you need to-
Golden F0x3z
when you make a sad song about depression and suicide
but it still bops so hard
Coolkids 553
I love you Billie eilish and school at my are make of non of you
اشششش هدوء ????
Needing Less
I wish we could be allowed to click "like" more than once! I love e-ve-ry song!!!
This songs about my cat.
Christine Pham-Le
watching paint dry is better with billie
grow out your natural hair
Your voice is soooooooo beautyful!! OMG
Michelle Montanez Castillo
R.I.P Kobe Bryant????
Vim pelo Leon no twitter
Leon Twitter
pri cerda
at first i didn't like this song, but now....I am obsessed
leozin blak
Quem veio pelo leon no twitter da like
Since When
how have i never realized how loud and annoying the drums/background claps/stupid underbeat is???? like i just wanted to sleep and all i hear is dum DUM dum dum DUM on repeat and now this song has now been ruined for me
Диана Савицкая
Я одна тут русская???????
Adrian Martinez
I love this song????????
so basically since Billie said this song is about her relationship with her brother and seeing how she mentions the golden gate bridge in the lyrics and the artwork this song must be about how Billie got depressed, lost her friends, and felt immense pressure as a result of the sudden and incredible fame that she rose to, yet how her brother hold on to her and kept her sane telling her how "as long as I am here no one can hurt you..", even though it felt like a nightmare to go through this and wanted to even commit suicide possibly in this whole messed up nightmare as it would look like such a dreamy and colorful idea to a depressed person just as the artwork shows.
I feel sad for her but glad she had Fineas so we can be touched by her masterpieces once again.
Adrian Martinez
I LoVe BILLIE EiLiSh????????????????????

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