Carlos Arturo Espinosa Marqués
it is very relax
Anna beatriz De Jesus siqueira
jean dhelandt
I love you Billie
Super cute Wolf
I like the video it’s a good one
Courtney Berefi
I love you so much that I whatcha your video to fan????????????????????
Yeahso ?
First time and I mean first time of listening and watching her song and seeing who she is
My depression has cured my depression
Pao Chaparrón
Hey Ellie, I'm your fan, greetings and hugs from Bolivia
Stefany Osuna
Y LOVE ????????????????????
Yvette Shen
Who else loves this song and the simplicity of the music videoooo????
Daniele Gomes
Oi pessoal da sala sopha
Gamer God
To be honest this was the first video I ever watched
ايناس القطعاني
_Who is better?_
_Like- Billie Eilish_
*Comment- ariana grandi*
she's in an uncomfortable situation
Ndimi Techx Official
*Just checking here if anyone still listening to this song?*
Miscellaneous Stuff
I dont want her to turn 18 she is growing up so fast
Taylor Brown
I love this song
Raiden MK
Alguém Ouvindo 2020?
Elizabeth Miars
All the locals only just be finding this song
quem é de 2019 deicha o like
Crystal Ortega
The little tube goes up to her mouth and it's just Coke did you clean that up Billy the coke everywhere everywhere on the floor boy
Anna Aparecida
Quem for brasileira curte
Vip Gratuitmsp
T belle
ItsTheFox x
Thi edgy bitch needs to stop
Henry Antoine
Billie:*drinks black water*
14 year old girls: I FELT THAT
Sefora Mendes
Aí love you ❤️
TikTok #1
te amo
this is turning 1 in a month :,)
Jackson Lintemuth
I am uncomfortable.
Chakib Battioui
Do you ever look at someone's comment and go I should have wrote that!
santiago godinezz
I don't know much English but I can tell you that you are the best billie.
PD: billie elish ft twenty one pilots how about,i´m from Guatemala and I have 12 years old
Camilo — Kawuaii
That song is my favorite
Séries Brasil
Quem ama a música lovely?
Gina Yolo
I felt all this ????
Tatirebeca Tati
Quem é brasileiro e gostou dessa música deixe o like????????????
ana lopez
Y love you
Levita Yuri Pegrucci
Pis jovem vc são filho Deus ainda que vc não ver a saída do teu problema saiba que Jesus tem solução para vc . Deus nunca se esqueça de ninguém são nois que esquecemos e abandonamos ele mas seu amor e grande por vc não importa oque aconteceu ou acontece saiba ele te ama e teu nome está na Palmas da mão dele . Jesus te ama e eu também
Messi Goat
Today is one year of when the party is over PROUD ❤
Vybe YT
Black water has entered the chat
yadira cordova
Lizzy Regal
14 yr olds when they listen to Billie:
Anonymous Z
How the hell are there 200k dislikes? 200k people are high
Itz Donut Chan
who came from the intro song of mayrushart
Mineplays Craft
Cadê os BR????
yGhost* BS
So eu que acho que ela e mo brisada
santi tozzi
Alguien que hable español?????
Anna Perez
I what to see you so bad i miss you
This video scared 15%of my depression away............
Good job Billie ☹️????????
Jnoh D
Back in the 18th Century. ah ah. Very good acting Revo billie. :-)
faz um ano q essa música foi lançada!????????????????????
Annelise Orcsik
they filmed this a year ago...
Tita Pollo
Te amo Bilie Eilish
Shaquanda Majeran
You got it gurl your awesome your my fav because seasons
XxsilverroseXx Xxx
How did you put black on your face omg CREEPY REEEEEEEEEEE
XxsilverroseXx Xxx
Waches rest of vid OMG YA THIS IS HELLA CREEPY
ana reza
.i love you
I love youuuuuuuuuu Billie ????????
Josh Berryman
What the fuck has music came to! What does she know about anything she's 5 years old!!!!?
Wyzzar_ Games
Mírenla toda preciosa con su carita perfecta <3
El CaPullonSon
Alguien mas le da miedo la sangre en los ojos
DokiDoki Animations
No one not wondering how they made the dye water come out of her eyes like dat
Cryp Plays
I could lie, and say i like it like that like it like, ah
Emilio Alvarez
Billie: *Blinks*
14 year old girls: *ThIs Is DeEp*
fuck you
Lucas do Couto
A mulé ta vazando óleo mds
É uma graxinha
Rosa Pacherrez
Black goo detectado
Quando você ler eu estarei lá jr
Que ícone ????❤️
Quando você ler eu estarei lá jr
Essa voz ????
ғᴋ ғᴀʟᴄᴀᴏ
Vcs jovens d hj em dia só gostam d pessoas com cara d retardados, geração d merda
The blood scared the crap out of me
Ayzlynn Williams
How u do dat
tuani gomes
Comoa fas ilso
Nick Studio
I'm proud to be a AVOCADO
Dj smoke Reals
People like this trash ????
I love this song ????????pls like me comment guys ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Young Boy
If I see one more white girl diagnosing themselves with depression, I will fucking die
Kim Shouse
Omg wi is you’re face black???
Alice Plays roblox
I legit nearly cried :) your the best Billie!
Hell Yeah!
Nice videoclip, nice mouth, bad song...
I’m Your Senpai
*I’ll have what she’s having!*
lets dance devilman
Oh my god I just love her so much
Staring diabetes in the face
Sanjar Tojidinov
This comment so as to BE THE MORE LIKED ONE ! Этот коммент чтобы быть самы пролайканным !
Gone Fox
My chemical romance is still better than this shit
hi random scroller, have a nice day!
Aaryaman Narang
Who else thinks that Billie is depressed?
The Reaper_TRO
*Me throughout the vid*
What the hell is she drinking
The hell is coming out her damn eyes
Why is she wiping it everywhere
Why da hell is Yoongi so cute
Its 2019 and I'm still wondering what the heck did she drink
日本でもbud guy で一気に知名度あがったけど、普通にめっっっちゃ歌うまいよな。
Yaren Akdemir
My love Billie ♥️
nicole cyril jose
What the heck happened to Billie did she got psycho OOOOOOOOF
Eliezer Camacena
Finding out your partner cheated me and gave her all of my love, make me more sad with song
Ariana Apoel
Okayy, now do you people think that she is a good example for teenagers and you admire her?? ???????? Alright... Doesn't need to say anything else....????????
Fernando Ferreira
Tiamooooo loveeeeee
nic ciekawego
This is shit ;3
Mabel Lollipop
Это я когда не могу сделать математику не смешно
ARPUT channel
Ada yg dari Indonesia gak?
Like yah????????
be crafty with Mayank
Musician: billie you want auto tune ?
Christian Barclay
What the actual fuck did she drink!?
Jaga Nath
Billie you are so scary
Alisiya Ulrikh
Искал русского?, Вот он!!
Flaviaberg Flavia
Mano que tenso
ютуб ю
Что это за страдания ????????????
Lari Valentim
Cara amo essa garota!
Joshua Rhitso
I prefer rock/metal and usually hate pop songs but this song is so good,????my favourite pop song and artist????
facts_kg факты
Русско говорящие друзья? Вы здесь)
Naranbayar Batsukh
Why you drink that black thing
Maria Eduarda
I LOVE YOU billie eilish ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
Your vid is so freak but I love thatt >.<
Mie ayam Cak Gundhul Gundhul
Billie you are you okay
Daniel Lima
Te amo d+ eu ñ tô me aí pra opinião dos outros q acha vc chata
Sebastiao Botelho
Brasileiros curti
Who loves bille if like it do the like bottom
Jaqueline F. Silva Ferreira
Que triste
Лучик в озере говна
Assad Nandez
Quiet when un going home I'm on my own
I could lie say í like it like that..wait waaaa? Who is this lil girl ? And how the hell taught her spoken art?
Роблокс, Майн
My depression got depression
Нурия Валеева
кто русский? ставьте лайк
Girls these days,”mom can I be depressed like Billie eillish? Mom be like,”ok don’t die though have fun????????‍????
MW Art
Here’s a good tip.
*just don’t have a party*
Abd karim Allali
Morocco love ????????????
Mariam 27
i love you billie.i am your fun
Jemand noch 2019 da
team gir ryvti
Algun chileno
Alex Luc
I love you Billie ♥️
Abel Sanz
Is music is disgusting
Claudir Perazzoli
Love Bille
Mum,the PARTY IS OVER so i drinked a lot and now i have a really bad BELLYACHE. Isnt LOVELY that i am big now and i am drinking? NO? I was the queen, YOU SHOULD SEE ME IN A CROWN im so beautiful in it.And by the way Tessa said that my father is cheating on you because she saw him with another woman. His FINGERS CROSSED infront of this. But dont worry I LOVE YOU. And you know what?? On the party Betty maked a wish like "WISH YOU WERE GAY" , isnt it strange? I mean to who she said that? Well talking too much is MY STRANGE ADDICTION so cant stop talking. And stop starring to me with you OCEAN EYES, im getting mad when you look at me like that! Well just WATCH a movie and get relaxed, im BORED so i will make you a cup of cofee for the film. GOODBYE.
Dont worry it is an original comment so im not a COPYCAT.
Eyes? ocean
Friend? burried
Fingers? crossed
Ache? belly
I dont wanna? be you anymore
Hotel? trivago
Good girls? going to hell
You should? see me in a crown
Party? is over
Strange? addiction
Boy? my
Nadia Ascoitia
YUO song is good
emerson steele
Arlete Meireles
Linda música ????
Sienna Hill
White shirt
Now black
My depression
Danice Dorion
omg i really love your music vids i love you billie
Yolanda Barrera
2019 anyone?
iris - chamblox
Limit Official
This song and my crush killing my heart????
Danielly Mendes De Oliveira
Lindaaaaaaa ????
My eyes feel harassed after watching this
'Cause this song makes it sound like my heart will tremble and empty a void so big in my heart
I am from Brazil and I love your music your music is successful here in Brazil
Mysterious Patrick
I was scared at this when I was young.
Did You Know
3 minutes went by so fast.
I love this album from Billie. Not a single bad song in it.
And this video makes me tear up everytime..
Jocelineguadalupe Gonzalez Raya
Hello biliie eililsh
луана минская
❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ l love you
Andy Escobar
400 Millones antes que llegue al año???
بابلز المحششه
خاقه عليك
léa dhn
sad vides has entered in the chat
Itzel Arambula
You are a good singer
Okkie en Ewout
Why are all your songs so scary?
Mohammad Han
B7enek ya albe
mm nice
Я тут первая Русская с вас лайк????????????????????
فلاش النبض
انها كافره تشرب الدماء
Otavio Dias
Quem ama o bruninho deixa o like
Anna Krocker
Toller Song
Letricia Arqui
No sabía que billie cantaba esa canción es muy chevere su música me gustó mucho
Eduarda Dias AAM
A beautiful music my inspiration Against depression
mundo da lulu
Poxa bilie eu gosto muito de vc não faz mas isso poxa meu
Nathaniel Howard
Great singer
javier corral
Yo lo que espero es la cansion de bts y tu billi
You need to see this girl she is so good like you
Maria Eduarda Cordeiro Barreto
Billie you beautiful ????????????
Manuela Manu
You os cool
Luziara Cardoso Rozzelli
Amo essa musica❤????
Hard Techno
Google how to win Euromillions YouTube. And find the vídeo on it..????????????????????????????????
Hampus Strandberg
I feel like I would like to see Billie collab with Lewis Capaldi.
Angelo TV And Friends
So lovey and sad and we love your ????
Trins Gang
At the end I think so exploded because it looked like she did with all of the black stuff
L aksh
all that ink on her face was so disgusting, I quietly thought to myself
Ah shit, I have fallen in love with you. Haven't I?
Sueli de jesus lima
Quem ama as músicas da billie curte
Tereza Parmová
*.... but nothing is better sometimes...*
nandini biswas
Billie u are perfect
Jason Oke
My absolute fav vid/song. Watched it to many times but can't stop
ᴛʀᴀsʜ meɴ
Gacha Aby
I love you billie
Melina Ocampo
Te amo
Beto Camargo
Só eu que tenho um pouco de medo dela
Snaider Laureano
Katty me gustas
Snaider Laureano
Katty eres hermasa
The ink thing looks kinda devilish but her voice is angelic ???? I’m confused now????
Step 1. Go to Google
Step 2. Search this keyword: 123moviestoday
Step 3. Enjoy!
Billie Eilish - when the party's over
life, to be at peace. “That’s the problem with drinking, I thought, as I poured myself a drink. If something bad happens you drink in an attempt to forget; if something good happens you drink in order to celebrate; and if nothing happens you drink to make something happen. “Simplicity, patience, compassion.These three are your greatest treasures.Simple in actions and thoughts, you return to the source of being.Patient with both friends and enemies,you accord with the way things
Canal do Enrico
Aqui esta o comentario br que vc esperava????????
AnNa vLoG
If Billie loves her fans she will like this comment
Andy D
6.9 million likes - nice
Andy D
Love billie eilish from india!!!!
Andy D
pakistan zindabad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
γλντ νκλ
November 2019??
ЖаБЪ (swamp folk band)
звучит лучше чем в оригинале . мне нравится
انا قمر الكل ROSE
يا امه
Ella Cain
jazmin castillo
Like si creen que está hermosa
Daniel kiss Johny
It's been a year now
The song is so nostalgic.
watching this today in halloween DAMN i love her
Leydi Can
Coraline ???
Ana paula Abreu
When the party's over = like
Lovely = coment
Yup. That’s what cola does to you.
lbvf ivanov
1000 SUBS with 1 Video challenge please help
I think we are a generation who loves being sad tbh
Иринка Блондинка
кто расшифровал трюк с черными слезами?
Евгения Осипова
I love you!
Nika Хип хоп
Hi Billy, from whom I was waiting for such ofigenski work you are the best and I'm a big your Fan I hope you see Love❤️
Nevaeh Robinson
OMG I LOVE YOUR SONGS SO MUCH THERE AMAZING MY MOM SHOWED me your songs but I already now ocean eyes
11 11
Best music
زهره سان
يا عرب حرام عليكم اثبتوا وجودكم
Cristiane Dias
I love more I do not understand how she does to cry that liquid if you know the like
Анастасия Юдина
Я люблю тибя
Olga Valerievna Advokat
Кока-кола вкусная?
mika nakagawa
You nice! Keep going!
(Army know the meme?????)
Nurain Anisa
this is so crazy
Andraž Petrovič
*The worst music video ever*
The Crops
я одна кто зашла посмотреть русские коменты кто тоже лайк на ком
Jameson Richards
This is the weirdest party trick tutorial I've ever seen.
Gacha Life Mellie
When I drank a black fanta
Tasbeke Han
I love you ????
бема мурзаматова
он умерла ????????????????????????????????????????????
fabiola braga
Eu gosto dessa musica me fais lembra que se foi
Jastmine Ramos
My favourite soooong
Penny wise
me : billie when we all fall asleep where do we go
billie : in the gutter where i left my lover
variedades da miih
Só tem tem brasileiros kkkk é nois na fita Brasil
Hoàng Nguyễn
I'm scary for you huhu ????????????????
not even this old meme:
3rd grade me when i wanted to touch the ink in my pen so i slurped it out the tube thingy: 2:47
Sacred plays
Everything about Dylan in "American Vandal" makes him look like Billie's lost sibling
Yt Nikoloz_v1
It is creepy
Юлия Салтовская
Абажааааааю тебяяяяяя
brayan rojas
like si viniste a ver si habian comentarios en español
Gabriele Silva
Deusaaaaa amo ela d+ tanto ela como essa música ????????????
زهراء سان /Zahraa san
هديل الحربي
للاسف مافي عرب
Nayara Vieira
Os clip dela me dá medo mas as músicas são demais
P Navarris
Love you ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Aaron Ranny
ça fait flipper
i'm 14 an this is deep
LiRo S
Alis Moran
I totally understand this video ???? I feel like this today
Анна Сушко
Cristina Sacerdote
Te amoooooooo billieeeee lindaaaa
can i get 1k subs without doing anything
Hit like if you want her to stop crying
Rebecca Carver
I feel this video
Gaby A
Por eso no me gusta el fernet
Ana Beatriz
Essa música e foda Mano eu so choro ninguém me q ai eu escuto ela é choro
saif hamid
I live depression now
Яна Неизвестная
Their lordships
Sunay Duraklı
I love you BİLLİE EİLİSH ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️
Gustavo Barros
Quem é BR deixa aquele like????????????????????
Fahraisy Bujat
Apaan ini??
Gacha Mıstık
Şarkı 1 yıl önce yorumlar 2 gün Önce bide Niye TÜRK yok ?
Cleide Nascimento
Essa é a contia de brasileiros
holly shieeet girl, u rly have mental problem :D all ur clips..... mindfuck nightmares,
suicide for 3.... 2.... 1.....
Harris Avaan
don’t understand the hype about this music
Loek Slagboom
who else feels bad for her white t-shirt?
Kirill Iatic
I singed all ????
Severina Soares
CRIATIVIDADE TOTAL????????????????????????????????
Jenat Roksana
Everyone likes Billie Eilish
luis do grau
que. lindo????????
Sky Anthro
beautiful <3 ^-^
Jorja Harvey
Is the eyes edited
Asel Janatova
* xxxtentacion and billie EILISH * ????♥️
Pammy Deybid
She:drink that
Me:dont know
Gacha_ Unicorn
Love u and your songs
Tia Molloy
I love Billie eilish sooooooooo much
I need bleach. Not for my eyes though. But my throat needs it
Andreea Roșca daca vezi acest comentariu ești o fata de nota 1
Cibelly d'inxi
Amoo d+ billie eilish me inspira a cada momento um dia vou ser uma cantora maravilhosa como ela, deixa o like quem tiver esse mesmo sonho louco♥
Laura Karapetyan
I love
Дубин Артур
The best covers on my channel ..
Naomi Herrod
I love you billy
Heey Nutelinhas
Alguem br pelo amor de deus?????
رقيه سان و افتخر
لا تقولي انك ماسونيه ????????
دخلي اسلام☺
فالاسلام دين جميل
Stone Heart
I just say owesome Editting
Nika MG
Божееееее Billie Eillish
Ibrahim XY
I heard this song in my dream ????
Leticia Gabrielly
Gente eu sou brasileira e queria saber se sou a única que se imagina la abraçando a BILLIE EILISH em um show kkkkkkk eu amooooooooooo elaaaaa
Duda Santos
Ela eh uma deusa????????
-:TheLilacClover :-
Wouldn't that black stuff hurt in your eyes!?
_aze_ king_
Gozunden pekmez akiyo
Elder Angue
Amazing song, amazing production and one amazing, original singer performer. Outstanding.
Min Sung Seul
im still crying over this song its so beautiful
ItsKimmy Kimpai
I feel so sorry for the clothes
ну нахер
Zuzia Kopańczyk
onnzana oon zana
Is this mv possesed or something.. i just click on the play button and it end in a split of moment
elmo tivo detu sonrisa
218k dislike :0
Nmms ojala y tuviera al menos la mitad de subs :(
Suscribanse >:c:
Omg her eyes are so pretty
Comrade dog
Cristie Phillips
What is your favorite color
She is younger than my sis and why is sho so beautiful ❤️❤️❤️
Raissa Oliveira
alguém fala português aqui??? kkk
reinaldo lepaus
Nao tem so vcs eu tanbem sou brasileira
Gage Petas
On god I thought she was a guy ????????????
David Norberto Romero Paute
are you idiot ?
гругин воргол
Давно подозревал, что кока кола приносит вред организму.
Panka Polgár
I love
your songs are scary but good????????
Kanna Cats
Звучит депрессивно...
Zuzanna Jazownik
how did you make these tears black?
Сеня Цыганков
Тоже захотелось поплакать потому что было неприятно смотреть как она плачет?)))
Ingrid vitoria Souza
Mystic Warrior
She sold her soul
Miguel Angel Carrasco
Q bonita rola me gusta ????
amin salmanov
I love you im biiiiiiiigiiggggggggg fannnnnnn ????
Valentina Del Vecchio
Mi piaci
vivi vivi
amo ela ????????
Rafaelly Lima
Qm aí é brasileiro da like
why is there this trend of sad songs? make happy songs, lively. much better bad guy
o platina da vida
Ela canta bem assim Lake Lake Lake Lake e pra dechar o like
Mai.j 1
I love you Billy????
I love this Song. I heard it all day at work. I Love it so much! Billie, you are the best peaple for me in this World!
I thank you for your music, it's the All best!
I am???? not Alone to Watching in NOVEMBER 2019 ? ????
majuju mota
mano esses clipes são bizaros
Autumn Leaves
Unpopular opinion:
I like how the pillar was placed so perfectly on the tile ✨
Ярослав Ульдин
Hello! I played "When the party's over" on the Russian folk instrument balalaika. come to visit me and listen to the melody in an unusual sound.
Marvellous Imade
I like your song very much I love you I always watch your videos
Eren JaegerYeager
Este video es muy infantil.
Eren JaegerYeager
This video is a shit.
Милана Ярахович
О класна туш потикла ????????????????
Néo The One
Billie Eillish love satan
Милана рай
Billy is super Billy is a class who doesn't believe tam in the eye
yasmim pietra
Tenho depressão preciso de ajuda
thefire volt
Alguien de México ???
Palesa Mahoa
This song is still amazing even after a year
I'm always at peace when I listen to Billie Eilish. Her voice is so soothing and she is such an artist and I mean artist. She is all about the words and the message, not about the sexuality that most singers portray. The creativity and visuals in this video are stunning and I'm honestly in love with her new album. I love her music so much and we just covered some of my favorite Billie songs "Bad Guy" and "Lovely" on my channel, hope you will watch them. Billie you are a true artist.
Paula Gallardo
Así me encanta jajaja ???????? dale click ????????????????????????
Dubz Killer
the ink said: im going down boi
saba tokhi
I love you bili????
Ur mum 2 tittys
This music sucks ass
Dario Bermejo
A Princess to synchronize
Evellyn Fernanda Silva
I love yuo music
Grace Whelan
Fighty wise
Ruan Viana
Te amo ????????????????
Kari Cat
Когда я слушаю такие песни спокойные я плачу и думаю что делаю что то плохое и после тебя делала добро!!!) Я ТЕБЯ ЛЮБЛЮ (I LOVE YOU ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
wer was
Billiy boy
Jusmin 1900
November 2019 ????
vincent nwaigwe
Meu Deus
Wo sind die Deutschen?????
Maria clara Correia Demori
Eu faço aula de inglês com a teacher Márcia
In english:I do english class with teacher Márcia
Susan Walta
How did the black stuff come out of your eye
Lilia Balderas
Qué clase de emo es? ????????????
aymen Idrissi
Baby Netflix season 2 ❤️
giovanna Pascoale
Ela tem depressão ??? Me fala aí Brasil
Xxicecold XD
shut up you sound like a pig and fat albert
Ashley Villegas
Happy Birthday Billie ❤????????
Kauane Santos
Não gostei desse vídeo porque ele é muito ridículo que como é que a pessoa vai conseguir colocar o líquido Preto pela boca sai pelo olho
Alejandra Marrokin
Happy birthday
Izabel Cristine
Marisol Torres
I am your biggest fan ❤️
Enzo Bianchi
Como ela chora aquilo comooooo????!!!!!!
Bia Gacha
Parabéns billle ❤
Leigha Kempf
happy birthday to my fav~
here's a birthday thingy i created for you-
(read further if you want to waste some time)
(songs are in bold, by the wayy) :))
first of all, I hope you're having a *lovely* birthday...
don't get a *bellyache* from too much cake, and *when the party's over* , you'll officially have said *goodbye* to being 17, and *listen before i go* ,
*i love you* soo000ooo00oo much *!!!!!!!*
hope you get to see this! <333
[copyright of me, leigha; *COPYCAT* s will be punished] ;))))
(make sure to hand out a *party favor* or two to your guests for me)
yall ever jus end up losing urself in a song at 2am. and it hits u like a truck cause every lyric has its own specific meaning to u and situation that u been in. it fr be like that sometimes :/ lmao prolly get called out by a boomer saying i have fake depression or some bs. I dont understand why some people find it so hard to understand that everones pain is different fake thi fake that the point is someone like in their feelings rgrdless but no once again there allways has to be something that "isnt true" look yall woteva u goin thru right now ; if anything jus believe in urself and no ur worth and if anyone tries to tell u otherwise nock them tf out lifes rlly to short
Ru Pika
i always lie , say i like it like that ????
you are amazing
Melhor música que já ouvi muito top parabéns queria mais dessas
Henriquel Maciel
Menhor musica de riverdale 3×22
valen trolagens
Love you Billie ❤❤❤????you depresion
Hope Moran
This was the first Billie Eilish song I listened to a while ago but I am your biggest fan billie????????????????????????
nuria nunu
A menina e bonita?-,-
Happy birth day bilie
La Diabla
HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! L♡VE Y♡U SO MUCH #BillieArmyForever
Lucia Candela Jimenez
i love bili
Damien Talleu
Oh how did I want to be a girl....I'm too weak
Invisible Man
Vishant Lohar
Sad I can't write
HolyRest NoMore
Is she a Magician?
Heyzues G
Wtf is she crying
Oh lord
angel crak
like yes you speak spanis
Madison Exnicious
Her mouth and face looks so fake
Cayana Ko
MALD#TA SEA POR K TANTOS DISLIKES >:VVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVV ESTO ES EL CARMA!!! CON LO BONITO K CANTA DIOS MIO billie te deseo mucha suerte y para toda la jente k no les guste pues,"k dios les vendiga" bye y te quiero y si ablo español -.-''
W ø ł f y S å n
I love you you are my favorite singer I love you you are my favorite singer
Медет Қыдырғали
Happy birthday????
Martha Barreno
Me encanta este video es el mejor
Lizzy Fondse
Killin it in all ways
Henry Rodriguez
Billies music really hit hard af at 2am ????
Julio Van spit
los loquitos pintor lorenzano
Felicidades ❤ te quiero mucho
Ximena Garatachia
Que increible video???????????????????????????????????? soy tu fan
Emma Rahayu
This satan
Hi-5 Y Más
Bob Doubter
Her best song.
When you look up Fiddler on the roof soundtrack and this comes up
Tudo sobre animais!!!
Isso que tá saindo do olho dela não é de verdade ?
Neko Otaku
I love You Billie
Neko Otaku
I hope You are well greetings from colombia
Ana Sofia Vasquez Florez
No critiquemos a la gente que nos hace daño solo cuidemolos mire esta mujer tiene tik en la cabeza y la apoyo y me gusta mucho sus canciones ❤ y la respeto con mi corazo
LIKE:Si la apoyas
COMENTARIO:Si la quieres
Parrissia Cook
This just really made me depressed because like to me in my opinion it’s sad to me
Kpopper Aleatoria
브라질 인은 어디에 있습니까?
Barry Allen
The way she looks in the thumbnail scares me
Allison ROBLOX player
Happy ???? birthday ???? 2019 dec 18 your 18!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I don't understand when people think teens who listen to Billie are just "fake depressed" because a lot of them listen to her songs because it's their way to express their feelings and how they truly feel.
sorry for the rant I know I'm just a child
Ryan Mcgraw
Hope she doesn’t start writing children’s books.
Sandro Mercado Bustinza
This is a disturbing but genius type of art
Bitches Broken Hearts
" Don't you know I'm no good for you? "
I'm crying ????
Francis Gabriel
que musica bosta achei que era legal credooooooooo
mariana cabana
do you know what time it is?
YES it is the time to go depressed
*_Happy birthday to one of my favourite singers_*
Joshua Brand
How the hell did they get this on iPads
Mike Lambrecht
she is now me god lol sound weird I know
Wolf moon 25
This song made me cry so much and it still this day after hearing it so many times I hear more..In the song...and it kills me because it makes me sad
Fablo Winner
happy birthday Billie elish
every one : when the party was over
Billie elish : don't make it over..your life is over,not the party????????????????
Wise Fox Games
start of the video: this video doesn't look so disturbing
a time later: what the hell is she drinking?
more time later: OH GROSS, CUT!
marianela chan rodriguez
Quiero ser como billie :'v
๓ilคຖค l໐งē
Кто тут русский отзавитесь
sergiu official
billie eilish
sergiu official
Naira Beglaryan
She should really see a doctor
Boboyboy Galaxy
I am from Indonesian,iam your fans,you is very bohay,bohay in Indonesian is beautiful
Happy BIRTHDAY Billie.
Benedict the 9
When you drink cola with cafeine
Coco melon
Likeyero walakero pieto maintindihaniero sa mg'a commentator. Puro espanyol
hello from Russia!
That’s kinda creepy ngl
Brookita's Adventures
How can she be 17?!? She is just an amazing artist. Much love, Billie!
하 하
와 대박이다
Семен Козлов
Это кровь?
Bayar Nori
So that’s why my ex used to sing it so often, I knew that she had a hidden message for me from this song, aite good to know girl, you do you
How were the tears created? What was done to make it seem like it was coming out of her eyes?
Aquí claramente podemos ver lo que hay bajo esa ropa tan holgada XD
So ugly
Kayla Zahra
Sis Billie Eilish taught me to get the drink out of my eyes. I want to do that too: "(
Raze_ RBLX
Omg what water you drink
zeynep retro
Stop you ????
Эльнара Гамзаева
Oooh, dear BILLI ALISHE))))
Savage Devil
Wierd just wierd
riri riri
???????????????????? me kipo c,ect fiti
Don't you know I'm no good for you?
I've learned to lose you, can't afford to
Tore my shirt to stop you bleedin'
But nothin' ever stops you leavin'
Quiet when I'm coming home and I'm on my own
I could lie, say I like it like that, like it like that
I could lie, say I like it like that, like it like that
Don't you know too much already?
I'll only hurt you if you let me
Call me friend but keep me closer (call me back)
And I'll call you when the party's over
Quiet when I'm coming home and I'm on my own
And I could lie, say I like it like that, like it like that
Yeah, I could lie, say I like it like that, like it like that
But nothing is better sometimes
Once we've both said our goodbyes
Let's just let it go
Let me let you go
Quiet when I'm coming home and I'm on my own
I could lie, say I like it like that, like it like that
I could lie, say I like it like that, like it like that
Boring. Back to Beethoven, that guy will last.
That songs sound boring
Sthefany Santos
É muito esquisito esse clipe ????
jesse faulkner
beautiful voice...I pray for this girls soul to remain in tact after the vultures try to steal it.
Miguel Marrero
This is by far the most evilest thing I’ve ever seen that shit was as real as they come ????????‍♂️
sorry is this some new asmr music now or what
Sandra Mejias
Billie diez????????????
Dianny bass
music shit .....nose que carajos le ven a esta pelotuda eso es cantar?
Dilara A
Congrats for 5 grammys ????Her voice is like a heaven makes me relaxing and also touchy???????????? The other person i know who has a voice like Billie is Birdy. But she’s not famous that much idk why ????????‍♀️
marian guevara
Manu Manuzeiras
apaixonada em bts
Fernando Gomez
Tfuck is this shit
Fuck this music
Luis Gutierrez
fuck this "music"
como toda revelação, mais uma esquisita na musica, buscar a Deus ninguém quer.
Shawn Anderson
weird for the sake of weird (ie: crap)
Shawn Wooster
So, her modus operandi is to be grotesque, or...?
Wolf Of alore
Directors: so how many chains will you be wearing?
Billie: yes
Gladys Sinisterra
I ♡ U Love
Sean Webb
So the kid is weird for the sake of being weird or is this just what happens if you grow up in L.A.?
alkhihafiz syahda
Play when 0.25x.. its so very super creepy...i swear
yukinori mita
Ji mena Martinez
❤️ amo a dillie
bloodsplas _
Before : (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
After :ಠ_ಠ
jamie fraser
Anyone else think billie would be sexy with some tight clothes
Debbie Allport
OMG you call this music sorry but I call this CRAP and GARBAGE where it belongs in the trash same as for this over rated hack thanks freaks for killing music ty very fucking much this is just dark twisted crap for some party for Devil worship Now I have to go pray to our LORD Father in Heaven after watching this trash evil demonic trash
Body science Tricks
Such a beautiful song. Such a beautiful voice. Never even heard of this lady, until last week. Not gonna lie I'm hooked and I don't usually listen to this kind of music usually.
Shay B
Saw her performance on the Grammys now I love this girl!! Mega super talented ☺️???? I'm so late but I'm gonna listen to everything now LoL
Manu Silva
Arrasa ❤️
ferr ambrocio
Nuevo talento ......nada de imponernos ala prostituta infantil de ariana grande ????????????????
Family sagehaberman
this black stuff is a common theme, she has had it injected into her,(bury a friend, all the good girls go to hell) fallen into a puddle of it from the sky,(all the good girls go to hell) and drank it then cried it out.(when the party's over, duh)
Paulo Souza
Sério mesmo que esse lixo ganhou o Grammy? Pqp viu, o merda musical do inferno.
jason humphrey
This was the first time I actually paid attention to the video.. this was really good.
Nijin Blade chanel
Detox do capeta kk
Lola F1
What a trash musician.
Chase Bailiff
Song director: how creepy do you want your music videos to be?

Billie: Yes.
Laura sofia Rodriguez otalora
Los videos de billie son únicos por eso Me encantan
Tiffany Wallop
Trying to push my self to like her maybe if it was ten years ago in highschool just seems weird an needs help an a psych ward ????????‍♀️
Lanna Rose
Dear Billie,
If this is your actual youtube channel, then I want to say that congradulations on winning FOUR grammys on sunday and that I think your music is truly amazing and that we all love you!
Much love, Lanna and many other 25.5 million subs.
After the Grammys ❤
Ricardo Espinoza
She drank activated charcoal and defecated at the end. My theory
That lean was kinda weird ngl
Dewind Medina
I love it
Yodit Stiphanos
I like this song alot, but I can't with this video guys. Y'all need to stop being all dark with these videos , lol.
Billie Eilish sucks ass, shit hole music and shit hole artist
Maxwell Lasher
This is really disgusting ratchet
Martian Hippie Pizza
I love her album, when the party is over is my ultimate favorite song.
Billie you are a gem in rocks! Amazing voice and unique, can't wait to see what your future projects!
DN Tino
Absolute shite ????????????????
Niki editions v:
when the glass of water is over
Valeria Reyes
Soy gay
david andres balanta
Who loves billie elish like????
chaves 125
Não sei inglês
Chiquinquirá alarcon
Natti natasha con su ley de gravedad jajajajaj ???? ???? ???? ???? ???? ????
wightwalker 04
producers: how many chains?
Billie eilish: yes
Alicia Castellon
I love you billie eilish????
Brenda Gaspar
Lei Wulong
Very beautiful you... ???? From Brazil...
Denise Rodriguez
No te preocupes si haz tenido depresion... recuerda que hemos sido 2 ❤ Abrazo gigante ???? ????????
What is this lol?
ernesto sarmiento torres
I love the song
friend? buried. Guy? bad. Party? over. Hotel? trivago
Mika Pedroso
I love you
I love billi eillish????????
jojo and malakia fun
I thought you are just whispering and you got a is funny
Mi vida itzel *amor*
Like si hablas español ho soy la única ????????????
Mauricio Sanchez
Cao Thanh Long - Adam
Her performance at Grammys 2020 was perfect. Super emotional!
John King
This is horrible music. So she is equal to celine and whitney and mariah !! Utter garbage if this is considered grammy worthy.
Nicole Lara
❤️❤️❤️i love you
Ignacio Paso
Que desastre la musica esta
Jerainy Duvernay Ávila
Aqui tienen un comentario para los que lo andaban buscando en español
Jose Angel Avila
Pesimos gustos
Erasablemaster 000
Billie eilish fans: oh this is normal
kimberly •
te amo bilie elish eres mi cantante favorita ÜÜÜ☼
Gente eu só to pensando como limpar essa camisa agora
Jennifer Raquel
Alguém Brasileiro?????????
Malarvizy Perumal
Love it so much - tq
Tony Or Toeknee
She looks so happy ????
Rose TT
Rip Kobe and Gigi Ik that you two are in goods hands with god as long as xxx and juice wrld ????????✊and the others that had died this year so far
allister roberts
I just found out about this artist from the Grammys. She’s different, but I don’t mind.
Who’s here after the Grammy’s ?
Mark Wilken
Just noticed she is wearing a metric fuck-ton of watches. That is all
Margarita Gutierrez
Bilie:cry black
The laundry guy: ):<
Stuart nevins
This is horrible music. I took a shit this morning and it sounded better. Follow the heard people and let them tell you what is good music. She won a bunch of awards it must be good. Dumbass
ксюша милашка!
Ты такая классная!♥♥♥ только я хочу вопрос задать ты когда нибуть улыбалась???
Yefri. TX
Like si eres DominicanOo
I have all the songs on the computer your billy I love you! ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Alandra Z.n Lovers
Apa. Alice adalah iluminatin
Jamari Polk
Bruhh miranda sings said oh no she's on her period I was rolling
i love this mv should've win a Grammy but yeahh fuckk Grammy
Arbie Santos
her voice is beautiful but this mv is so boaring
I love this song so much! Its my favourite song to sing ever, which is probably weird for some people.
Sofia Dokuchaeva
Is dat cola of cocola?
Sofia Dokuchaeva
Ik vind jou just daens dansje van bad guy heel ereg leuk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sofia Dokuchaeva
I love you Billi Eilich!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Rajzötletek 2020
I love you Billie❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️????????????????????????????????
When I Listen That Song I Became Depressed Alone Person Then You Understand You re So Alone
Amaara XOXO
Billie Elish is the best singer ever!!!
Big Bang Barcelona
Andreea Vlog's
I love youuuuu
kutti lander
what if she was drinking coke ;-;
Nurin Khairiyah azzahraa Rizal
How do u cry black tears with that drink?
Feride Menumerova
..... I LOVE YOU????????????????
Асия Утягулова
Кажеться тут одна русский человек...????????????????????
Варя Мангл
Joilson Vargas
Quem acha q ela é uma deusa deixa o like e comenta aí
kisbr M
بلي عياش يا كافره
Nobody can stop my cry
Maya Gamer
I love you
In Famouz Gaming
I honestly think shes a overrated singer.. First of all the song dosent give u cool vibe and its just lame and dead... Like a flat lyrics idk how ppl able to enjoy it so much. Or just people have weird taste of music nowadays?? No offense to her. Just feel her musics are weird and ain't that special...
hearts are easy to break ,but impossible to fix
Bu kıza bayılıyorum
l ♥ ️YOU ????????????????????♥️♥️♥️
electro king
Who is watching this then cry ????????
Time Lapes
Do you have a boyfriend
Nicky Araza
Best MTV
Boombox Playz
I didn’t see anything sad but I am sad somehow?
A.R.M.Y_I Purple U
Kkk mostrei esse vídeo da Billie pra minha mãe e quando ela viu a Billie chorando preto, ela falou
Mãe: que diabo é isso menina?
Kkk ri muito
Abigail Vaughn
Why can't I die now
Sunny Day
wer deutsch?
Eu sou a única brasileira aqui é?????
mook_er 00z
Eveyone://saying some sad story
Someone or more than:i so depressing ;-;
Jesus Christ died on the cross and shed His blood for the purpose of freeing everyone from sin. Do not be fooled. Learn, read the bible so that you know the way and the truth through the teachings of our Lord Jesus Christ. He is the way to an eternal life. You will be saved because God loves people as they are, you just have to ask him to come near you and you will see the wonders of his glory, do not persist, do not fall into the claws of the enemy. God is love and is in your heart look for it. Good will ALWAYS overcome evil.
Sarnæ 213
Boze kocham cie????I ???? YOU BILLIE????????????????
I love you
Milkshake de BTS
Aqui está a BR q vc procurava ;)
Brandon J
Wow how corny is she
Lula Franco
billie te amo
Givano Cats
This song is realy hitting me in my heart ????????
Ночной звездопад
*Я тут просто так*
Alex Gomes
__User666 001
Wtf is this
Rambo Shrestha
Was that a coke
Rachael Edmans
She takes like 2secs to drink the drink record breaker go to Guinness wold records wow????
WaQ Gamer
it hit my bruise
very talented
Dunja Sehovic
Timur Litun
Good clip
Timur Litun
And very creepy
The moment you realize Billie makes normal music video
Young Birders' Club
This....this.....this is not only music.
Sad squid
Vitalii Wowk
too sensitive
Hacer Isik
Billie why are you sad ????????????
Andrea Zambrana Roman
This song and all of their songs are beautiful !
Suiane Guedes de liveire
Olmaigodi ❤
alvu crack
Todos: depresión
Yo: a la verga no entiendo ingles
Yo igual me siento asi
As a dad of to teenage girls im used to all the braindead music they listen to....But this is something different, and Billie seems real.
Love it!
kto słucha 2020?
heroic popcorn
I could lie and say...
capitan solo fre fire
Si buscabas comentario en español , lo encontraste ????????
Gaby Varadi
I love you Billie Eilish❤❤????????
UrlzOn iPhone
She’s actually soo talented
Alex McCormick
Just spent three hours drawing Billie with the inspiration from this video... one mistake when painting and the whole thing was in my bin...couldn’t be fixed, the colour of her hair went onto her skin, so annoyed
Albé !
girl gaimng
Im so like the song and im love your songs!♥️????????????☺
Fernando Brito
cade os br
Nangsan Syiemkongor
Gemini people will relate this ???? #borntobeagemini❤️
Maria Luz Chuva
Alguien que hable español?????‍♀️
1k subscribers Challange trying to grow on youtube
Black water where did you get that I want black water
Elda Lamberti
Krzysztof Tomczak
To rury
Juliane Oliveira Estaneck
A música que legal ????❤️????????
Tadas Jancys
Hey you, who Read this I want to say no matter what I love you!!! I always do! I love life all creation) don’t be sad be alive fell my love it is plenty for you)
Просто Я
Если, что не пейте Кока - Колу, видете что с девочкой произошло?
Bianca Brito
Nossa como estou avisiada nessa música
Rune Tibos
how can you di this billie??
i love you billie your songs are the best!! and your my fav singer
like if bour fav singer too
Nóra Menkó
Y love you billie❤????
Ченышова Анастасия
Русские вы где ???????
Ros tavarez
¿who you are?¿what are you doing here? ¿what are you looking for?
Mihaela Menalo
Bills i love you
Изо Силагава
Billie is a MAGICAL girl♥️I really love her
Jaeliani Hernandez
OMG area you better not drink that it going to make you cry out Black Tears spaghetti can drink it????????????????????
Raybblin Vargas
This video is amazing it’s like me crying black tears when I am so mad so I get you Billie
Raybblin Vargas
My name is Isabella by the way Billie
Fishey Stickey
why dont i ever die?
Raybblin Vargas
Raybblin is my friend by the way Billie
julieanna Madrigal
lukas Schoenwald
U broken?
Gii '-'
I'm in love with Billie. She is so powerful.
Rosa Fiol
Un video completamente satánico. Que horror!!!!
murtaza zaidi
Some people think Billie only relates to teen age girls but as a 25 year old male that was recently diagnosed with depression, anxiety disorder, eating disorder and substance abuse I can seriously relate to a lot of her music. ????
Alayna Spina
I LOVE THIS SONG ❤️❤️????????????????????????❤️????
Alayna Spina
I sing it all the time
julian whitton
Hope that isn’t activated charcoal lol
Leslie Chow
MK ultra
Jayana Nicole Violin
No likeee
maria del rosario briones rodriguez
????????????????????me gusta
is that black food coloring?
this song just hits so diffrent depending on the mood you're in.
Fizah Mustaffa
I swear, who is this dude?
Jhoana Martinez
La amo es mi favorita
ANITHA xD Rojazz
i love you billie
m1 635
qm é br aqui
Gr 127
Quien no hable Inglés eh igual este en los comentarios repórtese con un like
sonich991 SUPERBOIII
K Guys she has so many likes and subscribes bc she just drinks black um......water and it comes out of her eyes....but da music is nice xD like if u agree
sonich991 SUPERBOIII
and why u change ya hair color green and black I LIKE BLUEEEE AND BLACKKKK
Blanca Margarita Mar Palomares
I s love????????
MyASMR Rants
I eatched because of Stevies how to be Ellie video.
Raul Ortiz
Vieja loca
Brend's Birdseye View
◼️Call me friend but keep me closer ◼️
Light over Darkness
This is the perfect visual expression of Billie selling her soul to the corrupt satanic entertainment industry in exchage for fame and fortune. She had a hard time making the choice of drinking that dark liquid, but in the end she chose to drink it and chose to contaminate all her white clothes and white surroundings, transforming her into another sellout puppet of the corrupt wicked music industry. Depressing indeed.
Izaah Dias
Alguém br???????????????? que ama a Billie????
Britney Cope
When am sad i come bk to this song ????
Daylen Ybarra
cuando te salian las lagrimas negras me salio una gotita
Jorge daniel Bravo medina
15K Subs In 2020 Challenge
Billie at 18: singing the new James Bond theme
Me at 18: slowly closing my airpod case to see when the green light goes off.
this video inspired by
Savio Santos
Mika Mikka
Ты балиная
Marcel Owczarek
So like, every depressed person listens to this song and it just makes 'em more depressed
Gacha Time!
Meh: *sees her drink black liquid*
Also me: 3 options:
1: black licorice
2: oil
3: water w for coloring
Also meh: can’t be black licorice cuz disgusting, and can’t be water cause it would be more clear.... ew she drink oil
Meh sis: SHE DRINKS OIL!?!?!
Me lying on the floor dying: ????????????????????????????????????????????????????
Zorr VGS
Tá poha ela viro aquele copão de suco em menos de 10 sigundos
Ubaldo Ugarte
What dead billie 2001 2020
Hellinary pegado
Comete linda
Comete borra
Stephanye Barcelos
O loko meu Deus
Yeimi Sanchezromo
Wow ♥️❤️❣️Amaya got
Denis Moyon
I like this.
(sorry for my english )
Where has she been all my life????
Crying my heart out ????
I've learned to lose u can't afford to....
Svbssd Jdndndn
Fea música de miedo
Sophey Marquez
Who else was crying when they saw this
le Derpium
when the party starts
Umma Frugone
Billi por que me bloqueaste yo quería ser tu amiga soy umma
Rafaela Lopez Espinoza
Ya sabemos que lo aces con unas mangueritas pero bale la pena y además ce ve mío bacan
Ana Ramirez
Me: spills chocolate on me o well
Billie: o well it's just like 1000ponds of black tears that spelt on my shirt
bonbon fan123
*Party favor 2*
*when the partys over*
Lucía Hernandez Lopez
Reprobé inglés
crying black stuff
Toxic Sans
is she crying the void? 1:50
sisterhood ayri
what the fuck was that and how did that come out ur eyes?
Sorany Jimenez
old crazy depressed Boba daughter of a bitch who doesn't even know how to sing boba learn to see that can traumar children watch that video say crying black for literally depressive blood really work
I love You tank much music love❤
Marlon Baker
This song makes me feel like I am going to fall asleep
Leonardo Hernandez
Soy el comentario en español que tanto buscabas HAHAHHA
Bueno adios.
(Hermosisima cancion)
sanduiche loco
caraio e a belishe
What makes me depressed isn’t the song but the fact that I’m her age, ain’t got nobody on my phone and broke. While she out there with millions of fans and billions of view. Bruh life got me twisted
Zay Gaming
i dont get why everyone likes her (no hate)
Людмила Кочерова
I very very like your song
Dominic Moran
I wanna end me
Ewwie i don't really don't like that but nice acting????
The edit master
I rlly feel for this song so beautiful, just so...I cant explain how I feel when I listen to this song its sad but beautiful just the perfect pitch
Rafael Ramirez
Maldita Canción
Krabby Kat
she looks a bit like Rebecca Hall
Looks like..a suicide
Osito donita BIMBO
Que clase de coraline es esta? ❤️

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