Shadow Music
Tiktok Squad?! ???? ????
Icy_ Heroe
I got rejected HAHAHAHAHAHA
He lowkey sounds like Juice WRLD
Rip Juice????????
Seji Yt
Outro song?
Samsung TV
Mr. TheOmegaTryHard
Sent this to my crush
100 likes and I send this to my crush. I’ll post it if I get 100 likes
Aryo Gamerz
Who saw this in December 2019?
Julia Karungi
I ❤ this ????
Luke Saucewalker
My only problem with songs getting popular on TikTok is how TikTok normies try to claim that shit like “Oh tHaTs ThAt TiKtOk SoNg” nah bitch
When i saw a Translate i was shoked
Karolin Khalil
I Love this song????❤️
le bierwampe
Proud to be Single my Wohle life ????????????????
Bambeyy Clouds
Me : Listens to this song
Also me : Thinks about ex and crush
A few minutes later
*Text ex*
Ex :Hey! wassup?
Me : Fuuuuuuuc you :)
Юля Апараскиви
Ета пьесня проста супьер
Who else was thinking about their girlfriend ????????
polixeni gunnarsen
TikTok did ruin this song at all. It mad it better????????????????????
Hii grettings from Turkey I It's song love
Ji G
How many times have you heard it a day
1 time 1 like
2 times 1 comment
200 times like and comment
Une Ptite Cassou 丰
《But when I saw you, I felt something I never felt》????????????
RUS / UA ставим like
Jetmire Bajramali
@ShadowMusic whats the melody in the last called?
Gacha life Harymi
Танцы ???????? самоучитель
Elisa and Faris
This song reminds me of "raincoat" - Timeflies
When Prauf dies in fallen order :(
Who else came from tik tok?
Nguyen Tien Dung
I love !!!
Finley elli
Berates lied
Easton Miller
Sure :D
JDjjdj Pam
TikTok makes songs underrated
Czakon Marcus
This song is the same as "never ever" from post malone and eminem
JDjjdj Pam
Z. A. I. N. A. B.
Irma Matovanny
Karna tik tok:)
Jesus Moreno
This song is in Tik-Tok you love
Jesus Moreno
Tik Tok songs you love
if i hit 200 subs i will record me singing this song to my scg crush????
Daniel Romeo
What is the outro song?please answer!!!
Trevor daniel: Makes this song
TikTok: I'm bout to end this man's whole career
Yolanda Vela
I love the lyrics
Elijah Marquez
69 likes an i'll sing this to my crush
Khloe Nation
Sometimes I think when haters comment on a video I think if your a hater then why even click on the video and comment
Anaya Lawson
40 likes i tell my crush i like him
Andro Novac
Sports Universe
Delete tik tok, it ruins songs. I have seen such cringe and now I just don't even want to listen because it reminds me of all the dumb things people create on that app
Michel Jensen
Love ur music On tik tok its a trend
Amie Cabrera
Heard this song on a fortnite montage by destic
And I love it
Syn Kld
Hey you ????
Yea you ????
I know it’s hard ????
And you’re hurt ????
But I want you to know that life can be difficult ☹️
So wipe those tears ????
And if you need a friend
My snap is ????
Hit me up I’m here for you ????✌️
Yombayee and Lauren
Why does this guys voice sound like juice wrld?
yara shhh
This song makes me think about times I never knew I had.
Robbie Hineman
Anybody hear from Tik Tok
MZ Jax
“But when I saw you, I felt something I never felt” I felt that ????
Paul Likes Coffee
That’s song makes sad i am crying as I am typing this this song responds me and my gf
*_Console war tik toks_*
He sounds so much like Juice WRLD
Yeah I know that this comment is already said
Soccer Skills FC
Ya tiktok is the best!!!!
Closer your eyes and he sounds like juice weld
Mandrolio Gamer04
judy joo
Love it ????
Where do you find such good songs?
Lucas Bratcher
1 like and I will sing this to my crush
Olivia Montano
I allways here this on tiktok
Ramrattan Ram
I love this song
Aaron Gonzalez
When it says pouring up it sounds like porn hub lmao
Who else noticed that too
wyatt pop St.Denis
This comment section is so fucking gay
Lindsey Hoglund
Jack Olivia
In Roblox I was playing RHS 2 and someone was playing this song.
Am I the only one that thinks this would be a song Xxxtentacion would sing?????
Grace Padilla
Te amo, te quiero, te extraño, te adoro, te necesito, te quiero una y otra vez.
*Falling in love with this song*
Jaxon McKee
I love this song
I livethis song I can listen to it all day
I was thinking of my ex
jose Perez
100 Likes And.Ill Sing To My Crush
Branson Waite
Hehe I’m on my brothers account, spam him with likes
copy right
Hxxt Hxxt
Song lit
Tik tok made listen to underrated songs like this. Iz prettyyyy
0:00 The moment you realize the decade is coming to an end
Yash Permalla
I hate this song because of tiktok
Andre Williams
good song
Sounds like juice wrld ????
Paul Lopes
Cool song $
Daniela Adame
My boyfriend send me this song it makes me sad and cry comment if your boyfriend sends you this okay????????????????
Tanner Santos
So I told my crush I like her and I found it she likes me to
ViiPeR RDz
Outro song? Pls
1,000 likes I will put this in a Fortnite Montage
This song is a phase...
from heartbroken & to heal forever
Omar Al hamiri
My 2 favorite song
subscribe to me and ill sing this to my crush
nine percent
30 likes I sing to my crush
Zena Hammami 4A Gelsted Skole
den er mega god den sang omg
Zena Hammami 4A Gelsted Skole
den er god
boldtrain067 -
Fortnite montage?!
Adriana Baciu
Tik tok ????????????
Uniequorn Priv
I’m hurting and sad songs hurts me more. But there’s time i just want to listen to them all day and breaks my heart even more. No i lie. I listen to sad songs every days ????
When you feel something in the girl and you give all your love.but the sad part of that she still leave you
Yudish Poonoosamy
Now am addicted to this song
Micah Grimes
This song gets me in my feelings
Bad Song
David Gaming
This music is on the tik tok i love this music????????
Hashtag Mack
What is the name of song at the end of video?
Oratile Karabo Malahlela
I have been looking for this song for so long I even endede up weighting my last
JuliaTheShortie 33
Should I ask out someone I like?
Nikki Rogers
Next 15 likes I will sing to my crush
I'll tell you guys on my YouTube channel Timothy 23
Daniq Plays
" "
that was the secret of word "EMPTY"
Dhimas Asw
Dj nya mantap kali
Kory TV
love that song ❤️!
Nada Mohamed
BSGSNSSUTSV ما اعرف انكلش
*Anyone else think this was Juice when they first heard this song?*
sleubzo _
I love is sleubzo
Random Gamer
Me to the random street cat:
Kaden Farris
10 likes then i will sing this to my crush
Nathaniel John
There’s a WHOLE different meaning 2 this song after a breakup. That’s actually tuf.
R.I.P Juice Wrld
whats the outor music bro
Noisey_ fn
my last made feel like
Nicolas Karnaraj
Is it only me or this voice sound's like Juice WRLD one
Wilfredo Torres
2042 anyone
Love ???? it
Orion Thompson
he sounds like juice wrld...
Andrea Péter
Like who loves this music?
marmoora idrissi
Nice musique????????
Me: ‘post a funny comment’
Comment: ‘gets 5 likes’
Other guy: ‘post a comment’
Other guys comment: ‘ 1M likes easy’
Come closa I will give u all my loove
Jj Mjm
NLB Mano
So epic????????
abcd efgh
Give me a reason and I will tell my crush how i feel about her
Elaf Hassan
Songs hit differently when you just lost 2 years best friend
Free PlayZ
Ay guys this hits me hard look ik in love with someone who was just an exchange student and now shes gone since last week and im really sad about that
Madison Torres
I really like the outro beat
Who else thinks this song hits different when ur alone at night
Eazy Clap47
Das ist der Deutsche Kommentar den du suchst
pxn soupy
i was in a 10yr realationship and i got her with a guy cheating on me and we broke up
People say tik tok ruin songs but really it just make not noticed songs noticed
Gacha Shadow xxx
Everyone misses their crush mine left the school :(
Rebecca López
1k an I'll sing this to my crush in front of everyone in a talent show
Daisy Perez
TikTok squad ???? ????
basic nightmare
That moment when you start falling for someone harder than a fallen angel falls but they dont want nothin to do with yuh
Chloe Coleman
I told my crush to listen to this and then I gave him my phone number he didn’t call yet....
3 likes and i ll tell my crush i like her
Ionuc Clover
RIP Harley Watson????????
I don’t even have a crush but this makes me think I do ????????
Can I use this in my video
Aland Bra
Germany ❤????????????????????
Charlie Townsend
Those that are from Tik Tok who just keep repeating the song until 0:47 ????
Josh Garcia
Dis song good af
Alie Legrand
Whose here cuz of tik tok
Mariana Cordero
I get 20 likes I will sing this to my crush
Rida khan
*Me thinking about my crush cause she'll never like me* ????????
The Boss-Battlers
I freaking love this song the melody just describes how i act idk just bear with me cause i hate everything at school but im trying to keep my cool even tho so many things are kinda stressing me and if anyone gets calmed by sad-ish songs pledase reach out okay
The Boss-Battlers
So imma send this 2 my girlfriend 1 like=good luck
Nancy Garcia
I am no girl but I iam going to play it for my love
Yo Luees
Who else here from the fortnite montages ????
sub to me
Mary Carrillo
Like yor song ????
*fall for me* I be thinking that every time at school bc im in a group with my crush and 2 more ppl and someone in the group always laughs and puts he/shes (not gonna say the gender) on my crushes lap but as long as my crush is happy im happy :D
Adriane Stokes
Me in my friends do tik tok suqad
JeckNick Tv
Hit like if u Love the song!????????
Jesse Huerta Jr
the best squad falling
the way he says “closer” ruins everything
Jesse Huerta Jr
i love this song can,t stop singing it falling
Jesse Huerta Jr
im going to send it to my crush
Jesse Huerta Jr
im singing to my dad
Orange Juice
He sounds like juice wrld and Ali gatie together
Peppa Pig Eating Bacon
This song hits after u lose a relationship
Am I the only one who’s not from tiktok
Hyped Champz
this is the only song that makes me happy when i am depresed
Assenjee Lalloo
Can't stop singing
Could I use this for a video ? Or no ?
MM Gamer
Anthony Hooks
who else thinks of Newts death while listening to this song
200 likes and I will sing this to my crush
Stefan Alexandru
that song make me cryy
Patricia David
LOL i feel like im gonna go to a talent show and sing this song for mahself from stop stressing me out n my channel :)
Juju Jijiq
I thought it was xxxtentacion☹️❤️
Ive told my crush i like her
Absalon Tipaz
I love ???? this song ????????
Mari Young
Tick Tok anyone
Jorge Enrique Chourio
I saw her yesterday and I met her. Dude!!! She’s so fuckin’ beautiful idk what happened with me, but I cannot stop thinking about her.
Phuong Nguyen
Jaylin plays Roblox
I listen to this song so much that I don’t like it anymore
Anthony Melendez
That's sad
RIP Kobe
Tik Tok most popular song
Pulse LOLツ
RIP Kobe Bryant????????☹️
casual vu
song hits different after knowin kobe jus passed????????????
Bape is Gucci
Damn this song hits
anyone else like this song because it sounds like Post Malone?
Ib The Cat
This guy will carry on Juice Wrld's torch.. ????????
Desi Misralinda
Yg indo ada ga?
Jody Mohammed
This hits a sad mood makes me feel like I have depression
Who is here from tiktok?
RS - 06FJ - Dolphin Sr PS (1553)
60% talking about relationships
39.9%talking about not having a relationship
0.1%other stuff or what I’m saying
SoaR Crickets
This hit you hard when you are losing a family member of lots of memories????????????
Pedro Patino
I love this song this is the best song ever!!♥️
Kyla Amber
Is it just me that can relate...
When you friend betrays you,
And you don’t trust anyone easily anymore...
And you finally found someone to trust,
*It starts all over again*
Drunk Gorilla
I lost my wife in a car accident
Zachary Wherley
Been a year since we broke up but still missing her???? she made me feel like I was in a fairytale and I’ve been in a nightmare for the past year... if anyone else wants to duo vent to each other about it I’ll leave my Snapchat: Cravethatminerl
kennedy WG
Who like this song please give a like ????
Blank space Scafuro
This is the song that I listen to everyday
Chris The Sauce
Kinda miss one of my ex girl ????
Kevin González
The best music of it
Jisoo stan
"Talk to me I need to hear you need me like I need ya"????
listening to this just for Kobe ????
GD Oh woah
Ruining your fav songs since....
When did TikTok come out
Alonzo Chavez
Rip black maba
Deepak kumawat D.k
Nice song
Hunter Burkett
RIP Kobe Bryant
I always play this when i remember a relationship I had with my bsf n it ended badly now we don’t even talk we just make eye contact and look away quickly
Noah Beltran
This is way different because my girlfriend of five years cheated on me.
Hannah Sivi
I love this song bad ass chill af
Arsalan Sadat
Help me finish the lyrics:My last made me feel like i would never try again
tiktok bring me here
Demian rashad Ybias
Yes sir ????????
kill this tictockers
renegade raiders and recon experts joined the chat
Matthew Boyne
Tiktok squad
Mohammad Ismail
Who here 2020?
This is from tick tock
Darely Torrez
Y laik des song es the beats ok
Danilo Amarillo
my girlfren nga supot naman
oooff 2.0
try it in high bass headphones amazing!!!!
Likee 2020
Awesome ????
Love from BD
Texas Devil
This hurts cuz every time I’m in a relationship I get taken advantage of , I give them all of my heart and time but they treat me like trash
The Crisps
1:02 I thought he said, "Trying to give up on pornhub" xDD
بنت سوريا
انا اخدتا من التيك توك يلي متلي لايك
jahanara akter
I addicted of this song ????
Jacksepticeye fan Boi
This is me to my crush
mubarak ali
Luigi _100 abo sans vidéo
21 000 000 vues wtf ✅
Esha Rawat
why this song is so underrated!?!
this song should deserve millions likes❤❤❤
Melissa H.
Anyone knows this instrumental song at the end?
Sahil Mohit
Who is come from Tio tok
s p a c e b u n n y .
Mixed vibe
Gavin Odell
Vaden Compton
RIP Kobe
David Still
TIL roc boi
Da Will Wills
So this is the song!
Skywing 12
15 likes and I will tell her I like her✌????
victor antalai
So sad for me...
Felicia Becerra
this song is epic
Felicia Becerra
I like this song
Саня Нероба
Музон просто бомба
I didn't realize this song is supposed to be sad lol
Jonathan Soltero
My friend said it was overplayed
I got a bit sad cause it my second favorite
Vendey Ball
Heya? shadow music can i ask something? What is the title of ur ending song or outro?
Kierce Liu
When this video has more views then the official video
Feri Saputra
Siap kesini yang gara gara Stori WA temen?????
Eian Sullivn
I think it's really good
Jhyel Lee
I do TikTok vids do you
Jhyel Lee
I love this song
Universal King
I thought it was Xxxtentacion Jahseh's voice... ????
Vyacheslav Lekhkobyt
This song hit different when I’m alone at night
Vanni King
Like For Kobe .. RIP
Michael Gomes
RIP Kobe and his daughter man ????????
MickeyMouse 6754
Yoooo I dead ass though it was juice WRLD
Migo Montana
Tre D shit
he sound like Juice WRLD And R.I.P Juice WRLD
Polina M
This is my favorute song! I am a Russian girl and you
At this moment they knew they fuck up
Me: I like my best friends new boyfriend and he is my best friend ????????
I wuv my boyfriend <3
Diego Duarte
Is it just me or does this song make you think of your crush?
alpha calvin

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