this voice ????????
Mate! Scotland is proud of you!
I’ve never heard this song. He just looked like a Jason Nash in the thumbnail.
Donald Trump With A Small Loan of a Million Subs
It's just like if Ellen herself had a son.
Sean Jr
Damn. this guy can sing SING
Just Browsing
He has an amazing voice!
Im a new fan. I love your voice, the music, and the song is written beautifully!????
His voice is similar to James Arthur! :) love it so much ⏯⏯
Charlie Salem
Such an amazing live singer fr
Jack Adams
Good on ya lewis you make the scots proud
Vanessa L
ur kidding
HeaveN 1
ed sheeran defently gained some weight but learned to sing tho :D
Kiah Rose
This is so beautiful ????????
Jenifer Oviedo
Amo esa cancion ????
Juan Lechuga
The next Adele.... just apiano and a voice
Nyomi Fay
Yooo he sounds just like he does in the song recording
Frank Carlo
You hear the voice on the radio than you see the man and u can’t understand how a powerful voice comes out of his body. The guy can sing his heart out boy
Nurul Azwa
heard this song a thousand times, still cried.
Jot Ge.
This is a beautiful voice. By the way where is Ellen.
Ella Arevalo
His voice is everything i wanna hear! ????
Angel96 Fatima
This voice is so beautiful❤❤❤
Yazmine Covarrubias
I don’t know how the audience didn’t start singing along...
bunga raya minimalisma
Arggggh ????????????????????????????????????
Nabilah Ajid
wow never thought ron weasley know how to sing
Jeremie Graveline
Nice look Ellen!
Eleman Hillary Barnabas
is he this huge like me
K-Bean Mixes
Who knew he'd become famous. I thought he just be a new singer, I'd find on a Playlist on Youtube and I'd love him alot. Same happened with Lauv. I thought the same with Lauv too. But both of them became famous.
Is it lowered a key?
Amesti DSO
I mean lets be honest now his name 'Capaldi' literally matches Ludivico Einaudi, Beethoven..
Be humble
Best song of the year❤️
max entain
Hello dear, you so special!!!
Thank you for reading this, I promised my mom im gonna get her out the hood and help my sisters through school, i need your help, YouTube is my dream, pls subscribe to my channel, God bless u❤
Benifits of not using autotune
You never disappoint anybody????
I can't stop listening to you. Jeez. Love the voice and ofc the songgg ! ????????
Sarah Ward
Fuck in legend
Chelsea Rivera
What happen to Ellen lol?
he sounds more british lmao????
derek barton
Your still inspiring me brother thank you
Be good you
kurniawan saputro
does anyone sees that lamp (property) its same like when Nicole Scherzinger perform Never Give Up on LateLate Show With James Corden
Marco Isais
This is amazing voice.
Love you Lewis♥️
мαнα ᴍɪʀ
ellina sari
His sound so clear... ???? ???? ???? Love it so much
Dana Lover
His ''through'' sounds so weird I can't stop hearing it o.o
Dark Knight
He Is Father Of Dean Lewis
Rikkard Dinosaurie xD
Who broke this mans heart? ????❤️
Ailene Adamos
Sad ng kanta????
anonymouse 373
Dudes this is the song I play whenever I accidentally binned food I thought I didn’t want but later wondered why I binned it
Luve fae Scotland ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
The Unknown
The power of the voice itself...
Bunnynee Boi
This guy just got added to the “celebs that don’t need auto tune” gang
Honey Moon
Ellen looks so beautiful with glasses (。♡‿♡。)
Rex Jara
James Arthur can do better justice to this song. He's a good singer though.
This is really something special
Non stop on power orlando 95.3 Smashed it kid. Scotland and bathgates finest ????
Ayub Osman
Producers: Autotune?
Lewis: What?
Jacqueline Docherty
He our Scottish sweetheart here in Scotland
Eric Torres
Didn't know L from Death Note could sing ????
Alexis Boyd
I wish people knew the meaning of the song like I do
Alexis Boyd
My cousin loves this song because her dad doesn’t love her anymore they don’t have a great relationship and this helps her
Jane Johnston
I love his voice so much ♥️♥️
holy FUCK hes so good
katrina rector
Such an underrrated artist, and this song literally never fails to make me cry. The lyrics are SO REAL and ugh. Triggers me. Also, he is so much better live holy fuck.
Also, who the fuck hurt him?
Scotland !!!! <3
Kane Flaherty
Grace is better
cool kid
Hey guys I did a cover of this song. I would really appreciate it if you guys checked it out on my channel and let me know what you think. Thanks :)
jason docherty
don't have a rug
AF Soccer & Stuff
Who else thought he was lip sinking for a little bit?
Gret S
Is he italian?
kimberly curtis
tbh i prefer this version then the radio
Wayne Landry
Streamed 1 billion times however half of his vocals I can’t even understand what he saying maybe it’s because he’s from Scotland or England or somewhere but his lyrics are not clear. He has a very powerful voice but I just don’t get it.
Karen Hardie
It all starts with a great song. That is a wonderful song.
Juliana Vazquez
I love you!!! ????????????
Juliana Vazquez
Lewis I can’t wait till you have a show in LA!! ????????
One of the few singers who actually sound the same in person and on the radio no auto tune or any of that shit
Sierra Reynolds
“you’re not here to get me frough it all” IDK I THINK THE WAY HE SAYS THROUGH IS SO CUTE
You know, I heard Lewis Capaldi in an interview on Sirius XM where he said he wrote this song for anyone who's lost someone, it's not just about a lover that's gone. He said he'd wrote it for those who lost a friend, parent, sibling or anyone for anyone reason and you suffered a loss. When I heard that at the time i thought "Yea right". That was back in March/April before it was getting major airplay. Then I watched the video and thought, well maybe, in certain circumstances still, it applies to only lovers Then, in July, I lost my dad. This song came on the radio a few days after I got home from the tragedy and I lost it. I immediately thought of my dad. I know it sounds silly, but I was so used to him being there and he was just.... Gone. This song is everywhere now and sometimes I still lose it when it comes on. Thank you Lewis Capaldi for just such a beautiful song about love and loss for everyone!
Nathaniel Marino
I let ma gaa dew
cats Dogs
his voice ????.
I’m crying he has a great voice ! ????????????????
levi ackerman
not many people can put in the emotions in live performances, but he.. he can and that says something.
Yorrani Terang - Airu
Like= Lewis Capaldi
Comment= Sam Smith
Marco Inna Asnowski
*The best*
Carsyn Kettner
When he went “and I tend to close my eyes” I went ????
Conscious Beats
One reason why i fall in love is to write songs abt the heart break's
Michael Meechan
Proud of you m8 ,show them where you came from ,belt it out ,dont hold back in front of these fannys ,i know what there like m8
gordon wilson
am so proud to come from within 2 miles of best male singer and the best female singer(Susan Boyle) ....go West Lothian....
Ashley Royer
The mick was to BIG
Uma S
I have heard this song many times now thanks to radio stations. Somehow it doesn't get old and over bearing. His voice is just amazing, I love it ????????????????????
Robert Holslin
This song has helped me through tough times god bless you beautiful song
Ana Helene
my boy lewis is going places
Tomek Borowczyk
Good job mate !
Janka Vargova
beautiful performance ♥
I love this songgg yeeaaa so much
Btec Bolshevik
Love the song, hate he changed the key though
사나 Sana ❤️
So this is the guy behind this powerful song! Amazing!
aankenzo 360
don't need auto tune✔️
Bron J
His voice is mesmerising
Luca Allen
Where is Ellen
Kylah Alexis Wittreich
Lewis capaldi &’ Billie Eilish need NO auto tune . Periodt
Simone Rai
Just amazing the way he feels this
How is this better than the recording.. Unreal.
Lewis, i love you, voices like this dont come around everyday.x
m chatim
Salam dari indonesia broo. Sangat bagus lagunya. Enak didengarkan
High shoot
Im love you
High shoot
Im craying
Think I've listen to this song a thousand times, feels like the first time everytime, amazing voice, amazing song. ????????
rene kackline
I think it sounds better on the radio. Obviously it is altered. How sad. Singers like Lou Gramm, Whitney Houston and Barry Manilow don't need that fake crap to make their voice sound good. If is all natural and pure talent with those three. Fn hate the music from 1990 to NOW!!! GARBAGE!!! I will continue to listen to the 60's-80's. ????
arnel alvarez
why do i feel so much pain hearing this song,i've been single for years but nevermind lol
Summer xx
I had a Lewis Capaldi ad before this-
Why are the Brits so damn good at music...massive individual talents...????
Beats by Deeey
Damn he is such a good live performer
Paul James Brady
Us UK ???????? Only do the very best. Fact.
Yoyo Jas
Turns out Ron had a pretty voice
Youngconrevolution conservativeyouthorder
Sounded like a higher key when it started. Funny how no one but us can hear his accent
Robin Lee
When he’s saying through it sounds he’s saying fu in America
rip vanwincle
He should give Noel a couple of singing lessons.
Damian Garcia Heredia
This boy is totally amazing
GachaOMGdaty Playz
Hey mr.capaldi
GachaOMGdaty Playz
Happy late birthday Lewis
Zaire Ra-Horakhty
*I CRIED TOO ????????????????????*
I was expecting him to be a black guy
Tony Pham
Bruh I thought he was black...before I saw this
James 84
Scottish and Italian
James 84
He don’t give a fuck Fred Perry jumper lol
Dexter Banks
"Get me phooo it all" Lol
Astrid Salazar
Am i the only one who still hears his accent when he sings? Is not strong but it’s there????
maud hnrt
I swear that his voice sounds like the entrance to paradise
Flora Irene
Beautiful melody. And his voice is just perfect! Thanks for giving us this song!
Miss Mary
You ever fall in love with somone just by the sound of their voice? That's what happened to me as soon as I heard him. ????????????
Steve l
What A voice .. what a great song
Gajab ki awaj hai... Kasam see... Kitni gehrai hai .. jus loved his voice ..
Ghazala Rashid
that awkward moment at 3:10 when he just stared out to the crowd waiting for a applause ....
i love him so much♥️♥️
some buddy
Dima Stone
What is an auto tune!? He don’t need it brah!
Too good !❤️
IceBoy Gaming
is no one gonna talk about the fact that it said (live on Ellen) but it's not ellen
Rebecca Campos
That man deserves a pizza! I'll get you the chicago style for that beautiful heartache
I loved the song lol but how tall is he that mic stand looks likes its so high ????
Dario Petrić
Wow this guy sings better than the original singer.
Alice Ying
I fall in love with him????????????
Dan Weasley
i can’t believe that this guy who makes me cry with his voice is the same one that looks like a fool on Seveteen’s channel ????
Kimberly Garcia
The way he sings is amazing
MoZa yt
“I let my guard dow...”
*Activating instant mouth vibrating*
Umair Zia
Lewis don't need autotune
Autotune need lewis
m g
He and James Arthur need more love. They're both amazing artists and with a voice I've never heard before, a strong one and a painful. Amazing! ???? go to stream #YOU by James Arthur, bet you love it :)
Jessica Phelps
I love this song every time it comes on. For someone to be able to go from deep to high is amazing.
White Soda
No one > Lewis Capaldi
extreme wwe and wwe action figures
Comeon lewis
extreme wwe and wwe action figures
I saw you near sealife centre
steve the scot a
thwooit all ????????????????
He’s face 16 years old
But he’s voice 50 years old ????
Fernando Treviño
Se pasa de verga !!!
armani exchange
Love the accent
Incredible. Live it sounds even better and much more authentic!
stella 02
His voice is so so soooo perfect and beautiful
Dima Jonblat
This song is my obsession. And his voice sounds better than on the actual song????
madi dadi
“i want to be taken as a serious artist” is burned in my brain everytime i hear him kill it
Beautiful voice your right up there with Ed !!
Lukas XX
he looks like ron from harry potter
Arthur Patombon
I love this song so "infectious" it stays in your mind.......Lewis is an amazing artist...
Literally chilling. ????????????
Dawaza Q
I needed lyrics because I cannot understand mumble singing
Anna Sommer
Ughh this is SO GOOD
Hailee Massey
if perfect was a thing it would be him
emma mcdonald
i believe.x
Adriana Olalla
Amo!!! Tanto esta música !!!♥️
Karen Campbell
Absolutely love this
Jo Chunkz
Producer : do you want auto - tuned
Lewis Capaldi : no, thanks
SonnaWorld Games
Look at 1:30 it so weird.
Brooke VanValkenburg
I listen to this song DAILY. my absolute favorite song. And 1000% relatable.
Frooooo it all, love that pronunciation so much
Dexter Banks
Sounds like he has a cold.
luna tsukino
Gettin James Arthur vibes at the chorus
sean ahmed
"I let my guard down" LOL
He doesn't need autotune cause he makes his own with that flat-out insane vibrato.
Duolingo Owl
If you like him... look up Dermot Kennedy. Thank me later
GN hail
I love you ❤️
I feel his pain...great song.
Ronnie Westmoreland
The first time I heard this I swore it was James Arthur lol
andy Meh
fookin atrocious.
Jim Sibayan
this song wouldve sounded way better from james arthur but hes good too
Jackie Bellem
can we find the 300 people that gave him a thumbs down and vote them off of the island? I mean! come on, that voice
viola kennedy
Talent is resurging again. People have started singing live again.
I’m me !
I used to hear this song on Spotify n I thought it’s an Old man singing !!!!!! I’m in shock it’s my first time to see him. omg his voice is soo deep!!!
Did you here him speaking and than see n hear this? Damnnnn he is fucking awesome
*The best male artist live since Mercury*
Thank you adel and Ed for making this kind of kid
the scottish really jumped out here and its beautiful
My Gawd!!!!!! God Given talent to sing this way ????????♥️
UrbanMan 2015
This man is amazing. His talent is just superb. The voice is so unique and so much talent. Great song even better live. The emotions in these lyrics make me tear up.
goo gie
Shayla Davis
I hate how the radio basically erases his accent. His baby face does not match his grown man voice.
Nicole C
that voice tho DAMN! So fuckin unique. love it. on my playlist.
Meka Cason
Wow it's you ????
1:58 what was that
what is new. news sultan
I know he looks a lot a little bit different
Evan The Card Guy
my God this is good
I was so amazed by his beautiful voice that I didn’t even notice that hot pianist
Séverin Official
Amazing !
Rose Witt
This is way better than the tonight show one. I'm pretty sure he was sick in that one.
bbg elly
Why did u cry and my jaw dropped
Fon Pathammavong
Alt endres nr som helst.????
Christina Tichy
This is too beautiful ????
Hafiz Sidek
Nice voice lewis ???? ????????
Rukhsana Rashid
It makes me cry because my grandma died when I was 6 and I am nearly 11 and I was so close to her
1 like 1 prayee
Empire Aussie
And I thought James Arthur sung this.
Nelly Rofiqoh
Love your song so much
xXx_DomiZero_xXx Z
Damn his voice with autotune off lmaooo
The OnlyJimbat
He hits that bridge note so effortlessly ????????????
the way he pronounced capaldi make me mad
Nicky Kellum
He’s just amaZing always
how tf he sound better live
the real Max
I wanted to see if he could pull it off live and he fucking did!! Wow what a voice!!!
Clare Stewart
Pure talent
nicolas linares
WOOW !!!! OFICIALL # 01 BILLBOARD HOT ???????????? ...TRUE BALAD ...
Emmi Avocado
So amazing ! ♥️
The Critic
who else thought it was niall horan (ex 1 direction member) in the thumbnail?
Riley Walterscheid
Saw him reacting to Scottish accents in cinema
Melynda Pahl
Love the song... but I swear he say “to get me frew it all”
Lauren Knapp
Beautiful man, beautiful voice, beautiful lyrics, beautiful song. ♥️
Agustina 17
Sin palabras me quedé . Oh mi Dios que bien canta este botija
Holly A Doran
Have had this on repeat ❤
change speed to 0.75x
Breanna Marie
Please check out my cover of this song :) https://youtu.be/032LeUJjzuk
Patricia Carreon
I love him so much ????????????????????????????????????????
why does the british music industry export pudgy artists who can sing? did they not get the memo? lolxxx
cheng ctc
O MY GOD,Lewis Capaldi❤❤❤❤❤
Renee Hernandez
this song always makes me sad
Vontasia T
Pure natural talent. I just adore this song and it gives me chills, feel it so much!! 2019
Lucinda Payne
I love him so much.
Incredible talent,
and hilarious irl.
honestly a credit to our generation ♥♫♪♫♥ x
My husband died just over a year ago. This explains it all. Gonna see him very soon. Arms wide open if he's waiting for me.
Hanifa Habibah
U have so amazing voice, i really love ur voice,
ruhaan khan
Best raw Voice ❤️
Heavennnnn ????????????????
Ailen Pekerman
Best voice in the world❤
I think that the Jonas Brothers sing his song better than him xD
Geno M
He giving me adele vibes. I love it.
Kevin Hyun
Lewis Capaldi is a legend
Moses Baffour Awuah
Who's here after he reached number one on billboard?
Taylor Kamnetz
my heart could cry just hearing him sing this already emotion-provoking chorus.
Valeria Lapina
Yvonne Rodriguez
Sounds different than radio version. A lot softer
Louise Henshaw
You are my spiritual brother my love and I love you my honey love xxx
Michaela Vint
jessica lynne
he brought this down a step and a half lol. I like it better like this
Double J
no comment
Wow wow woooooow????????????????????❤
Arjun Dhot
Megan Ja
Madison Leeper
Wow what a beautiful lyric and a beautiful voice that’s certainly coming from his soul which is sad to think about. What God does with our pain is amazing.
Jane Sang
I love his song ...it melts my heart
victoria blando
He’s so cute
alex edsell
Thank God true singers are still alive
Mattis Yrtos
It's just beautyfull, really !
This song reminds me of my non existing ex .
Toscanova Music
Ooooooh my godddddddd your voiceeee so danb!!!!!
Elezabeth D.
His voice is amazing! doesn't even need an autotune.
I did a cover of this, if you have time please check it outღ'ᴗ'ღ
Diana Deller
Omg!!!! Sooooooo gooood!!! Gifted dude!!!!????????????????✨✨????????????????????
Suman Vishambhari
Ellen is looking a little bit different...
mark shields
looks like the wee guy from this is england
I respect that he dropped the key a semi tone - so many singers are scared to do that and then end up straining their voices.
Owen Jardine
He’s a Scot, and I love that.
purple you
This song touches my soul
Rana Safi
Lewis is just from the few artists that I've come to love who blow my mind when he starts to sing because his tone when singing so so much different from when he speaks that I can't believe he's one person. He's amazing, I love the way he sings live and the way he moves his lips. Just brilliant.
Sín Mystic
This song gives me goose bumps
Gift Student
If I could like this a kajillion times, I would. Such an amazing, authentic, human, funny, and actually relatable person. Him live sounds even better than the studio version, which I think is the best ever!!!
Kawaana Hoo Kim
I loveeee his voice!!! ????????????
Carly Walters
“you’re not here to get me frew it all” ????????
This Voice is absolutely stunning. He is such a wonderful musician❤️????????????
red apple
The mesmerizing powerful raspy voice kills me in a good way everytime.
akash kumar
His voice ???? next level❤❤????
JTM 2018
without a doubt the bhoy has one of the best voices ever up there with lennon
Connor McNulty
Lewis is another reason that I am proud to be Scottish
Rj Kyan83
Who put a thumbs down I hate you
Jim Elder
My friend Abram showd me this song it's amazing
He can sing just as good without auto tune. Name ONE other artist who can do that, I'll wait. (Besides Adele OFC)
/(-_-)/ People who disliked this
Why is his jaw spazzing out just wiggle your voice
Abby Jean
I'm dying. Too much beauty in a voice. And his voice sounds better without auto-tune????????
Puella Dulcis
From Indonesia ????????
Andreas Eriksson
Absolutely amazing!
Lowlander 2004
Mon the Capaldi!!!!!
Dark Angel
Billboard top 1
anindita kanjilal
He low key looks like paul McCartney
Dustin Townsend
Does he vibrate his lips because he doesn't know how to actually do vibrato? Or is that just some odd thing with his accent?
Charlotte Petri
I love his voice and the song ????????????????????????
Muhd Muizz
October make me sad month????????????
Don Neeley
“I’m a singer Harry”
-Ron Weasley
Andrew Desrosiers
If ellen had a baby with harry from dumb and dumber
Sophie Dennison
cparock GXK
Lewis Capaldi stole Rihanna's riff in TI's 2008 song (Live Your Life) for his one hit wonder. So sad.
Merita Islami
this song's timing was so accurate and it feels like it will haunt me the same even if I listen to it 30 years later
Efrain Corban
I love this song its amazing ????????????????????????????
Tina Summers
It is so sad ????
Betsaida Perez
I came here cuz I hear this in the radio every morning ????
Oshea Yusiku
Wow I know like the live one more
Ethan Titus
Slim Kris
Nearly nobody can sing this good live nowadays, damn fr
Loz Wetherell
I have goosebumps ????????????
Shane Ruddock - Pedalling the Globe
Put this guy in a room with Eddie Vedder lol there's capaldish...vedderish...gibberish these days lol
Ellen Rosenblatt
painful. and boring, too.
People Are Ridiculous
That talent ✔, such a good singer
You watch, this kid will look like a model in 2 years.
The voice omg the best
Brianna Watkins
Kuma in Kana
audience are crying in their pants right now.. hahhaa
MacHenry McIntosh
At the end you can see the quiver from the emotion he put into the performance
Kylie Korz
Omg his could sing me to sleep every night damn
nylg tipa
sounds hurt but i cant resists listening to this song :(
Good voice
Matthew Battie
What a beautiful unique voice.
This song sounds as though it could fit perfectly in the game "To The Moon".
my god, whatta styling... A sweatshirt?
Loyal Potato
Just WOW. I’m so ShOok He’s Amazing!!!
Maya Mohammed
If I could’ve sing like that I would never shut up
Allen Thomas
Linda Youtube
2:10 did you hear and felt that ? ????????????????
andrew diaz
its ok not to be OK????
Rilwan Lawal
2:09 damn bro don’t make me cry !
When your voice is too perfect that technology can't handle it.
Autotune where you at?
Neil Pearson
Yeii Rosario
Beautiful!! ❤️
navita R
LOVELY DUDE????????????❤
Noah Plank 17
A great song that I can hear over and over
Chevy taylor
for some reason he reminds me of Meatloaf...….
Brandon Reid
My only issue is proper English, I get it you’re singing and every artist takes liberties to make words and choruses flow better but when he sings “day bleeds into nightfall and you’re not here to get Me fhroo it all” my god it’s “through” not “fhroo”. Every time he says it I cringe and it’s not just his accent Adele, James Arthur, Ed Sheeran, James Blunt all have accents and none say “fhroo” it just seems lazy to me.
If you want a song that brings out all the pain you've ever felt, this is the song for you. But Damn it I love this song.
bob burgers
Yet to see 1 cover that even comes close to your voice your emotion and changes are legendary
bob burgers
Also his duets with Jessie Reyes is by far a sicker punch of emotions
Melissa Bentley
whoa even better live!
Lou Ann Prinkey
But he never loved me. ????
If you love this song, you'll really LOVE it hearing Chris Daughtry/Rottweiler sing it on Masked Singer Season 2
Marz Tye
Hes dressed like he just got out of bed...
JcsBee ʕ•ع•ʔ
I'm here because of Conor Maynard... yez
cak sontong
Ed Sheeran vibess
Binti Vu
Why was the microphone set so high up? I think he was trying to lower the mic all the time
Leo Sithole
He is better in real life tho
Jackson Lebaron
gosh damn, gave me the shivers listening to it ... who can relate
Badsa Miah
This made my cry
Sadie Bee
so he kinda looks like my ex which makes this hurt a little more????
Akira Suzuki
thanks for this song Lewis
Ronja Aspenes
i need an interview with ellen, i would die laughing
He sounds much more Scottish when he sings it live. I literally thought he was lip singing until I recognized that.
Tatiana Oliveira
Maravilhoso love
K Star
i feel like he intentionally went for the "just got out of bed" look
Des Barros
Damn....Such a powerful voice = Smashed It again Lewis ????????????????????????????????????????
J Sanchez
Fuk u to whom ever disliked this video...
Leo Kardozo
Son of Boris Jhonson
Tina Forbes
This song sings to my soul... thank u for getting me though something I thought I'd never survive ♥️????
wow you can really hear the accent in this
Derek Collins
Meanwhile the man is actually one of the funniest fellas you'd ever come across????????????. Look up his Scottish slang video and you'll see what I mean????????????????
Jen _29
????YAS! he's so talented ????????????
Kris Ann Angel
Awesome ????
John Doe
Compare this to the shits on Billboard 100 and you know American music is a joke
Kassidy Candiano
Wow he’s so amazing !
Priti Sarkar
Can we really take a moment to appreciate how the singers are turning away from autotune...
Pure talent ????????
basically the male version of Adele...can't love the performance more!!
maria cecilia
i’m obsessed.
Kjara Kapllani
Love his voice ❤❤❤❤❤❤
Driftin_8 333
my favourite song ever!!! screw the 808 idiots that disliked the vid
Maureen Perez
That’s not ellen.
vedant dugar
I felt it when he said “olemagardoo”
this voice and this song......omg soooooooooooo beautiful
Mathilde Mortensen
Ok but WHO hurt him???? ????
Love this so song but I think Chris Daughtry sings it better
Sugar & kookie
Im literally shooked at the lyrics i was fucking singing some other song * COMPLETELY*
Emma Cote
He looks like he's 15 and sounds like he's 45, I'm so confused
Simon Evans
The 'tune' to the song sounds familiar to the final song used in the film 'music & lyrics' with Hugh Grant and Drew Barrymore
Holy shit, he’s so good! I’m not used to hearing this awesome of live singing from western artists anymore
u dont sub u gay
If you haven’t seen the vertical video version you should ????????????
nur wazwaz
Omg Lewis I love this song someone u loved by little brother likes this song so much that he listenes to it so much love u Lewis love u❤️????????❤️❤️❤️????????????❤️❤️????????????????????????????????????
Shadow Frost
Sum bu day to hol
Elli F
While I was listening to this, I swear to God I saw my dad was looking at me from the other side of the river and we both cried. I love you dad! Forever love????????
Rick Astley
obviously a beautiful song but you can tell when someone pours their heart into a live performance and i feel like if he did with this performance it would've been a lot better.
I can’t unhear his singing in song association????????
Ralph Vanderpool
You know how some artist from across the pond lose their accent when they sing...yeah...he doesn't fall into that category.
Poging Lamig
this will make you feel broke even if you are not
I lost my girlfriend, and I can’t stop thinking about it. :(
His voice, just, Got damn, the feels.
trane foong
Lewis is definitely rocking the sweatshirt look. Damn.
I gotta be honest... I like Chris Daughtry's version much better.
Dominic Rolf
I’m low key kinda mad he sounds more like a country singer on his recording because this sounds better lol
4-TRE Aries
Why isn't he just keeping it real like his recording instead of trying to sound extra
Tanya H
He has such a pretty voice wow
thebigshow 36787
He reminds of that one wheel character the midget one
crisjean lim
i love this song????
I love it. His accent is fucking beautiful.
Songs A Capella
I thought that was ed sheeran for a sec
Justin Donila
It hurts so bad !
User Name
Damn this is powerful
Sans_PlayzYT Roblox and more
Goosebumps 3 different times...
briana catherine romero
who hurt this man?? damn!! ????
Shintaro Sけトブ
I really feel it
I LOVE Your song sooo much Lewis!
Katherine Jimenez
This song is so badass!
Bre Taylor
y'all he did himself dirty with that elle interview WHAT???? i knew i had to search him singing live bc he did NOT do himself justice lmaooo
Wow he's a fat ass didn't know about that I thought he looked like more of a john legend type (no homo) LOL
Virág Anna György
He is the boy next door, and you kinda have a crush on him cus he is funny af, and just love his vibe and he starts to sing and the next moment you want to have babies with him.
Or just me?
Argentina Gutierrez
And I close my eyes.....for the day bleeds into nightfall...????????????????????????
hendra setiawan
I just wanna say better sing LIVE, so amazing and powerfull
"To give me foo it all"
Frost Feather01
This so pretty relatable to me.. I just experienced this. And now I can’t stop listening to this song.
Billy Lopez
I like this song but this one ALSO HITS HARD! This should be sold in a pharmacy! https://youtu.be/u0jjX7Tx9_s
Melissa Lichty
I wanna give him a huge hug and hold him. I love the way his jaw shakes when he sings. The verbrato it causes. I can't do that nor yodel. It's so emotional. I would love to meet him. He seems so sweet and sensitive. Those eyes. What a beautiful voice and the power you have to push your melody out is stunning.
Ridzwan Hassan
What make this song so good, someone?
This is his song he wrote it lol
Nick Swatson
I made a cover of this song on my channel... I’d really appreciate anyone who wants to check it out and tell me what you think! :)
Sky yKS
This, I think is 3 notes lower than the original.
Obay Aljaber
Check out my guitar???? arrangement for this song
Natalia Wilczek
Aa lowe you❤❤❤❤❤❤????❤????❤????❤????❤????❤❤❤????????????????❤❤❤❤❤❤❤????
Micheline Miljour
Omg I love this song I listen to it every day ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
rod schon
A million of those billion timed stream was from me such a great song
Jerrol Ravello
his voice is like J A's voice
Why he look 15 with 30 year old voice... I like it
Noah Bekele
My new favourite song ever
Not a Stranger
Yes he mispronounces some Wired’s but when you have a voice like that who gives a crap? This guy has Chester Bennington vocals
Armianka Vizcarra
Man you are so beautiful it hurts never change please you are awesome
clarice conejar
Thank you Ed sheran and Adele for this wonderful child
ZhaLexaLexxiz TV
our favorite songgg ????❤
The Revolution Shit
I wanna cry
aisha memory
Love this so much
Desiree Starcher
Zum niederknien ????????????❤️
Funky Jones
I want to go and see him live but I’m getting scared thing off the Ariana Grande bombing
Kirsty Park
rpollard 15
Woulda been better in the key he recorded the song in
Loren Garcia
It’s the memories of the person that you think of when you listen to this song that makes us cry
Yederiel Ocasio
I love the song sow much
I am brasileiro
Jenna K.
I just came from his lyric challenge on ELLE and it's like two different people lol
Mlk Sadece
Ruhuma dokunuyor, mükemmel söylemiş
Tahmid Saad
Better than original !!
Lisa Cheney
Lewis is a female to male transgender. These people feel DEEP pain in them, were forced to transgender. They are all lucifians.
I am so in love with him and his songs ❤️????????
gaming with brandon rivera
Everytime I here this song I play it on piano and I always think of a new song to right you make me think about life you are my favorite singer I always pactice this song
I smacked that bitch and
Is this Simlish?
Brandon Lopez
I let my guard dow
Jarett White
I like how the live version is very similar to the record version. No bs
Jose Hernandez
Nice singing
yunita fitriyani
Such a TALENT ????
LJB Gaming
Thanks Lewis for representing SCOTLAND????????????????????????????????
Delfi Fikri
I really like this song:)
Most people lose their accent when they sing, like Ed Sheeran. I've never heard anyone with a Scottish accent sing with a Scottish accent. He sounds like he's got a speech impediment
This is a great song, but he should let someone who can actually sing, and pronounce words properly, sing this song. It's too pretty to be destroyed by someone who sounds like they have a speech impediment. I mean come on,
"ee na hee to get me foo aww" (and you're not here to get me through it all)
"ew lemon curtle" (I let my guard down) <---my favorite
"I was kinda getting use to bee sue in la". I had to look up the lyrics to find out what the hell he's singing.
Absolutely fucking BRILLIANT!! This man expresses emotion, truth and authenticity like no one else, and that is reflected in audiences all over the world who know and sing the words to all his songs at his concerts. A refreshing break from the commercialised crap we are being fed these days.
Lewis don’t need autotune, autotune needs Lewis
Debbie D
It's a beautiful song ,he sings ok but other people I have heard sing it better then his singing.
Joel Catalan
@Unknown user and ed sheeran
Tenghuat Khoo
Love this song ????????
Young Goat
Ok but yall really act like the violins werent goin stupid ????
Wesley Munoz
So much vibrato
Stacy Hall
Jose Rivera
I love this song it makes me think about my life like if u feel the pain
Lou H
He sounds like he has a cold....in a good way
Caden Bradley
The comparisons between him and James Arthur are ridiculous
shipp world
holy fuck
This song it’s so beautiful, his voice makes you feel the pain and also the excitement for that kind of loved....very impressed this guy came up with this lyric. ❤️
Stephen Gallo
Pure heart. Pure ache. This, you cannot teach. Simply beautiful.
Bertha M
How rude of you guys to make fun of his accent, he has great annunciation.
If this little white girl can understand him, so can you.
Plippy :p
lewis capaldi , adele and SIA is what i Want
Marcelo Diaz
This song is perfect.
Unknown XD
his voice is so powerful it just hits you even if you don't relate to the song
love how his accent peeps through. Usually, accents get lost in singing. Beautiful song.
Trampoline tricksters
Sometimes the song one here my dad that passed away a couple months ago but I just know that my dad is in a better place now and he's not feeling any more pain and he's not suffering so everybody that has lost a loved one trust me I'm here for you and you're not the only one that is hurt
Saim Ahmed
I can't believe that this song didn't win the grammy for song of the year. I legit can't understand why bad guy won. You can't understand what she's singing in it. She's overrated ffs
Carlos Cruz
this song should have been song of the year on the grammys!
Amy Elizabeth
How did he not win the Grammy????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
he's getting back at all the girls that wouldn't date him
Anna Santtos
I love this song so much, so beautiful ????????❤️
omg hes amazing
Camylle Gabrielle
Perfect ❤️❤️❤️
Kevin Torgard
I Need a girlfriend
MaryAnne Johnson
He got robbed at the Grammys. This was the song of the year for me
Franjo Wilson
here after kobe:{
Zach Kinnaley
He needs to stop moving his mouth around so much while "singing"
damn, his vibrato is amazing. ????
Cody Morris
I’m a 19 year old guy. Not tough by any means, but I hardly ever have a reason to cry.
This song somehow causes me to think about my ex and I do just that. Fuck

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