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This thing looks like a 80s bop
why is this song so underrated?
Janet Cardenas
I love you guys ????????????????????????????????????????????Please come to Perú
Now im dancing in the living room and my dad and sisters are looking like, wtf u doing?
Nathan David
When I heard on this on the radio, I thought it was Jason Derulo singing
Shalini Kujur
Am I the only one who thinks that this deserves way more better reaction from the ppl , I mean come on.... it's so catchy af. ♥
Shalini Kujur
2008: Joe is sooooooo cute.
2019: Joe is sooooooo hot ????
Z -Type
Cooles Lied Mas du bitte noch mehr Lieder und viedios????????????????????????
Marlena Grzywacz
Hector Valero
That is my favorite song!
Kristen Starziano
Is Kevin singing?
Nikolene Alamo
Love this song am over 50 and i dance in my living room with my grandchildren
Monda Ona
Me encantaaaaaa lo escuche mil veces preciosa canción
Lucilene Santos
Meu Deus como essa música é linda????❤ Jonas Brothers sempre surpreendendo^-^
Felicity Champagne
My 6 year old cousin was humming the tune to this song and I CAN’T BELIEVE I COULDN’T FIND IT! AND I COULDN’T BELIEVE I DIDN’T KNOW WHO IT WAS BY!!!
Heard this song in the car HA
All I can say is lol!
cornelia itaa
this drives me crazy, keep playing this summer vibe song jaja
Derya Hilal Karahan
8.3 mio omg ????
Micah Villaver
Mood booster ????????
Dan Faulkerson
Idk why its only 8m views this song is so catchy! And the beat was so good u can dance tf lol people these days smh!????
** Luthor **
I luv the vibe!!!❤❤????
Christina Anderson
Rauf Khalilov
anybody in 2019?
Great song by Jonas Brothers it has a good beat also
Recai Beken
Legent to misiccc
Rishikesh M P
Awesome ????
James LeGarde
Best song ever
jennifer romero
Why is this so underrated? Sucker was amazing, but I like this more! It’s deserves the success! It’s also one of my favorite songs of 2019
Tou Yang
Product placement!
rashid Mehmood
Superb J Bro
Uyanga Erdenebadrah
Me: What r u
Alien: only human
Savannah Reynolds
Cool Song Jonas Brothers I love you guys
this video looks like that's what Joe should be doing all along
Saint's Vlogs
What the freak is this ???? I have a better idea for their video . Omg
Vale Vallejos
I love NICK♥
mozaffar ahmed
ok maybe it’s just me but 1:10 to 1:29 sounds like a part from blood sweat and tears
Mariana Lopez
Temazo perros
Shyan Pyke
I love nick voice
playback foireux, lunettes de soleil pour se la péter, chorégraphie totalement vide, tee shirt manches courtes pour montrer les bras , bref. chanson super sympa , chanteurs ridicules.
sad boi
A bop thooo
Ysabel Pasapera
monkey monkeyyy
anastazja jaszczyk
Kocham tą piosenkę love❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Radyo S ten gelenler :)
dalal alrass
Lol how does this only have 8.5m views when it’s constantly on the radio?
dalal alrass
Lol how does this only have 8.5m views when it’s constantly on the radio?
Ace Malonzo
This song is sucks because it’s remind me the first day of school
Adan Bernardino (Baby Bull) Pro Boxer..
That is awesome????????????????????????
robin villarubia
ONLY HUMAN can appreciate and love this song!
Antfly P
How does this only have 8.5 million views this is awesome
Antfly P
Like = only human
Comment = sucker
beatriz adriana lopez betancourt
"dance in my living room" ????????
Karl Knueppel
This isn’t exactly my genre of music, but I can admit that it’s damn catchy.
Toser One
Súper artista de mis favoritos mencanta ❤️❤️???????????????????? mil besos besitos ???????????????????????? el si sabe de música muy buen ritmo jamás pares
Kelly Narvaez
como es posible que esta belleza de canción solo tenga 8M ??
es preciosaaaaa <3
More bubble gum music from the Jonas....move over for Van Fleet to replace you guys.
arjuno teguh
Damn... I really love you JB, pls come to Jakarta, I'll buy the meet & greet ticket, you are so cool guys!
Very good
Candace Rose
For 2019 them pulling a 80s or 90s look is perfect wow.
#Retro is back ????
Fátima Stenner
Creo que su regreso les ha funcionado de maravilla, todas las canciones del álbum suenan bien, muy pegajoso y con ritmos diferentes.
Alex García Sabater
lol mejor que Ansu Fati
Das tropische Lied
Zaynab EF
Can we just talk about how much of a simple but big artsy Video this turned out to be..? ????
Random z internetu
Siddhant Shambharkar
Who is here after JIMMY' SHOW
The *A U T O T U NE* THO
Arbi Chlorine
Unique music but I like it
hakan mavruk
This song came out 2 days after my birthday
Marco D
I am a Sucker for the Cool song after all I’m Only Human
Ays Perez
Who wants a collar between them and Charlie puth?
Marcela Capato
Amo este tema ????????✌????
Who else is here because they heard this song on the radio ????
Lady_Night Blog
After all this time I still have a boy band crush on them. (Ps. I only like women)
Such a lovely song and I am shocked it has 8 mil views currently
Alejandra Saldarriaga
Desde Colombia.
sophia ayap
this is so retroooo
Alex Carrillo
This is their best song
Helí Clemente Alegre Ochoa
Esta canción la rompe en Perú. ????
Can someone please help me? This beat sounds so familiar to me. Please someone help me.
Adrian Wylde
Love it
Manon Vleerlaag
Listen 2.0 xpseeeeeeeeeeed
Okay that's a good Song
It's so cheesy. I love it! Reminds me of all the silly videos from my (not saying how old) days.
Mayank Chaurasia
Feels--Pharrell Williams Katy Perry
Josie Jäger
I like it thats my fav song but savage is cool too
Nathan Felix
this is a bop
dangerous women
you cant listen this without moving your body . you just cant
Kochana Kociara
It's really good????
Tan wevones y con voz de niños putitos.
Shaheer Noor
0:49 "plants in the living room"
I love how silly they are.
Noe orrego
adivine el video sin verlos creo que leo las mentes de mis idolos amo esta song
As an avid nascar fan Nick reminds me of Bubba Wallace idk ????
arion syaputra
Really want hear kevin sing...
Chamidu Deshan
Wow its amazing
Mar Navarro Gallego
I need listening to Kevin sing pls I want it❤️????
Eliza Animates And gachas!
Oh my God. Why did you make this song?
Every time I search human, this garbage comes up. IM TRYING TO LISTEN TO QUALITY SONGS!!!!!
Suyog Rane
King Of North!!
dab police
The lyrics are :
Yeah, ayy
I don't want this night to end
It’s closing time, so leave with me again (Yeah)
You got all my love to spend, oh
Let's find a place where happiness begins
We gon' dance in my living room, slave to the way you move
Hurts when I’m leaving you (Ayy)
Just dance in the living room, love with an attitude
Drunk to an '80s groove (Ayy)
We gon' dance in my living room, slave to the way you move
Hurts when I'm leaving you (Ayy)
Dance in the living room, love with an attitude
It's only human, you know that it's real
So why would you fight or try to deny the way that you feel?
Oh, babe, you can't fool me, your body's got other plans
So stop pretending you’re shy, just come on and
Dance, dance, dance, dance, oh
Early morning la-la-light
Only getting up to close the blinds, oh
I’m praying you don't change your mind
’Cause leaving now just don't feel right
Let's do it one more time, oh babe
We gon' dance in my living room, slave to the way you move
Hurts when I’m leaving you (Hurts when I'm leaving you)
Just dance in the living room, love with an attitude
Drunk to an '80s groove (Ayy)
We gon' dance in my living room, slave to the way you move
Hurts when I'm leaving you (Ayy)
Dance in the living room, love with an attitude
It's only human, you know that it's real (Know that it's real)
So why would you fight or try to deny the way that you feel?
(The way that you feel)
Oh, babe, you can't fool me, your body's got other plans
So stop pretending you're shy, just come on and
Dance, dance, dance, dance, oh
Dance, oh (Woo, ayy)
Only human
It's only (-man), it's only (-man)
Only human
Oh yeah, yeah, yeah
Only human
It's only (-man), it's only (-man)
Only human
bizcocho gordito
this is amazing
I am Dalaia
I love Jonas Brothers since my childhood
Jonathan Sakks
Beatriz Gonçalves
This song gives me chills, i frickin looovee it!????????????
Mike Lee
JB best song
łukaszek łukaszek
Gówniane usuńcie to z yr
andres máster 323
Me encanta
Brian Bender
product placement in a music video? hmmm
deli man
Jonas brothers are ????????????
Éřikłi śù
Eski Günleri hatırlattın "ONLY HUMAN" varya müştümükemmel bir şarkı yapmışsın bravoe
Jamie R
Jose Lozada
Jonas brothers woo????????????????????
Christine roberts
Go Jonas Brothers love the song I made a cover of sucker and just posted on my channel go subscribe like the video too.
Christine roberts
My mom was talking to someone yesterday and went “ya my dads sisters where upset when they added carpet to there house because they. Could not dance in the living room” and I went “dance in my living room” and started dancing
Christian Recindus
Good retro
Janni Soriano
I know this beat...but I can't remember where it's from does anyone know????
Deeanne Wriston
I love this Song so much y’all are the best
Gamer X
Ahhh music to my feet ????????
fatima valdivia.gomez
Bro I’m obsessed ????
I love this song its so much fun to listen to:)
Coraline Pobecz
J'ai hâte de vous voir en France à Montpellier ❤️????????
Viki Varga
That's sucks ass
Aditya Rai
One of the most best song
Vlad Mihai
Hei, Jonas Brothers, do you like old romanian dance music or it's just a coincidence?
Kat Rehman
I love this like omg
Nice music! :)))
Minute 2:43 Alfonso Ribeiro is gona sue the Jones brothers for taking his dance move ???? ???? from the fresh prince of bel air
at 2:47 the blond girl in the middle fuckked up her dance move... she thought I wouldnt see it but I did
Johnny Bunau
the best song ????
Tuki nieves
Me: complains about hearing this song over 10 times in a single day in the radio
Also me: listens to song at home
Hipo_ Treseira
L love this song
fernanda betsabe fernandez vazquez
ya amenme
Evelyn Fernandez
This song remids me of someone
Joshua Miranda
2:02 when teachers says you can have free time
I just realised that they released this on my birthday ????‍♀️????
(I’m not begging for likes it’s just something I noticed)
Gabrielle Rosales
We know who we r and jonahs brother atr in the Bible to we go together
wow idk there was a video for this song, I love the video; it has a very 80s vibe to it
Why its like 90 music video
Daniela Y
Am I the only one who thinks nick looks just like the meme of the kid dancing with the sunglasses on?
Definitely my favorite song of this new album ♥️♥️♥️♥️
danis life
*wishes I was Sophie, Priyanka, and Danielle. Sophiyanelle if you will ????
Deziree 2006
amazing song
Amy Ratcliffe
kevin sees sign with kevin on it
Kevin: KEVIN
luan Augusto
insane, wonderful, perfect, i loved
AF Soccer & Stuff
This is how many times they picked up the phone in that song
Rosebert Discipulo
Berta's Hit Chart
Top 19
Last: 17
Peak: 2
Anna S
1:58 I wish I looked that good opening and closing blinds-
Melanie Lin
Love this music video ❤️ the guy at the end tho ????
Really cool song, this group is awesome.
Laura Pascua
???? so good
Alvin joshua
The Beats song i Like it????
Chrispy A
All i hear is a knock off of Led Zeppelin's riff for All Of My Love made into a whole song.
Mavis Roche
It's good if u try to listen.
Tishya's Edits
11M only? Whaaaaaat
Cătă Nick
this old style of video causes me a super feeling and courage to talk with my crush
Summer Balto
me 10 years ago: Nick is my favorite, i don't get why everyone like joe so much
me now: Joe is my favorite, i now understand
This is how I’m feeling this morning before work , I just want to dance ???? in my living room. Who’s with me ????
camisha mill
Weronika Wiśniewska
I had no idea it was theirs until I shazamed it! Such a good song and doesn't sound like theirs but I love it. Cake by the ocean surprised me being Joe's too.
The Dog
how many people heard this song on radios in canada ???????? and all other countries
hit like
Sam Cereal
Torre Fuerte
Que prefieres
Only Human : Like
Cool : Comentario
Autolike para no desaparecer
Guadalupe Lopez
Está cansino es muy chida
Marie Schan
Who agrees that Nick is the best
oso polar
crap, say the least
Pardon me,
I should hate this but I love it. I'm only human.
My Name is MASON
How many people say Nick Jonas is the cutest
Josephtheawesome2010 Lynch
90’s filming. Made in 2019.
Dustin hu
Me: Check out this song!
Sis:nah its boring
me: it's by the Jonas brothers...
Phillipians 4:13
This reminded me of "The Wiggles" for some reason and I loved it!
Sevda Aydın
You saved my life guys, thank youuu!
Yeahh...i can hear the music in old style...hahaha right now in 2019
mary marina
no puedo sacar esa canción de mi mente
solo 12.millones esto debería tener un montón de vistas
They are funny and sexy at the same time????????
Rushabh Doshi
Isn’t this the song in the background in The Social Network (Hawaiian night)???
Cletus Gonsalves
This is probably the only modern video which is better in 144p ????
Marlena Tańska
Why Joe in this video reminds me of Simon from Netflix Shadowhunters ? :O
Help me out of this song, im STUCK in it because i LOVE IT!!????
I need to move my lips or body every second????
lynry garcia
Love this song....
Holly Villasis
Why It's Like 80s Theme????!????????????????????????????
Holly Villasis
But It's Recorded In August,14 2019!!!!
Capucine Coulon
I love this music ???????????????? ????????
Blue Dream
So fucking sexy????
hey there
koj ima devojka
hey there
on jonas brothers
Queen M
I love this song!❤
Baby Mo
musik yang panas????????????????????????
isabel gutierrez
Snapchat brought me here. & I’m glad it did
Kevin Vela
Only Human
Jose Hernandez
80's/90's vibe music video ????????
Fernanda Ochoa
temazoooo, rolon, canciononon, me encanta !!
kiki boo
I'm only here cause of this one snapchat filter, this song is catchy though ????????
Tara Mitrovic
i feel bad not knowing such a great song till yasterday when i heard it on snapchat..
Que musica gostosa mds
Arslane Brahim
Nick jonas ????????????
I can't fucking stop listening to this not exaggerating
Lady Davids
Who else got this song from the radio then searched up *dance in the living room* to find it cause ur too dumb to listen to what the actual song name was :)
My Name is MASON
Sponsored by Coores Light ????
Life of Tudor and Ryan
Only here for the beat lol
Valentina Lirusso
I love this omg
*ants in the living room*
Iveth O C
You are the cooles
Natalie Lauren
Why do I feel like I’ve heard this song before????????
Brenda Sahagun
Estoy a una semana de verlos en México! Y me siento tan feliz
Onur Can Çelikkol
my bird was here
Seemal Qureshi
Love From Pakistan ????????
Whhhhyyy are they so fine ????????????
It’s sounds a lot like King Without A Crown by Matisyahu. Maybe sampled?
Arpit Chatwal
Superb song
lego spiderman 200
Muy bueno video
lego spiderman 200
???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? three stars in walk of fame
lego spiderman 200
Jona mania
Shakira Shaik
Superb song in this day and age of 'fake' music!
Never listened to these guys. Heard this on the radio and the beat was catchy af lol Im actually listening to Jonas Bros ????????????
rifzan ahmad
Nick is mine..
moises gonzales
Like si lo viste en el 1990 lo sé sólo yo
Tengo 50 años eso si era música
jordikus1001 -
Welcome in the live ❤️????
Beautiful Music <3 Zajebista nuta :D
Elvira Noemi Neyra Asmad
dale like si la cancion te gusta y dale a dislike si no paras de escucharla
Nisa İlayda Gursoy
Erick Alvarez
First song from JB that I LOVE
I really love this song!!! It was stuck in my head everyday when I go to school I’m glad you made that song????????????????????
I really love this song!!! It was stuck in my head everyday when I go to school I’m glad you made that song????????????????????
Joe Bro’s: Only human
Aliens from Area 51: :(
Rainy Bug
Man when I was a little girl I had a crush on Nick now its Joe
Adelle Cabral
Why only 13M? This song is so catchy and fun❤
_*• Łëxîė Gáçhä •*_
I thought this song was in 2008
Andrew Marcelo
Que bien canta Omar chaparro
Kevin Morice
Une tuerie cette musique
When you brake your mom's vase and hit her with the "I'm sorry i'm not perfect"
Wehttam21 Graci
Only to good
Iana Radivel
I love it????
TraxNYC Diamond Jewelry
they are talking about taking girls home the whole song. just replace the word dance with f***
Soy el unico que habla español y escucha la cancion
Day Cab Daddy
Oh yeah ima wet jimmy johnson
This is how many subs he will have it 2020
Jk voice
Peter's Healthy Living
Fantastic tunes and breaking the barriers of sound
Elisabetta Bianchi
I deeply love this cool song
Gui Furniel
Alessio Bianco
Why does this song only have 13 mln views??? It’s amazing
edwin jeovani santos cuellar
Siempre me ha llegado la música de Nick Jonas es un loquillo haciendo Buenas rolas
Classic Gamers HQ
New respect for the J Bros.
Lisa Libert
Thats a good song
Radio Bikini
The 7 year break allowed them all to grow up. Even their solo songs were great!!!
Summer Grimes
This song makes me so happy????
nam ladaga
i love it????????????
fel_hd_ draw
The one who is singing sounds like a bts member...
Phenomenal Kumar
Very good morning
Ricky Washington
My nephew heard me playing this on repeat and I literally heard him singing it lmao he’s 9 it’s a BOP ????????????
This makes me happy. Simple as that !
Bastian Kupper
Are you okay for Wednesday 29? I want your smile
Shay B
Nick Jonas look like he could be the next TOP GUN or Risky Business guy????
Lisa Bon
Did they totally steal “Cupid’s Chokehold” by Gym Class Heroes to make this song? When I listen to this song, all I hear is “take a look at my girlfriend, she’s the only one I got”...
Naked girls- 0%
Drugs and beer- 19%
Pure talent- 81%
Piotr Swieboda
Great song
Mr. Bot
Gay guy
I love this song ❤
Lester Hawk
Amazing song!!! How just 14M views???
↠ Dreams ↞
Heard this in the radio, very nice ????????
77 77
i don't know what i love more - the vibe of the music, lyrics,visuals
Harley Woods
I love this song
I'm super excited that they're back but ill be damned if ya don't feature Kevin more this time! LET HIM SING????????
Idk This Video Is So Funny’. Ahahhaaha
Yeah Yeah
Unknown User
After all these years.. why can they be still so great???
AlexTheBeast 12 extreme
Bruh this song has been on the same radio I listen to everyday but I’m not complaining
Raging Gamer
This song is way too underrated
Alexandra Mrozek
So ein geiles Lied ich kann es glaube 100 mal an hören
Nönâ Flöres
This is my anthem!
Nicolas Millan
Yo creia que "hold on" o "lovebug" eran temazos!! Pero este tema.... es un completo exitoo!!! ???? lo unico malo de esta cancion es.... que termina! Jajaj saludos a los/as jonaticos/as ????????????
Elmayorr 1
doi t one more time and never see you again yeah, yeah
David Pryor
Such a catchy feel good tune. I jam when this comes on radio in the car. Looking like a idiot
Faby Robles
Amo esta canción!!
Lars Pozgan
poco loco
Patrizia Bagattini
super sound i love him, dance, dance
Rodolfo Delasancha
I wasn't a fan before but I guess now I am
I thought it was the weekend
Yo oigo esta canción todos los días me flipa
Amazing Saniyah Channel
is the sad part my gramma knows more about the Jonas brothers then me ????
OMG i love it
shuer king
No pudieron hacer un mejor video ?
Clay K
I don't know why but I feel like I already know this melody... "La Tortura" by Shakira ;)
Ms.caramel Delight87
Fucking love this song ????????????
Mara Tyburec
I love Nick’s part. Makes me weak every time. Also, as anyone else noticed that “dance” is the cover up word for like sex or am I the only one noticing this?
Steel Cadet
Is the guy in the blue shirt in beginning a jonas brother? From dnce? Major change, putting on some bulk and giving nick a run for looks/build.. awesome to c these brothers singing together again. ????????????????????????
Kayelene Stewart
Greatest song guys
Eddy Hobby Kepo
Cast at 70's
Cool ????
Hayat like pixel gun
Omnia Al-Sammarraee
Who else replayed this song over and over again?
أبو عمار
Coming from Snapchat any one ?
Mauricio Arroyo
ABSOLUTELY BRILL !!!!!!!????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
Puffs HD
i was listening to this in a playlist that had top 100 songs and thought wtf did everyone come here cause they heard this song
Nizar Adli
AAA Kids Videos
I am at a party and this song played I was like I don’t want this night to end!!!!!!!!!!!!!:))))))
Lol is this only 4 months old? I thought it was like 3 years old already whaaatt
"A blow-whaa?" - Jonas Brothers South Park
I have classed this music the best clip 2019-2020
We are love no ?
simo 84
Me encanta
kevin lives up the street from me☺️????
Rares Buciumanu
Natalia Oreiro would be proud of this
May Algebori
I love ❤️ your songs
let's fortnite
Are they all gat
let's fortnite
This is what I hear if u hear this 2 then like dis dance to the living room walk to the living eat to the living be the living room????????????????
joseph alvt
the worse band out there.sht music..r u knd me?..jajaj
Fernanda Granados
19 de agosto del 2019
William Kelly
es solo humano sabes que es verdad
Raquel Salgado sanchez
Javarey Combs
I'm leasing again in 2020.
Deejay Silcott
I love the Jonas Brothers and the song is good but it’s getting overplayed.....
Tomáš Křivský
jonas bros....omg...i am listening jonas bros...what a shame... but that tune is classic
Maria Rocha
This sounds like a BTS song
Jadik 0
1970's - " you couldn't live with your own failure, where did that bring you. Back to me"
Jadik 0
1970's - " you couldn't live with your own failure, where did that bring you. Back to me"
Greenleaf Jkt
I knew this from my best friend the first time i heard it i dont like it but then im suddently addicted to it so everytime i met my best friend he got pretty annoued cuz i always sing this song
Greenleaf Jkt
I sang this song at midnight and earned a one way ticket outside my room
Matilde Velo
Adoro ranto esta musica e mesml top
Marta Marta
Finally Jonas brothers look like brothers
Vanesa Salguero
Wow me encanta esta canción ???? UwU❤️❤️❤️
good song
Richard Mertens
that song iş no nice man ????????????????????????
Dope song!!! Old school feel
Wait thats Yoshi Tatsus wwe theme song????
Cristian Cayuqueo
i think the wknd abdbs
f d
I like this song
Lola Colette the weirdo cadet
The ending tho....
So you played wow 2 lol
Beren Çolak
So underrated :(
VP Dragonz
wtf! people still watching this in 2020
Danili roz
I ❤️
Esta canción
The Magister
When did Jonas Bros get so good
The Magister
Add repeat button plz
Shaan I
Whose listening to this in your Mamas Womb?
Mr. Crooney
Vinkle nOrmiEs Be like:
Deepa Sannidhi
In 2050 :
Only human used to be my most memorable song and it takes me back to those golden days when things weren't complicated.
Karolina Sko
This song is so catchy ????
10 years later and they’re giving me a fine wine, I’m in love
trex2486 productions
Nice fender jazz master for the song
Ashley McKenzie
Legit the dumbest song ive ever heard...????
Stacey Cambridge
Dj Sava
România 100% ????????????like va rog
In first 30sec I think it's Matisyahu
Kiley Bock
In October in San Francisco at one of your concerts I yelled go Kevin
Andrew Robertson
dance like a weeaboo
The video gives me 'Are You Bored Yet', by Wallows, vibes
Gotta Love That Nick Priyanka!!!! Love My Husband MATT Cameron
Josh Tynan
Good song
For the Jonas brothers
It takes a lot of talent to film a video with a high-tech camera and make it look like a video from the 70s.
someone ksks
Original song?
m. mache
Jonas you are in the new competition world best band and talented preformer stunning preformer songs techniques professionally professional Seleberity Artists singer's 10 times 10 billions like it 7 stars * * * * * * * strongly recommended for Hollywood musical movie congratulations by Hollywood mo RAAD Artists and judges on Google youtube International? Mo?
Ismail Coban
Jaaaaah rasta rules
Ismail Coban
milene veliz
Amando la song c':
Ismail Coban
Bläser fehlen
Ansonsten Toop
Daniela Lpaez
Let's find a place where happiness begins...
opie Paige
Not my type of music but it is catchy and has a ska reggae style to it so I dig it especially after I smoke a bong
Wojciech Owedyk
Ich kenne Jonas Brothers vom Hannah Montana
esto es arte los amooo
i remember listening to this in the 60's with my grandma
safia mehaoued
I love that song ????????????????????????????????????
Shediware Lapis
What exactly does Kevin do?
Victor van der Mark
He so hot guys ;)
My dumb ass thought this was The Weeknd
Zahira Chavez
So at the end of the video the announcement was about Biebers new video lol
Karina Shimoda
Straks to know I was ???? you want her I just got a little money ???? is a way I know you’re a little bit more cool
Melinda Varricchio
Love this song and the video is cool too.
soheli rahman
A little DNCE reunion
Young Vaseva
Very nice song????
Hello from Ukraine????????
William McCall
this brings so much 80s vibes
Excuse me? Is this 2019?!
A Catlett
I don’t know...maybe no means no? Another “you know you want it” song. ????
This reminds me of jamiroqai (sorry can't spell) probably because of the wou wou wou part
Ugandan Knuckles
Ever heard the battle song in Borderlands 3 in the planet Eden-6? It's almost the same
Luan Muca
Ju lumte djema, a mestiere
Arasely L
0:20-0:30 sounds so familiar to me I realized it sounds like Shakira - La Tortura slowed down
la canzone simpatica ma 'sti 3 da prendere a botte proprio….
Old time Jonas is the best ????
c'est l'histoire de ToTo
:-D ce qui est marrant c'est que tu prends un son qui existe déjà, tu le ressort 7 ans plus tard est tu est un génie....euuuuhhh je dirais maroon 5 - one more night ?...mais bon si ca marche....
Allison Wares
OMG! I literally can’t stop listening to this!
Aaron Rodriguez
Nice and cool
Ayrton Abraham Vilchis Aguilar
Sounds like "Trumpets" of Jason Derulo
Michael Martinez
So catchy it got stuck in my head for months
I saw them in concert 2 months ago and I MISS THEM
Alen KaZemi
I'm alen Kazemi and BBC and American love you so much@#
sope nyangu
Am in love with ????????
Isabella Whisler
First time they performed this live was at the AMA’s I think that’s the award show but they performed at the bar in New Jersey called “_____ pony” (Don’t remember the name) but you will find a pony in the video
Delores Robert
So catchy dancing in the morning to this hypnotic beat
Bad Drivers of Maricopa County
Hmmm I had a totally different idea for the video than this, but okay. Still like the song.
Sophie Fuhrman
best song ever
kirbyzilla2020 god of destruction
Only hoomen!
billy brien
7 years ago When I was in high school I would of told you I hate the Jonas brothers. But after listening to this song on repeat for the past week I can say I fucking love the Jonas brothers lol
podemos llegar a 1000subs sin videos
Like se entiendes español
Arounraksmey Sao
100 times a day is not enough
SD 90Mac
Why is it every I turn my car radio this song is always playn,???????????? NICE thank you
Luisa medina
I love this song????
k-9 King
"BLACK PEOPLE HELP THE WHITE PEOPLE! " -Bill Murray in the movie "Stripes"
M. Davit
I want back to 90`s.
In the end the taxi driver says: "no niin vittu!" or do I hear it wrong?!
Black Panther
Calvin Haris-Feels
swing • 38 years ago
For the best quality , please watch this video on 144p.
Haley Stanley
This song makes me wanna be on a tropical island somewhere dancing lol
underrated AF song , should have way more than 20 mill views
Ольга Федорова
Большое спасибо за ваше творчество! Люблю вашу музыку)
Carina Dolci
it's in full screen format!!! HAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHA love this retro throwback with the phone cords and dancers on the ladders! reminds me of childhood!
mark lee’s last braincell
Anybody here after listening to what a man gotta do ??
ridzuan naslim
so bored until i think this is a advertisement
am i the only one who thinks nick‘s the hottest?????
dareal_babychato 47
I don't know about yall but I came here from tik tok
Steffany Dannae celaya
Nik jonas :><<
Alina Lopez
This song reminds me of BTS a lot!!!
I thought this video/song would do bigger..
This was my most played song on Spotify for 2019..
Is it just me or do you get 'Bad' Michael Jackson vibes from this video?
Ryan Alpha
am obesesed
ALex Benjamin TESSIMO
Anybody else thinks that this song and video fits perfectly with Mark Ronson and that Joe looks like him?
Laura De Luca
Trop bien
Andrea Ayuque julca
I love a brothers jonas
Actually Daisy
The Melodie from 0:45 till 0:48 sounds so familiar to me but I can't tell what song it is. I believe a 2000s song but I can't remember the name?
Kill Me
This song sounds like a song to get stoned to
A moment of silence for people who still can‘t find this song ????
Why does joe look like Luis Fonsi in the begining of the song?
Fabio Moreira
Amei essa música manoo❤️
My fav????
Ohannah Torres
Who ever made that beat in this sing wow Jonas brothers rock and they are so hot and cute also so adorable OMG ????????????????❤❤????????????????????????
Karina Shimoda
Edson has always happened I know that the road was ???? a long trip was ???? was a good trip to the city trip trip and cruise ship tycoon cruise ship ship tycoon cruise truck cruise ship tycoon cruise ship ship tycoon cruise truck cruise ship tycoon cruise ship ship tycoon cruise truck cruise ship tycoon cruise ship ship tycoon cruise truck cruise ship tycoon cruise ship ship tycoon cruise truck cruise ship tycoon cruise ship ship tycoon cruise truck cruise ship tycoon cruise
Lauren LaRosaLopez
Love it
I was here ????????
Lorena Muñoz
Esta cancion es muy chula
Y me guta mucho
La teneis que poner
Mas en los cuarenta
Sobretodo por la mañanas
A las 8:00
Las 8:5
O las 7:50
damn joe
Karina Shimoda
Get the best of the Music
theft200 -juegos y recopilaciones
Hey live i dance wanna dance trying to dance tutu
Manu Ponce
This sound like a 2014-15 song and I fucking love it! More pop like this please
TJ Dardani
X gon give it to ya
Mykah Brogan
Beat stole from Cris Cab’s “Black and Yellow Cover”. Thieves
TutleGames / RandomVideos
Just heard it in my caarrr
hey go
This does look like an 80's music video.
the jonas brothers are amazing
Burt Burt
So I Google Translated the lyrics back and forth. Enjoy:
So artificial intelligence
I do not want the end of the night,
It is time to be with you again (yes)
You will spend Oh, my love
Let's find a place where happiness begins where
You can stay in a room for us in this way;
Heart When I leave you (Ari)
Just dancing in the living room, you will love the sight
Drunk exhaust (Ayya) 80s
You can stay in a room for us in this way;
Heart When I leave you (Ari)
Dancing in the living room, with a vision of love
Not only human, you know that the
If you have a different reason to fight, try to extinguish it;
The body of the baby, me to convey the idea of ​​any one, not ineptly,
So pretend you stop shy, come and just
Dance, dance, dance, dance O
The light in the morning
Who is blind, but at the end of
I am praying to you, so that you do not change your mind
"There seems to be
I came baby
You can stay in a room for us in this way;
Heart when I leave you (I am leaving pain)
Just dancing in the living room, you will love the sight
Drunk exhaust (Ayya) 80s
You can stay in a room for us in this way;
Heart When I leave you (Ari)
Dancing in the living room, with a vision of love
There is only one person does not know what is true (true)
If you have a different reason to fight, try to extinguish it;
(The way you feel)
The body of the baby, me to convey the idea of ​​any one, not ineptly,
So pretend you stop shy, come and just
Dance, dance, dance, dance O
Other Oh (Wu Ai)
As man
There is only (people), except that (a)
As man
Oh yeah yeah yeah
As man
There is only (people), except that (a)
As man
Tina morrison
Mrs. PCY 61
Who also thought this song was one of their old songs but then realized that they're all grown up here?
vatsalya pandey
Lmao I wrote Maxwell Jenkins and found this ❤️❤️
i love that bruno mars and jonas brothers are bringing back the 80s, more please
Keisy Michelle Gonzalez
Me gusta el pene
I can say one Word: Amazing
Yareli Hernandez
No entiendo ni madres ???????? los comentarios ????????????
Caleb’s Hour
Kne of these days Kevin will bestow us with his vocals
If I didn’t know this song, or who the Jonas Brothers were I would’ve thought this video was made in the 80s. It doesn’t have a logo or anything on it either. Usually when I find an old 80s video on YouTube it doesn’t have that.
Jada Nicholson
Joans borthers is so cool
Jada Nicholson
They are so cute too
Jada Nicholson
I like the Joan's brothers and they sing for real

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