Steve Bigley
Late Night brought me here... ❤
Gerry Roberts
I love the film effect, i want to try to use film in a music video as well ??? My dad has old 8mm films.. i like them a lot.
Erica Sherwin
Repeat repeat repeat. Incredible.
Erika Outdoors
This woman does no wrong!!! Love it! Wish she'd cover my song ????????????
Ruan Oliveira
Eu adorei essa música ❤
AYEEEE. Who here from that insta post
Dean Tucker
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Hailey Carolina
Best song everrrr
Annie Social
READ THIS: I saw a lot of people asking what this song sounds like. It'd been driving me bonks too! But I finally remembered & it's two songs. Are these the ones anyone else was thinking of too?
This is great, Maren. <3
Sheriff Khalid
I love this song❤
Summer-Fair Bros
“When the bone is good the rest don’t matter”????????????
And the CMA AOTY awards goes to.. ????????
Sarah Q
Love this song, one of my faves.
Geoffrey Doetzer
Sounds like o.r.a
I miss u all the time ????
Tanja Petties
Hearing The Middle sent me here for Maren???? and her angelic voice .. SANG IT GIRL
i've heard this song from when it first came out and i am so happy it finally charted on the hot 100 this week. hopefully it becomes a mega hit like the middle because its so much better and so damn beautiful.
Sultan Swaft
Dennis Callahan
Edwin Tejada
I thought Bebe Rexha wrote this song
Farouk Baba
litterally my favorite song of her❤
Crystal Whalen
When there ain't a crack in the foundation.
David Mckim
What’s this song about? Healthy bones? Construction on a new home?
This young lady could sing the phone book and it would sound good. Nice simple, even understated song. It sure beats modern pop or that version of rap C-rap.
Joshua Brayden
Kerri Wease
i love this song its my fav
Haleigh 91
Tf... she's so underrated.such a good song
Sandra N
My new favorite feel good song
Ever since My Church, I’ve been in love with this girl’s songwriting. Her along with Charlie Puth and FINNEAS are killing it!
Richard Martin
Awesome !!!
Joy Militala
first time listen and this is lit. i love that she's also developing vocally compared to the first time i heard her on 80's Mercedes
Joy Militala
why is noone talking about her vocals on this song. She slayed.
Jessica Osier
not settling for anything else than this song <3
Dontae Causey
I love this song ❤️
Kennisha Banks
Omg I'm in love with this song
kpop is my lifeu
This song makes me feel so chill and I love it
Swiftie Ma
This song is so great, best country song of 2019 so far! Better to be nominated best country soty Grammys.
Gill Silva
Not country
Ps we already have Meghan Trainor ????
Mz Keyz
This song showed up as a sponsor ad on IG in my stories. I quickly shazamed it and clicked the video to watch. The vocals in this song are stunning. ❤
Loved her since 80's Mercedes, now blown away once again!
Love it!! I thought Girl was my fav. but I think this is a great contender!!
Crickette Morris
Hello,think I am you cousin I have no clue bey????love your songs
Jose Canessa
A great song
Andrea Bardals
Just I love her music, and I love her. ????❤️❤️❤️
Brendon’s Bitch
Shelby Drager
This song makes me happy and sad at the same time. It’s So heartfelt. Love it. ❤️
Abi Can
It’s so weird to listen to hozier sing ab smthn that isn’t ab a post apocalyptic relationship
Aliana Paetzell
Love the song!!! Hate this video!!
Eli O Toole
2 massive talents ...hats off u 2
cat knitt
The intro sounds like James Bay Let It Go and Petite Biscuits Sunset Lover
cee set
????Let it rainnn' cause you and I remain the saaaame' ♥️
January 1975
Thank goodness it's not Andrew Hozier on the mv. I was about to cry when I saw the thumbnail. Haha. Please don't let me see Andrew kissing someone. Hehe
joel vasquez villanueva
This song is so underrated!! I really like it!!!
Cyrian Belleza
THIS WAS POSTED ON MY BIRTHDAY ????????????!!!!!!!
Rodney Gaskins
Cheers to all the good bones!
Donald Gunnoe
Well done. Great song, great vocals! I liked the video also.
Benicio Feliciano
Beautiful Song e excelente edição
???????????????? visit my channel ????????????????
Octavio Garcia
unA rosa palida bonita para tramitirla como imajen intalada como el aguila blanca...GT.. ZK...
The melody sounds like "when I taste tequila."
How did this post-apocalyptic tree of wholesomeness cross the embodiment of the sun?
I heard this song for the first time today. I thought it was a Rihanna song. Love this song
البرق اليماني
You're so good ????????
jade griffin
I love this song! But the video wasnt all that good!????❤
Why does it sound like she’s singing “if the bombs are good”
Foreversisters 711
The house will fall !?
When the bombs are good
The rest dont matter
yea, your brain will spill
your bones will shatter
Let em rainnnn(the bombs)
Cause you know im insaneeee
Gill Silva
She's not country
Dawson Mensing
is this song a pop song and a country song
Cassie Caulfield
Who’s listening in 2019
Void Viper
What other songs have this similar intro?
Melly O
Heard this song for the first time today on the radio and it was exactly what I needed to hear at that exact moment. Gives me goosebumps.
Rachyl Sickora
Perfection!!!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
james spiess
When did country go ghetto?
Rachel Lockwood
i went to her consert in nashville best 4 hours of my life and kassi ashton was there to
Melvin Murkelson
She's got talent but let's be honest: There are a zillion women who can sing just as well and write just as well but she has that marketable look. If she were a plain Jane singing the exact same way no one would be interested. Sad but true commentary on the music business today.
Before listening to this song I felt heavy.... 5 seconds listening to this I started crying for no reason and I wasn't sad I just felt a a Lil heavy, now I feel light as a feather...... so, thank you for producing such a masterpiece!
Jose Canessa
I like this song. Greetings from Paraguay ????????
Bill Pulido
Great song. Needs more plays
Tammy LutZ
Love it
You're an amazing singer and this is coming from a guy who is a metal head and hardly country....You are simply amazing, Maren...!!!!
Allison Troup
Pretty voice! Just now hearing this????????????
Chris Valens
I heard it on radio! Love the beat! My bones are good!!
Marquesha Lee
Best song of 2019!!! HANDS DOWN
Tyler G
she is sooo awesome
Frank F
Fastest 3 minutes of my life
Omg I finally found the song it's so good I love her so much she is a incredibly gifted singer .
Felisha Santana
My fave ????????????????????????
This song reminds me of my parents. Married 46 years next week. The house don’t fall when the bones are good ♥️
Aliana Wood
Thanking my Uber driver for having this playing in the car when he picked me up. lol.
Tuana Mey
This is one of those songs for me where the Verse starts so good (melody wise) and then prechorus and chorus aren't THAT good. I was like really into it when it started and but the chorus melody didn't work for me. It's just my opinion, my taste.
Smol PotatoYT
Love the feeling of this song
Sarina Lee
This is a great song. And funny thing I was listening to Maren Morris album in the car today replaying every song especially this one "The Bones"!!!
I filling cry.????
Shyanna Weaver
best song ever maren
Trent Boots
The Highwomen brought me here.
TheDustMeister 88
"So Why dont you be you, and Ill be me. And Ill be me." Just sayin'
Justin Ritter
In a genre and millennium of shitty talentless music like country and mumble rap this comes around. Shes talented I love this artist.
Chris Cornelius
This is not a country song or even a country pop song. This is a straight up pop song. I would argue her vocals are similar late 90s girls pop r&b.
Why tf does it feel like this song came out a long time ago.
Latisha Claborn
I have to listen to this song twice every time!!
Hill Cat
I love the message and melody of this song. It is about having a firm foundation. It's disappointing, however, that this video has only 3.6 million views, because it deserves a lot more.
Brands Jax
I built please this is solid, your only has strong as the one you build with and this Before None God 1 if then stands trust. I love God in him I am, grateful I'm alive and I'm looking
For this as brings matrimonial magenitism to see meant to be or what I'll be if I do for thee. Just be true built on trust if you waist my time, then your love can you really give no time must. I'm here for Life ❤️ is my gift to you, and it's given, and always will love you and your doing is my gift for love is the mystery that already put you exactly where. If I had an investigation of true intentions then why waste my time, love is obvious lite your love for me or make a step in the process of moving and the one you want is lessons learned, and then you see it's best if your honest be there for the first time and it was, and I'm learning I'm man With or wise we all want love. I will have G71077 for the one you have to be With is the same one as has been with you asap.olay
Quentin Torbert
She is underrated and so talented. I discovered this song a month ago and kept it on repeat
I wonder why she wears sunglasses in every scene!?
Robert P
Joe Smith
She really does kill this
Mariana Saragi
hoziernya mana?
Thomas Connolly
The beginning has Shawn Mendes vibes
This is nothing compared to Bones
London Tipton
maren is such an angel baby
Matthew Allbright
Beautiful song kinda got an r&b sound to it I love it really uplifting
Gary Ryan
It's not a bad song, but undeniably a rip-off of James Bay's "Let It Go." I liked "My Church," but Maren's becoming the new Miranda Lambert, who's first few hits were no more than stolen Steve Early songs. I expect the credit sharing and royalties to begin rolling in for Mr. Bay.
Jo-Anne Squadrilla
Awesome song , sooo true
Stacy Schmidt
You are the best
I heard this song on the voice and I had to find it!
Rest Galaxy
I love audra! Your amazing! I love you always. Your my chicken biscuit stealing wife from high school. Nearly forty and love you more than ever. I am your hot John snow. But with Greek hair. So much hair.
Maren crushes
Kalyne Love
This song is my life line right now. My boyfriend and I have been through so much in the last 6 years and we've now just lost our second child to miscarriage. This song keeps me strong because I know him and I can get through anything ????????
This is my first song I'm hearing by her, she doesn't sound like a country artist in this song though
Love this song.
I dead ass thought Megan trainor sang this till e choice awards its a good song tho
Scripture are bones. No broken bones mean, no contradictions. Dry bones mean, empty words, laws that have become idols, idols that snare like traps. Flesh on bones, are disciples, words made flesh.
Cat Woman
Simple music for the masses.
Frederica Lucien
Does anyone know a song similar to this one?
Joey Demaio
The rest dont matter
Just remian the same life to short to fall your bones be good
The SAME vocal I keep hearing in every newer chick song. Ugh.
I like Maren she is a slightly less talented Kacey Musgraves
Listen to this see if I can find the real bones. IF I look hard. I love you grace from pork chops found
I'm pretty sure this song is about playing a game of dominoes but it does invoke a lot of emotion to reflect on past memories
Jacob McCluskey
Beautiful song ❤️
I get Stacie Orrico Blessed in the Northwest vibes!
Michelle Hawkins
By far the best song she has ever done
Mike Colder
What Maren is saying is if you don't screw around on your partner, you can weather any situation imo.
Her voice is so soulful! ????????
Mia Jen
I almost thought it was Miley
Woke !ndivi dual
Not a fan of this genre. But Maannn...just found this young gorgeous talent & had to comment, she is fire???? ...oh & her voice OFFCOURSE ????????.
Nuclear Hippo
It’s a good song.. Really good actually... But it’s a far cry from “country music”.
Jacob Rice
Something, something, Yas queen, slay
Kathy Galloway
where has country music gone!
Cheri Weber
That is her husband in the video and she's now pregnant aww she's adorable and talented!!
Just Tester_99
Got a bit of Lana Del Rey feel to it.
Love this
Stevee Squally
I remeber when you started out your aunt Vivian in WA told us all you were gonna be big
Ms. Desirae this song!!!!!
Love this song! One day ❤️????
F. Kusuma
John Mayer's Current Mood brought me here.... and I am staying. Love this song..
Daniel Law
Disappointed at the lack of hozier in this vid
Stephanie Weatherford
Love this song from first time I heard it does remind me of my husband when we was first together but now we're legally separated bc of to much violance but now I'm moving on I'm with someone new that treats me amazing would never hurt me in anyway or shape we have been best friends since 2014 so happy we decided to give a relationship a chance
Komal Venkatesh
John Mayer's current mood! Love the song.
Kayla Lynn
This song.... Thank you so much! Came into my life exactly when I needed it. ❤️❤️
Ronggrik Marak
John Mayer is so supportive of his fellow artists.
What a Legend!
This song is awesome and I would have never known if it wasn’t for him.
I wish this was a bigger hit, it’s such an amazing song from someone that don’t listen to country music
Ali Buechler
this song is so underrated
Gachalife Queen
I love this song best song ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!
james hogan
good song but fuck the video
thanks youtube auto play I discovered this amazing song.
jay charleston
Maren you better come through with those high notes yeeeeeesss girl!! Come on with that head voice! Love this song. She should showcase her higher range more
Linda Lum
Wtf is this song so fast on the guitar my finger is breaking
Joshua Emmons
This is not a country song and she's not a country singer. This is r&b and pop.
John Swaim
Best that hozier just stayed silent. Maren's voice is the only one needed.
Amzo Tall
Thanks John Mayer for recommending this amazing song.
Sheri Collins
Does anyone know what tennis shoes she's wearing in the video?
Ryli Birch
i love this song
Jacob Yamauch
Plagiarism!! Stole the heat from Take Her by Common Kings releases in 2017.
Justin Applegate
Great song
Lena Saratha Saratha
I'm here because of Alex's story
Mmm Mmm Good
You better sing it sister....????????????????????????
Mario V
At the end of a season of a show called friday night tykes they used this as a background rhythm
J MonMon
She ditched country REAL quick
james hogan
i like when she says foundation
Tattooed Munky
I like the song but the video feels like I'm being subjected to a boring couple's vacation video...
Gary Rupert
Pretty voice
Yardbreather Outdoors
Maren Morris isn't a country artist..this is NOT a country song,. Unfortunately, it's on 'country' radio. Thanks 'nashville'.
That being said, a good song is a good song. This is a good tune.
What though
Babee Gurl
Am I the only one who cries to this song?
Youtuber BayleeXiong
Thank you
Google Man
This song deserves a few more 0s on the end of the view count
Ahliece Hewitt
This is my favorite song forever
Harold Remus
This song was dedicated to Ed Mc Clain and his beautiful wife Ash???? ✌????
johnn romerr
Harleys in Hawaiii Vs. The bones
Christina Farmer
This is so true my husband and I are going on 10 years married things happen in life that you question why are we doing this and then you look at each other and say to yourself thats why. "The bones are good"
Carole LawMac
I’m just discovering this song. Absolutely love it.
Nevaeh nicole
Feel good song
Mr. DonT CarE
1.4k people don't have anyone to share this song with lol
Brooklyn Lones
My favorite song ????????
Brooklyn Lones
My cousin got me on this song she was playing it in her truck and I liked it ever since
Phil Wakefield
This isn't county music
Jason Slover
No I cry to going on 25 years with my love
????????????she did her shit on this????????REPEAT
Sadie-Lynn Freitas
Came across your music, THIS may be my fave new song! Xoxo, From HAWAII????
Joseph Janchar
It would drive me crazy to have her little chicken arms around my neck all the time, I'll bet she's irritating!! A good thing to have bones that are good they'll need it!!
whendyii Addict
These beats remind me of cool anymore by Julia Micheals and Jordan
Ive heard this song alot lately on the radio and I seriously thought she was saying the balls are good.
Patricia Redfern
can I say OMG ???????? absolutely love her and this song.. going threw it for sure and this is my anthem right now
Jordan Meadows
I love this song so much, it’s my song to my daughter after getting divorced from her dad, she’s had a hard time understanding why things are what they are. I promise to be there for her all the time and I promise to be the person she can pour all her doubts and sorrows into without judgement . No matter what we go through we’ll always be together, mother & daughter ❤️
Vocals? good. Song? Bullshit
Scott Gregory
This is the “Julia Michaels Jordan Davis” guitar intro.
Moira linker
I like the one featuring Hozier.
Maryn Kate Davis
i love my twin sis!
Brianna Musco
love this song so much!! just posted a cover on my page if you have time to check it out
Shannon Hopkins
Love it
Lisa Smith
Country singing is not country anymore
JahTarius Gilbert
???? oh this is what y'all been doing ????????????‍♀️????????????????????????????????????????????
Chris Oswalt
When it first comes on it sounds like "one man band" bye O.D.
Does anyone else here that..
Adam Crittenden
She should get into reality
Ty Fisher
Nothings ever gonna move it...
Brandon Komorowski
Curtis Hodge
Good song
Suncoast Farms- Schleich
this was great!
Wow anyone feels like she sings like Ella Mai
Keith Olsen
That is like the dopest swimming hole ever! ????????
Man I miss my early 20s when I would actually go do fun shit like that and wasn't obsessed with making money..
Muhammad Ali Hassan
Oh My God! She’s very very very UNDERRATED.
Arthur J Dunklin Jr
Love it and love you tooo. Mms
Jessie uwu
This song came on the radio yesterday and I immediately fell in love with it!
james hogan
does she give him blowjobs
TashtancyKenYA Anyango
Beautiful! Simplistic and heavenly
Nadia Emrick
omg this song is the BOMB first song i listend from Maren AMAZING
Muddy Buddy
I want that in my life
This song was featured on KXCI 91.3 in Tucson
Rebecca C
When he bones me good ????
Darcy Marie TCB
My obsession song!! I love it. ♥️????????????
Dylan .M
Just lisen to her on the stern show. She can blow beautiful voice
Alicia Arguello
I can’t get enough of this song it’s so beautiful!
nomore rain
Love this song
Marco Morantes Ochoa
Really good song ????
robert Mccutcheon
my husband and i have been together for 10 years 2 of the last being married. we have been through the absolute worst together from family trying to rip us apart, to self destruction to rip ourselves apart. we have still came out on top together. now 7 kids a house and just being there for one another. "Our house won't fall cause the bones are good." Thank you for the absolute best song I have heard yet. and i listen to a lot of music (all different kinds) and yours has been the only one so far that has painted the picture of our lives.
lucinda gaulin
She is gifted
Love this song and love the video! Does anyone know, is this video an homage to Lana Del Rey, or did Maren sort of channel her style without realizing it? Check out "Summer Wine" or "Summertime Sadness" by Lana and see what you think. Maybe it's the same director or something. I'm not trying to cause a problem, just genuinely curious since I love both artists. or
Shelby Crow
Her voice is so beautiful. This song is everything!????
norlens noel
This song took its influence and beat from Lonely by Jonas brothers and Sunset Lover by Petit Biscuit and also sounds like Christmas in the Northwest by Stacie Orrico and also Superheroes by The Script
Mary Brasington
Has anyone played this song at their wedding?
I saw her in Nashville and she sounded great live.
Looking for this kind of love! Hopefully 2020 will have it in the cards for me.
Antoinette Frage
I keep this song on repeat !
Antoinette Frage
I love the version with Hozier too
Courtney Miller
This reminds me of my old dog Perl I had to give her away and I’m still crying about it btw I was a year ago
Black Wolf
So uplifting and incredible song! This is the kind of music we need! :]
Victor Mcdaniels
Do yourself a favor and PAUSE at 1:32 ????????????
Brooklyn Spates
This is my favourite song ever!!! Good job Marin Morris and hozier
John Martini
God what a gorgeous voice. Definitely my favorite song of hers so far. Just amazing
Melody Rogers
Thumbs down suck
Oronde Khary
This song reminds me of Jesus words in Matthew 7:24-27. Before anyone stones me or say that I’m being religious, just read it and see what I’m talking about. Love you all????????
E Sedman
Marin- I hope you read this comment. You are my favorite female country singer ! You and this song are simply amazing!
miraclee lewiss
this is my favorite song ever . iloveyousomuch . omg i immediately fell in love with it . gonna forever be my favorite song .????????
Pablo Coello
Omg this song is powerful!!!
Perfect vibes for a sweet sweet sundae (pun intended).
Natasha Montoya
This is a great song, measures up
Parables & Tribulations
I work at a radio station and would hear this song like clockwork and pay it no mind. Then it started getting my attention and I Shazamed it so it'd be in my library. It stayed there for months. I KEPT hearing it this weekend while I work and finally realized how much I adore it and have finally hit the binge stage lol. This is play 6 in a row ???? I'm just getting started
Lionel Thomas
Great song... This hits you right straight in your heart and the vocals are on point. ❤
Mark Juniewicz
Such a great obsessed!
Chrissie Mimms
This song is so powerful, her voice is so beautiful. When I first herd this song I immediately took to it, it help me get through some trying times. " it don't always go the way we planned it
But the wolves came and went and we're still standing." ????????
Skye Radikal
this is one of four songs helping me through something hard. such a goodie.
Maren Morris is a knockoff version of Selena Gomez
C Martinez
The lyrics is just so good! Can’t believe I just discovered this song recently ????
Jill Flora
A love like this
We have it❤
I love you John
Anthomy Castellanos
Apenas la escuché en la radio hoy y la verdad me inspiro con un buen mensaje
Sinels D
клип с мотивом porno
Faith Walker
Love this song
DJ A-Myx
This woman is creating timeless pieces of music. One after another.
This one grabs you.
Shadelia Jones
Love this song so much OMG her voice these lyrics .... so true❤❤❤❤
Song good video sucks
Charles Buchanan
I just love this song. Always makes me feel better. And who doesn't love her voice.
Jeffrey Thomas
Accurate guitar lesson on my channel!
I’m just now hearing this on the radio! Heckin no sister! You should have been in the radio the day this song came out!!
Keegan Webster
Why is this playing on country stations?
[All About Guitar] 엠관 MKwan
And Played by Fingestyle guitar
this song is lowkey fire
RJ Sabroso
The intro sounds like Cool Anymore
Claire McCann
Love this. Great Lyrics and Video
Before seeing this video this song really caught my attention on the radio=stirs a lot of emotions
... Five-STAR job Ms. Morris
Darren White
Remind me again why she's still considered a country artist as of late? What exactly constitutes this song as a country song?
im doing a dance to this in spring ????????
Brittany Williams
I love this so much perfect relationship love song ????
Bijay Shah
House don't falls when the bones are good
How does this only have 7million views
Star Tsi
My lovely wife brought me here. I love you E.????♾????
This sounds like it could’ve been made in the 90s
Tammie Quinteros
I swear his song was faster
alondra paredes
Love your singing
id give the good bone
Joseph Hanson
Awesome ???? song
Brooke Lewis
My favorite song of all time! Anyone else agree??
Scarlett Stephens
Ulta brought me here ???? Life of an employee
i love her shoeS!
Joy Cumba
The people who dislike this video.....
You have no soul
Sydney Wilkinson
We love you
Andrea Appe
OMG when me and my mom hear this in the car we freak OUT we turn it up ALL the way and sing. I LOVE IT
Teresa Muncy
Such an amazing song!!!!!
Emily Paige
Rebecca Mwaipaja
I want to sing this song with him years from now. ????
I want bones this good.
Number 2 on the "Country" charts! Only fitting, because when I hear this shallow, vomit inducing snap track all I can think of is buying the CD and taking a shit on it. Is this what it has come to people? Country Boy Bands and Brittany Spears wannabees on the girls side. Country music used to make me want to go to the garage and open a cold beer and think about me and grandpa going fishing, or my first football game or first time seeing the mountains... etc This song makes me want to inject Corona Virus into my dick hole and piss on people.
Amy King
I like this song, and want to listen to it, but I hear balls or walls, not bones. ????
Angel Rivera
Im fighting for my life and my wife is fighting by my side and she just sent me this song it could not be more true i love her she showed me what true love is thank u for being my rock i love u for eternity tretta may god bless u cause he blessed me when he put u in my life !!????????????????
Leonardo Silva
Let's put this song on top 20 of Billboard hot 100, she's almost there, #22 right now, Maren deserves. Let's stream The Bones on YouTube and Spotify.
Shannon Willis
L <3 ve this song
Water pepper
This is the best song about carnivores I have heard so far
Maren come to Berlin again. Concert. Your concert May 17, 2019 was awesome in Berlin!
howling wolf
Makes you think. Wish I had a house with good bones
Todd Gross
Angeline Bena
Sadly most people only remember from The Middle. Her music is gold
Allison Frederick
She slayed this so good!!
Mac man
Free Bitcoin!:
Pistol Annie
Without good "bones" a relationship really never makes it. Am I right?
José miguel Saavedra
#22 top 100 bilboard congratulations
kristin mclarty
The very first time I heard this song I was like, meh I don’t like it at all....the second time I heard it, I really actually listened to it and I’m in love with it!! I listen to it over and over some days❤️❤️❤️
k Gray
play this daily lov e it
Jane B.
Oh music is so touchy.... Thanks a lot....
William Shaffer
When you find the right person but the timing isn't great so you just hold together through the storm so you can enjoy the sunshine together
Keegan Webster
Keep this song off the country stations. This isn't even close to a country song. Good for pop station but to have this under the country names is just embarrassing. Not a bad song, just on the wrong stations.
Ayesha Michelle
Love this
Pistol Pete
What makes me pissed is this isnt country put this shit on pop not country i hate it....
Some parts of this song totally reminds me of Happy Now! Anyone agrees??
Adam Thompson
Bones are good song makes no sense lol
Niall mon
Una chica realmente impresionante ❤️????
Tara Bowe
Hey I love you xoxo
T Hawkins
James Bay- "Let It Go". Sound familiar?
Jade Sheppard
Sounds like Turn the Lights Down Low gnash
Harika Harry
Really good song
pop nonsense
Love it!
Chandra Schroeder
Totally in love w this song. ???? keep on keepin on!
Shane Tyler
yeah i came to the wrong utube video more pop Commietry
My song!!!!!
when the bombs are good
Tammie Currie
Uh this is a great song, but is it country?!
Max Mustermann
Wow! Amazing Song! ????❤️
Brittney Sanford
I love your singing ????????????????????????????????????????????????
The song is good, its a good song. I'm just trying to figure out why its played all over country radio stations? There is nothing country about this song, sounds more like R&B.

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