Vickie Helm
Gabby...the real American Idol
꧁Talking Shit꧂
Who is she? Im forgot her...
Shawn Kurtis
I thoroughly enjoyed Carrie Underwood's performance
Janelle Digennaro
than I hope American idol knows what they missed out on congrats gabby love u
Hannah Tolentino
Gabbyyyy ????❤️
You’re amazing ????
Love your voice dear ❤️
Stay grounded. ❤️
Maycee Wilkie
God bless you Gabby, so proud of you!
Isabella G.
Laurie Suzanne
Look at your staggering beauty, voice stunning as ever, and perfect swagger of professionalism, Gabby! Goodness, we’re supremely proud of you, and endlessly happy for you. Congratulations on your new recording contract, for no one works more diligently - You sooo deserve every success! God bless you, Gabby????
Jonathan Darmawan
So... about Maddie Poppe's new upcoming album... and the traditional previous year winner performance in the finals?
Great performance by Gabby by the way.
She'll never be a Star or win a Grammy.
Mira Rose
Gia Ferra
Already # 16 on the itunes chart, she cowrote it, and an indie release. Little wonder she got signed. It's a great catchy tune and she'll have stellar career no doubt. Congrats to her!
Yoeung Visal
Sound similar to miley cyrus' one
Outstanding performance and songwriting.
Beatriz Sá
I just love this song so muuuuchhh
Tricia Z.
Nice song. She kind of reminds me of Miley ????
Sandy Miller
This is the real star of last I have said before which is why a major lable has snapped her up on the climb up. Love the song and all your other music and I love you Gabby. Keep it up girlfriend. Give Gramps a hug for me again.
Knights and Days
Ever heard the saying “no person alive can stop what god has called you to do”. Well Gabby, this is where god wants you. You better kill it girl! Rooting for you.
Ashley Smith
Sounds like cry pretty at the start of the song
Robyn Wilson
Am I the only one who thinks she sounds nasally when she sings? I don’t mean this in a harsh way or anything. I still think she has a good voice. But i don’t think I’m as much of a fan as the nasal sounds.
Marie Koch
Gabby you are a Superstar. That performance on Idol was amazing and American Idol saved the Best for last! I have been following you since the beginning of American Idol and I just knew that you would achieve your dreams. You are your own person who has made it on your own. You have worked very hard to get there. You are a great role model for anyone trying to achieve their dreams. You have proven that being number ONE isn’t always the Best Thing and is only a Number. Don’t let any negative comments get to you. These people can’t accept that you have made it and continue to be a Success. God Bless You and Cade with Great Careers and you upcoming Marriage!
Alessa orazegui
Gabby's hair looks amazing and healthier after toning down the platinum blonde, and more refined as well. Hope she gets what she deserves for her longtime body of work, ambition and discipline.
Mary Williams
Gabby, you rocked it! We love you so much & thanks for sharing your glorious talents and gifts! We love you!,
Taylor Popa
Screw you American idol! This should have been Maddie poppe and her moment to shine and promote her album! You guys can care less about your own contestants. It’s America who loved Maddie and wants more of Maddie!
Cecilia Rose
Sounds and looks just like Carrie Underwood ????
Bill W
Way too much twang for me but congrats to her for making it!
Kalbo Mataba
Glad to see the fake southern accent has gone mostly away.
Michael Anthony
No idea who she is, got here by mistake. Initially searched “hope live” for chainsmokers clicked on this. Glad I did.
sophia c
proof that people who don’t win can still be successful
Aliza Kruger
Can’t wait for new music from Gabby????????????
Britney Boekweg
Girl get that microphone OUT OF YOUR MOUTH!
Britney Boekweg
So...where is Maddie’s promotion? She was your winner last season after all.
Amirah Crittenden
I love the choir rock and country vibe ????
Amirah Crittenden
1:13 your welcome :)
Wow didn't know what to expect and she didn't disappoint ????
Helen Williford
I think American Idol has done Maddie Poppy wrong . She was the winner last season.
What is the reason ?
Shaylee Cox
Gabby found HER voice...
This is fine but Maddie should be showcased as well (not just a duet with Caleb but promoting one of her newest songs). There's certainly room. Kind of odd.
Karen Hardie
Another person who lost. You don't have to win the show to be successful. Both Alejandro and Laine will be fine regardless of who wins. They have a platform now from America to build fans and have careers.
I like her but she didn’t hit either of my favorite notes of the song. Very strange. For me, it went from a great song to a just ok song without hitting those notes
Alex Hall
Reminds me of Hayley Reinhart
Rebecca Slone
Its country. She did good. They all sound the same though.
Kinda sucks for what they did to last years winner.
Wheres Maddie Poppe? She was the winner last season and i havent heard of her.
Marcella Upton
She still sucks
Carrie Sheehan
this song was good!!
Jamie Pena
She didnt have to win idol she already won on her own congrats gabby
kitty yankee
She should have won last year (Sorry Maddie Poppe) but Gabby is a little country rockstar !
Ok i felt this damn
mohannad aljabri
"I Ishutsjteyn I... I have a song"
Ton Ton
Shes pretty but her voice is pain in tne ear ????
Chazz Guzman
She was being extra...❎ it was annoying
Beer Gin
Hey American Idol!!! Please guest JESSICA SANCHEZ as she has new songs and single tittled “LOVE YOU” please please please
Andrea Mireles
Finally!! Been waiting for this to be posted!!!!
Michael Taylor
Is this a miley Cyrus wannabe
Tory Cox
Yeah this song and performance sucked
Patti Mills
Anthem for everyone who's ever been cheated on.
I gotta say, this song just sounds like recycled stuff that you hear everyday. Nothing original about it all. There's just something off-putting and annoying about her stage presence, too.
connie ohm
My fav.... loveeeee this song... Congrats Gabby!
Kelly SY
Great song!
Ocean lights
This is so good!!!
heart to break
we need to Maddie Poppe to make the Made You Miss (New Single) performance! please
Maya Tanner
I like the way she sings "Tell your friends that you're so happy". I wish she had sung it like that in her studio version.
I love the way Gabby Barrett sings beautiful yung lady
Anybody else think it was odd that she was like eating the mic? It made the vocal garbled, I couldn't really understand the lyrics in the first verse.
One year later and still copying Miley Cyrus and Carrie Underwood... ????
Daniel Bienapfl
It must be 2008 because I see Carrie Underwood singing lol holy crap blew my socks off
it was forced and horrible shouting with a fake southern drawl
Sandra Contreras Stokely
She was awesome! Reminded me of a crazy mix of Carrie Underwood and Miley Cyrus
erica faye bagasala
miss u gabby
Jeffery Jeffers
Carrie Underwood Vibes
Srsly Spkng
My fave last season! My gal! Oh my Gabby! No one can replace you! ❤️????
Dr.Drake Ramoray
Wait I thought Maddie won...
I love this song! So revengey! lol. I think she’s this era’s Shania Twain ???? Still think she should’ve been the winner last season ????
Nick Santos
Mellissa Conway
She’s a doll..(:
this is kinda cool and creepy at the same time she sounds just like Carrie Underwood wow
Love the song ❤️
Ross Ringold
Go Pittsburgh and go gabby
Looks like Gabby will be bigger Han the actual winner of that season lol. Most usually do better not winning anyways though.
aliff fitry
she got Carrie Underwood's vibess. ????
Stephanie Templeton
This live performance blows the studio version out of the water. Both are immaculate but this just screams passion.
Ryuji Omote
Gabby Barrett Performs New Single "I Hope" - American Idol 2019 on ABC
Stephen Hartman
where was the me he he he he he he?
D'Erra Davis
I love when non winners who are more talented become more successful than the undeserving winner
Moto Bella
Lmao Katy high fives and walks off ????
saniya henderson
she just made EVERYONE regret not voting for her. ❤️
Jocelyn Vizzusi
Never watched this season of AI so didn’t know of her, but glad I do now! Song is awesome!
Fay GF
She should've won I'm so so glad she was signed to Warner!!!!
Tracy Lee
Must admit, I didn't like her voice at first. Different ya but just something about it. But after hearing this song, love it! Lol
Def has a place in the industry!
Velu S
Gabby Barrett you have gift in your voice, keep singing!
Kiara Perry-Wilson
Gabby Barrett is born on March 5 , 2000 and she's 19 years old!
Kentucky Jap
Wow she really sounds like Miley yo
JessiTv 15
I know her from Disney when she was talking about her audition on American idol
My mom was Gabby’s teacher. Gabby went to PA cyber. She dropped out :/
Sounds like classic Gabby, princess. Congratulations on your engagement and the Warner's Brother's contract! Either way you won! ????❤️????????????❤️????
Hunter Phillips
Pittsburgh is proud ????????
Brian Westmoreland
How quickly she got engaged when she won
CrAzy Crazy
I’m happy for her, she’s really grown since American idol
jasper Benson K
This song is so spiteful I love it
Ken Duong
like katy said, her stage presence is amazing!!!
Ashley Youngblood
All she needed was a chance to be who she is! Don’t follow others, make your own path!!!!!
Lucy Horn
Sucky song
Aleksa Baker
Wow she's good! I love her voice❤️❤️❤️❤️
Gabby LaRue
My twin ❤️
Katy perry is so fake... she didn't even like Gabby when she was on the show.
Stephanie Duhr
She is like swallowing the mic. Pull it away a bit!!!
To nasal
First time I've heard of her in the UK. Love this song so much.
Jezebel Parker
So dam gorgeous amazing. Those dimples though. You helped me making this song I definitely cant wait for more music from you!
Bobbie Leeann
Why does she sound exactly like Miley Cyrus??
cry baby
i came here to see if it was actually her bc i literally am convinced that Miley Cyrus sang this.... wow
Tommy Eris
Wow, she sounds like a cross between Miley Cyrus and Carrie Underwood. Lovin it!
so close to billboard hot 100
Summer Braswell
She needs to take the microphone away from her mouth like that.
Chane Kawaihae
That’s beautiful
Katie Bug
She sounds so much Like Miley Cyrus ????????????
Victoria Carmona
I wish it was more acoustic this performance
Shes so good wish you could hear her better.

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