JiaYu Shen
I must keep strong
Kawii Diamond
It’s the doctor
I'm crying
Gabriel Chodkowski
Love this song so sad so meaningfull
خالد الماجد
Now my eyes bleeds
I Want This man to sing „sign of the times“
I saw this video right now for the first time and i am crying.
Life is so hard.....
Nathalie Grenier
oh this voice i like and this song
Irene Bostock
??6?46,B tiff so. Bob. As as by esewbx ha but. B bheqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqhyyyttyyygg y
Qui est Français
Michael Riggins
14k dislikes??? How can someone be so heartless(Pun not intended)?????
jose rogelio ramos aguirre
Im on a shoookk right now
DerpyMacDerpFace !
This song is just amazing. And i love Peter Capaldi as doctor who so this hit twice as hard
Savage Macca
Read this
There’s always *Someone You Loved*
Madyson Berger
I love you
The Doctor approves
Isn’t the lyrics that make us sad
We living on a generation where untalented people like lil pump are more popular then talented.
Westley the Wolf
Why they changed the thumbnail?
Westley the Wolf
Why is there 2 different music videos?
Kalebe Ben
Brazil 2019?
Madison Savage
who else cried
Jenny Edom
Its Peter Capaldi in there ????????❤️ and the song omg idk if I should cry or smile ????
Ugh I love that Peter Capaldi did this.
Low Limit Poker Challenge
Nice song
Semper Boat
Butthole made me catch feelings and choke up listening... damn
Bob irvine
Lewis very talented singer-songwriter I think we all been there when you lost loved one
Vincent McCarroll
These lyrics though??
Isaac R.L.R.
That looks so much like Peter Capaldi,if he isnt, and it just hurts so much more
Nikis Los
Doctor who? ????
vell show
Good musical
Mark Jead Babaran
Why? I can't stop my tears...this song hits me so hard..pain in the chest.????
The Random Pug5_YT
Bruh I don't deserve to be crying at 3 am
Lahailya Simpson
My mom was against me being a organ donor due to when my sister passed away she donated all of her organs and they gave them all to a girl who needed alot well my mom was getting letters on the regular on how the little girl was doing and they stopped she called to,see why they stopped and they let her know the little girl who got my sisters organs passed away my mom said it was like losing my,sister again she doesnt think the system is done correctly. But I'm 100% proud to be an organ donor when i pass someone else will be able to live their life and i feel thats the best thing in the world to be able to give someone.
Koen van Domburg
my favorite song
MiNe ChaNNeL
It's been 2 months since you left. But i can't get you of my head.
It hurts sweetheart. It hurts everywhere.
Doom Spidey
"I kinda liked the way you jamp off the page" what is this goosebumps
Will Morris
Where the music vid was filmed I live there
NASA News For Kids
I sent this to my GF who broke up with me yesterday
Rose Lewinsky
Who THE FUCK gave you permission to make me cry?
tania rickett
I love you this song I sing it all the time please comment if you do
This got me. Man down!!
Fern Harris
This song is really touching my heart when I’ve been though all the hard times in my relationship ☹️☹️☹️
And this song is making me wake up every single day ????????????
Mae Panopio
Im not crying,you are!!!
Logic//MoDz- Tv
love can hurt sometimes. but you always have your family inside you.
Jervasi YT
Damn this is sad
Siska endriani
Make me cry ????????????????????
aria ghamati
The dads face at 3:16 is super moving. At first it just looks like a man who is happy that his family is together. However if you really look hard, it's a look of happiness and pain. He realizes that how much he loves his wife and that his family staying whole is because someone else had to lose that part of themselves for him to keep what he has.
Paparazzy Fernandes
????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????minha música favorita de sempre????
Victor Manoel
Quem mais estava esperando ele dizer "Eu sou o Doutor"?
???????????????????????? now i know y the heart beating at first secs of video ????
Gary Mcardle
I didnt cry the first time i heard it i just loved it
Binta Bah
Courtney Paige
My bsfs ten year old cousin... He started crying so hard he couldnt talk
I'm going under and this time I fear there's no one to save me
This all or nothing really got a way of driving me crazy
I need somebody to heal
Somebody to know
Somebody to have
Somebody to hold
It's easy to say
But it's never the same
I guess I kinda liked the way you numbed all the pain
Now the day bleeds
Into nightfall
And you're not here
To get me through it all
I let my guard down
And then you pulled the rug
I was getting kinda used to being someone you loved
I'm going under and this time I fear there's no one to turn to
This all or nothing way of loving got me sleeping without you
Now, I need somebody to know
Somebody to heal
Somebody to have
Just to know how it feels
It's easy to say but it's never the same
I guess I kinda liked the way you helped me escape
Now the day bleeds
Into nightfall
And you're not here
To get me through it all
I let my guard down
And then you pulled the rug
I was getting kinda used to being someone you loved
And I tend to close my eyes when it hurts sometimes
I fall into your arms
I'll be safe in your sound 'til I come back around
For now the day bleeds
Into nightfall
And you're not here
To get me through it all
I let my guard down
And then you pulled the rug
I was getting kinda used to being someone you loved
But now the day bleeds
Into nightfall
And you're not here
To get me through it all
I let my guard down
And then you pulled the rug
I was getting kinda used to being someone you loved
I let my guard down
And then you pulled the rug
I was getting kinda used to being someone you loved
Evana Officielle
Les 14k dislike c des ptn personnes non humaines qui n'ont pas de vie et qui son très conne :3 !
mimi qu
???????????? this Song is so beutyful
Gucci Booboo
Who cried in the video I did
thiccpandalover 11
Why can’t I add this to loved videos instead of liked videos
riris alfiani
gatau gegara apa si ya kesini... yan penting suka
Who the fuck is cutting onions here?
Wer25y6 23fiesta
I'm hearing this song while I'm smoking my last cigarette in my life. I'm sure I'll make it!!
Tahsinul Islam
This is by far the best song that I ever heard
Andi x
No matter how many times I listen to this song, cry every time. First time I seen this video though ????????‍♀️
Kelvin Ng Man Ho
Wenger, is that you???????
maddie h
Are we not gonna discuss how they used peter capaldi in this video or??
Thanks, doctor
Ken Carroll
I had no clue Peter Capaldi would be in this video. I wondered if there was any relationship
destiny rivera
I love this song but way more then one Music video?
Paul George
I am crying every time l listen this,this is my favorite song now,and this is best song and video l've ever seen.
Crissy Lea
This is so sad ????????????????????????????
Seamus Goldsworthy
Thought this was James Arthur the first time I heard this
Anyone else?
XxxForestCreatures Makeups
This is sad
Aziza Maalim
Esta cancion es genial
No money
No sexy women
No drugs or alcohol
Just pure talent ????
Tropic4l Noah
He’s so happy & sad :(
=) =(
Jess Snyper
this is just amazing
Michael Klaproth
The people who disliked this video, think of sad moments. yea I cry every time
Gabbie Espino
love the song so much????????
åshild oseassen jakobsen
fuck, this hurt to watch
Ayden Le
This song is the best
klinik bandara
good song
marlee-jayne Robinson
Haters suck ????????????❤????????????????????????????????
marlee-jayne Robinson
I got this song stuck in my head ????????????????????❤????
Love this song!!!!!! Check out Davina Michelle's cover of this song. She sings it straight in to your hart! Love to hear a colaboration of you both! That would be magic!!!! https://youtu.be/dXZNy75Yp68
Sahil Kamble
Humble request. Please anyone can explain storyline of this video. This song is really touching my soul, but the story isn't. Please explain
Maneek Music
0%- nudity
0%- drugs
100%- tallent
Melody Blue
Hey! I’ve made a cover for this song and it would really mean the world to me if someone checked it out ????
Screw Despacito. This needs more views
Phương Linh Tạ
I'm not cying you are
Henrieta Olešová
Top song ❤️
Giada Pasini
I love this song❤❤❤❤❤????????????????????????
Diego Mateus
Everytime i listen to this song i cry ????????
Marwah Malik
My favorite song ????????????????❤️❤️
Marwah Malik
Listen to it every time I’m sad (everyday)????????????
Miranda miht
Gnome Queen
Came for peter, stayed also for peter but also the song
I’m making a youth heart support group if anyone would like to visit my Facebook page and see what it’s all about ❤️ https://www.facebook.com/YouthHeartSupportGroup/
Kamilla maplewalker
Bin ich die einzige deutsche hier????
Lima Losang
True love
Cristogel Raducu
you really touched my soul ☹️????
manuel ramirez
Una canción que te hace temblar de emoción, talento, puesta en escena.
Magistral , mensaje que te traspasa, una voz que no podía ser otra que la tuya. el Broche de oro al corazón a la entrega ,la esperanza, Esperanza como la que me otorgaron a mi también,, que me traspaso para darme aquello por lo que se mueven los sentimientos, El corazón, Así puedo agradecer dar, entregar, en cualquier forma de expresión ; porque me lo diste, porque te daré todo lo que este en mis manos, Te dare todo lo que llevo en TU CORAZÓN.:) GRACIAS
Dinosaurs of 2016
Lewis is using Tinder to promote his artist career similar to all the Instagram models. I’m not a fan of this tactic.
Gayatri Mandhane
I'm from Spotify global top 50
Daniël De Trein Tram Bus en Metro Spotter
I really really really love this song! It's so beautiful, that I started to cry. I sang it when I broke up with my ex
Matteo Luppi
Quanta nostalgia, Peter Capaldi it's back, please!!!
Casper Ho Tran
love this song 1 like is 1 love
Chrisean Chua
Who else thought the guy was gonna jump in front the train
Kid Adventures
This song is so beautiful. One of the most beautiful songs I’ve ever heard. And I’m a music fanatic. Your music in general. Thank you.
moon child
pfft.. forget it. I'd like to keep this masterpiece in my heart, pure and untouched. only beautiful souls are allowed to hear it <3
Fahim Fauzi
this song reminds me to my childhood friend he passed away 2 weeks ago ????
I thought this was Bastille ffs
x.lovely_ pillow.x
Io sto cadendo e non c'è niente che potrà salvarmi
O forse sto impazzendo perché non ho smesso di amarti
E vorrei qualcuno qui
che conoscerò
Qualcuno finché
Ti riabbraccerò
È facile se, dipendesse da me
Nessuno mi protegge come facevi te
Il giorno sfuma
nella notte
tu non sei qua
non è possibile
hai visto tutto
anche l'oscurità
Hai raccolto il mio cuore con l'amore che da
Io sto cadendo e non c'è niente a cui possa aggrapparmi
E non sto dormendo perché non ho smesso di amarti
E vorrei qualcuno qui
che conoscerò
Qualcuno perché
non so bene cos'ho
È facile se, dipendesse da me
Nessuno mi trascina come facevi te
Il giorno sfuma
nella notte
tu non sei qua
non è possibile
Hai visto tutto
anche l'oscurità
Hai raccolto il mio cuore con l'amore che da
E se mi fa male sai
chiudo gli occhi e poi mi stringo forte a te
Sarò salvo finché
sarai qui con me
Il giorno sfuma
nella notte
tu non sei qua
non è possibile
Hai visto tutto
anche l'oscurità
Hai raccolto il mio cuore con l'amore che da
Il giorno sfuma
nella notte
tu non sei qua
non è possibile
Hai visto tutto
anche l'oscurità
Hai raccolto il mio cuore con l'amore che da
By K
una piccola alternativa italiana, la ha scritta una persona molto speciale
Kanishk Suresh
too much!! :')
클리앙 보헤미안시몬 죽이고 일가족 시체 냉장고에 쳐놓고 가겠습니다
giulina hollweck
ohhh my hort
Polly-Mae Jeffery
Omg tears were streaming down my face that is so sweet but sad
Raphael Eichhorn
I love that Song, who ellse?
Sergio Junior
I'm going under and this time I fear there's no one to save me
This all or nothing really got a way of driving me crazy
I need somebody to heal
Somebody to know
Somebody to have
Somebody to hold
It's easy to say
But it's never the same
I guess I kinda liked the way you numbed all the pain
Now the day bleeds
Into nightfall
And you're not here
To get me through it all
I let my guard down
And then you pulled the rug
I was getting kinda used to being someone you loved
I'm going under and this time I fear there's no one to turn to
This all or nothing way of loving got me sleeping without you
Now, I need somebody to know
Somebody to heal
Somebody to have
Just to know how it feels
It's easy to say but it's never the same
I guess I kinda liked the way you helped me escape
Now the day bleeds
Into nightfall
And you're not here
To get me through it all
I let my guard down
And then you pulled the rug
I was getting kinda used to being someone you loved
And I tend to close my eyes when it hurts sometimes
I fall into your arms
I'll be safe in your sound 'til I come back around
For now the day bleeds
Into nightfall
And you're not here
To get me through it all
I let my guard down
And then you pulled the rug
I was getting kinda used to being someone you loved
But now the day bleeds
Into nightfall
And you're not here
To get me through it all
I let my guard down
And then you pulled the rug
I was getting kinda used to being someone you loved
I let my guard down
And then you pulled the rug
I was getting kinda used to being someone you loved
Me entró una basurita en el ojo
Jack Daniels
Sarah S
Why is there a second video now for this song and it says “official video”?
dragonmax 05
zitro p
How much I cried with this song..????
Iv Lopez
Now you know you have to go back in the car
Doctor Who?
Matt Louis
This song makes me cry ???? ????
Sophie Linney
Thumbs up if you think this song relates more to someone who has passed away or thumbs down ???? if u think this is a better song for when someone breaks up with you or your break up with them ?
Cyprus Martin
fuck you
your mama is so jay
Cyprus Martin
you all so gay hahahhahahah
Trinity Tyacke
your mama is gay
11 minutes ago
Ryan has just won a special prize for 'most legendary youtube comment ever posted about a music video'. This shit makes our lives worthwhile. Please get in touch :-)
Leigh Sutherland
This song is so corny and 80s that I have to love it!!
Mr Ducky
Omg Peter Capaldi! He’s my second favorite doctor who! (David Tennant obviously first)
This video made was so sad!!! I almost cried
Jaylin Black
Just finished The Fault In Our Ways (I finished it in 2 days it was so good!!!!!) anyway this song reminds me of it so much!!
richard allonzo
Hi from Canada Lewis. I just had a pint with your pal Corrie here. He was telling me about about your music when this song came on over the pubs speakers. Great work and a great message for a great cause! I have a friend here who is a jazz singer and a miracle who sings with donor lungs. Some day you two should connect. Check out her attached YT .https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I40OxJoisg0
jen smith
pure talent!!!!!
What a great song
Graham Ferguson
Boni chodes your a spanner, what a voice that boys got; fking plum
Graham Ferguson
Fking yanks haven’t got a clue
Graham Ferguson
Ricky away back to eastenders ????????????
Norah Alrbee
Simone Ferreira
eu amo demais essa música????
I don’t understand the video... the old man has a wife who’s in bed (don’t know why) and he also goes to the young woman’s house for what? Wth is going on
King Botte
when your minecraft gf logs out and you never see her again
Darek _Youtube
I Love songs (poland
Young-sik Lee
The doctor loves the earth.
The doctor loves people.
The doctor has two hearts.
Now the doctor has one heart...
My love has a heart disease and I live wondering that it might be the last time I hold him. I constantly worry about his heart. Everytime I hear this song I can't help and cry. I'm afraid of losing him.
Shahar Kimhi
Came for Peter, Stayed for Lewis.
Taciana Ordônio
I miss this Doctor ????????????????????
Magnus Krohn
I have total respect for everyone who lost someone but the people just making stuff up for fake sympathy and reconition this aint the place for you
young do kim
shit this music is real......
Mongolian Playlist
Doctor who
This video has such low viewers because it’s hard to find. I had to search for it hard. He made a second video for this song and that shows up. But you could type in the his name and the title of this song and it won’t show up if you don’t put in heart transplant after it.
Zero Gravity
I'm on my way in a cab to my gig.... trying really hard not to cry listening to this song and the music video is making it harder. How do i sing with heavy heart?
Trip Hello
Underrated asf ;O
niki gachalife
????my biggest fear is to lose al the pepoel i love????
Очень трогательно. Видео идёт почти 4 минуты, но кажется, всего секунд 30. Со мной такое впервые. Погружаешься в эту историю и не замечаешь, как пролетает время. Когда я увидела шрам, меня как молния пробила.... Волна эмоций накатила с невероятной силой....
Sarah Reiter
This song is my favorite because it really helped me at a very difficult time when my grandma died of cancer shortly after her 86th birthday. But this song built me up a little bit. Thank you ❤
Tobis DK
No one:
Literally no one:
The live chat: ????????????????????????????????????
Seraphie Raffer
Das beste Lied ever
Alycia Le gal
Ok ya aucun francais
Goodboy Tanvin001
I loved this song too much...
flora laura
A me ispira molto questa canzone
He looks like Scrooge and this is very sad
tropenbert Berthold
impressive voice! i have lived in england and ireland and have always been impressed by the incredible musical talents that can be found on the islands. I love their musical culture and their voices. Best regards from germany.
사브리나 .Sab
Who came here after seeing the first performance of BGT winner 2019. I had a thought that the man won it because they added this song when he passed through...
I had an impression that he is another James Arthur... but I also think his voice is stronger. A duo together would be a great idea!
I hope he makes an enthusiastic music... to live after sadness...to live despite breaks...
Elizabeth Mauriz
I love this song ❤️???? reallyyyyy I loveeeeee
Eva Sherrod
I didnt think was going to cry and I did, such a powerful message with such a fantastic song!
Shane Tseng
Simple and yet strong music video~ along with the tune. Yes, I have teared at 2:34
Kudo to director that put a head phone on an elder at the beginning to make one wonder. And someone please gives an award to this male actor!
The Breaker
No money
No sex woman
No bad mouth
Just a lot of memories and cry kkkkk????????
très beau clip j'ai versais une larme ????
Doctor who
tonton bliz
-"Doctor who ?"
-Peter Capaldi: "me"
Adriely Marques
Quem mais veio por causa do vídeo da Gessica Kayane?????????????
Lance Martin
That hit me in my feels.
Lucas Grashot
guess who is crying right know
Audrey Kimbrough
im crying
Chillaa Pramada
I LOVE THIS SOONG!????????❤️
Mikey Ipema
This is so sad
Akshat Gupta
Your voice is so amazing ,Sir
Kazaki -Kun
Who Is Crying After Watch This Video :')
raymond cribbs
Deep. Beautiful
Tim Stark
Oh my God the man's wife was dying no I can't stop crying maybe I'm a puss but a transplant from his wife that's dying to a woman which could be his daughter needing something of such a heart????????
Jordi Vallecillos
if it did, I would give 10,000 thumbs ???????? Such a strong video.♥️
Such a beautiful song, hits me every time.
Farid Amirul
This music video deserves a billion viewers .
Who’s with me ?
Are we gonna ignore the fact that this is basically Numa Numa
LuiD- samed
Hier ein deutscher kommentar
I came here cause I heard the song, I watched the video cause I saw Peter Capaldi
Chichik pudica
Mashaa Allah, video clipnya bikin baper banget... Ini di mobil beneran nonstop sy putar trs. Jian nelongso men liat clip nya ????????
4 cap
WTF?¿ 14k dis?????
Camping La Chicanette
Who didn't cry on this fuking song
Cool Maja
Kto z Polski ?
Matt Beebe
You have to have a heart to feel this song.. Love it sir!!
Shelly Mansell
WOW. I do not get very emotional often but this got to me.
Francesco Proasca
Simply fantastic .....
Mijie Asey
Yeah.. it's easy to say
Mr Relentless
taehyung lover
That song music like faded !!!
The Scriptersss
Amazing song!!! I have made a cover on this song, go check it out and show some love and support ♥️
Born 100 Years Late
If you feel like this, just know there is a loving God to turn to. He is always there, and he is the only one who CAN Save you!!!! Just talk to to him in your heart, ask for his healing, strength, courage, wisdom and patience, and he WILL give it to you!!!!
veronica silva
Som favorito de 2019!
I love you so much you are my idol you are amazing and write really good songs if you can please reply it would mean the world to me xxx????????
Hat'il des questions ?
Petite pensée à mon chouchou qui me manque tellement quand j'entends cette musique je pense à lui ! ???????????????? ????
Pszemek Monter
Too beautiful *crying*
Nao Avakin
I'm crying
Ceara Barrett
Love u !! Can’t wait to see u in malahide ????????
Azra Misinaj
Muss immer weinen wenn ich dieses lind höre????????
Tim :D
its sad how this lyrics are fitting my actual life so well
Ayanna Emmanuel
This song is very touching and it's not the way they made it its the way the put it together and the melody to it and the kindness in it!
Sinéas Santos
Lewis. Today, in Brazil, it is the national day of organ donation. I left the message of your music video as a form of awareness for everyone who can see my Facebook profile. This chain of solidarity cannot stop. What a beautiful song and what a work of art-the combination of music and audiovisual narrative. Congratulations!
I swear this is the old doctor who
Gaming With Moses
Im sad and happy at the same time
Simply put...
tear squeezer...
Ross MacDonald
15K people have no soul on this planet
idk why but i thought about my mom while listening to this literal masterpiece. first of all, i wanna say a very truthful sorry from the bottom of my heart for the people over here that had lost an important person. like one of their parents, or maybe both of them, or something like that. i know that my mom won't read this like ever, but i just want to thank her so so much for all that she's done for me. she represents such an important person to me, she's always there, even when i dont feel like it, even when i feel like nobody cares anymore. and even if she's annoying sometimes, or mayne i feel like i hate her, in the bottom of my mind, i can assure myself that i love her with all of my heart and i would not be anything without her. so, thank you mom, for always being there for me.❤
Love this song!!!!!! Check out Davina Michelle's cover of this song. She sings it straight in to your hart! Love to hear a colaboration of you both! That would be magic!!!! https://youtu.be/dXZNy75Yp68
Circle 25
good luck at west ham
W͓̽i͓̽n͓̽t͓̽e͓̽r͓̽ ͓̽ F͓̽a͓̽l͓̽l͓̽s͓̽
Capaldis, from Scotland, is there a chance, they may be related? ????
my doctor ????????????????????
bye mom..????????
kopl lpok
اغنيه اجنبيه لويس كابالدي مو طبيعي نار حراره ????????????????????????????????
Gani Smith
I'm crying ????????????????????!!!
Really hard to see this ????????☮
Samuel Invictus
This is beautiful
Cherie Hayes
He’s legend his songs say so much x
Siddharth Chakravarty
This video hits so hard. My dad passed away last year due to heart attack. My mom was in relationship with him since 42 years. I can see my mom's loneliness in this video.
Marvin Przyborowski
Bryan Bevins
Damn it man
Ingrid Clasper
And the only one who likes this video more than everybody in the whole world
This Voice...????????
Julius Antony
I don’t understand the video
Wear earphones
Sit alone in a room
Turn lights off
Listen to this
Cry and cry
Renaud Lannier
This so sadd????????????
Y nike you????????????????????????
Microlabuts _
Что тут доктор делает? Аааа
Leanne Alcantara
two capaldis lucky lucky us , whovian for lifes
Lucas Dinh
Who cried??
Nazmi Sulthana
Omg it is tooo goood????
Schleich Mishelin
I love this song ????????????❤❤❤???? I cry ????????
Chinmay Sen
It hurts my soul n i don't have words to express what grief my heart feels thinking about all the pain people suffer in diff. stages of their life. If lord makes me able to turn even a single person's pain into joy i'll achieve everything in my life n will get the most satisfying death. Thanks Lewis n all those artists for making me feel this way. I am blessed to b here.
Kurtis Hamrick
Not even the end of Marley and me got me this close to crying stg
Hey Lewis, we did a cover. Hope you love it. I'm completely in love with your voice man.
Miguel Barrientos
Sto a piagne❤️
Paula Jiménez Palacios
Quiero llorar
Luca Cresson
I love the music my favorite music
Check out my friend’s cover!!! She’s awesome! https://youtu.be/KLVkkaeGA-c
Gaming Evee
????the song is my life????
Lady Etude
Peter Capaldi and Lewis Capaldi colab lol
Birte Schielke
Words for my father... died 2016. ????????????❤️ ... and all the beloved ones I‘ve lost... ????????
I lost my virginity 8 years ago at the age of 14 ???????????? RIP my innocence
Love this song!!!!!! Check out Davina Michelle's cover of this song. She sings it straight in to your hart! Love to hear a colaboration of you both! That would be magic!!!! https://youtu.be/dXZNy75Yp68
math88 RM
C'est le docteur dans doctor who
Jack Daniels
CJ Picou
Tik tok entered the chat
Liam Larocque-Ryma
It is a good song that you made gòd job
Byun Khiu
Funny how I have watch all the covers of this song and haven't watch the original video...
And I have to say...THIS VIDEO MADE ME CRY...❤️
Kev M
I love how the two different videos give different interpretions of the song.
뭔소리인지는 모르지만 듣고보는 한국인1ㅅ
Human wkwk
awww i cryyyyy????????
Raffertyu Grant Perry
im sorry didn't this come out like 8 years ago????
Bilbobagins K
Changes transition..it's not them but I feel betrayed just because. This song plucked at that and I came here...thank you. My feels need a body thank you for making one ..
Yuna Grey
Its too deep ????... Am getting so emotional to this song...specially when i saw this video it made me cry ... No one can tell whose gonna help you someday... Maybe the one whose walking around your place.. #ilovethisSong
Shazayb Raja
Live event was good in New York yesterday Friday 11 October 21.00PM ET. 02.AM GMT
Raphaël Duc
ho mon dieu quel son qui regarde encore en 2019 lol je suis le seul ?!!!!!!
n'oublie pas le petit pouce bleu
Gus Spe
Lewis please never stop singing! World needs you ...
JoeDashEn 21
This song makes me sad but i loved it. It made me realized that every one of us is going through something and at some point, regardless, we have to be kind to one another. Stranger or not. Let’s all be kind and make this world a better place despite of our differences. ❤️❤️❤️
Jolanta Rudolf
BEST SONG 0F 2019!!!
miriam rodriguez
Todos los comentarios en inglés y yo en plan ????
Aydan Sheydayeva
Perfect One !
jej 2605
Why got 15k dislikes to this beautiful song & video clip? Are they lost their mind?
Luca Marangoni
this video makes me cry every single time I watch it.
Gavin Goslin
This reminds me about my dad cause he did when I was 9 and I'm now 12 and I did cry
speechless. beautiful. that’s all i’ve got ????
Donna Mcfadyen
The video made me cry such a beautiful video. The lyrics too so amazing. Super talented Mr Capaldi and you have a way of moving peoples hearts. Just simply beautiful. Wow it got me. ❤❤????????
Guilherme Henrique Rodrigues Teodorico
I Love this music!
Pretty cool :)
Lauren Picolo
Love this
no other words
gabi Ribeiro
Alguém BR?
Aquamarina Elryn
Well imma go to my room amd cry now
Meiry Santos
Amooo essa música????❤n entendo a interpretação mais adorooo kkkk
Did he literally just take the Axis of Awesome's piano part and just write new lyrics over it?
Ninja 007YT
Good music
Im Taff
Love this song doing it for a concert
From Ella
Shaun Brown
This song made me cry so hard I can't hear my self think
Katherine Mundine
Cool video ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Messi ElSamad
This song and video is very hard for my heart to imagine how much i cry ????????.... my heart is already cleaned from pain now so.. i go to bed now ????????
Lívia Maria
Vim pela novela "Bom sucesso"
Baaby Girls
Quem mais veio por bom sucesso?
nub tb jogar
Br como sempre ...... dp e Bad tudo junto e eu chorando ????????????
Edivania Santos
Dwese are It gwee bhe thy her are you.
Eric Lobdell
The vid is about a heart transplant I believe
Ped Troll
book sani
This music make cry????????????????????
Pema Bhutia
Those 15k dislikes are given by the ones who are heartless...
Fion Eliana Ting
This song bring tears to my eyes.
Kristina 5sos
am i the only one who freaked out when i saw the 12 doctor or-
Yensot Yensonata
Ternyata ohh ternyata yg nyanyi ini sdh tua hehehe:v bru tau aku????
Tante Marianne
Best Song in 2019❤????
Daniel 2395 Tutu
Sunday start with this song.????????????
D Playz
i really like this song, but it can be a bit shouty at times.
Aupa Rizki
Bagus banget lagunya
Kayleigh Davis
I love your music
Rich Dean
I'm going to hold my wife tightly as I fall asleep tonight. Married 20 years and I tear up thinking about how fragile life really is in the grand scheme of things. This really hits home. Night
sanskar todase
his songs brings back all the emotions of heartbreak ... and i don't know why it feels relief to my heart :) guess i was getting kinda used to being someone you loved ..
Lisa Nicole Avery
This songs speaks volumes ..... Kinda got use to being someone you loved❕????
jiranan thonqchoo
WOW,After whatching the tears poured out???? it was a very good mus MV. it was cireling around many times.the song is because the artists conveyed the emotions very well.❤❤❤????????????????????????
Lewis capaldi????????????
Best music video,
Best song..
Sanju Reddy
Sir,i need your permission ????to cover your song (someone you loved).. I'm creating music channel.. This is my first cover song on YouTube if you agree.
Team Explore
A like deas music
Sujal Ale
Its a beautiful song with a heart touching story.
Love from nepal????
Steve Foster
It's pretty good ;)
Peter Capaldi is fantastic in this
Amacing videoclip.
wow ????????????????????????????????2019 my best song♥♥♥♥♥
arriveràlaLuce presto
The best song ever
MACOMY Stormer Coleman
My best doctor
Iwona Cieśla
Xd pienkna piosenka jesteśmy najlepszy kocham cie
Iwona Cieśla
Kocham cię????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????️????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????️????️????️????️????️????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????️????????????????????????jesteśmy bogiem
Loreal Siren
I’m literally crying like Peter had me shocked at first then in tears
יואב 12345
Why this man looks so familiar
Ryan Sensor
sad song but great song
Gk Guitar Covers
Amazing Song ????
Just covered this song On Guitar????????
*Please give me chance* ????check it out https://youtu.be/bDdRgi540mc
Conner Schulthess
Most underated song of 2019. It's sad, happy, cute. And makes you cry.
Anime Bluff
Dang it !!
I cried
Arsene Wenger after retirement
Jilly Carrilly
What a heartbreaking yet beautiful song ????
Paul Stapleton
This video fucked me up for a bit. Love the song.
Mary Twum
When I ever I watch this video I cry I don't understand wh
mad max
Jorge Guerrero
I wonder why people have disliked the video
Retro Ninjin
1:18 I let my guard down、and then you pood the rug!!
Somebody、please tell me I’m not the only one hearing that。
Rita Knabl
Ich mag das lied gerne
hart worek
Dziękuję gdy się słucha czuć że się życie odmienia dziękuję ???????????? ????
Megan Rose
Nice song
Emina Sakonic
I miss you grandpa ????❤️ 1 year without you????my angel????
Lg Mayes
" I was kinda getting use to being someone you loved." Sorry I hurt you...
roody the gamer
Mi oh mi
dylan bro
I love you and I miss you so much ❤️❤️❤️❤️????????????
I refuse to believe he can’t pronounce the word “ through “
Ana Carolyne
Vim pelo doctor
hello. hi.
0:51 *sounds like a mayeee a heee a mayee a haaa a mayee a haa haaa*
Lalala Jeine
Make me so sad until cry:(
Your song is so awesome....
Sebastian Graf
Its such an amazing song, that makes me cry, i Think deep in my memories, i thought about a Friend, that gots murdered by his father 9 years ago....
Farrah Gabriels
???????????? beautiful
Louise Rentier
the fact that he's listening to his dead wife's heartbeat messes me up so bad
Brigid McCauley
Guess who was the main guy in Lewis CAPALDI'S video? Peter CAPALDI
Coincidence? I think NOT
Also I just recognized him from doctor who :3
Aeris Boney
This reminds me of my friends ???? she would always sing this now I'm gone ????????
Laurence Christian
This is the most emotionally gripping song/video combination that I've ever experienced. Beyond beautiful...
Rayane Maria
Q música... ????❤
I like this one better than the newest music video of this song. This ones so much more emotional
Edwin Nugroho
Wuahhhh lagunya keren banget
Every time I listen to this song i cry, I don't know why I just do.
????❤️ great song
Amie Eve
Plot twist: the girl in the bed is Rose Tyler.
Ricky_From_ Earth
Thanks for bringing my feelings in words
Rafa Bruixola
It's a wonderful video with a wonderful story
uswatun khasanah
Am i the only one who just know this video after the official mv? and it's the sadnest mv i've ever seen ????????????????
Darko Tadic
I'm 35 year old, don't have wife and childern, i made donor card and this is my legancy
roxana zaharia
I'm gonna cry????????????
Isma Denial
Without fail,
Burst in tears????
saran khamphumi
Very sad.????
Literally Nobody:
Lewis Capaldi : I don't need autotune...
monica rossi rossi
I can’t stop my tears
Cheyenne Doolittle
????the Song reflects my soul????
Cheyenne Doolittle
My husband was after his death organ donor ... I wish I could hear his heartbeat again ...
Jessie LeJeune
best song ever
kiersten Laye
I love this song
Rachel Pudaite
This song is about me, but sad part is I'm not turning back!
Marco Ponzi
Omg wow????????????????????????????
Wondersthugs awx
The old man is Doctor who
Julius Froehlich
Ich bin Deutsch
This would have 7b views if everyone knew the name of this song
Emma Pike
i Know its sooo sad1
Patricia Gesser
se baixar a velocidade pra 0.75 no início fica igual a intro de Faded
Antomarioop Antomarioop
Doctor who
Briea Delao
It is so sad
Priestly Koko
Just keep coming back to this song.
Ann Lynch
My niece sang this at my husbands funeral, make a me cry every time I hear it.
Marcia Corbin
Heartfelt beautiful....
Evangeline Kunze
Ich kann nicht schlafen ..????
Sansaricq Desvarieux Christina Alexandra
Think of lovely people who les far or dead (mom Sandra my fortune RIP& my lil sister my childhood tresor u re so far and can’t reach u)
Só eu que sou brasileiro kkkkk
Mya Mya
I love you so much????
Thrida bareh Thrida bareh
This song have ????????and happy
Mya Mya
This song makes me Cry
シケ 」「 SXKE
Lewis Capaldi is underrated
His songs are underrated
I just admire him????????
Official music video.
Jodie Nes
I’m just trying not to Cry ????
Carla Santos
Amazing idea to put your cousin on that, Lewis!
Beautiful Tunes
Tell me why he looks like he would be a president. Is that just me?
Dianius E.
Most beautiful song of the world????❤love it????????????????????????????????????????
wanderson Dias dos Santos
Cadê os Brasileiros ???????????????????????????
Buddy Foster
I’ll admit when she put his hand on her heart I had watery eyes
stefano cauchi
tangie john
0:25 was a waist of time... nice voice though
flora laura
Mi fa piangere questa canzone
Hey Lewis, we did a cover. Hope you like it. I'm completely in love with your voice man.
Hanah Mazzola
This is really a sad song. It makes me cry thinking about my husband. I lost him of a lung cancer. I miss him every single day. Ti amo per sempre amore mio.. Sandro sei sempre nel mio pensiero e nel mio cuore tutta la vita...
I'm going under and this time I fear there's no one to save me
This all or nothing really got a way of driving me crazy
I need somebody to heal
Somebody to know
Somebody to have
Somebody to hold
It's easy to say
But it's never the same
I guess I kinda liked the way you numbed all the pain
Now the day bleeds
Into nightfall
And you're not here
To get me through it all
I let my guard down
And then you pulled the rug
I was getting kinda used to being someone you loved
I'm going under and this time I fear there's no one to turn to
This all or nothing way of loving got me sleeping without you
Now, I need somebody to know
Somebody to heal
Somebody to have
Just to know how it feels
It's easy to say but it's never the same
I guess I kinda liked the way you helped me escape
Now the day bleeds
Into nightfall
And you're not here
To get me through it all
I let my guard down
And then you pulled the rug
I was getting kinda used to being someone you loved
And I tend to close my eyes when it hurts sometimes
I fall into your arms
I'll be safe in your sound 'til I come back around
For now the day bleeds
Into nightfall
And you're not here
To get me through it all
I let my guard down
And then you pulled the rug
I was getting kinda used to being someone you loved
But now the day bleeds
Into nightfall
And you're not here
To get me through it all
I let my guard down
And then you pulled the rug
I was getting kinda used to being someone you loved
I let my guard down
And then you pulled the rug
I was getting kinda used to being someone you loved
Jade JB
C'est l'acteur de doctor who
My life.
Linda musica, gosto muito!
Karol Powalek
Beautifful song, So sad song ????
Shiyamol Sunny
I never cry I thought I would get through this video without crying then at the end when it said "thank you for making my mummy feel better" I just burst into tears
Feroz Alam
What a lovely song ..... Love from Bangladesh
why r there two music videos
Chloe Goepfrich
The doctor is sad guys!
Well that hit me in the feels. Fuck.
Tobi Sem Rin Nohara
Linda música!
J'aime tellement cette chanson ????
Chelsea Edgell
Ahh this hits hard????????
the timbre of his voice is heartbreaking. holy shit.
Patzi Pocket
Lyrics+Voice+Video ... kills ????????????
Thinking of my mum in heaven.
Manuel Geiken
Nicht meine Musik zu viel Geschrei! ????
Ginevra Bravi
Is beautiful ????
Joe Wieszczynski
I thought this song was that Maya hi Maya ho Maya haha
Holly Rayn
So touching.
Edceu Batista
Fuego-DJ Snake Anitta Sean Paul ????????????????????????????????????????????????????
brazil ????
Rh Playz
What's the story of this video cuz it makes me emotional
DJ Stash
crying to hard to this
There's a song like this"somebody...somebody..."But a woman sing it
Theo_ VeVo
The Actor is Peter Capaldi, Yes they are related
Frankie Zafarano
Uhhhhh currently sobbing at 2am from this beautiful mix of video and song????❤
Isabella Martí
is that sid’s dad ????
Reiley Allen
Willa Karuru
Love this one ????????
Ipo Munir
I crying
I’m going to be honest I’m quite happy he got his heartbroken.
If not this song wouldn’t Exist
Cheila Cardoso
This is like the movie "The best of me" ????
Paulina Nowak
Uwielbiam ❤ ❤ ❤
Nkee Lastest
I tought its official
Luiza Barbalho
Thank you so much for the song ♥ ️♥ ♥ ️
Who liked comment on comments????
-Alguem brasileiro? ❤️????????????????????
לירי 222223Attar
I just realize the video is bout and cry :(
swiftie 07 swift
I don’t usually cry but this got to me omg
Void YT
i love this song
Etm_Gaming Vlogs and more
They played this song after my final senior game of football highschool. I miss everyone on my team they where like family to me.????
YOUTUBE iGiulius
Doc. Woo
milena Vasconcelos
Aah, que música mais bela♡
Favourite song ????❤
victoria mahon
love this song and it is like you can not stop listening to it and i have listen to it over and over again and did not stop for over than 4 hours now and i can't stop
sohail khan
This make me a cry heart touching :'
Cedrine Castor
Best song ever????❤️
rylan yeo
This reminds me of my girl friend
Jimmy Valmer
This hits you on another level, i just hope this song doesn't up on tik tok
Kim Crandell
What a beautifully done video. Makes me cry each time I watch it.
Kudłata Ferajna
Im cry (2019?)
camila 1121
It's just pretty and at the same time too sad like if you cried
Lily Joy
This video makes me cry every time I watch it.THAT is how you know it's a good song.
Mom Mukbang Yum Yum
Love this song
killertrap fame 10000 Gaming
This is so sad reminds me when my crush. Needs to realize I loved you first instead of your new boyfriend ???? ???? ???? ????!!!???? ladies ???? ❤KT.
Santana Luna
this so sad..
Lily Fields
Amazing song, amazing video, amazing artist. And to top it all off, it’s Peter fucking Capaldi!!!
Rafi Mohammad
Terima kasih telah membuat lagu yang sangat Indah ini :)
Elias Britton
I'm a bit late but did anybody else realize Lewis Capaldi got Peter Capaldi to act in his video?
Coincidence? I think not.
Rima Helal
That voice... so masculine and husky I love it ????❤
Дима Мынжасар
Peter Capaldi? Doctor who?
Lovelyn Emmanuel
Le Dock
IT'S LIVE https://youtu.be/9YQZ4JyFePQ proud of you guys
•Pastel Peachii•
Beautiful song
I cry :^(
I love this! :^)))
Nur Raheemah Mohamad Almutangalli
that old guy is so handsome....
Annie Warbux
Back again. Can't get enough of both Capaldis!!
The songs with brilliant mv and strong meaning never wins,why? Because people taste became so bad that's the fact!
Bailey Ebner
Why is doctor who in the video!?
This really be a bruh moment
Niewiadomy :D
I was looking for this song for 3 months and I accidentally came across it, I like it very much <3
Patrycja Banks
1 on Bilboard Chart!
nicolas linares
00% NUDITY...
Vivek Jagtap
That voice
This video
Makes me cry like a baby :(
Sean Bee
Peter Capaldi is his cousin once removed..... this makes it better.
michael kuzma
Who's here before it hit no.1 on billboard hot 100????
Maciej Pietrzak
It's wonderful????????
I know you won't be seeing this but thanks man, thank you for this heart touching song
jessica korubo
oh my, this song causes my heart to ache
I love this song????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
Maria Vennix
so emotional, I love it
Catherine Navarro
Oh man alive! IS THAT DOCTOR WHO?!
d coughla
Ed Sheeran - Listen and learn. This is what passion sounds like. The best singers sound fantastic when listened to when your eyes are closed. Lewis Capaldi is white guy sings the blues and not blue eyed soul. Well done, Lewis in reaching number 1 in the US. What took you so long USA to recognise Lewis’s talent?
Olaf Dzięgielewski
Me with my mom love dath song:-D :-D :-D
Raleigh Jones
Man how am I supposed to go back to work from my break crying like a little bitch?
Nisa Fortuna
I'm always cry hearing this song????????
Ethan laufer
I need James Arthur and Lewis Capaldi to sing a song together now!
Christal Simpson
Love the video. And the meaning behind it all
Is lewis capaldi = Samwell Tarly ?
Wtf omg im cring
Xo. Xo
Who‘s making homework wile listening to this Song ????????‍♀️✍????
Uścin To traper
I Love this song
Reggie Day
A really really really sad vid and song
jen amem
Deserve Grammy????????!!
Tai Morris
such a powerful mesage in a 3:52 video makes me cry everytime
Tai Morris
such a sad beginning but the best end
Eniluap Ecrogal
I’ve didn’t really listen the lyrics... shit im gonna cry
Eniluap Ecrogal
YEAH now im crying because of the video clip
Melissa Fasola
It's beautyful Song
Devon sings
This song hit my heart so hard....
yorkshire pudding
am i the only one who finds the music video (feturing peter CAPALDI) of a song writen by lewis CAPALDI funny
Kaellux. _
???? cette chanson m’a touché au fond du cœur????
Ian O'Meara
The people who disliked this video don't understand that this is a truly beautiful song
Katie Maceroni
I witnessed tyler shaw sing this song live and my soul left my body I love this song
Baby Boy Bam i
Baby Boy Bam i
Baby Boy Bam i
Baby Boy Bam i
Liam and Carter crew kitchens
I kind of feel bad for him his wife died
pramuditha abeyratne
Lewis Capaldi????????????
Peter Capaldi ????????????
erc who
the song combined with the video is honestly too much.
Thrida bareh Thrida bareh
This song have ???????? and happy
Super_duper_cringey_tuber ;3
OMG THATS DOCTOR WHO????????????????????????????????????????????????
Andres Angarita
ok who came here from the girl on the swing video ?
Mari suico
It really made me cry
Vojta Sindelar
Simon Deli????????
Calvin White
congratulation NO.1!!
Cristian Garabagiu
This song deserves minimum one Grammy award ))
Ambre Gui
Je suis la seule française à l'ecouter ?????
Totoro Chan
Yeah..I listened to this song and cried in school hall while tons of people was passing by.. I don't usually easily cry in front of people..
izaura Mirga
Kto z polski
Griezman YT
I let my guard down and then u pulled the rug plz explain me the meaning of this line
Shazayb Raja
Selenfold _
Mi novio me dejó hace poco y esta canción me recuerda mucho a él porque me la enseñó días antes de acabar con todo :)
Maple Chan
So this is the video that Peter Capaldi was in. I was looking for him in the official video and was greatly disappointed. NOW- this should have been the official video. Made the song more meaningful than the one about the relationship.
Great message too and made me even love this song more.❤❤
Jonathon Neal
I got it from tic toc
PD 10
Der eine Schauspieler hat doch bei Paddington mitgespielt
J Sid
Sounds likes something else and someone else’s voice. Helpful to have a well known relative to help with yr vid. Don’t like his voice
The fact that he's listening to his wife's heartbeat absolutely crushes me....but add to that the fact he is standing on a platform edge wanting to kill himself and it's just another level.
Kimberly Gabriel
That's someone delores loved going to prison along with probation and the judge u pig Bitch
tuto makeup Halloween
"Les jours défilent mais tu n'est pas la"????????????????????????????????????????
Laugh AnakinZ
Just why is there two videos for this song? This one is absolutely brilliant!
keira leigh lavender
Good songs ????
Andreas Aristopoulos
Of all the most beautiful came out recently.
Ashley Hallman
This song is so fucking beautiful I can't even????????????????????????????.
Fatima2a msp
I'm cry????????
Maya IA
Wait. Lewis Capaldi's song, Peter Capaldi in the video? ...Ok
Patrick BJD
Why didn’t he donate his heart.
He has two of them
Artan Ilazi
E dn show
Andrew Alex
This has got to be the worst, most pathetic, terrible, horrible song i have ever heard in my life. Makes my ears bleed just hearing it. Anyone who says this is a good sonf needs to have their fucking heads examined. The producer who decided and signed off on recording this horrible song needs to be fired immediately. Shame on anyone who wastes time listening. Take this shit off any playlist. Absolutely godawful. I really cant explain or put into words just how ridiculous and bad this song is. Will ho down as one of the worst songs ever written and recorded. The guys voice is just horrible. Sounds like a dying animal. Whoever listems to this is a total fucking loser
ray k
Imagine feeling your loved one’ s heart beating in another person , it would be something else
Benjamin Hlithapi
That was the best music video I've seen in years but hell it was emotional torture! So tragicly beautiful
Vitor Hugo
Que bomba meu pai. Radiação pura
Circe Ishtar
I cried. I didn't expect the ending ????
Damaris Ilenich
Este vídeo debería tener millones y millones de likes!
Randomslayer YT
This makes the song ever more powerful then it was
Sabrina Zayonce
Is the man in the video the ELEVETH DOCTOR???
Joseph dela Cruz
why am i tearing up?
Maddie Vitali
Broooo this video FUCKED with my test ducts ????
this girl is soooooo cute
james johnson
When you get your big brother to star in your video
Waseem Bhatti
Best song ever huge thumb up????????
Clarel Bergonia
I'm crying ????
Love this song!!!!!! Check out Davina Michelle's cover of this song. She sings it straight in to your hart! Love to hear a colaboration of you both! That would be magic!!!! https://youtu.be/dXZNy75Yp68
Alune Tetseo
The songsucks
Bruno Jul
I cryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy ☹️
Michael Plumb
Absolutely beautiful ❤❤❤
Victoria Abrahams Lotumolo
this song I-
Ciel brillant
Beautiful .????????????????????
Sarayu Manoj
amy dalton
i didnt know who is lewis until i saw that he will be on tour with niall horan so i decided to listen his music and oH gOd hes a truly talented guy
Manuela Atzeri
E troppo bella
Glenn Hardacre
How people give this a thumbs down I will never fathom
Eduarda Ferrazza
Alguém de 2019??
Pooja Gambhir
Why didn't you give your wife your second heart, Doctor?
Cassie Lee
oh he is the father of Sid in skins!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sweta Khot
God damnit every single time I listen to this song I end up crying
Precious Brendah
Did I just shed a tear!?
But why!???
Natália Plačintárová
Two Capaldi-s in one video
Leads The Fallen Vlogs
Is that him of Dr Who?
Giga Joja
All dislikes must be from Daleks and Cyberman
Cheese Cream Cake
Good Music never gets old ????
See you all on 2025????????
God Bless you all????????
Leah Smile
как называется жанр такой музыки???
I lost my mom this morning. I hope you've found peace.
Kristijan Jovic
This is Best Song 2019 ????????????
TheLimeJuice animations
Taht amde me so sad because Im driving to fiunirol
Carl Stover
Check out this cover I did of this song! youtu.be/2Dlrd-PSGFM
Monique sauvé
Mooie tekst
Corina Gorgan
for old sorrows :(
J-Anne L
Drive me crazy for this song ???? really love #lewiscapaldi
Kornelia Sylwisty
I love
Le cousin éloignée Dont tu te rappelles plus
If someone do not understand the story i explain:
-The wife of the grangpa gives her heart to the mother of the family (we see the scar after the operation)
Aaron C ́Core
Me: Don't cry!
My Mind: I'll remember u some sad moments
Alec Whocares
That video fits better than the the original
Piotr Angelus
Lolll... Lewis, You related to Doctor Who? :) Awsome :D
Tainara Roa
Ameiiii muito esta música♥♥♥♥♡♡vai ficar marcadaa nas minhas memórias quando conheci meu primeiro amor.....
Stephen Haviland
Beautiful people...we are we are we are...
We're not beautiful...
Wrong song!? And now I started lactating, GOD DAMNIT!!
Alexa Chilcott
Love this song
not pyounos
autotune has left the chat
Sailen Ramirez
I be listening to this song and getting In my feels ????❤️????
The Doctor recieves a card saying 'thank you for making my mummy better'
That's clever.......
caralho marquinho tu é brabo sempre botei fé em ti
Carson Wilson
I think I listen to this song at least once a day, IT"S SO BEAUTIFUL :" )
Gise Lita
Noviembre de 2019 y sigo escuchándolo ❤️????❤️
such and impactful song .. I really Wish this Song was Recorded at 85% speed .. FEELS just a little Rushed
lucas david
@Josias viado
잔잔한게 듣기 좋네요
Esther Smith
Too Good
Coach RD
2:36 amazing shot. Hits me hard.
Amel Lia
you did it, this video made me cry soo many time ????
Love this song!!!!!! Check out Davina Michelle's cover of this song. She sings it straight in to your hart! Love to hear a colaboration of you both! That would be magic!!!! https://youtu.be/dXZNy75Yp68
Lhundup original
One of the best song I ever heard
Plz???? check my cover at my channel
This fits the song waaaay better than the break-up video version. Gives the pain in Lewis’ voice more meaning. That’s just my opinion of course. Ok time to row across the river my tears created after watching this
Severine Centeio
Coucou ma muse trop bien se rouleaux mimi le petit noeux .faut que je le trouve sur pinterest ha ha merci pour cet agréable moments qui fait un bien fou merci merci bisou severine
Rox & clo
Meilleur chanson
Ludovica Lerma
That old man is sid's dad ????
Charlotte Germanotta
The old man playing in this video is actually the singer's father! They're both so talented, they made me cry all along. What a strong message and a powerful song. Respect ❤
Ütã Mõrnïngtár
Doctor who ?
Mr.FireBones’ Show
Can someone please name the actor who was listening to his wife’s heartbeat.....
DD Bears36
His voice is key
Lara Panfili
Un emozione unica ascoltarla ogni volta...melodia profonda..entra nel cuore
Ramona Elena
I Miss you..
Yaqoots World
Thos 16k dislikes are HATERS ????????????????
Helin Marangon
I promised i wasn't going to cry
Games Brasil
Quem aqui veio por causa de bom sucesso!? ????
Emma Bring
Oh both are so amazing!!! The Capaldis fit so well together❤️ it was so sad????
unify 06
Doctor who actor
His voice.????
The piano. ????
In love.????
I need this sheet.????????????
Hey Lewis, we did a cover. Hope you love it. I'm completely in love with your voice man.
Lynn Relyea
Lewis made this video with the message of organ donation. My youngest son died on August 11, 2017 and donated his kidneys and eyes. His heart wasn't strong enough to donate ????????. God Bless You, Lewis, and Thank You ❤️????????
Yuri Dos Jogos
Brazil like ????
Manuel Fernandez Cabezas
me encanta esta canción me recuerda mi pasado me encanta gracias por escribirla
David Kangalou
Nice song
Malcolm Lowthion
Great song. Did anyone get the train number?
Danny Burke
Maya Hee, Maya Hoo, Maya ha, Maya ha ha
Giovani Galetti
Very good!
Socorro Duarte
Am????essa música é hino pra meus ouvidos e Paz para o meu ❤????
Weird_ Cool_Sisters
Ok we learned not a good song to listen to after your world just died and your already in pieces
Walter N
Ahh fucking video got me
Angeles Brissia
This song reminds me of "Someone like you" by adele.
It's to sad...
Shawn Edwards
Peter is such an amazing actor. His facial expressions are just as powerful as his words.
Does this sample numa numa
I just being left by someone who I already gave my heart and soul to, someone who I thought is the one. And listening this song makes me have a mental breakdown again.
Mun Maru
This is the music video I love fuck the other one!
I didn’t know they made music videos for Doctor Who
Na Cm
Oh my lord????each time makes me cry...
Sidarth Khwaiker
Iget goosebumps Everytime I hear this song ????????
Jacob Jacob
Peter Capaldi is sooo precious Actor
Tall Ibrahima
one of the deepest song i ever heard...
Aimy Daming
???????? i love it ❤????
right peter Capaldi is an absolute legend for doing this. rate it
Alexandre Rocha da Silva
Best music
I just signed up to be an organ donor after watching this.
henok wendwesen
this is for me:(
Juul Klinkers
This song makes me already cry it lets me think about my cat that died whit spring....THE SATURDAY!
vivalis bunny
It's the best Song I heard ever!
Adarsh UB Music
Anyone here after Martin Garrix remix?➕❌❤️
я сюда пришла только ради питера капальди и я заплака потому что вспомнила доктора кто
Leyrvo Glyph
Peter doing it pretty well.
Mike S
louise rentier that never happend that was the little girls mom and he was the doctor from doctor who if you don't know.
Ricky Kirk
yeah, no, its cool. i didnt need happiness today anyway ????????????
Nike Fällen
im fucking bawling my eyes out
opg e
I didn't know why he was standing at first, but after watching the video, I found out why.
SayA a
I just stumbled upon this video, the story hit me so hard couldn’t hold my tears, my sister who lives in the Uk been in the waiting list for a kidney for more than 3 years, I desperately wanted to give her one of my kidneys but unfortunately I wasn’t a match and none of my family was. And she’s currently volunteering to rise awareness about organ donation. She’s the strongest most positive woman I know pushing through and being a better person for herself and her son. I prey for the day she regain her health and we see her again. ????????❤️
Ashleigh Prysiaznyj
I love it????xx
Agseisa nation Tebing Tinggi
Check Agseisa Indonesian Idol - Someone You Loved
Giuseppe La rosa
gabryela lima da silva
Chorei ????
Theresa D'Souza
That's good
Yanmaz Kibrit
Ne olduğu bilinmeyen kanal atmış linki
Munamoor Munamoor
We will see you in Sharjah ????????????????????????????????????????
manekkids joy
I like this music
Carmine Uggento
Lan şarkıya düştüm
Edits Only martinez
R.i.p Kiwi Max and Nancy and blue birds and April and julie see you Bird heaven and see you April In Kitten or cat heaven and julie in dog heaven????????????????❤❤❤❤❤❤????????????????????????????Soooooo sad
haylie's life
The song isn’t the sad part it’s the person your thinking of during the song!????
M Munir Elhdd
She brought me here https://youtu.be/Xbz49Y1-aJc
Mike Gianfrancesco
Sick Video
Nathan Nunez
Hmm... the old guy looks like the 12th doctor from doctor who ????
Nederlanders ben ik de enige die paar keer daar ligt mijn kat dood hoort ??
Fama Niasse
Ya t il des français
Sarah Hamdan
I cried????????
daniel wagner
a real great song! Thank you; Lewis!
Sara Djuric
????????????????the song
i did a cover of this song, I would really appreciate if you guys would check it out :) https://youtu.be/aweMI7s6ujY
Peter fucking capaldi
Juliette Burquier
lewis capaldi you are my top 1 singer
Adieb The Nothing
Listening to this song makes me want to cry. I just finished "The Lady Astronaut of Mars" novella and this song reminds me of the ending of the novella. I'm just stunned with this song, like why hasn't this been on my recommended, YouTube? I'm also deciding to play on the piano to play at the Empowerment Talent Show with my older sister. I cannot wait to play this masterpiece!
C Bray
This video is so sad
1k likes and I’ll sing this to my crush and I’ll post a vid on my channel
Penélope Dettenborn
Ngm br ? Hm ok entt????
Kylie f
Noviembre 2019
Rick Coffman
For all the idiot jerks that put that song down you have no understanding of what human life really is. The compassion for another one. You are people who think of yourselves. And you will probably die by yourself. So why has no-one hold your hand as you take your last breath this song and its meaning we'll probably play in your mind over and over
Simon johnson
Heartbreaking but beautiful
Shafira Puspitasari
I get it
Gabrielle Rockford
I listen to this every day. I absolutely love it. Anyone agree?
Miranda Anderson
Ya i crted too
Dermawan Ida
Adele!! Male Version
Ricardo Johnson
This made me cry rip bro
Jeferson Panassol
Bom Sucesso Brasil presente
Muslih Perdana
Lebih keren agseisa indonesia idol ????????????????
Sandra Balan
My cover of Rockabye https://youtu.be/JjITSTVnK5M
From India.
Do give it a try????????
anita maryatul kusna
Kesini gara gara agseisa
Carla Erasmus
I saw this music video while I was out last night and I was so confused. Seeing the Doctor in a music video while drunk can really make you reconsider the term 'hallucination'
un tipo caminando
Why am i crying so hard when i listen this song being someone single? ☹️????????
who came here after hearing Martin remix?
Peter Capaldi is such an incredible actor. This music video wouldn't be the same without him. I cry every time I watch it.
Harini sreekanth
17k ppl got so emotional they pressed the wrong button
Om Bader
i love this song
alanda game
Da vontade de chorar
Lutfi Hidayat
ini lagu apa jurang ? kok dalem banget :(
nailus garden
i came here coz agseisa Indonesian idol 2020
here cz AG Indonesian idol
Edgar S
where's the TARDIS
Özge Yiğit
Voice like James Arthur
Alter Haudegen
Klasse ..hammer stimme ...????????
Fariz Adam
Masha ALLAH ????????????????
rahmat fitra utama
Agseisa juaraaaaa
omg that doctor who
Peter capaldiiiiiii ????
LaBelle Rose
it's very sad but you have that talent dude super good I congratulate you!
Mohamed Nihal
I can feel my heart through this music!
Tre Nux
So this is where the Doctor went when he regenerated.
j k
As jy weet vat ek se
Jy is pragtig
Eddie’s Music
When seeing him listening to his wife’s heartbeat, it really shows how much pain he’s in, even in his darkest times, with the starting scene I feel it’s possible he was planning on jumping in front of the train but his wife’s heartbeat kept him strong and prevented him from jumping, which we see at the end with him coming out of deep thought and realising the train has passed
Chaz Edgar
Absolutely great lyrics.
serpent slang
I dont understNd this clip
Martin Barron
Love you ????♥️
Crypto Hunter
Gua kesini gara2 cewe ane suruh denger lagu ini,sayang banget ,ga tahu artinya
Taj Stokes
my heart. is so broken.
Pamela Riley
i could watch this over and over and cry every time <3 beautiful song and video
Johnny Forbes
Wanda Muldowney
The Best Song Ever
Stefany Lourenço
Lewis, thank you for making me cry EVERY TIME I listen to this song haha I love this video, everything's perfect in it. It's so beautiful and delicate, such a masterpiece ♡♡
hate this song, yelling doesn't mean you're singing
Kiagus Iqbal
Agseisa brings me here
Howie Long
Written well, Lyrics & Music and Voiced with compassion.
Lindsay Radouan
C’est ma musique préférée des que chuis mal ma meilleure amie me fait tjr écoute cette musique et bim tout vas mieux❤️
Supawade Chiangrai
I'm thai you sing because
Ma'mun Al-Mutafail
a girl from indonesia sang your song "someone you loved". she sang with a beautiful voice and feeling. with your pleasure, I think you can give her a support by putting a support comment on her video perform on Indonesian Idol channel. her name was Agseisa. i hope your good respond for this comment. thank you so much before.
I put a link too for her video perform in Indonesia Idol on Youtube https://youtu.be/Xbz49Y1-aJc
Forliki Kanał kostkowy
Dotctor who?
Romel Dioquino
Nice I love this song,, ????
17k peoples have no heart!!
yt_ Fras
Gara gara agseisa indonesian idol 2019 gua ke mari ????????
Ully Zulkarnaini
Agseisa brings me here
Smol Bean824
Singer name Lewis Capaldi. Lead actors name Peter Capaldi. I've been waiting for them to unite and here is the masterpiece
Dennis Andika
Who's here crying after listening to this
X-Venture gaming
It's weird to think this is only a quarter of months old!
Aritno Septian
Disini ada orang Indonesia yang dengerin lagu ini gara gara Indonesia idol :v
Henrique Gregol Echeverria Souza
Matthew James
This song is about alcohol/ drugs
Una de las mejores canciones en inglés que he escuchado.
Sound Of Dreams (Kiki)
The only moment in which it is not wrong to ask to your cousin to do a work for you (only italian creatives will undestand)
Il solo momento in cui non è sbagliato chiedere a tuo CUGGINO di fare un lavoro per te.
(Peter Capaldi, l'attore nel video, è cugino di Lewis - Peter Capaldi the actor in the video, is cousin of Lewis)
Karin Bartsch
Was für ein hammer lied
618 231
My god his voice is so damn realll!!!!
francesco del plavignano
Alzhraa Ben husain
Iam in love with this song
That last note... and that silence after.... and this fucking ad which ruins everything. Thank you youtube !
La Chèvre
Annoying song .
Techno Logic
This song fucking sucks and i hate it.
Terry Bartley
Taehyung BTS
Lovely Lovely ♥
gabriel silva
what is the point of being a hero without your girl makes no sense because in life agent knows many people that agent get attached right but over time life does amazing things
Hot Rod Bumblebee
PETER CAPALDI ????????????????????
Marion Lang
I love this voice, love this Song, such a great Talent !!
Sir Akiba the Bodacious One
Zhyo dela Garza
I lost my mom a few weeks ago (10/28/2019)... and this song... man...
People say time makes it easier, they are wrong, it makes it harder, it makes me realize I will never see her again, or hold her in my arms... I miss her so much :( is never gonna be easy...
Ciinunicorn the Roblox player
I like the song
Seth Houser
Two Capaldis. One a great actor. The other a great singer.
These onions are burning my eyes
Clarebear73 Cooper
I still love you
Jusuf Sadly
asyeeemmmm gw meweeekk !!! kok bisa ya ada yg nge dislike - ada yg aneh dg dia punya hati
Agung hidayat
Kumpul ny kluarga +62 ????????????????????????
Lagu yg dibawa oleh ka AGSEISA
Anthony Glenn Menor
I think of you. Everyday. My worthy adversary.
Eduarda Luísa IV
Heather Harris
Obviously, I needed a good sob today.
Shannon Hoffpauir
Lewis and Peter amazing combo
Mary Grace Morales
Gosh,missing you Captain Brereton in this song Xx i always love you....
Shebin Tk
മല്ലൂസ് ഇവിടെ കമ്മോൺ
stupid dad
I cried????
The Quest For A Kidney
Wow. As someone waiting on a kidney in the US I have a whole new love for this song and for Lewis Capaldi. I just sat here watching this and bawling my eyes out for all my friends who've benefitted from organ donation and those who unfortunately lost their lives waiting. Thank you so much for using your beautiful voice and gifts to spread awareness! ????????
Ionel Tomozei
Cel mai frumos cântec de pe Pământ
Carmelle The Ultimate Dark Lord
It’s been a long while since I’ve loved a song so much. Thank you
Krystal Milner
I know this of by heart
Robin Austin
Love this song ❤️
Azca _
I love your sing
B Valenz
Damn powerful.
My coment here is through this video click on the link below but only for married couples
ali ali
If this song doesn’t play on my funeral.
Then I’m not dying ????
Vanderleia Barbosa Dos Santos
amo essa música ????
Nina Ivanov
I thought it was you’re not here to give me food and all!
eder nunes
Adoro essa música....????????
canal da emilly Vitoria alves rocha
Quem é brasileiro curte quem ama essa música comenta
King Leonidas
damn... the way he screams the lyrics in pain is so perfect...
Rylee Playzz
This is the saddest song I’ve ever seen....
canon rebel
I mis someone for over 11 yrs but I always act cold when she around, life goes on and with this song brings me back so many memories : (
Maria Izabel Santos
Adoro essa música...
Best song ever ????
J Harris
Aww my God I didn't know I was gonna cry so hard like I watched it know I would cry somewhere but not that hard
Martina Underground
The truth is I'm going to miss you forever.
Ill Arkist
Has anyone realised hes the 13th doctor or twelfth if u don’t include the regeneration David tennent did but didn’t change
I been looking for a song like this forever!!
Tijme Coppers
Best song ever is so sad
keyra osorio
Hey, that's the Doctor
Fabiana Ciaccasassi
Grande zii
Matt F
Lost love my life
A Nguyễn Thị
I don't know why but I've watched his MV a hundred times and I can never stop myself from crying. Lewis' heartbreaking and angelic vocal with Peter's touching acting hit me really hard
malika amraoui
اين انتم يا عرب ????????????????
Dark song vs what we want to deal with but thank you for the truth
Dre FilmsTV
That’s way to to crazy aaf
1:10 best moment ????????
homer derpson
F for lewis
This is MUSIC ! Good music. not the current artists, bands and singers who just "sing" with the help of machines and computers...excellent video.
Breno Silva
Canta muito???????????? pqp
Igor Bkchv
Incredible song. Just tried a tried a rap cover with Conor Maynard's rendition if Youtube wants to take a listen.
Jefft Edchevir
Encontrei essa música que embala minha ida a faculdade nas rádios
Nathan Sanders
Wow, i thought this song was sad. But after seeing this video i really understand it. And its a beautiful message. The one big reason i chose to be an organ donor, if my time comes why not help those who deserve to keep living. Use everything from my body, even if it saves one life. That one life will touch hundreds of others. Wish more people saw the world this way
Maria Santana
Eu to chorando igual um bebê esse é o melhor clipe do mundo
Lucas Gwozdz
This song is so emotional
Bryn Millar
Like the comment if you love this song
Mechelle Stewart
Isnt that house the young couple lives in the same house from Bourne Identity that Marie's friend lives in?
John Ph
I was crying the music is i play
Ignacio Rodriguez
Decided to listen to this on my noise canceling headphones.... it was good I decided to do this with no one around.
*Fantastic! :d*
This is the first song to make me feel something in a long time. It's a capsule of regret and vulnerability. A bitter but sweet pill. Beautiful.
Syaim Guitarist
Nice cover ???????? I even made a cover song for Lewis Capaldi https://youtu.be/JzBOArBi--0 ❤️????????
Bimantara bakti
i cried and confused, why arsene wenger on there?
Mehak Sirohi
This song still hits no matter how much time passed.
Irfan Hossain
I had a friend named tourat.He was my best friend. And for me..still he is.We had some quarrel. Maybe we both are responsible for this.he was the person who cheers me up.he was like my best man.but now he is not here for me.i tried to fix it up but it didn't work out.i really miss him.i just wanna get him back.and I can really relate this song to my life.please pray to God guys...that we might fix our problems someday.
Victhor Rodrigues
Marcos e Paloma ♥️
Yash K
I must've watched every version of this song
Zarah Yila
this song made be cry
Zeynep Aydın
ּحۡــڼۨــطــٰٱ̍ۅڀــۃ ۛ ּ ۛ ּڪــڜــڂۡــۃ
I like this song Omg is the BEST
Marie Pickings
This made me ????
Bessie Nelson
Omg I am going to get some sleep
Anyone listening the song in this year until 2020 comes?
Why 17k dislikes??
Mateusz Hojan
this sound save me for suicade thank you
Rafael Ribeiro
Onde estão os brs q curtem uma boa música international?
ROCKJ Bloodokid
Where did 17000 people get a whiskey ???? in this desert?
Miliki loving life
I made a cover of this song https://soundcloud.com/young-empty/someone-you-loved-cover-prod-metrixx
Joe Wilson
Malcolm Tucker after he got sacked
The feeling when both of us trying to find common ground you know where is this going but trusting each other. To let our heart strong.
Who dares to give this video a dislike?!
Maria Bueno Ubeda
My beautiful song
One Shot
He need sum airpods
This song really hits differently when you can relate ????
Perfect song and amazing performance????????
Mechelle Stewart
Also interesting, only reason i watched this video yesterday was because of a cover someone did on Facebook. He did such a great job made me wanna see the original song and found this with the storyline. Because it was just 3 days ago i went to see Last Christmas. Maybe the Universe is trying to tell me something.
best song...
ניר מאלבוגט
the best lyrics since adelle's "someone like you"
Puta porque llorar del pa puta pena
Maddie Pearce
im not crying what no
Trebla Rivière En Crue
C est juste beau. J aime ceci...♥️♥️♥️????????
Trebla Rivière En Crue
J aime beaucoup cette version aussi ????????
Iker TeImporta
Viva españa
ok this video was pretty good because it has an actual actor in it. for me, this is the worst song that came out this year. at least this year. awful singing voice, awful song.
but you're prob here because you are sad and/or heartbroken so i want to say i love you and you're so strong ♡♡♡
Tara G
My life......????
Dj Mark Willson
Karl Clarence Cabangon
Request a good song pls
Lino D'Aviri
Commovente ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? mi fa piangere ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
Wandi Channel
Please your comment
Indonrsian Idol
Joy Alimi
???????????? love this God bless who's watching
Rich Gongol
Who else started tearing up in the first 5 seconds I don't cry very often tho but this hit hard
Trish Monks
It is a sad song and i cye and i live this song but this song was on my nannys grave
Stark Tony
Who else cried watching this?❤????
kiten biten
Super nuta wchodzi w ucho ????
katniss B
Sometimes when you love someone so much you must hurt yourself so you can love That person by all the love that you have ????.
Lucia De Antoni
Ciao italiano che stai guardando i commenti????
Chim Chim
One of the best song ever...????
Peter Capaldi - - ❤️
OliwciaQ Q
Kto kocha tą piosenkę daje
Tim :D
Love is one of the best feelings in the world and one of the ones that can hurt you the most.
Meadow TheDumbass
Hey look it’s my favourite doctor
Uni Unicorns
Someone you loved
I let my guard down
אהרון כהן
ישראלים פרגנו בלייק
Zolia Desrochers
WoW c’est très touchant
Hi! Please check my first original song "I Will Write" and don't forget to subscribe me. Thank you so much! ;) https://youtu.be/39fEMhEklvo
Joey Peden
This song sounds like something Josiah lemming would’ve written great job!
Tanner Ince
Fuck off feelings
Édney Costa
OMG! I'm in tears. What a heart touching song!!!
Ana lucia Soares
Love you wala tsdwy
Susana Umana
I've only heard 51 seconds of this song and I almost cried. Its kinda sad but still a good song!
Susana Umana
Yay, I made it through the song without crying!!lol.
Peter Parker
I wish you never did what you did .. ;(
troy72 troy72
This song help me to cry when I want????????????
Alexander Smalley
This song hits me hard
Wouldn't it be nice if, instead of the usual chorus of inane datestamps all the comments on this video sought to promote or instil support for organ donation?
In the England with the introduction of Max's Law, the country will swap to an 'opt-out' system as opposed to opt-in following Wales (and hopefully Scotland will also follow), but that won't take effect until 2020 (not long now!). Until then, the percentage of registered donors in western (English-speaking) civilisations sit at:
32% UK
45% US (average across all states, some are higher than others)
64% AU
<45% CA (hard to pin down, but has been confirmed as less than US)

I would like to think that if at least one of the comments in this section was, "Didn't realise it until now, but I'm not actually a registered donor. Thanks Capaldis for bringing this to light, I am now a donor!" Then it would counteract the sure-to-be endless dribble of "2020, anyone?" that will surely start appearing in two weeks time.
pixel spieler
Besdes lied
Lovesky Firemane
...es hat mich sehr berührt...weil ich habe meinen Freund verloren...er liebt jemand anderen????????Es ist zwar lange her...aber ich vermisse ihn immernoch ????...
Er heißt Justin...Falls du das siehst...Ich liebe dich so sehr ????????????...
Morena Leonardi
La mia canzone preferita ????????
Lynn Daniel
That looks like Peter Capaldi.
Michael Steinhagen
real men never cry
the story in this video made me ????
what a beautiful and sad song... possibly the best I have heard in a very long time
you sir, have an amazing voice. ????
Lacey Clark
This song breaks my heart
Just do it all .. you can do that! never give up some peoples..
Hani star
I'm scared for what next year will hold
Sofia Farinelli
Dottor Who ? ????
Isabela Villas
im crying... ????
Brad Taylor
Yes then, Sid's Dad from Skins. (Sorry I dont know him from anything else lol)
dai berrak
his voice sounds like james arthur
Berenice Shepard
Hey whose cutting onions???? I'm not crying you're crying.
bruh u a bot
So talented????
Alessandro XD
La vita non è fatta per rimpiangere ciò che è successo
Simone Eliseo
Grazie xché mi hai fatto limonare con questa canzone
Magick Academy
I don't believe in this.
amour tynasiaa
I love this song
Iasmin Sousa
Essa música e perfeita
Bevey Dillon
You song it beautifully
Nestor Ocaña
oh my god that twist is so sad ????
Ratol kA Bai
I don't stop my self to cry ???????? ????
Infinite X113
Tiktok sad videos that I watch has this song
....... Why doctor who sad?
The GriffMaster
I don’t get the video
Who’s watching this in December 2019?
my eyes rainy
Sagar Katnoria
Wait...i think ppl who disliked this video r in tears ..so they pressed the wrong button...
Оксана Скрипач
Класс ????,я балдею.
Onde estão os Brasileiros, escutando música de boa qualidade .???????????????? Dec 2019. This song never Die .
Dagul Gingo
Wow nice song..
Attack The Blog
Mr, Capaldi thank you giving the lyrical ammunition that helps a man say those words he wants to but, cannot find with in himself to do so.
Sem Mulder
This is the best song of the World
what a beautiful clip
Noemi Ienna
Troppo bella questa canzone ❤
Liliane GelceliaAnibal
Maravilhosa essa música
Tommaso Broccardo
Like se siete ITALIANI ????????
neil stucky
wait isn't this guy Dr Who?  Is he related to Lewis?  I think his last name is Capaldi as well
Journey Arie
I feel bad for the old person’s Wife because she is giving her heart to someone else.
Maria Santoro
je suis le commentaire en Français que tu cherche
Robert Gałgański
jjgg lol. lol
Ganz ehrlich ich höre das Lied Stück für stück mein Leben ????????????????????????
Marley Dorman
i dont like the 18k people who disliked this
Jase Bolden
I love your songs I like them keep making more get somewhere deals
Tante Marianne
Dieser Song ist einfach Weltklasse ????❤
Lewis Capaldi müsste viel mehr Aufmerksamkeit bekommen
Larissa .-.
Nazaré Uchôa
Ağlayan Sincap
Betül bunu görürsen bana yaz seni hep ilk günkü gibi seveceğim söz 28.09♡
Keeviah Trammell
i love this song
Damien Anderson
I cried!
Urania Bernardes
Não me aguentei e me darramei toda quem também deixa links
gacha unicorn
I'm crying
Ebay Selling Videos
Kiss my ass
Daniela Mendes
Quando fico sem net no telemóvel é uma merda
Lili Gaucher
Great song ????
Tandi Taniawan
selamat kamu menemukan komen bahasa Indonesia.
Geraldine Mendoza
This is one of my favorite song in my playlist????
nurul andi
Honestly i crying after see this vid:'(❤
ecarley2912 -
2:35 - Now that is quite simply some of the most beautiful nuanced acting I've ever seen.
I'm not crying, I got some Peter Capaldi's tears in my eyes
Mark McVicar
I can listen to this song all the time. Love the fact that the singer is a regular guy.
It's my favorite song ????????????❤❤❤
Julia Baker
Great song although very sad at some parts,????????????????????????
max lewis
The most love song ever
King Leonidas
Ok I know this is a beautiful song and a serious video but the video is literally just Axel's story from Kingdom Hearts 2 before he died.
Stephane Piot
Magnifique ????
It's Peter Capaldi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Erivando Andrade
A música é ótima! Uma amiga descobriu só hoje e eu vim dar uma olhada no clipe a primeira vez. Kakakarly
Arwen Vignon
Qui est français içi ?
Alice Lima
Came for my Doctor Who, stayed for the awesome song ????
deron gimene
I cry with this
I prefer this version then people just pushing lewis away from a woman
Alex Henrique Galego
Mda que clip????????
winnerr kill
super cool
His voice is so hot
Evin Sara
Sevgili biricik Yaz'ım seni ne kadar çok sevdiğimi söylesemde az şimdi herkesin önündede söylüyorum seni çok seviyorum sen benim Yaz'ımsın gönlüm. Bu yazı burda Yaz'ım için kalsın Doğum günün kutlu olsun umarım nice senelere gidersin ve gideriz. buraya kadar gelebildiysen epey şifre çözmüşsündür ve şimdi burda sana son şifreyi de vermeyi düşünüyorum. Bu yorum silinmezse güzel olur. Ne zaman bu şarkı çalsa aklıma bi sen geliyorsun bu şarkıyı senin için çok seviyorum seni sevdiğim kadar olmasa da seni anımsatıyor. Benim için yaptığın herşey için teşekkür ederim iyiki doğdun iyiki varsın Seni Çok Seviyorum bebeğim. doğum günün tekrar tekrar kutlu olsun. Şifreyi sorarsan şifre ''En sevdiğimiz şarkının adı'' bunu istenilen yerde söylersen o zaman sonuna varırsın bu son sınavdı artık hediyeni alma vakti hediyen seni bekler benim seni bekleyeceğim gibi umarım değmiştir ve sen mutlu olmuşsundur seni bu kadar yorduğum için de kusura bakma ama mutlu olman benim için mutluluktur. Ne demişler; Bilmezki sorsun,sorsa bilirdi \bilse sorardı,sormazki bilsin.böyle uğraşlı oldu ama değsin bari.Senin adını dağlara da yazmak çok güzel kalbimin içine yazdığın gii üstüne de yazdım. senden başka kimse bu şifreyi çözmez bugün çok erken olsada bu yazı için, bu yorumun yorumlar arasında gizlenmesi için lazım o yüzden şimdi yazayım dedim. Corazon'un Yaz'ı Seni çok seviyorum. biricik gönlüm doğum günün tekrar kutlu olsun iyiki doğdun iyiki varsın bebeğim şimdi son yere git ve hediyeni al.Sana dem,ştim ki paramla sana hava atmam çünkü param yok diye ;) böylesi romantik olur diye umarak yazıyorum biricik aşkım.Bunu beklemiyordun değil mi? Benden herşey beklenilir diyeyim hahahahahdgdg. Senin ne kadar seviyorum bi bilsen biliyorum diyorsundur sen şimdi ama tam bilmiyorsun bu buz dağının görünen kısmı bu sevgi ve aşkıma karşılık aldığım sürece tereddüte girmezsin çünkü seni en güzel şekilde sevdim,seviyorum,seveceğim de tamam mı bundan şüphen olmasın.Senin mutlu olman şart çünkü mutlu olursan beni de kesinlikle mutlu edersin her halükarda ediyorsun da ama mutsuzken olmuyor benim sevdiceğim gönlüm aşkım bebeğim gönlüm Yaz'ım benim.Yaz zamanında yazıma Yaz katacam.Seni bekliyor olacağım yaz zamanında .Okuduğun için teşekkürler ups yazının sonuna geldim byyye.
Rollercoasters Worldwide
I first thought, that this would be James Arthur
Jake Burns
02:32. Holy f***ing shit! ????
Charles O'Donnell
Mate how the have you got 18k dislikes ? this is a Scottish fuckiing masterpiece !! You have put Scotland on the map! Would love to have a pint wae ye bro!
Lavínia Batista silva
Amei essa música muito linda
Gus Pirlot
to be honest I just watched this bc Peter capaldi is in it
Tyler Meller
More songs
Chris Daugherty from Masked Singer brought me here!
orhan bozkir
Bizim türklerde böyle parçalar,
Müzükler yok
Hunter Pitre
Holy shit, Perer and Lewis are cousins....that's dope that he had Peter play the old man.
Artist Amanda
This had me in tears
Why people dislike this!!??????????
navin sha
Phenomenal ????????????????
Mansab Sayyad
My eyes are sweating...
Emily Mistretta
Beautiful song of ever ???? ❤️❤️❤️
Some Body
Sid's father :)
April Morgan
How the heck does 18k ppl hate this? ????
Red Velvet JOY to the world
Damn this made me cry
Red Velvet JOY to the world
Damn this made me cry
Bruklyn A
Wow beautiful voice
Dr who omg
Pasakay Vlogs
Beautiful song and voice????☝️
... and then you "pulled the PLUG" ????????????
Marvel Stan
Oh god all the 'deep' comments on this video jeezzz
acapella Potatoe
I’m in love
why the old guy kinda hot doe
Marilyn Knotsz
This video literally makes me want to cry every time
Bya Chaves
Eu amoo essa musica
Jean Mayer
Really Nice you become the doctor in youre Video #PeterCapaldi
jamie boles
Ok so I really just bawled my eays out! The song always git me hard, but the video was incredible.
ילדת כלבים
I feel like everyone knows this song but don't know it's Lewis who sings it...
jordana Freitas
Chorei no final do vídeo
teo boss
more like someoned you love ????
Kefirson !!!
Ta piosenka umie wyciągnąć łzy...
Michelle Jenkins
I cried! Not gonna lie
Paddy Lee
Sends mum to sleep
Erika Gomez
????...everything is alright....
Joe Fro
Explains how I feel deep!
Karen Williamson
I’m here for Twelve ☺️????
This is a real tear jerker.
Noelia Kline
Totally bawling...absolutely beautiful! <3
Laura M
The Masked Singer has brought me here, I've never heard this song before. I am crying like a baby. I've had 4 open heart surgeries, and this really hits home for me. <3 ..
xXx_Nya _xXx
I have been listening to this song for a straight hour and crying for a straight hour all because I just got my heart broken (my gf broke up with me) and I have been holding in a lot of stress..
Erik Johnson
My heart hurts when I hear this song ????????????
Erik Johnson
Video is so much pain ????????
Gdub 4
How tf is there even dislikes
Yasmin Silva
thunder dragons
This is making me cry ;(
Ritwik Jaiswal
This cannot be underrated! Superb work.
Henry Than
I came here just because Peter Capaldi, the 12th doctor
Youngwon Cho
Doctor??? Doctor Who?
Beby Sukma
I'm going under, and I fear this time there's no one to save me
This all or nothing really got a way of driving me crazy
I need somebody to heal, somebody to know
Somebody to have, somebody to hold
It's easy to say, but it's never the same
I guess I kinda liked the way you numbed all the pain
And now the day bleeds into nightfall
And you're not here to get me through it all
I let my guard down and then you pulled the rug
I was getting kinda used to being someone you loved
I'm going under, and I fear this time there's no one to turn to
This all or nothing way of loving got me sleeping without you
I need somebody to know, somebody to heal
Somebody to have, just to know hoe it feels
It's easy to say, but it's never the same
I guess I kinda liked the way you helped me escape
And now the day bleeds into nightfall
And you're not here to get me through it all
I let my guard down and you pulled the rug
I was getting kinda used to being someone you loved
And now the day bleeds into nightfall
And you're not here to get me through it all
I let my guard down and you pulled the rug
I was getting kinda used to being someone you loved
Hashirama Stark
Doctor Who Brought Me Here..
Tyrell Wood
so powerful
ParSalid SalidFish FishSalid
I like & love you
Stijn den Bandt
Best song ever????
Giammarco Tomei
Wow.. that's wonderful! Congratulations Lewis.. Love from Italy????????❤
Ian Martindale
I love this song like if u agree
It’s weird to see the doctor in the clip.
Awesome :)
great song, great video...if you watch this one and then Supermarket flowers by ed sheeran you can set yourself up to cry for like 8 minutes straight....
ina stanic
This song tela about my pet bird????????????????
Jiritchaya Matutawong
That ending is happy but it's very pain.
Steve Joseph
I can't help myself from crying
Ana Clara Vieira
Wait!!! his wife donated her heart to this girl, who would be the daughter of this old man ??
Kat Hall
He's hot as hell. Geesus. I like the 1 with him in it better than this 1. Much love sent from Ontario, Canada.
I cry so????
Jozefina Gjergji
I'm love????????????
Sheri Steffl
To me it reminds of the man I loved who just died. I was hearing this song all the time. It was exactly how I felt about him. Still cry when I hear the song. Hoping he's sending the song to me.????
Uwe Haße
Super Lied. Schwere Kost...
Ryan Feltner
Who else instantly had a change of mood? Deep feelings
2:37 what an amazing actor! This guy should be able to get a better role than a music clip, like a movie or a tv series or something. So much pain in his eyes and expression. He deserves better, let’s make him famous! I’ll get the tardis.
Dabs420 Dabs420
Dam this hits hard this song was made for me
Dabs420 Dabs420
I could really use a friend
T_T this beauiful song makes me cry T_T
Raheem Asif
This song really hit my heart
Tungsten 06gt
Damn..... Speechless. The emotion in his voice through the chorus and that bridge. Got me thinking the pain from my ex isn't gone.
Charity Jan
I started crying when the receiver let him touch the heart of the person he's always loved. Tell my momma amma donate my heart just in case ????❤️
Mayke Bomon
i see you 11/02/20 in belgium ohmygoddd i fucking cry ????????
Shadow Noob
Don't you guys think when the old man smiles he looks like Mr Bean?
Rita de Cássia Gonçalves
Eita música ♥️
Emile Rodrigues
ola pra voce que e brasileiro, nao ta entendo nada mais ta chorando.
tamo junto kkk????♥️
brow I searched this song all over the can
Doma Dzsur
Der deutsch ist liket,Danke❤
ludovic Bremier
Le doctor dans un clip de Lewis j'adore. Capaldi ta voix est angélique ❤️
dude this hits hard ngl I started balling
Asukulu Hemedi
Asukulu Hemedi
Asukulu Hemedi
Sandrine Migeot
I love this Music ????❤
Bibi Play
I cryed ???????????? beautiful song ????and favorite song ????
Mariska Fun
I feel like I have heard this song before
chas snowden
WOW. Was blown away when I realized he was listening to his wife's heart beat. Couldn't understand why I like singing this song so much when I'm alone going to work in the morning s. Now I know. I was getting the message. Love has no limits.
Andie Miller
this is the only song that has actually made me cry
Andie Miller
this is the only song that has actually made me cry
:-) Remembers me our honeymoon in CA in 2019 :-) Gruß aus Stuttgart
What episode of Doctor Who is this? (I’m joking btw, this is a good and emotional song)
Family & Life Too
Such a sad video, though will still love the song.. especially when i am driving.
Que música meu senhor, deu até vontade de namorar! Não quero, mas deu KKKKKKKKKKK
Helen Sophie
I love this song so much.????????❤
Maria Beatriz
Essa musica é linda e emocionante eu to chorando ????????????
ruddy cherry
Oi this old man is attractive
doctor who?
Maria Beatriz
Quem gosta dessa música deixa seu laike
direto na área
The love you sstff te amb
Hey Lewis, we did a cover. Hope you like it. I'm completely in love with your voice man.
Kelly Ss
Malditos ninjas cortadores de cebola!
A música já eh foda, com um clipe desse eh covardia
Mamadou Bah
J’adore j’écoute tes musiques est surtout quand je me suis stressé ???? c’est trop cool
Simonetta Colabove
This song is GREAT
Nora Romero
be you
Flavia Alexandra
Essa música é muito linda!!!!! Pq não conheci ela antes Vey?!!!!
Michelle Cohoon-Gunderson
And the perfect example of why I'm an organ donor
Elijah Nelson
Song of the year, I've watched this video before, but I've since have met someone with heart problems and this really hit me.. especially when she let him feel her heart..
love family collaborations it is great such a crazy beautiful range you have!
This video hit me so hard. I love this song so much!
Seb Chowdhury
Absolutely love the song and video. Love the Capaldi connection there aswell. Peter Capaldi is my all time favourite Dr. Who along with David Tennant. The video from start to finish is just too perfect. No pretentious, no drama. Just a raw song with a very sentimental video. Lewis Capaldi did this right.
Luis Serv
Pure art
Elena Gilbert
This song gets me so hard but I started to cry bc it reminds me of my teammates dad bc he died in his sleep so send prayers and like this comment and I hope he will like this song R.I.P you will be missed we missed you van
Ryan Grange
Je suis amoureux de sa musique
ashlea allan
i love this song
Andy Smith
Why did he do another video for this song? This one's perfect!
Depa 1I
I have a remixed version of this song on my channel...
Kaylene Tassone
Love this song
Peter Capaldi was the only person who could pull this off. No other actor could come close to him
Tammy Hyatt
Love your song someone you love
Gabriely Rocha Souzapaivarocha
Cadê os BR
Fenti ningtyas
I love this song.
correct: very very love it
Cimfam where are you guys
Devayani Kv
That old man looks so sweet.
Martyna R
This is one of the best song 2019.
Athletics 76
just wow.
Hamza Sedieqhie
Why????this song have 84 milion views this song is much better than that!!!!
Marta sirisi rodenas
Amigo eres muy bueno wacho????????
ZeRoX_TeXiaZ V1
???????????? sorry so vidéo so cute ????????????????
chapilinda zepeda
Cualquiera se lo dedicaría a su pareja yo se la dedicó a mi papa pues así me sentí cuando se fue necesitaba alguien que me hablará y me dijera que todo estaría bien pero no tenía a nadie ni siquiera a mi mamá ella no entendía como me sentía al contrario siempre me sentía peor cuando estaba con ella ????????????????
George Silva
Alguém sabe se essas cenas são de um filme, e se for qual o nome do filme ?
Bianca Si
❤️❤️❤️❤️love song❤️❤️❤️????????????????
المنوب الجزائري
The video clip is more mining than the music
Ginger Johnson
Best song ever, my life was changed by this
Leticia 1
12th doctor ♥️
Ralph Borja
I'm not rich and may not have it all but this song and video makes me appreciate everything that I have in my life,,, I will never take it for granted
CC Carter
Sorry his add keeps coming on and I had to comment.......Tom Steyer our biggest problem isn't stupid climate change it F N NUCLEAR ROCKETS FROM NORTH KOREA DUMB A$$....We Need President Trump...someone will balls...Love you and thank you President Trump
Song: *Exists*
Senorita: Allow us to introduce ourselves
LooKAtEly 104
Love in song
Eddie Polnariov
I cried
Beautiful song
Love this song ! It means a lot to me. I lost my dad a few months ago and as I left the hospice having just witnessed his last breath, this was the song that I heard on the radio in his car as I drove away in tears.. It wasn’t until a few days later that I watched the video and was astounded! My dad donated his body to science, hopefully helping a lot of other people that will go through the pain that he went through Thanks Lewis from a fellow Scot xx
Anna B
Omg wait its doctor who!
Claire Metcalf
I am 38. 16 years ago in March 2003, my brother died after a week in a coma, following an RTC. He was 20 years old. We donated all his organs and my parents received beautiful thank you letters from recipients and their families. I can tell you personally that I feel comforted to know his death was not in vain. Needless to say this song touches a deep nerve in me. I still cry for Tom now and he is in my thoughts every day, even after so many years. He was and always will be my Tom.
Victor Suarez
I hope someone happens to read this. I went through a very hurtful breakup and singing this song got me through it. if anyone is reading this, I ask that you listen to my cover of this on my channel...........I made it with a lot of love ????????❤️
Tiffany Thompson
I love this song so much I couldn't find it at first
Andicaw 22
Syarif Ari
Who is Watching On..
Noemi Emili
Che musica da urlo....fantastica bravi!!
leno chek
One Capaldi in the clip of other Capaldi That's cute and I'm crying because of this song ????????
mike beard# 'st fttyuii do P FTTYUII CM YM
Peter capaldi!!!!!
Cherry Shindera
Frostbite PL
Listening to my favourite songs before end of decade.
Alessandro Urracci
This Song Is vert beatiful
W l' Italia????????
Alice Santos
Quem está ouvindo no último dia do ano de 2019
Omkar mantri
clara did not have a pulse
Thx for P. Capaldi
Kalianne Marques
Brasileiros, cadê vcs?! Kkk
Tim Knight
What will blow your mind is that The Doctor from this is the second cousin, once removed from the singer.
Amy Thomas
Now this is some goose bump kinda sh*t... ...Amazing ...Goodbye 2019.... Pray for more music like this in 2020 xx
Heaven Green
I'm always singing yhis
DJ Double R
That's how you know you have a hit song on your hands -- every word of the song can be replaced with the word bumble bee ???? and the song still sounds the same.
Poliana Carvalho Albuquerque
Esse clipe e essa música faz qualquer um querer chorar.
Jacob Zermeno
Anyone know Rosalie
Nataleigh Raye Chapman
This song is probably my favorite song just because it warms my heart and has filled a huge hole in my heart
Giuseppe Caruana
Yah i didn't cry this time
Peter capaldi. He played doctor who and he was amazing in that role!
Bianca Dirstaru
This Melody It reminds me of my dog ​​who died.????????????????????
First person in 2020!!!
This year has been rough, hope you all have a great year ????
Silvio GC074
31/12/19 21:58 ouvindo essa música enésima vez
NadNidNud TV
Isn’t too late to sing this song????
Aira Zubair
I love Lewis's voice, but i don't appreciate him using sample music from Alan Walker's 'Faded', (i love both these songs)
love the song. I think that's his uncle in video.x
Manuel Gonzalez
Wow I loved this song.... It made me cry
Manuel Gonzalez
It’s true this video is better than the original one
Manuel Gonzalez
Love it
Ment al
I feel this song so deeply
Shilpa shree
2020? Anyone?
fernando azevedo
que music top amoo
Abeeha X
Who’s here after Paige from Love Island said the song may be about her??????
Jacopo Cappini
Ichbinein Lauch
Thats just: *WOW*
Daniel Lane
Best song in the world
luana Silva Dos Santos
Linda essa musica❤❤❤
Daniel Lane
I would love to do a song with you anytime and anywhere
Mascia Inve
Lucas Santos
@cris Araújo
Well that was unexpected...just balled my eyes out at this...This is why Organ donation is so important...brill video...x
Adeniyi Long
This song is so beautiful, the words are heavenly
Roberto Alfieri
I'm not crying. You're crying
And Paige says this was about her what bullshit
Escuchó la misma canción siempre
Did ROSÉ (BLACKPINK) bring you here?
Kingmag 59
Qui écoute en 2020 ?
TINA 237official
Hi you Can check my little cover here ????
Io ho il mio nonno materno morto.mia mamma mi ha chiesto come si chiamasse la canzone è io ho tradotto "Someone You Loved" e...
Sono rimasto sconvolto
Carmel I
Love Island brought me here.
Chicken Nugget
Your a GREAT singer ????????????????????
alb 7u7
Oof beautifull
Judy Nardi
This makes me cry because it makes me think about cameron boyce and my grandpa's that have died
lit gohan
Ive never thought a music video would ever make me this emotional
Vanessa Lima
Eu nem conhecia essa essa música . Conheci através da novela bom sucesso ????????????????????????????????????????
Raphael Silva
Essa música é demais ❤
Tae tae love
Still watching at 2020?
Budi Wahjoeboediono
Indonesia yg mampir sini LIKE
Mr Fan
This song makes me realize that life is to short so you should share it with the people that you love
Timothy Binondo
This song just makes me even more depressed..
I'm already very depressed cause of personal probs. So can yall support me? Like only 5 likes is fine..
1 like= a prayer
Willow W
I don’t get it
Julia Sueiro
Trevor Black
Recently filmed my own interpretation of the song. The support and feedback would be great!
Spiff The Magnificent
Yeah thanks Lewis just freaking tear me apart man.
Twza J6s4hua
I am so confused did he make this or take from somewhere
Just heard it for the first time tonight. Absolutely lovely! Total tear jerker video though.
Restu Rahayu
Ko aing nangidd anjir ????
Darren Mead
Such a beautiful song just a true tear jerker with meaningful puts your thoughts with all your family and important people to you just amazing.
lil nostalgic
omg its dr who
I just realised now lol
다 외국인들밖에 없냐
한국인 없음?
Christopher Wilkerson
This is one talented family. I haven’t been able to get this song out of my head for the last few days. Lewis Capaldi did an incredible job with this song and as someone else said, Peter Capaldi pulled off the acting in the video masterfully.
Is that the Doctor?
Just pure talent
marco um lobo todo dia
I Love your Family
I liked how the song wasn't sad enough for the director, good job man worst never ends
Esmee Pekelharing-De Vries
This song+video always brings me to tears, when it happens it drops in public, I have hard time to hold my tears
simon clinton
Islanders wassgood ????
I hope Adele is getting a percentage of the sales. This song is a complete rip-off of her "Someone Like You". He even ends the song exactly as she did.
Why u make me cry bro
Am I the only who who's going to comment DOCTOR WHO?!
David Lakerveld
I'm sorry - but I don't really understand the video... what is happening?
RomerO Shah
The video is so deep .. (Tears in eyes)
Ico DiLoky
lost my heart whit this song
Amika Yunay
Beautiful song for the first time i heard.
Habiba Thouaibia
Artie Rupinen
It's nice to see the 12th Doctor.
Vania Santos Santos
Que voz Mds Que Musica Putz♥️????????
ntsako smith
Like. If love island brought you here
Eva Brown44
My favourite song out of this hole world is this song I love it
Zoe Decantelo
Right so his wife is in the hospital, hes recorded her heartbeat and listening to it throughout the song. He recieves a letter from the woman who has his wifes heart and goes to visit and thats why he tears up when he touches the womans chest- its his wifes heartbeat. The wife may still be alive with a fake heart because the shot of her sleeping/dead comes before another shot of the couple alive together. But this is my interpretaton
why can I never to listen to this without crying
João Victor Dutra
Brasil poha
An amazing song ! What a superb voice Lewis Capaldi. Heavenly sent !
zhr majit
Is that arsene wanger?
Wasn’t this about Paige of love island...
Elia Roupeiro
????Y love this music????
Lucas Cezar_YT
Quem amo essa música da likeee
Depressed Tomato
I'm not on something harsh but men, i love the song so much.
Ruan Esterhuizen
Wow wow dude you can sing well f@#cking done!!!!!!!!
Nature Boy
The good singer don't need to show luxury cars and naked girl's. Need only te write texts ànd te sing. Big respect for u man
Just a small-town girl
Livin' in a lonely world
She took the midnight train goin' anywhere
So is this song really about Paige?
Maulana Yusuf Moehajir
The story is almost the same as what is happening to me right now ????
Miguel Frias
This song hit me hard in the ticker, then I saw the video and it blew me away!!
Thank you from the bottom of my heart for making such beautiful music.
I love you for that!! ????
Alicia Bell
Very moving, touches my soul ❤
Aurora Souza
In this video isnt that the old actor of doctor who. Also I love this song. I always tend to cry to it because of the meaning and who I think of.
Mary pedersen
I heard this song covered on The Masked Singer. I don't think it's a masterpiece, but it is masterful in that it is completley emotionally manipulating--in a good way, because I'm not a cryer and sometimes I need something to push me over the emo edge.
Ronian Drew Macinas
This song makes me cry????????????
Paige broke his heart
FunkyTulip 3722
Who else was a blubbering mess after watching this music video!?
Litaa 1998
Omg I cry so many tears ????
Kay Ka Nut
Ok so I finally got it... He gave his wife's heart to the other lady.
Monise De Jesus santos
Muito linda essa música pela primeira vez que eu escutei eu chorei muito e linda de mais ????
No mames q hago aqui :v
Rob Hawkins
This song is Love.....
Kevani Kevakevani
Cadê os brasileiros?
Amooo essa música me faz pensar na vida, no Crush, no meu pai que nuca me liga, é na minha mãe a mulher mais linda é gerreira batalhadora sério eu amo a minha mãe
Se vcs acham que a mãe de vcs e linda gerreira é batalhadora deixa o link só se vc quiser
BJS se cuida Deus te ama é muitooooo
Love this....I need you...
Anna Mateo
Linda demais! <3
Ada ada aja De
Amezin ????
Antônio Sousa dos santos Sousa dos santos
Nossa essa música é muito linda
Diead Died
Than Song broke my heart beautiful song
Solange Silva
Toda vez eu choro mann
Aiva Heyoo
Seriously who ever hurt this man this bad clearly is a miserable son of a bitch if they had nothing better to do but hurt him as bad as they did
My first time watching this and I’m crying towards the end after realizing what’s happening in the music video. Amazing song! Amazing mv!
Megha Mokoagow
Make me cry,,,
Harun Djarot
Hebami njo
DerBrudiii Zockt
Erster. Deutscher Kommentar
Abdul Razaqchaidir
Im always crying when i hear this song. Like, idk whats happening. This song just beautiful. Thank you.... ❤️❤️❤️
Antônia Soares
beautiful congratulations for the creativity of the video
Glória Maganha
Hoooo no no perfect
JeAt9786 Steinke
This song deserves more recognition and calls ????
Daniel Di Donato
I recently dropped remix on this song hope you enjoy it
Savita Kumari
Dj usr has dropped remix on this song check it now
A Helto
This song is beautiful. I was not ready for the video. I was thinking it was going to be about an ex. I was like woah.... then I was like????????????????????????????????
Kevin Steger
????i love this song thats so sad????
Jeff Toddokon
this is the best song ever and yes pain is pain but a hart ack is far more worse
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доктор хто
Jayden Dove
This is sad
Jayden Dove
I have to listen to this again
Alanpro 711
Like si te la has visto más de 10 veces
Didi's Vlog's
This song is beautiful!❤
Jacqueline Mignani
It's my favorite song... Very emotional
Crinja Ninjas
How does baby have more views than this accually good song
hacer süslü
Hiç bir anlamı yok çünkü ben bir davarım. ????
NICE SONG!!!!!!!
Obanai Igurou 蛇柱
Nobody: Lewis capaldi
Me: James Arthur:v
No problem i think this is james arthur voice:b
Good job;)
Giusy Calogero
Adoro la sua voce graffiata
Cat Palmer
Never fails to make me cry. Every damn time. (And yes, I’m signed up as an organ donor. Everyone should be, imo, barring medical or religious reasons.)
Katie Bittner
beautiful and meaningful sog! love it!!
Cara que música linda véi ❤️, não canso de escutar! ❤️
NayaraGraziele Grazile
Essa música mexer muito cmg????
Emanuel Rodriguez
Peter capaldi would be the one to give a heart away if he had two hearts.
John Soltiz
I thought this song should have won song of the year.
Frank Santana
how the fuck did this song lose to bad guy???????????
Ashes & Mahi
My hearts hurting in a weird way i don't understand ????????????????
Ashes & Mahi
Watch cover of this song by Garbielle official.I loved his cover so much... Do search his cover nd listen to it❤❤
Caim KIndra
I cry every time i hear this song for i lost someone i loved with all my heart and soul????????
Kathy Hussey
No one:
Absolutely no one
Lewis Capaldi : I'm just going to sing this extremely well and cut the flashy commercialism and gratuitous sexualized scenes and see how it flies....
EVERYONE'S ANSWER ; 90 million views
1.4 million likes
Michele Stryker
Okay, now I want to donate my heart!
And just like that my eyes leaked and my soul was touched.
Сергей Семёнов
The best
Michael McIntosh
Love it. Miss dr who. Damn hbo took it from amazon
Corinna Loise
Listening to this song while watching his old video message????????????????
"And I tend to close my eyes when it hurts sometimes
I fall into your arms
I'll be safe in your sound 'til I come back around...
For now the day bleeds
Into nightfall
And you're not here
To get me through it all.."
Joel Calzadilla
tremenda canción e interprete!
Tri Hanifah Muslimin
i love it
James Eldar
Absolute masterpiece. I tip my hat to you, Sir ????
Sabina B
It makes me cry every time ! I can't stop listening to this song , his voice is so beautiful and I think everyone can relate to this song xx
Funny, Fact, Creepy and Cover Videos
Watch my cover of "someone you loved" through https://youtu.be/Os4u0HaMPvc
Sebastian Böckle
All i see is the doctor who´s trying to live a normal life and loose his loved ones again.
nicole pelizzari
Esta musica me faz lembrar da minha vovo que ja esta no céu???????????????? te amo vovo
Any Doctor Who fans here
Why do his AirPods have strings attached to them??
Kate Gibson
That video ! ????
Missing the girlfriend i never had.
Jianchulung Phaomei
Just heard it today! Wtf YouTube??
luana trindade
????????????????novela acabou
Why is Dr. Who in this video? Is Peter Capaldi related to Lewis Capaldi?
Cristiane Regina
Adoro essa música ????????????
Rest in power Kobe and Gigi Bryant.
Ana Raquell
Marvin Morgan
Hanife Usta
I have this sound in my school band
Eric R
I'm not crying YOU'RE CRYING!
Justin Tomlinson
The song is toilet
Kim Shaw
What a beautiful song. His voice is unbelievable.
Jann Weeden
I have always had it noted on my DL as being an organ donor. This means more to me now then ever before as I am now in need of a new kidney and it could take anywhere from 4 to 9 years to receive a cadaver donor unless someone steps up to be a live donor for me. Keeping positive thoughts. <3
ur mum dead lol
Bruh this nigga made 2 music videos for some cringey ass song
Not epic
Heather Savoie
I sung this song on my channel check it out!!
Sasha Risher
This is the best music video I have ever seen! And to top it all off The great Peter Capaldi (12th Doctor Who)!
Seda Kaya
Peter Capaldi <3
Tina H
If yall haven't heard chris daughtry sing this on The Masked Singer....GO NOW. May be even better than the og ????????????
Tina H
Ok I did not understand this video until 2:40 and man when it hit me ????????????
Victor Suarez
I hope someone happens to read this. I went through a very hurtful breakup and singing this song got me through it. if anyone is reading this, I ask that you listen to my cover of this on my channel....I made it with a lot of love ????????❤️
Justice La Chicana Ricana
Ok I'm completely stupid can u all explain this video 2 me please ...I think I'm distracted and I'm not getting it and I want 2
Alex Narez
I hate watching sad videos
Jaden Halliday
This is a beautiful song and anyone who disrespects it does not know the true meaning of music
3:28 the moment u realise u missed ur train
Lorraine Svenson
This video touches us all, how strong love is.
Riley Bulloch
My favorite YouTuber in the best singer I love this song so much
Riley Bulloch
Awesome also crying it's only been 20 seconds in the video
Lola mo
No, you're crying
Just Cats
Rip dad????
Brigid Hunter
wait wtf why is peter capaldi in this song? who are you? im so confused

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