Christian Warner
Been waiting all day!! Love this song so much!! You’re going to go so far as an artist!
Reed Porter
Sounds great Ingrid!
Jessica de Vos
I love this song!!!!!????????
David DiMuzio
10/10 songwriting. You are a master. Beautiful ????????
Robert Collins
Great artist. Please release we’re not friends. Heard it at c2c and was amazing.
Enrique Von Quin
Girlie, you've got it going on!
Maria Victória
That’s literally my favorite song right now ♥️♥️ congratulations!!!! You are an amazing singer, and that’s a beautiful song....
Devou X
Lady Like + More Hearts Than Mine = Unstoppable.
Tina Lin
crying over the last phrase....????
thank you for this ♥️
Found this on New music Nashville playlist on Spotify and I love it!
Adam Robinson
I had the pleasure of seeing her live in Glasgow. She was absolutely amazing and a great surprise. Best of luck with your career.
Biak Biaki
Its so nice......dont worry we will help.u
The Break Plans
Came from an MPM shout out...this song is FUCKING DOPE!
Rob Domos
That last chorus.... Wowwwww
Rhyme Hunter
Ingrid, Undress!
George Harris
Aww, this is so heartfelt! This reminds me of one of my relationships ????
Anna Knight
I love this song. I'm currently going through a really hard break up. I have two girls 5 and 3. So the part that says you'll be breaking more hearts than mine just really hits me. Amazing song.
Lisa Cundill
Saw her live at c2c at Glasgow. Fantastic performance
Nikki :D
I can't wait to show you where I grew up
Walk you around the foothills of my town
Probably feel like you've been there before
After hearing all the stories I've been telling you
For six months now
We'll probably have to sleep in separate bedrooms
Pack a shirt for church because we'll go
I'm not trying to scare you off but
I just thought that we should talk a few things out
Before we hit the road
If I bring you home to mama
I guess I'd better warn ya
She falls in love a little faster than I do
And my dad will check your tyres
Pour you whiskey over ice and
Take you fishing but pretend that he don't like you
Oh, if we break up, I'll be fine
But you'll be breaking more hearts than mine
My sister's gonna ask a million questions
Say anything she can to turn you red
And when you meet my high school friends
They'll buy you drinks and fill you in
On all the crazy nights I can't outlive
So if I bring you home to mama
I guess I'd better warn ya
She falls in love a little faster than I do
And my dad will check your tyres
Pour you whiskey over ice and
Buy you dinner but pretend that he don't like you
Oh, if we break up, I'll be fine
But you'll be breaking more hearts than mine
If I bring you home to mama
I guess I'd better warn ya
She feels every heartache I go through
And if my dad sees me crying
He'll pour some whiskey over ice and
Tell a lie and say he never really liked you
Oh, if we break up, I'll be fine
But you'll be breaking more hearts than mine
You'll be breaking more hearts than mine
God of Olympus
I can believe this has only 8k views, probably my fav song of the month, probably a special part for me entirely
Just after my all time fav ingrid michaleson ❤️
C Thanga
I'm sharing this to every person I know...!!! ❤️❤️❤️
Thomas Liljeruhm
Best song I've heard in a while!
Saad Keen
This is the first country singer I love... you really changed my mind about country songs. Such a beautiful lyrics... really made me cry.
jarson denniq
Your music is awesome awesome aweeeesoomeee????????????????????????????
Alex Arcø
I just love it!
Miss Pale Paranoia
This is beautiful????????????
xxx tx
Absolutely love this. Saw you in Glasgow this year Ingrid and you blew us away. See you in Nashville in June.
lynn L
I cry to this song once a day, beautiful. Been going through a breakup so I can relate
Emma Grace
New favorite song ????????????????
Aubrey Nida
Omg I loved this!!
Jocelyn Monrroy
Just heard this song on the Bobby bones show and instantly fell in love with it!❤️❤️
Thanks Bobby bones
Janet Franco
Love this song, and her voice is beautiful!! Play it over n over as loud as radio goes!!
max gus
Everything she does is absolutely beautiful
Rushelle D.
I imagine my future daughter singing this????????????❤️
Chris G.
me encanta!
Danyale Sprague
Why isn’t this more popular
joseph samuel
short an sweet????????
Beautifullll! Kiss from Uruguay ???????? ????????????????????????
April C.
This is a fantastic song ❤️very unique beautiful voice
So beautiful, perfect girl that doesn't actually exist these days. A guy can dream though. So thank you for that
Do Christian girls not wear bras these days? Oh, ok.
Coy Mounce
Ingrid Andress,is one example of great female songwriter,and singer that is up and coming !! What a talent !!!
Max Hallman
My home town I'm watching this in Afghanistan with the 101st airborne
Crystal Moore
Love when artists use Springfield for the backdrop of videos. Thank you so much!
Patrick Drahman
Write more songs PLEASE they're so beautiful
Patrick Drahman
I wonder how these types of music videos came about. If the director just couldn't decide what type he wanted so they made two. But I like them they're cool
Addi Ellison
I absoulutely BAWL when i hear this
Leena Kaur
Songs like this make me turn off the radio and start looking into country music.
Stacey Carroll
Damn my girl would like this imma show her HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
Denis Llamas
Absolutely love this artist. Wonderful voice coupled with superb melody. Great songwriting! She is the entire package. Expect to see great things.
Erin Wallace
Beautiful song. This needs way more air time than it currently has. First song I've cried to in a long time
paul taylor
Stunning voice, and beautiful lyrics.
What a wonderful ballad. As a father of two adult daughters this song rings so true in my heart of the heart break of watching their break ups. They have both married wonderful men.
hi people
I love this song some makes me cry
Burns Fam
Love it
Kelsey Killian
Sounds like old country!
Love this song
Makes me cry
Jerica Hernandez
Omg my heart break was hard for me and angel we didn’t know we love each other and I love him and he lie to when I said if you Break my heart he pPromise and he lie to me....
Andrew Hicks
I am a fan of yours
Inca's Pathway
CMA and Grammy level here , I'm sure of it. Great song, well done.:8)
Juan Lopez
Very beautiful song love it
Juan Lopez
My skin gets goose bumps
Nevaeh Knight
I listen to this song every day it is my favorite song
Great Amazing
When I first heard this song I was crying in my bathroom after my crush broke my heart.
Carson Priepkeca
I heard this song today first on the radio with my mom. Lovex it so i had to find it
Angie Harp
I have a sister and brothers you just made me cry.????????????????????????
A song-writing of the BEST songs I've ever heard........
Yehhh..., it's a good song BUUUUT...,it's SOOO 'one-sided'. What about 'his' feelingz (&, his friendz & relativez) -- WHEN SHE breaks it off, wit him...??? HUUUHHH...??? Yep. There'z absolutely NOOO pressure on you gurlz'; go ahead &(continue to) mis-behave & be your uzual selvez: ir-responsible, UN-co-operative, & ir-rational. That's what you entitled-vagina children, do best!! You'll find some way to (LIE) & make the break-up be the man's fault -- no-matter what. Sooo, go ahead: cawz a scene in-public. Get jealous over anuther woman that/who we weren't even looking at. Hang all-over sum guyz at a party to make us jealous. Annnd, fer the crowning twist-of-the-knife...: get drunk & screw our best (male) friend, cawz, we (your man) jus weren't giving you enuff attention. Yep. Ther'z SOOOOO many one-sided songs out there -- az if females never do any-thing wrong, or, hurt their guys. GEEEEZZZUUUSSS!! What Fokkin lies you spew & double-standard bull-shite you enact!!
Cee Jay
I wish she would have had another video concept on a good song but perhaps, the budget was low. Im like dang, its her first video at least have a better video concept and spend some money on promoting this talent.
Echo Gaskill
Best song EVER????????
kadie stoltz
I can’t explain how much I love this song ????????????????????????
kadie stoltz
This is one of the most beautiful songs I have ever heard ????????????
RaeAnne Kehres
love it, since i just went through a break up
Great song but not a fan of this video. I'd say it ranks with the Lee Brice Rumor video. They just don't match the song. Who produced this?
Mary Druck
Awesome song
Mary Druck
This has been one of my favorites since I first heard it.
Isabel Canales
Pulls the string of my heart.
O'Hanna Duncan
Im so confused with this music video, this isn't a photo shoot lady.
Heidi Waldner
This song reminds me of my dad who did the absolute most for any guys who came around to date me. He would always make them sandwiches. Even when they weren’t hungry. Sobbed the first few times listening to it because we hardly ever speak and I miss him.
Bill Tatum
Superb song
slashrazor wassup!!!
I know this song by heart cuase my whole family will sing it in unison
doggo and grenade buddies
Who is still watching at y
The end of 2019
YourMomLoves Cheatos
she got a record deal! you go girl!
Kaleb Wilson
Iran fired mistles at our troops!!!!!!
Kami And Davis Show
Who’s here from the Bobby Bones Show
Janet Izaguirre
I don’t remember the last time a new song kept me in my car til it ended like this one did
Dana Lager
Love this song but they did a horrible job with the video... why not just have her sing in the same damn setting instead of just sitting there like a statue? Horrible video.
Love the song, you have a beautiful voice!!!!
Disc Aron Sloat
Love this song

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