Royal Music
What're your most used/recent emojis?
Mine are: ????????????????????
I am FallenStar65
All this talk about Post Malone putting that “Ozzy guy” on...
Shit, no disrespect to Post, but Ozzy put him on for me. Now I’m intentionally listening to Post Malone music.
Ela Sykes
Okay but Travis Scott’s verses slaps!
this song is like ???????????? especially with ozzy. Glad to see ozzy is still making amazing music :D
Nate Camm
I love Postys voice. Its so pretty
Chris Lewis
Whoever this post malone is, sounds like he has a speech impediment
Dylan Cusson
Pretty dope
Collab of the Century
My teacher was blasting this at full volume with a strobe light this morning
Gamers rise up
Blows my mind how travis Scott is even rich and famous. Only uses auto tune for his career. Waste garbage artist
The Salty Onion
I’ve never listen to any of Ozzy Osbourne’s songs before but I will soon definitely the best part of this song is when he’s singing
Hieu Dao
i started learning English 6 months ago.I tried to hear Travis's ver....but i cant,too hard @@
Aarna Tejwani
Let's be ozzy fans all of a sudden????
rmccurdyDOTcom rmccurdyDOTcom
yay more auto tune even for both singers!
Michelle Burke
This is so good. The could have left out the auto tune though. Ozzy and Post. Fiya! I see future collaborations. Their voices compliment each other very well.
Layla Price
Loveeeeeeeeeee I love this song it is my ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
Travis scott wasnt needed I think he actually brought the song down.
Kayden Knight-Velasquez
hey royal music can u sub to my channle its called kaydengacha boy
Do a version with just ozzy !
dark dragon
im not even trough school and i know who he is
Eric Whelch
LIKE. If you seen the movie "The Dirt". You will only understand this if you seen the movie.
post malone and juice wrld need to collab plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
????✌????❤❤ love the song reminds me of my family drama
It's crazy how ozzy spent over half of his life on drugs and he still sings so well AND is making a new album at the moment. Hope he goes on tour soon so i can see the Prince of Darkness with my own eyes
Tabitha May
Wow I love that song
Radoslav Petrov
The instrumental in the end is unreal good job
Martin Cross
Ozzy is good, Ozzy is great, thank you for saving me a plate.
HeavenlyAngel97 Unh0lY
Brilliant piece of music
Jordan Miller
Fuck yes , Ozzy.
Heard this on my Spotify shuffle. Man Ozzy's voice is unique. Kinda confused why he was singing(a new song). Thought must be a new artist. Boy oh boy was kinda happy to know it was him.
Biohacker 27
It's funny how people today think that when Ozzy is singing he sounds like he is on auto tune, yet when you look back to the 80's, he sounded like that when he was live!!
Ozzy is a legend ❤❤❤❤❤????????????????
Charles Doig
Fucking love it
Jessica Thomas
only here becuase of ozzy
99.99% of comments:OZZY
00.01%of comments:also OZZY because he's the G.O.A.T
bri rush
I can't wait for the music video.
Silhouette Smith
Respect for both amazing artists.
VJ Satumcacal
China oil
i ONLY came here for Ozzy only listen to his parts the rest stinks
Tyler Fox
I only came for 2:58
Arianna Hastings
So hot
nice i love itx
Cj Laws
I recently learned how to make videos like this its really fun and not as hard as I thought it would be I love these videos
Legitimacy X
I feel like Travis Scott and his verse aren't needed
Noting beter
Mátyás Tornyai
Ozzy’s voice better than Post Malone
Le Chieur
So that gonna be a waterfall of « Like if you known Ozzy before this song »
Kids must go on Fortnite and Shut up
neema m
no offense i don’t like the way ozzy sings. post sings it better
Cody Bethel
I love that this song is multiple genres blended in a sensible and great way. It’s very unique
Brooke Howe
Hey y’all
Brooke Howe
I love this song
Im_2ShY4em 2
How did ozzy do that he did so many drugs he could barely talk
Came here for post,stayed for Travis,repeated for Ozzy.
John Desear
Who said the guitar solo should be on a halo soundtrack ????????????
Jessica Newman
To this is so cool????
MiST Smiles
My name is actually ozzy????????
Aaron Lindsey
Dope as fuck
Eternal Sabbathian
This would sound better minus Post and Travis.
Mtv Pat
My new go to song ????????
AnonymousPotato825 _
It sucks that people that only listen to rap won’t know what kind of a legend Ozzy is
Kenneth Maclean
Have any of you seen the sponge bob music video to this song ????
I think it’s on Unlucky Unipig’s channel
???? ozzy’s parts were the only decent parts of this song. Post was not that good, Travis Scott was terrible as usual. The only great thing about this song is that it introduces a lot of people with poor taste in music to old metal legends like Ozzy Osbourne.
Warrior Gaming
Ozzy was the best in my opinion
Tom Bejoy
People out here shouting out Ozzy. Yes, our good old man's still a madlad. Travis ruined it, but someone thank Posty, he wasn't that bad and did the whole idea in the first place.
Sydney Holcomb
The BEST song
Amazed that THEE OZZY got on this track! To hear his voice as strong as always, Ozzy does not come out of whatever blacked out curtain room hes been in for just anyone. Great collab!
Denise Lay
Thank you for such a Beautiful song, You all are Amazing and I can totally relate to this Song.!?
Foxxie Redd
This the perfect song to tell the bastard that bled you dry and led you straight to depression “FUCK YOU!! IM STILL HERE WINNING, ILL SURVIVE ON MY OWN!”
Anyone else wonder how Ozzy can't speak or say a single full sentence, but sings and is understood perfectly?
Allan Tj
The guitar solo in the end plus the running vocals gave me chills. Love this
Who doesn't know you are the best
Casey Holly
Last verse was fkn awful ???? rest of the song is fire..????
Andrew Keckonen
Love ittttttttttttttttttt
Alli Cee
Great VIBES????
Alli Cee
Ozzy is still great????
Shane Stratton
Ozzy sounds so great on this track love it????????????
Shane Stratton
I get goosebumps when I hear ozzy parts
Kimberly Estes
He totally gets my 10 yr old granddaughter
The folks who are saying that Post Malone made the Prince of Darkness famous couldn't be more wrong. Ozzy's been famous since the effin' '70s. Just listen to some Black Sabbath songs, and you'll get what I mean.
Bobbie Mendoza
Ozzy just made Post a legend
Foot House
If this song was only post and ozzy's it would be fire but travis ruined it with his verse that ruins the flow
Gandhar Gurav
Who tf invited this autotune dumbass
Gonçalo Borlinha
Damn it's good to see Post make music with up and coming artists
Michael'ss Lalaloopsy Land Movie Show Corner
Ozzy is a legend. This song is a famous bass song. And, the key is in E Major!
Michael'ss Lalaloopsy Land Movie Show Corner
This song:
No loud heavy bass though.
Michael'ss Lalaloopsy Land Movie Show Corner
I can hear Close to Me in the background
Haley Retana
I like this song ????????
*take what you want and go.*
Nene x3
Ozzy sounds fantastic! As good as he always has, and what a great collab with post malone. This is one of my favorite songs! ???? ???????? ????
tim hull
Not exactly sure how to feel about this.
Michael'ss Lalaloopsy Land Movie Show Corner
The vibe of Soak up the sun
Kaydian Smith
So freaking lit ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!
Michael'ss Lalaloopsy Land Movie Show Corner
Ozzy and Post Malone mashup
Claudia Perez
Damnnn ????????????????
T - Pain: Autotune made my career.
Ozzy: IIIIIIIIIIIIII Dddddoonttt nnnneeeeeeeeyaeeeed auuutoe toon. HOLD MY BAT
Ill never do a fwb ever again.
Kaydian Smith
???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa so freaking lit aaa
the flying thingies around the lyrics are EXTREMELY annoying
The Wilson
10 years old and I fucking know who Ozzy is and have known as long as I remember. Probably because my parents are fucking music freaks ????. Edit: Also, don’t throw this in r/lewronggeneration because I never said I was born in the wrong generation.
Martha Bejarano
Ozzy voice is amazing my all time favorite. My two my favorites!
Friend of Dorothy Zbornak
Ozzy is in his 70s and he still sounds phenomenal!!!
LPS Shoto
I'm lookin in the comments and everyone says there are her for Ozzy, like where you at? No one where I live likes Ozzy its all country here. lol
Ozzy really does not belong in this song. How he went from founding father of Metal to Hip Hop sellout, I'll never understand.
Jdjdj Jdjdj
Bro I'm just a kid and that was dddope ????????????????????????????????
TheWeekndxo fan
By FAR one of the best songs I've heard in a while!! I just found this guy who did a pretty good cover:
Michael'ss Lalaloopsy Land Movie Show Corner
Ozzy Osbourne/PostMalone
Take What you Want: Great
Get What you Want: Has heavy loud bass that it's too funny to admit
Kailyn Favel
When they start singing at the same time near the end its so dope
low key fire
Lisa Creamer
I listen to this song over and over. I can't get enough. Badass with Ozzie...
Ramona Martinez
I will see post malone today!!!!
Janel Munoz
Best song ever!!!
The 3D Creeper
1:16 sounds more like from having sex my bones will break!????????
silent silver
Omg to everyone who is complaining about auto tune and lip syncing.... Every artust uses a little bit of auto tune to sound better and not everyone who uses auto tune lip syncs some people sing over the track which means they play the song in the background and sing the same lyrics over it so the song sounds stronger when live
Xenidas Patryk
Song woulda been perfect without Travis :(
Boomers are about to shit them selves
Lizzie Barger
I don’t normally listen to rap music but as soon as I heard that Ozzy Osborne was in this, I was shook
Nightcore Richie
I KNOW that most people are here for Post Malone. I'm one of the very few people who actually like Ozzy and listen to him. And before you even go crazy, no I do not hate Post Malone. He is really good. I'm only 12 and know who Ozzy is. Because my dad is 49 LMAO. HE FRICKEN LOVES OZZY SO THAT'S WHY I LIKE OZZY ????????
emmanuel Bucio
This song is about Post Malone dealing with the Devil aka Ozzy Osbourne is trying to claim him and he's trying to fight him off, and Travis Scott is playing the good angel Jesus
dabacorn squad
People saying post malone put ozzy on the map is ridiculous OZZY MADE THE MAP
Kyle Casuto
This some buttery shit right here. I tried to hate both post and travis, yet these mofos making it impossible! This shit is ⛽!
Itsme Alex
Travis Scott part doesn’t fit
Az 14
All recents: ????????????????????????????????????????????☝️????❤️⚠️????????????????????????????????????☢️????♥️????????????????????
Someone must have really broke this mans heart.....I feel the emotion in every word
Saquib Hussain
Am I only one who wants to hear Ozzy Osbourne here?
Chris Curtis
Could you do Ozzy Osbourne's crazy train? Please?
Sebastian Neri
i like it
This is the only real comment
I never heard ozzy but now I like him
Ankit Sharma
Ozzy made post famous
Change my mind
Cher Estanislau
So good
Danni Andersen
who is ozzy????
Everyone: Ozzy
burzum 6969
Ozzy still ❄
alex walkerow
Oh Ozzy, no.
cinder the cat
Ozzy and posty...who knew
Can't believe Ozzy is 70 and THIS good.
Danielle Whitehead
this is my fave song
Amber Sills
Ozzy & post.. two living legends in one song.
Sara Rahtz
Seriously not trying to hate i love travis but i felt his verse did not fit in this song. Like. At all. Lol. Love ozzy and so awesome to see him working with post, hoping post will take more of a turn to rock as i feel thats where he best belongs ❤
agnivo paul
The song is hauntingly beautiful..
Rafit _
Logan Carpenter
Me first heard take what you wnat:ehh not bad or good
Today:take what you want from me take what you need from me take what you want and go
Mega Donkey
Lol I'm late
priscilla rulong
Yes ozzy is the best rap singer
Failed Hook
I still don’t know on which of my playlist to but this on
MSR(Rap/Trap) or Rock
Angelika May
am i the only who doesn't know who ozzy is
Lore D
“I almost believed you” 2019 people
Artist Assassin
100 likes and I do this lyric prank to my friend
anyone else here because they like the song and not for a certain artist??
XxfortnitegamerxX 10
Who else loves the guitar solo?
Light Imagay
undoubtedly the best track from the album, Ozzy is the ????
Geanina Drilea
It's crazy ????????????
Erin Wilkerson
This song is dope????????
Pedro Antônio
Lucas inutilismo
Chef peepee Riply
Best song
Chef peepee Riply
My opinion
Hyacinth Bucket
Rose are red
Violet are blue
When I listen to post malone
My neighbors do to
Laura Rosário
Tate Enyeart
Jared Dines and Anthony Vincent’s cover of this is so much better than the original
Random Stuff
After reading comments Post and Travis be like - Are we a joke to you?
chris pedersen
This is simply epic.
Steve Morris
Take it
Vada Thomas
I like your song
jı ī hı zx
Best ever background and lyrics which I have ever seen????????????????
Always following you..
Alissa Anderson
Who is here after the AMA performance?! ????‍♀️
All I have to say is I LOVE this song
Kelly Vilsaint
Just saw their performance on AMA
Corn eats Owls
I'm only here for my boy Ozzy!
Shay Rublee
They preformed this song at the American Music Award's. It was awesome
dj ace
crowd reaction to post malone: cheers
crowd reaction to ozzy:
stole the show and screamed their brains out
Daphne Rowan
Epic performance on the AMAs last night! ????. I grew up with Ozzy, my kids are growing up with Posty! Awesome collaboration!
Aiyana Holliday
i don't know why but whenever i play it once i want to play it over and over again
Jon C
fav song
umar Ahmed
Post Malone is the best
No One
The fact that people that people are finding out Ozzy worries me...Like wth he is legend
overkill 386
Hyper Gamer
Just love you guys
Who ever thought ozzy would make a song with rappers????
Ross jr Family
Why don't they play this on the Rock station... The Rock station has all OLD rock.. I haven't heard this on there ... Maybe it's not rock.. it's kinda a MIX lol
Damn Ozzy, it’s so nice to hear you!! ???????????? I missed his voice so much!!! Such an amazing song. I’m addicted to listening to it and I can’t get enough of it. ????????
Savannah Abel
Love this song
Joohga Loohga
That solo is giving me mad Halo vibes
The Turtleclan
I love this song
foofah104 5
I wish it was just ozzy and post on this song
Makayla Leaver
Post Malone was HONORED to do a duet with Ozzy. He’s a legend.
Nicole Dorsett
Love this song
The Original Belfry Bat
I came for ozzy
Chad Wilson
Dumb as f**k
Amanda Whitaker
This songs been on repeat. I hate I love this ????
Brittany Musselman
I heard this on the Amas and actually thought it was an Ozzy song ngl
Yeaboiiichris .-.
Anyone who says Ozzy in not good is retarded... Sorry that's just how I feel
makaylah herbert
i got that someone died vibe from the crumbling in my arms.
I got a heart of stone that no lover has been able to break.
Who else has a heart of stone that's so far unbreakable?
Like if you do. Reply if you did but the stone walls are gone.
Alyssa Boyd
song of the year ❤️
Am I the only one watching the white things in the background?
Just me? Ok
Meja Alana
awesome song, great Video
Travis's part is trash.
Logan Miller
???????????????????? those are my recents. Lol am I the only doing this? Thx for making a lyric lol.
I love how the video is exactly 4 minutes long
Mr Hazmatt
"I gotta hand it to you Oz. All this time and you're still keeping up with us kids"
"Keeping up? I fucking lapped ya mate"
Matt John
I feel like with the talent out there today, Post Malone has the only pass to collaborate with Ozzy Osbourne. All hail the Prince of Darkness
My loof Oof
My favorite song.???? I love there voices together . Travis,post,and Ozzy ????????
Miranda Koehnke
Honestly if you guys wanna hear some fire Ozzy listen to Tomorrow or See You on The Other Side
Andrew Tolle
Fun fact: Ozzy was banned from Iowa USA for a long because he bit a head off a bat
BatDa Spartan
Ozzy sounds mad legit in this
Kimberley Tarver
Ozzy is amazing he is better than anyone in this song ????
Evangeline Encarnacion
Bro Post’s voice in general yes, but also at the end in the background is so killer..
Penny bner
Give a like of this is the best second song ever
Pengowlicorn Dreams
Love this. This is why rock and alternative need more air time.
A legened singing with kids
Coyote Fusion
Mine are????????????????
David Rains
I LOVE THIs sONG!!!!!!!!
Jeff Robert
Take what you want from me from a:
*Now all you have to do is find out who's who.....*
Crystal Bryant
I love you
m a n d y & c a m i
I’m here ozzy :)
Patrick Simpson
Listen to Ozzy’s song “Mr Crowley” made in the eighties promise you won’t regret
Tanya Иче
Frankie Rodriguez
When I showed my friends this song they all said Ozzys voice was auto tuned. When I asked if they ever listened to his songs they all said no and I was all like “THAN HOW TF DO U THINK ITS AUTO TUNED” and they looked at me like I was stupid
Shmir Buchanan
Damn, this song is flames.
Becca Lynn
take what you want is the best song her son
Alexis Ayala
First time hearing this song. I immediately was hooked. I don’t normally listen to post or travis but i know ozzy because Hes an icon
I LOOOVE DIS SONG minus ozzy
Angelo Magana
i love it 3000
Sonia Damiano
Ozzy is the best this is my favorite song
Sonia Damiano
Sonia Damiano
Btw im on my moms phone and im 9 i really like rock music
Mine are:????????????????◽️⬛️????⬜️◾️????
Ozzy and the 2nd artist are good. 3rd one is annoying.
wolf gang
Whoever likes this song where friends but whoever does not we are enemies
Ash Alexander
Best song ever ????????????????❤????
Pikachuwu :3
Everyone: Talking about ozzy and post
Me: *WhAtS a HoMo???*
jack shift
Why do people think that post Malone made Ozzy Osborne famous?
beacon student
i love this song !
Heard this song on the radio, and absolutely fell in love with the first 40 seconds!!
Samuele Moretti
Is this “The Masterplan” by Oasis?
Scott Edwards
I love this song I like listen to it all the time????
Matthew Morgan
Major props to the producer, made this song come together very well
Peter Khano
2:17 bro, this part of Travis verse is so epic.
PeakTurtle74 Gaming
Can we all just take a moment to appreciate that sweet guitar shred?
Brittany Badil
I love this song
Fred Gramenz
Love you Love you you can hear us
Emily Giang
Wish ozzy had more his is voice
Jean Jean
¡ Que HORRIBLE !!!, mejor cantas sólo POST MALONE.
Rebecca Frisbie
Friend: interupts take what you want in go
Mathew Brightman
Ozzy's voice is powerful boy #Blessed
Edwin Analco
I love this song????????????????????
Noel Loner
why do post malone and ozzy osbourne sound so good together
nameless name
This song goes from great to bad
A retiring rockstar, a rapper, and a distraught pothead enter a bar...
TheSilenced_ Nightngale
I just realized that this song has the same melody as Under The Graveyard????
big crusher colin
Every body in this comment section just cross by and say hi to royal music
Vaping Chaos
First time hearing this and it made me cry this hits home
The Christian Girls
best song in the world
Spraza !
This shiz bops
Louie Hannigan
Ozzy can hardly talk but he sings like a fucking God
Cozmic Dm
2:58 is the best part
Harley Quinn
This is a great fucking song just sad that people think post made ozzy famous. I knew ozzy before post even became famous ???? born and raised metal head
Rishav Malan
Take what u need from me...
Kill me if u need my soul
I never needed anything from u ..
All those time i bled for u..
All i ever needed is love from u..
Ariana Downey
Casey Baker
And then finally, it came today. I start giving my heart away
axel uchiha
I really only like this song because Ozzy is in it. I really think it would be awesome if he did his own full version
itzOlivia and Ava -
love that song i hear that at home
itzOlivia and Ava -
its about god!?
Godly Chaos
When I found out who Ozzy Osbourne was, I flipped out saying "I know that artist!" The fact that he's part of a heavy metal band, and made a collaboration with two hip-hop artists... Kinda confused me. Any one still gonna be here for 2020?
Nugget DaGod
I'll admit I didnt know who tf ozzy was but ppl say hes a super good artist, comments?
Shaine Blanchard
I love it 3:30
LxSxcredxL 69
Hi mtf
MigsChelBlakeRyan Edmilao
That guitar at my he end tho
Nathan Desroches
I was an ozzy fan before post Malone "made him who he is". ????
This song is so hauntingly beautiful
Travis: "I brought up 10 hoes..."
Bro ik some of yall just here for one genre but both rock and pop or hip hop is my shit so I love this song
Bro my sister thought ozzie was a new singer like come on do you live under a rock!?!?!?!?
Viviana Young
I personally like both Ozzy and Malone in this but Travis can take a hike
Ezekiel Mutopa
My girl NEVER took my heart away like this song......btw im in love with this song
Ecrah leago
Can somebody please shed some light. Where is the part where Ozzy says. Nobody likes me. Nobody wants me. Nobody cares at all.
Is there a diff version of this song.
I can’t find Ozzys second course anywhere but the radio.
Somebody help please
The MMAJ Channel
NICE song o
Katie Lambert
Thomas Osborne
Gueesin sum folks needs 2 holler at me
Kayla Lubold
I love how I'm sitting here going through these comments and see that there is barely any comments about travis scott????
Blake McAfee
"But you never owned my soul." The way post sings that is so ozzy.
Daniel Enzman
I can’t believe that ozzy and post molan
Jaime Fiore
They all sound great together end of story. Ur not here for ozzy, post, or travis. Your listening becuase it sounds fucking good! Period!
♆ MikaeluS ♆
im METALHEAD but love this shit !!! METAL WILL NEVER DIE !!! \m/
Gavin Golden
No says how good Travis Scott is in this song
Sybil Benefield
Bad ass, love that guitar screeching , hell yeah
Kenny Fields
I like the song forever and I'll play it for ever so long
tae.sugawitakookie Bts
For me 2019 was the worst year ever time and I listen to this song this reminds me of 2019 and the things I lost in 2019
Ebenezer Stooge
This is seriously better than Ozzy's song "So Tired".
Michael Crane
It’s crazy how post got Travis and Ozzy on the same song shits crazy
tabitha hayward fenn
Ozzy is the greatest of all time
Sylvia & Maurice Bethea
Post Malone, Ozzy Osborne, and Travis Scott= da bomb
Frank Schaefer
That chorus is flames Ozzy and Post really can carry a chorus and those verses slap especially Travis.
Steve Jones
94% of the comments: Ozzy Fan/Freaking out just because Ozzy is in this
5% of the comments:Questioning why people came just because of Ozzy
1% of the comments:Being normal
I love it they did a good job.
Ashley Lipp
You bled me dry, just like the tears you never show....words of some hard truth!!
fuck Sharon
Chloe Sanfilippo
I’m 13 and know who ozzy is most kids have no idea my parents raised me right I think
Erin Kirchner
I like this video oddly
Brandon Pfieffer
I’m a big fan
Kala Victoria Drummond Findlay
I'm here for the Prince Of Darkness Ozzy Osbourne ❤❤
Brandon Yee
Check out me and my friend's remix of this song :)
Davi Nazario
Eis q o inutilismo melhora a música KKKKKKK
no potato
ozzy osbourne is just phenomenal
Dakota Neru
first 2020 comment? First 2020 comment LESHGOOO
Carlos Castro
O Lucas cantou melhor.
Shufen Striedter
The song was ok. I really only liked Ozzy’s part. It’s pretty amazing that he can still sing so well????!!!!!!!!!
McKena Morsdorf
This song is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Souri Hossain
Favorite Song
Brianna Garcia
Kale Marsdin
I listen this song because my girlfriend broke up and she took everything for me
Blake Brickner
I love your songs
Jesse Stinson
I heard this on the radio and was like a new ozzy song thats neat then I heard post malone and was like oh I guess it was auto tune then looked it up and was like hot damn
Jacob Davis
U can hear ozzy at the beginning of the song
Erica Cornett
I am here because I love Post Malone I listened to all of his songs and I love Ozzy Osbourne also! Like this if you love them too! <3
Natkat Sanchez
Travis Scott has the most auto tune I’ve heard in a while ????
David Stambaugh
Good posty malonny
Stacy Lyn
I'm still amazed to this day how Ozzy's voice sounds so different than when he talks, not to mention his accent. Its undetectable in his music. A LEGEND FOR SURE!!!
lou x02
Here for Ozzy ????????????
Hallowedgamer Boi
Take what you want from me take what you need from me take what you want and go
toy time with Ellye! 725
the song is the best i listen to it every day
Are Pit
I'm here when see the cover conor Maynard
Madi Sweet
Tbh this is the first time I've heard Ozzy sing and I'll admit hes pretty good
Fahd Petiilan
Damn the Vocals of Prince Of Darkness and also the solo of the guitar damn!!
Lauren Stanley
Does anyone feel like this sounds like most guys in society??
My favorite part is the solo guitar jeez its so gOOD
tabitha hayward fenn
Damn Ozzy!
Ashton Thein
I feel you crumble in my arms down to your heart of stone
You bled me dry just like the tears you never show
Why don't you take what you want from me?
Take what you need from me
Take what you want and go
Why don't you take what you want from me?
Take what you need from me
Take what you want and go
I never needed anything from you
And all I ever asked was for the truth (all I ever asked was for)
You showed your tongue and it was forked in two
Your venom was lethal, I almost believed you (almost believed you)
Yeah, you preyed on my every mistake
Waited on me to break, held me under hopin' I would drown
Like a plague, I was wasting away
Tryna find my way out, find my way out (find my way out)
And it finally came the day
I start giving my heart away
For Heaven sakes, my bones will break
But you never own my soul, no
I feel you crumble in my arms down to your heart of stone
You bled me dry just like the tears you never show
Why don't you take what you want from me?
Take what you need from me
Take what you want and go
Why don't you take what you want from me?
Take what you need from me
Take what you want and go
I took them stones you threw, made chains for the crew (ice)
I brought up ten hoes, this coupe only made for two (yeah)
They all ran through it, it ain't nothing left to do
I need some more reasons to live out this evening (straight up)
I've been sippin' forever and just taking whatever
Hoping, thinking whenever you'll be back around
Let's go our ways, whichever
You say how is however long
'Cause you know I never be alone
Love (yeah)
Shorty gon' back (shorty gon' back)
Need it on sight (need it on sight)
Crack it all back (crack it all back)
Give her that pipe (give her that pipe)
All of my cash (all of my cash)
Shawty went bad (shawty went bad)
I feel you crumble in my arms down to your heart of stone
You bled me dry just like the tears you never show
Why don't you take what you want from me?
Take what you need from me
Take what you want and go
Why don't you take what you want from me?
Take what you need from me
Take what you want and go
Take it all away
Why don't you (take what you want, take what you need)
Take what you need from me, yeah
(Take what you want)
Why don't you (take what you need)
(What you need, yeah)
Valeria Martinez
I’m fucking obsessed with this!
Hayden Lewis
Ozzy killed it
omg Post Malone is shinning new light to unknown artist's
All these comments by elitist Ozzy and Post fans bickering at one another is amusingly depressing.
I need more rap with guitar solos like this any recommendation?
It’s ya boi Max
This gives me rock and roll vibes mixed with rap
Jayden Cook
The best song in my a pinina????????????????????
Amanda Muise
I so love this song reminds me of fake friends how hurt
Good enough, right?
Hey, this video is back
Lydia Genevieve
I seriously can’t get over how good this song is.
uhhh that solo thoo fire!!!????????????????

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