John Lomas
It's OK but I think more than any other George song this one needs to be left alone the way he finished it
Fabio M
George Michael had a unique Soul voice. I'm not convinced that he needed autotune sound affect. Fantastic song though.
Daniela De Socio
Please don't touch GEORGE's doesn't need.....let's try to leave his songs as he wanted......
Adrian Clements
In many aspects it's better than the original. Starts off badly.. too abrupt. And the ticking at the end doesn't belong either.
Changing that word in the lyric actually makes more sense in the song.
And to people who think every song of his should be acapella only, I'd support keeping him relevant and popular which is why David Austin
released this song in the first place.
Alejandra Casin
Me encantó.. 💖
The Watcher
Personally I think it's awful...trite lyrics and the same funk background as about 70% of his later output....there's a reason a lot of stuff is never released!
Flaca Vazquez-ruiz
Rip Michael just a beautiful voice I love this song ❤
Laura Diener
Great song good to dance to
Stephanie Dubus
Tara K
Very good extended version, love it, LOVE George : )
Great remix I wish he was here to mix his own version 💔
Life On The Virg
Sorry... not a fan of this remix. Needs to be more upbeat and in keeping with his other remixed hits.
Mega Megan
Been waiting on the remix’s
And it doesn’t disappoint...
love it and am sure George would too 💕
Inês Reis
Please don't touch george's voice
Dolly Dupee
Zayn. M.
Hi Andrea.... Any chance you could do an instrumental of the Extended version. Would be really greatful.
philip morgan
Once again another great no brill vybe by him and it could of been abit more bassy and echo more think it will do even better.....but over all brill vybe and will be a number 1 sure someone will do a remix for the clubs>great stuff all round from you andrea!
Peter Siddiqui
Love this Andrea !!
Paul Lukasik
That ticking at the end is horrible, ruins it.
Laurence Shine
It's Great to have 2 versions of this song to listen to.
Lets hope some more are released Soon
Jonathon Loveridge
Love it
George Evangelia
Ωραιο τραγούδι 🌸🌼💕
Maria Cipolla
La sua bellissima voce era un incanto era una splendida persona peccato che non lo rivedremo più love You George riposa in pace
tzag news
This is what we were expecting from you. An angel came from heaven to bless our ears and hearts
Moniça Lopez contreras
Que bien ojala haya mas remixes de las canciones de george michael gran musico y cantante
paolo fioravanti
fantastico indimenticabile voce
travis eure
The last thing he did love it
rosana cunha
Gosto é muito prefiro a versão sem remix...
Can we download this ??
Fotis Ganiatsos
George for ever !!!!
chalk farm car squad so16
What a loss to this world. Stunning voice and person.GOD BLESS george
Julia Stigler
I want to 😭. Oh how I miss this beautiful soul inside and out. Now you supposedly singers of today...freaking take a lesson on what a REAL ARTIST SOUNDS LIKE. He was working on this to go on a album from his Faith album type songs. Omg you are awesome GM and know how to string lyrics that tell a real story which is usually associated with something within his life at the time. RIP GM. WILL BE NO ONE TO MATCH YOU AND FEMALE “voice” WHITNEY HOUSTON.
Julia Stigler
I don’t know about you people but I LOVE IT WHEN HE SWEARS IN HIS SONGS. ONLY HE CAN PULL IT OFF AS CLASSY AS HIMSELF. Listen to his remake of the band NEW ORDER from the 80s “True Faith “. Boy was that a great remix....because GM was an actual artist.
ntc lsj
This his just shit told it was a great song jesus to a child sound fart better or that so h gay love can't wait for the mens Booker me gay his jobee I was in pud last night not one poof
esmira nadjafova
God Bless You,Mister Michael!!!
Tania Blandon
Me encanta esa canción de george michael es muy bella 💘✌😍😍
Gyada Sallywan
Se adesso ti spiegano quanto dura un disc signorina ...
Jezz Mcfly
Brilliant - Love this !
Great to hear that distinctive voice again. Thanks
emma ponte
A great voice ...a great loss ☹️ ♥️
Hendi H
Dunno why... whatever songs that come out from his voice is just so fantastic.... Damn..! Wonderful people always gone too soon...! 😢😢😢
This is fire. Did George produce it?
Vanessa Mathew
have to say.....absolutely LOVE this version and actually those that say they dont like the "electronic voice tones" on the original version released by the family ...actually I love all and every version mostly that George has released. George was always creating different versions of most of his songs, even the live concerts etc...he was so on a different plane ,in tune with life/heart chakra. Simply put ..any of his music that we have to share for those of us who love and appreciate this "master of music "... who was and always will be ... truly wonderful...The world is bereft..for now .. still mourning the loss of the angelic vocals sent from the heavens....aka...George Michael. Bless..x
Ci manca la tua eleganza musicale che nessuno potrà mai sostituire
Love it
Dayna Williams
BAD BAD BAD my hat and dress were destroyed by your love. My heart is better than that.
darq Chason
I can't unhear this and it is awful :(
Ruth Stott
Love this song George Michael forever for me and wham
Marios Apostolou
If she was a hippy then I guess she was tripping on an High love you ! Genius
Robert Williams
What a great track. He is so sadly missed!
Sue Eves
Just like to thank George's family for letting this song to be heard by all George's fans if there is more could you think about releasing more of George's work a big big thank you if you would do that
andrea gino
George numero uno ,sempre!!!
Sue Eves
Just read that George's sister has died 3years to the day of George's passing how sad is that it's melanie that has passed away how heartbreaking for their dad and sister yodia according to the news report it was yodia who found her on Christmas day so sad
Randy Barber
Great rexim miss this man 👨 He was so great his voice the best
Lionel et Régine Lair
J'adore la chanson tu nous manque george tes un ange repose en paix fan regine ♥️💖💔😢😢😢😢😎😎😎tes une légende
Manuel Mucari
We need more of GM songs!
Robert Acquarulo
No one can ever write lyrics like George. Simply incredible. No hit machine behind him. He wrote, composed and arranged everything. My all time favorite musician.
Ντίνα Ντίνα
Michelle McKinnon
Can anyone not see the colour of his skin in that above pic. He is blue and if he passed on needs to change as it is REALLY REALLY Unsettling

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