Rowan Nelson
Kim Kynett
I love your song it is my favorite song make another song like this I love your song it is the bestbsong
jillian Joslin
I love loved his song I listb to a 10000 time
Abi Berdichevsky
Heard this song on a video game, and I love it ❤❤
Emily Dinan
This song is so awesome! And you should play survivor again!
Edward Sabo
My favorite song
Kevin Tromblee
Hey what's e2
Journeetothesmokey Moon
What a ugly icky song. Love IS PAIN and pain is LOVE. I literally just went physically sick hearing this on the radio.
13Liam _
yo he was on survivor
Cindy Barker
Like subscirbed
Reggie Reggie
One of my favorite country song
Gary Pearson
Can I get a YUUURRRR! For any MFAM dropping in on this song ????????
Daniel Wellman
i love this
LETSGOPENS 9192091617
Drivenupthecoast afewtimes
Why is this concidered country? Nothing about it is xountry music or country lyrics, its pop.
Jenny Girl
Can't believe he's my daughter's age....
I read the girl in this video was his girlfriend at the time (not a model, still friends but not a couple anymore), Chase actually used his own GoPro to video during this actual trip with friends and he was injured when he pulled up on his snowboard. ????
Annaleigh Hearndon
I love this song and I love chase rice because he has a good voice
SCP 001
I'm 10 and my cousin loved this song everytime I was with him he would play it rip Blake
Nathan Robbin
"God I saw all I need to" For a corney, bubble gum song, that part really captures the indescribable magic of love. Hats off to ya cowboy
Katherine Harrington
:( it gets me an my ex in my head :(
Bodie Potter
There is something about this song that makes me want to listen to it over and over
Saw him live Gympie muster so cool #mosh pit
Nathan Rogers
For you Amanda....
Bro-country for jocks from gated communities in Orange County who think they're "country" because daddy bought them a new pickup.
I wonder how the girlfriend feels since he always has his eyes on her no matter where they are.
baby face
I came here cause my sons 4 and likes this song so to u mr. chase ty he loves u
baby face
You captured a 4yrs old heart that's why you'll secede
Venom Stone
Ur voice is so calming and ????????????????
Jeff Davis
Good girl is better
Brandt Wells
I love you chase
Annaleigh Hearndon
I love chase rice he has a good voice
Elijah Contreras
awesome music
Harley Peryer
Love you
Haley's corner
I LOVE THIS SONG SO MUCH????????????????????
Jeroen Ashton
This is one of the most beautiful songs, ever!
Stephen Dungee
Hate this dude but this song will buy houses that shit is catchy
My dad right there
Simon j lag
I Hate u cuz u throw the devil horns i always wonder why is everyone throw this sign. 🤔
Shout out if you're here from Nick Bare's proposal video
Laura Lynne
I Love You Too Chase Sweetheart And I Have My Eyes On You
Luis Godoy
I recently heard this song n it remind me of my crush
James Shiri-wasto
Dang Carson Wentz can sing as well?!
Chris M. Schoff
He REALLY tried to squeeze that "driven up and down the coast a few times" in there.
Person: "that line isn't going to fit"
Chase rice: "hold my beer"
*instead he crash lands it over an otherwise great song*
RedWolf 813
I love country music. But it definitely conditions men to be SIMPS. Just listen to the lyrics and it is clear as day. This song is a prime example.
Dina Nikitich
Seen the big Montana sky ????
La Zorra Diabolika
Yasss Daddy!
Ian Fallier
I’ve listened to this song probably 50 times, but it doesn’t get old! :)
Leslie Davis
Love this song ❤💙💙💙💙💙💙💙
Brandt Wells
I’m 8 and i ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️chase rice.......
Cindy Waters
I love your Instagram
Brodie Walsh
This is gunna be our wedding song I was litterly driving down a country road at night with her and I held her hand and this song came on the radio I'm glad I went away for 5 years I'd do the whole sentence again if it ment I'd meet her soon I love you melissa szpular
Chris Mathis
Country music is so cheesy. Cringeworthy
Tommy Duffy
This BS tune needs to stop being played in country stations. This Boy Band sh*t needs moved to Backstreet Boys radio. I'm surprised there isnt 4 Bros dresses in white dancing in unison all while making the heart hand sign 100 times. I can't HATE this song enough!!!!!
Friends All together
I love the Country girl and I live in Louisiana
Jeanna Huette
V. B Alexa please play it I was on your son play his song
Steven Burns
I love this song
Barb Adrien
avery love you
ztype 6
This for the girl I like
Music Forever
Does anyone listen to you in 2019? 🙋‍♂️😁🙋‍♂️
I wish I could sing along to verses but they seem like melodic stories, sort of like Jonny cash and some other artists have done but heck of a song, video looked like fun to shoot too!
Sergey Dmitruk
wow. a PERFECT digital detox! l'd love to! and moreover, a BIG LIKE - for alpine skiing in helmets!
Nate Conner
The #kickdrop
Magdalena Passaro
Bellaaaaaaa canción ..... música y letra gusta mucho .... éxitos
Pamela Horad
No better view. Than my new guy Gregg my husband to be soon..
NatashaTony Brown
Best country song I've heard in a while.❤It!
Selena Seeley
I love this song.
Destiny Spor
I love love this song
Loud Josh auttp
Best song I’ve ever herd
J City’s ThunderTV
Say this to the girl you love so much
*No matter where we go, I’ll always have my eyes on you because of how beautiful you are* 😇❤️
Lise Sweetie
this is what every Girl wishes she had <3 wow.....
when People ask "what kind of guy are you looking for?" every girl should answer "the kind of guy that Writes songs like this"
Joseph LoGalbo
I ❤️Rice but hate liberals!
Stephanie Pyburn
Joshua F
How about you give someone credit they deserve. I'm in hell. Beach. you dont know everything about me. Stop lying. Omission is a lie.
Joshua F
It's me. Spell it right.
I'm white and I can do the same shit this guy does
Nature Girl
Chase, nice video and song. It makes me think about living in the moment and having a fun time with friends. You should start an adventure tour company!
RedWolf 813
If any ugly or unnatractive man said this to a random woman, it would be considered creepy.
Arenda Dalton
You make the best songs
maggie lehto
i looooovovvvvvvveeee this song and the music video is so cute!!!!!!!
Michael Muturi
chasing her girlfriend named rice
Michael Cotter
I will sing the to someone I love🐶🐶😘
Lil Jmarian
lmao thought she had a Walmart shirt on i was like merchhhh
Chase probably doesn't even know what is a steel guitar, fiddle or a two step. Certainly not a country artist more like a lame pop rock wanna be.
Teresa Jordan
Love this song
Connie dunn
I love thia
I go to the highschool, he went to
Camren Cook
It a live vacation
Christian Lachance
My guy barely made eye contact with his girl the whole video 😂
repeat stuff by bo burbham
Chloe Stajin
I love this song so much 😊
Stephanie Weatherford
Reminds me of my bf jack Lord he only has eyes on me he is the best love you bunches
Monica HIlton
I love this song
Ashley Emma, Author Mom
We just finished watching Survivor 21 and I can't believe this is him!!!!!
Sammy Manning
What a horrible song. Sounds like a boyband song.
Played this song for my new girlfriend.
Best sex ever.
Darth James
Really nice chorus, but goddamn the rest is just like punk, so erradic
Jr Harrington
What is your fake you know I told him or
audrey anna
I'm obsessed with this song. Stay on repeat
Michelle Lott
I love this song so much it made me feel like I could not take my eyes off of my girlfriend. ❤❤❤
Asia Bluitt
I really like your song it makes me really happy and to the about God thankyou very very much for reminding me
Sounding like Sam Hunt trying to
Isabelle Dodd
Chase, you are so sweet and funny, I just love your music. I love this song, especially. Who’s your favorite country artist, besides you?
OverlordDynasty AoW
chase cheese..not chase rice..
Sylvia Stallion
No matter where you go Kenny Chesney. God. Brent and my dad Andy are watching You!!! Love this song. The future Mrs. Kenny Chesney!!!!!!
Caroline Thompson
And if you watch the video, he’s never looking at her while saying he’s got his eyes on her. 🙄
Avery’s Life
i love it
Alodi Farah Edurne
Me gusta más en acústico🎸❤👌🏻
Curt Priestley
This is probably the worst song on the radio. Sam hunt and Chase rice Are such bitches. I can't believe Music like this actually makes money
Samuel Crandall
Imma confess to my crush with this
mast3r89 89
I love this song
Meghan Cole
this has the same tune as fast car by Tracey Chapman
Bella Marie
He is the best
Rylee and Maggie
Yesterday I went to your concert, and you preformed this!!!
This song is so cute!! 😍
Ugh I wish I had a boyfriend😩
Single forever ☹️
Bruce Warren
GoodJob on eyes on you
Bruce Warren
I'm a kid I'm 6 years old I like the song Eyes On You and you did a good job singing it and you should go check out a YouTube channel called fgteev
Elysha Klyn-Hesselink
I kind of feel like it would be annoying if I and my boyfriend went places and he didn't remember a single one of them
Tammy Hawkins
This song makes me sad but happy because it reminds me of my favorite animals that died:(
Jessie Blan
Who the heck is putting 👎👎👎on this , this song is fire
Chris P
I love this song
Jr Harrington
Aaron's mom is beautiful Anthony
Moti Tanny
I did not know people chase Rice ಠಗಠ
Melissa Mines
Who's listening✌✌
RedWolf 813
If you're an unattractive dude and you say this to a girl, you would likely be considered a stalker. 🐸☕
Chris P
I love this song
Denise Gallucci
fuck country music
Camryn Blankenchip
you are my favorite country singer if you are a country singer
Locde Mate
I cant wait for the new video, one of my teacher's son plays you in it
Ben Christensen
This video is a ripoff of "Perfect"
Emily Organ
Am I the only one who notices that when we says " Eyes on you" hes Ethier looking at the camera so hes look at us or hes looking to the ground
Random Andy
Seeing you in London, such a big fan❤️
my favorite song bro 🥺❤️😯😍🌼
happy man you25 happy
Good song
Kaydence 0911
Your a good singer
Camdyn McCulley
I love this song😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Danielle 7
I love your music
Diane Bergman
If you're there I've got my eyes on you

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