shiva kunwar
Ending ????
Songs ????
Taj Rean
I was waiting for this video for very long!!
Now it seems like the result is totally worth it????????????
Albanian Limelight
What was Cardi kidnapped for tho????
Cardi b ????????
Paulette Shah
Aimee Kuepper
This Song is now my favorite
Paulette Shah
Bravian Shaw
Cardi B just went full on crazy Afro-Latina at the end hehe
Commentator 69
Like here as a proof that you were here before 100 million views????
????Make this like button blue
I love this song! ❤️❤️❤️
Erick Mauricio Mamani Lima
Emerson Wilkes
Sopranos fans will recall how Uncle Junior liked to go South Of The Border.
Georges de Montalivet
2:46 That was the least confident hit I’ve ever seen
Renzel Kate Leal
"Hallow? Is dis Edward?"
dangerous women
why no one is saying something about the punch of Camilla lol
Sara Vartak
I love Cardi's part in the end!
Эльвина Реиз
When will Cardi B play in a comedy? I wanna see this)
Cynthia Lara
Oh Shiddddd Cardi ????
Daniel Almeida
Cardi B laughs at the end reminds of Rita Repulsa's laugh from Mighr Morphin Power Rangers ????
Medo Fouad
Best forever
Keyla and Karol Studios
Whatt? 1:42 spanish
rodrigo pinto
Ed te la mamaste
Little Mixer
Never thought I’d see cardi b and Ed sheeran communicate, let alone collab
Toobs ._.
1:22 that smile is unsettling
jafa kayz
Just loving this song right now ????????????????????❤️????????
Amelia Patterson
Unreal song yessss,
Sebscribe please
Favour Akin
Cardi got be dying????
guillermo barrios
Cardi y camila ❤
Paul James Brady
Why can’t cardi b talk properly ????She’s a cringy dog
Ooooooh cardi you always add just a little something lmao
Who here is getting ready for Halloween ????????
Quem é Br Deixa o like
Nandi Mkhwanazi
Cardi bad ass
I can't stop laughing... Cardi B at the end was hands down the funniest thing ever and I must say it's been awhile since a music video had me on the edge of my seat. All the chase scenes were absolutely epic and Alexis Ren was a complete badass in this; I loved it. I'm so happy they were able to bring this song to life because it's one of my favorites off the album and Ed, Camila, and Cardi B nailed it. Ed is always so multi-talented with his songs and we just covered his songs "Beautiful People" and "I Don't Care" on my channel, hope you will watch them. Honestly I need a part 2 to this video, I feel like we got left with a cliffhanger.
Senju- Indeevar
Who else like the Spanish part ????
Sumaiya Delwar
sounds a lot like shape of your body
Sagar 20500
Everyone - Someone else
Cardi B - Cardi B
Nancy Tennyson
Cardi had me laughing so hard ????????????
khadija rd
i like it
Best Friend Spinel
Margarette Mussa
Yo Cardi got me crying laughing ????????????????????????
Jaaziel Francisco
Poseidux Records
0 % Girl
0 % Money
0 % Alcohol
100 % Talent ❤️
სქელი სმეტანა
Kitty Kitty
The fact that this guy managed to make a due with not one, but two racists, saids alot. Im just going to unsubscribe now. He already has 42 million he certainly doesnt need mine ????
Nelriv 6341
I'm starting to love this song. Everything is really amazing. I mean the collaboration is really something. I always wait for Cardi B's part
Its Me
its depresing how bad this crap is........ btw maybe some ppl enjoy this shit music. :D
Charles James
Finally a video for this song
Cem Tuncakan
Great song
1. no white dress
2. Ed Sheeren making zero effort to say "te amo" correctly
3. A house like that does most certainly not exist in London, England even Kensington Palace and Buckingham Palace don't have all that land and space to be driving in.
4. Guy with the neck tattoo was beautiful.
5. Cardi B just singing and cheering on xD
6. No one went south of any border
Savage-GachaFan x
Why do I ship Ed Sheeran and Camila Cabello?? ☺️
Im depressed cause my Transgender Boyfriend broke up with me...
Gill Oreilly
Classic! Ed can't keep up with all the goodness . Less is more
Jenny Persson
Shocked that nobody talks about the meaning of the song, it's literally about giving the woman an orgasm, right? Go South of the border, jump in that water indicates oral to me, any other thoughts?
_Moonlight_ Fox
Is nobody going to mention how hot Agent X (Paul Karmiryan) is?!!! ????????????
Sławek Szatkowski
Camila ♡
Lorena Lopez
Camila Cabello, Buen golpe... je je Espectaular....
LUCAs Bastos
Love Camilla
Amanda Biz
Bunch of haters... This mf jam.... Cardi kills it
Indrani N
I come here everyday just to listen Cardi's lines...
Who else?
i swear that girl who went underwater and then randomly found dead or whatever is that same annoying ass girl that keeps popping up on my tiktok for you page!??!?!
Naima Lazz
I LOVED this dude!
Joanne Pauline Estuita
Cardi is adorable ????????
Camila is fucccccccccccking hOTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT !!!
Ed Sheeran spitting some fire right here
Ilyas Md. Amin
Is it just me or is that story just super random
crookshanks uwu
i thought u was gonna rape my bby
iman tutorials
why they kidnapped them if they now they'll escape ????
lost sky
Cardi B nailed it ❤️????
Ewerton Costa
Que clipe maravilhoso
Camila serves to this girl near Shawn then this dude
Hannah Nemo
I love how at the beginning it shows how everyone has some new identity, yet Cardi is just Cardi
Ari Byk
Amo vcs demais ????????????
Ari Byk
Sou Brasileiro
Sunflower Xx
That drop was like when Shawn dropped Camilla like boys need to stop dropping her ????
tyson scott
Started watching this.. .until I saw Cardi B was in it. Miss me with that garbage.
dave Milner
Ed Sheeran thank you for your music been blessed with such amazing voice I suffer heavy with depression and anxiety I have a people like yourself calum Scott, james Arthur, who pull me out of the darkness and into the light no one will ever know my true struggle every single day not here for sympathy I am here to say thank you I can listen to some of your songs on repeat we all have struggles money worries and those with plenty of money have struggles in love ect
Septembre Mikaella
Really Ed : Shawn might be fliping well good luck
Adriana Jimenez
Perfect spanish Camila, thanks for visiting our Mexico
Did he say “tea amo” lol
Ed coukd have been good, legendary almost but he traded it for a quick paycheck. He's loaded for life financially no doubt but will be forgotten about before he passes. Unlike, some of the musical icons that have came and gone before him.
ha rold
Rodelyn Imissyou
Bibang Maginsay
Ugly ass necklace !???????????? hoo mother fucker!???????? lol
Haidei Abluyen
I love the ending.... cardi b..
call me ace
Haha..i think cardi b needs to have a comedy will be hilariously funny.
Alejandra Suarez
Camila en Sayulita Mex , Ame el video
phuong hong
This mv is so awsome:)
Niña Angelicka
No one:
Literally no one:
Cardi B: *as Cardi B. Okuuur!!*
Sarah Hulkkonen
Cardi ruins this. Shes so annoying
Rachel M.
3:55 wow she looked like Amanda Bynes there for a second
Helbert Salimbangon
4:40 (Speaks Filipino) hala uy!
20Billion now
This because of I over watch it
Deth Rex
Omg that cardi at the end there being all grandma style and all made me laugh hard
Jyoti Yadav
Ohk! M.V. is the superup but hey, anybody noticed how handsome the guy is ????❤
Rahul Giree
Good , but what was the video about ??????????
Lilit D
Wie geil ist das denn ????????????❤
1:54 flirting with knives should be a thing lol ????
ND Global TrendZz
Cardiß as Cardiß ????
Petee Kingsz
I want them to make a movie who's with me or am i alone
Emma Windhorst
Cardi B got me deat at the end????
who is here from pes 2020?
Galixywolf playz
"you think you charlies angels?" xDDD
pamela yeukai
Cardi b is funny the laugh
Julie Welch
Brilliant song
Nika Straus
I´m more than confused
Arwa Zahid
Everyone be talking about the red dress but imma be just loving cardi at the end
Roksana Alam
I actually saw this video when it was made like 20 hours ago, and I liked it I'm like writing after so long.......well just 3 weeks .????
Faisal Ala
Great song
Supreme Swaraj
Ed maybe you should ask some famous DJ to make a remix of it believe this song will be more famous.
Now a days people prefer to listen back to the songs they heard in party or a club.
Marine Hui
pratxna Thakuri
Obsessed with this song????????
Swervin X
Camillia finds agent X and starts dancing with him.
Me: so what’s the music video bout?
Phillip Brewster
CARDI B THOSE FAKE BOOBS were worth every $$$$
Ven para acá quiero bailar toma mi mano . Xd ,¿Alguien habla español ? someone speaks Spanish? And someone likes kpop?
Leah Niki
i love the part from 1:34-1:57 love that model
Moneeb Khan
This video makes me believe the conspiracy that celebrities are all reptiles
Raima Roy
Who else is going crazy about the agent x? LMAO.
Rawan Khattan
This is how many people want a movie from this video (not begging for likes or anything I'm just curious cause I really think it's a cool idea)
Ethanol 6565
I really want to be able to do that trill Camilla did at 2:20!
Moon Light
Shining Shine
I love that green eye guy ????and camila is just amazing and cardi b is at a different level ????????????????????????and ofcourse ed shreen is best
Khatun Rekha
The boy Paul is very handsome I
Evie Aspinall
Who else is pissing themselves after cardi at the end????????
narishma maharaj
All i wana know is what's the cute guy name☹
Jr 11
Just click and see
G. S.
One of the coolest music videos I’ve ever seen. Nice music too.
Marcus Henness
Poor Ed Sheeran having to work with a shitty artist like Cardi B
Rahul Patel
He Ed Shereen ad your song on jio savaan
Rahul Patel
IAM using on caller tune
Rahul Patel
IAM using on caller tune
Genesis Diaz
Camila is living my dream of dancing alongside Paul Karmiryan!! Man his ballroom skills are so impressive. Too bad he doesn’t really show off his ballroom technique here, but I’m glad he showed us his acting skills. I’m impressed ☺️
A Dot
She got the, mm, brown eyes, caramel thighs
Long hair, no wedding ring, hey
I saw you lookin' from across the way
And now I really wanna know your name
She got the, mm, white dress, but when she's wearin' less
Man, you know that she drives me crazy
The, mm, brown eyes, beautiful smile
You know I love watching you do your thing
I love her hips, curves, lips say the words
"Te amo, mami, ah, te amo, mami"
I kiss her, this love is like a dream
So join me in this bed that I'm in
And push up on me and sweat, darling
So I'm gonna put my time in
I won't stop until the angels sing
Jump in that water, be free
Come south of the border with me
Jump in that water, be free
Come south of the border with me
He got that, mm, green eyes, givin' me signs
That he really wants to know my name, hey
I saw you lookin' from across the way
And suddenly, I'm glad I came, ay!
Ven para acá quiero bailar, toma mi mano
Quiero sentir tu cuerpo en mi, estás temblando
Mm, green eyes, takin' your time
Now we know we'll never be the same
I love his lips 'cause he says the words
"Te amo, mami, ah, te amo, mami"
Don't wake up, this love is like a dream
So join me in this bed that I'm in
Push up on me and sweat, darling
So I'm gonna put my time in (time in)
I won't stop until the angels sing
Jump in that water, be free
Come south of the border with me
Jump in that water, be free
Come south of the border with me
Flawless diamonds
In a green field near Buenos Aires
Until the sun's rising
We won't stop until the angels sing
Jump in that water, be free
Come south of the border with me
Jump in that water, be free
Come south of the border with me (Bardi, uh)
You never live 'til you risk your life (life)
You wanna shine, you gotta get more ice (ice, ice)
Am I your lover or I'm just your vice? (Woo!)
A little crazy, but I'm just your type (okurr)
You want the lips and the curves, need the whips and the furs
And the diamonds I prefer, and my closet his and hers, ayy
He want the lil' mamacita, margarita (margarita)
I think that Ed got a lil' jungle fever, ayy (woo!)
You are more than (you are more than) something borin' (somethin' borin')
Legs up and tongue out, Michael Jordan, uh (uh)
Go explorin' (woo, woo), somethin' foreign (skrrt, skrrt)
Bust it open, rainforest, it be pourin', yeah
Kiss me like you need me, rub me like a genie
Pull up to my spot in Lamborghini
'Cause you gotta see me, never leave me
You got a girl that could finally do it all
Drop a album, drop a baby, but I never drop the ball, uh
So join me in this bed (this bed) that I'm in (that I'm in)
Push up on me and sweat, darling (oh, oh)
So I'm gonna put my time in
I won't stop until the angels sing (na, na, na)
Jump in that water, be free
Come south of the border with me
Come south of the border, border (hey)
Come south of the border with me
Come south of the border, border
Come south of the border with me
Jump in that water, be free
Come south of the border with me
Jump in that water, be free
Come south of the border with me
goitseone mohutsiwa
Cardi.. your flow is a hit
Harleen Multani
U thought u were smart bUt u AiNt tHo
samuel camarena
Two most ICONIC collabs of 2019:
Cardi B, Post Malone, French Montana
Cardi B, Ed Sheeran, Camilla Cabello
samuel camarena
when someone is holding you up and choking you, why dont you just aim for the ballsack?
Mer Ladas
La rapera Cardi B, fichaje sorpresa de la nueva película de 'Fast & Furious' -►
Mariam Adhiambo
What is the movie called
beedsj roiue
"U think ur Charlie's angels? U thought u smart, but u aint tho" OMFG CARDI KILLED ME
Flavor Gb
Cardi is a killer, she kill every track
kpop Trash
sort of shipping ed sheeran and camila no idea why.
Abdullahi M saleh
At least it was at end she said modafoker
Perfect Anime I mean
i will take the time to appreciate Cardi B last words before she ran out with a stolen necklace
(she's so funny)
Smajo SW
Wowww exicited ????????because of ed sheraan i opened youtube and i hope i succeed i would pray that who can sub to my channel as support????????❤
Xaquiel martinez
The ending is everything ❤️????????????????
Dillondrd Daiagi
Sophia Lee
High Action packed mm what music video
Luisa Camara Camara
Ostia nádie sabe escribir en español ?, todos no sabenos leer el ingles ectr. yò solo sé español.
Tarek Houdali
que bien pronuncia el ingles Cardi B :v
Viktoria Elizabeth
Lucas Souza
Gostei do modelo do clipe????
Dimitry Mordeo
True fact: *Camilla Love's to flirt knife* ????
Cardi B would be Scarlet Jones drugging and straddling men in real life. Bad casting.
Is hit in brazil
Yeah Yeah
Nobody absolutely no one :
Cardi: *"Cardi B as Cardi B"*
Yeah Yeah
50% of comments : Cardi B- Motherfucker
The other 50%: Cardi B as Cardi B
moon burst
They have a person with the greenest eyes in the video but couldn’t find a white dress... DAMN!
Azra Fifić
i think you rub the lamp not the genie
unless that's not the scenario we're looking at hehe ;)
Diego Bailando
the rhythm sound like "Shape of You".but it's mix the rap of Cardi B.Let the song unique。
rose frozen
This jewellery is so much beautiful
rose frozen
Camila like soo much sweet and beautiful in this song
Ira Kira
My favorite moment in 0:44
Tado Cupernicus
If anyone know what this is about then you are honored
Step 1. Go to Google
Step 2. Search this keyword: 123moviestoday
Step 3. Enjoy!
Ed Sheeran - South of the Border (feat. Camila Cabello & Cardi B) [Official Video]
murmured.’’What’s wrong with him?’’ croaked Fred, looking terrified. ’’Is his mind affected?’’’’Saintlike,’’ repeated George, opening his eyes and looking up at his brother. ’’You see...I’m HOLEY, Fred, geddit? “Everyone has talent. What’s rare is the courage to follow it to the dark places where it leads. “I don’t believe in the kind of magic in my books. But I do believe something very magical can happen when you read a good book. “There was nowhere to
Bae Sweet
Clxudy Tears
Me: Thanos is here!
Yubin Tandukar
CARDI B did like a Boss
# words at the end
Avie jean Foster
Cardi B is a living memes. Mother fucker
vantrex barbosa
that paul karmiryan is so handsomeeeee
vantrex barbosa
i love paul karmiryaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan
vantrex barbosa
you're so hot maaaaaaaaaan
BastaYeszhaaa Ml
*shawn mendes left the chat*
Perry the Platypus
Cardi sounds like brenda from scary movie
Carollynn Joice Porter
I Red my baby girl remember me from Madison Park High School do love you Chris Brown and my Lee Red Love
This video really confuses me it’s probably gonna annoy me forever
Te amo mami means i love you, mommy . Why the hell did they put it in the lyrics ??
Stunnin Me
Everyone who is talking about the white, red dress needs to rewatch the video because y’all are missing the whole point of the video ????????‍♀️ and then read my comment to what everybody basically missed about it
Allan Zeref
You know why Ed Sheeran doesn't have a girlfriend
Sheeran away????????
Did Cardi really call Ed an ugly ass nigga? :D
Adidas YT
Who ever Reads this i hope they get rich.
Veronica M
Scarlet wore a red dress because her name is Scarlet and she was an american spy, and not who Ed was originally singing about in the song :)
Joel Beckford
i thought Perfect was going to be my favorite song then comes this
It was amazing!!!
tommy gun
Poor Ed
yaliso gioouy
Director: I think We should find a white dress Ed : I still don't care.
Syarah Effendi
Ariana :yeah yeah yeah
Selena : mmmm mmm mmm
Ed shareen : ahhh ahh ahh ahh
Titch grant
Cock munching bastard's
zvifadzo magaya
cardi's part .LOL
Giulia 18
I swear Cardi B'part is the bestttt
valentina elena savin
Beautiful music
Cardi B as Cardi B..
Wonderful! ❤️
Monika Färber
Im a big dan for you
Luciana Davila
Alguien que me explique
No entendí el video
gaming boy free fire
This song deserves a billion views
love the flute, and then cammila cabeloo Inc.
Queen Romaisa
This songs Reminds me Little bit Of Shape of you song ????
Chaabi Taha Taki Eddine
Cardi B as cardi B
Nice ????
libra lez
Rayos!!! Me gustaría ver una segunda parte ????????????????????
Toni Rozano
What see ładniebuc
Marcus Miao Hansen
Ed Sheeran, what was it like to be in Game of Thrones?
One of my favourite song. This is one of the songs that hooked me in as soon I heard it ????
Ava Freeman
The best song i hard in my life xxx ed xxxxx good song ????????
Abdi tube
Shape of u ❤❤❤
Sabrina Lima
Camila Cabello♥????
sastra science
Is this big tribute?
Tre Lucas
So I have 2 things to say..
This hole time I thought Ed and Camila were like talking to each other
I wonder what Shawn is thinking
And I LOVE the song
Gaurav Sharma
Somebody explain story
Mr Courteous
Maybe im being rude... Please never include Cardi this kind of beautiful musics....seen same thing in girls like u...many people say that she killed it....but i didnt like her part....????
Golden Eighties
Who's better?
Hey Dude!
Jack Malik is the best :)
Comment: Ed Sheeran
Mr Thanos
Luckily she didn't rape anyone
Nur Ikhsan
The “Ha ha ha” sounds so sexy
Tasha H.
The way Camilla punch him tho????????
Mncedisi Ivan Mkoko
Look at this tiny baby boy ????????????????
Can someone please explain what happened in the video.
Gamerfox 9017
Cardi B be like:HAH!Who got the necklace now b*tch!
Rose size
Remove the part with Cardi B
Why the hell are all the good songs unavailable on Spotify?
Cardi B sings like a microscoft font
Ricardo Franco
2:15 a Shawn no le gusta esto xdxd
Ares Ares
Stupid face + hot body = Cardi B
catchadick inyourthroat
I can't be the only one who watches this video everyday just for the guy he is such a snacc sorry not sorry
Elijah Philson
Who's better
Like: Ed Sheeran
Comment: Ed Sheeran
Vovchik Kurochkin
Мне понравилось))
Alicia Koshy
I love Ed Sheeran so much as an artist...he has a lot of perfectly good songs to listen to....Cardi B and Cabello are equally good artists
have fun with krishamae
This is british music right here????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
# Britain ♥️♥️♥️
Alex Walker
Kiss like u need me rub like a genie
Zach Jerde
Cardi never should’ve been on this song
Ali Lafhal
This song has all what a HIT song would have...!
The thumbnail is a mess though.
minty girl
*Shawn Mendes leave the chat*
wolfscreamer 55
Cardi B as Cardi B
the perfect role for her ????
mansoura mansoura
I'ts the best????????????
this whole album is a mess yikes
Channing Arch
Cardi b so fucking cringe
Kai Covell
Cardi b ruins the song I skip when her part comes on
Video surfaced of Trump smoking weed!
Sabrina Lima
camila ❤❤
kakos kakos
Opponents oh no
This song is perfect minus the parts with Cardi B
Lina Army 1
Why go to the cinema when you have a 4 mon movie here?
Amandalima Lima
Eita gatinho ????
Shafkat Rohit
Courtney Innes
Nice. Song
Kicuc Maiquynhle
Enoch Posada
Remember when collabs used to be something huge and mean something?
Your Stalker
When Camila said green eyes i lost my shit
Olga Angelini
Е- ояак кетту реяяу!
wнιтe eagle
Cardi.b is unbelievable
Julia Kazenaimue
I LIKE IT SO MUCH ????????????????????????
Hudayberdi Yakatov
Its good for me
So Ed Sheeran has officially jumped the shark.
Hein Brown
to be honest cardi b made this song cool
caroline fayle
The sound of the year if you confirm like me put a like????????????
Bijay Shah
I want to remove that Cardi B part while listening
Nancy Megan
Ed sheeran camila cabello cardi b ????????????
Joshua Almonte
t amo mami. i love it Ed but its te amo mami
I invite you to subscribe to my channel
The last part, I'm dead
Everyone's talking about the red dress but everyone seemed to overlook the fact that the "perfect" music video took place in snow and on a skycart when he said dancing in the grass.
Amelia Whitbread
Cadi b part at the end ???????????? loved it!
My friend when I told her that Camilla Cabello, Ed Sheeran and Cardi B made a collab she didn't believe me.
Leila Luong
The end though ????
utubere tube
This trash cardi blowjob ruined it
Why you wanna know my name!?
They tried too hard with this video..... it is just silly.
AY - 07TO - Eldorado PS (1505)
Cardi's whole rant at the end is life????
Leondra Alexander
Beautiful song,and I like the beat
Van Nguyen
So, how many times did Camilo Cabello flirt with people in music videos?
Anybody? No? Just me?
Lane Blake
Cardi B's my kinda gal. Her nasal expression & laugh are priceless!!!!!!! She could stand to lose the c word though.
youtube music
*1:35**/**2:02** - shawn mendes? jaja, xde, :v*
Jane Grace
Idk if it's just me but camila can slay with anyone
Dan Thomas
It was interesting until it started.
xxDiamond Barbiexx
This song is horrible with cardi b in it
Panda Gorl Does The Sims FreePlay And Gacha
I can't believe I just found this song a few days ago
Jessie Sauter
Would be better without cardi b
Veronica M
Ed Sheeran - South of the Border (feat. Camila Cabello & Cardi B) [Official Lyric Video]
Veronica M
New Ed Sheeran - South of the Border (feat. Camila Cabello) [Acoustic] ( NO Cardi B)
Nina Lalnunsiami
Love you Paul......
Watching this video makes me wish this was an actual movie
heyitschloe xx
Muhamad Prastyo
Intro this song like
Opening Ceremony Asian Games 2018 Indonesia
Via Vallen - Meraih Bintang
Zeenat Banu
anyone watching in december 2019??
like if u are ????
MicKa Ela
????????Congrut Mr Sheeren new Hit is born
Janelle Ostroski
Dialogue at the end totally runs the last part. Uuugh
Krisztina Bartus
Gratulation Ed Sheeran Camilla Cabello thank you!
Camilla cabello❤????❤????????????????love
Tinashe Eshe
The end was really funny with CARDI B????????????
Cate Stram
2:24 you don’t just drop Camila Cabello.
Summer Richardson
4:06 til 4:46 is the best part
Lex Sanchez
Why does the girl with the red dress look like a younger version of Jessica Alba❤️???
Sabrina Lima
Koala Gaming
Can someone brief me in on what happened, because I was to busy jamming out.
Mary Jackson
Love the song and Ed Sheeran
Anyone who hasn't seen Ed live is missing out. He's amazing.
Eddy is the musical Chucky. Fight me.
Greta Kastrup
The END ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????lachflash des Todes !????????????????????
Maria Ceraceanu
The greeneyed guy is hot!
Radical Books & Politics
WTF was that ending?
Elien Msp
i love the end with cardi B lmao (:
Hayley Froud
Love the music vid!!
lance gabriel
The end though!
abidur rahman
1:03 to 1:30 is great
Daniel Wu
Did nobody watch the end few moments? That was my favorite part.
Hannah Calhoun
This is the best sing i have heard in 2020 yessssssss!!!!!!
Bigmama TV
I Love This song ????
Devang Patil
I think part 2 of this vid should come to sort out what was happening in the first video? ????
Veronica M
Ed Sheeran - South of the Border (feat. Camila Cabello & Cardi B) [Official Lyric Video]
Veronica M
Paul Karmiryan (Agent X - green eyed spy) is featured in Ed's new music video dancing at the start
Ed Sheeran - Put It All On Me (feat. Ella Mai) [Official Video]
cameron 111
No one:

Ed: 1:22 ????
Bear G
1:42 i love the way it sounds
Abdul Rashid
Most confusing music video ive ever seen
Cardi B ruins another great track.
Lunarias Carmelita
Yas b**** it was published on my bday
rachel wang
i clicked on this video hoping to listen to the song but i was so invested in the actual music video itself that i forgot i was listening to music
Miriam Wysocka
I love this song ????????????????????
Michael McGrory
yo cardi b slayin out here god damn
Deilin Ramirez
4:45❤❤❤ camila face
Minecraft Home
Cardi be ruined the song
Queen Kate
Ok, like 3 days ago it was at 60million. People are actually streaming this song. Then the idiots will say Payola. Chile, I just laugh
Juliana Alves
Decidi que prefiro ouvir a Camila Cabello cantando em espanhol. Sobre o Ed: sempre maravilhoso; não me surpreende.
Bryan Patino
That’s the second time camila fell him now shawn
Kiwi Kiko
me rn:
come watch my face as it bleeds, can you get me a bandaid, please
Bliss Swabey
All for a necklace
cardi b as cardi b
jaciel rodriguez
I bet shawn mendes jealous
Tofunmi Asebiomo
Nobody else is confused at how he ended up at the beach?
Tofunmi Asebiomo
I'm still confused at how Camila was dancing with him at the beach and then ends up with Ed.
Kennedi Brown
But cardi at the end????????????
rachel wang
camila's spanish verse is my favorite part of the entire song
Kynho Yatra
Cardi B hahahahaha ????????????????????????????????????
Emma Pinto
I wish this was this was a movie cuz I would totally watch it
gacha tina
When it says that they are in mexico
Camilla: singing in English:says a little words in spanish:
Cardi B ruins everything
Betty Fan
Anyone notice that the necklace is the same one as in Liar by Camila
Blazen Lam
My family loves this song
yokai watch fan
Is ed bad or good?????????
Swarnjeet Nath Tiwary
Does anyone know where South of the Border exactly is?
Classic Tails Reacts
*when the song lyrics have nothing to do with the music video*
Karol Miau
Cardi's laugh at the end ????
Kee Xiong
but did anyone see the badonkadonk on camila??? damn mami
Ed's expression makes me believe the director let Cardi say anything to her heart's content, then they watched his reaction ????
Joshua Bayldon
The only part of the song I like was Cardi B speaking to Ed Sheeran and Camilla Cabello on the walkie talkie
this song make me feels like south of border between america and mexico
Leman Fettahova
Azerbaycandan ve turkiyeden izleyen varsa like atsın
Natasha Watson
"she got the mm white dress"
Girl: Walks in with a red dress
Girl aswell:AM I A JOKE TO YOU?
Abiaa Medjahri
King Bee
I want a movie from this song ????????????❤️
Franziska Zacke
Voll cool! ☺️????
rodolfo reno
Mohammed Idris
Me scrolling down the comments and reading different arguments about no red dress and and arguments in hindi ???? I am not indian but I can understand hindi anyway????
World Music #EdSheeran
sweetie repuntzel
Cardi kidnapped
Singing Infont of a killer hitting a person
*looks at her*
*keeps singing and flirting*
*kicks every people as touches her*
Plagues Inhale the
Nicki minaj sweating
The World Loves You
At some point of this Video clip, makes me remember about James Bond: Casino Royale????
Anyway, great song!????
sonila vrenozi
56% about the "white" dress......43% about the cardi b as cardi b.......1% actually talking about how amazing this song is
Magno Summers
gente me diz que n foi só eu que no final a cardi falando eu ouvir o diogo paradia fazendo a voz dela senho me diz que eu n to maluco
My Name
me no like this... why did they change the timing and all that fun stuff change?
Nashalie Munet
This would be a good movie to watch or show
Aldana Zagami
Las mejores ????????
Pepe's Palace
1:12, 2:40 Why didn't you fix audio glitches yet?
Ricardo Cubero
NO entendí el final
Jennifer Fulton
Do we all agree the part at the end with Cardi B is the best thing ever?
Jasmine Brooks
Cardi B's part at the end was funny as heck. ????????????
Mindless Girl 143
Damn love this song and the video too???????????????????????? omg the end part of Cardi B is really funny ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
Frank Parent
"A frivolous spy film"
MaithuniaTheMurderer YT
love the song but can someone explain who is who and what the heck happened
Silverwolf 25
I love the end with Cardi b
BNJXGM Friends
I enjoy teddy fingers music
Sabrina Lima
Reanna Reid
Bra cardi b part was really funny I watched it about 10 times ????????????
Commander Moldavite
Cardi just roasted ya a**
Fitia Ravoajanahary
Beautiful girl and Handsome boy
Ludi et Historia
Cardi: Look at my boobs, no voice, but see? Boobs!
Pagan Roots
Ed come on "te amo mami"? Did they intentionally make you pronounce "te"wrong? Love the beats of the song. Not impressed with the lyrics. Go back to being romantically handsome please. Don't become another Hollywood freak!
Aaron F
1:13 lol Forza Horizon 4
Milena_ Amaral
Um comentario brasileiro no meio de americanos kkk

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