Vicki Hester
Queen Iduna, that's sweet. I knew that you can sing Anna and Elsa a lullaby when they were young in the flashback.
Rot Offgun
Thanks for easy lyrics ????????????
Hey guys if you don't mind pls check my all is found piano cover
If you don't mind pls click like subscribe share and comment thanks ????????
zein elzein
I will sing that in Britain got talent
Alois Trancy
Patricia P. Possible
My favorite.
SYbling goals Unlimited
I like it
Maria Rinta-Rahko
She's so beautiful. She looks like Emma Watson and Emily Blunt.
This song is so beautiful and she has such a beautiful voice.
cabik ijo
Beautiful voice & song.. ????
My favourite song in Frozen 2. Who else?
#Frozen2 is really nice and meaningful movie. Everyone should have a look. ????
Лота Жужува
Може ли превод на български език?
Elsa and anna parents die just because they want to know the truth about Elsa's power
Bailey Mcbride
Im gonna sing this as a lullabye to my children when im older
I love this song! I also really enjoy how Frozen 2 went with a different style for their movie line then Frozen.
bindya naidu
Amazing song frozen 2 is the best movie
C Chacon
Its a nice song in choirs
Upil Lelet
Seenak itu :)
Adib Bazli
l love frozen II ❤❤❤❤❤ and the songs ????????????
Armiel Ilhn
Omg I can't take it!! It was to short la????????
Caitlin Laylone
Am I the only one who heard "where the northridge meets the sea" instead of "when the north wind meets the sea"
Bianca Belleza
Elsa’s parents went to the river that tells the truth
They wanted to know about Elsa’s power
Sadly they died
salas jose
I took singing lessons for 2 years so now I'm good at singing and this song makes my voice sound way better ????
Veethamonaka Limpasritrakul
I​ love​ this song????
When I watched the movie and this song was faced me by Elsa & Anna's mother I really felt sad but also happy.. sad bcause I miss my mom :" and happy that the movie will be an amazing that night..
Megan De vaal
Woah frozen 11 is soo cool i love it is rhat who sings it bc its my fav
Ruchita's art and craft show
This song is so beautiful ....❤
Tracy Teo
Who else has seen Frozen 2?
This is my favorite song.
ari prabawa
I like this song *all is round*
Because... really really good for me! ^^ And i like Evan Rachel Wood
Min Anti
Queen iduna????????
Mitali Basu
Her voice is so calm and amazing.
Black GameOver
When i hear this song in frozen 2 that elsa's and anna's mother sing it to them, i feel sad and i feel want to be in the movie too a lot. I feel that i want to meet elsa & anna so much but badly they just a movie and not real :(
fatkhiyah umami
So cool
Crisandra Jane Paguio
Damn why the parents of elsa and anna died but elsa didn't
Sara C
My favorite song is all is found ????
angelinadaily 5 from roblox
I was cry when elsa's singing show yourself and all is found????????????????????????????????????????????????
Samantha Ng
My favourite song too. Feel so touched when I’m listening to this song
Mimi ÒwÓ
elsa got frozen and without her powers olaf drift away
Ana Garcia
Are in the video ????
Lisa condon nason
Something abut the movie just makes me feel connected to it, anyone else?
Emma Reynolds
I love this song
Olivia Eddy
this is my favorite song from Frozen 2 but I wish they picked a better singer, like Amy Lee. Amy would make this song 100 times more beautiful.
Skyler Whitworth-Edwards
This song is so pretty
greattt one
Ayesha Mansoor
Oh man i love this a little too much
Its soo sad ????????
Such a beautiful, haunting lullaby ^.~
Noraaa Flower
Her voice tho!!!!
Emily’s Toy fun
I thought that was Daisy Ridley
CL Bloomer
This caught my attention and so as show yourself cuz this song it shows the memories and journey of elsa and queen eduna
Renee Lawton
Beautiful voice and song.
Shadow Lord
When this song is a spoiler of the entire movie ._.
the cool channel
I hate this song... Gara gara kau teman dekatku yang sangat ingin menang sendiri... Dasar kau yaj
....maap marah marah... Biar dia kesindir
Satheela Clark
There's a hint in the song that tells the parents are alive look "when all is lost then all is found" see it's because the parents are lost so they're found????????
chloe munro
where the north wind meets the sea there a river
Marco Vino
Hi there! I've done a cover of this song. Check it out on my channel if you want! ;)
Bella The Ginger Bread
The queen: or you'll be drowned
Me: but you Drowned ?
Todoroki Shoto
Groupings tomorrow, Have to sing this. Trying to memorize, wish me luck.
Indiya Braxton
This song is a hint that the mother was gonna be in Atehallen the glaicier that they were talking about someone told me

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