Lewis Capaldi
gamer nicholls
Everytime i hear his voice i can belive itbis from hik because of his scottish accent
heard this song last year on Riverdale, been a fan of him ever since ...epic ♥
erica wright
Great! Gets the goose pimples prickling and tingling! Well done! :-) x
NayaVest Madsen
if only people could get love like this, fkn hits honestly
Phaloma Portela
Quem é brasileiro da like ????❤como eu ñ descobri esse cara antes
Rebeccah Diniz
Ever since I heard your voice for the first time I was like... woahhh! you became my favorite singer s2
Rizky Mulya
Fck ur voice is so good
Mariusz Litwicki
Our world needs more song like this one.
Jan Rusek
Days gone❤️
You wanna go to Greggs with ya boii ????
Angel E
Just wanna say hi ????????????
You're awesome i love your songs ????✨
Angel A.
This song exist a long time ago already and just now has a videoclipe. But loved of course
micheal quinn
Yo Louie how ya doing bid what a voice BRO hav never herd a voice like MEATLOAF like yrs is man yr incredible ✊✊????????????????????????☘️☘️☘️ FROM IRELAND ✊✊????????????????☘️☘️☘️
Norrie Paton
Can I ask u a question Lewis , did you snort Ekkys in hoos Pertys growing up ? Lol ????
Victor Segedahl
Great song man
What a boooooring song
1000 subs without a video
Bet he won't notice me
Leanne Dorsey
Wow - you are amazing - I need to know your "story" - thanks for such beautiful music!!!
Eirini Tsirmpa
you are amazing!!!! greatings from greece!! : )
Christina Abel
love your songs thank you
Juan Quintero
Yes . Definitely there is something in the water . ????
Antonio Kay
Heard this a few years back, loved it. I am so happy that he is more recognised now and have enough to make music videos.
zohra lakhlili
Hi I looove this song ????
Rosé Shay
“There must be something in the water Cause every day is getting Colder” Gives me shivers WoW
Rosé Shay
I really appreciate the fact that Lewis put the lyrics in the description aswell as the captions
Katie Risley
Who hurt you?? I mean it is beautiful and your voice is angelic but this and someone you love. Someone did you so dirty:(
Brooke Saucier
Hey Lewis I got a question, ok do u like tacos ????,plz answer it will make my day
Dean Smith
Lewis capaldi and james arthur duet 100% beautifull and will make everyone cry
Alexandra Dungan
The band I’m in is learning this now! I can’t wait to video it
absolutely love this ...and i love hearing your funny adverts x
olivier olivier
What if lewis ed sheeran and shawn mendes do a trio song and it could be called World
KouKou Mina
you are the Best
Rex Jara
I love you Lewis but damn! I mistakenly thought you sounded like James Arthur!
The start was like Chucky 5
Marion Fernandes
He looks a lot like a younger Meat Loaf
Trippyplayz 451
Yes the legend is back ❤️???? @lewiscapaldi
Trippyplayz 451
Voice is fuckin amazing ????????
Rage rex
Just awesome ????????????
fangirl_ for_life
I love you so much lewis, your voice is so incredible and theres so much meaning to your songs ❤❤❤❤
Jerimiah Boyd
Beautiful song Lewis.
Vleine Red Scholz
how do you change your voice from irish to an english singing voice?
Ranajit Choudhury
Good n great song, good to see n hear u progress n branch out
Геннадий Овчинников
The best.
Kingsley Hope
Ahhhhh Lewis I Soo loveeee u ????????
Ian Dutter Skateboarding
I prefer it in vertical
Oh, here i am, still watching and listening.
r i p replay button
Marinella Bud
love his voice, so deep and powerful I feel it in my soul
Heirut Mills
You can hear the pain in his voice....
I can feEL the pain in his vOice.
As one Brit to another Brit, I’m sorry for the pain you had to endure from whoever hurt you bro, we’ve all been there, we’ve loved, we’ve lost, we’ve scarred, and some of us healed. Your simply amazing dude and don’t you ever forget it! It would be an honor to meet you but aye we both know that just doesn’t happen in the real world unless your close or actually know the celebrity in question right lol
Alphawolf 123
Your such of an amazing singer your so perfect
ushkaE Hardy
Its your love I'm lost in...I'm tired of being so exhausted. It's your love I'm lost in...even though I'm nothing to you now.
Chills! Chills! Absolute chills, fuckin love this man. Thanks for representing Scotland Lewis ❤
Casa Rafael
Must collab with Avicii
Whoever hurt him is giving millions♡
emmanuel c
Was there a moment that made you feel that you couldnt succeed on this industry?
Marwan Elshabrawey
fuck this gay scene this song is fucked up because of the gay scene
This is by all means one of the most beautifully broken and heart-wrenching songs of all time. I cannot get enough of the lyrics; they make me cry on a regular basis.
Clifford Wickward
I don't know who the fuck you are sir, but I'd like to get to know you.
veronica randers
Someone please go hear my story
Love ???? his voice, love his ????????????????
Annie Sian
He’s just so precious
Singer/Comedian what else do you need
Tushar Jhawar
best part is no doubt when you sang the chorus in the last when there was a ruckus and the two lovers met
Chloe Mitchell
Counting days ???? Adore you ????
Yunusa Abdulrazak
I still get chills when I listen to this
Nguyễn Khánh Hà Lê
i love you since the first time i heard your voice.
strangely tube’s
hi your songs hit me like im broken...
Lily-Maud Horton
you are incredible. I hope you feel okay xxxxxx so much talent, insane <3
clare davis
From a survivor of domestic abuse this hits home ???? My 3 boys get me through every day as blood is thicker than water
I can feel this song so deep in my soul!
Chills. Fucking chills! What a talent!
Loriin Valdez
Craft s
I don't know why bit it reminds me of counting stars by one republic....
Jo -_-
I'm dying...
Adriana Caceres Ojeda
Elide Santos
Waw...que voz linda !!!
Amei ouvir vc :))))
Roblox Queen
I love this song
Kristen Blankenship
I love every bit of your work! You are amazing, Lewis. Keep up the good work, and come see us in Panama City Beach, Florida!
forever and someone you loved are the best
Katelyn Hunt
so proud of you and how far you have come xx
ZombieKillerPlayz 4000
Hi lewis ive got the same name this is weird i
Also come from the same town you grew up in #scotland is the bestttttttt ???????????????????????? please comment back ❤ ur amazing
Virginia Duran
I don't know which one I like better. Someone You Loved or Bruises.
Hitoshi Shinsou
Can we give a round of appualse to the piano playing itself because it knows he's heart broken
Earth Visitor
Niall horan friendship video brought me here
Michelle Stone
What is this song is amazing
Vim pelo rei do pop Michael Jackson ????
I’ve spent the last two years listening to this amazing song ❤️
I was not expecting a music video
When he hits those high notes with that growly/raspy tone I literally get chills. Damn ❤️
He sounds like James Arthur but still sounds unique at the same time!
MYK Gaming
His voice and singing voice are so different, amazing but still so different
Theres must be somethin In daaaa wataahhhhhhhh ❤❤❤
Dendy Robertus
I can't tell the different between him and james arthur
This voice... wow
Leonel G.H
Excelente cantante y está canción quien no allá leído su letra lo invito que lo aga yo creo que el amor no pasará nunca y por eso estás canciones vivirán x siempre
Chelsea Init
Joys of love - Mc Pat Flynn ❤️
1v1 me at rust intervention only
Rene Sarabia
Translatio Imperii and the California city of dreams.
Confused Potatoe
Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy heeeeeeeed sooooo arrrrrrr, gddd
Crazy Lazy Bulldog Barnaby
I remember seeing you last year as the support act for Sam Smith. Was so thrilled to see Sam since I love him into bits, but then you came on the stage.. never seen such a charismatic, natural and funny guy on a stage before. Especially not with yet such a ridiculously big musical talent. You are this quirky person when entering a stage, but as soon as you start singing, the whole room changes. You took me in from the very first second and I could feel your pain with every note you sang. You moved me to tears that night and I almost forgot about Sam Smith :) Tortured my brothers with your songs on our 3 hour ride home :))
Followed your musical way ever since and I’m so so proud of you! So happy that you made it, Lewis ❤️ Lots of love from a girl here in Germany who really wishes to see you over here again soon
Who wants Lewis Capaldi to collaborate with Sam Smith?
1:47 Billie Eilish?
Wait I’m confused hasn’t bruises been out for a while?
Donovan Darnell
Collab bro?
Mónica MG
What a great voice ???? I love it, gives me a lot of peace listening to Lewis. ????
Hi lewis, ummm have I mentioned I love you? If not I LOVE YOU
jocelinn rayburn
Ur voice????????????????????
chancellor t
Thank you for your music. Thank you for bringing a gleam of hope to such a dark time in my life. Your true inspiration
Rachel Wilson
everytime I read the darkest minds, when (spoiler alert) after liams memory is wiped and they're in that safe house without the guards and they're drifting apart, this song pops up in my head
Steffan Heeman
finder gamer
Lewis love your songs
Really good song!!!
Eduardo Enrique Escudero Ciquero
REGARDS FROM PERU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
S O'
Pain can motivate for good or bad. I am glad you used yours to help others. Your songs are inspiring.
sotuur aeei
The girl who broke this mans heart is so jealous now his voice is too good
Lewis : There must be something in the water
Science students : Yup Hydrogen and oxygen
Simone Fraser
Is it just me or is he giving sam smith competition
I don't know what to do with myself rn. What!!!!!!!!????????????
I'm in love with you
Armando Ringel
sikander masood
At first i thought it was mistake to listen your song but....
I was wrong.....
"O my lord I need u by my side"
Drrvhf 77
I love this song????❤
Did we find out what is in the water?
Ellie Thomson
I love his voice so much ????
I would die if you did a duet with Adele lol
sarai acosta
I don't get why this this has 1.1k dislikes ????
Lucinda Payne
jesus christ the pain in his voice,
god i love him.
so much talent.
almost makes me cry.
i wish i could hug him and tell him it will all be alright. :c ♥ x
As a person who come from chancing upon one of his (hilarious) interviews this is not what I expected. In a good way
Aki Ikwe
Songs of this man became words and emotions of a love lost, moments in time changed by choices, memories that haunt the fragments left of what little remains. A lost love that should have never happened at all.
min suga
Damn i really love ur song ❤️ youre amazing man
Lilly Humphreys
I absolutely love Lewis. His voice is amazing and he's pretty attractive to top it all off.
That is so beatiful video..
Able Elba
Seriously...!!!....2 year old this song is still in my playlist back in 2017... Yet this song is out this week only in 2019..so it's slower... Go to playback speed +1.25× ....Oh YouTube allowed later..????????
imad kazmi
It cant be me. I am wanting a gf so that i would experience a bad break up and never love anyone again ????????
Droid Gamer
You keep my head from going under ????
Archie Orkney
So emotional I cry every time and it's a song I dance to when I'm sad to let out my emotions
Sharon Murray
Your voice...Beautiful!!!!...gives me chills.
Kylie Lutes
This premiered on my birthday! Lovely work, your music and your personality are both AMAZING. I'm glad you're you. Thanks for bringing such awesome music.
dikphuk 1969
Tim Turn
Was billie eilish in this video or am i tripping
Faze Murphy
Do you like Celtic cuz I do ???????????????? like if you do
Sabrina Stewart
Hi Lewis! How cold was it filming this ? (Love u)
Figment HF
Can’t wait for the true version to be released.
The Limmy remix.
Andrea Hernandez
One week pass and Im still in love with the video ????????????
His voice is fucking nuts
Stakz The Product
Would u do a hip hop collab
ReCkLeSs ReApZz
This song is touching af pulls straight on the heartstrings
I just discovered this artist by accident. I was watching Michael Jackson videos. Great song... great video. Keep on keeping on man. Life is a garden, dig it!! What a BOSS!!
SteelersGoingFor 7
Just heard him on the radio yesterday for the 1st time. He hooked me like that British guy Callum Scott.
Lewis did the best performance I've ever seen in my life. He was an opener for Sam Smith in Stockholm, Sweden and I was blown away, moved to tears! Better than the headliner (no shade, love Sam) but I wanted him to go on for a full show. Him, alone with his voice in an arena is MAGIC I TELL YOU!!!
Your music is so damn good mate????????
ניר דותן
Very good clip ????????❤️
I wish I could also make money with all the pain in my life
Rhamon Paganoti
Você ainda vai me matar com essas músicas, desgraçado!!!
The best singer in the world is scottish. A patriotic tear was shed
K van Dijk
When I hear his songs for the first time, it always feels like I know it, like coming home.
hi lewis how do u come up with this songs coz this is RADICAL
Fuck.Lewis is so hot
leena narzary
He is one of the most talented singer I ever saw. He's voice is so emotional and it feels so real.
Ryan Farrell
I wonder if it was actually him answering questions not a team of people ????
Pretty Jackson
Not attractive
Hello big fan
Angel N'goala
How is your voice so good
Tamar Payne
Sweet Cupcake
2:56 you can see people holding up their middle finger
Pradeep Subedi
Get ready to get goosebumps
Léa Stone
ahhhhhhh it’s not a good idea to watch this after a breakup ???? i just can’t stop crying and watching
Ian 91
I love you Lewis,love your song...
Laura McIntyre
Ave no got a question but a just wana comment to say...... a had seen mental videos of u on facebook, instagram n twitter and had no idea it was u singing "someone you loved" so before a knew that a was like, a fukin luv this guy, we wid make fukin brilliant pals. Never change mate. Ure makin scotland proud and ye dont act like someone u aint. Ye shld come visit larkhall n dae a wee gig ???? ma 3 year old absolutley luvs ye. Xxxxx
I love ur voice it makes me cry
Bint Firm 1882
Reminds me of my ex
Me encanta es un genio!!
malaak likes cheesecake
I don't know why but i cried
Ben Delgado
His voice ... Breath freaking taking ????
I first heard Lewis when he opened for Milky Chance on blossom tour. I loved Lewis live!
koala candy
I got to be honest with you, the actors are awesome. Especially the ones playing the couple. The girl is so pretty too.
Sarthak Chaure
Literally goosebumps
Lucifer Morningstar
Counting days since my lover been go lost on me ????
Mercades Casarez
Made me cry. Felt emotions I wasn’t expecting to feel. Love your music and your voice.
Deoxyribose dxb-h3x
You have a great voice dude! and the piano work in your songs is spot on! thanks!
Massy B
My Christmas wish would to be able to go see you at your consert but... The tickets are sold out????and now I can't go..
I don't want likes it's just what I needed to say..
martina buxton
Amazing Voice....
Vivjano Lieckfeldto
I love this song!
Sarah Mc
I will wait for the day Ed sheeran and Lewis do a sad song together!!!
Mina Bel
His voiceeeee so wawwwwwww masha allah
shadrack kareem el shaarawy
its December 12th anyone here
Gadazha RBX
the only bruises i have, is this song that splittet my heart
Rodger Hammond
I think you wrote these songs for me,as I am also a broken man.....
Serendipity Infinity
I can't even afford a grand piano lol I hope it's not actually burnt
Jennifer Fetherkile
I've only recently discovered this young man's music. It makes me feel every heartbreak I've ever experienced. Don't know how such a youngster can have such agony in his soul, and be able to express it so beautifully, but it's a gift. Now, I gotta go blow my nose & wipe my eyes, again, after that song.
Hi Lewis, your voice is so very beautiful it touches my soul shoots right a through my heart and makes me wish for love in my love a deep emotional bond it what one craves for when listening to your voice and music and lyrics. Thank you for making me feel alive.
Maria Maria
Lewis Capaldi, I might be a bit late, but please wish me luck for singing your *amazing song* someone you loved to my crush????
Excellent voice ????????????????????????????
Luna x3
Gänsehaut pur ????
Eleven 011
Voix magnifique ????
Katie Playz
This song has bin out for ages like over a year ????????????
Lori Mast
I love this mans voice!! Kinda sounds a little like Bryan Adams. I def. think he will go far!!
Ashton Thompson
Surreal Vocals... AMAZING VOCALS. Is all I could say
X-Venture gaming
Who is crying after watching this?
Like and comment to answer.
amina gebauer
This is frickinh art... it’s beautiful ????
Am I the only one who thinks covers of this song are bad because nobody can do it as good as him. And I think it’s bc they try to sing like him and they can’t bc his range is fucking crazy and he’s amazing and nobody else can do justice. Just me ... ok...
clare kirkman
Sara Sheldon
Noobmaster 69 is a jerk
Lewis Calamari
Lewis will you ever come to Italy?
Omg the goosebumps????
anny chua92
In my opinion this song is better than Someone You Loved!
mihály kassai
He's voice is awesome!!!
Sarah Reid
Newcastle? Sunderland or am I completely lost?
Micheal Papi Lamou
I literally am in love with this song ????
sophies channel
The voice is so good can't even listen to anybody else at the minute
Beautiful song! I feel this in my whole body.
Maly Guinard
Bv. Jgv0000000000000
Spare Phone
I love this song it's lovely
R Vasquez
He's got some pointy nose there!
Gavin Davis
He does not look like how he sounds. Its amazing.
Gavin Davis
THAT.WAS.AMAZING. I have tears in my eyes right now.
Monique Palm
I love his voice????
beth tiler
Anyone else want a vibrato like his????????
Natasja Itunes
du er mega god til at synge og den her sang er mega god
John Bryce
I love this dude.passion.wowxx
George Harizpoulos
All of those dislikes whoever has died in their life. You’re beautiful wonderful family are happier in paradise. God loves you with open arms and healing hands. Subscribe to a beautiful wonderful channel Know Wonder.????????????????
Joyce Parrotta
Lewis you are incredible!!! Keep it coming ???????????????? your music speaks to me
alexa alexa
Jmd deutsches ??
Nein ok ????????????
Deirdre Loraine
Some people should not be in their own videos .......
Sans Rage
Imagine Lewis with Martin garrix or kygo
Lee Sparrow
Best personality and voice to come out of the UK since ed
My jumpsuit takes me sø high
This was the first song I heard by him lol it finally has a music video it’s so underrated it should have been as popular and someone u loved
Arian Zeqiri
I LOVE YOU SO ❤️❤️♥️♥️???????????? Your all Songs make ne Cry begasen there are so sad and cool ♥️♥️♥️????????????????????????????????????
Caleb Lewis
My favourite song
Awakened Reality
Wow how does this only have 8mil views? It must be because the emotion felt here is too much after his hit someone you loved. People just needed more time before jumping back into the depths of human connection and loss. I love you all truly and these words will never show you how much you are loved so next time you doubt yourself take a minute close your eyes and feel everything around you. Its all for you to enjoy in as many ways as you can the world is literally yours. Happy Holidays season to all no matter how you spend it. Namaste
Людмила Калаур
Україна в захваті????
Lisa Porter
Fantastic singer
Darío cabezas Styler
Te amo I love you ????????????????????
Bianca da silva macedo
Só eu que vim por causa da cami❤️ mais não a encontrei ????❤️
Debbie Harmon
I just love his voice
Veronica Robinson
Whoever broke this Baby's Heart I'm going to break you oh my god his music gets me so emotional and that hasn't happened since My Chemical Romance
He's the male version of Adele.
Nathan Kickham
Whoa... He's got some voice. I'm glad I came across this. Good job, bud!
iffah nadeem
I luv uuu me and friends listen to you everyday anyways what is your fav colour and animal ???? ????????????????
Laura Campbell
Ya are a wee dancer. I could just pince your wee cheeks ????
Love this song.
Carsten Breuer
Boah ey !!!!!!!! Stark!!!!!
Lainie Norris
Im right there with u brother!!!! First time I've seen you and the lyrics are amazing
The moist clown
Markiplier drinking his own pee
Lyrics :
Counting days, counting days
Since my love up and got lost on me
And every breath that I've been takin'
Since you left feels like a waste on me
I've been holding on to hope
That you'll come back when you can find some peace
'Cause every word that I've heard spoken
Since you left feels like a hollow street
I've been told, I've been told to get you off my mind
But I hope I never lose the bruises that you left behind
Oh my lord, oh my lord, I need you by my side
There must be something in the water
'Cause everyday it's getting colder
And if only I could hold ya
You'd keep my head from going under
Maybe I, maybe I'm just being blinded
By the brighter side
Of what we had because it's over
Well there must be something in the tide
I've been told, I've been told to get you off my mind
But I hope I never lose the bruises that you left behind
Oh my lord, oh my lord, I need you by my side
There must be something in the water
'Cause everyday it's getting colder
And if only I could hold you
You'd keep my head from going under
Ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh
It's your love I'm lost in
Your love I'm lost in
Your love I'm lost in
And I'm tired of being so exhausted
Your love I'm lost in
Your love I'm lost in
Your love I'm lost in
Even though I'm nothing to you now
Even though I'm nothing to you now
There must be something in the water
'Cause everyday it's getting colder
And if only I could hold you
You'd keep my head from going under
There must be something in the water
'Cause everyday it's getting colder
And if only I could hold you
You'd keep my head from going under
Don’t let it flop pls ????
Very nice song relaxes me????
Vũ Thái Hoàng
Có ai Việt Nam không ????????????
Amanda WingZ
God damn every one of his songs I've heard so far is getting me through this breakup. Fuck. ????
Christine Brett
Amazing singer and makes me laugh too! Great funny personality
fishy fingers
There is something in the water..... FLOURIDE!...
Molly Mcgrory
@Lewis Capaldi I LOVE YOU ❤️
Martijn Verdam
This song means the world to me. 2 weeks ago I lost the love of my life, we where together for almost 7 years. we have a beautiful son he is 6 years old and I miss him also very much. The days he can't be with me.. this song gives me the strength to keep breathing I hope one day she will find some peace and come back to me
Lewis Greenard
“There must be something in the water” that’s turning the frickin frogs gay
Lewis Capaldi...
There is pain in your songs & voice undoubtedly.
Your songs attach me to the memory of my loss and help me cope with it thru yr beautiful voice.
I guess I kinda liked the way you numbed all the pain...
Thanks x
DJ Irize
Man oh man. I feel every word of this song. If you're reading this... you know what you did to me...
Stefan kraft
What a genius and great Voice. Greets from Germany
Love your voice .
u dont sub u gay
Waiting for the vertical version
Bongkel •_•
Steffen Geht Kein Was An
Ist überhaupt nicht mein Musik geschmack aber muss sagen das Lied hat was ????
Dragon Inc.
Cioè Luis, the madonna e all the saints in colonna, fai diventare depressed anche l'uomo più contento del mondo with your songs. Seriously.
Ludmi 00
Amo tus canciones, amo tu voz!!
Lea Leaswelt
What? Speak deutsch sorry ????
Lea Leaswelt
Horse cool ????????❤
Sarah Tomkinson
Love his singing voice!! Feel it.
Ben Hunt
Made a music video to this song as a project. Check it out https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aIOkQD3OOZg
Bryson Smith
I wish you’d do a collab with Dermot Kennedy
Ogooluwantansi Orungbemi
This is the first time I have ever cried because of a song
Peter Lineton
Makes me think about our baby we lost early on in pregnancy ????????
Demi van der Wilt
So much feelings by listening this song...????
Cindy White
Beautiful soul ????
Michael Curris
Amazing voice
Sweethouse Media
I totally love scottish people but I'm solid to and preferable to Dermot Kennedy, Dublin. You try too hard with voice, gets way wide n weird and desperate. My wife liked your big song I hated it. Try surprise us with a song that doesn't require to you weird squirt vocally. In the biz for 20 yrs bro. I think you have something but I'm not a fan. Don't stretch those vocals. Be confident in less
kawaii FBI
I've been told I've been told to get you off my mind
Sanskriti Singh
I absolutely love his accent along with his heavy voice.
Chloe White
Me and my dad luv this song
Megan Strong
this kind of reminds me of Cringe by Matt Maeson
Becks Louise
This guys voice is phenomenonal such depth and emotion. I think he sounds a bit like Chris Cornell just a bit... The depth he sings. Love Chris Cornell r. I. P
I think Lewis's ex, Paige broke his heart she is breaking his heart more because she is in Love Island and with someone else
Lewis you could maybe do a song with Adele I mean you guys have that same sort of sad song and vibe
darren modric greene
Man I miss my ex still hurts after 3years away
Zoe Hamilton
Every song you sing i feel it in my heart! Whoever she was she didnt deserve you anyway! ????❤
Maria Paula Polancco Parra
Oh guy, I've been listening to a few songs of you and I'm a FAN right now
What a beautiful voice! *_*
Must be a Maywether fan...
Dome WayNee
I feel the pain so hard.
Started to cry at the first vocal!
I love the way you sing!
Thank you for this!
A1 Roadshows
truly brilliant the lyrics express your pain and love.
Jana Geiger
Einfach nur der beste Sänger
omg this reminds me so much of take me to church- hozierーthe voice, AND the video!
Lena S. Cooper
There must be something in the water....
...cause every day it's gettin' colder....
*warmer, every day it's gettin' warmer on this planet????
this guy looks exactly like me
Justin Peters
Nice music
Sandra Lise Voermanns
You are so good at singing
Ashton Lindsay
I love it
Sun Flower
Check out Davina Michelle's new song Liar! Live preformance! In love with this song!!!
Janis Simmons
This song is the truth it's getting colder ever day I can't and won't never lose them bruises u left love you. You know who you are !!!!!!!!¡ Love you forever
Rachid Hitti
I don’t understand it’s so nasal or it’s me ❓❓❓
Lars Alfredson
I’d love to be at that bbq
patrick sandford
Do miss you ????????????????????????????????
1:42 love to see David De Gea regaining his publicity after some shocking performances. Big up Lewis for giving David another chance.
Sameeha Ahmed
His songs always touch my heart.
Ruby Hemming
I hope I find the one and something real
Who came here after finding his ex is now on love island
I will never understand why people click dislike or leave a negative comment this man is a talent if you don’t like the song or video just don’t watch it there is no need to be negative to somebody accomplishing dreams
Ahmed Juma
True talent
Gisell Chavez
Pleaseeee dooooo before you go music video pleaseee ????????????
sean grant
Superb voice and a nice man to boot
His voice is greater than anything i've ever heard ????
DMR adazz
jelek kali kau
Au Top !!!!!!!
hanoria curley
This is the song that I cried to cos my dog philly died????
Deco M
The next song this dude drops will be my funeral song.
Cameron Grady
12,222,222 views as soon as i clicked
Miles Green
Kiera Brown
For some reason I always cry when I listen to his songs
Purple Rain
I love your voice it’s amazing and it touches my heart ???? ???????????? !!!
Renee Boone
Yohan the one that said someone you loved I love that one where everybody walks up in your face but it's really not cool to say that cuz people might get sad boy and I want to know how you did that cuz when I grow up I'm going to be a singer but for now your videos are the best boy and I watch them every time I get sad and I get tired of watching on videos I make cuz you might not want to watch my videos cuz they're crazy and one of them has no grown up so don't watch that one where I'm in my room that's one that I Kirsten on accident
Clownyy. Ameera
I used this song for my mental breakdowns in the bathroom lol :’(
Loch eh
Ruby Brace
is one of your songs about paige d
Trendy Maniac
Addicted to this song ????. ....
Cy Cy
I love all his songs????
Cheerjessica05 Cheer
i had bithday 15th october
Anan Shafy2a
amna khurram
dean lewis,lewis capaldi,alec benjamin,adele,sia,MKG,NF could make an amazing song
Have you got any new song coming soon?
Briton poako
Thanks Lewis for healing my broken heart...I am getting there...Although I knew I will have the bruises forever x
Lewis Capaldi x Tobi x Ksi ????
Ginevra Albano
Tutti Frutti
your song is the best of world
Mezza Jay
So much talent!!
Absolutely love your voice
cnco edits // erickinfinty
I'm here because asher angel
cerys evans
Hiya! i did a short harmony to this song i would love if some people checked it out. It’s not the best but it’s my first video ???? have a good day!! ????
Anna Dunec
best singer ever
Manqjwbwb Ndnwkwkwksjjsjq nsnqkwkjwjsjs
Qn esta aqui por tik tok ?
Arianna Jauregui-Perez
I feel it me
Arianna Jauregui-Perez
I felt like that
Donald Tusk
No one:
Absolutely no one:
Caroline flak: this songs about me
Victor Suarez
I hope someone gets to read this. I’m a singer from Mexico raised in Texas. I just made a cover of his song on my channel, anyone mind showing some love?!?!❤️????????
Nancy Saenyi
Sometimes we are just never enough ???????????? beautiful song
June Oburu
Im in love with this song ????
mad amiin
*There must be something in the water*
Me: yea my tears
Yusuf Taspinar
I would love a colab with Lewis and Jacob Banks
Tamindar Kerim
Türkler burdamı????
Leila Karimi
this song is underrated
Jack Mcvey
Weird to think he’s Scottish ????
sean grant
Another superb song from one of the best Scottish singers of all time , superb music and lyrics
Can’t wait to see him live .
rhys # cring cope
Love this this songs
iiFading Anqel シ
I have a question.
How do you sing all your songs without crying?
Gilmar Bertoletti
Cara como te amo vey
Ten głos...tego nie idzie wyrazić słowami, poprostu uwieeelbiam ,sztos, mega !:)
I’m at school right now and I found out that my girlfriend wants to break up. Currently crying
poop licker69
Over thinkin bout ya . I know that u dont deserve me but i need ya .
Charlotte Simon
i am confused about the video
Adelaide May
hits different when you think about a friend you lost
Reign Paderayon
i love this song...
Alan Heath
Mainly Put Floyd on but suck in bed since i got old and ill. I like his Voice reminds of Joe cocker or that big tall Man with tattoos who won x factor
Alonie Ware
Jeez who broke this mans heart because all his music is sad ????
J aime trop grace a toi Fanny
Emily Wenzel
Das ist das Lied das ich mit meinem Crush verbinde, ist sein Lieblingslied und immer wenn ich es höre muss ich an ihn denken, aber ich liebe dieses Lied❤️????????
Deacon Dainty
Such a good singer
YCI young creators initiative
Men I love this guy's music
Katinka Tieleman
you''re amazing
You sent me this song? Is this how you feel? I never wanted you to go, why did you have to go to school so far away, you told me just two days before you left, I felt betrayed! I miss you so much it aches!!! My heart aches and no amount of pain relief can do the trick! I MISS YOU MY ❤️
his side profile reminds me of gru from despicable me. no shade i love his music but that side profile is just not it doe..
Greg Stanton
Saw this guy at roundhay park in leeds. Brilliant
poop licker69
I love it
Carnage_In Me
Everytime i listen my soul flies away from my body and finds some peace...????????????????????
Ebanehita Akhile
It's like he always knows what my mood is every single time
I love Lewis
If only I could hold you ????❤️
Esme Oreilly
I’m addicted to ur songs now I love u so so so so much
Esme Oreilly
It goes slow but I still love ???? this songggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg gggggggggggggg gggggggggggggggggggggg ggggggggggggggggggg
Jonathan Teves
Awesome ❤️
Camile Ferreira
I love lewis capaldi
ase cisneros
Well she kept your heard from,going under ,but then she bruised your heart ,and pull the rug from under.Wicked evil human of a being.
Lorena Monezi
Lewis Capaldi feat. James Arthur, Calum Scott, Jacob Lee, Ed Sheeran!!! HINO
Ivanci Andradedesouza
Love you ❤❤❤❤❤
Atalia Joseph
I made a cover of this song. It would be much appreciated if you guys gave it look. Thankyou ????
Alex Brayley
My daughter and her friends dancing to this song for her leavers assembly ????
classlazerjetfan390 sub2lazarbeam
yo who doesn't like this song tbh
Abby Offord
He got famous so fast ????
One of my most favourite songs.
Ramona Ahedo
I love his voice it makes my heart melt ❤️????❤️????
Waffle Toons
Yo is it just me or in the begging he looked like David dobrik
Amanda Newburn
Goosebumps All Over! AMAZING ????
Skai Luke Walker
Amazing Dude!
Farah Mazin
man i just love love love you. God bless the beautiful soul that you hold
Hanna EWR
What is this clip about?
NBD Minotaur08
why didnt he have a "woooaaah" inbetween all the gaps
He scares me, I don't like the feels I'm getting
Never make a song with Sam Smith because I don't think we can handle that
Hej _föfan
Wen in sad i Lisen to you! You are THE only One who make me happy...????????????❤️❤️
Kevin Whartnaby
I am new to this artist music because of mask singer When Chris Daughtry did used to love Now that I have found more of Louis Capaldis Music his songs express my feelings to A T And I'm a little bit embarrassed to say that because arm 62 but just recently less than a year ago was blindsided by a divorce after 24 years And every one of his songs that I listen to Has tears rolling down my face
Meenakshi xo
I will listen to every song of his until the day I die
I came from Tiktok and I'm not even a tiktoker lol
Lewis is underrated
I love love love his songs... I'm addicted to them????
Luca Martorana
Man i love your Musik❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Olivia Johnston
Favourite song ever
Gerry Lynch
Best Scottish talent ever
chanel Gez
This fella as an amazing outstanding voice ever perfection
Nathan Bingley
Hi I'm a big fan
Nathan Bingley
I'm singing right now
So are guys all of u guys are the bast
Elsa Labouret
Found this song at random on Spotify, been listening to it a lot. Lovely stuff.
John ra
Best chippie?
Hannah Hutzal
Hi Luis. I love this song you are my favourite singer
Erica Yeley
I love your songs. The first one that I listened to was someone you loved
Amelie Beaton
What is ur favourite song you’ve made
Such strong words Lewis. #SCOTTISHPPLRULE
Rose Mars
I wait this video since 2017????????
Terrance Barnett
Do you guys think there's a singer out there who couldn't write a song coz their girlfriend didn't break up with them. ????
IMF Starboy
That's pure talent right there.
roisinly colpaert
i love this song so much
i literally can feel what he has been trough
his heart is so broken and i can find myself in this song
love ya lewis capaldi❤️
Jane Henderson
I listen to you everyday you have such a soothing voice with total meaning in your voice xxx
Zz MobileGamez zZ
I miss her so much... :(
Alissa Hoti
Tellement touchante cette chanson ????
Nancy Salazar
Me encanta????
Sammy Roche
My mum is a big fan and so am I
Ava O'Hara
'I need you by my side.' ????
Random User
Need a post malone collab
Karina Muñoz
I’m totally in love with his songs, it helps me go through everything❤️
Lore P
Buaaaa... Está canción simplemente me voló la cabeza!! ????????????????
Flora Kispal
This song gave me courage to sing.
Me: *stars singing*
My parents: Who killed the cat??
Col Lewis
Check out my new cover
Nathan Coyle
Lewis Capaldi is amazing what a fantastic song
שיר מושלם!!
Lorena Luciano
Thank you to the person who broke his heart, I mean, listen to this artwork
Paige N
???? Lewis your voice ????????
Crystal Mattingly
My best friend, soulmate, husband of 20 years died Oct 12th. These songs mean everything to me. Thank you Mr.Capaldi
Fran Bryan
Wow he sing so similar his other songs
Jane O'leary
Lewis capaldi your just stunning beautiful honest human being please ❤????
AT OCDesignzz
Omg! True feelings in his lyrics!
What a beautiful.. Heartfelt song!

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