B Marshall
This nearly made me cry well nearly idk why lol
Adarsh Ashu
Lewis capaldi reminds me of Samwell Tarly of GOT????
Cloudy Sunset Skies
"So, before you go, was there something I could have said to make it all stop hurting? It kills me how your mind can make you feel so worthless."
If you ever feel worthless just remember that their are lyrics in the description of this video
Lil Stack'n
What's with this mans poor history with "cold water"
Skjeren Kristjenson
This is beautiful Lewis...Thankyou! ????????????
HUNK Human unit Never Killed
I thought he was james arthur
Sonia Juarez
I love you lewis Capaldi ????❤
Articulation 0
All of his songs are ????
money cas
Cake 101
Who else’s new favorite song is this? Cuz Ik it’s mine
Your voice.. No words.. ❤️
Raghad *
His voice can make any song good and meaningful for me, The lyrics really touched me, I love it and I can’t wait for his new one All thou I won’t get sick of this anyway but can’t wait ????????????????????
Riley Gibbons
A year ago I lost someone to suicide. I didn’t know there would be a song that would explain how I feel. This is it. I wish I had known.
Bea Sherielle
i love u
Robert Tyas
good song.
Charlene .W.
His so talented and funny and omds I donno whether I want him to be my best friend or my husband
ceili comerford
: I love this song
joao gomes
Nice song before you go aff....
love this song but it's soo sad
grant lawson
Could be one of the most beautiful songs ever written.
Igh I cant even finish this video ????
Liliana Trueblood
get this to 1 million
senni bgon
Who else’s new favorite song is this? Cuz Ik it’s mine
bharath somani
I am so ???? broken ???? it’s so burnin!
My grandpa died today, and I've been playing this song on repeat for the past hour or so... it makes it a little easier, if not by much. So thank you Lewis, even though you will probably never read this, I will still thank you for being there for me through this in some way. Rest in peace grandpa, I love you
Leanne Bailey
Glen 06/12/19 r.i.p baby brother ❤️
Jessica Arnold
Ugh. He got me again! ???????????????????? Trigger warning. This beautiful song is so relatable whether it's the death of a relationship or the loss of a friend to suicide or even the estranged relationship of a parent. He really does have a gift for putting you on the receiving end of his stories and MAN does it feel like he was too little too late in the most relatable ways. Ugh. BEAUTIFUL song! Heart wrenching! ????????????????
Julia Gamer
Why is every singleeeee song he made sooo freaking goooood
Ifshan Noreen
❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Loveeeee this song!
Lucy Troy
This makes me think of my mom
Judy-Ann Couette
Imagine him and Harry Styles singing together, wow
Alison Dilaurentis
imagine being outside wit a candle in the cold sitting and listening to this song on repeat thinking about that one guy????????
Mahjuba Kohinoor
This song reminds me of Clay and Hannah :(
Deaton SKew
cnmmd qiuoo
this song hits harder when your best mate also committed suicide ????
Lewis capaldi and James arthur should duet together, they sound so alike. Great song
Dean Lewis - Be alright
Lewis Capaldi - Someone you love
These are my favourite songs
Pinky Angel
Hi Mr. Nurdiyanto, did you read my comment?
My mom died on November 29, I was listening this song when it happened, I was listening it all night long at that day and this lovely music helped me a lot! But her heart won't beat better anymore.
Lainie Norris
I kno how you feel!!!! ????????????????????????????
Kenzie Shafi
In this song lewis sounded exactly like james arthur who agrees?
Megan Werner
Wait his aunt comitted suicide?????????????????????????????? Like for his aunt comment for lewis ????❤????
Megan Werner
I thought that song was about a break up
Sho Ninja
By far one of the best songs that you have ever made
Gianni Armano
La più bella musica e canzone del fine 2019. Complimenti Lewis
Bronagh Mcbride
It was my uncles funeral today and I heard this and I just broke down
Eliseo Alvarado
Suicidal girlfriend broke up with me 3 days ago and she told me “how can I love you if I can’t love myself” I’m gonna win her back and help her love herself above all things.
Si Thu Hlaing
The BEst Vocal I have ever heard in my entire life.
Evangelist Felicia
How come YouTube has not made play-loop buttons yet?
Leo Robinson
I think this is a song which makes us think were not alone n a lot of us go through all of them words,god bless my daughter for what she went through n Lewis Capaldi you take it easy and keep singing from your heart
Joy Fazal
So before you go was there something id coul'd said to make your heart beat better if only iknown you had a storm to weather so befor you go was there something i could said to make it all stop hurting it kills me how your mind can make you feel so worthless so befor you go we would be better of by now
Mandy Whittingham
Love this guy epic voice
Elif Feyzanur Arslan
His voice reminds me James Arthur
Paige Maas
I've listened to this song probably 50 times ngl I love this????
Piano Princess
the best part is the refrain...you can truly hear the pain in his voice...amazing! <3
Monica Fox
Almost cried
Monica Fox
Everyone is on this earth for a purpose.God love's you even if you did something wrong or terrible.Love you Lewis☺
zuygj bnsv
this song hits harder when your best mate also committed suicide ????
shroom 123
Your going on your near my sch omg omg omg im going to buy
Same old chords I've heard time and again. I-iii-IV-vi - We Are the Champions and about 10,000 other songs. Yawn!
Eglis Mucaj
To download the full song click the link below :
Dilip Arya
My favourite song
Aleksandra Vujasin
I love this song! ????
God is Amazing
They took down the other video with millions of views i guess it wasn't his company.
Michael Stuart
Such a powerful song. Means so much ❤️
Izwan Hasman
I can’t stop falling in love with his voice ????
Will Benson
My new favourite capaldi song ????????
*Who else loves this song????????????❤️?*
I covered it
Marceline Abadeer
@finn it feels like you're the one singing to me
butti fdft
When you realise this song is about his aunts suicide it changes youll never hear it the same
Laytongamer Jacko
I like it
Ornella Motta
Ma questa sono io... che ci faccio qui... ???????????? La canzone comunque è bella però non capisco molto l'inglese solo qualcosa.
Why hurts so much?
Filse 01
Ti um imash li
Filse 01
Mango takova ta eba u gaza
seeni gzty
Who else’s new favorite song is this? Cuz Ik it’s mine
Maurice Hines
I want to do a song with u bro⛈
Steven Wrigley
I can't stop crying. Funny how you can't tell the people who you love of how you are really feeling and what you want to do but you will tell a total stranger or even a neighbour you haven't seen in a long time what is on your mind. It's like a release. I guess because you don't care if that stranger or neighbour judges you. My heart and soul goes out to the Calpaldi family. The pain you must of gone through and possibly still do, must be heart breaking. I hope one day you all find peace xxxxx
Blake's Creations
Capaldi wrote this for his aunt, but I think about my older sister who died of sickness last year.
We were/are both in pain while hearing this.
Eddit: In fact, this video was released only 8 days after her 1 year anniversary. (I hate using that word for it. It sounds too happy.) She was 21.
drttyu liqm
The Scottish Beyoncé is too pure for this world
Alani Bruininx
Another GREAT Song!!
Eden should cover this song
Milovan Celic
This spng is so sad it rimaneds me of my grandparents but there still alive but they go home
Milovan Celic
Iyised them i cant vate to they come. Agin
Avelia Nadila
Why the hek his voice has so much pain that everyone can feel it :(
Gelia Mcadams
Yes yes song like this just brings a smile to my face ❤❤❤❤❤
John Michael Zepp
Why are there bots in this comment section....?
Noobs are Gods
1 like = 1 prayer ???? for Lewis’s auntie
Edit: OMG 1 like oh that’s me ????
Unknown User
The decade is about to end but Lewis Capaldi is just starting with his legendary works. 2020 will be a great year for this TALENTED guy.
Love this song so much that I did a cover????????❤️
dutoiu hour
The Scottish Beyoncé is too pure for this world
Mobini Ghasemii
Every day im slave to the heartache
Edward Griffith
He's an inspiration!
Tyler Hartbecke
replay replay REPLAY
Sarah Brown
100 likes and I'll choreograph a dance to this????❤️
Jazmin Perkins
This is the song I listen to when I'm upset
Vamos Argentina!
Best voice ever
Sharen Baretto
So before you go, is there something i could say to make your heart beat better ... these lyrics hit hard
Jen Jenkins
Who else has this as their favorite song from him....
Josh Bainbridge
I listened to this song and it made me think to not kill myself I want to say thank you to liwis capaldi for mKing me rethink my life and get help thank you.
Adelaide May
The feeling of wishing you could’ve helped
Anna Mustaffa
So Before U Go????
Malina Ivanova
Обожавам тази песен ????
Lily Riddle [my.riddle]
this song kills me everytime
adrien bernié
Juste magique !
Just magic!
Come all sing in FRANCE in our tree house perched 10 meters high in a 150 year old oak tree.
The tree house in the wood of Emma and Loue, Eauze, Gers, midi-Pyrénées, Occitanie, France.
Elodie, Adrien, Emma and Loue.
adrien bernié
The tree house in the wood of Emma and Loue, Eauze, Gers, midi-Pyrénées, Occitanie, France.
Elodie, Adrien, Emma and Loue.
Max Settantaquattro
The best song of the world!
rebecca lindsay
It kills me how ur mind can make u feel so worthless felt that but worthless and more but u are not what u dictate urself to be u are brighter than that don’t succumb to those images and thougths in ur head u are better than u think u are u are unique and strong and beautiful
Jjap J&j
It kills me how your mind could make you feel so worthless ????????
Yuris Ventura
I cried my eyes out
Can not stand this hacks voice
Taylor Meadors
this song hits different when you listen to it after getting out of a long term relationship..
Alison Clarke
Brilliant voice
Santina Di Perna
Bellissima voce fa sognar????????????
Beautiful song????
"Time can head but this won't" ????
Katryne Gonthier-Bernard
Johnny Bravo
His ain't. This song can be took a few different ways. For example a break up song
Amy Allardyce
i love his singing and when i heard all the tickets were out well...im crying x
Max Settantaquattro
????????very well song
Ryan Calle
The amount of likes this has is how many times you hit replay.
Liam Kennedy
He is probably better than anybody else in England is excellent at this no matter what so before u go Lewis capaldi I want to tell you that u are so good even though I’m from Ireland ur really good at singing and everything go Lewis like if u think Lewis is good at singing and at his voice is really sweet
queen is here bitcheees
i got goosebumps.
Sharon Byrne
This song has so much emotion in it you feel every word that he sings in every song he sings makes Scotland proud.
Victor Schencke
Estou apaixonado nessa música mds ????????
Bradley Bradley
This song... What it means... Can we all be better/nicer tomorrow to everyone? I challenge everyone...
Hy dayy
Sumpah enak banget i like your song lewis mencerminkan perasaan gua banget jiir
Who can relate?
ItsAlex LoL
I can't be the only one crying
Hannah Donovan
My birth dad is dying and has cancer this makes me cry!! But an amazing and beautiful song!
Gaia Vianelli
Ti amo cazzo
Glleycia Sousa
la vie e belle belle
I love this voce ????
xBoVx Clan
Who else is here after his official video?
oh honey
I am cryinh so much rn
Joanne hope
I love this song x❤️❤️
Gods Daughter
My new favorite artist????
My Grandad passed a way this song reminds me of him
Melanie Vizcaino
fuckkk all of his songs are so brilliant and heart wrenching i can’t even. that lyric where he says “it kills me how your mind could make you feel so worthless” sums it all up. every mental struggle.
i hate that i discovered this late ????????
Justice Raymond Jackle
I love this song
Gally Brenner
Wtf?? Is that perfect place by Lorde in 0:21 ?
Amalia Yusri
Love this!!
André Lattuga
Top wing 3
Ep 1
André Lattuga
Pj masks 2
Ep 11
André Lattuga
Pj masksVEVO ????
Moon Knight Jk
Going through a break up at the moment. Never new how much I could relate to a song.
Google User
if i didn't know any better, id say Lewis is the Charlie from perks of being a wallflower, what with their story being so unnervingly similar. him writing a song about her aunt committing suicide when he was a kid.
Ryan Gates
love this song so much. some people say its depressing but its not. I love it.
W maria de filippi
Courtney Lewis
Live it
Cherry Johnson
breakups songs king
consuelo muscatgrape
So sad.. So amazing ????
Courtney Lewis
I'm obsessed with this song
koniara_ a
This song have to much emotions for me ????????
Mai-Lynn Nguyen
Wow just wow this wants me to cry????! Before you GOOOOOOOOO!????????????????????????
Just lost my daughter at 19 years of age x this song is amazing and fitting x wish I could put it on rewind and bring her back xx
im on a diffent video at the same time as im on this video, cmon youtube
Brie Nebula
Send this to my friends?
DONE????????(how can I be selfish to not let this good song spread so ya...)
PKthe Cartoon
some can heal but this won't
time doesn't heal wounds it just gives us different ways to deal and forget the pain
Juh Monteiro
Oh my heart ????
i thought its james arthur's song
Sofi Craft art
Fav song yet well done Lewis wow was there something that i could said to make your heart beat better
Maharshi Kashyap
Ohh my god! There can't be a better song than this❤️
Claire Carayannis
Ann Douglas
Brilliant, heartfelt. Means a lot to me
Júlia Lehoczki
I love this song. Lewis woich is amaizing.????????????????????
Oh Man! I'm lost, i'm don't know who i am, but i love u and i wish know you someday. All the love from Argentina <3
Perdón por mi horrible inglés. Meh per d0naz?
Celeste Tan
The best thing about his songs is that it always hits me so hard
Walter-Teddy -Martinez
just found thisbeautiful song on a tribute to Kobe, awseome song!!!
Giorgia Bressanello
Bellissima....... Ringrazio sempre YouTube per scoprire cantanti bravi come te ❤️❤️❤️❤️
????wkd tune
Juli 16
every time I hear this song i have tears in my eyes..✨
Cameron McMaster
Fernanda CH
Indo like
erin corinne
This is the best song and it’s getting slept on
Magalie Bourely
Great i love you????
Allison Garcia
sing baby shark to distract the crying
Victor Suarez
I hope someone happens to read this. I went through a very hurtful breakup and singing this song got me through it. if anyone is reading this, all I ask that you listen to my cover of this on my channel.........I made it with a lot of love ????????❤️
Risa Slndr
So hurt my heart and my soul
Brittney Tymchuk
What an amazing soul!! Lewis Capaldi is truly talented and has allowed me to cry my tears and relate to some of his songs! Thank you for your music!!
Evan LeBaron
The dislikes are the people who can only dream of singing as good as this

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