Bikram Samip
Justin beiber then ????
Justin beiber now Comment
I love you both however I won't lie, I miss Justin. ♥️
The lyrics of this song is beautiful cris!!!????
Beautiful ❤️
Iam Jursa
Hi ♡
I love you❤
Really duuuuuude ????????????
release this on Spotify
Bipin 321
Always the best
It's Mavy
10,000 hours piano version will be my WEDDING SONG SOMEDAY ???????????????? LOVE THIS SONGGGGG????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
Brycen Haugland
Can you make a new song
Kimberly Mae Cabus
Who's still with Justin?
Chumera Momin
Justin's voice is so beautiful!????????
Isra Rubio
Omg best song ever
Isra Rubio
Wish Justin would sing the whole song ...Dan and shay give you the rights???
kelvin arayza
how many think this is better than the original..
Text Aholic
I think 2019 are real true beliebers because justin took a break for music for so many months but still beliebers did not ever leave him . Am a belieber too
Whi te
Well this will be everyone’s first dance song at their wedding.
Chris Bibes
Can you believe this guy( justinbieber) he’s now married ???????????????? ♥️
honestly if this isn’t what heaven sounds like i ain’t going there
Annonymously Dumb
Of course you’re going to spend 10000 or 100000 hours because you’ve already spent half of your life knowing and loving Selena.
Don’t get triggered I’m just stating a sweet little amount of truth. NOT HATING ANYONE AT ALL. All salty/sweet/criticism/hatreds are welcome down below on the comment section. ????????????
Sunita Jain
Justin..... love you still waitin for your album. Belieber forever
Rinku Chanda
Justin's part literally gave me the goosebumps
Skylah Pillay
This is my song
I felt like so sad when I think about jelena ????
頹 Azra
justin bieber is an angel
Sudha Vv
Gosh.....Their voice is just angelic ???????????????????? Justin???? Dan????
Grace Putri
Miss ur voice jb ❤
Belieber Forever
oh,come on !
where are the beliebers who promised to stay forever?
nicy cools
Justin bieber - like
Shawn Mendes - comment
Natalie Scotcher
Love nataliescotcher xxxx to
Carol Lima
this is sooo perfect OMG
My god they spent 10,000+10,000 hours man????????
Piano + Justin voice = Perfect
Please put this on Spotify ☺️????
abhishek baishya
Nice song
I don't know
Why i love justin voice
Benny De ma
where are real beliebers !?????!????!!
hit the like button if you're part of the beliebers since day 1
I love justin
Well of course I’m going to play this at my nonexistent wedding
I hate that no one is not talking about how Dan and Shay are good
Like le commentaire si t'es là avant le million de vue ????
This is such a sweet song. They are always impress me with every single song. I just want to cry I’m so happy
Aaisha K
this is perfection
Be_ Watts
I love the piano riff. So nice.
ai da
Kailash Kumar
Proud to be a belieber ???? thank god i never stop trusting and supporting him❤️❤️ you may achieve more justin????
Anica Ferrero
This is soooo pure ????????????
Emily McMartin
The tour everyone wants Justin Bieber and Dan and Shay.
Umm So I`m just waiting for a reply from Dan + Shay : ))
lazar fan lazar
Dislike if U ever got so sad by getting broking up with your true love rose I did today
Haleigh mister
I love justin and Dan and Shay but I love Dan and shay better ❤❤ leave a like If u like Dan and shay
Vicky Bieber
the most beautiful song❤️
Dr CowCow
I'm wondering why my friend sent me this when she know I don't listen to Justin Bieber.
Ciara sings
Here before 1M
Lilis Ospedal
Taspia Onty
Damn man.....ur voice is so cool❤
Shannon Buxton
Justin can u come to SMSC and sing for US Justin Love Shannon Buxton
Shannon Buxton
SMSC my school in election
Megan Keil
I like. Justin Bieber with Dan and shay
Carissa McCann
The “oh’s”, background vocals and harmonies in the song sound even more beautiful in this verison
Kayla Woods
More than likely singing this at my wedding to my fiancé ❤️❤️ I love it so much
Nadia Faró
justin’s vocals ????????????????????????????????
Zeldyaf 4425
*Remembering the Old Memories*
Just hear to listen Justin Bieber voice ..
Dewi Drew
Me and my boyfriend were belieber.....until now ????
Celeste Astudillo
la vos de mi bebé, me muero ????❤️
I love the beat of the original one playing it 15x a day ????????
Isra Rubio
omg on repeat all day
I showed this to my cat
Now she's my wife
rhiannon oakey
my favorite song ever
Bryant Vance
I LUV U....
My crush love this 10,000 hours so much
And I love both ????
Cal C
Oh I get to rap
Cal C
Fuck I didnt notice his voice its so heavenly
Cal C
God I wish I had a voice like that
Cal C
Takes Justin's jugalar inserts in throat
Cal C
Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhggggaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa it burns
Jalil Rehman
Bieber 2020 Era coming very soon
He will release a new album ????????????????
Whose ready ????????????????????
پارسیا کهن
Love you and your genration with yours beautiful languages
Everything Tech4You
Justin is going down
From Pop Songs to Wedding Songs what a drop
Nic McPhersonvb
Love him or hate him you can’t deny the kid has talent
Kaberi Goswami
i love you Justin ????????????????????????????????????????????????????
Chris Hawkins
When ever I hear this song I think of my gf
good vibes only.
Beliebers have a classic taste in music (really ita a deep fact ...)❤❤❤❤????????
Team Maniac
Bee ready beliebers 24 December, 31 DECEMBER and 3 JANUARY..... #2020
Thamara Figueiredo
que vooooooooooz justiiiiin <3
Thamara Figueiredo
love you justin <3
Prince Sony
Super duper cool my king ????
David Elago
I have my wedding song, now i need a girlfriend ☹️
Love this song. My favourite lyric is “did you get your middle name from your grandma?” Makes me think of my grandma Kathleen who is no longer here and who my middle name is named after!
fireproof_illusion _
Honestly can’t wait for Justin’s new music ????????????
Can you marry me please?!!!
LifeOf Yasmin
This song makes me feel powerful especially when they added Justin Bieber
Kailash Kumar
This is pure magic!!!!!!!????❤❤❤
Megan Keil
I will use this for my wedding because I have a boyfriend
Ashmit Singh
His angel.. where i was doin
guys all of you did a great should collab again
who else cried thinking about their non-existent gf/bf
Shamanda Nevarez
I like your have does shamanda comes ????
Shamanda Nevarez
I’m sister comes too at my Qunceras July 25 Mary Ann Nevarez
navee kanapathipillai
Armita Bora
Who's watching this in 2020? After Justin's new album's trailer? ❤️
Daniel Phillips
I like you guys a lot I'm going to try getting my aunt to Vince me to come for you songs
It gives me the feelings of Fa la la la la????❣
Andrei Raphael Chua
Settings > Playback Speed > Custom > 0.95 > Enjoy
Charlotte Jocelyn
I can't find it on Spotify. Why? ????
Kenlyn Anderson
Hi my name is Jada you are the first freed!
Snowroys RedglasseS
Its love song but I dont know why I feel sad ????
Valerie Ruiz
Wagner Music
Technically you could make a version that has only Dan + Shay or only JB since they switched verses
Kathryn Thomson
hey you switched verses LOL
Dan+ shay you guys now have a new fan, am happy for justin bieber. This is the kind of song that he really have to sing
i’m only 10 but this is my wedding songgggf
Corey And This Channel
Justin in 2019: sweet emotional songs like this
Justin in 2020: YoU gOt ThAt YuM yUm YuMmY yUm
Who's here after watching yummy ?
Blue-Eyed Beast
YO THE CHANGE IN ROLES IS AMAZING!!! Nice job Shay and Justin!!
Hayleigh Patton
I doesn’t like the piano in the back take that out ????????
Aben Jamir Pongen
Literally listening this song like a thousand...the lyrics are too good... Just so flattering...????glad to hve the old Justin back
Lindsey Clemons
Who noticed that they switched parts?
Gavin Magnus
dan and shay go listen to our cover we are almost at 500k in a day
Jerald Mayordomo
This song is so so so grea! I Love the lyrics ❤ I already covered this song ❤ check it out
Miss Carol
Moment of silence for the single people ???????? i long for true love...
Rachael Rutten
“Do you miss the road that you grew up on.” Yes
Getting married June 2020 and can't wait to have our first dance to this song! Thank you for dropping this piano version!
sarah wright
That bad boy can sing.

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