Abraham Gonzalez
Brings tears to my eyes everytime I hear this song my dad is in icu at the moment his birthday was just this past weekend. This is my favorite song right now. ????
Dalton Hall the harvester
The first time I cry ????
Tanya Reynolds
You are the best singer ever
Lost my old man 4/7/17 suddenly... this song came on the radio the other day & I swear someone was cutting onions in my truck... what a song. Totally nailed it. Thanks Luke.
Ella Jade
This song is beautiful it brought me to tears ????
Hard to believe how far you have come ...
Who else remembers the first videos when he sang "Fast Car" on the front porch or the one he did on the boat. God is Good;)
Went from singing "Fast Car" by Tracy Chapman on a front porch"
Today 2019 "Over a billion views" :)
God is Good.
Matt Conrow
Luke And Jack Daniel’s hit a man so hard at times. RIP Pop
Kimberly Naramore
Wow...... The TALENT this guy has ???? is well beyond measure. This song is so meaningful. Love me some Luke COMBS ????????
Matt Ryan
Wow to make someone like me pull over on the highway cause this song came on... now that's a song ! Great job !!
Becky Branscome
Thanks for this song, keep up the awsome music
Tatum Wood
I literally don’t even have a dad and this made me cry. I mean my grandpa has basically been my dad but still????????????
John Ceccarelli
After 18 years and still going in the Army my wife is pregnant with our son and damnit if this isn’t the type of relationship with a son I want especially if he fills my boots
John Ceccarelli
After 18 years and still going in the Army my wife is pregnant with our son and damnit if this isn’t the type of relationship with a son I want especially if he fills my boots
Jeffrey White
This song guves me chilllss every days
Addison Zohnd
I love this song so much????
Aubree Grayce
Even tho I haven't lost my parents it makes me bust out crying anywhere I love u luke combs
Maycee Mitchell
my dad died this week ????
Gregory Christopher
My buddy lost his dad a year or two ago, I was the first person he called. I'll never forget the moment. One day I'm gonna have to go through it and I'll prob call him. Dad's and friends are great. Life isn't all that bad.
Keith Anthony
Thank you Luke
Roanoro X5
This song makes me cry everytime I'm a 27 year old man and my father passed away in April in an unfortunate way and i never got to say goodbye the way I wanted too and my wife and I are having our first child and there's so many things I want to ask him and it hurts so bad I miss you so much and I hope I make you proud of me the way I always wanted too. I love you pops with everything i have in me.
Jerry Thomas
Snowflake country music. Safe place
Henrik Martens
My spirits sink even further when listening to this. Lost my Dad to cancer when I was 16½. A complete airhead now had to (I felt) cope with everything by himself. I am now 50 and the feelings are the same. Time can heal sorrow, but it can never be cured. Tears are building up..
Kimberly S
My dad was in a horrible car accident last year and was in a coma for about two months. We were told he wasn’t going to make it but I didn’t have the heart to give up on him... partly because I know he’s strong, but mostly because I was terrified of a life that didn’t involve him. I’m only 22 and there’s so much I want him to be here to see. Those few months were the worst ones of my life, driving out to that hospital every single day and sitting in that ICU unit while he laid there trapped in his own head... it was horrible, but I was right to make the decision as his POA to keep up life support and do everything necessary, because he pulled through. And now he’s still here, walking, talking, laughing and living— everything the doctors told me he wouldn’t be able to do. I know I have it good, I know I was blessed. But this song touches a part of me and it just makes me cry because it makes me remember how terrified I was to lose him. Those two months of silence from him were horrible. I’m so grateful he’s still here with me. I’m so grateful I can listen to this song and call him to talk about it, just like we always do when we hear a good song that the other might like. ????????????
Lee Irvine
Wow. Just wow. Amazing. Thank you so much for your beautiful music
Ronda Shonts
I agree Alex
Shyanna Haanen
Lost my dad 2 months months ago ???? I love this song love you papa ❤️
tasha 111
If I’m being 100% honest I don’t really even like country music anymore.. I miss the old country.. But when I first heard Luke and the way he tells his story through his songs I immediately thought that country music may actually have a fighting chance to be good again ???????????? I have yet to find a song of his that I don’t love and one that doesn’t hit me right in the gut in an emotional way. So glad he’s getting the recognition he’s worked so hard for and do doubt deserves!!!
Ram Tough
I've been that boy, and been on that plane. You sing from the heart, I love what you do
Braydyn Quigley
This song made me cry a few times :(
Gregory Maher
Wow.. I can't even see the keyboard thru all the tears in my eyes now
Joshua Wrigley
You don’t know me but, your my uncle and I can prove it. My brothers last names is Combs, and my dad’s last name is also Combs.
Elena Saucedo
I've heard This song before I never really paid any mind the lyrics until to day. One of my friend who had gotten out of the Marines unfortunately Passed away. The song came on and I broke down in tears. It's so true that he will be watching over me and all his other friends and family and helping us carry on????❤
I lost my brother August 14th who left behind two beautiful little girls 10 and 6. They sure miss their daddy but I know he’s always with them ????????
Rayne Sutherland
my dad is still alive but i have lost my uncle and grandma
Aidan Voyageur
love you grandpa????
Luke Combs is killing it... great song
Abigail Minino
My mom had passed on October 1st. This song hits me so hard. I'm crying right now.
Reaper frontier
I lost my dad 1 year ago oct 1st this month sucks dick....but somhow this song helps. Ik luke dont read these but this helps thak you buddy.
Mars Frayre
I was sexually assaulted by my father, from the age of 12 up until the age of 19. This song makes me miss my daddy, despite the harm he did to me. I just pray the lord takes care of him even though he didn’t take care of me. Love is a powerful thing, it still makes you miss the people that hurt you the most.
Super Mario Dinosaurs
This song summs up a soldier going to war and then possibly died in battle but we thank the troops for fighting for our nation
Ps, like this because my grandfather and great-grandfather was in a war
Tabatha Rodgers
The best song
Dawson Sorrells
My uncle is in prison for getting acused of doing something he didnt took a lie detector test and passed it and they didnt use it in court but if would have failed they would of used it against him in court and he heard this song in prison i guess and he sent it to his dad ???????????????????????????????? jonathon sheffield were praying for you man ❤❤❤❤❤
Active Lunar
Anyone soldier or first responder who needs to hear this thank you... you’re appreciated even if sometimes we don’t always show it bc without y’all we’d be fucked lol.
CAthletics CAthletics
I love your singing it so beautful .im your bigest fan .
Cassandra Zook
my father is still living but listening to this song makes me cry because i couldn’t imagine him not being here anymore. such a beautiful song!!
Ellen Turner
Luke .. idk who disliked this song!! But they don't know what there talking about!! When I heard this song!! I was flooded with emotions I had built up for so long!! I love this song!! #1 hit here u come! ????????????
Vincent Patterson
Cant way to see luke in december????
Chaise Paul
Man this song makes me cry every time
Dalton Jones
Khaki are you sing so good Luke Combs
Larry Harvey
My step dad passed away today, 10-28-19. Called him dad all my life, this song hits home, godspeed pops we love you!
Chris Moyers
This IS country music...
Chon Elgatito
I miss you, Daddy. You were the best. ???? I pray that my son will get to see his three little ones again and soon.
K'shawnn Walker
OMG this song ❤️❤️
John Holtz
This guy is awesome
bloodless reaper
My mom past away July 17th 2017 the week of my college graduation
Kathryn Brooks
If you love Luke combs like
Kayla Wooten
Lost My Dad (February 10,2018)Miss Him So Much !!! Everytime I Hear This Song It Brings Tears!
Tobin Tonight
i would of prefered like a childhood video or a dad video
Raymond Taylor
Hearing this songs brings me to tears knowing I have no family left. Last time I seen my dad I told him I loved him and that night he passed. Hard song to listen to but I know my dad is here with me in my heart.
Crystal Beswick
This is my favorite song off of his new album. ❤❤????????
Melissa Salter
Love love this song the second verse gets me so much 2 Amy’s sons ❤️???????????? beautiful song
Kayleigh Teston
What a great song!!
Tabitha Froschauer
Can u do a song about a redhead my brother died in a motorcycle accident and he was a redhead and he like ur music and he was only 32 had one girl still his heart away was his little girl Ari rest in peace spike david froschauer
Joseph Tackett
he already is
Joseph Tackett
this is the best song that i have listened to
Gaming Rebel
Apperently that's 1400 people that doesnt have a heart
Tamara Parker
My father passed away in 2010 and I know he is still in my life. This song is a beautiful reminder.
this song is so outstandingly beautiful
Lane Mougeot
He is so good at singing
Nina Lopez
A beautiful song ❤️❤️
Savage sea Smoke
His dad die 1=like for him reast in piece....His dad is watching this in heaven and he is saying that’s my boy
That’s making me tear up
Cristina Dickins
I miss my daddy so much. Hard to hear this. It’s been a shitty year without him.
isaac cagi
Love your song brother keep it up.
I miss you dad.
Gabby LaRue
1.5K has daddy issues.
Rick Carroll
Luke, how do you sing this with a straight face? I have listened hundreds of times, and it still breaks me up.
Jennifer Miller
Today is 3 yrs that my daddy has been gone and 4 years yesterday for my little sister. I heard this song and all i could do was cry. Thank you!
Reagan Walker
This song made me realise hw much I miss my Father
Amanda Wells
Sent this one to my husband. He’s currently deployed and we have a 5 year old little boy.
anthony hayes
My dad don't care about me that much but this song makes me feel like he does
Shawn Monzingo
Miss you Dad!
Loko Lucid
Who dislikes
Loko Lucid
Never got to meet my dad, im 21 and have a 15 month old son and when i look at him i imagine everything i would've been with my dad so iive my life to be what i didnt have . This song is gold????
I get choked up every time I listen to this. I appreciate my Dad so much more now that I'm a dad myself.
Terri Cotton
That's a good song best
john Lawrence
Anybody else feel anything at the end when they show the crowd. this is a luke combs concert, and everybody is just standing there jawdropped staring. makes me think of David allan Coe - "Mister, can you make folks cry when you play and sing" That song does it.
J and R stuff show
Brilliant song ????
Damn! Now I gotta listen to When it Rains it Pours to get in a happier mood
My name is Ben Combs lol
Kyrsten Bearden
Hi everyone! Will you please do me a favor and click this link, then comment “Vote” on my Uncle’s picture ? Addison (my little sister) is OBSESSED with Luke Combs and we’re trying to get her a meet and greet lol. It would greatly be appreciated!
Blackrainy2k Ace
My god this man does not have one bad song!
Kim wright
Every time I hear this I cry like a baby.
Started crying before I even got 30 seconds into this song.
Marc Reynolds
11 years ago I became a father 2 years my second came. Sadly we devorced, I'm met my wife that I'm married to now who had a three week old baby boy who now at 7 years old has known me as daddy his whole life.
We have 5 together they are my life and I have to thank a man that didn't have to be a dad to me,
For always being there for me through thick and thin, step dad's are God's way of saying there are good people in this world.
I don't really know my actual father that well he wants nothing to do with me.
It takes a boy to make a baby, but takes a man to be a father.
Caden McCormick
this is a great song it touches your heart so well
PJ York
I just lost my Dad on November 15th. RIP Dad December 29, 1955 - November 15, 2019
John Weeks
love this song one of his best if not the best one ever
Audrey Anderson
omggg i love this songgg
Toxic _Vxbes
The people who disliked this song should learn real music
alexander cole
Not a huge country fan, but I heard this on the radio at work and I’ve been playing it nonstop for the rest of the day. It really hits different.
At the current time, 3.3k people have disliked this song. The same 3.3k people probably like shitty rap music that you can't understand.
Eddie Broderick
It's the most amazing song I've ever heard
Elizabeth Pesiridis
Love this song
Kerry Kelly
I would sell everything I own to have him come and sing at my house for one day!!! Jesus. Kidding but it would be worth selling a ton of my shit to get him even close to my town.
Jarvis Johnson
Lost my dad when I was 5, never really thought about him since I heard this song, hit me right in the feels..
there a few song that really touch your heart and make u cry and this is one of them.
Daniel Whitt
goos bumps
Lost my grandfather the night before thanksgiving.. this song makes my heart hurt for my dad.
Fabrizio Lunelli
Love It. I miss my dad
Holly Erin Williams
I miss you daddy, 5.15.18 will always be the date I'll never forget. I love you, I know you're happy and cancer free in Heaven
Karen Hale
Love love love his voice...makes you melt like butter on hot bread!!!!! :)
Josh McRae
I just watched your interview about this song and know someone else's helped create this song. But I found it in troubled times when my hero, who is fighting cancer, as well as me struggling to be a great Dad to two boys, and it has rocked my world! You singing these lyrics and the emotion behind them has made me want to continue to be a great Dad, THERE IS REASON, because of the memories of my Dad doing all he can to be there and be my hero. Thank you for showing the world that men really care, we just explain it differently than others are use to. My boys love your music also and want to here you on long trips because they get into the diversity. Thank you again.
Aaron Arsenault
Same story as most of you. Lost my dad July 25th 2018 due to a greedy hospital. Heard this song on the radio and immediately after it another song played called I wish Grandpa’s didn’t die. Needless to say, I found out just how many tears I had left. Now I’m watching/listening to the video as I sit here watching my little boy playing with his puppy.
Brittneu Renea
I lost my mom back in april and this song reminds me of her so much everytime I hear this song I cry!
Jim Hayes
this song really makes me miss both parents
I cannot stop playing this song. Loved it since i first heard it. That last verse just brings me to tears every time; even though it's been nearly 21 years since we lost my father, and i never got to actually get to know him, it just hits home hard. It's like a freight train right in the feels.
Rader Logahn
i am at school right now listening to this song and i am crying
olivia plays Bates
I love my daddy so much ❤️????
April Blodgett
Has anyone noticed the similarities to Conway Twittys "Thats my job"? Both are good songs... This is like an updated version. Not that it needed an update :)
I love the songs so much I love you so much
Sadie Miller
Luke Combs - you're the fucking best, God bless you brother! I hope everysingle person reading this has an amazing day! I love you
Tonya Love
This song hits me hard
Billy Baggett
Lost my dad six years ago. Miss and think about him every day.
Dustin S.
I lost my mother after seeing her fight cancer from the time I was 13 to briefly after turning 16 and telling her goodbye on the only last time she could understand me.. Now I'm 24 and my Dad passed away and I couldn't say goodbye and It feels as if a huge part of me has completely died. I mess him and my mom so much.
Jason Goodman
I been listening to this on repeat. Verse on leaving home to go in military resonates even though I went to boot camp in 80s. And now my Dad, my best friend died unexpectedly and now I’m dealing with this. Thanks for this song, it’s helped more than you ever know
PoopiePants Mcgee
Well done.
Kendall Marshall
l love the song
Jason Spalding
Luke Combs is a modern day Garth Brooks. Every song is a hit, he just has that voice. Amazing, my fellow Kentuckian, keep up the good work.
Morteza Pourmohamadi
That loading circle on the background gives me anxiety.
Linda Heilman
Beautiful song!! Brought some tears....
It’s the truth. Once he left, all the monsters knew. Life will never be the same without my Daddy. ♥️
Red Man
I love my little boy so much.
Aaron Cothern
This guy is great
Mandy Stoyle
i lost my brother on july 5 2017 when i was only 9
Erick Fritz
I swear every time I hear this song I think of my Grandparents!!!
Kizmo 2
Thank you for restoring my faith in country music. Stay the way you are.
Sydney Blair
this song is so beautiful and moving and i really don’t know how he gets though it without breaking down cause i’m bawling just hearing him sing it
Jimmy Page
My heart goes out to everyone who lost their father, I'm fortunate enough to still have my dad but this song still hits me hard ????
Im Vixxy
Lost my dad last year. Had a brain tumor got that taken care of with surgery and passed away from a heart attack. I know he’s here with me when I least expect it. Miss you pops ❤️
William Neller
I believe he will be bigger than Garth and Tim and Kenny … he is LUKE COMBS, every songs he puts out , well I don't have any words rite now but every song is like straight from the HEART....
Black Rose Petals
This song reminded me of my dad. He’s in the armed forces and when I was little he left to deployment.and a lot happens
Franco Barrera
Him and Christ Stapleton have resurrected country music.
Joann Orona
My dad passed away 3/25/16 it was the worst thing I've ever had to go through...lately this song always comes on the radio, literally any time I'm in the car, I feel like he's speaking to me...the first time I heard it, it took my breath away...holidays are always hard...
Larry Wade Jr
I don’t even listen to country music like that. But the story of this song just grabs you and damn near make you wanna cry
Chris Swader
Luke Combs will be in the conversation of "the greatest country artist of all time"...especially because he writes ALL his own music!!
Depression ._.
I’m 17. I lost my dad July 6th 2019, like two weeks before his birthday. He died of a stage 4 brain tumor. I had to sit back and watch the most intelligent, hard working, generous man iv ever known, slowly lose his mind. This has been the hardest time in my life. Please pray for me I just miss him.
Matthew Joseph
Fat Darius Rucker
Jadira Viera
I LOVE LUKE COMBS, His voice is absolutely amazing.
Bailey Patton
RIP Daddy. 10/04/18 ????
Tech zone
Awesome song ????
coho slayer
Family court taken so many daddies away.......Sorry baby, mommy says I have'nt payed enough to see you this week. Daddy'll work harder. Daddy'll try harder. Daddy loves you.
Caitlyn Moore
I cry every time I hear this
Greetings from Luke Combs army of UK fans. This bloke oozes class!
This song is getting me though so much right now. I lost my dad yesterday 12/5/19 and it’s the only thing besides my amazing girlfriend that’s keeping me sane. Thanks Luke
Hi Peoples
This song is so real and just the thought of what Luke combs talks about in this song is scary, and that brings tears into everyone’s eyes ????
zack yeary
How do I email luke combs
Jaimi Tompkins
I love this nonsense much this is for a Cianna movie Thompkins and I love this song for me I made it up to my knee my mom upset and I still crying when I noticed your name made it up so thank you have a great time have a unicorn and I’m not done talking I love you so much talk with you so much daddy I’m mad and say will you stay away are you dead monster there daddy don’t pretty girl I want Tuesday????????????
Jaimi Tompkins
Don’t stop ???? it’s like you don’t even want him in your mind that I know him lol ???? day I have been in my work for over two weeks so far but it’s a little better and it’s just that he has no idea what I do but it’s just that I have no the right time for me to be with you he just makes him look ???? in a world ???? I love ???? you love ???? love ❤️ was my last chance I had one ☝️ for a long and two months I was not the first time I have a bad life I had no problems but my work is done ✅ was a very nice ???? day for my dad he is the first time in my class you have to work for him to your life with you he was not there for me he didn’t have any problems he would not go through and I know you don’t have any more friends ????
Jaimi Tompkins
Don’t stop ???? it’s like you don’t even want him in your mind that I know him lol ???? day I have been in my work for over two weeks so far but it’s a little better and it’s just that he has no idea what I do but it’s just that I have no the right time for me to be with you he just makes him look ???? in a world ???? I love ???? you love ???? love ❤️ was my last chance I had one ☝️ for a long and two months I was not the first time I have a bad life I had no problems but my work is done ✅ was a very nice ???? day for my dad he is the first time in my class you have to work for him to your life with you he was not there for me he didn’t have any problems he would not go through and I know you don’t have any more friends ????I’m not done typing stop the circle
Jaimi Tompkins
Don’t stop ???? it’s like you don’t even want him in your mind that I know him lol ???? day I have been in my work for over two weeks so far but it’s a little better and it’s just that he has no idea what I do but it’s just that I have no the right time for me to be with you he just makes him look ???? in a world ???? I love ???? you love ???? love ❤️ was my last chance I had one ☝️ for a long and two months I was not the first time I have a bad life I had no problems but my work is done ✅ was a very nice ???? day for my dad he is the first time in my class you have to work for him to your life with you he was not there for me he didn’t have any problems he would not go through and I know you don’t have any more friends ????
Andreas Grunwald
a wonderful song - regards from Germany
Adventure Awaits
Luke Combs is a talented artist.
But, the lyrics of this song SUCK. THERE IS NO EXCUSE to leave a child...ever. Unless you are a selfish and weak human. Money aint worth it....wtf is wrong with people?
You only get one chance to be a dad.
Collin Broussard
Everyone my dad is still with me, thank gosh. But I’m very sorry if your dad died. I pray for you and my mom and dad got a divorce so I have to switch back and forth but I thank the lord that my parents are still alive
This is awesome song. I lost my grandfather today and he was my real father. I love u granddaddy rip
Frank Wilder
This song reminds me of my dad he was my best friend
Tymeria Harris
All time fav best song ever
Victoria Haunter
“Please don’t go, I don’t want to be alone” grandpa it’s been a long 12 years, I miss you so much. I just want to turn back time.????
Jody Jenkins
I heard this song for the first time today-- ugly crying over it because my Dad died 2 days ago.
Sarah Lovejoy
I lost my dad four almost five years ago in March 2015 to lung cancer, a heart attack, and congestive heart failure!!! He was 51 when he passed away and I never got the chance to say goodbye or tell him that I loved him!!! I'm still heartbroken to this day!!! Every time I listen to this song I think about my dad and how much I miss him and I think about all the good memories we shared when I was little!!! I'm 26 right now, next April I'll be 27!!!
Rachel Parteko
I love this song it helps me after school because my dad is in prison
this is the best song ever
Farmer Joe
I never met my dad so every time I listen to this song I wonder what it would be like with a dad
Ronald Cash
Kayley Wilkerson
Luke combs I love you so much ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
AJ N310
I laughed so hard when they showed shots of the crowd..... so diverse, lmfao
savannah James seavey
I told my dad that I was going to sing this song at his funeral one day. And he said "I dont like country music" me "just listen to the words" *minutes later* *my dad ugly crying in the kitchen* my dad "I approve"
Raymond Rogers
From a dad who doesn't get to see his kids everyday this song hits home on soooo many levels , thanks Luke for reading my mind and putting it into words ????????????
Sam Kresil
Just heard this song this morning. God song.
Seth Harrell
best song I have ever herd. Keep it up
S Mclennan
dad your hands down the strongest unconditionally loving man I know.No man will ever be equal to you ever if ever I fall in love I can only hope he is half the man you are .were not good at the I love yous and words but it has never been needed your actions always proved you loved me I'll forever be your first born gypsy child "black and white" by nature and just like you "firecrackers" with good moral hearts thankyou for setting the benchmarks high and teaching me what a real man is protector provider stability acceptance home family friends #rocca
Orange Fox
My biggest fear that will come true is the day I have to say goodbye.
Maya Hatcher
I love your song
Casey Bridges
Lost my dad to cancer. We played this song at his funeral. He made a playlist before he passed and this was his number one song. Especially since he was a veteran
Alley Baby
Missing my daddy I play this song everyday he was my hero
Paloma Hernandez
???????? just close your eyes and say a prayer ????
Dalton Frier
Wish my dad was still here
Dalton Frier
I'm only 10
i lost my two kids and this song speaks to me like no other, thank you luke is all i can say.
James McDonald
One of the best out there
Glenn Jeske
It's me
Dixey Normous
Grown ass man sitting in my chair tearing up.
shirley Whitmer
I love this song because it means a lot if you close your eyes and listen with your heart
Sure is funny out of almost 17.4 MILLION views there is 108k LIKES and 3.4k mentally challenged idiots that don't like this song!
Logan McDowell
How’s not afraid of there dad dieing
jennifer yang
I lost my daddy a year ago, and this song reminds me of him so much. I miss him so much ????????????
this song gets me right in the feels every time
Jessica McBee
I found this song a day after I lost my father unexpectedly. It has played daily in my life since then. Thank you for this song!!
Can't listen without thinking of my two boys.This song says all there is to say between a Dad and his Sons.
God you are amazing Luke! Real country music right here!
Lee Eby
Beautiful song
Steven Riegel
If this song doesn't want to make you a better father you need to listen untill you cry. So powerful. God bless everyone.
Hannah Sheets
Rest In Peace dad I miss you more and more everyday
Brandon Smith
This is my and sons song ????
Javier Hernandez
This song is brutal.. From verse 1 you know you won't be able to hold it for too long.
Heather Bettis
Help him get through this guys
Patrick Banks
I remember driving down the road with my wife and newborn in the car and this song came on I started crying so hard man....my wife was like what the he’ll is wrong with you lol this song just hits me so hard because me and my pops have such a great relationship and all the shit I put my parents through when I was younger came flooding in...now that I’m a father for the first time I understand now how they felt... thanks Luke fir this beautiful song.
Edward Johnson
I love you too the Moon and back
Ariana Schulz
This is the best song ever and it still makes me cry
I’m a little sad, this song had huge potential for an amazing music video.
I miss old country music videos that showed a story to the song.
What is wrong with 3.5K people? Thumbs down???? They must not understand good music.
Zak Wixson
Thanksgiving day 1999 my Dad was killed in a car accident. Now 20 years later I have a 2 year old son. This song means so much to me. From my perspective, to my sons perspective. Thank you Luke ❤️
Steven Hernandez
This song out of 10= 19004846282902002847747373
???????? Never thought I would relate to this type of songs this soon in life. ????
Miss you Dad ???? I’m about to 24 in a couple of months. It’s gonna My first bday without you. Fuck... I miss you soo much ???? I stumbled and fell but I’m back up now. I’m going to become a World Champion for you one day I promise you that. Boxings ???? not gonna have a clue what’s about to hit it cause I know you won’t Eva leave my side. ????????
Hannah Whittle
11 years later and it still feels like I just said goodbye I love you daddy R.I.P Donnie lee Davenport ill always be your baby girl ❤
Denie Phoenix
I cried when I first heard this song
Donna Durham
I love this song
Deb Cindy
My dad passed a year ago. I'm crying like a baby. I miss you dad
zack armold
I just ugly cried watching my 5 month old son sleep at 2:00am. Thanks Luke. This song is gold.
James Fuentes
Powerful song
I literally cried while driving on the highway because this song is just that meaningful. I like to sing along with it but when it gets to that last part, it kills me instantly.
Kevin Tanui
reciting the song..
Jessica Myslinski
awesome song Love it
Brady T
My favorite song made by him so far
Belinda Zuniga
My daddy just passed on 12-09-2019 miss him was driving and song came on never heard it till today miss you daddy love the song
Carly Friess
Love this song ❤️
Mylee Sullivan
Thought I should comment... in 12. My dad died 5 years ago on April 1 2015. I don’t have hat many memories and don’t remember his voice, but I wish I could remember.
Jenine Rudy
I just can't listen to the whole song without crying! EVERY TIME! The last verse stabs my heart with joy and sadness! He will always be right there!
Madison Fredericksen
i love this song good job luke
Jack Black
Why do grandpas and dads have to leave us????????
April Nicole
My grandma passed on may 11,2019
Alexander Skabry
My big Marine just sent this to me from Asia. Crying like a baby to hear it. Semper Fi to all the Daddies out there.
Jacson Santana Ferreira
Antes de ir para a cama ele pegou minha mão e disse
Só porque eu estou indo embora
Isso não significa que eu não vou estar ao seu lado
Quando você precisar de mim
Jimmy Conner
This song makes me think of my Daddy . RIP 3-14-18
Erik Brown
I just heard this song on the radio and it got me crying like a baby I'm not a country music listener but I tell you one thing damned if I don't like this song!!! Five stars
Patty Russell
I llost my grandson 2 yrs.ago in a truck wreck.he left behind his 7 month old baby girl.this song. means a ot to me.I cry every time i listen to it.
Teamfamily wars
This song tears my heart out but if I don't listen to it when I get up every morning I don't have the strength to face the day.
Mareika Slaughter
How can anyone dislike this song
Joann K.
Officially a country fan!! Thank you Luke Combs ❤️
Andrea Smith
Luke Combs I love ur music
Andrea Smith
My mom leaves a lot and she sing me this song
James Newto
do anyone no the true story of this. fist is when he is a kid and scared. 2 is when he is going to the army.3 is when his dad is dieing. this song is awsome like if you love his songs
Juey & Dewsin Show
I love you Luke Combs
Melissa Wolfe
my son wants to go to America's Got Talent and sing this song
nolan tang
I'm actually crying listening and writing this...my dad was murdered last month...and it was shock for me cuz I didn't have a good relationship with him... I didn't hate him...never did...now he's gone I know I loved him on my own way and wayback...and wanted him to tell me those words in the song....I miss him so much and I wanted him to know a lot of things I have in the inside....i Love you Daddy...
Jonathan Seaborne
Love this song
wirdo wirdo
To all who served are currently serving and will in the future for America we americans thank you and love you God bless America
My dad passed away on 12/11/2019 he will forever be in my heart! On my way to the hospital this song came on the radio and I found it to be a sign, then after he passed I was driving back home and this song came on again, it feels he is speaking to me thru this song.
I love you dad and I miss you till we meet again your loving Son, Matt
Kayla Harris
Betty Blasenhauer
Reminds me of my dog that passed away on March 20 2019 miss her????
Tim Morford
My son is in the military and just recently deployed. How tearful on the words to this song. Well done!
Mase rich
Can’t figure out why but this song makes me thing of my grandpa who passed a few months back. The damn thing brings a tear to my eye every time I listen to it. Such a great song
Donna Graham
Love luv this guy !
The Hammer
Father and son bond. Great song my life...
Baby_ Namjin
I sometimes start crying because my auntie is dying of cancer????
Crystal pruitt
I lost my best friend ???????????????? in June 2013 he was shot and killed rip dad love you
Lucia Magana
Absolutely love this song! Makes me think of my boys and their Daddy. Gets me every time. Good work sir. Thanks you!
Who are those mother fucker who do not like this beautiful song?
Elite Bowman
This guy is great. He has had a lot of good songs in the past couple of years. He will be a top contender every year for Entertainer of the Year.
Every time I hear this song I cry my eyes out
Stephanie Giardinieri
My dad is out of state and he said to listen to this song and I cried well he was on the phone
Kaleb Brooks
This song has literally helped me grow and accept that just because he’s gone from here doesn’t mean he’s not still with me thank you Luke
Evan Shireman
I still go with my dad and see him but the fact he isn’t here every single day is starting to get to me, he left in march but i still keep in contact with i’m just as he does me
cover jacky
Eve though levin
IGriff TV
Luke combs makes me actually enjoy country holy shit lol I can’t stop listening to him
Loves Greatness
A modern Day John Anderson!
Lauren Gualtieri
I love this song ❤️ my fav song
Great voice, great song!
Sarah Harris
hard not to CRY
Cat McLain
My heart goes out to each of you for the loss of your Father, your Step Father <3 The special person you called Dad. I understand <3 When they touch your heart they never leave!
Maryn Kate Davis
Jen Watson
Ah dangit Luke!! ♥️. It's the holidays and definitely missing my pops. "i never thought id see the day I had to say good bye". Cherish every minute of time you get with your family because in the blink of an eye everything could change. ????
Mike o
Such a beautiful old soul voice, and presence,pure talent.
LeAnn Hobbs
Made me cry because my dad is a goner
jeff bartlebaugh
Lost my dad on July 22 2019 3days after his 76th birthday miss you everyday dad rest in peace we will meet again one day
LeAnn Hobbs
LeAnn Hobbs
Here something to say just because she's gone it doesn't mean it gone forever
Gacha tuber Jenny Hicks
When mom died she said she would always be right here and I feel she is. I love you Mom! BTW this is laura
Jonathan Camarillo
please can we get free tickets to go to your concert we are your biggest fans
Jennifer Haycraft
My husband has stage 4 brain cancer and is in his final days of life and his two young sons have dedicated this song to him. It breaks my heart
Sienna Young
Last year I moved to Connecticut from New York with my dad. I didn't like it so I moved back to my moms and now this song just hits me so hard
Kelly Sumpter
I love this song
Andrew Williams
Felt this thinking about when I deployed and my dad didn't want to let me go.
Ashli Womack
My dad died while I was on deployment 14 years ago.
Thank you for this song.
A Bridges
I love this song - I miss my dad every day.
Kelly Elizabeth Laffman
I just saw Luke perform this song for the first time, on the Voice...after the first several lines of the song, I knew exactly where it was going, and broke down absolutely SOBBING IN AGONY. I lost my very best friend in the world, my Daddy, at the end of August...and I just don’t know how to move forward without him. He was my Hero, my Cheerleader, my Mentor, and my Inspiration in this life. Luke’s song broke the dam inside of me...evoking all of the pain, grief, emptiness and sense of loss that I’ve been feeling since he left this earth; and reminded of just how beautiful a human being he was in life- ALWAYS THERE FOR ME WHEN NO ONE ELSE UNDERSTOOD WHAT I WAS THINKING AND FEELING. BLESS YOU FOR GIVING US THIS HEARTFELT TESTAMENT TO A FATHER’S LOVE FOR HIS CHILDREN. ❤️????❤️????❤️
Sylvia Stallion
Mrs. Kenny Chesney loves Luke Combs:)) question. Why was the microphone aka Kennys dick lol so. Long ???? ???? I am sorry God:( I am not crying:))) love this song:)
Yo Mama
Would love to hear Luke do a really bluesy number like this one from Carl Mann
Just a matter of time
This song means so much to me because I never met my dad so this is what I wished it was like
Lori Carroll
Beautiful song
Lori Carroll
I miss my father so much
Trent Fry
My son is 9 years old. We were on our way to hunt and this came on. He was staring out the window and wouldn’t look straight. I noticed he was crying from the reflection. It really got both of us that day. I work off 14 days at a time and sure do miss my little man every second I’m gone.
Katie Ctb
My first time hearing this & it made me cry. I miss you dad so much. ♥️ Heaven is so lucky to have you.
Jacob Irons
good song
Makes me miss my Dad who passed away
Patrick Maddox
Lost my dad four years ago,this song will break you down I dont care how much of a grown man we think we might be,and I know he's by my side every minute of every day
Thomas Penninger
Quinn daddy is fighting so hard for you and I promise you that not a minute passes that I'm not thinking about you and missing you! You are a blessing and an amazing little girl and it's not your fault but you'll pay the most for me and mommy not working out but baby I promise you we tried so hard and we just can't be together!! And for that I am truly sorry!! ILL NEVER STOP FIGHTING FOR YOU. Not fighting over you but FOR you!! Until we meet again I believe this young man Luke Combs has said it best! Thank you sir for making music that really speaks to people and about real life! God bless you all and Merry Christmas!!
George Brewster
I was watching the voice last night and this song came on. Within the first 30 seconds, I was in tears. I lost my father the day before. This hit me hard.
Taylar McCombs
I think of my father every time I hear this ❤️
Blake Matthew
This song hits me so hard. Im a single dad with sole custody of my 4 year old son and we're all each other has. Hardest days of my life doing it all by myself and im tearing up writing this and i know he'll never see this but by chance he does some day when he's older then just know daddy loves you knoxstar and I'll always be there for you
Amanda Malone
I lost my father November 4 2002 he worked on a farm in NY his life was taken by a bull I was 17 this is the first song I've heard that feels like it fits the most
Craig Pomeroy
Bruce Courtney Jr
Luke’s my goto guy when I’m not feeling alright....????
Jonathan Little
Love lost, means much, thank you.
Right by my side
Dawson Walker INTJ
My dad's a truck driver. He's on the road right now and I miss him soooooooo much every time he leaves????
Kris Hanus
Great song! Keep em coming
Diana Rivera
What a beautiful song❣I lost my dad when I was 4 & 31 years later it hasn't gotten any easier. All along though this is exactly how I've pulled through, knowing that he is physically gone but only a prayer away & always watching over me❤
Andrew Gutierrez
My dad is currently in a coma and the doctors dont know why he wont wake up. I got in my car. I did not have the country station on. But the first song that turned on was this one and I couldn't stop crying. I'm afraid to lose my dad.
Tammy Taylor-Cole
Such a fitting song for these days of unrest in our county
Jeremy Landowski
Lost my grandfather december 13th of this year. For the first couple weeks I couldnt listen to this song no matter how much I loved it. Now I find comfort in it. Even though I cry most times I hear it. I cant turn it off
This is my fav song out of all your songs
I cant go to your concert srry!!!
Shelly Evans
Luke, PLEASE take a look at this video made by our niece, Jasmin. She has signed your amazing song, Just Because I'm Leaving. It is awesome... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ho3dtFME1OM
Ebony Hayne
Ahhhhhhhh this song ???????????? I want to cry
brandon gibbs
My wife of 13 years left me for another man while i was workimg out of town ive paid tons of money in court and started working local then she moved 2hrs from me and took our 4 kids with her i fight every month trying to get to see my kids more i only get them for 3 days every 2 weeks i pay 400 a week in childsupport and never missed a payment i tell my kids everytime i get them and take them back that ill always be there and ill never give up on them i used to be able to call them everyday but she stopped answering my calls now that she is getting married i dont get to speak to my kids or see how theyre doing till its my weekend and its so hard but what can i do but cherish the times i have with them maybe one day things will change and ill see them everyday i wouldnt wish what she did to me on anyone nor do that stuff i supported her for 15 years she never worked a day and now im supporting her and her new boyfriend while they live lavishly and i struggle and now i have 16 years to support her and him more wish women would use that money on the kids and not themselves
Tiffany Housley
I lost my dad when I was 8 in about a hour I’ll be 19 that means he hasn’t been here for almost 11 birthdays I can’t believe it daddy I hope I made you proud of me
Chris Schultz
I still have my dad and every time I hear this song I always think of the people that don't have their dad my heart is with every single one of u God bless y'all and this song breaks my heart every time I hear but I love the song ❤️ God bless y'all out there who have lost their dad's that part always gets me "There's no way that I can walk this road alone" everybody needs their daddy's
Destany Kuchta
My cousin killed himself and they played this song at his funeral and I can’t stop listening to it now
Htoo Lay
This song makes me miss my dad :( idk why because he abused me but i never gave up on him
Tiffany Hollis
I love you always and forever ❤❤❤
Jackel Pro
My dad just died today we had a strong connection he killed him self after the divorce and when we couldn’t see him.
Kary Oakes
Jan 23 2018 I lost my daddy. Almost 2 years have gone by and its been so hard dealing with it. He was my best friend my hero my person and left a huge hole in my heart that I cant fill no matter what. I would give anything to have my daddy back.
Tdc_gaming 54
This song reminds me of my grandpa
Aubrey Serbus
I love this song because it sounds like my brother and sister.
Ashley S
Jabo Blank
My dream sense the first song I heard from him is to go to one of his concerts
Michael Donelson
Grandpa ik you weren’t my dad but ik your not gone your just sleeping in my heart. I love you and I miss you.
Kaliesha Vargas
The " Uncle Sam" part makes me think of my husband and my son that's due very soon. I just think about rolling over in bed and seeing my husband "in the middle of the night" and then the days will come that I won't because of the military! I'll hold my son a little closer those nights so he won't be scared or lonely! As well as myself ???????? say a prayer and remember my husband will always be here with us no matter where he is!
Patrick Becker
Every time this song comes on my 5 year old daughter sings it word for word. Me and her are best friends. We are just alike in every way imaginable. I work out the country 6 months at a time and this song hits home so hard.
Victoria Betters
I lost my mom a year ago this song still hits me everytime ???? I pray for all who's lost a love one ????
Tiffany Hollis
I love you baby have a good day ❤❤❤
Tiffany Hollis
I love you baby have a good day ❤❤❤
Teakies World
Great song
Jay P
Dad died in a car accident when I was 13,. I was blessed with a baby boy at 27,. I just wish my dad could meet his grandson.. :( he's 2 years old and it' breaks my heart
Brandon Correa
Just lost my uncle last night to cancer been by his side for lil over a week had some good times I played this song for him he told me and my aunt I want it played when I die love you jojo
Amanda Brown
I know I'm crying
Jose Carrera
My beautiful sons.. this hits home.
Taylor Campnbell
This is ,my mamas song to me and my sister
Taylor Campnbell
I LOVE this song
MS Hxspitxlity
I never grew up with a father.. and I miss him.. even though hes a bad person.. but I tell myself it's going to be ok.. and for everyone who reads this and has lost a father.. it will be okay????
JuiceWRLD 999
My father passed away 11 years ago. This song hits my right in the feels.
Relax in Paradise Pops. ????????????
Landen Gibson
I had to sing this at my dad furnul
zach gross
Songs hits me right in my heart ❤️ I’m thankful I still have my dad around but when I heard this song it made me realize how lucky I am to still have him around ❤️
Southern Trendz
Me and my little boy love this song so much:)
Cashele Love
Did this make any body else cry?
Slash _2fs_
I just lost my dad September 23rd and this song just killed me it made me bust out crying I miss my dad???? I lost him at the age of 16 he died holding my hand????
Scruffy_ The_Scruff
If y'all are a fan of country music but not a fan of Luke Combs then you aren't a country music fan
renae aldridge
I love this song
Ariana Schulz
I love this song and I listen to it all the time and I also listen to it when I am sad.
Rocktrepreneur Nation
Brand new country video on my channel ???????? https://youtu.be/UoPKWG9rhO0
qwerty 123
I wish I had a dad for thos tough times
Christian axb
Someone put them damn onions away ???????????? I miss my grandpa
Billy Slone
Please get me some tickets for 5
Charlotte Hamilton
I love your songs my favorite was this one ????
Shiana Marie Holmes
I don't have words to tell you how hard this hit
Lisa Hutto
Oh man I'm crying my eyes out. My dad passed away on August 30th, 2019 from cancer at the age of 64. I'm heart broken. He won't be there to walk me down the aisle if I ever meet my best friend. I do know that him and my brother who was only 38 when he passed are in a better place but i'm so sad without them here.
Giedre Hebadj
Very soulful, very thoughtful!!
James Jameson
I may be reading too deeply in to this, but the lyrics seem to have another layer to them. He doesn't call him "boy" the entire song, even when he was a boy. Then at the end, when the father is dying and son is a grown man, he finally calls him "boy". I understood this because I don't even call my young sons boy. Always 'little man' or something. But the truth is, they will always be your boy no matter how old they get.
Noah Berry
my mom dad both grandpa's died so this song makes me cry in the middle of school.
Evelyn Deb Jansen
This literally gave me chills!! Beautiful <3
Is it even possible for this man to make a bad song? Best thing to happen in country for a long time imo.
mustapha abdirahman
I misse u Dady RIP????????????
Margaret McConnell
I won't stop listening to this song after my dad died and I'm crying!!!!!
Conleth Halligan
Brilliant singer and great songs, best wishes from Ireland ????????
Kyra Face
Love it luke combs
Luke Combs is a god
Jamie Kimsey
Love Love Love this song! I cried the first time I heard it before it hit radio. Makes me miss my daddy. This year will make 10 years that he passed. You "adapt" but it still hurts
Curtis Bradford
This song is a Tribute to my Grandpa who passed away a few years ago back in the 2000's. We all miss you alot Papete Craig Sparks. Love the BRADFORD' Sparks' McClellan' and Hunt Family as well. R.I.P.
Fernando Rodriguez
I don’t like country music but this one moved me
Elena Osun
Just lost my Grandpa at the age of 94 years old. (Sigh) He was a healthy man and truly lived his life till the end. ???? It breaks my heart???? to have to say goodbye. Love u Grampz, and we're all really gonna miss u.
RIP Tata Chuy
Adrian Hupton
Top tune
Judy Porter
Ok big fan of you Luke combs
Joshua Layton
Luke Combs sounds like a angel
Diana Hulsey
Fiona Woolery
I am so sorry for all the people in the world that lost your dad or the people that dose have a dad????????????????
juan santini
Make me cry because remember my dad!! I miss u Dad Viejito Lindooo
Raye Raye
My daddy told me he loved me for the very last time on this day last year. He gained his wings the next night. ????
Daniel Lusk
Father passed away at the beginning of the year. Unexpectedly
Bobs Youruncle
Anyone who doesnt like or cant relate to this songs needs to be checked out by someone or just get out of the US... this song is pure GOLD
The thumbs down must be click country fans this is real country
anime Ultra reviews
Rip Kobe Bryant
Jason Costello
I lost my dad when I was 3, I'm currently active duty military, and because of divorce, my son lives with his mom for the school year. This song really hits me in the feels on multiple levels, however, I played it for my son and it makes goodbyes a little easier because he also knows I'm with him, even when I can't be. Thanks Luke.
Team Shelton
I lost my dad a week after my 13th birthday and it will be 11 years on October 17th I didn't want to say goodbye but I wish we had more time together dad I love you so much and miss you
David N Smoke
Combs you really lock up ma world. I can't stop praying this song
Gracie Koelker
I lost my dad and best friend October 3rd of 2019. I was 17 and he was 39. He sent me this song three days before he passed away. This song gets me through the toughest of times.
David Wiese
I lost my Dad on Saturday and I miss him so much.????
Charlene Freude
He is really good like the song
Lauren Carter
I lost my Bonus dad at the end of September and when we were leaving the cemetery this song came on ????
holly morris
#RIP #KOBEBRYANT AND #GIANNABRYANT ???????? and all the loved ones who passed tragically today????????????????????
Ed Miller
Such a powerful song
I listened to the lyrics and it made me think this is probably what Kobe and Gigi were saying to each other before the crash.
Man fuck #rip24
rxxts xo
Luke combs single hand taking over country..
Toby Buck
Oh my gosh when I herd this song it made me think of my grandpa ????????????????????????????????????????????????
cheryl king
Love u Dad so much and miss u. Even though you didn't make it to my Senior Night, and Graduation l still love u.
Rose Dulaney
All the 4.6k people who gave this video a thumbs down are either dumb or just don't have taste in awesome music. Who else agrees?! # Love you Luke
Jim Lalumondier
Dear God this is a beautiful song
Desiree Lynn Spence
R.I.P KOBE BRYANT & BABY GIRL GIGI ????????????????????❤????????????????
Car Dealer
Kobe and all others rip legend....
Amanda Best
Lori Wiemann
I lost my dad almost 5 years ago....RIP Dad, no more cancer....love you....and Luke, tattooing some of this song on my arm...
The feelings this song causes!!!!
Yung Kylo
songs sad heard it on the bus today
i still have my dad in my life fortunately, but my grandpa passed a year and a half ago and my mom gets shook up by this song every time it comes on. this song reminds me of him even though he isn't my dad
Bj Hernadez
Can't be live it's sold out but I wish I could of met you and shook your hand this song is gonna stick for ever your a blessed man..
Connor Ferguson
this song is one of the best songs i’ve heard. helps me cope about my dad who passed about a year ago. i love you dad❤️
Joseph Souvannasy
rip kobe and gigi bryant and the others on the copter
Justin King
To anyone that is an custody battle with your kid dont quit fighting it will all be worth it. To Ryan Joseph King daddy loves you, always have and always will. Just cause im leave im leavin i aint going nowhere baby boy..
Meegan McClorey
I lost my step-dad 5 years ago and this is the day he died!!????????
alen davis
This song came out right about the time my father lost his battle with cancer...words can't express how much comfort this song gave me
Melissa Dellinger
This song reminds me of when my dad was gone in the military!
This song make me think of my three sons and my dad whom I lost 16 years ago. I think of me saying this to my sons to let them know I will always be there for them. Then I think of my dad and this song, crying because I MISS him and LOVE dad so much. I will see you in heaven. God Bless Dads.
Angie Dixon
It’s a hard song to listen to but I love Luke so I do ❣️
paul austin
One of the most powerful songs I ever heard! Miss you Dad!!!
This, is 100% for sure gonna be played at MY funeral when my time is gone! I love my son more than anything on earth!
Blaine Ayers
Ive listened to this song a 1000 times. I love it. However, I ugly cry every time I hear it. Every time.
A. Vincent Herrick
Lost my Dad a few years back. My boy hugs me whenever this song starts playing cause he knows Daddy is sad.
johnny green
This song hits home ❤️
Allen Trigger Jones
My little boy is lying next to me sleeping as I listen to this song. I hate that one day I’ll have to leave him and he’s too young to even know that daddy won’t be there someday. Makes you realise you have to live every day to the fullest and spend as much time as you can with the people you love. Great song.
Rikki Pace
I cry every time I hear it
I like the aesthetic of the vid. It’s simple, straightforward and poignant. He lets the song speak for itself. This is a video that’ll stand the test of time and so will this song. It’s a universal truth.
Marco B
He looks like a dude who drives an 18 wheeler
Gearhead 6971
This song needs a proper video! Find the right cast and shoot it already!
Kyleigh Hutchinson
I have been going through a lot with my mom in prison she wrote a note and told me to listen to this song and I started to cry because this is what happened to me and my father also my mom and she has 14 years to do and I hope my father gets out soon because he been in prison since I was born
Grub Killer
My dad works hard everyday for me and my brothers, I love him so much. I'm sorry for those who have lost there father. ????????????
Sunshine Pettitt
Luke Combs you sing this song really good it touches me you did good thank you for singing this song thank you so much Luke Combs.
Terri Rodriguez
Every one says this song is for there dad. This song is for my mom because she is the father I never had.
Carissa Ramsey
lost my dad 4 year ago, it will be 5 this year.... I cant believe its been this long, im grieving so bad rn!! love you dad!! see you in heaven !
Jared Smith
Best song????
Alisha Maya
Can't stop listening to this ????
Allie Kammerude
My mom cried over it????????????
Major Edmonds outdoors TV
i didnt lose my dad but he moved to south carolina for a better job i live in oklahoma i barely see him this is hard.
marc rech
This song makes me cry when I think about how my toddler must feel everytime I leave for overnight travel. I love my son.
Kelly Rae Mostowy
This is one of the most beautiful songs I've ever heard. Changed my life thank you
Brodie Augusta
I love you Luke combs
This is Brodie you best fan
Jocelyn Mesch
I have never heard a song by this guy that I do not like.
sistersforever Gabby&kali
i lost my grandpa so when i listen to this i cry good song tho
Melissa Hall
I love this song
No Alias
I’m not crying. Your crying.
WOW!!! GOD FORBID but this will be on replay! I Can't even imagine!!!! Painfully Beautiful!!! There hasn't been a song that touched me this strong since Don't take the girl!
Phil Curran
Hey Luke, Can't wait till you come back to Aus! Awesome Voice Dude!! Love your work!
scott chandler
Man i miss my dad so much i took care of him the last few years of his wonderful life he stayed at my house with myself my wife an two baby girls i thought he just fell out of his wheelchair it sometimes happed when he feel asleep so my wife said babe your dad fell out of his chair again an i got up to help him but just my luck....... My daddy was gone an that day a pice of me when with him. I LOVE YOU DAD TILL WE MEET AGAIN MAY GOD HOLD YOU IN THE PALM OF HIS HANDS
Blackskinis Amazing
*BLACK AMERICANS literally created COUNTRY MUSIC!!!!, but da white man stole it just like da white man stole the native Indians land and 350 years of black labor through the unheard of racist Jim Crow era and chattel slavery era -- come'on Luke boy at least give thanks to us black Americans for creating the country music you eat n live off/cultural appropriate*
Nyjala Williams
I love you dad 9.12.2019 ????
Michael Cunningham
The only real country singer now RIP Hank williams Sr.
Kelley Edwards
Lost dad suddenly 4.18.19. Miss him so much. This song makes me feel like Im not the only one so sad about losing their dad.
Rene Alvarez
I'm not the crying type but damn this one got me
Well that's a swift kick right in the feels......
Pat Nekson
Your my new favorite artist!!
Sarah Murabito
and here come the feels
Nora Rucker
LoL song
Conner Oquinn
This song is so sad and depressed
Logan Debity
This song is what keeps me thinking about my dad since he passed away on January 24,2020
Tristen Brooks
That's my dad and me life song
Kenna Beasley
Way to go Luke
Boat Lover2
Man that song hits me hard!! I miss my Dad ????????
Jessica G Aguilar
Made me cry...
Mike or patty Rhoades
So true! Love it.
Julie Fisher
An amazing song. Tears just a falling. Bet this was a hard song to sing .Great father son ...song. Love it❤????
Staci Portillo
I lost my Dad Sept 12, 2015 & my fiance (who I had known for 31 yrs) Nov 20, 2019. My son played this song at my fiance's memorial & I completely lost it. Cancer sucks!!!
Thomas Hobart
My Daddy has been gone 30 years and Dear Lord I still miss him. :(
Lost my dad 20 years ago..... in sears hardware, they had to page him over the loud speaker.
Jeremy Smith
I love this song as a father this hits home
iiiOcean_eyesii I
Dose anyone remember when the voice turned him down? Well LOOK AT HIM NOW he’s a huge success u underestimated him. The voice! He’s an amazing singer! He brought back classic and real country!
Randy bishop
Luke combs is the next best thing since hank jr
Cooper conley Outdoors
I traded up a little after listening to this
Cooper conley Outdoors
Playing this at my dads funeral when he dies but I still have home and that what matters
Gregory King
The third verse gets me every damn time .. RIP Dad 7/27/61-5/3/15
hayley n
in love
skillet millet
this song gives me goose bumps love it reminds me of my father that passed when i was a little girl i know he still around me love you dad
Kenneth Polvent
Rest in Peace to our 2 amazing Special Warriors who are now in Heaven ???????? ????
Johnny Trejo
Whenever I hear this song I replace 'Daddy' with "Mommy/Momma' because I lost my mother recently and I know the pain will never go away, but I can always remember the good times. I give my condolences to anyone who has lost their mom or dad, I know your pain and know that you are not alone.
Ashley Syrkel
Your my daughter's favorite singer she wont go anywhere without hearing your song your awesome!
Aaden Rodighiero
I don't want to be mean but I honestly think this song is not about losing your father I think it is about his father going into war
Ok so I dig the song is it paying tribute to Conway twitty that’s my job or a rip off
Michael Clark
Son and baby girl , Daddy loves yall both so much
DJ Blocked
Hey Luke Combs how much money would you need to get paid to come and sing to my niece for her birthday because he father left to go to Kuwait and she loves this song because it reminds her of her father and she is 8
Jeremy Henik
My dad died when I was 8 he was an abusive alcoholic parents got divorced when I was 4 when he started beating my mom ....after that we hardly saw each other I still missed him down the road the day he died his co worker who was there said to me at the wake your dads last words were”tell my son I’m sorry I let him down and he was the most amazing thing created and he loved me more than everything” this song hits you hard now I wish I could talk to him one more time...
It's been only a week since I lost my mom but I can't stop wondering if I made her proud.....
Michelle Lewis
This is the best so g
Shane Mccullough
Greatest song on the radio right now in my opinion
Blake Ledbetter
I’m going to see him live so hipe
Ruth Ndegwa
My boyfriend left me for seven years but when l listen this song ????????????????????miss you Sam ❤
Kennedy Dockery
He wasn’t my father. He was my grandfather. He raised me. God I just wish I had one day with him. I miss him more than words could ever express. ????????
Natalie Savage
Can’t wait to see Luke Combs at C2C!
Aubrey Jackson
doing this song as my first dance song with my daddy but we are going to stop it before it gets to the sad part.
Tiffney Robinson
How could you not like this
Sherii Werner
Rest in peace Daddy. I love you to the moon and back and around the block. June 1956-Feb. 9th 2020 ❤❤????
Matt Nordan
4.9k people have daddy issues
Clayton Hood
Just lost my dad, this gets me every time I hear it.
Ashley Sweetman
This song hits me hard it makes me think of my son who past away at 5 months in 2016 I can listen to it some days but most days I can’t but it’s a beautiful song
Venita Hodge
My mom she passed away. On April 4th 2019. She's only 49 years old.
Dallas Fort Worth Foundation Repair
Great song, think of my childhood, of losing my Dad, he died in my arms. Stayed alive hoping I'd straighten out. I did. Now I want to be the man he was, he was awesome. And I've got a son, who when I die, I don't want him to take it as hard as I did. Live, you will see me again, on the other side.
Angela xshezipe Migson Moyo
I miss you daddy. Always in my heart.its not easy without you
My dad passed Sunday feb 9th. I feel so lost and alone. I cant stop crying
alexis michelle
yeserday was my grandpa's birthday and i find it crazy that hes not here anymore ill never not cry like a baby when i hear this song because it just reminds me of him so much
Emily McCullah
I hear this probably three times a day on the radio, and it gets me every damn time. Beautiful song
Devyn Yates
This shit makes me wanna call up my dad and tell him I love him so much
Devyn Yates
Love you Dad. Love you God ♥️
Matthew Allbright
My wife lost her daddy around the time this come out so I grabbed the guitar and learned it before I played this to her it tour me up inside knowing how much her daddy was to her and to play this it was a very emotional experience but the way she looked at me while I played could have rewrote bookes I love you baby and ill always be their im sure more will come but I'm not going No where
Reaper frontier
I lost my father oct 1,2018 we just got dont having dinner and i was holding his hand..then he was gone this songs hits harder than hell dues to the fact it came out around the time i was hitting my end and i hurd it for the first time and broke...i may be a 23 year old man who watched his pops pass...but man can luke make it somehwat better and make u cry like a baby...
Steven Vang
RIP angry grandpa ????
Audrianna Carabajal
I miss you daddy
Audrianna Carabajal
I lost my father 6 months ago
Erica McNeal
i love u daddy R.I.P Daryl Arnold 3/3/69 - 1/11/20
Brent Brown
I lost my dad 2/8/2020 at 3:38p.m. after a long hard fight with multiple illnesses. Prior to listening to this song I wasn’t a real big fan of you, but after listening to this song and how much it touched my heart, you now have a forever fan. Thank you for this song. It means more to me than you’ll ever know.
Ashley Banks
Never thought the day I had to say good bye hits hard also I don’t live with my dad and it is hard but when I here this song it makes me think of him in a good way

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