Pedro Guzman
Nice baby
lulu Alkathim
So nice
Kimberly Cruz
Just covered this song, pls go check it out!!!! It means the world to me❤️
Skye Hughes
I love it
Skye Hughes
Nice work on the song
Skye Hughes
Nice baby I love it
Gun hellsweek
Love Nice
Carrera de Sociología
i love it sam..
Zahra. Zouaoui
Mike Marine
Baby face
Shalim Sam
Lovely song...
mihai constantin
christopher reid
i think they would make a nice couple.
Javie Mejorado
i don't wanna be alone tonight! alone tonight! alone tonight!!!!
Javie Mejorado
I'm dancing with a stranger
Linie Scott
Their voice sound so good together ????
He lost so much weight, he looks like a greyhound lol
Paula Gana
I Love Sam
Arjun Peace Himalaya Treks
just loveed it
Courtney Butler
You guys are so good at singing i love you guys
Trisha Grooms
love ya
Valley Breeze Resort Channel
reminds me of the mv of John Mayer's New Light hahahah
sergio 30sec
Am I the only one who thinks that her voice sounds like Demi Lovato’s voice?
Tereza Cristhina Ribeiro da Silva
Tô apaixonada ????
Michael Derengowski
Done already. ????x
Wonder how much the studio charge them to add Auto-Tune
David Northy
Verey romantic music
Donnesha Vaughn
Good song
Emma Parins
look what you made me do
Iona Garwood
Love this song they sounds good
Milena CR
Esta cancion la ponen en la tienda de zara. Y te sientes tan sofisticado que se teda por comprar ropa hasta que no te quedacon tal de gastar
.... lol
Red Onyx
Normani u r beautiful
Red Onyx
sam your voice is sooooooooooooooo good
Rosana Alonso
Canção maravilhosa!
Lysa Regits
Is it true are they actually a couple
Betty Chicaiza
????Mi bebé te reamo❤❤❤
Lysa Regits
I'm dancing with a stranger
Kris Cooknick
Normani is so beautiful ..Sam Smith voice is so annoying
Mister Evans
I feel in love with this song.*
Islandpride 868
Song of the year ????????????
4EverLove Shakira
I broke up with my twin flame...i dont know if she had sex with someone else but she says she hasn't...well i met someone who is just like me and we vibe on the same wavelength and me and her had sex last night..........i feel terrible but i feel my ex is doing her so i must do me or i will die chasing the shadow of who she used to be......
Christine Johnston
???????? stuck in mind ????????????????
Css Solar Investment
Nice song.
Sandra Prophète
guys i think ???? you are ???? ???????? lit
Sandra Prophète
i mean you guys are ???? ???? ???? lit
Christal Davis
Perfect vocals ????
Jason Cardinal
Love this one
Hyugo Utomo
Hanan Sanoussi
❤️❤️❤️love it sooo much ❤️❤️❤️
Ihateyoualq B
I know i gotta get some new moves in
creator Space
We made it well.
tjlove princess
Money changes people . Changes lovers to hate each other ( some ) nice song.
Gun hellsweek
Love this song
ted ritola
Why is it that most of todays music all sounds the same SAME ? SAME BEAT AND SO ON THE 60s threw 80s Has real music check it out and Enjoy
Stephanielea Fletcher
OMG I love this sound
Patcharin Deesrionty
I love this
Trin Nuttz
Loving this song of Narcissistic denial...such a great beat????????????????
Deidre Green
Hot girl summer, chicken sandwiches????? Tell all hot boys to come out and play? All I eat is chicken sandwiches? These people are fucking obsessed. White people y'all creepy as fuck. Y'all in love with me, you weirdo's don't want me dead.???????????? Everything I do y'all make it a trend. Bitch I'm the standard.
Fuscomania !
There's two trains of thought here: A) The two broke up, saw each other, had sex, immediately regretted it. B) the two broke up, blame the other for it, saw each other, and fought.
chenelle carpenter
Dancing with a stranger
Nancy Barajas
Nice song
Precious Ottou
I wasn't even going out tonight
Ladislav Vakula
nie som bukvica ale vyborna skladba
Dina Moriello
Love Sam Smith....
Natasha Hunte
This song is so hot love it
Honey Earnest
His voice is like pure melted hot butter
Catalina Ramsaran
Beautiful song
malarie Mondy
I love him so much he can sing
???????????????????????????????????????????? and girl you can sing
Madeline Rivera
Beautiful music I feel it
Veronica Thompkins
Beautiful duet
Amira Cassiopeia
Will always remember this song cuz of my cx who hold me with this song on. ❤
Who's wanted /pleaded with there other half so much but is just ignored.for whatever then go and dance with that stranger to get over them somehow? !????????????
And then the ex pipes up and says you now done them wrong and it's not their fault lol
Love so complicated! ❤️????????????
Bartolomeo Porcheddu
He has a nigga's voice
So sad that I have to be dancing with a stranger
richard campbell
wowwww super jadore bonne muzique merci
Brenda Wanjiru
Lovely song...I love the song.❤????
Ora K Eatmon
Love this song
Liberty Hernandez
I'm dancing with a stranger ????
Vince Page
Wact ces
Vince Page
U too puck
Richal Baird
I love it!!! But I'm not dancing with any stranger just my one and only man... So in love.
Bibi Ayube
Always dancing ????????????????
Dena Luv Tarot
????????????????still rocking to this ????????????????
Natisha Rivers
Sexy ass song and the best way to get over that wasted space put your attention on a new!!! Smile and cry when no one is looking!!
Mitz Chiang
RIP replay button
Aurelia Crumby
My mom:get your butt in bed NOW
musonda mwape
2020 anyone???
irene mwangi
This song is just liiit????????????????????
Aylin RBF
I love this song ????????????????
Sonia Caruana
I'm dancing with a very sexy stranger lol...
mahannah stefelipe
came here from snapchat hahahaha
Ilham Almeida
Love love love this song it's my favorite ❤????????
Christopher Resendiz
Good song!!!!!!!!!!!!!▶▶▶▶◀◀◀⏫⏫
Christopher Resendiz
I like you guy.
Lilly V Gutierrez
I love the video
Jacky Rene
I love her voice

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