Manuel Blasco García
the icon, for ever
Mel C.H
Spectacular musicianship. Love GM's voice on this. Too sad a loss.
joseph hendrickx
Seen the movie last night ???????????? So great feeling so High ????
David Boudens
can we please get more of this ?????
Mr Marchant
Heard this for the first time today, had a big smile on my face but won't lie I did shed a tear or two....we miss you George, you will live on through your music FOREVER x
dziaduszko 1981
Not like George... Fake, I dont like it.
Kevin Knox
Love it
Anna Pagliaruli
Indimenticabile George ????????????
Mario H
I grew up listening to his music and I realized after he passed away how much his work has meant to me. I was like always relying on thoughts like 'oh, maybe this year good 'ol George would release another album to blow up our minds'. Year after year since '05 like that. And when I read of his death suddenly, no more relying, no more waiting, no more nothing. It has been hard and weird these times and since I have no friends that like his music or a couple to express my feelings I've been living with this shit like for a long time. Sometimes I feel like it's hard coz many of our memories were accompanied by his music. That old cliche that "a part of ours dies too" becomes so true and so relevant
Hendi H
Dunno why... whatever songs that come out from his voice is just so fantastic.... Damn..! Wonderful people always gone too soon...! ????????????
Clifford Borg
so upset he is dead. No one in the industry at the moment is as good as him.
Zsolt Szabó
Michel fantasztic
mick farmer
Gorgeous George, Soulful,Funky,Original, Elegiac,Cool,.You are very much missed,Sir.
j wilkins
Another great song
Even after he's gone...
Mike Stevens
Wot more can u say, just love George
Jazz Chana
No one like George!!! Missing him again, like everyday, 3 bad yrs this Xmas 2019.
Matthew Hodgson
Love the Latin style in this RIP George
Vito Paterno
Fuck all dislikers!! Fantastic song!!!
Abdullah Aldoaise
R.I.P Tom ????
Weronika 200
Ant Thunder
This song sucks dick
So sad...he must have had plenty of good songs left in him...this is delicious....sorry, but the tears flow as i listen to this...what a loss...
Kyra 651
Well its special discovering George's new song on Thanksgiving. This video is awesome. I think it was made with love.
il più' grande di tutti , manchi tanto
Lynn Bridgeman
Will always love you George now and forever ❤️❤️ love this song it’s amazing just like George - Find The Little Shop of George and Wham on Facebook- keeping George’s memory alive forever ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Leo Biondi
George... Grazie per questo bellissimo regalo! ❤
Wow. Actually brought tears to my eyes. Felt every word.
joseph hendrickx
Jan Harvey
He still has it all. Missed so much.
simply luk
1:10????????spot on!
Becky Southgate
Love this song! literally cant stop listening to it, one of the best singers and human beings ever I still can't believe he's not here anymore ????
When is someone going to do an extended club remix of this? It's crying out for it. Love it
wood jackson
George was one of the most talented pop music writers and performers of his generation. Extraordinary guy. A great loss but he left some great music behind for us.
alessandro Ales
George Michael's wonderful unpublished song, I only listened to it on the radio today as I returned from work by car. I realized that the voice was that of George Michael, but I didn't know the song, I realized that it was an unpublished piece. In fact, immediately after the song, the DJ on RTL radio said: It seems strange to say it but we have in the charts this beautiful unpublished song by George Michael. The chills come to think that he is elsewhere up there ... while we still have to hear his voice. Thanks for this gift. You always remain one of the greats of music
Steve Rooke
Wow.... Heard this on radio... And just had to stop n listen. So miss you George taken far too soon. Beautiful tune.... On repeat.
Decco Major
Your daddy was a drinker, your momma was a thinker. My daddy was a tocker, my momma was a joker.
Bridget Jones
Great song - Last Christmas movie ????❤
John Q.
I visited Highgate cemetery a couple months and saw his grave from a distance, it was a sad surreal experience for me to say the least, Rest In Peace George .
Damien Step
I hate apple .this ashole should just jump down from.his factory not people who work there for nothing
Damien Step
Apple man fuck u self ! We don't need u
Harvey Specter
Miss you more than words G...hope you get number 1 at xmas! X
dave h
Unsurpassed as a singer and a generous human being.....Still deeply missed by (True) music lovers everywhere
Dan Cronin
Chrimbo Number one don't have to do A shit fake singer al Gordon Ramsey raw beef steak Robbie Willian's adding Tyson fury to put his sales up minus dowse Martin who is one of the stingiest vocalist artiste of all time but come say ladies GM this tune especially is the heat the hot the bomb
Fabio Fapo
Despite his unmistakable voice, he still lives through his music❤️????
Sophie B
I'm so obsessed with this song ???? He does it again!
Robert Acquarulo
Enjoyed watching the views go in to the millions. Best Christmas present ever. Love and miss you George.
Head Hunter
Amazing Song.
Moomal Awan
Wow.miss you george micheal.
George .... The Best for ever!!!! ????
So glad I tuned into George Michael here and found this great new song. Just can't understand why it's not played on mainstream radio stations.
George, you are alive ....
Amazing song.
PatrIck Mac Kay
Bientôt 3 ans... Triste
Mais je suis allé me recueillir à Londres , je le voulais absolument, mais qu'est ce qu'il me manque !!!
Paky. D
George The Best ❤️
I miss him and his music so much. His music helped me through a horrible childhood. I've never cried so hard at a celebrities death as I did his. RIP, George. We are still listening!
Jo Flor
Very good music Michael ????????
Foz Almalki
It’s hard to be more than we’ve seen????❤️
Aktham Musa
Another Greate song . RIP George Michael
Ανδρέας Παπαγγέλου
Excellent film veru beautiful msong, thank you George! You left us a lot to remember and listen to...
Pat Smith
wht a talented man and beautifl u touch the heart so much. my your music stay miss you i met you once in london RIP george micheal tiamo meamo xxxx
were so lucky, George you will never be forgotten
sowmya murali
George you are the best
sowmya murali
I closed my eyes I listen to the song
Absolutely genius Love this song ❤️
John Gibson
A genius much maligned and under appreciated in his life, but lauded by future generations, like all the greats,there will be study and wonder of this singular phenomena,I am blessed being here when his work was developed and produced,not to mention his gentle humanity and influence
Lorella Rado
Ci manchiiiiiiii❤
Chris Edwards
pure class , how much we miss his music
louise wright
Whos here with me in December listening to this legend man. ❤❤❤
Foz Almalki
Sad to know that we will not hear that song in live concert ever ????
Ricardo Espinoza21
Your voice is like the most delicious food and the most addictive drug
Korz Bro
We love you George and will until the end of our time! Thank you again for your emotional and sincere music. This song is amazing, beautiful musically and lyrics are on par too. I would expect no less :) hope you've found your peace finally.
Alex Florio
ted norton
He's referencing the feel of Guitarra G. probably to evoke GHB. George was such a great craftsman.
Il Commerciale
That's Incredible ❤
English Cad
Brillant song, amazing talent, such a pointless waste.
"I was leaning 'on the glass'".
Looking for a different space ...
The 212th Attack Battalion
Looking for a different space.
Dreaming of a sunnier day.
Roberto García
A wonderful song from an amazing singer. We are going to miss your songs. The songs that we expected to listen from you.
Dan Cronin
Life Major Move into the left in 3s
Mo Conners
Love this , Loved George legend, Rest in heaven xx
Ben Kay
Had it all.... Singer, dancer, performer and most of all.,loving.
E Jones
im still obsessed with this tune. miss this man
I want to see george on stage as a hologram in ten twenty years, Γεώργιε έφυγες νωρίς.????????????????????
Nicki Ochtara
Still in love with his voice❤️ this song made me so emotional
Ricardo Medeiros
A new generation needs to learn how make good music.
paperchain 123
As usual nothing more than perfection from George
Jake Bealing
So this is George Michael's ACTUAL latest release?
Ricardo Espinoza21
Unlimited and unmatched talent.
Crime Kola
The best Christmas gift would be this sitting at number one.
Marina Mannino
Magic George forever
girly_ Feli
Miss him sm
Voice Of Muffin - Озвучка
Спасибо Джордж...Это словно посылка сверху. Твоей музыки и песен не хватает в наше время.
Hello George! I love your music and also your Filthy Frank channel. I wish you would upload vlogs or something like that because people still don't know what happened to your Filthy Frank channel. You should make a video explaining everything.
Andrew Montezuma
Applause !!
gladys fran
R.I.P George ❤
Martin Cole
One of Georges finest... Love this ! ... still find it hard to believe he's no longer with us
Nanaly fletch
My love is illustrated by a musical ritual immortalized by a legendary poetic invention and by the fabulous imagination of a most alive human power.
louise wright
Some pathetic man thinks we need a real life who ever listens to this AMAZING angel of a man. Hate on @john towers
Black Vatnajokul
GM still alive!!!!!
Michael Chr Jensen
Ørkens sønner julesang
Looks like George is having a beautiful time on the other side.
mad GM
Je t aime plus que tt .tu me manque
Samuka Geel
Eterno George❤
Nathan Farias
Not liking this one too harsh and sour .
Laura Della Maggiore
Mi fa effetto..parla di se stesso..non era un momento sereno..e lo so che non "sta bene" il suo "fidanzato" è veramente una grandissima testa di..ha avuto mi pare due polmoniti gravi..lo lasci solo???...era un momento particolare..aveva bisogno che qualcuno gli stesse tipo puntava solo ai soldi..che palle in questi ultimi anni abbiamo perso tanti artisti..e tutti poco più grandi di me..????????scusate lo sfogo..chissà che concerti lassù!!❤️❤️❤️❤️
Renata C
MAGNIFIQUE !!! Like his spirit or energy is between us !!! Love
❤️???????? George Michael the best ????????❤️
The songs of George Michael were so captivating, enchanting, and beautiful
you can almost feel a bonding of souls. From the moment he died, for some of us, our world
would never be the same, like the most wonderful place or country you had ever been to,
but can never get back to.
Francis M
what a f k ing song
pino iaconis
Love g.m but this song don't hit it for me.
Hajnalka Dudás
Yes, it is a very sad feeling to be missing and a joy to hear her voice. This song is wonderful too. Thinking of happy times is still painful, I think a lot of time is still when we cry when we hear him ???????? ????
hejira 415
What a truly amazing human. We were so very lucky to have him with us, he is hugely missed. Stunning release, thank you xxx
I just don't get why they would distort Michael's great voice.
Prophet Ayatollah POWER-TITS Butt-tinopener STI
daddy was a drinker ,.any cider left ,dah??
The First
George ????❤
Marc Hale
When I first heard this I didn't like it
Now it's on repeat
akis papas
The Commission
I can see why this was never released when George Michael was alive.
Yannick Borovic
We want new album
Joanne Curry
One word “legend” with deepest regards and thought to the family and his close friends for this time of year especially much ❤️
This song proves how much he is missed!
Dizz e
2:47 Bill Cosby ????
Daniela Grilli
beautiful song
Christopher Raley
Such a loss! Fantastic song. Would have loved to have seen it live!
Penny Getter
First time I have heard the song but love it.
eduard struna
Это просто супер
Monique Dunnebier
Love it ????????
Carlo Fischetti
Ma quelli che metto il non like che problemi hanno ?
Γιάννης Τσιράκογλου
Fantastic song We miss you George
Zivana Jadresic
This beautiful voice has left a big space in the musical scene.I get goosebumps,the texture,the talent,few can stand up to this man.He is truly missed.
Badda Binge
"The Voice of an Angel"
nikos leontaronikos
Είναι που αγαπάτε εσείς έναν Καλλιτέχνη γι'αυτό ο George έχει 2.500.000 εκατομμύρια προβολές ΜΟΝΟ μετά 1 μήνα. . Shame to you ! ARTIST like him have released one very fine Single and people ignore it Shame Again
Nelly B.
I love you George- - RIP, thinking about you and your family on Xmas. X
Isabella Galli
The best Forever♥️♥️💫💫✨✨🌟🌠
magcastle 17
2004 Amazing Michael (Mike) Brown in the guitar
2019 This is How Michael (Mike) Brown in the guitar
Déjà 3 ans que tu nous a laissé, tu nous manques you Georges 💞❤️
quentin gunther
Toujours dans mon coeur Paix a toi George <3
parece increible que George Michael haya partido de este mundo hace 3 años, pero su música siempre quedara en el corazón de todos sus fans.
erato-alexandra savorianaki
I love George Michael.... I miss you..... It's 3 years ago that you aren't between us.....
Thomas Roman
The Symphonica influence is evident in the instrumental intro. What a wonderful unexpected Christmas gift!
Still singing to/about Anselmo - broken hearts never mend.
Interesting how we will all interpret this differently, yet it brings us all together; Michael's music magic!
With tears in my eyes today, Christmas Day, I am missing George like crazy. He melts my heart and stirs my soul. He's magic and divine, and once you feel it you need it every day - like air and water. Thank you George for making this life more bearable. I hope you knew how much you were loved. BTW, I read there are 3 more songs he completed but no announcement of when they will be released. xoxoxo
Dan Tschosik
one of the worst singer's ever. could never listen to junk like this.😃
Ewa Czekoladewa
Płaczę. I'm still crying. From Poland with live.
joseph hendrickx
my beautiful Georgie 25/12/2019 its already 3years the day that you was not anymore with us. until now its the most difficult day in whole my life
this is how its in a few years was coming out grateful I miss you so badly not only on christ mas but all year. I,m lucky that I met you 2 times private
all my love for his family he was is and stay the best singer of all time. best regards Isabella from Belgium
Daniel's English School
Cried twice in the flick. Once for the storyline. The other because George is dead. Wish he could've stayed with us a little longer. Still hurts.
Sigue vivo?
Corrina Matla
daar george...i stille miss you...i hope you find peace now wherever you are,thank you for your music it’s still healing my soul R.i.P my dear❤️🙏❤️
Ammar Al-Hussaini
RIP Lovely George. Saint in life and after. As always very emotional track. Thank you so much. ❤️❤️🌹🌹👍🏻
Howard Wear
RIP to George's sister Melanie... 3 years to the day of his death.... unreal.....
I miss you George
Richard Foy
Supreme supreme miss your sole singing to us all George a true connection you have with us all through your music so to hear your new track just got me cold dead great track miss your talent and voice a real artist RIP
Stephi W
Tragic his sister Melanie has recently passed. So heartbreaking :(
Ddrsdd D
Just read the news about his sister’s death on the Christmas Day...Damn, what’s going on? R.I.P. to both of them.
Barbara V
Shocked at the news of Melanie...Good Lord I am praying for the strength their loved ones will need... I simply cannot imagine this happening to a family twice 😢💔
Air Wave
best male recording artist UK ever produced not to mention handsome !!!! RIP and condolences to your parents re you and sadly your sister RIP both of you.
Ewa Czekoladewa
Last night with music and video's about George. His personality, his look, his sad, my english is not good enough to explain, how I like him. I'm on a high.
Pedro Ayala
I don't understand why, the best human voice ever, in his lasts years, needed (oh...i guess, wanted) to use autotune.... The best part of the song is the last minute
Debra Lynn
Condolences to the Family on the loss of Melanie on Christmas Day 2019. She is now with her brother in Heaven singing in the Heavenly Choir.
Not his best work. In fact, so bad I couldn't even get through it. First 40 seconds were good and then everything changed like it was 2 different songs stuck together. Then after 3:15 it goes back to how it was at the start. Bizarre. I can see why he didn't release this. I'm still a huge fan though and hope to hear other (hopefully better) previously unreleased tracks from him.
Artimus Bartimus
Sadly his sister passed away on Christmas day 3 years after his death. She had just released this......Now she is gone......
C'est affreux cette tragédie qui s'abat sur eux !! Même jour de départ pour sa soeur, ce 25 décembre !! Je ne trouve pas les mots....c'est triste et en même temps tellement irréel de partir ce jour là.... RIP Georges et Mélanie 🙏🕊️
Оксана Грубб
Вы ангел. Очень очень красивый. Спасибо что вы есть. Даже не представляете как помогаете. Поздравляю вас с рождеством. Пусть у вас будет всё хорошо. И вам за это ни чего не будет...
Amazing. This song makes me cry and smile at the same time. Its classic George and makes me feel like he's still here. I still have trouble believing that angelic soul is gone. This song just gives me all the feels. 😔
Bradley, s games
this song sounds very familiar but I don't know how
Francis Hamzagic
It's just me or the voice in this song doesn't seem George's, but some weird AI?
the demented one
Miss you George x
MARK Bougourd
still breaks my heart listening too George beautiful songs.
wasted talent.
R.I.P. George.xxxx
Lola Chiconila
1 of the best songs of heart ..our hearts is still missing you George.
Jj s
Tiziano Sardini
sempre con noi george
Quirino Capaldi
All George Fans we are Blessed ....The World would NEVER have a Man like this again.... one day we will meet him again.....enshala
Susanna M.
R.i.p. George
R.i.p. Melanie
목소리가 아님
Ανδρέας Παπαγγέλου
Μια υπέροχη ταινία με μια υπέροχη μουσική επένδυση από έναν μοναδικό καλλιτέχνη Last Christmas & every Christmas!
Amazing song. George does my heart good. Where do you find on streaming? Like spotify?
Stef Grancho
just great, so sad George passed away...
Giovanni Pau
Bellissima sei il cantante preferito della maestra di inglese sorri
.................zzzzzzzzz PP
Every time i replay this song i think about all the george michael fans that havent heard this song and its kinda sad, i found it almost by miracle
Ferdinando Giordano
Un grande talento scomparso troppo presto e la dimostrazione che aveva ancora molto da raccontare è in questa postuma canzone. grande !
Viet Thang Tran
This song was written in 2012 and later recorded at London's Air Studios, with finishing touches done in 2015 during George's final recording sessions.
Goodbye, half of Wham!
stephen elliott
rip george and sis
Borjs Peña Urrutia
Great George
Rafael Aljadeff
It's incredible how George's music helped a lot of people to go ahead their particular situations and not to give up, to keep on fighting their problems. Every time I listen to any song of him, I got the feeling that he's singing to each and everyone of us. I'm sure I'm not alone, that a lot of people feels the same.
Youtube Na Wesoło
Fantastic song!!!!!!
the king
Gianni Bardelloni
Sto ancora piangendo, una delle voci della mia gioventu'.
Zully Cáceres
Hermosa creación Giorgio!!.Genio y figura hasta la sepultura.Siempre es recordado con cariño y admiración por ser genial en sus composiciones, letras y voz extraordinaria.Se lo extraña mucho en este mundo.Descanse en paz.
torill eikhovd
love it
Dolly Dupee
I might believe your sorry but you haven’t obliviated the bastards and you going back to the lien stealing whores
Ninni Ninni
Masterpiece ! George I miss you!
Šhöšhä Âlbäÿätï
Every time I listen to his music am crying.. I feel so bad and he inspire me to move on 💗 love you george
Bill Britton
Song and video are wonderfully unique and universal!
slawek kalucki
Fantastic song
Dr ranged
. Awesome song.
Bu, is this George? Please post anything, anything to prove i am stupid thinking this isn't George singing. Ty
saleem hujier
last Christmas,, anyone??
Romy Milaresol
Gianni Dameno S1nglengine
No words..... feeling better hearing this amazing son, tks Micheal👌
Fabulous song and I expect nothing else from George 😎👌
Jane Hollett
Replay! Such a classically, awesomely great song. Love you George x
Guk7803 Kopi
2020 ♥️♥️♥️💐🇷🇺 THE BEST🌈
Ron Adæl Wilson
No less than "Epic" - as is all of George's music!
Oksana Markus
George ! You are always be super star! 🌟👌🎶 great !
slawek kalucki
Super video
slawek kalucki
I Love this song
Toufik Ait
who came from last christmas movie hhhhh
Toufik Ait
who came from last christmas movie hhhhh
Rolling Stones
Fantastic gift
dansti 73
I love you ❤❤
Rory Torino
Adorabile 😍
Gina Nicoleta Capriceana
Last Christmas (the movie) brought me here...👏👏👏👏👏
Pace De La Cruz
Released by Sony? Chrrrrist! Talk about not being able to shake a mfn label, huh? They're making money off his now COLD back; just how predatory is THAT??!! Poor Yorgs...
Marcel Versteeg
you want us to stay high. nefarious and suspicious
Robert Bojanic
❤ #georgemichael
Peter Balistreri
Like an old friend coming to visit me in a dream:) I love it!!!XO
Emma Ston
Fırst: Lana Del Rey
Second: George Michael
Like a this song
polly galtieri
I love this song
Tomasz Danilewicz
Damn, I'm getting addicted to this song ...
G Appleby
His voice always makes me feel better...I can breathe!
Poisoner x
Death is just a breath away..... Live every second to the fullest ❤️
Produkty z Biedronki
Kto z Polski?
Алина Бест
Always in our hearts, you were the best and you still the best
LadyJay Gaming
I miss you, George, I hope you will still surprise us with many back catalogues of songs <3
Dmitry Novikov
I am remember and love my favourite friend
Sunil Varma
There is only one GM .
Monogamy - ישראל
how many years have passed, but I'm still crying 🥺
I am so sad hearing this pristine voice... because you will never be able to see him in person singing this song live.. only in your head.. RIP and the entire world misses you....

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