Janete Gonçalves
Love the music
Sola The great
Congrats on you making the most shittiest song that’s everywhere
Łɇ Ɍøɨ
Mais quesque c'est que ce truc gars ????
He Sounds Like JuiceWRLD. maybe.
Swag Beats
this is fakin real song ♥
Amanda Sampaio Dantas
Música favorita ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡
FYI there’s a remix of this with blackbear that’s been out for a while
Sandra Bogea
Me amo fiesta música
The music is so goodi can listen to it 10 times
Good is*
Misty Dean
Love it!!!❤❤❤❤❤????????????????????
Wow that like dislike ratio is WOW
Nice song bro
Big fan
1 like equals 999 lucky thing to happen to trev
Marius Neagoe
I thought this was Swae Lee tho ????????????????
Hachem Boukadida
your voice man your voice... makes things on me i love it <3
Fam Magdy
مصر- egypt
Avail GGs
Why does he look pissed
wannable forever
Una canción tan hermosa debía tener un vídeo ARTE
Erick Campos
Nossa bom de mais ficou foda quem tbm acha ai.
JaxonIsFamous Positive ???????? Gang ???? LLJ Gang
This better hit billboard
Antony Kuhn
Alguém traduz
NoHaxJustCry V2
He doesnt sing he just talks
Danica Marie
yoooo this got premiered on my birthday.
Metro Redux
Girls want????
And sex????
Bsbshsh Bsbshssh
Sound Likes jucie
francisco alan soto
This song is My favorite
Manu Sabath
Manu Sabath
Quem aí é BR?
Mickael Maury
Le son, tout et parfait dans cette musique
Who was listening this song before it become famous ?
Lupco Pavlovski
I love this song
Haley Greer
This song gets me in the feels
Cordel Ferguson
In Love with this e30
I’m already Tracer mama
I heard this on the radio first
Björn Andri
Bruh TikTok doe
Renzo Paolo Martel Sánchez
Si no saben otro canal lucra con su canción porque el nunca subió audio oficial en ese momento
Renzo Paolo Martel Sánchez
Yoink Senpai
Cool song this is my favorite song bc of the beat and lyrics
Who is watching this without socks
Fufu- Chan
you are the best TREVOR Nice job with your subs and like BRO!
LVH Community
To the 1% of people that’s reading this I hope you accomplish everything you dream of, I’m an upcoming artist hoping to get 1k subs before august 1, 2020
Sänd Män
Trevor´s hairline went to ´nam and didnt come back
Yusan Khatiwada
Girl : choose between me and Pubg
Me : sings this song????
Santo Padre
juice wrld flow
cookies Salty9yrold
Rip kobe Bryant
No Nums
Bowl cut tho
__ __Not_HieloCongelao__ __
My music favorite
I used to be scared of Falling... but then I realised that I have no bones to break #teddyLife
la Guadi Guzman
Me encantaaaaa????????
Android Arena
finally got attention
Luiz Felipe
my love you
TheFreezing Falcon
always the tiktok songs that get the most views
Luziaf Bazinga
i thought Jake paul haaaaa'
Does anyone know what type camera is that at the begging? I mean the quality is so retro...
future deadpool
Am i the only one who thought he'd be black????
LIL DOTA 2 Wayne
A masterpiece ????????????????????
CLN Freshy
Why do you look like lil peep
patricia mejia
This reminds me of my crush saying that she likes me. Like if you have a crush
Squalid Team
Upreet Bhandari
When it’s Monday...
Hunni Bunny
*I thought he was black.*
RJ Fresh
These is sweet bro
Stārrÿ Skÿ
"It's free estate" -TikTok
HPG Ninjaa
This song makes me want to sucide
Deudiel Ely Mendoza Hernandez
Excelente versión ????
Like???? si has hecho un TIK TOK con esta canción????????
FaZe_ Saulcash4N
I'm guessing alot of you are thinking of your crush while this song
{Kenxie} Flūff
I love this song so much ????i might make a video with dis OwO
Tijuana SIX
Heavy amounts of autotune = black man according to youtube comments
Singing Waffles
Every time I hear a song like this I always think that a black person is singing but in reality a white person is singing
It is just like post Malone he’s white and I thought he was black????????????????
dorky graffiti
Sufian Rana
When your free taco falls on the ground.
lorhan roblox soares
No sò english sò brasi
Sab Kuch Yaha123
This is so mesmerising ???????????????????? IDK why it is underrated
Energy Wolf
The font remind me of BULLY.
His voice is a combination of Swae Lae and Juice WRLD
Jpack 30up
Been here since the jump ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
Lembar BIMA
liat ini gara-gara anak kecil punya bodyguard landak
Кристина Скрипникова
Сказка ????????????????????????????????????
Trevor Daniel Phillips
Damian Zambrano
Si no fuera famosa por tik tok sería perfecta wacho
I love the Lyrics ????
I love the beat ????
Kayra Stone
Never thought he would be this hot since it's widely used on tiktok lol
Need 500 subscribers For new channel
100%hard work & full of emotions????
That’s how Legend working ????
Кот Кузьма
Жду комментарии от далбоебов из тик тока
eliteEVIL darkness
Wait he ain't black?
Doom Devil
It's such an insane song. I love this song like hell. Can listen it again and again and again and again forever

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