khalil amamra
i love u bro
Aseel Mohammed
هالمغني دخل ضمن قائمة المغنيين المفضلين عندي????
مش معقول جمال صوته وأغانيه❤
Aziza AA
I wonder why his voice is just so deep deep deep.
gatcha,k.k 123
Look..When I was 10(Im 11) I found out that I'm bi ..And I've been liking this girl for so long in 5th grade..And I guess I was to rude..I tripped her and stuff and I regret being mean but I just didn't know how to handle it.And now I'm nice to her..But now I'm in love agian with another girl(This year) .She's taken tho..And I've been so rude too her I'm rude to everyone but I can't get her out my mind It's like I need her..But It's never gonna happen..She thinks I'm straight and she's straight..But only if I could Tell my crush that I love her..But then it would ruin it..Even though she holds my hand and calls me "Her wife" I just hate knowing I'm not with her and it hurts me seeing her with someone else.But he's making her happy so if she's happy. Then I'm glad for her..????????????
Aurea Robledo
New favorite song Omggg!! I love your music ????????
muhammad Hakimi
It reminds me of my father:( i miss him
Rohan Thapamagar
Another banger. Just this song like wow ????
Mosway DZ
This is the définition to how make easy money
Ela Souza
Caralho q lindo
Dehlila Loehnert
Why are all of his songs so goddamn beautiful ?!!????
American girl Dolls ! Xox Dolls xox
Love his music xox going to his concert
Susan Merriman
Stunningly beautiful ????????????
lyrics master lyrics
lyrics master lyrics
Bangtan. Cuties
director: How many people do you want to make cry??
Lewis: *Yes*
Grace Wardle
I lost a best friend in a car crash as well as he is known as my dads best friend he would help me through the bullying thank god he found me on a bridge about to jump off
your voice is a blessing
Me: I think i m moving on
Lewis: i don t think so
Well yeah..
the_bisexual_cousin West
When I first heard this song I was like yet another amazing creation by our king but when I listened to the words closer the second and third time it made me think about my friend(s) and how they’ve struggled with suicidal thoughts and it really hit me that this song describes that perfectly
Looki Smile
Kobe Bryant...
wd fortune
This is my dads favourite song and my Nan just died and this song is just amazing
Fitri Wvjc
James Arthur 2.0
This song hugs my heart over and over as I listen to it. I hate the dark and I hate my thoughts. I’m sorry to the people who feel alone in a crowd and feel the need to end, I feel that and I feel this song. Thanks Lewis.❤️
Marilou Beaudin
Hope to see you at osheaga!!!
Paula 98
Man you’re amazing
Tanuja Singh
Jerico Prestoza
This is for you kobe and gigi????????
Carol sla
Mas um hino do lewis❤
Laura Bejarano Sánchez
todos los que le dan dislike: todo bien en casa?
Aubrey Manry
I want to love someone
I want someone to hold me
To struggle with me
To try to make ends meet
To support me
To whisper kind words in my ear
Because no one ever did that for me
I’m so lonely inside
But I stand strong
And bury it away
And never speak a word of it
But O cry myself to sleep every night now
So exhausted, and never happy
I drink it away when I can
But I’m still young
So it doesn’t matter
Victor Charlotte
Olhei e gritei Legendáriooooo????
Aisha Tayyab
Im speechless...his voice just takes me to heaven! Also ive heard that this song was for his Aunt or friend that committed suicide...which makes the song even more sad and idk it just hits my heart since im a really soft hearted person. Btw ive been told it was for his aunt or friend, so yeah, I think its true.
Haily Petersen
Lewis Capaldi you always amazing me! I love this song so much. You're voice is so beautiful. This video made me cry. So powerful!
ahmad nor sanizan
My ex married to another man i feel i lost everything this song maybe a hope
Xera Lozano
This song is really mamalona!!!
Howling Wolves
T~T bro how did i cry
Edit: oh right im depressed and this is about suicide
Victor Suarez
I hope someone gets to read this. I’m a singer from Mexico raised in Texas trying time be discovered. I just made a cover of this song on my channel, anyone mind showing some love?! It would mean a lot ❤️????????
Sequoia Reynolds
Sam Smith who?
ximena jazmín hinata vazquez
????????????????????????????????????????????simplemente perfección ????
MC GT7 Oficial
Unico brasileiro aqui?
Renan Nogueira
Mais uma <3
Lindsay Butler
This song hurt me so much, and then I realized it's about suicide, and now it hurts a thousand times more
Caitlin Stickley
wow this really spoke to me. I'm so happy that lewis Capaldi can touch so many people with the lyrics and the meaning behind this song. thank you lewis
Jessica Lopes
I am stuck on this song❤️
wnnalis cioov
who is suffering from depression you are strong you are loved . When i watched the movie split it said "the broken are the more evolved "
Jay Patrick
Love the song Lewis, you’re an amazing singer! ????
rosevaldo Bispo
Amei ,amor muito esses tipos de música
FreeFire YuuJii
R.I.P. Kobe
Nurul Zainiyah
I don't know but why "Me before you" come into my head ????????????
Michael Angelo
this will be my graveyard song. Not now ofc, but wtf. This is so nice. Thank you for the inspiring moments in your sound, grove, beats and especially your soul in your voice.
ALL day long, week, month. I´m seeing for an audience what i Entertain. But tbh. THESE ARE THE SONGS guys.. WTF the distortion in your voice is sick mate.
I will most certainly keep on going with my "Own Sound" The sound you've got bro. I'm so fucking greatful this deep distortion voices get accepted.Ty LC
the intro sound like Tate Mcrae thoo
Demerra McDowell
The ending is what got me because my mom died in 2018 and she never set up her voice mail idk why lol but sometimes I still call her thinking that by some miracle she’ll pick up and then we can have one last conversation together
Bruno Corrêa
So beautiful????
Thank you lewis, I'm crying so much... as a someone who has a Mental Issue. Its so deep.
daniela oliveira
Tem uma novela essa música não kk helo brasileiros em kk
Ana Luiza Gomes
such a bless for my ears❤
Herol Pedric
at the first time you hear it
You can feel that there is something missing in the song
so repeat it again and again
Then you will realize that the missing part is your love once
Kyia Duffy
I just ugly cried to this thanks ????????
Gunawan Mahananto
Amazing song by Adele's son ????????????
Bj Camarista
JeeN s
Say I LOVE YOU before its too late
Say I MISS YOU before you missed it
Say I NEED YOU before they leave you
The words tht so hard to say to those that we loved.
Rocío del sky
Esta canción iradía una buenísima vibra !!!
Mikaela Rojas
He will become extremely famous if he keep writing Such a good songs like This one
Grasela Aprilla
Before u go :)
Khalil 2624
How many kisses in this video?
senti jami
Letting go of someone you love when you are not ready is something very heartbreaking to handle.
Time can heal but this won't.
Thank you Lewis for bringing this song❤️
Coconut Prime
Most importantly what matters is if you can relate it even other than suicide.
Clueless Random
Lewis Capaldis music actually gives people feelings like real ones and they dig deep aswell????
doremi print
listen Everyday
Yaritza Muñoz
Este hombre es arte sin duda ????????????????
AT OCDesignzz
I lost my daughter almost a year ago, March 20, 2019. This song brought tears to my eyes I always ask myself if there was something I could have done.. Is it my fault... Did I fail her?
She was only 26 years old. My God! This song hit me deep. ????????????
Her boyfriend committed suicide 2 days after her death. Leaving thier two beautiful children ( my Grandbabies) without thier parents. ????
maria elizabeth
This is such a strong example of how a person can be so surrounded by love and they can seem like the happiest person ever, but even then they can hurt more than anything in the world and that... that sucks
shay ewing
As someone who has tried to kill themselves please know your loved one does not due it to hurt you or anyone.. there wasnt something you could have said to change things.. sometimes the pain just gets to much and it feels like it's the only way to make it stop. We know we are loved and people care but in the moment you dont think because the pain consumes you. R.i.p to those who lost the battle and to my fellow survivors I hope you continue to win this fight little by little xx
Aerielle Anne
i cried so much in the last 20 seconds i didnt expect it to hit me so hard
Nie wiem jaka nazwa
I don't even know what to say. I want to cry. I want to hug you all, broken people. Cause I am so broken too
this song just hits different
im tluang
Aww Lewyy????❣❣❣
Dinno Ressa
so sad ????
Casie Savoy
I kind of want to commit suicide
Lele Kawai
ellie bunning
Love it
Ana Luísa Amaral Rodrigues
Terezinha Ferrera
This music is wonderful.???? I love so much ❤
I love Lewis????????????❤❤❤
Smiley Shelbey
I was raped at 16. I’ve been suicidal ever since and this song put my life’s worth into perspective.
You’re not hurting only yourself, but the people around you. They’ll question everyday if there was something they could’ve done.
I remember when I cut and was unresponsive , my mom found me. All I remember is waking up in a hospital bed and seeing her in tears.
STAY STRONG. Please. You’re worth more than everything in the world combined.
My Instagram is @smileyshelbey if you’re ever feeling low. I’m here to talk ????????
Ella B
simple but beautiful
love it
Liana Panik
Thank you for this song. Thanks you for this beautiful music video that so perfectly captures how someone who is the joy in so many other peoples lives can be suffering. I lost one of my favorite people to suicide in October, and a month later this song came out. The first time I listened, it brought me to my knees. This song perfectly describes every single feeling I felt after losing my friend. It helped me through my grief, and as I continue to grieve the loss of my close friend, I will return to your song over and over to feel understood.
Thank you Lewis Capaldi.

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