Ania Mason
pls don't ruin this song kids bop, you've already ruined "old town road" for me, do make things worst
Valerie Medeiros
I like tik tok....
desirae fisher
Ha that’s how my ex got with his girlfriend dancing with a stranger ????????
I love this song ????❤️????
dancing witha murricon
simone leal
Amo essa música
Aubrey Carey
Their voices together is the BEST MELODY!!!!!????????????????????????
Chase K
i like this song :3 btw im 8 years old
Javier Serrano
44 paul ave
Callie Hardin
My boy is killing
Shanaya Jones
I love this song I would have it on my funeral????
Gegy Adorno
Do you like this song I do and old time road is your s????????????????????????????????????????????‍♀️????????????????????????????????????
Do you like it guys I love it look at my YouTube channel
Michael'ss Lalaloopsy Land Movie Show Corner
0:27 I thought it said ''It's the eye with the fight''
Istyak Ahmed
Sam Smith's is kinda like male version of Ariana Grande
Depressed Forever
Hey guys
I’m dancing with a stranger????
Annie M
Sam Smith has such a beautiful voice
Hazel Yang
Tenzin Shakya
The "Ooh baby baby" part kinda reminded me of Scream by Usher, man I haven't that song heard since 2012.
Montana Seager
Jade today
Bernadette Far
More like dancing with a ranger
Tanya Bryant
raj choutang
Good voice????
Michael'ss Lalaloopsy Land Movie Show Corner
I heard this song on the radio today! I know 99 Percent of people won't read this, but who is in October 2019??
Michael'ss Lalaloopsy Land Movie Show Corner
This song is still playing on the radio!!
John Dot Com
When that girl you liked for years tells you she likes you after you gave up hope and finally got girlfriend.
Malory Burton
Bush FM dry KS
Cynthia Valencia
Literally your the song 247
Tony Johnson
Please tell me someone else thought it was
“Look what you mad me do, I wish somebody knew “
This whole time
Ocean Falls
I LOVE this song so much. Like SO MUCH. I found it from an MLB comic dub.
Rhonda Overman
Rhonda Overman
Audrey Brimberry
You're so awesome
Gun hellsweek
Love this song siging
Michael'ss Lalaloopsy Land Movie Show Corner
Me: I am here because the radio plays this song
Kate and Friends: Anyone joining in??
Me: I'm here, and don't let Little Bear and his friends hear this, because Emily already knows Little Bear
Sam Smith: I'm dancing with a stranger, look what you made me do, i am with somebody new
Me: This is no joke!
Mark Pickwell
5 Waltham Drive
George Pupparo
Where have I been, I just heard this tune for the first time about a week ago?
Piano Angel4
A good example of what heartbreak or breakup sounds like...
Kez H
anyone else here bc of dianne and dev
Sabina Landaverde
2019???everyone listen to this when you broke up with some one.|: ¶:
M.A. Jer
Great song and video!!!! Thanks for sharing!!!!????????????????❤????????????????????
Patsy G
Omg when this song comes out on the radio there’s always a problem ???? like fighting or yelling
Me and my family calls it “the problem song” ????????
Adriana Saucedo
I sing that song to my boyfriend ????????????
Daniel Beesley
Always thought they were "out with somebody new".. like a first date lol.. if you're with someone then you know them to an extent and they're not a stranger? Lol
Guta Bona
I love this music
Guta Bona
Send it to ticktock
Michael'ss Lalaloopsy Land Movie Show Corner
This Song will never ruin aNything!
Miranda Jefferson
I love thos song
Danielle Royse
I love your music I am your biggest fan ????
benjamin hernandez
like the tunes
Eric Lovett
I love this song I first heard this song when I was at st judes
minecraft circus baby
Who just watched video cause they heard this on the radio and was looking and found the right and did not know him like me
The lyrics to this are just brilliant..
Greeting Cards
Smith was born on May 19, 1992, in London. ... Throughout their teenage years, Smith studied music while hitting the books at St. Mary's Catholic School in Bishop's Stortford, Hertfordshire.
Storm Rider
I love this song
anissa M
Tttttttttyyyyyyyyyyyyyeeeeeedeee mmmmmmmmoooooooommmmmmmooooooo. Gdhdvchcbxhv fccgfhd
Shamiela Mohamed
Love you Sam simth
Keira Evans
your song is the best ????✌
Kaye Good
Love love love this got it Sam n Nyomi..
Wanderson kenway
Cadê os br ? ????
Wanderson kenway
Essa música é demais
Die Mimmie
When I see my Ex-boyfriend at the club
Boho Mama 1111
My 4 year old likes this song lol
_That moment, when you realize that you can relate to this beautiful song..._
Crazy Jamie TV
l like this song
Kealii Chang
I love this song it sounds cool
K Montero
Hmm, hmm
I don't wanna be alone tonight
It's pretty clear that I'm not over you
I'm still thinking 'bout the things you do
So I don't want to be alone tonight, alone tonight, alone tonight
Can you light the fire?
I need somebody who can take control
I know exactly what I need to do
'Cause I don't wanna be alone tonight, alone tonight, alone tonight
Look what you made me do, I'm with somebody new
Ooh, baby, baby, I'm dancing with a stranger
Look what you made me do, I'm with somebody new
Ooh, baby, baby, I'm dancing with a stranger
Dancing with a stranger
I wasn't even goin' out tonight
But, boy, I need to get you off of my mind
I know exactly what I have to do
I don't wanna be alone tonight, alone tonight, alone tonight
Look what you made me do, I'm with somebody new
Ooh, baby, baby, I'm dancing with a stranger
Look what you made me do, I'm with somebody new
Ooh, baby, baby, I'm dancing with a stranger
Dancing with a stranger
Dancing with a stranger
Dancing, yeah, ooh
Look what you made me do (ooh), I'm with somebody new
Ooh, baby, baby, I'm dancing with a stranger
Look what you made me do, I'm with somebody new
Ooh, baby, baby, I'm dancing with a stranger
I'm dancing, I'm dancing (ooh)
I'm dancing, I'm dancing (dancing with a stranger)
I'm dancing, I'm dancing (dancing with a stranger)
I'm dancing, I'm dancing (dancing with a stranger)
natalie newman
U make really good songs
Asha Bansal
first time i wasn't feelin it but now its stuck in my head
Mike Craven
Great song and i generally don't like this music
When you dance with a stranger and it becomes the last dance because he a serial killer
Candace Weatherlow
Such a Drake beat
Timothy Howell
I'm from Roanok
Linda Keith
loo what you ME DO I WITH A STRANGER
Rosie BrookS
I love it
Bughead on Riverdale
shahjyoti gayatri
What does this song mean?
Victor Carrillo
Mom: Don't be talking to strangers
Me: *Dancing with a stranger ????????????
Victor Hugo742GX
Who’s hearing this in October 2019????????????????????????
Karina Walker
This whole song gives me chills. Beautiful collab.
LunarGachaPotato XD
This was my bestfriends favorite song it's so hard to fight back the tears when I listen to it (btw she's not dead)
LeeLee Tv
This song should be very well known
Norma Estrada
Look what you made me do am dancing with a stranger ❤️????
Michael'ss Lalaloopsy Land Movie Show Corner
*Look what you made me do, i'm with somebody new*
When i read the description about the Hurley basic gang!!
Groovy Tony
Didn't expect this Collab to be so good! ????
Perfect to listen to in the Evening/Night! ????????????
Sam Smith + Normani = ????????????????????????
This song gives me a beautiful sadness! ????
Theyyy LOVE Niyah
me AND ziad
You ever just click on random songs to listen to something new and fresh? No? Just me? Ok ????
i love this song because it makes me think of my boyfriend
Adam Harris
This song is a Synthwave/Lo-Fi Synthwave song.
Bruh I daydream every time I hear this song
Justine Paulo Tapil
Calm cool collected
Tanya Tanya
I am form Russia ????????
Chill Zone
Are you in our discord server yet? ????
Discord Server:
OHHHH!!!! THAT NORMANI??????????
Niomie Ducharme
How else likes this song?
Cosmic Chaos
I only found out that this song existed about a week ago when it played on my phone on Pandora. I was right about to skip it when suddenly I just stopped for a second and went, "huh....this is actually a bop..." and kept it on.
• k y l i e• •princess•
????I really wanna dance with my future crush.... ????
????Sub-zero I LOVE YOU!????
Heather Santesteban
anyone else get Taylor swift vibes when he said "look what you made me do?"
Tamaya Quarells
0:02 start over everytime this song is good 2019
babyblue lm
I'm not over you
tommy burts
Sam Smith
Germaine Goldberg
Germaine Goldberg Michael singleton
Malayah Cayenne
Love. Song
Syrah Bee
✨Great song ✨
А Ро
Русских вообще что ли нет?
Heidi Tarr
This is what I look forward to in the future
Phoenix M
2:33 when Normani went like oOoOooooOoOOOO I felt that ????
Yogesh Kumar
Dance with a stranger
Mharolucas Haro Lucas
Me encanta
Alex Vndead
Look what U made me do- as a good guy messes it up with a loyal girl outta his league as he’s about to cheat cuz she won’t ???? ????
Htar Ei Lwin
When he sang "Look what you made me do,"; I visaulized Taylor Swift
Anthony 911
Still in the Tesla wearing the MAGA hat blaring this......
Franklin Lewis
what on earth is that description lmaoo
Euviele Quizon
Thing song suits me
Euviele Quizon
Perfect Song for exes hahahah
Victoria Queen
Sam Smith thanks for never changing your sound ❤️ Love your songs ❤️
Morgan Bidal
I’m alone to night ????????I wanna ???? with my friends
Brahim Brahim
I hope someday Sam Smith will do a featuring with Adele. In your opinion what will be the result?
Kascia Walters
2019 I ain't dancing with no stranger ????
Christine Johnston
Danceing with stranger lol
Malayah Cayenne
Love. Song. ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
Alexis Cavins
Love this song
Carla Laurie
I love this song and I love same smith????????????????????????????
Gun hellsweek
Love this song
Dominic Harper
I like the girl voice and the song
Desolate Soul
Great vibe. I love the composition.
I’ve never liked a song by Sam Smith and don’t really like this type of music, but this is really catchy and nice.
Gelomar Pinto
Aaaa cadê os BR? ♥ Normani é rainha? Sim ou clr♡♡♡
being cursed means u get no love
I ask my self iam go out but with what stranger i have seems they leave like everything i had or wanted ????????
Nobody can made you do shit if you don't want it, sounds like excuse to be a bitch or an asshole. ????????‍♂️????????????
Heard a little girl sing this in a talent show and now I'M in LOVE with this song!! ???? It's SO soothing!
Dunai Elme
I love this song ????????❤
Tomek MAN
bionychGłosuj na ten utwór (+7)
 Ukryj tłumaczenie
[Sam Smith]
Hmm, mhm
[Sam Smith]
Ja nie chce być dziś wieczór samotny, w wieczór samotny
To jasne, że dalej o tobie nie zapomniałem
Ciągle myślę o rzeczach, które zrobiłeś
Więc nie chce być dziś w nocy sam, tej nocy sam, w tą noc samotny
Czy możesz zapalić we mnie ogień?
Bo potrzebuje kogoś, kto przejmie nade mną kontrolę (Przejmie kontrolę)
Doskonale wiem, co potrzebuję zrobić
Bo nie chce być tej nocy sam, tej nocy sam, w tą noc samotny
[Sam Smith]
I zobacz co ze mną zrobiłeś, Jestem z kimś innym
Ooh, kochanie, słonko, tańczę z nieznajomym
Zobacz co ze mną zrobiłeś, Jestem z kimś innym
Ooh, kochanie, słonko, tańczę z nieznajomym
Tańczę z nieznajomym
Nawet nigdzie nie wychodzę tej nocy
Ale, kochanie, muszę wymazać Cię z mojej głowy ( z mojej głowy )
Doskonale wiem, co mam do zrobienia
Ale nie chce być tej nocy sam, tej nocy sam, w tą noc samotny
[Normani, Sam Smith & Both]
Zobacz co ze mną zrobiłeś, Jestem z kimś innym
Ooh, kochanie, słonko, tańczę z nieznajomym
Zobacz co ze mną zrobiłeś, Jestem z kimś innym
Ooh, kochanie, słonko, tańczę z nieznajomym
Tańczę z nieznajomym
Tańczę z nieznajomym
Tańczę, dokładnie, ohh
[Sam Smith, Normani & Both]
Zobacz co ze mną zrobiłeś, Jestem z kimś innym
Ooh, kochanie, słonko, tańczę z nieznajomym
Zobacz co ze mną zrobiłeś, Jestem z kimś innym
Ooh, kochanie, słonko, tańczę z nieznajomym
Tańczę z nieznajomym...
Jamal Muthu
Lovely song i love
Aashy kimmy
i sing for shalmar
Joy Cox
Whole time I thought he was black
Jo Jo 226
My dream is to be a singer so like here
Jerod Day
I liked this video turned on the post notifications and subscribed????
Aykut Akturk
Gabby Eiskant
I love your song
Ayanna Edmond
Anybody here from the singing baby?
Sara Evelyn
my favorite song
Alexander Young
Great song
Google User
His harmonizing the first 3 seconds is everything. I have to repeat it atleast 3 times before i actually play the song in full.
Connor Herron
It's a hell of a lot better than the last time a gay white man collaborated with a black woman for a love song. I Knew You Were Waiting (For Me) by George Michael and Aretha Franklin. The worst songs of the careers of two very good artists.
Ingrid Lauren
Look what you made me do ????
Rachel Ozana
love your vids it is amazing
Sally Baby
Im dancing with a stranger ????
Madai Cynthia
Elevator music
Carmela Caporossi
Love this song ❤️
Big guy 31601
We all don't want to be alone.
This is my favorite song love you ???? ????????????
t j
I'd love to meet him it be a dream come true for me never been to any type of convert just love his voice
اقراء ورتل كما كنت ترتل في الدنيا
Smile looks gorgeous on you????????
maria regina
The best song ever Sam whit Meghan trainor or Sam whit adele ????????????????????❤❤❤
Yahska Altohbeesak
This song gives me driving around in GTA 5 vibes
Animate Time
I love this ????
Lisa Martinez
Me neither it's clear off and on off and on
Lisa Martinez
I'm disorderly disorder contact off the walls your wall plays flower may sometimes someshit somewhat turned sweet and you
Abdul K
Normani is way too much underrated
Rasta Fonz
*Look* what have you been told
Its getting really old
Ohh baby baby
Get back in my Ford Ranger
Ingrid Autumn
This would definitely be a song they play at h&m or at forever 21
Joe vidaurri
Who's still listening to this in 2020?
malcolm mcloughlin
Subscribe click the bell trust and you will get good luck for 100 years or else
Mandy bowers
Do you have TikTok
When you stopped caring about "Stranger Danger" 'cause this song makes you want to dance with one...
Wait a minute, I'm 25 and can already go clubbing. ???????????? If you think I'm stupid, then surprise surprise! I'm an idiot all the time! ????
Alisha Hanson
Good song
Alisha Hanson
Sam Smith I love your music
Adam Harris
Cool Synthwave remix.
Angeles perez
Dancing with a stranger
Patrick Acosta
Reminds me of my ex. She tried to patch things up before, and yet she's still like a stranger in my eyes.
Matt's Gambling Stuff
Gordon Ramsay should collab with Sam Smith:
"*LOOK!!* what you made me do."
YELLING AT A DONKEY!! (Instead of Dancing with a Stranger)
ali wheelhouse
I am alone lolz
darĸneѕѕ qυeenoғғιcιalavaĸιn
sam smith and normani when their voices match it kind of gives me the voice of charlie puth
Sumeyo Hassan
Taylor swift: *Look what you made me do*
Sam Smith: *Look what you made me do*
Brinsley forrester
Sam Smith..... Legend I relate to this tune sooo much
Roza Temurzieva
l like the song!!!!! so much ????????
nikki alvarez
This song needs a dance!!!
Kayla Simone
They Need to do More Songs Together
Sabi Kale
This song is so good
May be i have a good taste in music .????
Dogandcat Lover
Anamaria Golbodaghian
Hi I always wanted to see you can you like plz ????????☺️❤️❤️????????????????????????????????????
I just found out this is Normani song
Ella Cameron-Lynch
Have you danced with a stranger before if you had then ????????
Collin Danner
My disorder almost ended my life at 11 so people with cancer don't let it control your life and never let it end your life cancer is seitan so don't let yourself become a dog to seitan you are unique the way you are
your beautiful
you make peoples day I survived cancer but for people who don't you are going to heaven R.I.P +
Alexa omg
I really like this song
Emily Kidder
Sam. I love. You're. Songs
Tiera Massey
i got him on my back round
and on my iphone 11 phone
Belen Crivelly
Mhashtag #
Bruh he sounds like James Charles ????
Tinku Alexander
Anyone notice that Normani's voice is lower than Sam's no hate though i just noticed that I love this song!
Patrick Karaitiana
C# Fm G#
Karla Paredes
Love the song
24 SisterElements
I love this song so much and I just want to play it over and over again like if you agree. ❤️????
Sahida Dada
this is hot.
Jaj Raw
Pet a poisonous snake or dangerous crocodile, both r good company for u.
Gulzara Begum
I know somebody knew.……..
Jennifer Macias
i've danced with a stranger before! know i wish he was back... i miss u stranger. <3 it happened on 12/23/2017. :<
Annabelle Chester
Is this song old.?I'm not saying I hate it.its just I never heard this in a long time
Aron Pac
I love your songs
I’m still in love with you..
katty abigail herrera ramos
I like this song, is so good ❤????????
Glossblack Humbucker
Look what you made me do.... childish...nice electronic bells...
Thicky Niki
My husband was really surprised when I told him that I really liked this song. He was like, "Dancing with a stranger??" All I could say was, "Look what you made me do." Lmao.
Tanzania hardy
I love this song they need to play this more on the radio ????????????
Tanzania hardy
I love me some same Smith ????????????
Tanzania hardy
Who listens in 2020????????
Mia Bacon
Very very good Song
Such a good song
Melonie Jonas
So sad
asda fruitella
Normani is such an underrated member of fifth harmony
im a 5sos fan
Aaisha Elshawaihdi
Happy New Year everyone
Carl Gee
He sound like tank when he hit high notes
Critter Evans
I love it
aisha jones
Hands down sexiest song of 2019
Maddyunicornfan Brown
I always like sad song but in summer and spring I love them this song is amazing I am listening to it in winter love is ocean vibes am I right lol❤️❤️❤️????????????????????????????????❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️✌️✌️
canal da lele
Alguem brazileiro????????????
Germaine Goldberg
Germaine Goldberg Michael singleton
2 months later and this song still hurts ???? the red devils deserved better
Emily Collins
Love this,especially for 20202
Sofia Watson
Taylor Swift: Look what you made me do
Sam Smith: Look what you made me do
It’s pretty clear I’m not over him ????
Go ahead and be offended
Damn, I just discovered this song. I’m late but hey.
This is a cry/ sleep song
Lakshmi Gorti
Anybody in 2020?????
Hit a like ????????????
Jordan Moore
Friends and you can get to the point that they can do a good thing
Jordan Moore
Good for a and you
Rchl Hdrk
This whole time I've been saying "I wish somebody knew" instead of "I'm with somebody new" ????
Xavier Hoover
Im learn this song.....
LaChauntis Washington
GOD, I love this song so much
PokèmonFanGirl 06
My bff says that 80’s r&b is way better than today’s r&b. I tried to listen to 80’s r&b, but I came here right after. 80’s r&b is horrible. This is way better????
*This makes me feel like I'm dancing with my best friend in the rain while we're both laughing and having a good time*
jet lag
idk why but this song made me think of namjoon ;’)). it’s cute
Jeanine Edmondstone
look what you made me do im with somebody new ooh , baby baby I 'm dancing with a stranger ????????
Jemera Holiness
I love this song
Sahida Dada
Best song ever.
Rua'a Qaruty
love this song
Betsy Neblina
Georgia Leahy
Sam Smith dancing with the Stanger it is my favourite song I was even going out tonight look what you made me I'm with somebody new ooh Baby Baby I'm dancing with the Stanger
Jaennae Snyder
Dancing With A Stranger: exists
TikTok: Hippity hoppity, this is now my property.
Brambleberry Vlogs
look what you made me do
i'm with somebody new
ooh baby, baby
i'm kazooing with a stranger
**kazoo intensifies**
Shivraman V
Beautiful song!!!!!!!!!
Anita Stapleson
This song is beautiful
Aykut Akturk
Look what u made me do
wannauni tori
Wow explains it all
any normans fans here with us?
sorit zemzem
Any Taylor swift fan here
Annabelle Chester
0:49.....LOOK WHAT U MADE ME DO!!!!!
Carina Parker
Dude i jam out to this like a mf
Sylvia Felix
You made a good song can you teach me if you can thank you
Rehab Atcha
I love your video.
Lauren Vandillon
Love it
carlyzk jepsen
Shoutout to the difficulties! that cannot RUN or SHATTER my vibe in this song!
Pipi Realca
The girls voice is so good
Carlos Corvera
So we ain’t back yet ight imma head out
Like when you come back :)
Brittyn P
Look whatcha made me do I wish somebody new ooh ooh baby I'm dancing with a stranger...
Mary swords
Dancing With A Stranger!
who else listens to this song when they feel alone?
Zam Hamid
This Is A 100,000,000,000,000
Harsha Shankar
chill zone
Doggie Eilish xO
It’s officially a year old ????
Germaine Goldberg
Germaine Goldberg Michael singleton
wish it was at least a minute longer.
Becka Cannon
I love this song????????????????????????‍♀️
Hector Solano
Don't want too be alone tonight can you light tha ???? look whut you made me do im ???? wit a stranger
Matheus Gomes
Mano q incrivel!!!
Antonio Allender
I’m mad I’m just now finding this song lol....this shit is amazing
Maisie-may Humphreys
My friends know this song do I know it
Samantha Marusiak
This gives me extreme MJ vibes. Even the title alone sounds like an MJ song.
•Crystal Edits•
Man, his voice sounds a girl, but I love it❤️❤️
vivett cats
Me gustan Los gatos.....meOwWw
Chynea Chynea
Bestie my come over is my kind of my friend
Raj Kishor Mahanta
I want to dance with a stranger and you are that stranger.
Davi Rodrigues
QUEM é BR deixa o like
just to remind people that sam smith’s pronouns are they/them!!
audrey reaves
is that normani or taylor swift!!
i love u guys!!!!!
Im subscribed to u guys
Cely Figueroa
Love this song????
I love this song too much and I normally listen to it while playing FFXV :)
persia robinson
just reminiscing about summer 2k19
Loki Laufeyson
I'm not into this type of music, but... it's really catchy so I guess I'll stay here for a while
Virgo 82
Somebody be here in 2020?
Sketcher Gaming
Sam Smith, i dont know if you did, but i get that Taylor Swift reference ????????????
Jennifer Montana
Heart tochin lyrics ♥️♥️????????
Luciano Lopes
I love Thais song ❤️❤️❤️
thelyricsgirl laylay
I have to do a solo to this whole song????????
Ally Putman
Their voices ????????
Shiralee Hicks
This song amazes me
Neil West
These lyrics make my tone death singing sound great ????
Katherine Shelley
I like this song, but I disagree with dancing with strangers if you are thinking about someone else. Dance alone.
Katherine Shelley
Nobody can make you be with a stranger unless you let them... take a little responsibility and self accountability.
Katherine Shelley
And don't fuck up somebody else's relationship because you think you can
Weak luckyhook
Nice theres a lyrics also in that place i dont need to look at the video
Best Emotions
hey people 2020
Bettina Bathe
Friday night I will be Ballroom Dancing it ...tall men only apply please Thanks

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