Tara Broussard
Love your voice and songs to
Liam McKeagg
Brendon urie is 174 cm. Taylor swift it 178cm
Stephanie Allen
I love you Taylor swift
Two Number
If I hadn't watched the change happen over the years, there is no way you could convince me this is Taylor Swift.
Miss when we could hear her voice and guitar, sadly both have been absent for quite a while. (back before the songs were all self centered and unrelatable)
Joanna Iligan
Would still love you if you give me cat and youre brendon, marupok ako eh
Ivan Romano
You look one of muy techer
James Galvesolo
Just for 3 minutes, can we just appreciate the editing skills of Team Taylor from this music video? This is absolutely amazing!
karen ng
Your song is nice and I already like your video and I keep watching your show I am Braydon school pgps
I Hope Y'all Remember Me
This gained first 24 hours views more than LWYMMD and it took a year to take 1 billion but I'm not sure if how many years ME! would make it to billion
Nico Florez
who is still here after she released lover❤❤❤❤????????????????????????
Shun Ko
You need calm down
marlou morilla
Amazing music video
Leigh Graye
The first time I hear the intro, I love it, then... it's my 2 most favorite artist together.
Tazzy's play world
Taylor Swift is the best YouTube are she is my favourite I just went on her channel
Aaryan Sharma
I really like this song. ❤
Muhsiإلنn 9876543210Ameen
Brendon: And there's a lot of lame guys out there
Me: That one sad truth about our world ;-;
Im a Bro Pewdiepie
2:20 brendon is doing the CARLTON DANCE or 2:19
Ryan Luddani
Can't hear "spelling is fun" on apple music so... I kinda like to view this music video instead... who's with me? Road to 300M let's make it!
Shirley Thomas
I feel bad for the many rainbows that had to be used to make all these colors:(
Alwin Solomon
How many of u from October 2019,,????????????????
Angela Bzns
U beautiful
Andreas Shavuka
Love u tf like if u❤ her????????????
Rip “spelling is fun”
Gaby Lopes
A graça da desse clipe e o vocalista da panic
Ali Ansari
i am not asleep, my mind is alive
coming soon
En plus elle parle super in french????????????
Doggo_lover Lol
Brendan: You need to calm down!
Jacob plays
I only came here for brendon
xGacha-Kiwi x
I like the part when she says me xd
Lily Stripe
Their french accents...
- Ohkaiey -
~ b r e n d o n ~
I’m not a bad guy right?/:
Cidni- Is cool
Taylor- in front young daughters
Me-you have kids
Mike Combs
No one:
Literally no one:
Taylor: hEy KiDz SpElLiNg Is FuN
me: no wander these kids love her
Abigail Aceves
Michael Jackson: am I a joke to you
DaKireah Perkins
What I like about this video is that her dresses they have a beautiful sparkly waterfall and they have a color for splat that’s what I love about this Taylor Swift is my favorite love you Taylor
HnH Taste Reactions
did she have to be so dramatic tho "and in front of our children"
Oscar Pacheco
Zyada's Fun World
Taylor Swift I really love your pink dress and the Unicorn like like it's really pretty and I really really really want a boyfriend and I am literally six years old literally six years old I'm really I don't know I don't know but please how can you get married because I really because I really kiss with the pillow little e a pillow scary sleep seriously I don't really like this but I don't like the snake part like it's like no I don't like snakes I don't like snakes but you better go to my channel that is drum roll please Denon nnnn nnnn it is zyada 's fun world yayyyyyyyyyyyyy
Leticia Cardenas
*S P E L L I N G I S F U N*
Chevelle West
Dara Rocks
To think that 2:20 is an Easter egg for Lover fest with them being on the stage and with the heart, I- (plus the angels rolling their eyes for cruel summer)
katy schmitt
Ka nat
Chị ơi đến nhà em ăn bữa cơm chị ơi. Hihi????????
How to care for your Gold fish
You left your kids at home ????
Erin k
Are Brendon and Taylor the only real things in this whole video?
Lupi Ranofan
Only me search this song typing "iiiii uuuu" lol
disha joshi
Stephane Dangel
On voit vachement qui se sont éclatés à faire le clip????????????
ankita sendre
????????❤️ awesome
Димир Котлев
Kesleen Ryan Mendes Alves
ai, amo essa musica. hino injustiçado
Tieta Taylor
I hate Taylor's songs anyone
DuyPro Fun.H
Tôi là nguoi vn.....toi nhớ mẹ bấm vào đây
Richard Samuel
I really don't like the snake scene at the beginning. Why must use that such kinda animal?
Rusidan Rusli
Who's here to see the Lover Shape stage for Lover Fest? Hehe ????
Guardians of the Wolves
Taylor swift: I AM CALM alright I’m gonna sing now
Ma sœur et moi
Oh pushpin French in real I speak French ldr ???? le devant nos filles en plus ma tué mdrrr j'suis morte ????
Coco locco
Mon chat une fille ????
Emily Ong
Spelling is fun????????
Who else is just randomly watching this in october 2019?? ???????? ????
blackpink bts
Taylor svit
jawad khan
Who loves tayler
aan pavel
taylor swift my babe
It a - sunflower UwU
this song helped me get through my depression -w-
Kids Room
President Potato
How'd they get a whole city to dance in sync and in the rhytym of the song
No one:
Absolutely nobody:
Not a single soul:
Not even Michael Jackson????:
Taylor Swift: HEE HEE
Amy Morrison
Does anyone notice i think he is gay 2:39 just me
Harrison Deacon
shortcut here: 0:46 don't tell anyone got it?
Niro Max
Malaysian AiraAsia AK 47 introduced me this song, and I love to listen to this song ❤️ ❤️ ❤️
cheyenne norton
I love your videos and you
xox_Cherry_ Kittenz
Whenever I get mad I say JE SUI CALM
Lara Hotchkiss
I'm upset so I listen to the song
Evermore Raven
Is it just me or when they say Me it sounds like Kokichi Ouma's laugh
this mad me no longer like the idea of brendon coming together with other singers/songwriters
Okay. I can’t find any info on it so maybe it’s just my imagination, but who are the chimney sweeps that the camera pans to? I want to say it’s the Jonas brothers, but, meh. I feel like they are vips, though.
AmazingGracie Queen of Cats
Is it just me or anybody else can’t stop watching 1:45?
Anthony Argent
Selena: Nobody’s gonna love me like you
Taylor: Nobody’s gonna love you like ME!
zebrareborn ROBLOX
Alessandra Avelino
Eu vi um carro Prata
Stephanie Nichols
Taylor Swift be like: mehehe
Me: your not Michael Jackson
Defender Sutnga
it amazing
Sunny Vega
its like rainbows are barfing in my eyes lmao
Aleah Sparks
Brendon looks so happy
deydreaming storytime
I wonder if someone will catch this
(edit) lol — ja ja ja
Amy V
I hope selena can sings some songs like this after found her love just like Taylor ❤
High_Stakes Table
REALLY struck at that Notre Dame ... that's a miracle mon chere ... c'est
Aidyn's Vlogs
mary poppins
Tanmay Verma
You'll never know, how I got this many likes.
Stoss 42
Why all the hate for this song ? I've always liked it and there's nothing wrong with it.
Stormzz _Aqua
36,2 mio ????????????????????????????SUB????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
Me: She's not calm.. She needs HELP for God's sake..

Manish Agrawal
I saw many people hated this song, but honestly this is one of the best Taylor Swift song. I honestly don't understand what people hate in it ????????
Papple Pizza
Bro that's not so bad, ya'll just mean
arianator_swties _blink_jenlisa
Now i'm proud To be french when i see Taylor talk my language
Julieta Ascani
Omggggg I love you Taylor Swift
Furkan Selim Şeyma Yeşilyurt
Handsome boy and beautiful girl ????????????????
Julien Baptiste
WW3 will start because of Korea, Russia and something with Taylor Swift and a cat meme
jess nahk
y tube is telling me to shut up
jess nahk
# i hope ull never see ever again one of your biggest lessons in life.
jess nahk
im now fukin inspired tremendously by all of social media
Hussein sp
Producer: who will dance in all the part of this song?
Taylor: *me*
"I can't talk to you when you're like this"
This is another Easter egg in this music video!! Omg! how brilliant the way Taylor puts easter eggs in her music video!!!
Lilly Xoxo
Love you love you channel wellLove you love
Gabriel Esquinca
Alondis Sturmfalke
After I finished watching, I'll go back to Brendon's twitch stream
2:21 why tho? ????
Literally Nobody:
Cats: MREEEOOOOOOOOW **after hearing that they are daughters**
Alex Hudson
Check out lizzo she's better
Miss Sunshine
*Welp I guess they are right a movie always finish with a happy ending*
Dania Rodriguez
I LOVE THIS SONG ❤????????????????????
alv pos io soy maytte
Uhhhhh I'm a Brendon Urie fan not a Taylor Swift fan Please don't crusifie me
Cathey Springer
She looked Scarlett Johansson in this video
Julie Anderson
Did anyone notice that there's a lover sign behind her when she's on the roof
My all time 2 favorites glad they made a song together. But of course Brendon Urie did the best part. Your welcome Beebo keep on doing your job
Caleb Goldberg
Just realized he said "You need to calm down" at the beginning!
Sergio Fernández Rubio
He looks gay... So pretty :)
Blanca Martinez
Mi jiji
Scherzo Wahid Naiborhu
Phoebe: Je m'appelle Claude
Joey: Je de coup lau
Gabriel Gutierrez
Justin Bieber - IGNORA
Soy un YouTuber y Saludo a los que apoyen ❤️❤️
Gabriel Gutierrez
Justin Bieber - IGNORA
Soy un YouTuber y Saludo a los que apoyen ❤️❤️
Gamer Kent
2019: Me
2020: You
sophia yar
The is the most cute video
alecs gerswin carillo
Taylor: Swear to be over dramatic and tRUe to my lover.
Omygad. Her mind!!!!!
Lara Krantz
Worst song in the world
Ratnesh Ranjana
0:45 from 0 to 100
Foo PY
Love u taylor
Bersabe Escalante
Taylor do you like cat
Rhys Gill
2018: Brendon: I’m Spider-Man
2019: Brendon: I’m Mary Poppins Yall.
Emily 's life
you need to calm down 0:35
Cool et parle français c'est ma langue 0:36
Linh Nguyen
Taylor Swift is officially artist of the decade at AMAs, guys!! So proud and emotional!
Arumbinang Geminata
i can't believe, it's been 6 months since the video released, but it didn't reach 500m yet. swifties come on!
Max W
Why are they speaking in french???
Elaine Dickson
Ed and Justin's new song: *I don't care*
Taylor Swift's new song: *me*
What is up with these song names ????????
Moshe Falkowitz
I think that i wanna be deaf...
Kristen Kristen
Swifties get this to 1B
We can do it
????????????????????Taylor Swift
Leon Cizon
have u noticed that he says "u need to calm down"
Getaway Car
“Hey kids, spelling is fun!" PERIODT
You’ll never find another like me-HE-HEEEEEEEEEEEEE XDDD
I hope y’all got the joke :)
Sarah Larcher
Two of the hottest people in the world collaborating to make an amazing song! ❤
Seu new box de músicas esta no seu estilo. nada de força para cantar. vamos ver nos clipes o que você fará. No 1896 eu gostei bastante, lembro como se fosse hoje eu ouvindo as faixas do seu box.
You need to calm down
Magdalena Noculak
Is so swet cats
I love all of your songs
Amritesh Singh
Spelling IS fun! ????
sandy fitri
lol i was listening to Spotify, and "spelling is FUN" phrase is not there, so now im here on youtube ????
Shianne h
RIP spelling is fun Taylor snatched her wig
Dania Rodriguez
This is how much dresses TAYLOR wore
Anthony Nguyen
There’s no I in Team but there is a Me
I = Me?
Bill Eubanks
My name is really Marley Bill he's not my name that's my papa's name biggest fan and my name is spelled m a r l e i g h is m e v i love you and you are my biggest fans I hope you have a great day I'm 8 years old and I've always loved you and I wish I could come to your concerts but I can't I'm sorry but I love you and your songs ????????????????❤❤????????????????????????????????????????????????????????1
alecs gerswin carillo
Taylor: Swear to be over dramatic and tRUe to my lover.
Omygad. Her mind!!!!!
Lol the opening scene
This is her funniest one ????
Calvin The Seal
Im wathcing this again cuz this popped up in my recommended lmao
Is this an Austin powers movie
Christian Camacho
please protect my melodies from my keyboard.
Christian Camacho
I wanna work with you
Em janeiro de 2020 voltarei aqui para conferir os likes para TAYLOR SMITH!
Ela está vendo esse post!! Manda uma mensagem para ela e abra seu coração!! Você ama ou não ama TAYLOR SMITH ???
Me ajude a crescer e se inscreva no canal desse post também ok!!!
Andrei Espe
Taylor and Brandon's outfits are odd from the others
like what they said you have to be odd to be number 1
Harsh Sarkar
I am only one of me.......
Martina Nucera
Savannah Murray
This video will definitely get to 1 billion
Jessica Tschai
I like this video
Does not take the flowers
Does not take the ring
Takes the kitten
Seems legit
James Nesbitt
Happy my wife is not like you, never want a self centered one like you.
Just’ Elsa
Elle parle français au début ! Mvv ❤️
Cami Aya
At 2:36 I think that was sofia carson
mimi fouad
Hi ???????? I ????❤️ you
Rhi Heaton
Babydoll ...est 94
love u Tay Tay!!!!!
Abdirahman mohamud
Sure I'll make a song beside there's 11 years left before climate change is impossible to solve yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh(no hate just the truth )
Akiko-Chan :3
Me: wat is she talking 'bout?
Taylor:( points to kittens)
Me:(* *)
( _) wow.
Cyber Unit
August 22 people do not forget their roots and are extremely realistic in regard to their own abilities. Consequently those born on this day despise pretension and pity those who bring themselves or others into jeopardy through hubris or overconfidence. Building on a secure knowledge of the world and how it works, August 22 people proceed logically whether they remain on the physical plane or deal in abstract concepts and sophisticated knowledge.
Akiko-Chan :3
how do u edit a comment?
plz tell me I is ignorant
Gachalife-lover Gacha
Love this
Andy Xu
Taylor, but how do you make the liquid effect?
Was up with da purses tho
Louise enzo
Brendon: torturing kids is fun
Also Brendon:spelling is fun
Iffah Atikah
2:35 ohhhh this is where's that dance of JYP FEVER came from ???? lol
Brad King
Where's Michael Jackson lol
Alpha Omega
Taylor ❤❤
Fossa J.
1:48 Every online shopping story????????
The line is: I know you never get just what u see....
Anonimo 55
Mijiji i love you taylor????❤
Menchie Pabunan
Woooow, it was so awesome ????????????
İlber Ortaylı Fan
Taylor : hOw DaRe YoU
Greta : o_O
Yves de Vallée
Je suis Français et à ce que je vois les clichés sur les Français aux États-Unis se confirment hi hi hi lmao
Fabio Douglas
Fran Smith
1:13 Is Taylor Swift so tall or the others are small? ????
Joyce Salazar
Can anyone elses picture the editing for this video!
Leah Devin's world
Clebreties be like "I'm single" me be like "why can't I have u?"
Ruby Tahir
Happy birthday taylor
Suelem Correa
You look like Barbie in the clips♥️
Lauren Miller
when people first see the snake:
ight imma head out...
Daan Demeulemeester
Brendon is like Taylor's annoying gay friend
Feet Toes
You need to calm down your being to loud
Alejandra Parra
En estos momentos estoy vomitando arcoiris ???? ????????????
Antonio Banegas
I’m sorry Taylor but I hate spelling
"You need to calm down" :))))
Emily Heldt
Wait is Brendon Taylor Swift's boyfriend?
battle formula
my favorite song of 2019
barbara m
2:58 and u can spell handsome without hands
JusANerdyGamer Lol
team= NO ME
Where are they getting a me from
There is only if you rearrange the letters
Her french is atrocious.
[ isabella ]
,,I know that I‘m a hippo baby uh!“????
Kanhchana Nhean
SOON cool
I am forever scared
Genesis Gonzalez
People: dislike
Comments: *no hate comments*
Clash King
There is 440K comments ..if you find me you are a legend ????
baldemar morin
She got a lot of people in this music video
Raghu Seetharaman
Most people are here for Taylor.
But I prefer talent over glamour.
How do they speak french
With a great accent
1:19 7 bags represent 7 of her albums?
Is their daughter are the cats?
Viviana Verduzco
Both time the cats came out.
Taylor: yes
Me: meow
Elaina Redden
I honestly don't know how to react to this.
Nawarat Arayasamphan
Why so many people hate on this song
Marinez Marquez
Di love song
Marilou Ytac
*old TAYLOR reborn?*
In one music video
Taylor: ME, You Need To Calm Down, Lover
Madeleine W
Your so dramatic!
You need to calm down! - ------
Handono Sutjipto
The color like k pop ... Asian influence
Jesus Christ
It’s a man, baby!!
Gizemli Adam
Love Taylor siwit
Gizemli Adam
Türk olan varsa buna like atın????????❤️❤️❤️
Mathew Gensel
Is no one gonna mention the fact that Taylor has such a "white girl" french accent while Brendon is nailing it
Pierre dada
ça me fais rire xD
I like panic at the disco
kok weng chow
Omg this video hit 5M subs ????????
Winnie celia offixial
Kids : Am I A JoKe To YoU ?
aditya rizky
Dicari danu
Olivia Horan
*This was the comeback of the year*
Gaston 28
Benjamin ????????
Ile łapek w górę tyle razy powiem love
Ngọc Hoàng Khưu
ME! better OR You need to calm down better ??????????????????
Donald Hickey
Me puex park français aussi I love French and in only between the age of 1 and 15 one of them between em ink not one or 15
Anjana B
I know you might never see this comment but
I watch this video when sad, and all I gotta say is that it really brightened my day so thank you ????
Not a single word can describe how much I hate this song lol
Seriously, especially his voice when he first starts singing, but the whole track is a disaster imo
It's just so cringy.
Ruben Torres
This a really awesome collab here
The Hound
We should just let computers make our music. Just type the words in and it can sing also. Basically that is modern music.
prickly cactus
Next to me oo oo ooh you’ll find him you’ll find him next to me ????
PB Soldier
“And in front of our daughters!”
Two cats: us? Your daughters? Pff
Carrie Newton
The snake always makes me jump even when i know its coming confusing
Ona Martín Pedret
you are the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Tay FF
Queen of pop
Tay FF
Love this
Maria W
Love it. ???????????? Although idk why but the angel playing the piano kinda freaks me out lol.
jmxmc 2k19
I love you
Ralph Santiago
i know im handful baby uhh
Sages Gacha stories
I just realised taylor is taller then Brendon
Luna The Gamer cat
Somewhere I. The background you can see Big Ben which I think probably represents "London Boy" a song about her lover
Sultana Raj
this song makes me so happy. Brendon Urie's voice
Cal C
I choose Dua
Alan Saraiva
Taylor Brazil Love U ????
Lilly JR
Im watching her for back to the future not all the way just 2009-2019
Big Buiscut
Ok this is cringe I'm sorry for who ever likes this song you have a horrible taste of music or it's just me no hate calm down it's just my opinion you may hate me but I take no hate enjoy this song but I'm just saying I don't like it
Mena’s Editz
Normal people: *work things out by talking*
Brendon and Taylor: *work things out with a song*
10k Subscribers without any video
No one
Not even a single soul
"You can't spell awesome without me"
abhay more
start of the decade: you belong with me!
end of the decade: ME!!!
The Kitchens
Love this music video it is my favorite one I've ever seen Love your art Taylor keep doing what you do
Why would anyone stop watching this
Taylor: and in front of our daughters!
Me: so your daughters are cats?
Bella C.
Brendon dancing at 2:20 is a phat mood
ᴅᴀʀᴋ ᴘʜᴀɴᴛᴏᴍ
I guess I'm high...
APE Les Cigognes de la Zorn
I love
Carola Lira Jimenez
Dale si te gusto el primer dia que la vis te????????????????????????????????????????????
here's the mf tea
taylor you made this song on my birthday
Me: The one thing I never thought I would see, Brendon dancing 2:20
Noreen Emira
This is the most colorfull music video i never see...
Pajka Eagle
Brendon i want a kitty too !
This chick got issues
maria rene soliz rojas
Me encanta
I thought this was the capitol one commercial
I Love you Taylor Merry christmas
Fahren the Potato
*greta thunberg intensifies*
Jhonatan.Raymundo3 YT
Taylor Swift ???? Welcome To Perú
Ben Stuante
I'm not her fan
Maybe just sometimes I was listening her songs cos i'm not really interested
I'm listening to this song not in purpose , now I don't know why I love the way she sing this song, her voice and her dance.
She's just make my day with this song ????
Me: listening to my playlist while writing an essay
Taylor: HeY kIDs! SpeLlIng Is fUn!!!
Emily hasson
This is like the r/nicegirls and r/notlikeothergirls anthem.
Ishwari Chhatre
cloudys angel
Beautiful song
Cookiez 2551
M-.. hi hi~ HoHu~ i just search like this.
Hoàng Cường channel
2020 Who still see ?
Tomika Thomas
Taylor is my favorite singer
Hmd Exami
In the beginning it is like miraculous ladybug ????
You Can't Spell AwesoME Without ME!
I was expecting for this song to appear in Youtube Rewind 2019.
Then I realized that this music video is still better than the trash Youtube Rewind 2019.
ali sia
This video reminds me begin again
Aboniert: Malte-YT
Ammina roim
Yato Kun
thats lots of bag
Sourabh Champ
Love you taylor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The Sister Squad!
at 1:55 seconds am i the only one who thinks that kind of looks like jack black without a beard?
Shahzaib Ahmad
Talent: ????%
Fun: ????%
Dance: ????%
Enjoy: ????%
Nudity: 0%
Mee eeeh eeh: 200,000%
Vinnie Countdown
Who is here after YOUTUBE REWIND ??
Anna J.
when I heard this song for the first time I heard "stealing" instead of "spelling"
Cal C
Cal C
I’m sheltered sorry
Cal C
It was all a joke
Cal C
Don’t sue me for harassment
Cal C
I want you Taylor
Mistery Girl
Me singing: "I'm the only one of me-"
My twin sister hearing me: are you sure about that?
Cal C
ȶɦɛ ǟʀƈɦɛʀ
0:45 moms with mood swings be like...
Mae and carlys Childish life
This really is NOT brendon uries vibe
Forever taylor
Janet Flang
I search “baby fun of me hihi”
????????????comment ose tu devant nos filles en plus ????????(????????????????)
Coraxkate X
Kids bop vibes ????
Dafne Gutiérrez
I really miss the "hey kids! Spelling is fun" when i heard this on Spotify :(
Toupe_ TR
The beginning though
Preston Theguy
No one:
Fortnite players: 1:46
We have our old Taylor back
She looking like a Barbie doll
Lukman Abu Dzakiy
Type of accursed human// Jenis manusia terlaknat.
No words.
Chrisrhyle Bayoneta
Vive le french
Anyone came here after searching "hihihi huhuhu"? ????
Lara Klaassen
[44] if you want to skip the beginning
Gabriella Mills
Just now realizing the pro-LGBTQ+ reference at 3:09 with them running to the rainbow in front of the White House.
Abigail Morales
Brendon ????????????
Tuấn Vũ
not only the song but the "graphic design" is soooooooo awesomeeee !
Svitlana kimps
i expected something beter from two greatest singers. my favoirite singers
Sidaarth Ramabhotla
Let's just admit. Taylor cant outdo 1989. But we'll keep our hopes up.
Wroclaw Poland
What's the name of a drugs them use?
Mamoku Peawil
Play 1:16 Using the fastest playback speed! Its funny
Jake Mazo
current 288 059 519
goal 300 000 000 (before 2019 ends)
Marlon Sharp
Shes nuts
Marissalle Magsaysay
Ur young kids are cats????omygod
Marissalle Magsaysay
Brendon: gives flowers
Brendon:gives ring
Taylor:still no
Brendon:gives cat
Meh: all u want is a cat ;-;
Can Taylor just get over the snake thing. I CRINGE every time she mentions it
Jheri King
Why did the video start so hilarious?
Sara Dewan
Girl there’s no I in Team ?
BlinkArmy Özar
Thanks taylor swift turkish subtitle on the greetings from turkiyede
Weirdo Eli
I almost passed out because of all the colors
Rebeka Kołodziej
Very great! ????❤️
Mishelle Leyva
0:35 You Need to Calm Down. That was the future name of the song: We Need To Calm Down
(Self Like)
Like if you are in December 2019
Alisha Hill
How many likes is how many people ship Braylor?
william Speelman
Brandon urie You need to calm down Taylor swift thanks for my next song title
Shrek 5 is real noob
Imma tell my kids this was Mary poppins
Enrica Sara Tonello
I love this song
Jose Barcelo
Taylor: hey kids spelling is fun
Me: No it is not fun at all
Μελίνα Σπυριδοπούλου
Omg his voice sounds like Blane's from glee ????????????
Marcus Kael
Valí pico ranchera culiá
j. b. ingurselfwasmyideafirst
Pop - Socket ????
ɮロɮタ でタモ
Fun Fact:Team Backwards is *MEAT*
Xavier Poulin
Yeaaaaaaa! SPEAK FRENCH!
Larissa Bustamante
I Love you talor swift❤️????????
Bryan Zhu
It’s just sad knowing that panic at the disco and Taylor swift are such great artists but they this song got a lot of hate
Maggie Elliott
Who watched this just for Brendon Urie? Me!
Norazura Buyanin
Nnnnnoooooobbbbbbbbbbb nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnooooooooobbbbbbbbbb
Jamie Olkeriil
When the guy in the music video he said you need to calm down and that’s one of here music videos and I love your videos and the music ????
Hannah Rose Mason
A trailer for cats played before this ????
Mark Vallejos
IN FRONT of are young Daughters!! . Taylor points at cats * cats: us O_O
Wijesinghe Sanjeewa
awesome taylor swift
Doge the bootiful dog
Is brendon mary poppin's son
Hafizh Hadiawan
HeY kIDs sPeiLinG is fUn
At the panto and their singing this
Gamer dog Jerasi
How many times did I watch dis
Babelyn De Leon
What is your favorite taylor swift or katy parry like if you love taylor comment if you like katy
Antrell Olive
I’m a biggest fan
2:13 is my fav part
Louise Robinson
This is both the coolest and strangest thing I’ve watched this year...
Kshitij Kumar
"HEY KIDS! Spelling is fun!!"
-Taylor Swift 2019
Aɴɴɪᴇ Tᴏʟᴇɴᴛɪɴᴏ
“It’s All At SM”
m. taswirul Adnan
hihihi huhuhu
2 + 2 = 4
Taylor Swift + Brendon Urie = A Materpiece
Sophia Musselman
your amazing and you answered the phone!
Stephanie Fensom
You guys are perfect alone but especially together love both of u so much i look up to you guys so so much keep doing what you are doing
Damsung Damsung
I love taylor
Gaurav Singh
Ok everything was nice
But i still can't understood
What was snake doing there ??
Migue Gadgude
who is here before 300M
Amanda Heins
i love this song
HRC_ hamoudi
"Je SoUiS cAlMe" ????????????????????????????????
Labibeh Behbehani
I love panic at the disco ♥️????????
its just luke Revive
Me watching the ending: girl, I am *gooped*
Marsha HT
I can't take my eyes off this colorful music video, so beautiful made just makes me happy and want to dance! Love you Taylor keep making beautiful music like this! ????????????????????????
Pequeña Saltamontes
Amazing video!!!!
Olivia Carter
This is my soul song my old favorite singer (Taylor) and my newer favorite (brendon)
Janeth Ramirez T.
Like si te encanto le vestido y el gato
Mariam Abu-khashan
Wow the when she left she just got happy
jo jo
The song lyrics are sooo true
Husky Donut
Is that Brendon Urie?
oh my.... why did they try to speak french...
가사가 넘나 좋다;;
David Fisher
Absolutely beautiful I love the suit
Sultana Raj
this song makes me so happy. i will always love it.
Sunset Africa roblox
I was in Fiji when this song and I keep on singing meheee not knowing it was Taylor swift oof
Gabriel Gutierrez
Justin Bieber - IGNORA
Soy un YouTuber y Saludo a los que apoyen, ME ENCANTAN GENTE ❤️❤️
Gabriel Gutierrez
Justin Bieber - IGNORA
Soy un YouTuber y Saludo a los que apoyen, ME ENCANTAN GENTE ❤️❤️
Марат Нуржанов
Крутой как страна зналите как радуга
Aysegul Karakaya
Anlamadığım şey türkçe alt yazı geçmesi
This song is actually pretty sad if you just listen to the lyrics
Fashionista XERNAIN
I love how at the end Taylor is just swinging around and Brendon is just running around like a mad man
Too swett until i got diabetes....poor on meeHm
Caroline Connor
Taylor only got Brendon so she can become trending to Panic! At the disco fans
G Oh
This is exactly what Ryan and Sharpay would make LOL
Am i the only one that search song in keyword "Hihihiiii huhuhuuuu"?
Hilda Mamani
Eso se parece a la canciòn de Bala
VicLOLgirl roblox and Gatcha
Pretty puffy pink dress
Ava Clegg
I LOVE your songs ????????
long time no see panic at the disco
Italia A. Lopez-Maze
Can the old Taylor come to the phone right now
Sarvagya rathore
Best part is U can't spell Awesome without 'ME' ????
Sandeep Mahajan
Not Me! ????????????????????????
Liana Soares
She protecc.
She attacc.
But most important,
she is bacc.
Mariah Ashanti
Soni have a real question. I just got done listening to I write sins not tragedies, so I decided to see what dude was up to and I saw this. I'm not a fan of Taylor swift but why do people in the comments keep saying I want the old Taylor back. What does that mean? How is she different? Thanks.
Yağmur Mutlu
Taylor I'm a big fan of yours because you're a model person both with your songs and with your personality.
Super Estrellas
No quiero ir al school
cheeto seal of awesomeness
So we gonna ignore when Brendon Urie said the title of taylor Swift's song, you need to calm down?
Noon Zaa
I really like you
Gloria Rojas
And in front of our kids (the cats)????????
HerNameIs Arian
I’m not a big fan of Tayler swift but her songs are so catchy!!
Violet Walsh
No puedo creer que Brendon sea el mismo chico emo del 2012.:)
Jiajin Lei
What crackhole land is this...?
Heelan Musical
i like how she said "in front of our daughters" and the camera pans over to two cats on the couch.
youtube boy
To scare you brother keep replaying 0:01to 0.16
This feels like it was trying really hard to make a hit out of a song that needed more substance in the first place. Maybe more lyrics? Maybe sing it with more flair? Dunno. This one feels like it's really close to me liking it but just can't go the extra few feet.
Rafi Widyatama
I'm kinda guy who like meeeehihiiiii huhuhuhuuuuuuuuuu ????????
Pinkiez_ Swiftie
I just want to let Haters know that Ugly starts with U and the second letter of bUlly is U and Awesome ends with ME!
It’s me antonette villanueva
0:36 taylors latest song
Kushagra Sharma
It really is a promise. We'll never find another like Taylor.
Taylor: Hey kids, spelling is fun!
Me: *No, No it’s n o t*
Muz Alex
Oh godness... now i's my little brother's fav song. He sings it every SINGLE DAY. But i'm hlad he has the same taste as me ????
I'm like Taylor with the cats. If my boyfriend give me a cat i'll forgive all????
Zoe Williams
Are these to married?
Luis Alberto Sziklas Vasquez
No entendí la culebra al principio JAJAJA
Faith Bailey
I'm here 8 months later and can't believe I saw the word lover in this music video.
k os
Taylor めちゃ高身長だな
This song was so cringe and sucked
Manuel D
It always rhymes "Me-e-e", "you - u-u"?? OK.. Speaking about some exquisite lyrics.
Chris Suarez
Man, Brendon really sold out.
Sabrina Jane
Here because I miss "hey kids spelling is fun."
Who's excited for Taylor's Netflix documentary Miss Americana?
Pritha Progga
We all love you taylor❤
Silas Tolentino
Who else watched this just cuz they saw "ft. Brendon Urie"?
Truong Pham
The man Taylor
AshTryz ?
I have never gotten bored of this
English Kids
Taylor Swift l like you !????????????????️????️????
José Rodriguez
its very nice!
J Lewis
พิรญา แสนสุข
Taylor swift is queen of pop. One in Millon of artists. Taylor is number one in the industry music. Never artists can do it. Taylor make history in the world.
Neha Mandelkar
This song is just so perfect ????????????
Gacha Sandy
Come here and claim your before 300M views Here
lara selters
Lol, she's an ICON!!! I bow my head in deference to her...
lara selters
Lol, she's an ICON!!! I bow my head in deference to her...
Kenshin Torres
0:25 watu watu pala pala?? What does that mean
Ronaldo Takhashi
those pastel suits tho
Nixon_The Crappy_artist
"And I front of our young daughters! "
"Daughters" : mEoW
Tic-Tac Asmr
En francais ????????????
Gamer dog Jerasi
Aiden Ashworth
A lot of satanic images in this video.... how peculiar.
Frances Militante
is it just me or in the original audio in spotify and in 2:40, brendon says "hey kids" and taylor, "spelling is fun" but in spotify now, it's gone? haha
Alina Firdausovna
Can i just say that this music video is a candy
Brooklynn Scribner
I LOVE you. ????????????????????☺????????
Ashley Wang
Did anyone else see the “cool chicks” on the wall at 0:58?
Pratic M
Me:Why would a snake turn into a butterfly? ????
Lazlo Thorn
Lazlo Thorn
I love you Taylor
Lazlo Thorn
R. Frank Bass
You can't spell ugly without u!
ਜੋਗਿੰਦਰ ਕੌਰ
Amazing song
Fabreeze Kun
Me hee-hee.... okay ill stop
Colm Kelliher
Hans vito
Amanda Rampersad
I love this video so much lol
Life wiff Bellz
at 45 seconds its bipolar
γκράινταρ γκραινταρίνος
need more like that please!!!
Hey heyy Tay Tayy FYI...you're so beautiful & talented! ❤
ThatOnePianist 817
*So my french teacher played this in fromt of the whole class cause the beginning is french, and she likes Taylor Swift*
trap 33
This song invokes feelings.. reminding me of my college days..and other fond, really fun memories.
Fabiola Chavez
I love the song ples make more and more ples ples ples
glennis Pineki
Bottom right 1:56 who else can see the liver sighn from Taylor swift song
Rose Dawson
Anyone else high as the clouds while watching this? The stoners would mock me if they knew how much I like Taylor Swift music
moved to vlare
i said me when i wanted to tell google assistant a joke and this came up
Bear Network
“hey kids,spelling is fun!”. spotify: *hmmm....no.*
nick cruz
Brendan is soooo cute ❤️❤️❤️
Rainbow leopard
UwU the cats???? are so
0:36 " you need to calm down"
Me: YoU'Re bEiNg tO lOuD
Dormammu Flyx
Am I the only one who never watched the video before.....? And now literally loving it more than ever ^_^
Needy Sparkle
I also feel like after slamming a door and then starting to sing all of a sudden like nothing happened is a bit weird...lol
Marco Chan
Taylor love cats or kittys!????????????
0:38 when i say i am having mood swings this is what I mean????
Taylor: I AM CALM!
(7 seconds later)
Taylor sings cheefully.
Me: Huh, guess she really was calm.
Sebastian Schmidt
Tolles Video!
Rabiya Usmani
So here 1:01 taylor left the phone drama atlast
Mary Perkins
you are the best singer i know and love
DUH thats the whole pojnt
Maggie Pie
When my multiple personalities meet my emotionally broken demons and pastel 90's london desires.
And ofc, Brandon Urie lingers amidst this too
Ladybug 23
Love the two of them.
Metallica Is the greatest band
Bad music
pesadilla free frí
fool copied the bullet wing
diana delacerda
did anyone else notice that on apple music they took out the part when brendon says “hey kids spelling is fun!”
Jams Badajos
Back to You Belong with ME! Hahaha
Deep River
Oh, cute
Maria Eduarda
quem é brasileiro aí deixa o like
Je suis français j pas besoin des sous-titres au début. lol
Davi Bittencourt
Taylor Swift ♥️????????????
Abdi Ali
Is cuter than me
Rogelio Canalizo
Her daughters are cats l like that
She the type of freak to go for the one guy until she gets him????
Free Spirited
This is a side of brendon we've never seen before...
Trisha Iyer
No one:
Me: ThE sNaKe At ThE bEgGiNiNg ScArEd Me
Karina Guadarrama
Daniel S
Brendon Urie, the archetype of the camp straight guy.
Gabriela Vera
2020 anyone
billy Hawkins
Brendon:pulls out followers
Taylor:shakes head
Brendon:pulls out expensive ring
Taylor:shakes head
Brendon:pulls cat from suit
Taylor:shakes head yes
billy Hawkins
Taylor:hey kids spelling is fun!!!!
Me:ok sure
Also me:*calls cops*
Cops:911 whats you emergency?
Me:help theres a crazy woman pls help
i love how she was angry and then
"I promise you ain gonna find a lover like me" what th-
Ariff Hamid
Brendon Urie's high notes are higher than my grades will ever be.
Vivian Radabaugh
Awesome Song Me Sung By Taylor Swift Ft Brendon Urie and Panic of the Disco
Magic Dust
This video is like one of my favorites. Its soo colorful and just amazing!
weii bee
I like Taylor a lot cz of her personality but I donno why I don't like her songs ????
Lola mo
They didn’t get rid: hey kids, spelling is awesome in this video
BreAnn Alexender
Spelling is boring sorry talor
Eunice Claire
This song will be 1 yr old this April
Buzz Channel
Ehehehehehe ohohohohoh
Jude Devaraj
Truly a fantasy ...
I promise.
Hey Taylor & Brendon, we did a cover. Hope you love it. We love this song.
Big Smoke
porque los comentarios en ingles tienene tantos likes? ahora yo quiero likes por ser el unico en español :o
Rozina Begum
Are the kittens so cute????
ALDC Poisons Editing channel!
sofi malik
Mary Poppins has left the chat
Jo B
Brendon: arguing with his wife
Me: *intense flashbacks* to 'But it's better if you do"
Thomas Kusch
"Out Of This World" so cool!!
Taylor Swift is actually taller than Brendon Urie
Axiangs Rain
2:33 she looks like Trina from victorious
lil Bagels
Taylor’s beautiful she can sing.
Brendons handsome and he sing.
That Girl With an Attitude
Lets just take a moment to realize that in brendons heart isnt only taylor, but himself as well ALONG WITH an entire band.
Simon Dobbs
superb. witty. incisive. tuneful. catchy. beautiful. thanks.
Who else is obsessed by the way that Brandon dances at 2:20 ????????
nath7003 nath7003
When Taylor went to the phone: Look What You Made Me Do
Black umbrellas: Blank Space
Sign that says Lover: Lover
When Brenden said "You need to calm down!: You need to Calm Down
Jonus Smith
LOL Taylor's single comments have more likes than other singers have views. That's crazy and it's not even by Taylor.
Matheus Ferro
Cadê os BR
أسرار و أفكار
65 M views in one day
I love how she is like, flowers? No
Kitty? *le Gasp*
Tattie . B
That’s the secret out then...
???? = ????
Trung Phan
Ok I can't CALM with this sound.
john brennan
Look, let me make this perfectly clear. If I was going to add a public comment, this is where it would be.
VFX artists react: Taylor swift music videos
Moon bean Gacha
She looks pretty in this XD just saying her dresses are epic and so is Brendon :)
Miss Muffet
Hi Taylor I love you and I love your songs And i ????????????????♥️????????????????????????????????
Júlio Iomes
Ever since I heard this song. I thought it just screams Disney Movie? Anyone else? Just me? Okay, cool

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