anthony castaneda
Kanye is such a joke
Guerrero Jaguar
Nut job... with a lot of money...
Shiro K
Actions speak louder than words. But here is a quote from the kjv bible. Jesus speaking. Im sure many of you wont understand it and it will go over your heads.
Matthew 7:22-23 "Many will say to me in that day, Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in thy name? and in thy name have cast out devils? and in thy name done many wonderful works? And then will I profess unto them, I never knew you: depart from me, ye that work iniquity."
Ukho Dingela
Kanye has just got more fan base by going back to his old self God bless you Man
Jeremy Payne
Yes indeed, <> is King!!
Corina M
Praise God!!????
CHRISTIAN EVERYTHING!!!! WHOOT WHOOT :-) Glory To God!!!!! Jesus Is Lord!!!!
"MOM" Shelly Cole
Sharing The Good News Of God's Love Through Christ
I Respect Kanye! Lauren daigle sings about God but she can’t admit or doesn’t want to be called a “Christian artist” yet here stands Kanye literally sharing his faith publicly and he is not ashamed! I’m living for this!!❤️ Jesus protect his soul. Amen!
Tyson Muir
i just realized Kimmel doesn't believe in Jesus Jesus Is King and Always will be.
Aayushmaan Sharma
I hope all this is just a phase.
Christian EVERYTHING!!!
Bella Grace
I think Kanye having a wife and children made him look at the world through a different lens and now he thinks of what kind of world and family does he want for his children. I pray that the Holy Spirit guides him and protects him from the enemy.
venomous grinn
Mathew 7:21-23
Lavinia Veiongo
"I got a cheap ass hoodie on"
*With a chain hanging out, rings on each hand, and fresh Jordans xD
Liberty Pastor
Another celebrity using the Name that is above every name without submitting to the righteousness of Christ, but going about to establish his own righteousness. For Jimmy Kimmel to "like" this is a dead giveaway that it is fake; that Kanye has been deceived by a minister (devil) of Satan who has transformed himself into an angel of light.
_Matthew __7:20__ By their fruits ye shall know them._
Gti Driver
Kanye faking it whole time ????
God bless you Kanye. Jesus is King!
And that people is the power of God ????
God is good
I came from MUCH DANK.
Lol you too?????
Rick Spradlin
Y'all in the comments do understand that he compares himself to religious figures right? This man is a deceiver.
Jesus IS King.
He said sorry for saying ass lmaoo
Ken Y
There’s more brain washes people willing to give him more money.
Pizza Pillow
I’ve never seen him this I’m happy for him
Oxford England
Wtf is Guillermo wearing ?
patrick kinnear
What's with this comment section? I didn't think all Christians were this cringey.
Shane Etchison
Kanye has always seemed like a good fellow. I hope he comes home to the one true Church, but this is probably a step in the right direction.
God bless you all.
Gavin Stryker
Another rare occasion where this channel gets a LIKE from me. West is Awesome, the west always was ????????????
Shelly Price
But is he teaching that being a "good person" doesnt get you there?
Only the Facts
Something's wrong here
Kuhle mragala
Kanye is in a better place. And we thank God for that ????! Glory ????
Simeon o
So he is delusional.
Ife ka Terry
He lied. I am 32 and when I was a teen he said he wasn't trying to convert atheist to believers.
Kimmel doesn't seem to know how to engage Yeezus on Jesus here.
God will find his lost sheep...It is very unchristian to say Kanye can not be saved...Didn't He say, "I will call the least of these"? I also am a sinner saved, ppl wouldn't think the 20 something I used to be, would be a God fearing woman today. All the praise goes to God...Amen and Amen...Support Kanye????
KANYEEEEE!!! I love me some Kanye now jimmy! Anywho I’m back !!! Had a little pause there I’m from the Bahamas and we still need everyone’s help !! But also I’m here to say BRING BACK BABY BACHELOR!! I saw that little baby tinder ya did that was cute too but baby bachelor is a classic
Welcome brother!! Welcome!!
R bergs
This is a major victory for the Kingdom of Christ. I'm so excited for Kanye and his family, And so happy for Jesus!!! This man is HAPPY now!!!
Kat l
He’s a billionaire?! Kayne God wants you to give me $100,000 so I can graduate school and help with Drs without borders????
So happy for this man, for first time ever he seems free. Truly happy. When we wrestle with demons it’s all over our face.
Tottie Taito
"Christian Everything"! ????????????????????????????????????????????????
This is amazing !!! God is able to save hallelujah ????????????????. I mean some are saying I'm hoping it stays like this ,but I'm confident Jude 1 says to those who are called we are being preserved in Christ. So brother Kanye is preserved in Christ Jesus ,Amen .
Victor O. Udora
What sort of chess player tells his opponent his next move? I’ll save you the creativity, it’s definitely not a great one.
Sports Guru
Tremendous stuff. Never thought I'd say this but Kanye really is a true pioneer.
Solid Snake
Where’s the Maga hat?
Nya Boyse
It's funny how the people that were calling him crazy now want him on their show!
Fourth World
Cringe alert
Sebastian Goodmann
Kanye went to the house of hate to promote Jesus , God bless him
Sebastian Goodmann
Jimmy needs Jesus to take all his hate away
Sebastian Goodmann
Kanye seems calm. A lot less manic now that he has Jesus in his life. It’s the serenity no pill grants.
Marciano Pieterse
You better check your privilege...
matthew allred
He's never been more down to earth or articulate. Salute Mr. West.
jocelyne Or you can call me j
Break it down Kanye I didn’t understand nun
Like it or not Jesus Christ is KING. wait and see when he returns as king of kings. Every eye will see him on that day!
For all you viewers out there
i'd suggest you go and see the youtube video: "Kanye West - i sold my soul to the devil"
And then after that watch this.
The hypocrisy levels will overflow you
You believe what you believe right?
sm c
Wow so good!! ???? this is so cool
I live in a place where the kids love going to church. And my church is more then. 30.000 members and most of them are young in fire for God. Sorry Kimmel don’t know much about outside his walls. ????????‍♀️
Joe Patel
12 p i mean 12 am
john lalromawia
This shows how much a child can change you.
Kat Lengetti
Amen, Brother Kanye!!!
he looks so happy compared to before :)
Cary Clan
Jesus is invisible and King. We are a free people, self governed, we don’t need invisible kings and ancient superstitions.
Amen! Spread the word brother! Use your platform to bring Him Glory!????❤
Monika June
I’m happy for him, but this feels a bit weird.
I love Him youu gotta have courage to be open about your beliefs and to be pproud of his majesty Jesus Christ as lord and savior so I respect him for his growth and let's pray that he stays strong and faithful throughout this journey????????????????
Charline Bouz
Anyone know the brand of his « cheap ass » hoodie ?
Tommy Middlefinger
a room full of anti Americans and Trump haters cheer and applaud for a Huge Trump Supporter !
Marcus Aurelius
Theresa Burgess
YES! Family is made in God's image and will always bring us to Him if we let them, especially the babies born and preborn.
Sherry Sanders
I love Kim and Kanye and their love
Lynn Quear
Kimmel looks very nervous. Wonder if he’s gonna stop worshipping satan & give up his tv show & follow Jesus too????✝️♥️
Lynn Quear
Kanye can see satan in Kimmel. He knows all the Hollywood demons
sajad barak
Ye does kim go to church with you? ????
eu te amo Jesus
Muita gente se convertendo esse ano até eu . Jesus está voltando nessa geração e está dando chances e esperando. Quando um pecador se arrepende a festa no céu . aceite Jesus enquanto a tempo
This man has all of you wrapped around his finger. This man just released "You're such a hoe." Like really, if you're falling for his next fake phase, take a seat.
This dude is perpetually living in mentality of a 16 year old who just took an interest in something other than fortnite.
Kenny Marty
Kanye uses the name “Jesus” more than Lauren Daigle ❗️❗️
End Times Prophet
Thorne Hill
He’s a CLONE
The same man who stood up against George bush “he doesn’t care about blacks people” what a good man he is
mr Cool
West you are one sick sick black man how could you say slavery was a choice the anysister turning in their grave money turn you in to Fool.
He said he was 35 million dollars in debt how is he giving financial advice
Ernest Suarez
Why is no one talking about how Kanye talked smacked about Dave the guy who won millions.
This is cool. This is my first time I hear this artist speaking joyfully. Jesus Christ is our King. May you allow His grace and mercy in your heart. Life only makes sense with Him.
I’m a Christian everything
Brilliant answer
M Montano
Keep standing, Kanye. We're praying for you!!????
Keisha Thornhill
Jesus is lord and he still loves you allways remember that????????
Amy C
He smiles so much now! It naturally fills his face!
Beast Master11
Kanye for president 2024
Zinhle Nonhlakanipho Mtolo
I'm so happy for Him!!!!???????????? Is anything to much for the Lord??????????????
Vicky Kotey
use this comment as a petion to get Kanye West a ted talk
Jackie Payne
Kemi O
Looooove this!
Loved how he advised on how that guy should use his money. My thoughts exactly. We are lenders not borrowers. We are called to be a blessing. Thank God for Kanye. He seems so much better in himself.
so much passion and positivity with zero intelligence. c'mon.. jesus?
Dawn Koehler
Kanye, God Bless you and your family! Thank you for standing up and out for Jesus!!❤️
Phil Hooper
That was awful. How can he be such a hypocrite? For the last decade he has shown off his wealth and with sudden change we are meant to look up to his ‘humbleness’. Yall crazy
Gary Dimaggio
West the fake Christian trying to make money on his Jesus record
Low-key, I miss College Dropout, Kanye.
Monkey Baby Ni
Everyone stood up and applauded for him
rich men do not get into the kingdom of heaven ....... using the lord for $$$;( and fame bye bye take him down jimmy i will never watch you a g a i n
Tsigereda Habtemariam
Michael Angelo
Yeshua Saviour Lord Jesus Christ 👑👈🎯
Bridgett Tubbs
But you know what it doesn’t matter what I think. Right !!!! Right. Not up to me to judge.
MJ Guzman
He has spoken for AGES!
adkins free will! !!!
Free will 100% how does it feel to laugh at we the people for fame lollipop and fantasy jeans enjoy that cash so funny how do it
Ty Diab
Amazing, the Porn stars are always Christians...
Ty Diab
A real person who believes in Christ, doesn't care about money at all, but loving the just, and fighting injustice, helping the poor.,and not boasting how great they are...
Ty Diab
Amazing,These morons think they're the only Christians now, that they they're finally believing in Jesus, after destroying so many peoples lives...
Mr. Diversity
Hmm. Kanye is so unpredictable I've stopped trying to figure him out.
Josie Espinoza
Yeshua/Jesus our Messiah Savior is Melech (king) 🕎👑👑✝️💯
*Am I the only person noticing that theres hidden binaural frequencies throughout this entire video?*
Pragya Bhardwaj
Thank you Kanye West .....
This transformation is amazing ....
Mad mad respect to you brother !
Well done for bringing back some much needed values of traditions and customs and heritage back to the western culture ....
Stunning stunning work
Kanye is totally correct. Please come to Bedford U.K. and see how we are using project based training to change lives down here.
That last clip I was expecting light and angels to break out of that big azz moon.
Kelly Alcântara
Kanye is genious
Salvatore M R
Genesis 19:24 Kings James Version Only
Baran Özdemir
I Hope He really is With god i Hope this isnt Just a Show to make us christians Look bad
Bryan G Palma
WHAT HAPPENED TO NOVEMBER 10 2019 ASTROWORLD ? Christian I dont think so! And buring Bible! Proof of false prophets!! My question is who where there? Search and find out!!
King Mmemo
Now that I work for God
James Lindsay
"I work for God"-Kanye West- Wow!
Maria Mercedes
Wolf in sheep’s clothing!!! Remember Satan disguises himself as an angel of light.
There’s an agenda behind all this.
Tiffany Baker
Kanye is out here give me that Michael Angelo Yeezy moves
Gayle Locop
Hahaha! Why is Hollywood so into Kanye West so called transformation? When most of them mock God. This host is also another illuminati member. Watch what they are trying to do. Be vigilant.
Jlor mart
Yes Jesus is the KING of kings!!!
Sam Scrapla
These sheep would boo any white person saying the same. The left and their so called tolerance is soooo fake.
Melissa sailo
Jesus is everything
Jerrell Wilkins
Im sitting here reading these comments this man has a lot of people fooled. Smh
I love this!
Ronnie Susanto
Kanye West from Satanic Worshipper to Jesus Worshipper
James 1 kjv
1 James, a servant of God and of the Lord Jesus Christ, to the twelve tribes which are scattered abroad, greeting.
You’re doing amazing sweetie! Layla
Plan for president
be vo
Jesus is King Indeed!!!
Lovely 😊 Kim
Jimmy was very kind about Kanye’s change 💕
Waad Atif
A genius ❤❤❤❤
Cameron Perry
dude in the red lookin nervous
D. R.
Kanye + the billion dollar church business.
Makes absolute sense.
Jeffrey Epstein
Plot twist: Gods made up. It's all fake
Monique Gibson
Kanye always has a ready word for you! betr know what to say to this guy cuz he coming for ya!..his words are always seasoned with salt! you kanye my brother but JESUS loves you best!!!!....come visit me and my church in the BAHAMAS plz!!!!!!
Our Daily Confessions
Always remember, the things we hear might not be what is really being said. This will be very hard to understand. Kanye West, Jim Carey, Mariah Carey, Dave chapel, shia labeouf, Martin Lawrence and so many other ARTIST have been speaking out yet we labeled them as a little crazy. They have no choice but to say things a certain way without giving up too much information or they all of a sudden "fear for their lives" ...Research !
Maxwell Bison
We love Jesus n we love you Kanye he will strengthen u
Isaac Okoboh
Kanye west and his family are my best couple. I wish them well. Kanye is so brave to do what he is doing. That is what I like about him. Keep it up brother.
Egzon Veliu
Kanye West > Mother Teresa
If your reason of going to church is only because of Kanye, then definitely something wrong and missing in you.
Kemo Kamil
Yes of course Jesus Crist is king
Kanye’s hood accent disappeared
Thank you Mr. West for shining the light. You changed my life. JESUS IS KING
Yesuf Hassen
Jesus was just decent human being who was eating and urinating.
Allah created Adam from soil, then Hawa from Adam's rib, we from sexual intercourse (Adam & Hawa), and finally Jesus from Hawa with no man.
Worship Allah who created Jesus.
nmesoma obodoechi
God is good
Bella Luna
Kanye is doing good 🙏🏼keep it up
Kenneth Maloney
Children naturally want to be in church and learn about Jesus Christ...change my mind.
Carmen Neumann
Kayne a salesman with a new sales pitch.
Kyan Nezhad
"sorry I said ass" wow who is this
Asd Dsa
First time I seeing Kanye Smiling 😊
Who'd or what'd Give that much of happiness to Human
Only Jesus is able 😊❤️😊
How about the Masonic handshake ? 🧖🏿‍♂️ that ain’t Christ like 🤦🏾‍♂️
Franciska Vika
I Love My GOD, JESUS 💖💖💖 I respect you Kanye... 👍 May Jesus Bless you and your Family. Amen
Jesus Salvador
Kanye, make me trust you because at this time I still believe that you are pulling a publicity stunt...
Jesus Salvador
but you made a good point about that lottery winner showing off like that
Mia Dee
Kanye is cray cray 😜😂 lmao
yes very good
knowing kanye his next is about to be a reprise of jesus is king but all the lyrics are replaced with his father stretch my hands verse
Y'amah L'acah
Brenda Zelina
sailor charlene
I love the new Kanye
Mark Shirley
me ME ME! Still? Pushing papacy LAW on worship on Sun day NOT the SABBATH!!! man NOT even kanye can change God's LAW! HiS heart May be in the right place BUT school for prophets. Babylon 2 America! Keep trying to get through ThAt eye of ThAt needle son. I LOVE y'all
Mark Shirley
God o THIS world gives Trezure of THIS world! Know the difference! I LOVE y'all
Sue O.
Does his wife still post half-nude selfies? Just curious if she's changed, too. And he's purportedly not a billionnaire. Should stop lying if that's the case.
Susan Mencer
So happy for Kanye
Kanye is now winning souls for Christ Hallelujah!
augustine biju
After that last concert .. where he had a mental breakdown....I think it was a good breakdown
Erik Findling
Kanye seems so much more humble now that he is a believer
Jimmy clearly does NOT like this fruitcake 😀😀
Koosha Las Vegas Ex Muslim
Liza Rosa
Black soul gospel folk Roots and Mississippi delta, is where so most of our music comes from
Liza Rosa
It’s ok to say ass or a curse word sometimes. I love.your hoodie.🥰
Liza Rosa
The joy of Christ consciousness is so awesome.
The Dark Artist
idk guys i think he is the antichrist
Morpheus x
What about the fact that religion was created by man and there are Over 2,500 gods created by man out of which christians believe in just one of them .
Morpheus x
One of the main reasons why people are compelled to follow a religion is because the other brainwashed followers of the religion are commanded by their inhumane religious doctrines to treat those who do not follow their cult as subhuman and not humans and somehow evil and bad when in reality they themselves are the most selfish and self-centered individuals FOR GOOD PEOPLE TO DO BAD THINGS THAT TAKES RELIGION .
Justine Keesee
Kanye's smile just lights up a room
Lapynsuk Lyngwa
Praise the Lord for Kanye West...All the Best Brother...Glory be to God
Christian Apologetica
If Kanye were a genuine converted christian, the world would hate him, he would be expelled from the public media, from Hollywood, the music industry would sabotage his testimony, he would be stripped from his millions, he would be divorced from his Jezebel wife, but instead, the world loves him, the corrupted entertainment and music industry is giving him every space and opportunity to spread his fake conversion, clearly, preparing one great deception. Genuine christians be aware and depart from this fake gospel. Oh! And one more thing, Jesus Christ in not just king, but KING of kings!!
Lawrence Henry
The end time is near, when all nations hear the word of God, then will be the second coming.
Jesus IS King
Laura Garza
I wonder which is his trigger word? hope he dont go full winter soldier on a church service
Death is defeated the king is alive! To God be all the glory and honor forever
Jailen Cotton
To anyone reading this Jesus loves you. 🙏
Scorpio Golphin
To know the truth is to try living it to the utmost n just show off what Jesus has done n ur change of character keep pressing on Kanye West bless bro
WS RaJahn
JESUS CHROIST - . Mike Servin
My favorite piece of clothing is a blue hoodie from old navy . Almost no name brand. Kanye makes me feel so good about spending money good
Mike Tython
Kanye wetht I have a quethtion for you
Wath you’re favorite bible verthe?

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