Kathlyn Nazaroff
Such a cute video
nathanael harwood
Love is the best thing that can ever happen to you. This video proves it. Congratulations to you two!!!
Can’t help but notice it might be a trend...country music singers= marry skinny blondes ????‍♀️
Xor Abellan
beautiful song!
Baloch saab
So nice ????????????❤
Susie Stokely
Music Video....Great. Wedding Video.....Totally Sucks!!! Bride has NO VOICE, UNACCEPTABLE, what a gruesome video. Chris Lane I don’t know who you are.....but for sure I will never purchase your music.
Austin Hebig
She looks to skinny
The one
I can't wait to see the reaction of their grandchildren when they see this video
Emilie Springfield
so flippin’ sweet ????❤️
Suzie Taboh
Everyone deserves this kind of Love. Guys and girls don’t settle for less.
Wishing them a lifetime of happiness.
Ashley Barlowe
Why’d you spoil seeing her walk down the aisle?? ????????
Yes she don't know my big plans for her, i asked her to marry me and she said yes, later on she left me because her sister told her to. She told me she respect and listen her because she is the one who was taking care of her life, education since her father's death. Her sister hate my father. What a crazy world. Sometimes I end up asking myself like "Was she love me or she was pretending". I am Happy for you those who are in love and all things go as per your plans, you got God's approval for that. I am still believe in love. Thank you Chris, I always listen to your music, your fan from Zimbabwe, Southern Africa
Amy Michelle
She looks so much happier with Chris than she did with Ben. So happy for them! 🥰
Adrian Uribe
Hermosa 🥰😍
Never realized how tiny they both are.
Elly Yuen
Congrats!!! ❤️❤️
Debbie Hedges
Congratulations, thanks for sharing. Love your music!!!
Fernanda Celis
What a beautiful song ❤️
Lauren is a lucky girl💕
May your love last a lifetime 😘
Your love is so beautiful. Thank you for letting us see it on your big day! ❤️🥰
Miss Meliss
This song is wonderful ❤️
Suzy Ghanem
Lauren lost so much weight since the bachelor
a m
i don’t think i saw one non-white person☹️
CAitlyn Cain
love how y’all got clayton king !!
Stacy Stephen
I love how simple she looks ♥️
she looks like a bag of bones...must be a eating disorder
Nicholas Lauer
Tori Gatling
first the proposal video and now the wedding video my heart cant take it😭🥰
Melinda Wipf
If I could give this 100 likes I surely would beautiful 🥰❤
Megan Slone
Awww, yay.😭 God bless you both!
meredith deferro
She looks anorexic
Robin Warner
Awwee how adorable is this!!!!!!!😍😍🤗
Sehara Rowles
Ava Drosos
If this ain't the sweetest most cutest thing I've ever seen like ahhh😭😭😭😭
katerina panagakis
who cut the onions
Hayley M
Yikes Lauren looks frail
Tammy Powell
Megan Marissa
This is the purest thing ever 🥺❤️🥰🥰
Lindsay B
I love this song so much!!! It's gonna blow up big big time!!! You're beautiful Chris!!! Congrats on your wedding! Xoxo
dixita bora
I'm not crying...you are
Alexa Salmon
This is so beautiful! Congrats guys 🥳❤️
HomeMade Fitness
If Julian Edelman was a country singer...
Tuva Moen
i love this so much!! saw you in copenhagen and i am so happy you sang this song there!
Grant Hooten
Wonder if her big big plans was cheating on her last boyfriend😂
Sheila L
Happy Wedding! Great music and video 💝💝
Amora Signs
This cute
Alicia Mogilinski
I love how simple their wedding was 🥺 filled with pure love and happiness ❤️
CumorahTa'asi Gasu
So happy for you guys! This is pure 💛✨
Winnie Afandi
This is so beautiful.who wants marry?
Rylee's Room
I love them
Wairimu Mutiti
Beautiful wedding ! Lauren do you Real know, how much this great man loves you. You should thank your God for sendobg hum your way. Chris loves to death to the Moon and back to the Earth. I am happy for both you two, Chris and Lauren. God bless your union, your offsprings and both your parents, sisters and brothers.
Laura Dimunno
Wow che meraviglia coppia si legge sul vostro viso tutta la felicità bellissime anime gemelle tanta felicità 👏👏👏👏👏🎼🎵🎶🎸🎙💋💋💋❤❤❤
Ama Lee
I hope she doesn't get any skinnier because it doesn't look healthy. Aside from that, I hope they last because Chris seems like a very loving and good man.
Keagan M
Stop this is so cute I’m crying
Katelyn Mecouch
Who's here still single????
Athenas Nova
Lauren from the bachelor ?????? omfg
Jessica w
Could be an ass hole but couldn't he of changed the lyrics at least to match the wedding theme and am I the only one who thinks it's odd they broadcast their relationship so often? It's like they are begging for attention..... we get it ur both cute we love u but tone it down a bit js
Hayley Rogers
Cutest thing I’ve ever watched
Courtney Nieves
I honestly didn’t even know he was even engaged 🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️
bozo has big plans ????????⚰️ to be a liberal yeap thats ????????⚰️ the best plan ???????? of em all
Ok but her dress is underwhelming...why would you pick that for your wedding day, famous or not?????
Timothy Saxby
Horrible dirge.
Gary Tan
God I can’t stop watching this 😭😭
Lauren's so luckyyyy!!!
This is the perfect example when you’re willing to ( Lauren from the bachelor ) walk away from a previous relationship, only to walk in to the best and most beautiful plan of all...God’s plan.
Congrats 😍❤️
jennifer ann
anyone else hate lauren and think she’s phony ?
Aimanaizat2001 Mohd Rizal
Jeremy Rund
she looks like caroline from vampire diaries
Simple Nail Designs
‘Asked her momma for permission and her daddy for her hand’ Love that. 🥰🙏🏽
Heartache for what seems like forever is short lived - so happy for Lauren! For both!
Nicole Fetcenko
God Bless you all and your marriage put God first and God is with you all every single step of the way he will never leave you all or forsake you in Jesus name Amen Praise God Hallelujah❤I Pray rn you all and anyone reading this and your alls family and friends to have a super Blessed day a Healthy and happy future for you all and your alls family and friends a hedge of protection and you're covered in the blood of Jesus Amen Praise God Hallelujah God Bless God is with you every single step of of the way he will never leave you or forsake Faith of a mustered seed can move a mountain I'm Claiming and Declaring all these things and Having Faith and Believing and Rebuking the Devil in Jesus name Amen Praise God Hallelujah God Bless you all I'm Claiming and Declaring all these things and Having Faith and Believing in Jesus name Amen Praise God Hallelujah God Bless you all I'm Praying rn for you all and Rebuking the Devil and these chains and bonds and addictions sadness anger or depression or anxiety and sickness and may God fill you with such a peace love and joy and comfort and guidance and strength and Healing and Salvation in Jesus name Amen Praise God Hallelujah God Bless you all❤
Lisa Ngugi
Omg. I'm in love!!!! Chris thank you for doing this!!!! Love this video!!☺️☺️☺️☺️
yinsen Sun
so cool i love it!
Cassidy Duff
This video is beautiful!! Also I can't believe Clayton King was the officiant!!! I go to NewSpring!!
The girl I'm dating vaguely looks like her, and seeing the girl in the wedding dreams makes me smile thinking about my lady
What a beautiful wedding and Lauren looks stunning! Happiness and love to you both.
Kirtibhai Desai
Remind me of Scottys This is it video!
guys, what is their wedding theme called?
Purchie Walling
Yahh.. so happy for her❤😊
Where Wedding
love it! greetings from WhereWedding.co.uk
Logan O'Neill
Well Gents, expectations just went up... well done, well done.
Natalie Johnson-Thacker
congratulations ❤️ so happy for the both of you. hoping for something like this someday :)
Stallion 617
Julian Edelman’s twin brother
Jenny G
He kisses her with such love. I don't know if I see the same from her.
Katie Lucas
This is magical
Chapin Jones
why am i crying haha. so cute
Cailin Price
Lauren will always be a bachelor fav and deserves nothing less.
Kara Winslow
this video just called my single in so many different ways
Hannah Kyser
Melody Patterson
she definitely upgraded from Ben and the Bachelor days.
TIL he has a twin
Brooke Cox
MY FAVORITE SONG! 😍 love you guys!
Banana 42
This is amazing
Riley Niederquell
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Julianna Trujillo
I don't even listen to country but this was so damn cute and I'm so happy for them <3
RFI-Crypto Lab
Best of luck but the odds aren't in your favor.
Katlyn Britt-Mendez
If my future husband (if I ever find one) doesn’t express his love for me like Chris does to Lauren, I won’t have made it in life.
momMy JoH LG
Iloveyou both..best wishes
Anndrea Eddy
I love this song thank you chris lane
At least she wasn’t one of Nick’s girls 😭if you know you know
Michelle Caylynne
Adalae Donaldson
this is a really good song
Taylor Puckett
I am sooo happy for you all!!❤️❤️😁😁😁😁
Brandon Young
Yo Chris! A huge fan of yours. It would be so cool to work on a song with you man
Kerri Richards
when did you get marriedis it the real wedding
Heather Dewitt
Such a good song!!❤❤
MaryElizabeth Hardenberg
So lovely
Jenny Cram
Chris lane has a twin brother 😍😍
M. williams
I love how you can mean nothing to one person and mean the world it someone.. makes like worth waking up to 🥰🥰💫

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