Chris Chupp
Great song
John Hofstatter
Rihariraurangatira Rawiri
Regger shark❤️????????
Sunshine The wolf fox
I searched music for gays and this came out
eric li
*more views more views more views more views more views*
Gabriel Gutierrez
LIKE - TAYLOR ❤️❤️????
Soy un YouTuber y Mando Saludo a los que apoyen, Gracias a TODOS⭐
Gabriel Gutierrez
LIKE - TAYLOR ❤️❤️????
Soy un YouTuber y Mando Saludo a los que apoyen, Gracias a TODOS⭐
David Robinson
If I obey, can I french kiss your lips, no not them ones, the other ones?
Jose Hernandez
Deadpool woooo
If you haven't got tired of this song yet! ????????
chi-towns finest the movement
Pez Vitorya
2:02 OMG! Ellen is there!!
Nadia Ebery
Tay-tay: "you need to calm down....."
*grabs cake from tray* lol
Shade never made anybody less gay!
I’m loving Taylors colourful vibe.
Rocking Dude
When Taylor wanted us to dream of utopia.
bunny gaming
YASSSSS LGBTQ+????????????????????????????
Taylor love you
Kyle Hensel
Me:(sees Fab 5) OMG!!!!!!!!!
james gilbert
Christ wears the only crown and He can forgive.
Baul Berikov
Теилорушка красатушка Будь всегда
Linxxo Lo
My 4 year old loves this song!!!
John Watts
Awesome music video!!! That's Taylor Swift for ya!!
Braelyn Oak
Is that Ryan Reynolds 3:00
me: I'll just watch one
also me: starts Taylor Swift marathon
cuhryn s.
Was that Ryan Reynolds!? Lol
Uh oh uh oh uh oh....I just sharted ????
Md Fayazuddin
tf is Ryan Reynolds is doing in this.. That's weird.
Oh-Oh, Oh-Oh, Oh-Oh, Oh-Oh, Oh-Oh... Spaghettio
Tiuneka Stewart
This video is REPULSIVE. They all need Jesus. Christians don't hate these people, they hate their lifestyle. So stop saying that they do, because it is so annoying. Some of these people will do anything to get attention. OMG! WILL YOU PLEASE HIDE BACK IN THE CLOSET. IT WAS SO MUCH BETTER WHEN YOU ALL WERE THEIR. OMG! I am so tired of them forcing their sexuality on people and getting made at them for not accepting it. Guess what-------- THEY DON'T HAVE TO ACCEPT YOUR SINFUL LIFESTYLE AND IT'S THERE PREROGATIVE!
Templar Royston Of Vasey
MMA, Lilly Allen...another ripoff...loving it regardless.
Iris Capelle
Time for Math
Ellen + Katie Perry + Taylor is like = ????
Templar Royston Of Vasey
I’m apparently far right, and I like Gays. As I get older, I seem to get more male and less female attention. So many cultures, so much history respects gayness, even treat it as extra special, I was raised Christian, I will praise the day, the church embraces nature.
Shanta Ahmed Ahmed
Lol Taylor l so calm down
Jill Denman
This is the best song ever ever ever in my 52 years on earth this is a great song so great so great I use it everyday now "you need to calm down" super great Jill from AuTrain Michigan  "You need to calm down!!!!"
*yOu NeEd To CaLm DoWn*
Salla Haaraniemi
*First time hearing this I just thought Taylor Swift 2019 style isn't my thing, but like...*
Second or third time now watching this:
*I frikin' love the attitude!* ???? this song! I love it!! ???? ????
Ernesto Bongiorno
Madonna che schifo
alfredo hernandez
reproduscan mucho la cancion para que llege rapido a los 200 millones
Alessio Matricini
I love the cher quote at the beggining lol
The most beautiful way ever to throw the shade off yourself
I LOVE the surprise extras
Barbie dünyası
are you okay its bad
Barbie dünyası
All communities: We do not support homosexuality.
Em Powered
Taylor: You need to calm down
Also Taylor: JE SUIS CALME!!
Wesley Bayton
Wooooooooooooooooooooo girl
Wesley Bayton
Yeah calm down
Sebastian Ramirez
I need more of Adore Delano, I FRICKIN' LOVE YOU GUUURL!
eric li
*more views more views more views more views more views*
Wilfrido Carranza
what the heck the fonev burns of the vintage LOL!!!!!
Taylor's new song?
Why does this not have 200 million views yet?!?!?
Joseline Herrera
you need to calm down????????
Moo Moo
Idek why i'm here cause I really dislike pop music. .-.
She supports the LGBTQ+ and that is ok I am Bi myself
Sharkboy Rocks
Love u Taylor Swift
Lidia Sanchez
OMG FABBBBB 555555555555555555555555555555 YASSSSSSSSSS
Suliman mo
Against homosexuality ????????
Krista Spencer
ryan reynolds over there painting a masterpeice
Codie Morehead
What was the budget for this?
I hear this everyday in the radio.
I came here to hear it even more
Sir Hiss Boi
Hello gay, am pan
Ava Heivly
Love you Taylor you do you
Ava Heivly
My mom is 45 she thinks she can sing your songs, but she can’t! Please get her to your concert.. love u Taylor! I am 10 but I Love u. Thank you for being you!!
Cameron Foster
Uh o???? uh o???? uh o???? uh o???? uh o????
Blood Ravens Terminator
H-how am I here again?????
I go form WWI metal to mixer pop how?
Keaston Toombs
Omg best pop song ever
Dank Meme
No one going to mention Ryan Reynolds?
Leah Fosdick
I don't usually pay attention to the music videos very much because they are weird, but this one was SUPER weird and then I realized what the message of the story is, and I kind of like the video now.
Unknown Person
Guys who think they are women have psychological problems.
Savannah Cleere
I love this song!
Sherard Acosta
Nodrama Llama
When ellen was getting a tattoo it said cruel summer thats a song in her new album lover omg taylor is so smart 2:03
Sounds like she just plagiarized *M.I.A. - Paper Planes*
selena Strannte
*cause shade never make anybody less gay!* ????????????????
Shadow Squall
At 1:17 its George, from channel React if you have watched React
Karol Friedman
I love you so much Taylor
Kayla Ho
Did anyone see that Todrick Hall produced this
Hi I love you ???? so much Taylor swift can l help you make a song please I am your BFF for ever you are my favourite singer ever ????????????????????????bffs
Markie Martin
Stand up for what is right no matter if their gay help them through it even if you're standing alone
Edna Jenkins
Taylor, Eloquently, beautifully, absolutely so fun and amazingly said! Thanks for helping to spread the message.????❤️???????????????? Thanks to all the celebrities who helped make this video so awesome!❤️
Jade Mason
Nice drop xd
David Blue
OMG I love this song
Geraldine Ferreras Valmoria
Hailey B this is for u ????
Tiago Cabral (Student)
Band music
Kimberly Hunter
Love it taylor
Fortnite Kids
Who is the dude at 3:04 and where have I seen him before.
* Alex Editz *
0:21 oH i gUesS sHe hAS a WatCh wIth 13 o'clock on it
Félix Auclair Tendland
Mash up send my love to this and see for yourself
Vanessa Shironica
bruh is that ellen? 2:01
Noemi Castillo
Music is one way to my ❤ no no noemi castillo im right and in a hurry nc that be me mimo casper...noooo
Fun Guy64
Your welcome
Samuel Chen J08283
i literally had to make a school assignment on this...
Katie Doll
taylor snapped
Nagini the cat
2020 anyone?
Angel Jimmy
Ryan reylonds 3:00
Harshil Mehta
2:03 Cruel Summer easter egg!!
im filled with boredness boredness
Gregory Hope
haha love this song
sam 123
old Taylor returns??
Benson Cheng
Rukaya Ruhama Zaman
I love Tay that how she respect everyone ( gay, black,trans,lgbtq)????????✌???? . This is the one of the reason why everybody loves her and why she is successfull everytime . Haters need to calm down.
Rukaya Ruhama Zaman
Love you so much Tay????????????????????????????????????????❣????????????????????????❤.
Mea Yuu
I love this song!!!????????????????????
Lus Pog
BUT WHY GAYS TAYLOR????????????????????????????????????
Lus Pog
3:00 OMG????
Is he gay??????????
Bipana Magar
I love Taylor swift and she is Georges
you used to be a great singer until whatever this is so go back to country
Ümit Murat
1:30 OmG it's Michell from modern family
Savannah C
this is the real song about Harry tbh
Step 1. Go to Google
Step 2. Search this keyword: 123moviestoday
Step 3. Enjoy!
Taylor Swift - You Need To Calm Down
books. One of them is not reading them. “Whoever fights monsters should see to it that in the process he does not become a monster. And if you gaze long enough into an abyss, the abyss will gaze back into you. “Kiss me, and you will see how important I am. “A WOMAN SHOULD HAVE .... enough money within her control to move out and rent a place of her own even if she never wants to or needs to... A WOMAN SHOULD HAVE .... something perfect to wear if the employer or date of her dreams wants to
Aline Zotti
Look like blank space
Katherine Dawson
2:38 I was bothered about the amount of cake getting stuck in their nails.
falsidade Fernandes
Harry estyle love❤❤❤❤
Abhijit Majee
I am all for the equal rights of LGBTQ community but why make such cringy over-the-top videos representing them? They are every bit like any other normal person, so shouldn't they be represented as such?
Amanda Melendez
This song is so cute
Thirza Nijsink
NOOOOO! WHAT are they doing to the cakes!? ????
Mike Rodent
I have nothing against the homosexuals, I have a problem of "YOU" selling it that it is normal.
Bengisu Cantürk
I love the end
I wish life was as colourful as that caravan park XD
angel 。
She said lgbtq have rights!!!!!
Sean Frandsen
Tyler Cash
Lift those weight you weird being!
Urban Dictionary
I guess we've forgotten the song where she was going to call an ex-boyfriend 'gay' as an insult
Drag Queens for TS❤️????????????
Στεφ Π.
Where are the Lesbians?
live_love_vollyball 2007
Is this song about being gay or lesbians
you need to calm down
Great gowns, beautiful gowns
Julien Santos
Nobody listens to you anymore... I listen to hasley now. Boooo..
Serge Somborac
*Ryan Reynolds!*
Mia & Justice
OMG I Saw Fab 5
Mochi Yumm!
At school we always tell ppl to you calm down ur being so loud????????
Jake Mazo
This song is really meaningful????
Lern Jergi
Ok ok ok ok Ellen, Hayley and Katy
Rave The DJ
1:27 Anyone spotted Haley?
Olivia Terrazas
Uh oh uh oh u- *uh oh stinky*
persona world
why you mad? why you sad?
when you can be glade
Red Rose
Am I the only who cried when tay-tay katy FINALLY hugged and smiled at each other? They’re just...I waited for this day!
Gabriel Gutierrez
LIKE - TAYLOR ❤️❤️????
Soy un YouTuber y Mando Saludo a los que apoyen, Gracias a TODOS⭐
Gabriel Gutierrez
LIKE - TAYLOR ❤️❤️????
Soy un YouTuber y Mando Saludo a los que apoyen, Gracias a TODOS⭐
Lauri Butt
*Doctor:* Ms.Swift i hate to break it to you but you have AIDs
*Taylor:* Uh-oh uh-oh Uh-oh
*Doctor:* Ms. Swift this is serious matters and needs to be taken seriously!.
*Taylor:* You need to calm down.
*Doctor:* You have 4 weeks to live.
*Taylor:* Uh-oh uh-oh Uh-oh
Angelo Apuli
What's the longest word ever recorded?
me: AndIain'ttrynamesswithyourself-expressionButI'velearnedalessonthatstressin'andobsessin''boutsomebodyelseisnofun
Gregory Hope
taylor swift... YOUR AWESOMELY AWESOME!! :)
scared kid
Ariana : yuh
Billie : duh
Selena: mhm Mhm
Cardi : okurr
Taylor : oh oh oh oh oh oh
You : need to calm down!
artki 13000
Taylor is Bae????????
Nagy Dávid
Should be in Fifa 21 after every WL game
sajjad salim
I am just addicted to it will be going to listen in 2020, on
sondor sanchir
Who else here before 999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999
PeanuT ???? BuTTeR & JeLLY
Pink* KOOL aide & Tuna
Syrup & BaCon ????
The Birds ???? & The BeeS
WhaT is BeauTy ? [[* Music ???? ]]
Bro & WiFey ....
Nurul Muzirah
Sofia Azzalea
At 1:53 i thought Taylor was showing the middle finger????????
It’s Gabby
Thanks for stealin royals song beat a little bit
Kaisa Salonpää
OMG I just realized that Lover phone case ????????????????
Taprobane Delight
Who is here after the announcement that Tayor Swift being awarded "Artist of the decade"?
Fun 400
Yes hayley kiyoko in this video.....
Trivia Baws
Taylor, do you ever feel that your lyrics are thrown back in your face? By an interpretation that is taken out of context?
Jeimy Feliz
Omg I love it! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
fliping foxes
O only like the gays
Shabana Walter
When i go to mcdonalds im going to ask for katy and taylor
Adrianna O'Neill
when ur like idk what i was waiting for but then there's Ryan Reynolds
Michel Araújo
I love it
Pedro Torres
Me myself being gay .This is fav pride song <3!
Fiona C Brizendine
I really love this song but it does feel a bit much? Idk it’s just everyone in the video acts insanely gay and sure there are people like that, and that's great, but not everyone is. I think it's just to get the point across that we're all people, but it also seems to make gay people out to be a certain stereotype.
Jenelle Griles
Love this!!!  YeaY
Awwww adorable
Afroza Khan
Panic! At the fandoms
Linh Gia Nguyen
Why isn’t anyone talking about that girl that bit into a unpeeled orange?
ina mhr
İ love this girl ????????
Modern Astrology
Jes tajlor svvift
My crops are wilted and my skin is dry after listening to this. white women are manifesting in my home. please help me ple
The Moon
*Miss Camille*
2:03 next single: "Cruel Summer"? ????
Zach Corbyn
You Need To Calm Down...
candice mullins
I would love this if they didn't make all of the anti-gay people country. That liberally goes against the meaning of the equality this song is fighting for?
Brittany Walker
This is like the best song ever
Olivia Petrus
Taylor, kudos...
Jerome Taylor
Culito ico telomamo????????⏬????
Jerome Taylor
Culito ico telomamo????????⏬????
lavanya gupta
I just realized that Hannah Hart is in the video....
Paul Lilly
Katy and taylor <3. I aint gay, but THAT is amazing
1:23 reminds me of the "Why you mad? Why you sad? When you can be glaad" Vine
Anna D'Amore
somehow just now noticing all the eggs for her other songs on this album in this video
David Rodríguez Diéguez
Alguien español???????????
#Simply Random
I kinda like the video more than the song
Gage Doolin
taylor :cause shade never made people less gay
Quem gosta dessa musica deixa ???? ???? ????
Are all of most of those people from Skin Wars? 2:30 ??
Emily Rader
That Cher quote, "Mom, I am a rich man" is life <3 After her mom told her that she should settle down and marry a rich man.
Taylor:Finally the song out is out
Tiktok: *im about to end her whole career*
Koppi Teffy
No one
Literally no one
Me after listening YNTCD: oh ooh oh ooh oh oohh ..........
Marlee Casto
I showed this to my homophobic father in law. It was funny how uncomfortable he got
MarySuzy Perla
debbie chalus
ugh anyone who needs to calm down are you rainbow lolli pop idiots
Touch Media Enterprise
Ngak bisa bicara kulit putih, hanya bisa berbahasa indonesia. lagu ini milik indonesia.
Quagsire Clearaszerg
Tweh, the problem is people say bad words.
Happy smiles
Now Ellen does not have to EDIT herself in ????
Mayeda Noor
Yes hello?McDonalds?Can I get a McKatyPerry Burger with a side of Taylor Fries?
Kirstin Celso
Love your song UwU
Motivational Songs
Thought that they hated each other
Jake Mazo
169 220 783
goal 175 000 000 (before 2019 ends)
Mahmoud Zakaria
1:10 this guy is in most of taylor's music videos .. right ?? :D :D
It's me, Summer!
I hate when someone wastes food..
Đức Hiếu Lê
Ai đến giờ còn nghe?
- aysima -
the only thing i don't like about this video is kattyperry
MT Reach
Have you not heard of time zones lady
Rolshanne Stoever
Maravilhosos em cada segundo de clipe
Are they taking views out of this video? I swear every day it has less views
Clary Fray
James charles and jefferey star should have come in this video
Edy Kendall
a masterpiece????????
Doha M.N
The video has 169 views ☻
Arianna Organo
0:43 snakes and stones never broke my bones. Anyone else catch that?
Clara Maria Garcia
The more I watch this video, the more I love it!
chris town
My peepee is too small for a woman like Taylor Swift!????
63 Light Years
Its a gay song
Buckley brought me here, and he's right.
Pimplepopingpimp it just Rhymes Neverforever
Bx we here????????
Can we have the old Taylor back? Please??? I liked the older songs.
Jeremy Joel
Here is to the worst song of 2019! cheers everyone.
Patricia Middelmann
_ topper _
Taylor: *you need to calm down*
Me with anxiety:
Potato Dog
I heard the beginning and thought I clicked on You Need To Calm Down, not Sunflower.
Clara Witmer
She had changed so much in a decade. Anyone else?
Que clipe perfeito
Keela xx
December 2k19 anyone?
Got You
Who’s still listening while it’s 2019?
Erin Conrad
One of my Fave songs.
The Wapakelz !!
I love you taylor
Like her video and subscribe and click the bell if u love Taylor swift and like my comment ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Daniela Torres
Hi, i have some covers on my channel. If you have some time please check them out! :)
Pariah Nation
They all got crowns. Too bad they wont be getting the crown of life.
Jius7onim Hads
Ryan Reynolds is gay?
My Name
I love this!!
What is Ellen doing in that town?
Kaysha Goforth
stereotyping the protesters isn’t the best move but i ???? this and t swift
Mr Gee
number 1 video Mtv 2019
Sofia Cordeiro
I wonder if the next video to come out is Cruel Summer...
This video is so clever! everytime I watch I find something else new I love
Alex Aaron
That painting that says *mom I am a rich man * sounds like a line from tomboy the song
Gamerpool 102
If this song is about gay pride why is Ryan Reynolds in it lol
Daniel Powell
Gay ppl be goin.... THIS IS LIFE
Daniel Powell
Mk I just finished the video, and I’m like... RYAN REYNOLDS IS IN HERE!?!?
pq ela foi apoiar esses g4ys?????? agr ela flopou e eles só sabem massacrar ela ????
Momo Yaoyorozu
2:59 I see you Ryan
When ur twin appears at 2:17 her body language is just like...ooooh i cant be arsed lol
Ru paul no dress to drag !! Fuchi
Rayzana Wannamaker
That was great
saltnlight 2019
I really enjoy being told I need to calm down simply on the basis that I disagree with someone or something, as if my disagreement somehow equates to me getting out of hand. What happened to just being able to agree to disagree without calling the other person some kind of -ist or -phobe? I'm not allowed to have an opinion? (My bad, I am allowed an opinion as long as it agrees with yours) I'm not allowed to formulate or come to some understanding of my reasons for that opinion? A high school teacher of mine once told me that if, in the process of a disagreement, you resort to insulting or calling the other person names, you've already lost.
wayne smith
Now Ellen doesn't have to edit herself in!
Agus Koerniawan
Love u Taylor Swift, u r geniussssss
Bree Bromley
I screamed when I saw the Fab Five and Ryan Reynolds
Audrey Burns
Hi Taylor swift I’m a huge fan and I love your music I would love to meet you
CozyGirl 28
I really need to calm down ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
Tyler Herrera
Sigan mi canal de YouTube cómo tyler Herrera y suscribanse con las notificaciones activadas y siganme en todas mis redes sociales @TylerherreraGT
mariam vlogs
Are you ok
Kyomukama Sarah
it's cool
Mhamudul Alam
You're right tylor that no one can survive without a BFF
davetileguy one cares if you're gay , you calm down.
Bhavik Kohpare
Bhavik Kohpare
Kai Rose
I love this and she’s right you homophobes need to calm down ????️‍????????
Tech Boy
Great song!
Everyone: Omg Katy & Taylor! Ellen! RuPaul!!
Me: ???? Ryan Reynolds supports gays! The likelihood that he'd date me just got better. From 1 in a million to 2 in a million. Oh yeah ????????
James Perry
_u r somebody that i really know_
TᕼᗩᑎK YOᑌ????
Katarina Nikolic
menager: how many cake you want?
J u l i e t t e
really my favorite part : 1:42
Emr Berlin
This will be a pride month anthem
Beko Zhang
She is yelling "you are too loud"
Sumeya Mohamed. Y
Salut trop bien
Tara 2174
Taylor: writes another song
Me: you need to just stop, like can you just not?
5HINee x
Maybe she is gay
Too many icons together
hai dai
Yassssssssssssss!!!!!! Rupaulllllllllllllllll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!❤
Nneka Okon
It’s toes!!!!!!!
Lilah Lenz
This is so amazing we really need to end all of this protesting people should love and be who they want
Kelly D
I love that more celebrities are supporting the LGBTQ community. This video makes me proud to bi!
Alina McDaniel
“Get a brain morans” I love that sign.
———> NoW [[ i ]] KnoW *
I Wish *[[ Wish ]]. I had Never LooKed BacK !!
————> LasT Summer * ????
Spoonx k
Katy being in this was the shock of the decade
Walter Adam
"Cause shade never made anybody less straight."
"Cause shade never made anybody less white."
"Cause shade never made anybody less male."
Esmeralda Ledesma
I hate her????
rosyda ratna
Oke lagu ini dipersembahkan untuk netijen maha budiman wkwk
Tess Dallimore
When she is on stage at 2:19 it is not actually Taylor swift!!
Gabby Sidikpramana
colin chau
All the dislikes are homophobes.
I find this to be interesting Jarp, jurp jup jup
Forgotten in 3 months, Is the actual name of the song, and forgotten in less than a decade is the name and surname...
Try to enjoy the money though, try...
Emre Inan
Doesn't found it so... :
Todrick Hall the Producer: Did you pay the dancers? ????
Curious to know how many countries this video is banned at
Vinh Xa
-----> 200 M view
Mariana Damaris
Ryan Reynolds ????????????????
Holly Myers
Im sorry but theres no scientific evidence that supports the life style choice that this song does and Id highly encourage people to not sign the petition.
Kody K
She literally said in an interview that this whole album is based off of politics
Potato Vids
wow so isn’t anyone gonna talk about how she copied paper planes -_-
Gay or straight, everyone in that trailer park needs to calm down. Except Ellen and Wade Wilson. They’re fine.
Alinaitwesamuelkaliisa Daniels
From Uganda enjoying this mega song
adarsh luke alex
Yuck Drama queen
Jeff Burnham
Best moment is at 2:00, the look on Ellen's face when she's getting the "Cruel Summer" tattoo on her forearm lol.
Sky Walkington
Burger:This is lonely...
Fries:huh? Oh, it’s burger :D
*both gets closer*
this girl has a nice room i wish i haved it
HFX Blur
so crazy and cool
chelsea tai
Did anybody else notice that her phone case says lover and her watch at the beginning had a 13 instead Of a 1 ?
It's Labi
Lets complete lyrics
You're somebody that I don't know
Rio Nova
When the burger and fries are re-united at last
Ahh, now that's a happy ending.
blink * V. RM
love u so much
it's a amezing taylor swift ????❤️
Christopher S.
C'mon Ryan... You so boring without putting on Wade Wilson.. We NEED DEADPOOL! HAHAHA
Christopher S.
We get it, you need to calm down... Everyone alive are princes, princesses, queen, kings, gods, goddesses... Aliens? HAHAHA
Nicholas Bown
Aarti Gaurav
Katy and Taylor!!!!!!!!
yağız ataç
Why (fake) Ariana grande is sooooooooo fatyyy
Magnolia York
Can I move there?
Basupally Geetha Swearo Basupally Geetha Swearo
2020❤️❤️❤️ listening?
Laura Anastasia Fischer
Jemand deutsch ?????
Playlist Sensation
Playlist Sensation
cringe the wet robe
Jodi Hunt
Did anyone else see Ellen or was it just meee
Lectora 359
... was that Rayan Reynolds?
And yes, that's the only think I could think about it.
Majda Fayj
Taylor is simply the best
Bays Bee
2:52 love the hamburger shoes
Kyle Slothy
Can’t wait so see her at Glastonbury!! ????
Ndahiro Shemsa
2:17 Come on Billy Porter!
James Galvesolo
Love the music video????
nina acosta
wait taylor is gay?
Fsu 2024
read the
Fsu 2024
thats were i get my mindset
Fsu 2024
read the bible Genesis and the Gospels say it all
Ken Fereday
So hot, want to touch the hiney, owwwooooo
Isabel Vogel
me listening w headphones:
hears the chorus said glad or oh oh Oh OH multiple times:
hears them from different sides of earbuds at a time
so cool and weird
KawaiiRudraChan OwO
Chu needs to calmz downz
Nora Monahan
This video makes no sense and all the sense in the world at the same time. I LIVE FOR IT!!!❤️
Katia Lima
Se até a Katy e a Taylor fizeram as pazes quem é você na fila do SUS pra virar a cara para sua colega! ????????????????
Nala Bruno
Just the best rock n roll all the way more music yah
Mr_Yee Funny
Is this about lgbtqp
Vicky Casteel
This is my first time seeing this and omg is that KATY-
Jamie Dean
Taylor’s GAY
Lil’ Doop Lil’ Doop
I’m Christian.But u know not all of us thinks gay is a sin.
I still love u ????☺️
Emma Cook
'mom i am rich man'
Abby Roberson
is that hayley kiyoko
LOVE :) IT... Would love to be in a video with all of you guys and gals... that look like SO MUCH FUN....
Isaiah Dillard
Life Lesson
Meesy Richelle
Thanks Taylor.. now i'm on my way to MacDonalds
Exception 2 Every Rule
When I seen Ryan Reynolds I nearly slid out of my chair, whew.
Banana Hater
"i learned a lesson that stressing and obsessing about somebody else is not fun"
guess she doesnt want any superfans
Cristin Clark
producer: how gay do you want this video?
Taylor: YES!!!!
Ralph Santiago
The Man is coming
I hear this on the radio
1 CrimeDrama_Girl
I'm trying to understand why Ryan Reynolds is there
Ariff Hamid
178M? it's so underrated!!
eric li
*instagram instagram instagram instagram instagram*
eric li
*instagram instagram instagram instagram instagram*
eric li
*instagram instagram instagram instagram instagram*
Krishettey :D
So are Taylor and Katy dating
Nick Esparza
She shows neglect
Nick Esparza
Awh Honey?
calyph struck
so true !! u need to calm down
calyph struck
of u don't lyk this song l bet u calm down and get the TS spirit ????????
Angels Music
I think this is a diss towards 69
Steve C
Love the song. The only problem is EVERYONE does have equality under national law.
Ana Margarida Freitas Pinto
I love you ???? Taylor l have all your songs
Jalal Maher
Why has this got much fewer views than all of her other vids?
Khari Dixon
We are called to love everyone regardless, but we should not calm down. ????
Veneita Jackson
You don’t have a lot going on you for a while and then go home and then cook you fool lol
Truong Thien
Me: *throwing phone in bed*
My mom: CALLING 114 NOW
Love ❤️ this song and video!
someone:its Adam and Eve,not Adam and Steve
me:how about u just Adam and leave?
Taylor Swift: You need to calm down!
Me: Ok babe????
Aperte o play
????PRIDE PRIDE PRIDE PRIDE ???? TAYLOR SWIFT LENDA.❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
Widowmaker Cat
I loves this song as much as I hate it ????????????????????
Layla k
Yes queen
That_weirdo 0.1
Gay or not we all need to love each other
Alison Hill
Omg so much funny people in this video
She copied from Lorde - Royals...
Niamh Fenton
This is amazing!
Abby Ladd
I love it when Ellen just pops up out of nowhere in music videos ????
Colin Threewitt
This has an amazing message and i love tay tay now I listen to everyone of her songs she is my new favorite person!
Erika Rocío Martínez Olivares
porqué. no. las. ases. en español????????????????????????????????????
Erika Rocío Martínez Olivares
Nike. entiende. atucansion????????????????????????????
Lesley G
Loving everything Taylor wears in the first minute of this video. And I want to play with her friends.
DianaPlayz - Roblox
Geekie gamer
Adore choose to wear red... that was a bad choice
Kalee Jiminez
2:00 Ellen yasss 2:58 just, everybody's in this-
Erika Rocío Martínez Olivares
eres. tan. ermosa????????????????????????????????????me ases Mariara????????
Amy Safla
Why does 1:36 look like sikowitz
Justine Joubert
I love you so much Taylor you are saving gay people !
Thank you!
Emilio Martinez
I thinl that we all agree this is way better than Truth Hurts, GRAMMYs are insane ????
Jennifer Mae Manaco
Katy and Taylor ????????????
Michael Pepper
I literally put this song on when I need to calm down...
kitten kawaii
It’s literally 7 am rn
Hồng Nhung
Vietnam tuổi thơ của em ????????
Paris Ashcroft
I wish Taylor Swift would calm down.
There are some seriously strange people in the world :-), but they're entertaining.
Abel Manmoth
Preferred the country stuff
Tucker Smith
She should have won a grammy..
It just sounds like MIA's - Paperplanes . Congratulation for the music producers for this creative copy. I am sure this is the right amount of mimicking sooo it is all fine!
dark rose 245
Taylor, that’s beautifully gay.
Sofiaa a
Joker Real
I want subtitles Khmer
This video as a gay man reminds me of "equal rights (not gay)" by lonely island ???? now lyrically can be interpreted as anything. The first verse I like to think of a response to Becky's i mean sjws on Twitter ☕
J Balvin Brazil
Brasil ????????????????????????❤❤❤❤????????????????
Hey Taylor, we did a cover. Hope you love it. Thanks for always spreading love and equality through your music.
That Person
????????️‍????We love an ally♥️????????????????
Amna Saqlain
"I've learned a lesson, that stressin' and obsessin' over somebody else is no fun"
Conspiracy Theory
Wait did I see Ryan Rennolds and Elan?
Marcel Kaczmarzyk
Hey Taylor i were listening this music to Word will end
Some very nice well drilled, well disciplined heavenly angels on stage there. Noice lol
Kalee Jiminez
Kalor Taylor + katy
eric li
*please vote for her for iheart radio award nomination*
Is it me or did she use everything the represents the LGBTQ+ community as props?? Or... what?
Does anyone notice Ryan Reynolds
Well I did
Emma Heart
I loved every second of this video!! ❤️
Michael Alzina
he is super cool the clip congratulations to Taylor
But RuPaul has trans people. So Taylor hates trans ppl too?
мм Majestic
For some reason Taylor was able to casually relax in a pool right after walking of of a flaming trailer
Should I be concerned?
Nate Lockyer
Pear ie
This reminds me of a happier version of the 100 season6
Its like watching the hunger games, but for real.
Evan A1
Ciara deserves more screen time... she’s like hidden :(
Evan A1
3:03 the spellings on the signs though lol
Reana Beck
(The first part she showed cats and spaghettios)
Jared Knutson
Almost 300k dislikes? Homophobes much?

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