I feel you crumble in my arms down to your heart of stone
You bled me dry just like the tears you never show
Why don't you take what you want from me?
Take what you need from me
Take what you want and go
Why don't you take what you want from me?
Take what you need from me
Take what you want and go
First things first, your best friend is a fucking bitch
Someone tell her that she ain’t a therapist
Tryna give opinions like a fucking analyst
She wanna talk that shit, she can suck a dick
No, I don’t really need it right now
Middle of the winter getting heated right now
You’re about to bring out all my demons right now
Think my ego about to hit the ceiling right now
Now look at what you’ve done to me
Have you had enough of me?
Rip my fucking heart out
I can tell you’re having fun with me
But the bruises, excuses, is more than a nuisance
And all that make up you got on don’t cover up what you’re doing
I feel you crumble in my arms down to your heart of stone
You bled me dry just like the tears you never show
Why don't you take what you want from me?
Take what you need from me
Take what you want and go
Why don't you take what you want from me?
Take what you need from me
Take what you want and go
We used to stay the night at your parents
Have shopping sprees up at Harrods
Spent 10k on your birthday
Anniversaries in Paris
Then the good turned bad
And ope, its so sad
And I admit that
We’ve fallen off track
And overreact
‘Til bruises turn black
The times that we had
We can’t get that back
Now’s everything’s changed
And nothing’s ever the same
I wish it wasn’t this way
But you’re the one to blame
We used to say it’s forever
Now that’s turned into never
Guess we didn’t know better after all
Tessa Delafontaine
They are both so underrated ????????
This cover is better than the original song
Oumou Bah
I love his voice ❤️❤️
Sarah S
i would love for this song sung by both of you to be available on itunes
Aris Presley
This isn’t that bad but I would much rather prefer the original
I would call this a cover more of a remix and come on the guitar solo at the end was one of the best parts of the song ,I like the original alot more (except for Travis Scott's part)
i like Anth but just wish Conor would do the whole song normally
Marko Borovyk
Does this guy have a voice how much production do u need
Sunil Permaul
Anth's teeth are so white they remind me of the "bad" Inspector Gadget from the Matthew Broderick movie xD
Chris Robinette
The dude that’s rapping ruined it lol
Mohanish Mukherjee
who is the rapper???
The song was good and hard...this made it soft and gay
Yeet Yeet
I wish this was on Spotify
aggelos aggelos
what a title to steal views with yout fake ass voice
sorry for hate
Nori Luka
Conor you're amazing! ????????
You guys never ever disappoint me with your music love you guys tons ????????????
Shair Abbas Khan
Damn man this guy is really in pain????just like me
Ahmet Deveci
Why isn't Connor and Anth bigger? These guys need to be mainstream already.
Sherry Sherry
What state you in conard
Jimmy Appleberry
I need this on Apple Music
Rói Poulsen
New version og Joe Cocker ????????????
Angel Bendal
Why you guys are underrated ????
Those emotions whenever you sing a song deserve to be heard by the whole world. And the rap part is so damn good.
Donovan Atkinson
The rapper's head looks 3x bigger than his body
great way to ruin a song by adding a pointless rap verse that has nothing to do with the rest of the song
The UK Punishers Clips
Even after all these years...he’s still featuring this absolute spaz on his songs ????????????
Julian Martin
Take a nice tune and turn it into a kitsch lover/90's style : DONE ! xD
Meldz 08
Anth is soo hot !!
Daniel Chandler
Auto tune on
Emma Carter
Love this song so much better with Connors voice I love his voice so much and the rapper anth is beautiful
Sharara Hervey
I love this song only cuz ozzy osbourne is in it
Corrine Lyons
Wow some comments are just fucking rotten. These 2 are amazing and absolutely deserve to be heard worldwide.... i can't play these songs enough.... both of them are so good at what they do....but together.... DAMNNNNN????????????????????
Kodrie Ahmad junaidi
good sounds ????
Markymike Gonzalez
Ok you guys are good and have the talent so let’s see you guys come out with your own stuff as good as this . JS
jankarla pollock
Omg I’m soooooo in love with Connor lol like lordddddddddtttttt the whole jawn was fireeeeeeeeee singing and rapping deff a great combo everytime they link up its dopeeee
Elisa Ortiz
Can’t get enough of your voice
ahlam Fahmi
I'm Arabian but I looovvve voice conor and anth, really I wish them good luck ???? !!
zina beta
your voice is so beautiful ????????????????
I skip that horrible rappers part everyday
Nicci Hellnaugh
I've never even heard the original version of this song nor do I care to. This is amazing. I've been listening to all these songs on repeat for days. The covers are better than the originals, hands down, every time.
Wish you added this on spotify
Nathaniel XH
First off this isn't live which is Killin my rock n roll vibe this is about as funny as them old time vines. You can clearly tell this dude's passionate singing is a lie.
Legend of the primes
The friend is always there with their stupid ass opinions but when she end up lonely and shit gets real the friend ain't there nomore.
Anth stop moving ur hands to much my gosh
Real Hasta La Muerte
Aqui por china????????????
Sinister Crow
Please add to Apple Music
Jackson Phillips
G Eazy?
شــہ๋͜͡‏ـهـــ ـــم ツ
وااو فديت
Fortnite King33527
this isn’t even the lyrics but it was good
o k
this is horrible
Emily Dromund
¡¡¡¡¡Un gusto y deleite escuchar a Anth cantar. Rapear es su fuerte, pero oírlo cantar es un super plus y vaya qué bien lo hace!!!!
Fortnite King33527
why is his facial expressions so weird
Prio Nephilam
Full cover plz
skusta clee
Nice auto tune????
DJ Stash
can someone please explain how he is able to use this cover song with the beat without getting copyrighted?
Keep Fishing Forward
conor bout to go super saiyan
Sofia Tuohimaa
I say just: WOW.
Brittany Brito
I love you
Elizabeth Hollingsworth
I love you????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
ام يزن A
بس اريد اعرف شنو هذه الاحساس ????????????
QuAiNt_ Firefly
Idk why everyone’s sucking off anth I could rap his verse first try
Joseph Kenny
It’s just so fake ????????????
Media Oktaviana
Wow the best thing that i hear,, your voice so amazing,,and i fall with your voice❣️❣️????
13abyKnight Kun
Many people are inspired by you Conor <3
James johnstone
Anyone know the brand of conors t-shirt he is wearing and where to buy lol
John Herring
Where can I buy this song???
Nicole Wilson
better then orginal
حماده احمد
بحبك اوى اوى اوى اوى اوى اوى
Jesse Pruitt
The only thing I have to say is wow that was amazing
Is this on any streaming platforms?
probably bein picky but the way Connor says "take" just rubs me the wrong way lmao. don't like the way that sounds at all
Angel Sorrento
The rap is fire and the vocals are so chilling. However if you put pitch to 1.0????and speed to 1.5????, you'll vibe to this song even harder. You'll thank me later. Enjoy.
Pretty sure at least 200 of the views are mine alone. Anth fucking MURDERED that beat. ????????????
Robbie Knight
Ain't it illegal to use an artists name and song title??? leave this song to OZZY he is legend, who doesn't need all that special mic fx, auto tune crap etc... Why? because he can naturally sing, which is rare today with these wannabe artists.
Mighty Mind
This is fucking dope
Jaz Sumal
Sing Saint tropez!!!!
Legspasm cuntwitch
Challenge time Can someone name a song he hasnt done a cover on?
Charmaine Robertson
Anth coming with some serious heat ???? why they are so underrated I will never know
The Explorer
shits ass
❤❤❤يالله صوتو مااحلاه وشقد بيعرف يعبر عن مشاعروو حلو كتير مين معي
TheWeekndxo fan
woahhh this dude sounds awesome! YO you should collab with this guy!!
Taksh Productions
What is he doing with his hand?
Wow! I love this. Please release it
قطر الندى كربلائيه
I Love you Conor Ilove you so much perfect very good
I want singing like you.......
Wonder wat u sound like without auto tune ????
I listen all your song
I'm from India
Chyna Doll
I love me some Conor and Anth, sooooo fire.
Kya Rush
I love this song my uncle showed me the song and I was like oooo I love this
Used to hate anth, my dude got wayyyyy better. Fire.
Dwi Novieta
I love you more more and more conor ????????????????????love it
Could you do a cover of the FURRET walk song with lyrics?
I'd appreciate it deeply!
Thx! Your the best, Conor!
zuki plays
If your gonna do the soft tone singing dont get on camera like your pushing as hard as you can. It looks fake. Otherwise you guys are hella talented
Angie O'Neal
Huge fan????
Mad Me
So great voice and powerful expression
Nathan Fuller
Where can I download this, can't find it anywhere?
The Bangladeshi Standards
Hotter song..
Aghavni Kirakosyan
Your voice is incredible
Einat Fokin
Bring it to Spotify ????????
Jake William Henton
Why he sound weird when he says take 1:14
paitonswade __
Faaaave ❤️
Kameko Clark
Amazing as usual ❤️????
khadijah brwn
nobody :
anth : *First things first, your best friend is a fucking bitch*
I could listen to ur voice everyday!!!! Come to Florida!!!!
Sandi S
Clarence McCormick
Pretty good sounding but the audio doesn't match their voices, looks like a bad lip singing
Laylah Arnold
you have a beautiful very good voice????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
Unknown Person
He's so shit without auto tune let's be honest
Gabriel Cipriano
Likin park?
Angeline Ho
Why did ya delete from anth channel
Dalton Bailey
Bro u look like a tool with all the dramatic hand shit chill
Dalton Bailey
Anth might as well tattoo g eazy on his forward cuz hes staright stealing his style
Daisy Randall
Nicole Brooks
???????????? amazing.
I really like the original but this is fucken fire. Fantastic job
Kat Shearin
Best song I ever heard
Jackie Edler
Fire u both snapped
Depressed Pnda
I love how Conor puts all his emotions into it when he's singing so it really sounds like he just got hurt after giving someone everything he could
Felix Benjaminsson
You two do a song togheter
Sabrina Abraz
Love it.
margarita romero
Where can I buy this song
Miguel Flores
Do a rock cover
Chaz Lon
he's ok but too dramatic with his gesturing
JJ Volt Vlogs
Okay no hate on Anth at all like this isn’t intended to sound negative at all I like the raps he makes up but I just wish sometimes he’d sing the actual raps in the songs it would sound so cool ????????????????
Maveric_SORT S.O.R.T
Why not just do a normal music videos to your stuff? your soudn quality is fine, but anyone whos a musician knows youre not really signing this live in the video... just shot a normal music video
aman sharma
This is literally a masterpiece
Sylwester Grega
Damn, this is awesome. great rapper, and the chorus was super powerful.
Sophia perez
You all know he is lipsinging rigjt
Andrei Mitrea
Is anyone seeing that this dude does playback?
Tim Lock
Why isn't this on your Spotify channel?
syukrie hakim
better without the rapp part
Noelle Cool
What a terrible cover! ???????? is this supposed to be a joke? You took a legendary song and turned it into a bunch of crap
Anisha Angel
Lol I’m impressed
Viktor Ramsrud
you are feeling it to much little baby
1st dude looks like he has to take a dump and 2nd dudes hair is gay!
jimmy rodriguez
Absolutely love this version!! I play this at least 6 times ..yeahh!
Sierra Cox
Put this on iTunes asap
stop making orginal artist's jelous ????????
lyktah lyktah
I like this more than the post Malone and Ozzy Version
lyktah lyktah
So this is the same Conor Maynard and and he had a brother jack Maynard I hear about with saying the N-word and flashing nude and sending dick pics ? What is going on ? Petty disappointing
Are you going to do just audio for this and make it available?
Natalie Hernandez
Anth killed it!! Dudes got amazing talent!! ????????
Rick Leon
Hella extra
Thunder Bolt
Who liked the chorus more??
Hassaan Bin Zaid
My man anth goin in holyyy that shit was fire man gg. ????
Benjamin Lorenz
Sorry but you will never replace Ozzy.
whasabe and freinds
Why is black dude not singing the right lyrics shirt dude on point
Pedro Antônio
Lucas inutilismo
Sarah Bright
Let's get Conor 10mil and get him the diamond play button!
Cole Smith
Shits way better then then original shits fire ????????????????????
Jeffrey Scott
When the verse came in, my phone literally caught fire. MAN.
I loveeeee your voice!
Stacey J
Where's post and Ozzy? Hmmm sorry I clicked.
Campbell 0714
alright we all know this was a voiceover you can’t do that good of audio outside next to brick
Jesse Sloan
This is a heater! When are you going to give us some more sing offs connor?
imran aziz
Sound better than the original version.
Mohamed Hafizudin
I know you will not love my comment , but i love you. You are fantastic #2019
Amanda Becerra
Love it ????
Chris Gathof
Need to be on iTunes!
Joseph hoggatt
Why tf this slap so hard
LuggzClapz U
This is not the actual lyrics right or am I high
Annu Uga
INDONESIA 27-11-2019
صنعاني توووحفهـ
I love it ????
Olivia Bailey
Dang this version sucks
alisa hrl
anth sounds like MGK for a second bro im smh
Laura Catalano
How do you not have a record deal yet??
Shyhernu scott
oh my gaad
that rap hit me really harrrrd
karim aliani
His killing it.
Surita Wheeler
Connor is just too beautiful
Sam Elyza
All for original rap lyrics, but languages were too much and shallow. Good job .
miranda cook
On fire mfer keep doing what you do!!! Set the world on fire with your work!!!
Ms Mendez
Song sucks due to all this profanity
Viola Queor
Bad fucking ass!!!!!
Mridupawan Barman
Release this in Spotify already.
Kim Gow
It's cute like a backstreet boy singing for Ozzy!! Never heard of you but loved the singer
Camilla dhar
Cornor voice is my everything????????????????????????
tHE PAIN IN HIS VOICE...????????????????????
The Gamer
i think his voice isnt special there is too much effects on his voice
Dhilla Dhilla
Suarane apik banget sumpah btw iso macul ora lek???? yaudahlah lupakan yg penting i love you so much guys????????
Dora Angelova
this is so fire
Legend has it that the pink shirt dude shat his pants by the time he finished singing.
Jesse Ford
Who is this dude that's hittin after the chorus
와... 진짜 잘부르네
Yasmin Smati
The song is nothing until Conor recovered it ????❤❤❤????
Nathan Banggz
Trash if you ask me.
Rename this shit it’s not a cover. It’s a whole different song.
Katrina Butler
This needs to be on Spotify????
Myla Chirico
you can just tell they are singing i don’t think they are using Autotune
Phil Boyer
I listen to this guy like he’s mainstream.
Andini lestari
Damn i'm so hurt????????????????
Yug Vats
i don't why but i love conor song more than original one ????
VANESA Cattaneo
Oh wow ???????????????????????? when the cover its better than original ????????
rizky yunita bancin
Aaaaaaa ????❤❤❤❤❤
Kayla Maybin
Love to hear him sing the song I hope
yash godara
conor your voice is so so good man. loved it. keep singing always. i wish you top the billiboard one day. your fan from india, yash godara
venom A
Bhai gajabbbbb kadaaaakk avaaaaaaaa@j heyyyyyyyyyyy teryyyyyyyyyyyy
fizzy M
tick what you want from me
tick what you need from me
tick what you want and go
PatrickStar 2.0
Trying to push out a wee shite n Connor Maynard trying to lip sync are two identical things
Mobil Future
Don't mind me, this button is for me ????(0:30)
Nydiapatricia Clark
Tanner Turk
i thought it was g eazy
Chase H
jesus christ what a couple of pussies
Jung Kookie
Oml I love how Conor and ANTH sound together like oof. BOTH OF Y'ALL ARE AMAZING ????????
Keaton Adam Stanley
Dude ANTH just keeps getting better year after year. Really showing progression with his delivery and lyrics.
Lazar Mack
This is such a powerful song Connor and anth
Skylar More
this song got me through my break up
why conor look like he screamin from da top of his lungs XD
Vishakha Khatri
the way he is singing ????
Jairo SanZxx
Honestly I prefer this version over the original
Vikas Joshi
What a voice conor has got really, god gifted.
Love it <3
firash dimas
fully emotional
Ala Mo
Why do they have to swear so much ?
Jimmy Roberts
I really want to hear you do a cover of the band I Prevail
عبدالرحمن رضا
Ilove it >3
George Miner
To much auto tune
Adrian Evi
Here’s no Travis Scott wtf
courtney phillips
He sounds so hurt ????when he sing but he dope asf
YouTube watcher
I thought this was the full original song but yet another trash remix
Lightening Barca
10 million let's goooooo
For those with musical experience (singing, playing instruments etc.) it’s super obvious that he is not using auto tune eh? Those quick note changes are completely authentic and it really demonstrates Connors insane singing ability. Truly a world class talent, the kind of voice which comes along once in a generation and only 4 or 5 times per century ????????????
Alex Lam
Wow... this is one of the best translation of this song... Thank you!
Omotola Titilope
Anth killed it with that rap, twas super dope...and Conor your voice alone is music to my ears..
Khalifa Alblooshi
I swear to god u can hear the pain in his voice it hits u hard????
Lylah Chase
Yes he doesn't get enough love Conor Maynard
Mustapha Ibrahim
Best song/rap ever
Sara R
Never heard of Anth until watching this video but he’s ???? and I love his hair
all of this is so over compressed. your mastering is whack. good voice tho :D
Adam Allcock
This auto tune is sick
What is the key that gou used?
Habibi Abdullah
Oh my god. This song really killed me
samith kalana
The rapper sounds like G-eazy!!
Wild Card, Crystal Ball, Lovers, Lady Liberty
I've created a new playlist on my sound cloud which is actually an inspiration from you Conor Maynard! called "Q ANON" ????
Nawaf Iconic
I swear u are the best
Amar Hegde
Can we get this song on Spotify??
Só qm é br deixa like
Bakiyatus Solihah
Take all you want from me ????
Mohamed Said
مفيش حد عربي هنا ولا ايه
Hannah Sa-onoy
Love it so much
Michael Langton
Sorry but you you butchered the song by changing the lyrics
Mariam Bijou
I’ve been following you guys since day one! Amazing to see how far you guys have came.. this one is ???? !!!! ... Put your shit on Apple Music please!
Antonella Billordo
Sos genio.
Jaiden Stafford
You better release this to apple
Why isn’t Conner a professional singer
Gege Doruk
Voice ,
feelings ❣️❣️
Adam Maugham
Fuck anth???? he’s fucking SHIT!
Sarah Al-Mgraby
Please, sing " I become so numb" I meant the whole song.
Shen Exclamador
Wow!! Just wow!!!
Tyler Kollakowski
Y he swaring
Brian Smith
man i wish i can sing like you i can feel the emotions when you sing vary powerfull .... much love man
Branden Traeger
I dont know what I'm suppose to do with my hands
Sing with feel
Guissell Mendoza
Yo lo amo ????????????????♥️
Kaitlyn Hampton
This NEEDS to be put on apple music so I can listen to it on my phone and driving on repeat!! love it!
Erica Zinn
I like the rap makes me think the original song should’ve been that
J0nny _S
You cant copy Ozzys voice
Ellem Motta
Amo a voz de vcs ❤❤❤❤
Matthew Bailey
????????bro u thought this was going bad but holly crap
Courtney Moctezuma
i love yall singing man not gonna lie really
Massimiliano Pianta
Cazzo relax....
Christine Profeiro
Anth u bad baby I love u
Christine Profeiro
Both of u guys are legends man yall voice is magnificent better than the originals
BrandexY 94
Better than the original ????????
Ajay Narine
eric imortal
Top de mais
Yug Vats
What a cover, just i hv word for canor ,what a cover ????????
Eylon Barak
Chiara TK
Why is it not possible for me to buy any tickets for his tour on the given link?.. it doesnt work dont know Why
Alam Adiansyah
Thx Auto Tune
Chahinez Ab
You are the best ????♥️????????????
rajat kumar
How can I sing like you
sucks.Too much autotune
whoa... that rap section was a shock... perfect example of rap being vulgar just for the hell of it...
Grace Valenzuela
Thanks i found your channel in youtube..your voice is so nice????????????????
보컬이 십사기네
Lara Livingstone
This is epically wonderful - you never let me down Conor - killer vocals and tons of emotion #LoveIt
Jamilly Silva
Que voz e essa Conor????❤️
Ethan G.
What da fuck fam.... Why are these lyrics harder than the original?’ ????????????
lorena ramos
Really Love your voice Conor Maynard ????????????
Kiky Yusuf
Biasa joo ngna p manyanyi itu tap.????
Ian Kaue Schweitzer de Araujo Ian
Fala tu Michel Teló
Cody Bunn
Is this version on Spotify?
Tink Tink
When is this gonna be on Spotify
The misogyny in that rap...
Stan Marsh
Привет) Конор, жаль, что я не могу перекинуться парой фраз с тобой. Красиво выдаешь верх и низ. Хотел бы я
так же, но после того, как кадык вырос - не могу
Aunik Hasan
Autotune lvl 100000000000
lee hye mi
???????????? really from my heart ????????????❤️
Tedy Lesmana
I feel you crumble in my arms down to your heart of stone
You bled me dry just like the tears you never show
Why don't you take what you want from me?
Take what you need from me
Take what you want and go
Why don't you take what you want from me?
Take what you need from me
Take what you want and go
I never needed anything from you
And all I ever asked was for the truth (all I ever asked was for)
You showed your tongue and it was forked in two
Your venom was lethal, I almost believed you (almost believed you)
Yeah, you preyed on my every mistake
Waited on me to break, held me under hopin' I would drown
Like a plague, I was wasting away
Tryna find my way out, find my way out (find my way out)
And it finally came the day
I start giving my heart away
For Heaven sakes, my bones will break
But you never own my soul, no
I feel you crumble in my arms down to your heart of stone
You bled me dry just like the tears you never show
Why don't you take what you want from me?
Take what you need from me
Take what you want and go
Why don't you take what you want from me?
Take what you need from me
Take what you want and go
I took them stones you threw, made chains for the crew (ice)
I brought up ten hoes, this coupe only made for two (yeah)
They all ran through it, it ain't nothing left to do
I need some more reasons to live out this evening (straight up)
I've been sippin' forever and just taking whatever
Hoping, thinking whenever you'll be back around
Let's go our ways, whichever
You say how is however long
'Cause you know I never be alone
Love (yeah)
Shorty gon' back (shorty gon' back)
Need it on sight (need it on sight)
Crack it all back (crack it all back)
Give her that pipe (give her that pipe)
All of my cash (all of my cash)
Shawty went bad (shawty went bad)
I feel you crumble in my arms down to your heart of stone
You bled me dry just like the tears you never show
Why don't you take what you want from me?
Take what you need from me
Take what you want and go
Why don't you take what you want from me?
Take what you need from me
Take what you want and go
Take it all away
Why don't you (take what you want, take what you need)
Take what you need from me, yeah
(Take what you want)
Why don't you (take what you need)
(What you need, yeah)
Ishfaq Khan
You have Incredible sound bro
Raj Singh
I love your voice so much
khadi med
Why you’d ruined the original lyrics ?????
just me
Conor i love your voice❤️❤️
noneya b
meh was good till the garbage rap
sexi lexis
Love it u got a fan in me...100
Haylie Richardson
he is so good
Shaimaa Hassan
Love you conor❤
Ashley Sok
Why can’t I get this on Spotify
Killian S
So better with conor
pisces chanel
Suka lagu nya
Nico Wasilewski
Conor I feel like you voice isnt made for that part you need more of a deeper and stronger voice it you listen you then the original it shows the difference

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