susan brilliant
Canon in d
GoldessLor Mapa
This is so sad. Beautiful and sad
I love the song .. memories of my Mom ❤️???? ..
Libby Robison
Vaisakh AM
Heaven,, ❤
I love Adam Levine, Maroon 5 and their songs but I can't be the only one who thinks that Levine does not do well live...at all...
Gail Wright
My condolences. Beautiful song
Faith Recaido
I miss the good old days with my husband. Like we only talk about those memories now.
Kaylee Aldridge
Maroon 5 is such an underrated band soooo goood
Bobbi Cramer
I love this Adam love you too. I so miss you on the voice???? I don't watch it anymore because your not there. I'm downloading this soon as you finish singing. I absolutely love your voice I'm a freakin hardcore fan. Would love to just meet you one day or just to see you in person. Your my idol. Amazing job singing this song. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️????????????????????❤️❤️????????????????????????????????????????????????????
Lynda Rosas
Maroon 5 ???? live lost in there beautiful music ????
Adam222levine my love????????????
Amo vc Adam????
Karlenne Abelha
Sensacional! ❤
Adam222levine my love????????????
Maroon 5 melhor banda que existe ????????????
Destiney Gay
*4 deaths in my family in the past 5 years. It still hurts the same.* ????????????
Arnel Sapuay
Beautiful and Amazing song..iloveit????
Timber's Logs
he sounds SOO good now....thank god he's well rested and happy????????
Beautiful!! I love Adam Levine
Kats World
Simply beautiful ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ came out just after my boyfriend passed away it helps a little xx
What a beautiful beautiful song ???????????? I'm sorry for your loss Adam.
Thanh Huệ Đoàn
I am really into this song these days. the melodies and lyrics is so good. It also springs to my mind whenever I wake up lol
ᄋ ᄋ
Voice=video WoW!!!
Ayu Sartikarosel
Stay strong honey, i love you❤️
Ivo Daniel Tambunan
Good Song brooo
Sue Nelson
songs like this bring all the human race together as we all have "memories" just a classic beautiful warm and wonderful song ! This song is another gift from Adam & the band !!
I love maroon5❤
justin lee
Damn!! His voice in the studio and live is So alike damn!!! (One of the few singers who don't use auto tune)
Srijan Saxena
This is different from his capital FM performance.. if you know what I mean. Glad to see him singing sober and so perfect. ????❤️
Icique tjantiek
This song is really simple. But it makes me want to cry when i listen it ????
Dee Bau
"Cheers to the wish you were here but you're not" Lost my boyfriend last february because of an accident ???? it hurts so much ???? everyday I'm wishing that I could go back to the days when we're still together ????????
He totally has The Voice. Amazing.
crystal lauron
Love the hair
C. Eleazar
Beautiful song!
Joaquín Plaza
Is so beatiful ????
Arclight Media
Hit like ???? if you love maroon5
Nearly 4 years since I lost my husband to cancer. He was 27. He would’ve been 31 next month. Missing you always.
Adam, thank you for being there for me more times than I could count.
Yaya Video Series
Cheers to my favorite tattooed guy.
Dora Aspiradora
<3 Duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuude
Joel Phanter
Such an emotional song. Adam, your voice sounds like angel! Love this so much
Shane Standifur
Sheena Pangonis
Can’t believe there’s been 12+ million views already. Wtf! Ha anyway really starting loving this song more and more. So catchy and melodic, just makes me feel soo good! ????I’ve just added some drums on top as I felt inspired,. On my channel.. just mentioning incase anyone was interested in checking it out and also loves the drums! This song is awesome tho ! Maroon 5 always be one my fav bands :)
The hell. This is a real song. No autotune
efrani naibaho
So lovely ????
Maraj Hossain
Canon D rhythm ????????????
Atika Laila
I wish he had sung the words clearer than that... i mean i like him but the way he sings sometimes...
Funeral, breakup?
Beautiful anyway
Lost my best friend a week ago and this song is on repeat ever since. He left us with so much memories. Rest in peace buddy.
Lost my brother last year. This is so him he would have been 38 this year. My sis in law says this is her jam these days....n my nephew
carmina o
I love it...made me sad we all have been there and go there. . The most sad part of life is losing loved ones etc..????❤
Micha Yangs
I felt that.
Woykustik 90
Good song, but kinda hard to sing..
Luciana Lopes
I love this song! ????❤️❤️❤️????????
Iris Martinez
He wrote the song in tribute for his manger Jordan Feldstein (Jonah Hills brother) whom died December 2017. And it hit Adam hard because Jordan was someone he was close too. And I can understand the pain of losing someone so close & dear to your heart as I've lost my adopted mother 4 days after my 13th from brain cancer. And 6 yrs later it's still hard for me so my heart genuinely feels for him.
Samanta Jurado
Tangina ang ganda pa rin talaga. Lahat lahat.❤️
Nicholas Torres
Am I the only one that feels like I've heard this before
John Vergel Lalata
Just reminds me of my childhood and friends
Karsten Voß
I love his voice and kind
Dewi Anggra04
I lost my dad two years ago, and I lost my son 4 months ago. always miss they everytime.
Ha Dang
Very touching ❤❤❤
thesweetness Love
Am I the only one that love this song ????
Thunder Rhododendron
After a year losing my mother, uncle, cat and dog I'm not sure I can listen to this again without dehydrating. ????
Angelina Zink
This hurt so hard honestly. I lost so much for my age but i gained and learned so much
Alee Anderson
This is so good!! I hope I can meet Adam Levine sometime
Ytalo Bustamante
If u listen just really listen to what he is saying u will either feel happy or you will be in tears
Ivy Gail VIllanueva
I named my son after him. I love listening to Adam's music for as long as I remember.
Now my son's 5 and awesome.
Laras Widharanti
His voice still amazing
Leopoldo Magno Jr
This song is really suited to his voice
mike white
I get a Sting reggae vibe. I love It
Neil Cyrill
"Do you need auto tune?"
Adam: I'm auto tune
Nucleus Evaporate Ggle
Toast to my memories...
Joiceyy Margaret
I play it for almost 20 times & i'm not yet satisfied.
Salary left the group
Merilies W Lamin
This is called real talent no auto tune no background dancer simply pure music that comes from the heart of Adam Levine..hit if you agree ????????????????????
Dark Knight
Did He Eat His Record? It So Fcking Similar From Record
Hizkia Victory
kath sioson
i lost two people who loves me most..missing them so bad
Earleen 'We Gotta Dance'
Incredible amazing song! It hits home for me too!
Right in the soul feels
Baby Driver
Here's to the ones that we got
Cheers to the wish you were here, but you're not
'Cause the drinks bring back all the memories
Of everything we've been through
Toast to the ones here today
Toast to the ones that we lost on the way
'Cause the drinks bring back all the memories
And the memories bring back, memories bring back you
There's a time that I remember, when I did not know no pain
When I believed in forever, and everything would stay the same
Now my heart feel like December when somebody say your name
'Cause I can't reach out to call you, but I know I will one day, yeah
Everybody hurts sometimes
Everybody hurts someday, aye aye
But everything gon' be alright
Go and raise a glass and say, aye
Here's to the ones that we got
Cheers to the wish you were here, but you're not
'Cause the drinks bring back all the memories
Of everything we've been through
Toast to the ones here today
Toast to the ones that we lost on the way
'Cause the drinks bring back all the memories
And the memories bring back, memories bring back you
Doo doo, doo doo, doo doo
Doo doo, doo doo, doo doo, doo doo
Doo doo, doo doo, doo doo doo
Memories bring back, memories bring back you
There's a time that I remember when I never felt so lost
When I felt all of the hatred was too powerful to stop (ooh, yeah)
Now my heart feel like an ember and it's lighting up the dark
I'll carry these torches for ya that you know I'll never drop, yeah
Everybody hurts sometimes
Everybody hurts someday, aye aye
But everything gon' be alright
Go and raise a glass and say, aye
Here's to the ones that we got (oh oh)
Cheers to the wish you were here, but you're not
'Cause the drinks bring back all the memories
Of everything we've been through (no, no)
Toast to the ones here today (aye)
Toast to the ones that we lost on the way
'Cause the drinks bring back all the memories (aye)
And the memories bring back, memories bring back you
Doo doo, doo doo, doo doo
Doo doo, doo doo, doo doo, doo doo
Doo doo, doo doo, doo doo doo
Memories bring back, memories bring back you
Doo doo, doo doo doo doo
Doo doo, doo doo, doo doo, doo doo
Doo doo, doo doo, doo doo doo (ooh, yeah)
Memories bring back, memories bring back you
Yeah, yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, no, no
Memories bring back, memories bring back you
Ricky Mojica
Anyone just sit here and reminiscence about the past regardless of the good and bad times
I love it!!
Leelow Shii
Thanks ellen so much for maroon 5 and memories I've subscribed for more bcuz of this thanks again this is my girlfriends account ????????????
Faith Okemwa
Oh my Goooood???????????????? cant help shedding a tear evertime i play this song...
Aldrean _
Taylor Ellis
He sounds so good
Jade Ga
sad memories
Der Mawan
i like so much this song.....????it's like bring me back to few years back
Arvina Fridrict
"everybody hurts sometimes, everybody hurts someday".. And yes NO one has ever been hurt in this world..
Jamie Yoder
Best Maroon 5 song hands down. I'm not really a pop fan, but this reminded me of reggae with the feel good tune and his voice sounds like Xavier Rudd. Great job.
Andreas Pamungkas
Through my ears it touches my heart ????????
tinaesh kumar
I lost her a long time ago due to my stupidity. now it's too late for us. only the memories get me through life.
Lela P
lost my grandmother to stage four stomach cancer. missing her everyday. ❤️ rest in paradise angel, until we meet again.
Dzidula Winnerson
Canon in D
Adrian Denila
my fave!!
Luciana Fabri
Meooo me explica que é isso mundoooooooo????‍♀️????‍♀️????????????????????????❤❤❤❤❤
Everyone: uses auto tune
Adam: auto tune what? what’s that?
ItsMe DaRealAngełø
Adam Levine:*sings*
Me:This man is too dangerous to be kept alive
do you need auto tune?
ADAM left the group
BEBE REXHA join the group
Daniella Semaan
He’s always close his eyes when he sing this fcking sad song ????
Prasad p
I love how people start connecting to thier personal emotions to music, thank god! We have an escape to everything by listening to good songs like this... Adam you beauty, never miss to cease the moments in his Lyrics and singing..
Angele Mooiman
Norman S
Wonderfull song ????
Laurel Iloani
I prefer this than the studio stuff.
Angie Nguyen
never was a fan of maroon 5 but this song is hella nostalgic
Shreyas Urs
Man his voice not growing old :-)
Sobat GardaSatwa
I miss my father
Why_ Me?
This song reminds me that, treasure what you do and what you get now. Because, someday it will be MEMORIES. Omg, Iwant to cry. :'
Mitch Tabor
I made a cover of this song coz i lost all my memories and this is the only song i could sing
Adam without autotune - GOD
Backpack kid without autotune-DISGU-
Desak Dwi Ayu
I'm sad, I'm lost in this life
Takumi fujiwara
Auto tune has left the room.
Anne Kakaiba
Love the message of the song(Maroon 5 ❤❤❤)
Oj Carcasona
I wish maroon lives forever so that they can release more beautiful song????
noura nour
I love you Adam ????
Class S Genos
i'll miss my high school friends, we'll be graduating this year ❤????
its sad because *Adam* dont know the word *AUTO* *TUNE* .
lindsey d
I may be wrong. But is there a different singer for the version that came out for radio? It should like Shawn Mendez or something. It’s odd! Love me some maroon 5
Aura Nurfadillah
Ngeunaheun laguna euy ... aslina????????
indra Jaya
Handsome like me
This song is very powerful for our lost ones, thank you coach Adam
Mr. Builder
My phone spiker is cracking
Noah Walker edwards
The Howard stern Performance of this song stinks this one is better
Aidrey Li
Was someone failing at asmr or is it just me with that tapping sound
alister kellen
Saddest thing in life was when the one who gave us sweet memories became the memory. This sure hit the tissues hard man r.i.p tissues..
Miah Dove Music
Y'all check out my cover of memories dedicated to my late mom and sis ????
Louise E
Sounds like Sting
Dee Just Dee
Does anybody else out there hate the pop up windows that show up at the end of every song and ruin the last few seconds of ever video on YouTube? Just wondering?
Glitch DanceCentral
If you keep on listening to Adam he sounds like Calum Scott
Ryan Ebben Ryan Ebben
Langsung masuk list favorit gue, lagu maroon v emang selalu patenn...
Angeli montel Picara
Iloveyou adam:<
Andrew Mackie
not a big maroon 5 fan, but this song is awesome
kai wang
great song
jay-blox 2 Mendoza
Guys the crowd dead or no crowd
Indo Fans sini gabung.
Enzo and Savio's This is my Family!
wow...just wow...
Marion Ubong
No auto tune needed, at all
Sueee Zy
Kelvin Aditya
Does it count. When u feel like uve lost yourself throughout the years being older every year? Or is it just me??
Anti guy
Who else is thinking of all the old times after listening to this song?
Canon in D major ?! Great song
nikole summer
idk but this song reminds me of my mom who left me for another guy.
Laura Gray
My boyfriend was murdered April 1st. This song makes me smile and cry at the same time
Tiffany Izata
Lost my bff this year, I miss him a whole lot
Twiceu x Onces
Ilikeeeeee this group maroon 5
Nicole Salinas
Auto tune left the group
Could feel warm
Fixri Mubkers
Oh men . Thanks to create the best song ever,forever,and ever
Dawnn Legaspi
I really love memories maroon 5
Dawnn Legaspi
Im gonna cry
Zulfikar Rafi
Canon (Pachelbel) with lyrics.
jagan jagadeeshwar
Fix the audio / upload again.
Dhony Rossiyan
Very good adam ????????????
shawn com
You see the guy needs no auto tune the voice is like in the music video
jijo nair
only few felt the song after 1:49 . trust me , hear it again and again.
The channel Of Champions
In the last 3 years i have lost 3 family members. I lost one in 2017, one in 2018, and one in 2019. I am still sad, and I’m about to cry so I’m just gonna stop here.
Anas Dhorajiwala
turn on the captions????
Finland Jaruttjinda
Static kinda make this version more perfect
Saheli Basak
so poor are those who even think of pressing a dislike button for this heart touching song
Ngl I wish Paul walker was never in the car crash he was a inspiration to me
Game King
Its such a pretty song
Sydney Gauthier
I love this song it's sad thow But i love it
Sydney Gauthier
and i know this is a very Persanl song to him
rohan singh
No one stands near Adams voice ????...God has touched his voice????
Shadow _Sweats
Love this song
sylvia abbott
Love this song, even with the wee bit of static which reminded me of back in the day records! The release I purchased on iTunes was beautiful ❤️
Opinion Matters!
Turn on the English auto generated captions and see and you'll find YouTube is drunk
2004 lost my aunt
2010 Lost someone I loved
2011 lost my Granddad
2012 lost my Grandmom
2013 lost my Fav Uncle
2017 Lost my dear friend
Thank you Maroon V for the wonderful music...travelling down memories lane atm :(
Maroon 5 Videos
Watch the same performance here with enhanced audio: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CMztHa-CWm4
Kleeve Bowen
I thought my phone or headset has issues then reading the comments to see if that static is my problem. Good grief.
Kristoffer Guerrero
Nathanael Putra
I love youuuu Adam!!!!!!
Beautiful, Love it!❤????????
Sanwani Hakim
Always crying
Mark Anthony
So powerfull voice hw sound just like the recording
Rabeela Memon
his voice, the pain in this song compliments his voice!????
Ron Lagahit
Damn adam levine is my man crush
all in one
Levine - hey bro autotune .!;
Autotune - sry u fkd me ????
Justin Kehler
Even sounds good live
Rebecca Garcia
my dad and my baby sister passed away in 2016 and it is 2019 my baby sister passed away when she was 2 but in june she would have been 5 it is just so hard and i just cry sometimes and hearing this song dose not help at all hehe... but i miss you DAD!!!!????????♥♥???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? that is how I feel a????ll the time ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
Ammar Ahmed
Im not crying
damiezhar suzuran
David Floyd
Damn, The Hound has a beautiful voice
Jezreil Porcal
If you close your eyes the whole performance, you’ll never know maybe all the audience disappears.
Zubaeer Ahmed Nabil
Nearly 5 months,I lost my grandma. She was 65 years old. I'll Never Forget Her!When I remember her,It hurts me a lot!!
E'thing gonna be alright adam
Stream Share
Recording and live sound the same wtf just perfect
Juan Selan
Nice shoes Adam.. ????
Herman Santonia
Why there's some cracking nuts sound?
Chanyeol's ears
I can't listen to this song without crying
Noi MB
Missing my mom and dad that both died last year. ????
Dean Thomas
Lost my best friend last year, this song makes me relate so much. ❤️
Klaus Bilz
Immer wieder schön. Maroon 5 .
Very good Song i love it
Love this song. Check out Davina Michelle's cover of this song! https://youtu.be/nlFTmL1n8ec
Jhayjhay Paguel
Whos watching on 2020?
Neditz Xavier
His voice seems like MV. Real singer real legend.
anyone hear like someone tapping the phone or its glitching
Danielle joy Beboso
My grandparents died on the same year. And it still feels like yesterday. Our family won’t be the same without both of you. I miss you both so much.
Malige Matoneng
Some fight for their lives... some wasted their lives... respect to those who are in heaven..
Johnny Jaramillo
Hey guys check out my cover ????????Love this song it reminds me of my sister who passed away! Always missing you leesh!
ChickenFeetGang Pawer
My mom died this year sept. 29, i miss her now so much
Johnny Jaramillo
Hey everybody check out my cover!???????? I love this song so much, it reminds me of my sister who passed away. Love you leesh!
Ana Luiza Aragao
The captions look so weird!! ????????
Hzhs H
this one gives me fckin goosebumps
Carlos Carrillo Garcia
Que mal canta
Mayorvic Sinfuego
Jhun2 Nonan
Ellen : Do you need auto tune?
Adam : Im the auto tune
"Anybody Wants Autotune"
Adam: I am the autotune
Sh Ya
memories bring back YOU....????????
Zara Jerusalem
I lost my bf in car accident 2 years ago.Tomorrow is his birthday,I’m deeply feel saddened and wish he were here.He left me with beautiful memories.Rest in peace Alec,love you????
FIX this Video or I’m bombing your house
A Completely Normal Youtube Channel
The Reason they made the song is to honor their record manager, who has died. Or should I say passed.
Jeffrey Escobar
I love you Adam. I don’t know who you were thinking of when you sang this. I thought of Christina Grimmie and everything you did for her. I love you ❤️
Yash Chandak
Obsessed with this song ????
Rose Paris
This song hits and it hits hard. Lost my brother this year and I just can't.....????
Nayops 19
0:37 , 1:33 , 2:39
And the memories bring back memories bring back you????????
R.I.P Tio I miss you everyday????????
Nusz Kinajil
This is for my dad.. rip dad
dani rinaldi
Miss u Dad in heaven
Abdul Muiz
Here's to the ones that we *GOTT*
Idk how he’s a judge on the voice if he doesnt sound that great on a mic BUT this song is beautiful ❤️????
Aman Sharma
Love u Adam
9553869589 balu yadav
When ur childhood hero
still making u proud
Whoever lost someone, may he or she rest in peace
Topviewern Subscriber
Proud to hear the real voice of yours ????no autotune at all, just an reverb ????love it
Rebeca Velasquez
Lindo tema musical!!!!
Albin Blackstone
Fine to cover Pachelbel’s Canon. Not great to pretend it isn’t a cover though
who am i? i am who?
People on comment talk about autotune but they don't know what autotune is ????
Eurisco Phileo
No one
Subtitles:mOviE BUddY YatCh SOmeTimEs
This part is at everybody hurts sometimes
Angelo Basile
Is Better with autotune
wangari riitho
4 deaths this year 2019 took so much from my family and I do cheers to the memories that bring them back. Keep resting grandpa grandma great grandmother and uncle. I miss you so much
Adams Dido
Adams I loved all marron 5 song's but this is killin me ...but Évry thing will be alright ..cheers to the mémories ...cheers for my father R I P ????
cried a lot. crying while watching this. i felt his lost and sadness
Abdelghani Ouehb
Adam what a voice ????????
I love his unique voice
Sting imitation is on point
Sourav Debnath
My laboratory partner died of cancer last year due to exposure to Ethidium Bromide while we were working on DNA extraction. This song brings back the memories that me and she had together.
Mudang Ayu
I swear no one in my family died, and no relative, cousin or someone close to me died recently.
And I'm single for 2 years straight, so haven't experienced a breakup recently.
But the big thing is, why is this song making me sad
Marco Cavedaschi
He Is very good saw him live and he sounded much better than this but he don’t need autotune
Abhishek Chakraborty
Amazing lines. Every word feels. His Voice ...
This song 100% for the holidays!
jomar chavez
I miss my dad????☹️
Not a Maroon 5 fan at all but this song is fucking awesome.
Sly RoKa
I thought I was going crazy first time I hear this is on a Bluetooth speaker and I didn't know what was happening! (Static status)
Viral king
Wow.awesome static....5 yrs later. ...i lost my static fellings.memories bring back ya..
Malcolm McQueen
That is the same piano chords on Charlie puths patient
Yann Bil
*Justin Bieber left the chat with his autotune*
Who else watch this after their SB haltime show? ????
Ambar Rodriguez
Adam doesn't need autotune
Autotune needs him????
Noor Hafis
From Malaysia...im ur fans bro ..hope we can meet soon????????
Bear 7
This mutherf@cker can sing! A rare talent in this industry of fake ass singers. The era of fakes.????????‍♂️???? Great song adam and maroon 5. Another hit......
Melvin Tagore
No words????????❤️????????????????
We’re you cooking popcorn in background?
atiepakij thanatchawalai
It’s so beautiful.
**autotune has left the chat**
Owla Owlstrowski
I can’t help but hum the Canon in D along to this song (I’m pretty sure that’s what it’s called)
Chris G
worst recording equipment ever..........
Stanley Michael Ramirez
“There’s a time that I remember, when I did not know no pain. When I believed in forever.”
Iso Ijah
Love Valentine's subtle guitar at the end ????????????
Azir Irfan
What's the difference between memories and other songs
All songs bid controversy while memories bid 2019 memoir memories
All songs have chaotic made sound while memories are soothing sound
Warren G
Who agrees this is the best song from 2019
MM WEE บ่าววี
Love maroon5 Thailand
octavio diloy
He can Sing
Eduardo Yépez
His voice, his tone is excelent..
Siti Halimah
I love my husband
Ruchelle Omnus
Very nice..really love this guy
jose abella
Your voice is so good Adam ? You dont need autotune ????????
Endoplasma TV
Sasha Samsudin
Memories bring back ♥️
Zack Ryder
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AQ2Ww8SPHA4 i do the animated with this song
Ilove Maroon 5!!!!! They are so good!!!!!!
Gheatry Putri Maula
Omg ur voice????
hulkbot 776
Thi is better than the post production one
All my family are dead I'm the only one left
ako si batman
Auto tune left the group!
Steven Nguyen
I lost my wallet 7 years ago, still hurts the same : (
Mc Singles
0% autotune
100% talent
Damn this song quality sucks with static and crackles
W Ramadhan
I lost my grandma at july and now christmast will be different without her
pigdols suka
So good
Savvy Sammy
I've NEVER heard a Maroon 5 song I haven't absolutely loved! Dudes are living legends. Always consistent with awesome music!????????????
역시 노래 실력자들은 LIVE에서 알수가 있다..
그리고 이 free한 옷차림 진짜 좋아요.
트레이닝 면바지 운동화 가죽 자켓...
Pablo Rios
Que buena vos .. suena genial .
Yeonwoo's Husband
Lalallallalalalal Dhdhhd
Bruh he barely used any auto tune in the real song
Is it just me or does it sound like he doesn’t want to sing it’s like he’s depressed ????
Basura Brothers
Ok kahooooh
Razia Batool
Who want a one direction comback with this song cover
Ammyy Omarsali
It reminds me my father???? “memories bring back memories bring back you “❤️
Gen Graphics
Jostle the wounds in a ehh....
toaster the bones will be lost on the way.
fck my subtitle ????????
Jean Christophe
Onica Korobkin
the person in maroon 5 is adam levin and that is a great song do you like it
Inya Bruh
Cheers to ADAM for not abandoning his band after all these years even tho he will be more successful by himself ✊????????????
Really Miss My twins brother .. how are u there brother .. Missing u for 31 year.....????????????????????????????????
Lehmann Peters
Oh man.... "Memories bring back memories bring back you." Yes indeed.
Natalia miranda
Thinking of the family members I lost in the past 2 years everything I’ve gone through I’ll be blasting this song when I go out to celebrate them on my 21st in April
Deasia Wilson
I lost my best friend last year to suicide R.I.P. Merrliy Davis I wish I could have stopped you I love you
Efrain Arguello
So many buitifull songs this year
Onestly made me tear up a Little bit.
Dylan Power
One of the few singers that don’t use auto tune
Nina Baskov
They released it near Christmas. Good strategy. Everyone sadder.
zeal barasat
adam singing the song
Autotune be like:
Am I a joke to u
noor imam syafii
3 years ago i lost my mom....and i still hope cantik meet her just one more night
Shaneka Gardener
I love maroon 5 memories my sister love it more
Shaneka Gardener
I love maroon 5 memories my sister love it more
I love my hamster ????..
My hamster ..dead
ardi riyadi
The auto tune man..
Griff Wazeng
Negara BarBar
Muhd abas Syukriyadi
Kolor memory ????????????????????
I lost my family and I became adopted and still hurts :(
Awang Janggut
I lost my motorcycle 7 years ago, and its still hurt ☹️
Shelsieee yanez
i lost soo many people im my life , ive become numb . im scared to cry cuz i know ill never stop ..
Christian Rohrs
The lyrics are lovely, but how any of you not catching this?
3 years ago, I lost my grandma due to brian cancer. Christmas is always different without her.
Sourav GR
https://youtu.be/ZASnd-aw1ME hope you'll like it ????????????????
The dream Catcher
I gift this to the souls we lost this decade <33
new bee
The music video always sounds better than the live version.
Mary Joy Gajudo
Oh my God! His voice is sooooooo mellifluous, no need auto tune just pure talents. I liked it so much????
BdotCdotcom toronto city
K.hminga music ni reng chuan
Marooner _5
English caption...
Larry Yankey
Loss is an inevitable fabric of this messed up fruition we call life. Brilliant song by the way
minimalisch minimalisxh
That Sting voice and vibe..
Akbar Junaedi
Kratos wrote this songs for all The Gods he killed
Magic Man
Do you need autotune?
Never heard of it
Destiny’s Letters
It’s so amazing that Maroon 5 has been able to have a career for so long. Literally, we all grew up with them and they’re still making bops! Congratulations Maroon 5!!
Tahsin Mahim
Who's hearing in December?
Preciosa canción,con muchos sentimientos
thomas ekoue
I really love 4his song makes me cry everytime I listeb to it ????????❤
jdks mcm
Memories is for their mana
Mikkel Christensen
Yeah there's a lot of static
Emiliano Quiroz
I love maroon 5
DontFear Respect
Meh, cant say hes all too good live. Songs are good but hes a little off sometimes. Still great song amd at least there are people still willing to play without autotune nowadays
John Paul Del Rosario
Great song man
fid fir
Joao Pendloski
Top top, top de mais , Brasil aqui , uhuuuuuu l
Ayie Xainan
Your voice is like that of a Mew - comforting sounds????????????
Sun Flower
This man is amazing????❤
Joee Lee
I lost my friend shit hurts
Nice haircut.
ไม่มีใคร แทนใครใด้หรอก
Here’s to the ones that we got Cheers to the wish you were but you’re not Because the drinks bring back all the memories Of everything we’ve been through Toast to the ones here today Toast to the ones that we lost on the way Because the drinks bring back all the memories And the memories bring back memories, bring back you There’s a time that I remember when I did not know no pain When I believed in forever And everything would stay the same Now my heart feel like December When somebody say your name Cause I can’t reach out to call you, but I know I will one day (hey) Everybody hurts sometimes, everybody hurts someday (eh eh) Everything will be alright, go on raise a glass and say (eh) Here’s to the ones that we got Cheers to the wish you here but you’re not Cause the drinks bring back all the memories Of everything we’ve been through Toast to the ones here today Toast to the ones that we lost on the way Because the drinks bring back all the memories And the memories bring back memories, bring back you (Doo do do doo …) Memories bring back memories, bring back you There’s a time that I remember when I never felt so lost When I felt that all the hatred was too powerful to stop Now my heart feel like an ember And its lighting up the dark I’ll carry these torches for you That you know I’ll never drop (Yeah) Everybody hurts sometimes, everybody hurts someday (eh eh) Everything is going to be alright, go on raise a glass and say (Eh) Here’s to the ones that we got Cheers to the wish you were here but you’re not Because the drinks bring back all the memories Of everything we’ve been through Toast to the ones here today Toast to the ones that we lost on the way Because the drinks bring back all the memories And the memories bring back Memories, bring back you (Doo do do doo …) Memories bring back Memories, bring back you (Doo do do doo …) Memories bring back Memories, bring back you (Yeah yeah yeah…) Memories bring back Memories, bring back you
Irvan hermawanto
Masih Nonton :D
Swan Romana
Wow he sings better without Adiuo
El Nyquist
Para mi, la mejor canción que han escrito. Uau!!!!
Joshua 1614
This song is so relevant to me right now. I lost my younger brother and yes he died drinking and he was just 36 yrs, a very good guitarist...Ironically he died on December 2019. RIP bro.
winston kinny balamad
i love this song
Harry Ryansmith
Maroon 5 your voice is beautiful and so are you lost your manager Adam it’s very sad for you and everyone????????????????????
James Bond
Remember tsunami 2004 in aceh indonesia....all familys...
fatima amezcua
Adoro esta canción me hace pensar en mi madre ya 11 años que murio.
Hermosa voz Adam
dominic Francis
Nice voice Adam
11bravo Lopez
I love this song so peaceful
Matthew Clarke
My mom died last year
What a song!! What an inspired performance!! Maroon 5, a musical ICON of this era!!
Kayden Chan
Is it just me or is this song really emotional and nostalgic?
4th Time Luck
The static makes me think of rain ???? or my tears ????
Jennifer Johnson
I LOVE YOUR SONGS MAROON 5 including animals, memories,
Black White
very Bad Audio...
Puri Geg
The sad thing in your life is when the people who gave u good memories become memories..
Erin Gal
This man can SING!
Ella Brown
It sounded and looked like he was crying for a while. Don't blame him sad song.
Ella Brown
The song on Amazon music is better then on this one who posted this????
Secret Shop
I just want to close my eyes and remember good memories.
William teo
This song is really really touching. A genuine song that describe life as it is for now n then. Great song u guys ????
Jeughn Allyson
For a moment, I thought my speaker has a problem
christine oosthuizen
So butifull, just lost my only brother
Tristan Mason
His voice sounds better without autotune
Peace albert Michael
Missing my dad u will always remain in my heart.
Isa Halim
It's all about the MOOD you're in.Yes..this is a sad
Song but it is also a happy song.C'est,la vie.
NotMuch Gaming
I lost my wife 5 years ago and now she's back to turn off this music and died
Andreas Wanner
He sounds like Sting from "the police"....Great Performer!
When he came back everyone expected how sound effect would be there
The result is that.... the greatest and integral sound effect filled the air.
This is how he is great with simplest one.
this song holds and shows emotion
❤️ to you all
Agent SaltLake
Rika Mila
My fav ????
Rahsheeda Rodney
I haven’t been impressed by a maroon 5 song in a while....good job guys
Amanda Buller
An amazing song truly helps the heart
Eric Larry
Feels like I’m listening to this by a fire
Septiawan Ronal
Alfateha ibuu????
christine oosthuizen
LOve it
Mohammad Azri
Adam is A Lagend
Malaysia come
Benja Castro
Canta igual que con autotune
Richy Hodge
Perfect ????????
Reiden Reyes
i already lost both of my parents.. but life must go on. its really hard to accept.but i have my Son and i have to live and be strong for him. ♥️♥️♥️
Kayla-Anne Candelmo
Nice hair⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️????⭐️⭐️????????
defert dase
for my dearly departed i will miss you ????
OK. Who’s eating rice crispy cereal? ????
Boba Fett
Maroon 5 is one of a few groups that are pure and real. Protect Adam at all cost!
Mommy Garcia
Beautiful song !!
Fajar Kurniawan
Arturo vidal, is that you?
Pinky cupcakes
Wow Good I like plis Donloawd Game roblox????????????
baanpladum goldfish
That s Adam
Lily Roberson
I love this song!
Bilal Qureshi
Best version... I wish that statiic was not there
Kris Anne Cajano
I love the song... I just seen adam's tribute for kobe a while ago.... And i googled the lyrics.... So beautiful... I am in tears sing along with you sir.... Keep making beautiful music.... Bless you...????????
Doua Lor
I am a ashamed to said “ I think I have a man crush “..
The AAM vines
I lost 5 kgs in a year ... i am happy with that
Maple James
or otherwise known as Adam Levine and his background music....
Yulit Kahalani Huna
Wonderful tribute to ....Pachelbel's Canon in d major!!!!!!!!
Mark Anthony Sincero
Missed you sir its been 4 months ????
Memories bring back
Paani kaam
I won't turn the chair
Ellen your recording has static!
Samantha Lusin
All music
I don't scroll anymore on your comments guys if i do i will cry
Robert Clawson
RIP, brother, Rich Clawson. See you in heaven. You were the best. You will be missed, always.
Jess Martin
Miss you nan ????
JRQTV - Jon Robert Quinn Television
Just added more guitar to Memories by Maroon 5 and it sounds awesome. Check it out! https://youtu.be/-QzcOWb-t7Q
Luis Aleta
Love this song, it is very heartfelt. Brings memories of old Maroon 5
Massimo 71
Aman Deep
Every time when I listen Adam Levine I think he is not a singer he is damn good singer ????
Ei Nandar Lwin
give it to Calum Scott
Rolando Poblete
Life sucks! apparently we are born for a reason, but why does it seems like dying is the reason in which we need to be born, like we are a lab rat in someone's laboratory????
What a voice
Toronto Shirley Williams
It’s so weird that same day my dad died this song came out. I MISS U SO MUCH LIL MUGS ????????????????‍????
Hold my Movie !
this is not song this is PRAYER ????
T Gangz
This song bring my memories when my father passed away 2002 I miss you dad ❤️???? 04a2
Alonso Donayre Adrian
Canon in D
Lost my pet rock 69 years ago to ligma this song reminds me of it everytime I beg on reddit for karma
Updoots to the left
hoonbird playz
Hi i like marroon 5
Jason Collins
That live voice though raw as fook
You are best musicians in the world
My GOD , that's easy on the ears
Ana julya silva almeida
Love music
Raquel Navas
Little did he know that this song would be played at Kobe's memorial service on 2/24/2020.

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