My tribal adventures
She singing her heart out
Worship leader, here. Thank you for posting this. If you are on SongSelect I'm going to add it to our 'To be learned' file! Along with dancing in Christ's love comes repentance then the complete joy we have when we're forgiven by his death AND resurrection! Blessings........
Veronica Andeo
Amazing song,just a blessing to me. Thank you guys
Bryce Bukowsky
Wow, just came across this song and it is so powerful! We The Kingdom, keep up the good work, God bless you all!
Jerry Howard
Wow ???? lord you are so wonderful ♥️♥️♥️praise jesus
Jamie Fairlie
Such a beautiful song i cant stop listening to it such a happy song and its a song that i can sing my heart out to
Renato Fonseca
So beautiful, thank you for that song ❣️????????
Fill up With Gas
Wooooow..... very good. To God be the glory.
Adeola Gbadamosi
What an awesome beautiful song!
Jirah Mahinay
I love all your songs so much
And this is my #1, been sharing this to most of my friends ❤️
Lots of love from The Philippines ????????❤️
Linda Chase
Oh my goodness! I have Holy Ghost bumps all over me! Such a powerful, Spirit led worship group. How do I get your cd?
Gostei demais dessa banda ein
Kate Oelayor
I love this even more than Hillsong and bethel! Love u????????
Mobolaji Laja-Akintayo
This song is so powerful! So excited for all the hearts that will be led to Abba through this song and through your album!!!! Can you please add Closed-Captions/Lyrics to this video?
Laura Dimama
Actually God made it all including us for HIS GLORY. We are made to praise Him and GLORIFY HIM!! Our secular culture says it’s all about us. Oh how that message tempts us and has seeped into our church culture, but The Word of God is Truth. Yes He loves us but He is God and bought us with His blood so that we can have life through Him and for him! I urge you to read God’s Word! Praise and glory to the Lamb Who was slain to bring us reconciliation to God!
Pedro Leon
Thanks Guys!!, Love this song ????????
Ivan Aw
hah I'm a fan now
Celly Lozwe
We will be Joyfully Walking on the water and Dancing on the Waves of this life... We will do this together cause He's closer than my skin. Ohhh what a Friend we have in Jesus????????????
We= You and Jesus
Here We Worship Forever
Church please come here Again to listen it with Lyrics
O Leles
Que música incrível!!! Me fez lembrar o quanto sou amado por Deus e o quanto Ele é maravilhoso. Glória a Deus!!!
Fabiano Fernandes
The best i ever heard and sang along
I heard Holy Water for the first time the other morning on Klove. All I can say is wow!!! I really like this group!!!
My pastor turned me on to you folks when you came out with Holy Water. THAT is my favorite song of ALL time!! Blessing you and Thanking you ALL for such beautiful love and heart felt worship songs!!
Praise Be to God On High!!
Radhe Shyam
Love to the hilt awesome keep praising the living God Amen
karlmark dsilva
This is my song for u
Evans B
I feel like crying everytime i listen to this song! ???????? one song i cant listen to every moment possible. Ultimate worship
Marlin Balingga
This song very blessing for me and so touch ????
Godisgood Allthetime
Leàd me into the faith Peter had as he saw you and ran!
Patrick Jackson
Holy Smokes!!!!you guys have absoluely wrecked me today! I will be forever listening to your Spirit Breathed Music. I heard about your group and today as I was spending time with the Lord I felt led to truly check you out and now... SPEECHLESS!!!
Savannah Baldwim
I go to your church and this song is by far my favorite song there!
Cindy Barclay
This song is so moving!! I feel the presence of The Lord in every word! What a beautiful time of worship for these young people in the audience! Praise God from whom all blessings flow!!!
you guys are wonderful!The first I have heard you.Great music~
Carrie Walsh
So many days walking in such a dry place, not able to hear from God, I know it was Him Who lead me to this song. I am in tears thinking and listening to the words of His love that I can barely stand it. Thank you for allowing the Holy Spirit to use you to write His Words of love. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Arron McWan
You all have done such a great job in writing the lyrics and putting the perfect melody to the song! We will sing this song at our college ministry very soon!
Althea Hewitt
Thank you Jesus for this song. You are making all things NEW. God bless you guys ????
Brenda Ross
Loving this!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Kari Castro
Chonglung Phom
In love with it❤ Our God will never fail us. HE will always find us, even if we are on the deepest of oceans. HE is our living God.
In Beautiful Chaos
I've been playing this on repeat! I've been a fan of the Cash family for years (you guys have produced/written/sang bgv's on SO many of my favorite songs/albums!!!), SO cool that you guys started a band together! I made a video to this song that you can check out on my channel or my blog: God Bless!
Grace Sollon
Our country needs to get right with our creator. God, family and country !,
God bless these musicians helping bring our youth back to Christ! God Bless.
May God bless our Country and our People.
Jane Hernandez
Absolutely beautiful song. I have fallen in love. Beyond beautiful is the sweet and genuine worship of these young people.
Phillip Kinnison
Wow, where did these guys come from?!? I am here just browsing YouTube and now I have a new band I'm obsessed with! Please come to Iowa! I want to experience this amazing worship in person!!!
Shura Bro
Oooh just can't stop listening to this! This song tells what God said and showed me in a dream, Trust me and we will walk along the waves, I just can’t stop the tears! Thanks for this masterpiece!
Love this song.
James Flennoy Flennoy
Beautiful song
James Flennoy Flennoy
Love the words
thank you for this poem and love song of our Father
I don't know you and i don't know this just popped up as AD and i just couldn't skip. Its just most beautiful song I've ever heard and reminded me who i really am, a son of god. Thank you so much for this amazing song and I'll be praising with you guys from now on forever.... god bless you all!
Сергей Киршин
Jeremy Agius
I am hearing this song for the first time and loving it ???? Thank you god bless ????
Valerie Gamble
This is a beautiful song ❤
enjoying hearing all these WTK songs for the first time. Between this and the pumpkin pie someone brought in, it's making another late night in the office actually enjoyable
Wyclif Murungi
The simplicity in this song and the power of the words makes it a very precious gift to us. Connecting us the Heart of the Father in Heaven. So thank you, team. God bless your work.
jeannie sue
What joy this brings through the Holy Spirit!! Thank you Lord for loving us so much!!!
Vincent Hughes
Oh wow. This song is just beautiful. My goosebumps have goosebumps. When that piano piece comes in for the second time I am just a blubbering mess.
Vlad Rud
Praise Jesus!!!
Anastasia Grilo Music
I've discovered WE THE KINGDOM through the Jenn Johnson's Instagram! this is my favorite song by you guys! AMAZING!
Anastasia Grilo Music
PLEASE, go check out my first new chiristian gospel music here -
Mike Allensworth
Seriously this song is anointed! From the perspective of our loving Lord this song pierces the soul,spirit and heart. I’ve never had a song affect me so deeply.
brian white
I love this song.
Janice Drummond
Thank you for this song and for my God who gifted you to write it!!!
Wonderful voice! Wonderful band! Wonderful song. Now I know the lords presents is wherever worship is. Man I love this!
Leinad Yaok
This song helped me to encounter His overwhelming love for me again when I had forgotten how to love myself. It gave me hope for a better future when I was close to giving up. Thank you for this beautiful song, which reminded me in a dark time that I am loved by God ????
Gracie Ochoa
So glad I found them! Currently my favorite song
mateus gomes
I'm from Brazil and i just can´t stop listening this song and how god talks to me through it
Water Walk Ministries
This song (and the rest of your playlist) in HAWAII? Come out here and wreck some surfers! God bless y'all for sharing your gifts with the world - Aloha ke Akua a Mele Kalikimaka.
Lydia Peacock
What is her accent?
van king
Love her amazing unique voice and the song is great! ????????
Just became one of my favourite song
Beauty by Bernadette
God is so amazing, He made everything in this world for us out of His great and glorious love. He loves us so much He knew every sin before we even committed them and He still chose to save us through His death and resurrection. Glory to God! He chose to love us even though He knew we might not expect Him. His love is so deep.
Going Home Soon
3:45 she looks like she is absolutely in love with God! Young men, find a girl like that and you’ll have a long happy life!
Kent Perils
LOVE IT! Great song, amazing band! #withlovefromSouthAfrica
Kevin Kirberger
God was waiting for me to hear this song.
Thank you We the Kingdom for letting Him use you.
I am new.
Praise God!
laDolceVita714 Carrasco
On repeat !! Love everything about the lyrics ????????
My new favorite song, and my new favorite group! Praise God! I love everyone!
Jamie Kinsey
Love the the the it all!
Incredible vocalist
Joe Costigan
Love love love you guy's! Praise Jesus ????
Ahhh this video shows just how powerful it can be when a group of young people unite in the name of Jesus... this makes me miss camp! I can't for summer camp!
There's just something about the way God brings out the passion in hearts that I love love love!
Jennfer Silva
The love that flows in this song moves me. I don't get tired of hearing every word. This song is a revelation of Jesus' love for us and at this time. WTK you are carrying a message for our time. God bless your journey.
Susan Carter
Sooo Beautiful, Thank you Lord. And thank you for sharing. ❤️
Brian Carmichael
Talk about a tear jerker. I was deeply touched by this song the first time I heard it on youtube. As I was listening, I could hear God saying those same words that are in the song. Beautiful reminder of God's unconditional love!
Daughter & Servant of JESUS
Allison Burkhard
I'm going through my second round of chemo and I can't tell you how much this song means to me right now. Every line speaks to me of His glorious, powerful, intimate, beautiful Love. I'm sitting in a hospital bed, listening to it and singing along, and I can just sense it changing the atmosphere around me and the way I look at my circumstances. So thank much. I pray that God blesses you all and continues to work powerfully through your ministry. You're an instrument of freedom and healing as you sing His truth!
Definitely Song of the Year. So simple (only 3 chords!!!), yet so powerful.
Praise God. That you for loving me so much!
Rachel Brhel
so powerful
Susan Theep
Please come and play in Wisconsin!
Scott Shofner
The most beautiful song I have every heard!
Sharon Derrico
The song of faith telling his story Jesus Christ re wrote my story for me showing me to walk on water .
Patrick Holt
How did 104 people not like this
DivalyCreative 75
I absolutely love this song...the. Strings are something special. The notes in the beginning instantaneously open the makes me feel like I'm dancing in the sky with my and my 11 yr old are trying to make a praise dance to this song because we love it so much. My 4yr old son loves your song Free...
Heather N.
Yet a time is coming and has now come when the true worshipers will worship the Father in the Spirit and in truth, for they are the kind of worshipers the Father seeks.
-John 4:23
Debi Starnes
America Sepulveda
I love this song so much ????
What a song!!! That is what the Father think of us. Psalm 139:17-18

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